harry the elf

I have been waiting forever to share this with people who would appreciate it but I had to wait until they went public about it.

SO. On Christmas Eve my brother came over to celebrate Christmas with the family like he always does. My gift is a giant brown paper wrapped package tied with string. I opened it up and SUPRISE

The hard cover harry potter book collection. I have always wanted once since I was removed from my moms house and her boyfriend destroyed my old copies. So this was like, the greatest present ever because it was sooo expensive. So I open it up to bask in its glory when I notice the Chamber of Secrets is turned over. I just thought it was a packing mistake so I go to flip it over and a little blue sock falls out.

And by now I’m like WAIT.

and in the sock is a little note for me.

“We solemnly swear we were up to no good and because we managed to get into some mischief, it looks like you’re finally free to be the best aunt ever!”


I just wanted to share probably the BEST announcement ever with you guys. I am so happy and excited. I have nicknamed it “Dobby” because they are waiting to find out the gender until it’s born. 

hermione granger eagerly entered hogwarts. she was curious to discover more about such a fascinating world.

she walked through the hallways for the first time, staring in awe at the moving paintings, when she hears someone call her a “filthy mudblood”, and how she didn’t belong.

it just got worse when the chamber was opened. she pretended she didn’t know about the slytherins talking about how they wanted her to be petrified, or even worse, killed (not just draco malfoy). she was upset, but above that enraged by the blood purity issue there was in the magical society.

she studied harder and harder until she would sometimes break down, because who knows, they might kick her out if she didn’t do good enough, she needed to prove herself worthy of a wand.

when she learns about what house elves are and how they (were) treated, she was furious. she hated how they were treated as slaves, as creatures that just existed solely for one’s service. she made a vow to herself to fix this. she thought the magical world was flawless, but as each year came and went, that was broken.

when she saw remus lupin, the most capable DADA professor, barely holding things together because of wizards’ stupid prejudices to werewolves, she swore to herself that she was going to get top marks, get a job at the ministry, and makes things right.

voldemort rose again. he threatened not only her friends, but people like her. instead of running away like her former self would’ve she stayed. everytime she felt like crying and giving up, she’d think “they need you. harry needs you. ron needs you. the world needs you. to fight voldemort, defeat evil, and restore justice in this world by eradicating blood status supremacy and unfair treatment to half breeds and other creatures.”

she passed the law that would make it illegal to abuse house elves and to pay them for labor. no one knew why (except for a few people) the emblem for SPEW, which became a well-respected part of the wizarding world, was a sock.

she passed the law that called for justice to werewolves. no more prejudice against them. it educated her fellow people that they were not harmful as they thought they were. she also experimented on potioneering to try to brew a potion that would completely block all symptoms when the full moon came, so no transformation at all.

she was honored to accept the position of Minister of Magic. her name will forever be in textbooks. as the first muggleborn minister. she was the person who made it possible for werewolves to pursue their dreams and maintain a steady life. for house elves to no longer be treated like slaves. for muggleborns not having to deal with what she had to when she attended hogwarts. 

at that time, her dreams seemed impossible to achieve. but she proved the world wrong.

hermione granger.

if she can do that, so can you.

I refuse to accept that all house elves are treated as badly as they are depicted in the book series; not because slavery and racism aren’t alive and well, but because they are sentient, sensitive, intelligent creatures that are likely tasked with helping in raising wizard children.

No one with a house elf is going to hire a babysitter, and it’s even likely that some households have strictly nanny-tasked house elves.


Infant Draco’s eyes darting between various objects above his crib, and Dobby who has arrived with a fresh warm bottle as he makes small clucking noises, “sssh young master, Dobby has brought his milk. That’s a sweet baby, drink up.”

2 year old Draco’s father being angry at him for drawing on the walls, Dobby hearing Lucius’s angry yelling and apparating immediately, snapping his fingers and poofing the scribbles gone. He takes young Draco to his nursery, and papers the wall from a grown wizard’s waist down for Draco to doodle to his heart’s contentment.

5 year old Draco coloring a large Slytherin-themed banner, showing his parents and hoping they’ll hang it up to match the house drapings only to have his father’s face curl into a sneer and throw it away. Draco wanders down to the kitchen to soothe his wounded soul with sweets, and sees the banner hung up over the pantry, with Dobby holding a plate of cauldron cakes and sparkling pumpkin juice.

7 year old Draco falling into a pond looking for tadpoles on the grounds of Malfoy Manor, realizing he can’t swim and screaming for the only person he could count on being there for him at any moment; Dobby appears, calms him down and then they look for tadpoles together.

9 year old Draco’s father having a stern discussion over dinner about the purity of blood, the establishment of classes, and the importance of the elite wizarding kind to act dignified.

This is where Draco begins to employ a bullying strategy, driving Dobby away as a source of emotional support. Simultaneously feeling guilty, hurt, sad and confused he begins seeing more of Crabb and Goyle and turns to his father’s methods of superior behavior to gain “friends”.

But not every wizard child has to go through what Draco did. In more than just a few Hogwarts graduation speeches students have thanked their family’s house elves “-for without my dearest caretaker, Wanda, I never would have been able to study over the summer holidays for our N.E.W.T’s” or “I’d’ve never managed it without you, Tolki, thanks for always being there with snacks.”

If you’re not convinced, or have a streak of old blood purity and class bigotry you can’t shake, remember people naturally feel love for things such as pugs, mimbulus mimbletonae, toads, Crookshanks, tarantulas… now imagine any of those things can appear out of thin air, and genuinely be concerned for your happiness and wellbeing because they love you.

The Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw

I stole the diadem. I sought to make myself cleverer, more important than my mother. I ran away with it. My mother, they say, never admitted that the diadem was gone, but pretended that she had it still.”

((OOC: So this was my little project last night! Hand made out of various bits of wire and a re-purposed necklace. Hopefully it will be making an appearance on the blog sometime soon… ))