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How was Eric's personality in school? Was he hyper or calm?

Engaged student who participated in classes on the regular, wrote out funny stories for creative writing, and showcased good behaviour throughout. He mostly stuck to his group of friends, though he sometimes picked a fight or was subject to Columbine’s toxic environment, and the only change they noted in him was that he seemed more depressed and distant during senior year in particular. He seems to have been a pretty calm and stable presence in classes overall – just one of those good kids, you know? Old newspaper articles reflect this at times, too, as the excerpts below show:

At work, Harris could be a cut up, talking in funny voices and telling jokes. At school, he could be an inspired student and writer, hurling his hand in the air to offer his take on Shakespeare. He told girls they looked nice. He escorted friends to class. He gave one teacher a Christmas present. He had a contagious laugh. He talked about building a better future.

Harris, still tongue-tied and meek, took fellow freshman Tiffany Typher to the Columbine homecoming dance. He was nervous and quiet, she remembers. Nothing odd - until she broke up with him a few days later and Harris faked his suicide.

Harris grew more confident and outspoken in his sophomore year yet kept to the fringes of the Columbine social circles. He and Brown “were outcasts, kids who didn’t fit in,” says Randy Brown, Brooks’ father. “It is a school of cliques and the athletes are the biggest, toughest group.”  Harris watched and grew angry as student athletes pushed their way to the head of the lunch line every day. Sometimes he challenged them verbally. Soon he was one of the jocks’ favorite punching bags. He was pushed against lockers and called names. like “fag” and “pussy.”

Klebold sat in front of Harris in creative writing class and next to him in their video class. Fellow students say Harris often initiated talk between the two about music, computers, or - eventually - his racial dislikes. Klebold simply followed along. “Eric had a persuasion,” says classmate Jennifer Harmon. “I think Eric would always tell Dylan that people never liked him and he was his only true friend.”

Harris and Klebold began hanging out with the Trench Coat Mafia in their junior year. One group member says she never sensed anything dangerous about the pair. “Eric was like the little Christian kid out of all of us, just a good little kid at school,” the girl says.

He and Klebold were ordered to perform community service work and attend an anger-management seminar. A termination report on Harris later described him as “a very bright young man who is likely to succeed in life.”  A B-plus student, he often flashed that intellect in classes. His favorite, friends say, was composition class, taught just after the lunch period by Jason Webb.

 "Any time Mr. Webb would ask us all questions on Monday, we’d all be slouching down, but Eric would always answer,“ says classmate LaPlante. "Mr. Webb would ask, ‘What’s a preposition?’ and Eric would know. Or, 'What’s the meaning of a reading from Shakespeare?’ and Eric would know.

 "I just remember him as the kid in the corner with his hand up all the time.”  Webb declined to comment.

Out in the student parking lot, Harris would sit on the trunk of his car at lunch time and joke with Klebold or other friends. When LaPlante walked by, he would playfully throw french fries at her. But inside Columbine’s hallways or in the cafeteria, Harris and the other trench-coaters were harassed by jocks, friends say.

Harris grew more unhappy and distant at school, friends say. But at the Friday night bowling parties, he would relax and come alive. “Rock 'N Bowl,” as it’s called, was his social life. At Belleview Lanes, 16 students would crowd together on four lanes to bowl and smoke cigarettes.


Sirius and Harry, 1980

‘And when Christmas comes, Santa’s gonna come round with presents and he’s going to steal all of your cookies and give your mummy and daddy nothing but coal because they’re terrible and you love me ten times more than you love them-’

‘Pads, please hold off on Harry until he learns how to joke back.’

‘I’m not telling him jokes. Everything I tell this kid is the hard truth. Nothing but facts.’

Taken by Lily Evans and framed for Sirius’ Christmas present (along with a lump of coal, of course)

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So casual. No expectations. No pressure. Just you and him and his cute family, telling stories about him as a kid. Giggling about how cute you guys are whenever you’re caught sharing a kiss. Or maybe you and a cousin get all caught up in a conversation about what you want to do with your future and he’s so happy seeing you all warm and comfortable with his family

do you think liam ever calls harry up and is like ‘hey sunshine what’s up how’s filming?’ and just listens as harry talks about all the nice people he’s met and even acts excited over the things harry thinks are exciting even though he doesn’t get it and he pretends to laugh too at the inside jokes harry tells him and then at the end of it liam would say something like ‘hope the movie improves your acting at least’ and harry would be all huffy and ‘excuse me liam what did you say’ but he’d be smiling cause he missed his lima bean and somewhere out there karen payne would be crying over these two


Imagine: Meeting Harry for the first time and telling him a bunch of stupid jokes similar to his.

You had been looking forward to doing this interview for months. The boys were so busy that you had to talk to their manager almost a year before the scheduled interview. It was surprising that 4 humans could be so popular. It made you realize how normal you were.

When the stage manager came and told you it was time to head out you shot up out of your chair and practically ran to the stage. You were fairly new to the whole “on tv interview” thing but you were starting to get used to it.

As soon as you looked on stage you saw him, or them but mostly him. Harry Styles. Harold Edward Styles. The beautiful young man with the lucious hair. It kind of made you jealous. You would love to have such wonderful hair such as his. It gracefully ran over his shoulders and the curls were so defined. He almost looked like a lion. What with his huge mane. Okay maybe it was time to calm down, so you walked on stage.

 They all look up but you can only see Harry. Maybe it’s cliche but to you it was love at first sight. Okay nevermind, it was more like you were fangirling very hard inside your mind. Let’s just hope he didn’t notice.

“Hey boys how are you?” You ask and they all mumble some sort of “good”.

“We’re really good, thank you.” Harry says and you smile before reading the first question that your manager is making you ask. You talk to them about rumors and the break and pretty much anything that makes them uncomfortable. It it was your choice you would ask them stuff about their personal life. They spend too much time being in One Direction that you just wanted to bring them back down to Earth and let them enjoy being Harry, Niall, Liam, and Louis. Not One Direction.

“Okay so now that I can ask you whatever question I want I will just let you say whatever you want first.”

“Okay so I have a joke. What do you call halfway?” Harry asks and even though you know the answer you ask what.

“The Titanic.” He says extremely enthusiastically and you can’t help but laugh. The joke isn’t even funny but the way he says it makes you laugh.

“Okay I’ll say a joke this time.” You say and he nods.

“Knock Knock.”

“Who’s there?” He asks.

“Door bell replacement company.” You say and can’t help but laugh at your own joke. You can hear Harry laugh and smile wide as you laugh because he’s just so cute. When you stop he looks at you and smiles.

“Okay that’s all the time that we have today. Thank you boys.” You say and they all stand up to thank you and shake your hand. When you go over to Harry you hold out your hand but he brings you into a hug.

“You’re pretty funny.” He says before walking off stage.

the signs trying to tell jokes
  • aquarius: succeeds in telling jokes (i guess)
  • pisces: thinks they're funny but they're really not
  • aries: can't tell a joke for shit
  • taurus: is extremely sarcastic
  • gemini: is almost as bad as harry styles
  • cancer: is innocently funny
  • leo: still use old memes
  • virgo: internet memes. that is all.
  • libra: is almost as sarcastic as taurus'
  • scorpio: has the most amazing humor but poor execution
  • sagittarius: tells jokes but doesn't care if they're bad or not so they just go for it
  • capricorn: doesn't really know how to tell a joke

Here’s a complications of Harry telling jokes 🙃

“Harry.” Harry glanced up from his phone when Y/F/N sat down across from him, her arms crossed and a smirk ghosting over her lips.

“Y/F/N..” He trailed off, his eyebrows furrowing at how devious she was looking at that moment. He knew her expressions well enough to know something fishy was going on. “Can I help yeh with something?” 

“Yes, you can.” Her smirk grew even wider as she leaned back against the couch, subtly nodding over to where you were standing. “Y/N wants to ask you out but she’s too shy. And don’t look in her direction because I promised her I wouldn’t tell y- Harry, I said don’t look!” It was too late - Harry’s head whipped around to look at you, a smile plastered on his face when you gave him a wave and a sheepish grin. (Y/F/N had told you she was only going over to Harry to tell him a joke you had told her earlier. Obviously that was a lie.) 

“She wants t’ go out with me?” Harry asked in shock, his head tilting a little. 

“Duh! And I know for a fact that you feel the same way about her, so I’m really not sure what’s holding you two back.” Y/F/N muttered, rolling her eyes. She had been trying to get you and Harry together for months, and the both of you weren’t even doing anything, so she clearly had to do something. “I’m not sure why she wants to go out with an idiot like you-” 


“-but you seem to make her happy, and I like seeing Y/N when she’s cheerful.” 

“Hey guys! Thought I’d join you. Niall’s getting sick of my jokes.” You plopped down on the couch next to Y/F/N, taking a sip of your drink. “What are we talking about?” 

“We’re, um..” 

“I’ve already made a reservation for dinner tonight, so make sure to dress up.” Y/F/N hummed, checking a notification on her phone. 

“Wha.. What are you talking about?” You asked cluelessly, looking over when Harry let out a nervous laugh. (He really really liked you and didn’t want to say anything to screw up.) 

“Hm? Oh, you guys are going out.” 

“Wait, Y/F/N, you can’t just force Harry-” 

“Trust me, I know he’s willing.” Y/F/N grinned, standing up and grabbing your wrist before dragging you over to sit down next to Harry. “Oh, don’t be mad at me, Y/N! This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.” 

Sometimes there were perks of being friends with Y/F/N.  

“And I know how much you guys want to make out with each other so I’m going to go talk to Niall.” 

Never mind. 


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Road tripping with Harry.

“Love the way you give it to me” you sing with Harry while dancing around on your seat. “Last night I lay in bed so blue” he would have his moment, his voice a bit raspy from all the other singing from earlier. He is tapping the steering wheel with his fingers along the music. “Oh I forgot to tell you, I have a new joke” Harry says, his dimples showing. “Oh god, it’s really bad isn’t it?” you ask him and he gives you a ‘are you serious’ look. “I promise you it is really good. What did the ocean say to the other ocean? Nothing, it just waved” Harry looks at you for your reaction, which is giggling from embarrassment. You don’t know why you are dating this idiot. “That was so bad!” you say mid-giggle.

“I’m bored” you tell Harry. It’s the fifth hour of driving, and you’re getting sick of just sitting still, besides stopping at gas stations to go buy snacks and use the toilet. “We’re almost there” Harry says, giving you a little smile. You just sigh and look back at the road. You and Harry were driving away from everything, you just wanted to relax for a few days and that’s why you were going to a really nice hotel. “You have been saying that for the last hour” you complain. The Sun is setting, making the sky to a beautiful pinkish lavender color. There aren’t that many cars on the high way, sometimes it felt like it was just you and Harry. You loved the intimacy between you and Harry. His hand was on your thigh, his thumb rubbing small circles. He made you feel so good, so calm.

“We should play a game” Harry says after a while of silence. “What?” you ask, not giving a hint of interest, since it’s probably one of those stupid games only Harry likes. “We take turns saying different animals through the alphabet, I’ll start. Alligator” you look at Harry, laughing slightly and shaking your head. You bury your face in your palms. “C’mon, you were bored, let’s play a game. Now say the next one” Harry says, and tries to pull your face out of your palms. “Okay, okay. Uhmm.. Baboon” you finally say and see Harry’s eyes sparkling up. “Hey you know my baboon joke-“ “Yes Harry I know your fucking joke!” you cut him off. He turns his head to face you, his eyes wide and his forehead wrinkly. “Wow,” he chuckles “somebody is feisty”. You give him a look and lean to the car door, trying to get a good position because your back is aching from all the sitting and bad posture.

You look Harry up and down, he looks so comfortable in his big sweater and sweatpants, you want to cuddle him and kiss all over. You notice a little bulge and decide to have some fun with it. “Let’s play my game now” you say, getting in a better position so you’re closer to Harry. “What? We didn’t even finish mine” he protested. “Your game was so boring, mine is fun” you grab his face and Harry pouts playfully. Your hand slides down his neck, tickling him. It travels all the way down his chest to his bulge. You palm him through his grey sweatpants and Harry adjusts himself. “Y/N, stop” he says, giving you a warning look. “Shh baby, this is my game now”.

Your hand goes under his pants and you feel, that he isn’t wearing any underwear, just his own soft skin. You take him in your hand and start stroking slowly. Harry is calm, but his breaths become deeper and he keeps running his hand through his hair. You tighten your grip and start to go faster and a groan leaves Harry’s lips and his head flies back. “Babe, keep your eyes on the road, you don’t want to crash the car” you say teasingly. When a red light comes, you put your seat belt behind your back and take the chance to pull Harry’s pants down. “Wha-“ Harry says in confusion. You dip your head down and do a bold lick on his shaft. Harry’s other hand is keeping your hair out of the way, as you hollowed your cheeks and took as much as you could in your mouth, and what you couldn’t, you stroked with your hand. “Oh fuck yes, yes..” Harry moans, words getting caught in his throat. His legs are trembling a bit and to make him see stars, you massage his balls with your other hand. He groans loudly, pulling on your hair. You feel the car stopping, you look out of the window and see that Harry had pulled over. “Get your pants off” he says, voice so deep and sexy. “What?” you ask innocently. “Get them off now”.

Harry pulled his seat back while you were busy taking your pants off and dropping them on the floor. You sit on his lap, grinding your hips against his. He is fiddling with the hem of your sweater and says “This needs to come off” you pulled it over your head and Harry started the leave kisses on your chest, nibbling the sensitive skin while his thumb rubbed your clit, making you moan against his skin. “So wet for me” Harry says, and adds a finger inside of you. You look into his now dark eyes, which are hungrily eating you out. He starts to tease your entrance with the tip of his dick, which is now the same color as his lips, a nice cherry shade. “Harry please” you cry out. “What baby? What do you want?” he asks you innocently. Just when you are about to answer, his dick is inside of you, and you sink all the way down on it. Your hips buckle and he groans “Fuck”. You start to bounce up and down, feeling every vein on his dick. It feels so good that you think you’re seeing stars. You start to feel the burning sensation in your lower stomach build up, and you start bouncing quicker and deeper, your moans getting uncontrollable. Harry’s hands slide down your back to your hips and smack your ass. And that’s when you really see stars. You start clenching around him, and Harry’s eyes fly back. Your hips are shaking so much, that it feels like an earth quake. You’re grabbing on Harry’ hair, moaning against his lips. “Fuck Y/N! Your pussy feels so good” Harry praises you. Once you’re down from your high, you start to slowly grind on Harry. You know so well, that he is close too. Sweat is running down his forehead, his lips in an o-shape. That prominent wrinkle between his brows showing, eyes closed. “About to cum, baby? Huh?” you whisper in his ear. He is only able to hum and nod through his moans and grunts. “I’m gonna cum, gonna cu-“ Harry exclaims. Then you feel his warm wet release inside of you, and he just keeps coming. He is not able to speak. His hands are gripping on your ass, surely leaving marks for tomorrow. When he is done, you comb through his hair back with your fingers and start to leave small kisses around his mouth. “Well yeah, your game was better” Harry says chuckling.