harry tattoos


I would like to take the time to say something about Harry Styles. My mass media professor was talking about Magazine culture today and it only felt fitting to discuss Harry’s new magazine feature in “Another Man”. Magazines as a whole, are usually built to be advertisements, that present a subject that a group of people can relate to. I know you all must know this so I will move on. Now, while I was not really excited about this magazine feature only because of the previous magazines I’ve seen about Harry (they were formatted for a much younger demographic), I have to now say, after seeing the contents of it, I am impressed. I am going to talk about Harry’s progression but first I wanted to express how well the magazine captured the essence of Harry’s personality. They really let him come out of his shell and show more than has previously been displayed. The magazine itself asks pretty insightful questions, and lets Harry showcase items that are very important to him, ergo, his poetry/lyric book that we see him with often, pieces of clothing, and even his beautifully tattoo-canvased body. He is was interviewed by many important icons such as Paul McCartney, who discusses his similar experiences with Harry. The two seem to clash quite nicely, it’s nice to see the kind of old/new come together. McCartney even expresses how he loves going home when he can, just like Harry, sharing that it is the best way to get back to a life that is normal, and not so crazy. Now, while the interviews were very intriguing, the main point I wanted to write about (before I went on a tangent, as I do) was how Harry has changed in the years since One Direction first started. I remember when I watched an interview where Harry, age 16, was crying, saying that he read instances where people expressed their dislike for him and he did not understand why they did not like him. He was (and still, today) very invested with making people happy. But he was also needing to be informed as to why some people out there did not like him. Unfortunately he did not know yet, that the world was like that, and he could not please everyone. And as the years went on, I believe that he has grown physically and mentally, learning and teaching himself that he won’t be able to make everyone happy. What he needed to learn was to make himself happy above ALL. And I am glad to say, he has finally started to be the person he really is. “Another Man”, as I stated before, shows many things in the feature that highlights Harry’s essence. Instead of putting 60+ pictures of him in front of a white wall in the clothing they liked, there are pictures of him with wild outfits, and pictures that he, himself, picked to be in there, like his poem journal, the jacket that had someone’s lipstick on it from when he was leaving from Breakfast in London, and outfits he has worn in the past. All these things have memories attached to them. It’s wonderful to see him showcase them to the world. Harry Styles went from being a boy who wanted to make everyone happy, to a man who is making himself happy. It’s such a great thing to be able to be exposed to. He wears whatever he wants, he does his hair however he wants, he is free. Everyone needs to find the kind of happiness in life where they can leave the house proud of how they look, and proud of how they feel inside like I imagine Harry does. And hey, anyone know where can I get the magnificent nail polish he is wearing?


My hands, your hands…

Tied up…

Like two ships…

Drifting, weightless…

Waves try to break it…

I’d do anything to save it…

Why is it so hard to say it?

My heart…

Your heart…

Sit tight like book ends, pages between us, written with no end…

So many words we’re not saying…

Don’t wanna wait till it’s gone, you make me strong.

okay i’m not saying this is a not a coincidence but this is definitely NOT a coincidence, not a drill too.

alright idk if anyone has talked about this but i don’t care, so let me talk about it okay? okay.

let’s see something first

this is sailor jerry, a company or whatever that designs tattoos related to sailors or the navy. 

(you can find their official website here.)

once you search it you can see many MANY MANY sea-themed tattoos designs.

and who love sea-themed tattoos?

yes. harry and louis.

first let’s talk about harry’s new mysterious thigh tattoo

so let’s see what we have here.

i’m not saying that is a panther but that is definitely a panther.

let’s see about this again.

aside from the panther which you can see from above, we have a

beautiful handshake 

now where have we seen it?

yes you’re right

and from the same set of designs

did you see it?????



oh wait here’s another

homeward bound

birds oh my god

oh wait there is more!!!

see these???

another thing is the skull

who have the skulls again????!!!!

and this

(louis’ skull is totally valid, because i once drawn his skull in one of my art projects and i can tell you the tattoo design is exactly, 100% the same.)

bonus: i found this

what’s next? oh the dagger and roses

the last one omf

and then we go to the mermaids

comparing to

and let’s not forget about this one

not sure about this

of course there is a  bunch of anchors 

and…what dafuq is this is dis a stag