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“So, no family in attendance this time.” Alberto opened the limousine’s back door.

There wasn’t. Louis frowned, sliding onto the backseat. It was his first film premiere without any family member there. The thought was scary, because this premiere was his most important so far.


Louis turned his head when the door was closed and saw Harry on the other side, smiling gently. His hair was tied back by a silky scarf, and he wore a maroon suit with a grey, floral print. It perfectly fit Louis’ grey suit. Lottie had even managed to pick a tie in the exact maroon colour of Harry’s suit.

“You look nice,” Harry said.

Louis swallowed thickly, clutching his hands together to keep himself from reaching out to touch Harry. His shirt was gaping open, the tattoos on his chest peeking out. Louis hadn’t had the time to properly inspect them when they had—

“Thanks,” he said, shaking the thought, the memory off. “You, too.”

The car started moving, and Harry reached out to touch Louis’ hand. His nails were painted black. “Are you nervous?”

“A little,” Louis admitted. “This one’s quite important to me.”

Harry hummed. Yeah. I get that. Hey,” he added then. Louis looked up at that, and God – he couldn’t look at Harry. He was so, so fit. “You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Harry looked straight into Louis’ eyes, and for a moment, every single moment of them in that hotel room came back. Every second they had shared, every touch, every kiss. Louis couldn’t stand it.

“That’s lovely, L.A., but I’m not your damsel in distress.” Louis patted Harry’s hand before he withdrew his own.

Harry snorted and leaned back in his seat. “You’re definitely not.”

“I don’t need to be pampered.” Louis cleared his throat, trying to ignore the lingering warmth of Harry’s fingers on his skin. It’d be forgotten in a moment.

“Sure not,” Harry replied, looking out of the window.

“What’s that tone?” Louis raised a brow.

Harry turned back to him, an amused expression on his face. “You love being pampered.”

“Excuse you.” Louis crossed his arms in front of his chest. “What gives you that impression?”

“Spending a whole month with you.” Harry shrugged.

Louis shook his head. “You have no idea, Styles.”

“I guess, yeah.” Harry bit his bottom lip, obviously holding back a grin. “Whoever’s gonna be your boyfriend will have to be really good at pampering you.”

“What the—”

“You’re a cuddler,” Harry interrupted him, and suddenly, he looked much more serious. “You like to cuddle.”

Louis frowned. “How do you–” He fell silent, and bit his lip. Harry knew because they had slept with each other. They had probably only exchanged handjobs and messy kisses, but it had been sex. Two rounds. And Louis had fallen asleep on Harry.

He wasn’t the kind of person that lit a cigarette after sex and left the bed. Louis was the kind of person that held onto the warmth as long as possible. He couldn’t remember, but he had probably fallen asleep and cuddled up to Harry. How would he know? Harry had been gone in the morning.

Louis cleared his throat again. “You can’t blame me for the things I do while asleep.”

“Who said I blamed you?” Harry asked.

Louis opened his mouth, but closed it again when he realised he had no idea what to say. Harry smiled at him, knowingly, and in that typical smug way of his.

“You like being pampered yourself,” Louis said, pointing at Harry. “You like it when people take care of you, and you like your hair being played with.”

“I contemplated paying someone to do that,” Harry said, no shame in his tone. “You know? Like a personal assistant, but all they do is play with my hair.”

“Oh my God.” Louis groaned.

“Yeah, that’d be a bit diva-like, so I dismissed the idea.” Harry shrugged, looking genuinely sad about it. “It would’ve fit your image of me, though, right?”

Louis laughed. “Absolutely.”

“Sorry to disappoint,” Harry said.

The car stopped and Louis sat up, waiting for the door to be opened, so he could step out. Loud noises, an ocean of voices suddenly hit him and before he moved onto the red carpet, Louis turned around again.

“I’m not disappointed, at all,” he said, holding Harry’s gaze for a moment. “Not a single bit.”

The noise increased when Louis go out of the car. Flashlights hit him, and people yelled his name. Louis smiled and turned around, holding out his hand for Harry. Gracefully, Harry slid out of the backseat of the limousine and placed his hand in Louis’. The noise intensified even more.


harry’s team: maybe we should do something with a nice tailored suit

harry: i want to be naked

harry’s team: maybe a nice studio

harry: i want to be naked in a bath of pink milk

harry’s team: we could even do some black and white shots

harry: i want to be naked in a bath of pink milk with orange peels and mushrooms and flowers

harry’s team: or we could just…

harry: i want to be naked in a bath of pink milk with orange peels and mushrooms and flowers and i want it now

harry’s team: o…kay

  • Newt: I made this sling to cradle the egg and keep it at Chinese Fireball temperature.
  • Jacob: How do you take a Chinese Fireball's temperature?
  • Newt: Very carefully.

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