harry styles's neck vein

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62. “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”


“Harry!” Y/N squeals when she feels Harry turn for like the twentieth time tonight alone, almost knocking her off their shared bed.

“M'sorry, pet. Jus’. I can’t get comfortable,” he whines, turning once more to face her.

“We’ll try, or you’re gonna have to sleep in the guest room.”

A groan escaped his lips.

Y/N’s tried to be patient with an insomniac Harry. She’s made him tea, rubbed his back, stayed up to watch the telly until he gets tired, but that’s only worked less than half the times over the last two weeks. And she gets that he’s been nervous with everything that he’s got going on, but when Y/N starts getting called out at work for falling asleep is when she realizes she needs to do more to help.

“Can make you a tea?” She offers, throwing an arm over Harry’s torso now that his back is to her.

“S'not gonna help, babe.”

“Come on then,” she sits up abruptly, pulling the covers off of Harry to reveal him in nothing but a pair of black Calvin Klein briefs.

He moves his body to face up, arms at either side and a knee propped up.

And god do those briefs leave little to the imagination.

“What’re you doin?” He questions, propping himself up on his elbows when Y/N stands up and rummages through a drawer before walking to the bathroom.

When she comes back out, Harry’s eyes are locked on his phone, head propped on a pillow.

Y/N saunters over to him in a sheer black lace bralette set.

The smirk on Harry’s lips when he catches a glimpse of her is enticing, his tongue slipping out to run over the corner of his lips before pressing them together only to run his tongue across them again.

“Wha’s this?” He pushes himself up off the mattress into a sitting position. Phone long forgotten on the bedside table.

Y/N’s movements are slow and seductive, hips swinging and chin held high.

She places a knee on the mattress before swinging her leg over to straddle him, hands attaching to his neck.

“I figured,” she whispers, head tilting down to press a kiss to his pink lips.

She smirks at him, bringing herself down to sit on his lap, prompting him to settle his large hands on her hips. She nearly moans at the feeling of his bulge against her.

Harry groans at the contact, squeezing at the flesh of her skin, the material of their undergarments so thin that he’s sure she can feel the precum that’s seeped through.

“If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”

He closes his eyes and groans once again when Y/N rocks forward, causing him to buck up.

“Could go a few rounds till we get you tired enough to sleep.”

He hooks his thumbs in the waistband of her panties, “les’ get these off then,” he whispers, vein on his neck prominent.