harry styles' song dont let me go

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01. hey there delilah - plain white t’s // 02. all of the stars - ed sheeran // 03. tee shirt - birdy // 04. amaze me - union j // 05. summertime of our lives - cody simpson. // 06. 19 you + me (cover) - new heights ft colton haynes // 07. be still - the fray//  08. dont let me go - harry styles  // 09. your body is a wonderland - john mayer // 10. we’ve got tonight (cover) - phillip phillips // 11. all of me - john legend // 12. hello beautiful - the jonas brothers // 13. long distance - bruno mars // 

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copy cat tbh 

sweet creature by harry styles

we dont know where we’re going
but we know where we belong

same mistakes by one direction

when its broken, u say theres nothing to fix
and u pray pray pray that everything will be okay
while ur making all the same mistakes

my hair by the maine

grow ur hair out, let ur hair down while u still can 
bc it’ll fall out u’ll go bald like an old man

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gallavich’s playlist:
• Ed Sheeran - Friends
• Paw City - Canyons
• Rihanna - Love without tragedy
• Plain White T’s - Hey there delilah
• Andrew Belle - In my veins
• Tom Odell - Cant pretend
• The Smiths - There’s a light that never goes out
• Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Atlas hands
• Coldplay - Ink
• The Script - For the first time
• Sam Smith - Stay with me
• One Direction - They dont know about us
• Lucy Rose - Middle of the bed
• Kodaline - One day
• Harry Styles - Dont let me go

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Harry saying about OLIVIA LYRICS:“..I think that’s just cool to explore.I always think it’s fun to take a situation or an emotion and personify IT”, and in other declaration he said is not necessarily about a girl.

Well , I personify the lyrics with Larry stylinson and everybody EXPLORE IT and:

1.Harry’s tweet at the AIMH anniversary was OLIVE LYRICS, after this part of the LYRICS goes: “I LOVE YOU, ITS ALL I DO, I LOVE YOU”. It was neccesary post something that day? Probably yes, if I want the people EXPLORE later and be very subtle.

2. It was neccesary that the promo of the song has a relation with Louis’ tattoo and by the way Harry’s one?. People said that it was the place where they had their first date. First “I LOVE YOU” maybe?

3.When they sing OLIVIA, it sounds like: I love you, I love you, love you, love you OLIVE -yah, OLIVIA. Maybe explain us how I LOVE YOU transform in OLIVE?

4. We see #Olive before and at the same time.

5. Another coincidence, the LYRICS says DONT LET ME GO (Harry’s song), same as HISTORY LYRICS…. Many LYRICS have relation, haven’t they?

6. If you replace the word OLIVE for I LOVE YOU, it still make sense.

7. Olive means for me: I love you.

so, many coincidences? I think not, #a lot of facts

Ok, @Harry I did my homework, I explored ;)