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Em, TFLN about the missus yelling Harry how proud she is after the 6 years!! Pleasee .Xx

This is a bit delayed - I’m sorry! x

Harry. Missus.



Happy 6 years!

Thank you, Gorgeous.

How are you celebrating?

Filming some scenes today, obviously.

Quick question, how is this for a tweet to post on Twitter: 

“Six years. I have no idea how to thank you for all your support. For everything you are, and everything you’ve done, thank you. H.”

That’s perfect.

You’re so humble.

I love that about you.

I miss you.

I think I’m going to fly back to London later today.

Hey, then we can celebrate together.

Ah, yeah.

Of course we can.

I can go buy us some cheap bottles of wine from Sainsburys - you know the one you really, really like?

I don’t really, really like it. 

I just really, really like it because it’s funny how it stains your teeth and your lips and you have no idea about it. ;)


It stains your teeth and your lips too.

It does not.

It really does.

I think my teeth and lips get stained because you’re always a kissy drunk and kiss me all the time you get tipsy on that blasted cheap wine.

Sure, sure.

Keep telling yourself that.

Besides, I have proof you really, really like it.

Ah, yeah?

Behold …

… I believe this was your fourth - maybe fifth - glass of wine that night.

You need to stop taking pictures of me.

Oh, come on.

You’re my boyfriend.

I have to take photos of you.

For my pleasure.

For your mother to see and keep.

And to use when I miss you.

I’m sure you have tonnes of me on your phone.


I have your consent before I take pictures of you, you donut.

Oh, you suck.

I do have one that I did take sneakily one afternoon.

I’m lead to believe I took it when we celebrated the five year anniversary last year.

Oh god, has it really been a year since that day? 


I have no underwear on in that picture, Styles. You could have taken a better one where you don’t almost get to see my vagina. I don’t go taken photos of your naked lower half when your dick is on show - as much as the fans would enjoy that.


My dick is for you and you only.

But it was such a good little something private between us. No interruptions from anyone. No fans intruding. No phone calls or texts from anyone. 

Just us.

We celebrated by spending the whole day in bed, didn’t we? 

Only getting up for the food when it arrived, getting drinks from the kitchen, and to go to the toilet.

I remember that.

Lucky for you, my t-shirt swamped you, too.

You’re so tiny.

I love it.

But, that was perfect.

I wish I was there to celebrate 6 years with you this year.

You’re going to try and fly out to London.

You’ll make it to me this weekend.

And even if you are late, we can still celebrate the 6 years.

It gives me more time to plan.

I can go and get some sexy underwear, more wine, maybe invest in some new bath bombs and stock up my load in the bathroom, and I may just do some research on how to pleasure you intensely since this day is all about you.

Anything you plan, I’ll enjoy.

Do you remember our impromptu bowling date about 3 years ago?

Of course I do.

One of our best dates.

You really proved you loved me because you let me win. ;)

Or, you were just absolutely terrible at bowling.

Either way, you let me win. ;)

I’m a good bowler, thank you very much.

And I’ll prove it to you when I get back.

These guns can power throw a bowling ball down that lane.

But, you planned that date and gave me little information about where we were going and I got dressed up in a thick coat and a jumper with a t-shirt on underneath, because I expected you to plan an outside date and it was freezing and almost snowing in London.

You gave me no idea on what we were doing.

Look at you, Peaches.

Showing your love for boobs at a young age.

You still have that photo?

Of course I do.

I have photos of you from so many years ago.

We have to show our kids these.

Kids, eh?

Yes, kids.

Little, mini, tiny Styles babies.

God, I love you, Gorgeous.



I miss loving your boobs too.


You just went from being a cute and romantic boyfriend to a horny teenager.

You bring the young side of me out.

I gathered.

Now, go film your scenes.

The quicker you do them, the quicker you can be back in London and the quicker we can be beneath the sheets and celebrating your 6 years.

I love you. x

I love you too. x

Where We Stand (CITYAS Part 4)

So, turns out the request that started this series came from @the-gah-gurl-xoxo and I wanted to take a second to thank her for the request that sparked this storyline!
Without further delay, here is the final part of the Can I Tell You A Secret series. I hope you all enjoy it :)

You sat up in bed, grabbing the sheet and wrapping it around your exposed body. You had never felt so vulnerable and betrayed. It felt almost as if he were abusing your emotions and taking advantage of the situation you found yourself in. 

“You love her, but you came here and slept with me?” you asked coldly, your anger getting the best of you.

“S’more complicated than that, love,” Harry said gently, his gaze focused on the ceiling above him.

You felt rage building slowly in your chest. “I really don’t think it is, Harry. It seems pretty cut and dry to me,” you fumed. “You’re in love with her and now I am the other woman.” You fought the urge to push him out of bed, opting to stand instead. He glanced at you and sighed, holding out a hand to you.

“Sit back down please.”“I’d rather stand, if it’s all the same to you,” you snapped, glaring at his outstretched arm.

“Don’t be like tha’,” he grimaced. “I didn’t mean what you think. Will you just sit and talk? No more running from this.”

You hesitated as you considered your options. Kicking him out of your apartment held a certain amount of appeal. So did throwing things at his beautiful head. After a quiet deliberation you decided that this needed to be fleshed out once and for all, for better or worse.

“Okay,” you said, sitting back down on the edge of the bed. “Let’s talk.”

He sat up, scooting beside you. His leg brushed against yours as he took your hand in his. Your fingers intertwined and he stared at them intently, taking a moment to collect his thoughts before he took a deep breath in.

“I love you. More than I’ve ever loved anything. And I was so scared to lose you that I never took a shot. It blew up in my face. But I had spent so long wishing things between us were simpler, that making you mine wouldn’t come with the risk of losing my best friend if it all went tits up.” He paused, his voice wavering. He sucked his lips into his mouth and rolled them. You squeezed his fingers, silently urging him to continue.

“I met her while we were filming and she made me forget how miserable I was. I was separated from the guys for the first time in years. I missed my family like crazy. And no matter what I was doing I was always missing you. Being with her, loving her, it filled those holes in my heart. But it was temporary. When I saw you again tonight, when I realized how yeh’ felt… I couldn’t stop thinking about you. You were consuming me again. I tried to stop it, tried to shut you out of my mind but it didn’t work. It was like I had tunnel vision once we got home from Gem’s and I could only see you. She didn’t fill the holes anymore.”

You raised your mouth in a smirk. “Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes?” you drawled.

“Too soon,” he groaned with a chuckle, shooting you a disapproving look out of the corner of his eye.

Silence filled the air between the two of you for what felt like hours, but was probably only minutes. Harry ran his thumb over your hand before speaking again.

“I do love her,” he said. “I feel bloody awful about what I’ve done to her. And to you. I care about you both but… I just care about you differently. She isn’t a bad person, she’s lovely. She didn’t deserve this. Neither did you. I’ve done a great job fucking everything up for both of you and myself. I feel like a bad person.”

His hands came up to cover his face. You knew you shouldn’t but you felt somewhat bad for him. He had made this mess himself, but not intentionally. He wasn’t a bad person, just bad at seeing what had been in front of him all along. It pained you to see him so torn up.

“Well,” you began, hiding your smile. “You and me got a whole lot of history.”

You erupted into giggles over your attempt to lighten the mood. Harry groaned, his eyes rolled back into his head. 

“Oy! Enough with the song references! Thought I was supposed to be the one with the bad jokes?” he asked, poking you in the side.

“It was a perfect setup, couldn’t miss an opportunity like that,” you replied. It felt good to laugh through the tension surrounding the discussion.

“I have to go back,” he said, his green eyes looking up to meet yours. You felt the breath leave your body in a whoosh. “I have to tell her what happened here. I’ve done so much harm as it is, can’t add lying to the list. I have to straighten myself out.”

You nodded. Fear was written all over your face. You were scared to let him go, afraid that the sight of her would undo everything that had happened between the two of you. 

“Where do we stand?” you asked, your anxiety showing through your shaky words.

“I really don’t know, pet,” he responded. 

He gave you a halfhearted smile and ran a finger down your cheek. “I need a few days to figure all of this out, figure out how to salvage something from this incredible mess I’ve made. Please don’t hate me.” 

“I couldn’t hate you, Harry,” you told him honestly. “I love you too much.” 

You wanted to hate him. You knew deep down that all of this would be easier if you could just walk away. You had every right to, but you couldn’t. He meant too much, you loved him too deeply.

“Love you too, more than you know.”

Harry stood and began to get dressed. You sat, wrapped in your bed sheet, and watched the man you had known for so long move around the room. You felt a wave of panic as he pulled on his boots, completely unprepared to let him return to her. As he turned to tell you goodbye you launched yourself at him, arms wrapping around his neck as your naked body pressed against his clothed one. Your lips met his in a slow, deep kiss that sent shivers down your spine.

“I’m not running anymore. I’m not leaving. I’m here until you tell me you choose her, which I really hope you don’t do,” you whispered against his lips.

He gave you a small smile and one more peck before he turned and left the apartment.  


A few days went by and you did your best to give Harry the space he needed to sort his mess out. It was killing you, not knowing what was happening. You desperately wanted to contact him but knew that it would be better in the long run if you respected his wishes.You had run out of things to clean in your apartment. 

You had finished binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. You had even alphabetized the books on your bookshelves. All of your free time was spent doing activities and busy work to avoid thinking about your train wreck of a love life and the man who operated as the conductor. 

When Wednesday rolled around you realized that you were desperately in need of food in your apartment. You popped down to the shops, gathering some fresh vegetable and fruit, oatmeal, milk, and a few other necessities. As you placed your items on the checkout conveyor belt a tabloid headline caught your eye.

“Harry Styles and girlfriend grab cozy weekday dinner!”

You felt physically ill as you glanced at the accompanying pictures. He had gone to dinner with her. All of the photos were shot at an angle that gave you a clear view of his face but only the back of her head. He was smiling in some, serious in others. He was holding her hand in all of them. You rolled your eyes, trying to stuff down the hurt permeating through your body. Those photos, coupled with the radio silence from Harry, were all the answer you needed.

You spent the entire drive home replaying the photos in your mind. You were so tired of constantly feeling like you were on the brink of tears. The situation with Harry was mentally and emotionally exhausting.

When you walked up to your door you were shocked to find Harry sitting against it, legs stretched before him and head against the door. You felt your anger flare up again.

“What are you doing here?” you asked tiredly.

“Hello to you too…” he responded, lifting an eyebrow. 

You motioned to him to remove himself from your doorway. He obliged, grabbing the grocery bags from your hands so you could open your door. You made your way inside, pointing to the counter to indicate where he should leave the groceries. You unpacked them in silence as he watched cautiously from the kitchen doorway.

“If you’re mad about me not calling-“ he began.

“No. Actually, I’m not mad,” you interrupted. “I’m just done with the back and forth.”

His expression changed from confused to blindsided. “I think I’ve missed something, love. Last time we spoke you told me you were done running yet here we are.”

You turned towards him, hands on your hips and eyes shooting daggers. “I saw a very interesting magazine cover at the store. Did you two enjoy your ‘cozy dinner’?” you probed angrily.

He stared blankly at you, his face unreadable. His reaction, or lack thereof, only fueled your irritation.

“Come on, Harry. I saw the pictures. You held her hand. You smiled. You two looked every bit the happy couple. You chose her and that’s fine, let’s just not beat around the bush anymore!” you exclaimed loudly, throwing your hands in the air.

“I got dinner with her Monday,” he said slowly. “Took her out to break things off. I was smiling before I told her what was going on. I held her hand because she was fookin’ gutted. Did you happen to see the look on HER face?” 

“Well…” You bit your lip. “No. There were only pictures of the back of her head…”

Harry rolled his eyes so hard you thought they might permanently stick to the back of his head. “Well, perhaps this would’ve warranted a phone call before you worked yourself up to a proper fit, hmm?” he asked sassily.

“Can we back up a bit?” you said hurriedly, the weight of what he had said hitting you at last. “You ended things?”

He smiled softly and took a few steps towards you, cupping your face with his large hands. The cold metal of his rings against your cheeks sent a shiver down your spine.

“Yes,” he whispered. “It’s over with her.” 

He leaned down and kissed you passionately. Your body responded on its own, your hands gripped his waist and your teeth nibbled his bottom lip. The kiss ended after a few moments and he pulled back to look deeply into your eyes before he spoke again.

“It’s always been you, sweetheart. Just took us awhile to get here.”

Bare (Request)

Smutty oneshot where Y/N wants Harry to go bare.

I…really shouldn’t have written this at work…

This is…yeah. I don’t know where this came from.


You hated condoms.

Of course, you understood and appreciated the concept of a condom and the purpose that it served. You weren’t completely down with the idea of becoming a mother at this point in your life and were glad that a condom had prevented that from happening…many times over the past few years.

But God, you hated condoms.

You supposed that you could have gone on the pill when you and Harry had started having sex, but you were always a little weary about medication since you had experienced a bad reaction as a child and been in the hospital for a few weeks. Ever since then, you had opted to suffer through headaches and period pains and the flu without taking something for it. That was the same reason that you and Harry had decided to stick with condoms, even after you had been together long enough that you both knew it was exclusive and for the long-run.

You knew that there was a part of Harry that was just as sick of condoms as you were, but he loved and respected you enough to stick with them for as long as you needed. He was well aware of your history and fear of medication, and wasn’t about to put you into a situation where you were uncomfortable, just so he could up his pleasure; that wasn’t going to make the sex fun for either of you.

But GOD, you hated condoms!

When Harry was off filming his movie in France and the Netherlands, you had a lot of time to sit and think about how much you missed him. The two of you had been together going on two years now and neither of you could imagine life without the other at this point. You hadn’t formally gotten engaged or anything like that, but you both kind of knew that this was it. Most couples who had been together as long as the two of you had thrown out their condoms ages ago; either opting for birth control or throwing caution to the wind altogether.

You spent many nights when Harry was away trying to find some way to make yourself feel as good as he made you feel, but you never succeeded. Even when the two of you had phone sex, you never came nearly as hard as you did with him. The only thought that even got you close was when you were able to imagine feeling him inside of you; not the condom, him. All of him, every single inch and vein and ridge pulsating inside of your core as he desperately tried to hold of cumming until you did. You loved Harry’s cock more than you probably should, but you had only ever felt it bare when he was in your mouth.

You could picture him bare inside you so clearly, but you had yet to actually feel it.

Harry was due home in a week, and you had made an impulsive decision the night before that you knew he would not be expecting. After a particularly steamy phone call with him, in which you had gotten off rather underwhelmingly, you had marched straight into the bathroom and tossed every single condom you had into the bin. The next day, you had gone to your doctor and asked her to put you on birth control. You knew that they recommended you still practice safe sex for at least a week after going on the pill, but you had six days, and you planned to make Harry fuck you silly without a condom the moment he got home.

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The Deal

I’m working on so many things. SO MANY. But the FWB concept has been with me for awhile, so I spun out this short thing. I might revisit it in a different way in the future, but for now, have a short shot of it. x. 

Gentle reminder: requests are closed. I’m working on them and much more! ;) 

The deal is that he gets his action from you when he’s in town, or anywhere near.

It works out perfectly, actually. It saves him the trouble of using his hand or alternately having to up his vigilance to ten when he tries to scour through and find someone to help him stroke his need, and you… well, you get a really good, no strings attached fuck from a guy who knows exactly which buttons to push because he’s pushed them so many times before.

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Harry Thoughts #4

The Birth of his Babygirl

•Being really nervous about holding her

•Lots of “Am I doing this right?” and “Oh my god she is so small”

•Shedding a few tears after seeing her for the very first Time

•Gently stroking her head

•First family cuddling in the most uncomfortable hospital bed

•Constantly comparing her to each of you

•"She has your nose and eyes and my lips"

•"Thanks so much for birthing our beautiful girl"

•Just a few minutes after she was born he already took several pictures of her

•Sending all this pictures to his mum, your mum, Gemma, the boys, etc.

•Bringing her up to his nose and sniffing her fresh baby smell

•Giving her small forehead kisses

•Cuddling with her topless to build a “special Connection” between both of them

•"You are just as gorgeous as your mummy"

•Staring at her with the proudest smile and saying “I really am a daddy now”

•Thanking you over and over again for his precious girl

•First family selfie

•"You are gonna be one spoiled princess"

•"Your mummy can’t wait to dress you in all these little dresses we bought for you"

•Showing her off to every guest that visits you in the hospital

Harry Has a Child From Another Relationship + He Hates You (Part 2)


Harry’s POV

I could only let my mouth hang open.

Every blink seemed to take an eternity.

I could only stare at the door in which she left from.

Today was supposed to be perfect.

Not like this.

Today was supposed to be glorious.

Not like this.

Today was the day I was going to propose to her.

Not like this.

The ring sat heavy in it’s box, in the inside pocket of my jacket.

It was the perfect ring, too. I caught her looking at it through the glass of a jewelry store. I bought it behind her back, that very day. That was two months ago.

I was ready for her 2 months ago.

I was so sure of everything.

Everything was supposed to be perfect.

Not like this.


I glance down at my feet to see Mason peering up at me with wet eyes. “Yes, Mase?”

“It’s my fault,” my son starts crying and tugging on my jeans. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I didn’t mean–”

I could only smile. Tears formed in my eyes. I bend down next to him and take his small frame into mine. “I was going to propose, Mase.” I pull out the ring and he gasps. “She was going to be your new Mommy.”

“It was my fault,” Mason could only cry out those words.

I furrow my eyebrows. “Don’t be silly, you didn’t do anything.”

“I told Y/N all those bad things,” tears come down hard on my son’s cheeks. “How she didn’t even love you and how she didn’t deserve you and–”

I let out a sigh, “Mason, why would you say those things? Do you honestly mean them and do you know what you just caused for Daddy? What you made Daddy lose?”

“I’m sorry,” Mason’s sobs shake his shoulders. “I didn’t know you loved Y/N…I thought you still loved Mommy but was too scared to say so.”

“Is that what Mommy told you?”


I jumped to my feet, gently tugging Mason along behind me, and face my ex-wife. The reason why we got married in the first place was because she was already pregnant with Mason and I wasn’t about to walk out on her–not when she needed my help. 

I tried so hard to love her, I really did, but she wasn’t my type. Y/N was. No, Y/N is.

“Why did you influence my son to think that I didn’t love Y/N?” I try to keep my voice at a medium level–considering Mason was right beside me–but I couldn’t reign in my own anger. “You knew that I loved her!”

“He’s my son too!” She exclaims. “Do you know how much it hurt to have him taken away from me? You have full custody!” She breaks down in tears. “I only get to see him on special holidays–but even then I’m an outsider. Your parents judge me and your friends stare at me and…and it’s horrible, Harry. I…I hate seeing you happy. I want you to be as miserable as I am. So I’m not sorry Y/N walked away from you. About time that bitch realised she was pathetic.”

I squeeze Mason’s hand so hard he yelps. I clamp my palms over his ears and snap, “And this is exactly why I have full custody. You are not going to see him ever again now, you hear me? Never again.”

Picking Mason up, I swing his little coat over my shoulder and walk out of that restaurant, praying to God that’s the last time I will ever see my ex-wife again. When we reach my car, I tuck Mason in safety in the back seat, and he asks, “Daddy, can I see the ring?”

I hesitate, before pulling it out of my pocket and pulling the small black lid open. It catches the sunlight and it reflects in his eyes. “It’s very pretty,” my son smiles and I nod, wiping the few stray tears that cling onto his chin. “What are you going to do with it now? Are we gonna go see Y/N? I wanna say sorry.”

I smile and ruffle his hair. “Of course we’re going to see Y/N, I still have to propose, remember?”

Your POV

You didn’t know where to go when you stormed out.

You couldn’t go back home because Harry might find you there, and you certainly couldn’t go back to his place. And you didn’t have any friends who were in town to crash at.

You were completely alone.

Getting out of the cab a block away from your home, you start wandering aimlessly on the streets. Couples pass you with their hands swinging back and forth and children run past you as if hell’s on their tail.

Today was your birthday.

You were supposed to be the happiest you could be today.

What went wrong?

You kick a pebble and it sent other ones flying too. You find yourself in a park. It’s not one you usually visit–since you weren’t a huge fan of the outdoors and it’s bugs–and the last time you came here was with Mason, when you two first met about two years ago.

Memories of him and Harry sting your brain.

You didn’t realise how much time had passed until someone tapped your shoulder. You were standing by a pond, with your head turned down to face your reflection–and that’s how you saw him.

“Y/N,” he breathes. You can tell he has been searching for you a long time from the way his fingers curve towards yours. “I love you.”

You tuck a strand of hair behind an ear, turning to face him, “You’ve come all this way to–” And you gasp.

Because he’s down on one knee and he’s holding up a ring. He grins broadly at your shocked expression and says with tears in his eyes, “I love you so fucking much, Y/N Y/L/N. I don’t think you’re only with me for my money because you won’t even let me buy you this goddamn ring when I asked, so I had to get it behind your back–”  you laugh at this, “–and I hope you know that you belong with me just as much as the stars belong in your eyes. And I hope you know I mean it with all my heart when I say:  I love. And lastly, I hope you will marry me.”

“I will, I mean–I do, isn’t that what people say?” Your face gets flustered and he laughs, sliding the ring onto your finger.

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A Little Something About Self Love

So, I’ve been away from this blog for a lot longer than I would’ve liked and for personal reasons I decided it’s something I really need to come back to. No, I didn’t stop using this blog because of the hiatus and yes One Direction is still very much a part of my life (I don’t see that changing for a very, very, very long time). Things are happening and I’m not having an easy time adapting; I needed something good to keep my head above water and that’s why I’m back. 

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. There’s parts that I relate to and that’s part of why it’s so special to me. There is sexual content, but you can just as easily skip it and the story will still make sense if that’s something you’re not comfortable with. Also, @permanentcross I owe you much more than a thank you for being a kind soul. 


To put it simply, I’ve never been the girl in the magazine. I’ve never been seen as the girl who would be deemed worthy of Harry’s love and affection. I was reminded of it every day. Harry was aware of my struggles with how my body looked and no matter how many times he reminded me how stunning I was and how special I was to him and how many times his lips kissed mine, that nagging feeling wouldn’t go away. So I made a goal for myself; I was going to get a new body and a new mindset. I wanted the first night that Harry was back from touring to be special and I wanted to feel magnificent in my own skin when it happened. It was tearing me apart keeping me and my actions away from Harry. I knew just as well as he did that he was more torn up about it than I was, even if he wouldn’t admit it. He had negative thoughts constantly invading his mind, thinking the worst but never actually saying what they were.

(2 months into the tour)

Harry You

I just want you to know that we have three days off next week and I’d love to fly you out here… Miss my girl .xx

I miss you too Harry. But we’re swamped at work and just about everyone has been forbidden to take any time off until everything is finished or close to it. They think it’ll take about two weeks. I’m sorry babe…

I feel like I’m on my knees begging you to come see me. What’s going on with you? We never skype anymore and you’re never around, always somewhere doing something. I know I’m not around all the time either but I’m trying. Throw me a bone, love…

It honestly scares me a bit

Nothing’s going on and there’s no reason to be scared. I can’t help that I’m always busy. You’re busy too. It’s just how our lives are right now, but we’ve been doing this for this long already. It’s just six more weeks, we’ll make it. I promise babe. I love you…always

And I love you. I miss you so much. We’ve never been apart this long and it’s killing me. I don’t ever want to be too busy for you, for us. That’s not fair, I didn’t ask for this

Hey hey hey, don’t talk like that. We’re going to be just fine, trust me. You’re doing what you love and I in no way am here to stand in the way of that or take you away from it. I love you too much to make you choose. It’s just the situation right now, sweetheart

I know I know, you’ve always been incredibly understanding and I can’t thank you enough for that. I just need you. I need to hold you. I need to kiss you. I need to see you face-to-face. I. Need. You. xxxxx

Harry, I need all of those things too. And I promise we’ll have them soon

Why can’t we have those things now? What are you even doing at work?

There’s a new client we’re working with and they gave us the deadline with too short of a notice so now we’re crunching for time

I hate this. We’re already so distant and this is another thing in the way

I know… Baby I promise when you’re back I’ll be finished with work. I’ve got to go but I’ll talk to you again as soon as I can. I love you mister…always

Can I just be on a plane to you now please? I’ll talk to you soon my love, I love you. xx

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I would highly recommend listening to “PILLOWTALK” by ZAYN (I still don’t understand all the capital letters, tbh) while you read this. Or…ya know…when you’re in a mood. Or…thinking about Harry. Or…in the middle of gettin’ busy. You know, whatever suits your fancy…

Also, this is going to be quite explicit. Just FYI. Children, look away.


There were very few things you loved more than spending an entire day with Harry in bed. The tradition of doing so probably came about because when Harry was home with you, it was typically after the end of a tour which meant that he was absolutely exhausted and getting out of bed was just too difficult.

Staying in bed with Harry didn’t always equate to having sex. In fact, it was probably a very equal split because sex and various other activities.

For example, when Harry would first get home the only thing he wanted to do was flop down under the blankets with you curled up in his arms and just lay there. Sometimes he fell asleep instantly depending on how tired he was, but a lot of times he would just lie there with his eyes closed, content to hold you and breathe in your scent. The only way you would know he was asleep was when his grip around your waist would loosen slightly.

Your bed was also a space where you and Harry had your most important conversations. There was something about lying next to each other in the darkness that made you both feel safe enough to bring up some potentially difficult topics. The idea of not going to bed angry at each other was a rule that both of you had made early on in your relationship. So if you had experienced an argument earlier in the day and had spent the evening avoiding the subject, bedtime was when you hashed it out.

It didn’t always have to be fights. You also had conversations about important decisions and events that were coming up. It had been a conversation in bed which had revealed that both of you wanted kids in the future. Another conversation was all about what each of you were looking for in a future spouse. And it was in bed that Harry first revealed that he loved you.

Other conversations were a lot less important and sillier. Harry found out that you hated onions and you discovered exactly where Harry was ticklish. You would tell him about your day and he would fill you in on his schedule for next week. Sometimes it was just a quick kiss and an “I love you” before turning out the lights and calling it a night.

Harry had seen you at your worst in that bed. Nights where you were so overwhelmed or angry or upset about something that you ended up breaking down completely and sobbing into his chest while he held you, rocking you back and forth like an infant and whispering into your ear that everything was going to be okay. You had seen him in vulnerable states there too. When he admitted that as much as he loved what he did, he couldn’t bear the thought of leaving you again. Or waking up from a nightmare and trying to pretend that he wasn’t bothered by it, even though you knew otherwise.

Being in bed with him was a place where you could be raw and real and honest.

And then, of course, there was the sex.

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Rebound - Snowbound Part 004

These parts WILL be getting shorter at some point (some of them won’t even be proper “parts”), but for now…. 

Thanks so much to those who are enjoying him. He’s one of my treasures (I’m not even sorry about how lame that sounds), so it’s good to know he’s enjoyed by so many. x. 

Part 001

Part 002

Part 002.5 

Part 003

“Mummy, can we go to the park today?”

You shake your head. “I’m not sure yet, bug,” you try to answer as casually as you can while checking your phone. The cup of tea you’d brewed for yourself has all but gone cold in your attempts to nurse it in order to beat back the advances of the eager, energetic child hopping around your tiny kitchen. It’s already 11:00 am, though, and you don’t know how much longer you can drag your feet.


“Why what?”

“Why aren’t you sure?”

“Because I’m not.”

“But why?”

You look to your phone again, waiting and waiting for a message that has yet to come.

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Forbidden Love

Originally posted by jessiejacksondelrey

                                                 SMUT WARNING

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Harry Thoughts #5

Cheering you up

•Preparing your favourite meal before you get home

•Lighting lots of candles and diming the light for a cozy atmosphere

•Welcoming you with a big hug and lots of kisses with a few, I missed you’s in between

•Telling you funny stories out of his day

•A cuddly bath

•He even got a lush bath bomb before you got home

•Cuddling on the couch with your head in his lap and his Hand in your hair

•Starting tickle fights when you start to fall asleep

•Telling you his worst “knock knock” jokes

•Showing you pics that he took of the boys while they weren’t looking

•"Babe, look at this video of that cute little puppy"

•Blowing raspberrys on your neck when you try to nuzzle into his chest

•Weirdly dancing with you in the living room to really old songs

•Inviting all your friends over for a long needed suprise sleepover party

•Karaoke session, where he sings extra badly to make you laugh

•A bike riding tour through the park nearby

•Making flower crowns for each other

•"You should wear them more often babe, make you look like a princess"

•Treating you to a huge ice sundae

•Old-fashioned make-out session with lots of butt grabbing before bed

Doctor Styles- Harry Styles Smut:

“We need a nurse in Room 184B.” A receptionist shouted from behind her desk frantically. You grabbed your stethoscope off of the counter where you were overlooking charts and volunteered to check on the patient.

You rushed down the hallway and made your way through the first door on the right. There was a middle aged man in the bed, vomiting up his dinner from that night. You sighed with relief that the situation wasn’t as serious as the ditsy receptionist made it out to be. The man was not in critical condition, but simply ill.

“How are we doing Mr. Curtis?” You asked the least liked question. He looked up at you, rolled his eyes, and began vomiting once again.

“Does my spewing chunks not give away the fact that I’m doing pretty shitty?” He sneered once he mustered the strength to look up from the bucket and glare at you.

“It wasn’t meant to be taken that serious, sir. I’m sorry.” You kept your voice down, though you felt anger building inside of you; the ungrateful man.

“Stupid nurse.” He mumbled with his head tilted down towards the bucket again. “Where’s the doctor? You know, the guy who actually knows what he’s doing.”

“He’ll be right in.” You took a deep breath before approaching him to do a quick evaluation of him before the doctor came in. Surely you hadn’t spent years in school studying medicine and the human body to be treated as if you were a moron.

You made a mental note of the man’s health and jotted a few things down on the clipboard at the end of his bed as the doctor finally arrived. Once you looked up, you felt your heart rate increase at who was walking into the room.

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Ring (Request)

Could you do one where Harry says he has to stop at a jewelry store to get one last thing for Anne or Gemma for their birthday. Then maybe he takes the missus to the engagement ring section and that was his plan all along. -  tmb2000


As much as Harry loved rings, he had never bought one for a girl before.

Yet, here he was, standing in front of a row of shiny rings, each one bigger and more elegant than the one before. Normally he had no issues figuring out which one to buy because he was buying them for himself and knew exactly what he liked. It wasn’t that he didn’t know what you liked, but this wasn’t just an ordinary, every day ring.

He had never bought an engagement ring before.

He had been looking online at rings for months to try and get an idea of what was out there. He didn’t care about price or what cut of diamond it was or how thick the band was; he just wanted to find something that was ‘you’. He wanted your engagement ring to fit your personality and showcase – somehow – all of the reasons he was in love and wanted to marry you.

After trying this method for a while, he realized that the only way he was going to find a ring like that is if you physically pointed it out to him. He needed to take you with him to the store and stand you in front of the rings until you told him which one you liked. The only problem was, he didn’t want you to know that he was planning on buying one for you; he wanted the proposal to be a surprise. He already had that part of it planned out, the only thing missing was the ring.  

Harry hatched a plan to get you in that jewellery store. His sister’s birthday was coming up and he was going to buy her a bracelet. He would feign ignorance and ask you to come along so he had a second opinion. Somehow, he would get you to see the engagement rings and ask you if you thought any of them were nice. Whichever one you pointed out would be the one he would get later on.

The plan was fool proof…you know, as long as it worked.

You were notoriously good at picking up when Harry was trying to pull one over on you. He couldn’t lie to you, ever, no matter how hard he tried, which is why he never tried. You could read his facial expressions and mannerisms better than anyone else could, and he had a really terrible poker face when it came to you. So many birthday and anniversary surprises had been spoiled because Harry simply couldn’t keep a straight face long enough. You didn’t mind though; it was almost more endearing to you when the surprise was spoiled because Harry was just so cute and giggly about the whole thing. You weren’t much for surprises anyway.

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Flying High

I was on a plane less than a week ago, and what does one do on a plane except think of Harry? Especially when the screen in the seat in front of them is, in fact, broken. It’s short, but boy did it help me pass some time. Also, I’ve never flown first, so the screens are probably not in the seats – they’re probably fancy and all that – but until Harry decides he wants to take me jet setting with him (boy, PLEASE) we’re just going to have to go with this, okay? x. 

P.S. Friendly reminder that requests are closed! (And I’ve already got two in my inbox with a public angle. ;) )

You jab the screen in the back of the seat in front of you several times, but despite the different touches you apply, it remains frozen to the menu screen.

It isn’t working,” you mutter to him.

“What’sit?” he mutters with a quick glance and pulling out an ear bud.

“My screen,” you clarify. “It isn’t working, look.” You jab again and still nothing. “You try,” you instruct him and he reaches over and taps a long finger against it several times.

“Must be broken,” he remarks and you shoot him a withering look.

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Sneak Peak - All My Loving (part 3)


It’s soft and broken, but it has a cutting quality to it and it makes him falter. Harry’s looking at you with wide eyes, hands halfway reaching for you as he steps into your bedroom and his lip between his teeth. He has a frown etched on to his forehead, the tone of your voice enough to make him stop on his tracks.

The last thing he expected you to say to him once he showed up at your bedroom was this. He didn’t quite understand what was making you say this and it leaves him baffled, standing at the door with a confused expression on his face.

“What?” It’s a simple question but it tips you off. He has no idea what he’s done, no idea how painful it was for you to wake up to an empty room, again.

“I don’t want to see you.” You shake your head, arms wrapped tightly around your middle as if you were trying to piece yourself back together with your bare hands, trying to keep it all from falling apart. You can feel the tears burning in your eyes and the way your face is scrunching to keep it all down, throat tight around a lump so big you feel like you’re suffocating. “I don’t want to see you ever again. Leave, just leave!” You scream at him, tears bursting out and a sob wracking your body as you reach for your dresser to keep yourself from falling.

He left you. He was here now, but he’d left once again – only this time there were no notes, no goodbye, no telling you where he was, nothing. Harry was gone for a week. A week of sleepless nights, crying sessions that lasted for hours on end, your sobs sometimes so loud you’d wake your parents, who slept in the room down the hall. Sometimes the pain would be so unbearable, your tears so heavy, you’d feel like your chest was going to burst open, the roughness of your throat making your voice sound as tortured as your pleads for him to come back. The engagement ring never left your finger, not even in his absence – somehow you believed that if you kept it, he’d come back to you.

He was back now, standing in one piece at your door, an alarmed look on his face but you couldn’t feel relieved, not this time.

Harry had left you willingly, a week before your wedding. You two had gotten your chance, the future you once thought was lost delivered in your hands, wrapped in a pretty bow, ready for the taking. A house, a beautiful wedding and the possibilities of building a family, of building a home, all back for you the moment he stepped out of that train, alive and well. You should’ve known destiny wouldn’t be so kind. You should’ve known it had been too miraculous, you should’ve known that the nights you had spent kneeling beside your bed, hands linked together and eyes shut while you begged and prayed to God to “please, bring him home” would come with a price – but you never thought the price would be your happiness.

“Darling…” His voice was strained, posture defensive as he entered the room completely and shut the door behind him. You stepped back once when he reached for you, a hand rising up to stop him from coming any closer. “Love, I don’t understand-“ He was speechless and he looked scared. You were never one to push him away but your rejection and the way you were stepping back, putting distance between you and him, was enough to tell him that, whatever this was, it was real and you weren’t just playing an awful prank on him. This was you, telling him to leave and it terrified him more than he could say.

“You’re not doing this to me again.” You shook your head, tears still flooding your eyes, slipping warm and salty against the skin of your cheeks. “I won’t allow it, I won’t let you leave me again, I wo-“ You’re choking on the violent sobs that are racking your body, shaky hands tangled with each other as you pull harshly on the pretty ring that seemed like it was weighing a ton in your hand.

“No, what are yeh- no, darling, no!” Harry exclaims, rushing towards you with hands extended in your direction, trying to grab your wrists. You escape him, feet scrambling backwards, your balance hanging by a thread and then you’re throwing the heavy sparkly ring on his direction.

The piece of jewelry hits his shoulder, the same place you know there is a bullet scar under his thin shirt and Harry looks panicked, the pain twisting his features and making him look years older. “Darling, p-please.”

anonymous asked:

Can I have a Harry imagine when I'm Harrys normal girlfriend and I meet Jeff and he wants to make me a fashion model and wants to sign me to his modeling agency

“I don’t want you to leave!” You tug on the white sheets around both of your bodies and stick your lower lip out in a pout. “Harry, don’t go.”

Harry sighs and looks back at you, his hair a mess of dark curls. “I have to get to work, kitten.”

You flop back onto your bed and press a pillow over your face, closing your eyes and trying to breathe through the fabric. You can hear Harry shift around and you can feel his hands trying to slowly lift it off of your face.

“Y/N, don’t be like this, you know I have to….and I don’t want to leave either…”

“But you’re on hiatus!” You let him pull the pillow off of your face and he smiles as soon as his green eyes meet yours. “You’re not supposed to work!”

Harry lies down on his side beside you and presses a soft kiss to your cheek, “It’s not actually work, I just have some paperwork to sign. You know with the joining-Jeff’s-management for a year and all that.”

You look up at him, “I don’t even get why you need to switch managements, Modest! is just fine! And what are your fans gonna think? They’re gonna think you’re quitting the band! Next year it’s just going to be the Niall tour! The Niall tour! And–!”

“You’re rambling again,” Harry plants a kiss on your forehead this time. You lift a hand and start tracing the tattoos on his shirtless torso. “First of all, you already know I’m not quitting the band, and secondly, even if it was the Niall tour, people would still pay big bucks to go see him. And lastly, I’m not even gonna be gone that long. Just an hour. Two, at the most.”

Your lips part and you whine, “Two hours? What am I supposed to do for two hours? And can you stop driving me crazy and actually kiss me for real.”

Harry chuckles and you’re met instantly by his heated mouth and your tongues start battling. Then, Harry pulls away suddenly, his green eyes alight. “Or…you could come with me?”

You’re sitting up before you know it. “Done.”

The meeting took place at the balcony of Jeff’s office. It was bright and sunny–as it was only the afternoon–with the sounds of passing trains and cars. Jeff had never met you before, and neither did anyone on Harry’s management team–not including Simon (you had met him the year before and he was spectacular.)

Jeff was already waiting outside when you and Harry arrived. Your boyfriend–refusing to go anywhere unless in style–downed a black-collared jumper with a loose gold sweater over it, paired with one of his hundred pairs of jeans.

You, on the other hand, chose the simpler style. Wearing only a white dress and brown sandals (matching with your brown purse), it was nothing branded or anything. It was just from your local store.

You wondered if it was enough to impress Jeff.

“Wait,” you hold Harry back before he could open the door to the balcony. It was a glass door, but Jeff was looking the other way and you needed to ask Harry something first. “Should I stay here? I mean, does he know we’re dating? Should we–”

Harry smiles, “It’s been a year of paparazzi’s capturing our lives non-stop, I think Jeff knows we’re dating. Besides, he’s my good friend so of course he knows and secondly–” he intertwines his fingers with mine. “–I brought you here and you’re staying by my side at all times.”

That gave you enough courage to walk through the door with him.

That was…until you were seated right across from Jeff and you felt his eyes widen at your appearance. Harry placed both of your hands on the table and Jeff assessed them nicely.

“Nice to see you again, Harry,” Jeff smiles and Harry returns the gesture. “And you, I presume, must be Y/N?”

“Pleased to meet you,” you say, politely and Harry rubs his thumb against the side of your hand encouragingly. “I’m sorry if I’m intruding or anything.”

“You aren’t,” Jeff smiles again and you take in a deep breath. At least you weren’t stammering and making yourself look like a fool. Jeff furrows his eyebrows for a moment and scans your body up and down. “I’m sorry, Harry, but may I?”

Harry has his eyebrows furrowed too, but trusting his friend, he gestures, “Go ahead, Jeff.”

You swallow a lump in your throat.

You were prepared for his predatory eyes to scan over your body again but he merely just said, “Can you stand up, my dear? And walk five feet to your right?”

Finding this order quite strange, you hesitated as you gotten up from your chair. You only started walking though, when you saw Harry give you a slight nod of his head.

You walked those five-feet normally.

“Brilliant,” you hear Jeff murmur.

“Huh?” You glance at Harry and he looks just about as confused as you are.

Jeff, on the other hand, cracks into a full-length grin and gestures for me to sit back down.

“What do you do for a living?” Jeff asks me. Harry’s hand is in mine again and it gives me extra confidence.

“I’m a writer. I published two novels, both New York Times Bestsellers.”

Harry smiles at my accomplishments and leans over to give me a tender kiss. Jeff nods, impressed, “Y/N but…have you ever considered being a model?”

Your jaw drops and Harry takes his hand out of yours. You glance over at him to see him bending down and smoothing his hair out of his face. A gesture he does when he doesn’t know what to do.

Originally posted by harcld

“I mean,” Jeff adds quickly. “Only if you want. And Harry, it’s also your choice, I mean–”

“In this media, Jeff?” Harry speaks up. “You know how brutal it is already that I have a girlfriend who’s not a model or an actress or a singer, but to have a famous girlfriend again? Can you imagine how much hate she would get? How many more people will stalk her? How–”

“Harry, wait a second,” you interrupt him and both men’s eyes are on you. “I know you’re looking out for me, and I love you for that, and Jeff, I appreciate the offer but I’m going to have to decline.”

Jeff nods, “I understand.”

Later on that night when you’re both lying in bed again, Harry asks, “Did you refuse that modeling offer just because of what I said before?”

“No,” you look up at him and smile.

“Then what was it about?” He grins back at you.

“The spotlight is your home, and this right here–” you gesture to the bed you’re both lying on. “–is mine.”

Harry tucks a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “That’s where you’re wrong, kitten. The spotlight isn’t my home. My home is wherever you are.”

Golf wasn’t really Y/N’s sport. She thinks it to be unnecessarily complicated and quite dull, with the tiny holes and the long distances and, most of all, the walking. However, there is one thing she loves about the sport: The clothing style. More specifically, the clothing style on Harry, which (if she is to be completely honest) is the only reason she had tagged along with him today.

He looked drop dead gorgeous out and about on the bright green hills, with a light wind blowing at the curls that stick out along the rim of his grey Nike cap and the material of his loose, neon pink golf polo flapping against his toned back as he stands next to his father. Des holds a conversation with Harry about a business party coming up, keeping his focus as he lets his club swing against a tiny white ball, watching as it flies across the air and lands a couple of yards from the designated hole. Harry nods and makes comments every now and then, switching off with his dad for his turn.

Y/N stood off to the side, waiting for him to finish his current conversation so that he could help her with her swing, aim and things of the such. She had stared at him blatantly, trailing her sight from his crisp white, gold-detailed sneakers and up the brownish grey pants he is sporting, admiring how well they fit him. Harry was made to wear these clothes and nothing could convince her otherwise; how else could he look so fucking amazing if it wasn’t meant for him?

She’d lolled her gaze down his golden arms (he’d gotten quite tan over the summer), catching on his huge hands as they had clenched around the leather grip of the golf club, the expanse of his palms fully covering the whole area. The look of determined concentration that creased his thick brows and framed his jaw had been unbelievably entrancing, edging towards making her wet.

And Y/N had made sure to mention it when Harry had come to aid her, whispering praise over her shoulder as he stood behind her with his lean arms around her body, hands guiding her’s as he helped reel back the club for a perfect hit.

“You look really good in your gear,” she had murmured, teething at the corner of her mouth as her eyes flicked towards his, which were trained on the equipment.

He’d let his gaze shift over momentarily, giving her temple a sweet peck as gratitude. “Thanks, petal. You look incredible in your khaki shorts, just for the record.”

A prideful sting washed across Y/N’s nose and cheeks, making her peel away from looking at Harry and zoning in on the golf ball below her. He’d gone on to explain how she had to keep the ball in her sight so that she wouldn’t miss, instructing to let her instincts kick in on how high and far she should draw the club back. She wasn’t really paying attention, more interested in the way his chest was pressed against her back and how when he moved, the front of his thighs would brush against her bottom. He just looked really damn fuckable at the moment and she hadn’t wanted to let it go to waste.

“Hey, H?”

“Mmh?” Harry had hummed right behind her, sifting their fingers together over the grip, his body caving closer to her’s to talk more privately.

“I’m kinda tired. The sun’s beating down something awful and I’m starting to feel lightheaded.” Y/N pouted, craning her neck to look back at him, batting her eyelashes.

“Oh?” A concerned frown had etched the corners of his mouth, ridges forming between his eyebrows.

“I feel like I might give out, actually. Think you could walk me to the bathroom? Maybe splashing some water on my face will help.” She’d given her left eye a wink, licking her chapped lips suggestively.

Harry blinked his big eyes at her blankly, not registering her hints but knowing she was trying to get him to read between the lines. Y/N sighed, subtlety pushing her bum against his crotch for a second, staring at him intensely as she had flicked her head towards the main entrance building to their left.

Recognition flooded his mind, his pupils widening slightly. “Oh, you want to–? Okay, gotcha.”

“Good. I’m just so parched, y'know?” Her mouth twitched, eyes flitting over to where Des was talking to a caddy a few yards away to make sure he wasn’t listening in.

“Oh, really?” Harry had breathed next to her ear, damp and hot, a cocky smile edging across his face and popping a single dimple into one of his cheeks as his left eyebrow had arched up teasingly.

Y/N gave a quick nod, biting the inside of her cheek as she felt his fingers tightening over her’s on the grip, his lips pressing into the shell of her ear. She turned her head so that the breathe of her words tickled the side of his jaw as she spoke, keeping the intimate words just in their proximity. “I really love how you look in these clothes.”

“Yeah? What d'you like the most?” His voice was deep and almost predatory, riding her drift on where she was headed with the compliments.

“How your trousers hug your perky ass,” the comment had been abrupt, her tone making it sound as if the statement should be obvious. Y/N turns her head back forward, shutting her eyes as she had felt a chuckle rumble in his chest.

Harry’s cheeky grin burned across the skin her jaw, his strong arms pulling her’s away from her body and down, hitting the golf ball squarely and sending it sailing towards a flag pole in the distance. “You know, I’m suddenly feeling a bit hungry. There’s refreshments back in the main building and I’m sure my dad can spare a few minutes off the game.”

“Do you think you could spare a few off your snack?”

He’d stepped back from her, tugging with one hand while the other held the club, pulling her in the direction of the giant white mansion across the field as he gave her a knowing smirk. “I’m sure that can be arranged.”

Harry had kept his word, the proof being in how she is currently pushed against the wall inside the family bathroom, her face flushed against the cold marble barrier as her fists are propped beside her head, his own hands covering her’s while his hips thrust into her.

Harry’s cock is taking her from behind, dipping into her slick heat and pounding away as Y/N turns her head to watch him, catching his lips in a heated kiss over her shoulder to stifle both of their whimpering moans.

“Y-You like it when I fuck you in my golf clothes? Think I look sexy in ‘em?” He pants against her mouth, rolling into her sloppily as the pink material of his shirt sticks to the sweat sheen that covers his back.

“Y-Yeah– oh!” Y/N jerks against his chest as he gives a particularly hard push, keeping his legs steady as she swivels her hips around his throbbing prick.

Harry’s slacks tickle his ankles as his shoes squeak with the effort of maintaining him in place, the cap on his head turned backwards so that the flap wouldn’t poke Y/N in the eyes. He cocks his head to the left, deepening the kiss to the point where their noses pressing against one another becomes painful. Their breathing mingles in the little bit of space in between them, hot gasps and whines flooding their ears.

“Fuck, moppet…You’re so– so tight, for Christ’s sake. Nice and warm, too.” A shutter wrings Harry’s spine, his knees buckling forwards against the back of Y/N’s thighs. “Y'close yet?”

“Shit, Harry, shit. Almost there– jus’ a few more seconds…”

He releases his grip on her hands, grasping her hips tightly and working them over harshly, revering in the watery squeak that emits from her throat as she bites into her fist, struggling to keep a tab on her sounds. He himself is choking on wails, biting the inside of his cheeks raw to not bring about suspicion from anyone outside the thick oak door.

“Yeah, baby– tha’s it, darling. Tha’s my good fucking girl, always taking me so deep– always wanting to please me. Y'gonna come, kitten? All over me, yeah?” Harry keens into Y/N’s damp hair, kissing the top of her head and feeling her latch her lips to his collarbone, digging her teeth in without remorse.

She spills, dripping down his length as her entire body quakes against the cool wall, bending down farther for him to hit all of the perfect angles. Her arm absentmindedly swipes away at the fog her breathing had made against the marble stone, her hands pressing into her knees as she sobs quietly in bliss, rutting back uncontrollably while Harry finishes her off with a firm spank at her bottom.

As soon as he draws out, Y/N flips onto her back against the wall, taking ahold a his swollen, fluid-glazed cock and stroking tirelessly, mounting him higher and higher towards his climax. He collapses into her, sweaty palms pressed flat on either side of her body as their noses nudge and she bites playfully at his bottom lip, pulling away to let it snap back in place.

“Good boy, Harry,” she wraps her free hands around the back of his neck, thumbing over his sharp jawline and hooking the digit into the corner of his mouth. “Suck.”

Harry lolls his tongue around her finger, closing his mouth and whimpering helplessly as she flicks her wrist, giving him a good twist that causes him to surge forward an inch and shriek in surprise. Y/N’s full hand rushes to cover his mouth, her eyes scolding him silently for making the sharp sound.

“I’m s-sorry– so sorry. It just f-feels so good…” He sobs into her palm as his willow eyes seem to shatter and she can feel his hot breath condensing against her clammy skin. She swipes her index finger over his leaking head in response, murmuring to him that it’s okay and to just be more mindful.

Harry nods furiously, blinking water out of his tear ducks as he digs his nails into the dip of his hands, trying to keep at least a shred of composer. His hips are rocking into her cupped fingers as she speeds up, whispering encouragement to him as her eyes peel away his sanity by the layers. His arms are taut with effort, neck veins bulging as he swallows thickly, causing his Adam’s Apple to bob. His thighs clench as he whines against the makeshift gag she has over him, trying to alert her that he’s just edging over and about to spurt out.

Y/N is too mesmerized to get the message at first, admiring how his cheeks are tainted a flattering red, his eyes owlish and pleading as his strong chest rises and falls shallowly, the desperate puffs of air against one of her hands reminding her that she is in full control; it makes her feel elated with power. With her other hand, the thumb toys along the underside of his throbbing head, thick white liquid beading out of his hole and bubbling over her fingers as she pumps him quickly.

“Y'like it like this, yeah? Quick and rough?” She breathes right in front of his face, moving down to suckle kisses along his throat and feeling him wriggling under her influence, the muscles along his jaw and neck tightening.

Harry mewls into her palm urgently, making eye contact and frantically flicking his gaze to his now spilling prick. He can feel his release crackling in his abdomen, balls aching in warning. Y/N catches his alert too late and as she glances down, feels him give a foreshadowing twitch and has just enough time to grab a disposable towelette from the basket on the nearby counter, covering Harry’s prick just as the first ribbon squirts out. She can feel the heat of the release through the white fabric, looking back up to see his eyes roll back into his head, mouth parting against her warm skin to release a long, relieved groan, the vibrations shaking Y/N to the very core.

She continues to stroke him slowly, milking everything out into the napkin as she let’s her hand fall from his swollen, mauve lips, sponging her own against them and feeling the boiling temperature radiate against her flesh. Her fingers play at the ringlets that stick out along his hat, curling around his ear to trail across his left cheekbone, wiping away sweat.

Harry’s arms skid off of the wall, the foggy print of his huge hands fading away. He inhales a rattling breath, letting it escape as a strained chuckle while he reaches up and takes off his cap, ruffling his matted hair to air out some of the pent up heat. “That was close.”

“I’ll say,” Y/N gives him a shy smile, gently wiping down his now semi-flaccid length and chucking the towel into the nearest bin. “Sorry for not paying closer attention.”

“S'all good, pet. Rather liked you up here hand-gagging and marking hickeys into my skin than on your knees, as surprising as it may sound.” Harry kisses her forehead softly, sighing absently as he bends down to pull up his briefs and trousers. He hikes them up onto his hips, buttoning them and smoothing his hands down the front to dispose of any temporary wrinkles.

Y/N hadn’t noticed that she herself still had her shorts and panties around her ankles and immediately pulls them on, zipping everything up and swiping away the crevices just like he had. Water is splashed on faces and few more towelettes used to wipe away sweat. After a few minutes of finger combing through hair and Harry playing around with the collar of his golf polo to cover the hickey Y/N had so kindly gifted him, they both look good as new.

Harry peeks out of the door, swiping his eyes around the hall to make sure it is empty of people. When the coast is clear he waves Y/N through, the door clicking shut behind them. They find his father lounging around the snack tables, talking to a work companion he had stumbled upon. Des introduces them both to the kind-looking, middle-aged man, Nathaniel, who he’s apparently known for a couple of months now.

The men talk golf for a bit, Harry mentioning that the first time he had ever played had been with his uncle when he was fourteen and that he had taking a liking to the precession of the sport. Nathaniel asks Y/N if she played and she answers that Harry was trying to get her interested, to which she was “wary to try at first but was slowly warming up to it.” A shameless lie, but she didn’t feel like starting off on the wrong foot with the guy.

At one point he asks Harry how the current game with his father was going, Des having had explained that they had taken a small break. “Any luck beating your dad yet? Hear he’s a worthy opponent.”

“I’ve gotten some pretty good holes in one today, yeah,” Harry’s lips curve into a canny grin, glancing over at Y/N knowingly. “Some better than others.”