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Mr Styles series: Jealous pt.2

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Summary: Continuation of this where Mr. Styles gets jealous.

Warnings: Smut

Word Count: 970

Word Density: “Harry”


“Get on the bed.”

Once he realized that she was testing his authority and stayed in her place, he grabbed he by he arm and bent her over the bed. With one hand he tightly gripped his belt, the other rested on her lower back. Harry had no clue why he was so jealous. Him and Y/N weren’t together. But he still felt some need to keep her protected.

“Lift up your skirt and pull down your panties.” Y/N quickly complied, not wanting to further anger him.

You let out a soft sigh at the feeling of the cool air on your exposed wetness. You couldn’t even see him but you could tell how he looked. Gazing down at where you were bare, he always towered over your body like a kind gazing down at his kingdom. His hand drifted from your back to the top of your butt.

His hand left your backside, “You’re going to count for me or I’m starting over.”  She mumbled something to let him know she understood.

“One!” Y/N gasped as the slap to her bottom pushed her forward. She could tell that he was still wearing his rings.

“Two.” Harry placed on hand on her hip, holding her up.


After about ten swats, Y/N was slightly shaking. The room seemed so much hotter as her frustration built and her cheeks burned. Harry rubbed her red bottom slightly and she took note of it. No matter what, he always made sure to make sure that he wasn’t too rough. That his hits weren’t too much for her to handle. Just as he was about to go easy on her, Harry remembered what brought them here in the first place. He quickly ripped off her shirt, noticing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. 

“Where’s you bra?” He hissed and pushed her back on the bed so that her head laid against the pillows. “When you left my office, you had a bra on.”

Y/N pushed herself up on her elbows and spread her legs. “Maybe I left it in Mr Payne’s car, or his office, or maybe his bed.” She was just trying to make him mad. In all actuality, her bra was sitting in the fern outside the front door. “You gonna spank me again, Mr Styles.”

Harry loosened his tie and roughly shoved it in her mouth. Y/N’s eyes widened in shock as he’d never done that to her before. “You keep that there. If I hear you say another word, you’re getting the belt. You wanna act like a slut, you’ll get treated like one. Sluts don’t get to talk.”

He quickly stripped his himself down and climbed over top her. Y/N was dripping. She could feel a small pool forming under her from her lust. Harry grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it against her heat, making sure not to put it in. Teasing. He knew she hated it and that she wouldn’t be able to control herself. His sweaty body glimmered in the moonlight as Y/N let out tiny whimpers and whines against the tie.

“What? What’s that?” Harry taunted with a smug smirk. “You want me to fuck you? The way he fucked you?”

She now regretted her attempt to make him jealous, knowing he was now going to torture her. She shook her head no quickly and tried to thrust her hips forward. Just trying to get him where she wants. “Pwese.” She muffled through the tie.

Harry looked down at her for a second before he thrusted in as hard as he could without warning. Y/N’s entire body jolted and she let out a moan-like-scream. Her eyes fluttered shut before they were quickly snapped open. Harry’s large hand gripped her throat as he continued his rough thrusts. He was going harder than he ever had before, causing all new types of sensations to spread through her body. He bit his lip tightly and pinched her left nipple slightly.

“Nobody’s ever gonna be able to fuck you like me. Nobody.” He grunted and pulled the tie out of her mouth. Loud moans and whimpers poured out of her mouth. “He can’t get you screaming like this, can he? Huh? Can he fuck you the way I can? Doesn’t know your body like I do, baby.”

She could feel her orgasm coming and she didn’t want him to hold out on her. “Only you! O-only you can m-make me feel-OH GOD!.” She let out a loud scream as he hit her g-spot over and over again.

His cock twitch slightly and his thrusts got sloppier. “Gonna cum, baby?” She weakly nodded and Harry tightened his grip on her throat slightly. “Look at me, wanna see you face when you cum.”

Before she could even process his words she was quickly hit by her high. Screaming loudly and digger her nails into his back. He let out a loud grunt a gave her a final thrust. His juices painted her walls and she let out a soft moan, feeling him spilling out of her. Dropping on top of her, but holding his weight. He rolled off of her and pulled her into his side.

“W-We picked out engagement rings for Sophia.” Y/N panted as she laid her head on Harry’s chest.

He furred his brows in confusion and let out a breathy chuckle at what he thought went down. Deep down Harry knew Y/N would never go for a guy like Liam. But he didn’t understand why he was so jealous. She was just a stripper he met and turned into his assistant. “Your bra is in the fern isn’t it?”

“Yup, but thanks for that. I’ll have to make you jealous more often.” 

IV. Suit and Tie Minus the Tie.

Also called: Suit Jacket Rides.
Prompt: You know how if you are a girl and you were to wear a man’s suit jacket, the shoulder pads would swallow you? Yeah, that.

In which Y/N is sleepy and cold at the after party, and Harry takes care of it, and she might return the favour after.

After award shows, the after party was a must. It was the place to mingle with people without the excessive flashes of cameras, the short time to walk the carpet, and of course, having already received your awards and feeling a bit more relaxed after a nice night. It was a nice environment to continue having a good time. And for some, it was the time to show off another really nice dress.

Harry and you attended to the grammy’s together and tagged along for the after party this year. Due to recording and the first parts of his first solo tour kicking off, it had been a while since he’d seen all his friends and you really enjoyed spending time with his friends as well.

You had to say, Harry looked incredibly good that night. Rocking a Gucci suit that fit him so nicely, and one that you kept tracing the pattern of with the tip of your fingers, after your fourth drink.
“ S’making me dizzy” you whisper to him, giggly and swaying a small bit from side to side.

You could still see flashes from the corner of your eye, knowing some paps got invited to these in order to cover everything about the gala. But these you didn’t mind much. These were paid to be here, by the Grammy’s. And you were a little bit too tipsy to care about cameras catching you devour Harry’s lips next to the bar.

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