harry styles tennis


**Niall Horan Imagine ***

Title: I win


You and Niall made a deal that if you beat him in a tennis match that you’d get to choose the vacation spot. You had always wanted to go to Figi and a this was your chance. 

So you and Niall got dressed in your best tennis attire and when to the courts. 

Niall was talking smack the whole way there about how you were actually going to go to Maui when he won. 

At the court you got your game face on and was scoring left and right. By 15 points Niall was giving up.

“ Forget it. We’re going to Figi!” He said waving his hand. 

“Yaaaay!. You ran over and hugged him.

“ I’ll be ready next time” He kissed you on the forehead 


imagine harry teaching niall how to play tennis.. like he’ll have a hand resting over nialls on the racket and showing him how to serve and shit and the cute little competitions they’ll have and harry will always win and niall will get frustrated and throw the racket down but then harry will come and give his little defeated pout a kiss and let him win the next game because he loves him so much and then they’ll eventually move back to golf