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**Niall Horan Imagine ***

Title: I win


You and Niall made a deal that if you beat him in a tennis match that you’d get to choose the vacation spot. You had always wanted to go to Figi and a this was your chance. 

So you and Niall got dressed in your best tennis attire and when to the courts. 

Niall was talking smack the whole way there about how you were actually going to go to Maui when he won. 

At the court you got your game face on and was scoring left and right. By 15 points Niall was giving up.

“ Forget it. We’re going to Figi!” He said waving his hand. 

“Yaaaay!. You ran over and hugged him.

“ I’ll be ready next time” He kissed you on the forehead 


At the hotel in Melbourne - 16.02.2015

in honor of wimbledon starting and because i fucking love tennis

tennis!au where harry and louis meet during juniors at a tennis academy when harrys 14 and louis’ 16 and fall in love over time but since louis’ a few years older he eventually leaves the academy to go pro and they decide that it’s best if they break up bc louis will be extremely busy but promise to keep in touch and harry watches as many matches as possible on TV and is always cheering louis via text but as time goes on they lose touch louis starts to really climb the rankings and harry is almost set to go pro and they just don’t have time to keep in touch and then the time finally comes for harry to enter his first pro tournament and as fate may have it harry is drawn to play louis first round and he’s so nervous bc well it’s his first pro match and its against louis who he’s still very much in love with and then match comes and the coin flip is pretty awkward and of course louis wins the match in straight sets and that night after the match harry is in his hotel room wondering how the fuck his life ended up this way when his phone buzzes and well its louis and his name is still saved in his phone with those stupid heart emojis he could never quite get himself to change and he cant believe what hes reading after several years of not talking louis sends him a “welcome to the pros !! i heard a rumor were staying at the same hotel why don’t we meet for dinner i can give you some advice ;)” and really? a fucking winky face? they see each other for the first time in two years, louis beats him in straight sets for his first professional match ever and he sends this as if its the most casual thing in the world but of course harry accepts the offer and louis does give him some valuable advice and some how over time it becomes a thing..every time theyre in the same tournament they get dinner together afterwards and harrys ranking is slowly rising and louis’ a little bit smug about it bc who gave harry all this advice? oh thats right, he did! and maybe hes a little bit nervous harrys going to pass him up sooner than later but he’ll worry about that later because now all he can really worry about is the insane amount of sexual tension between them and the fact that after harry took louis’ oh so great advice they are now facing each other in the semi final of the fucking french open and its no secret harry is best on clay and of course it comes down to a fifth set tie breaker its match point harry serves it louis returns it cross court and harry sends a rocket down the line for a winner its called good and harry is into his first final…his first fucking GRAND SLAM final but then of course louis challenges the call they show the replay and its JUST missed the line and his ball is called out…everything he worked for…taken away so quickly he plays the next few points in a daze practically giving away the match to louis…louis whos through to his second french open final and as soon as theyre off the court and into the tunnel harry pushes louis up against the wall “that ball was fucking in you just had to challenge it didnt you” louis just smirks “be my doubles partner?” he whispers and harry cant even be mad bc louis fucking would do this right now he cant even answer with anything other than a kiss…all these months of dinners and flirting and tension finally, FINALLY leading up to this moment and no one has to know if harry helps louis celebrate his victory over himself that night…in louis’ hotel room…and from then on they take on the world as doubles partners and continue to climb  the rankings in singles constantly switching between 1 and 2 in the world between each other and while they never confirm it everyone knows theres something going on they travel together, practice together, get really fucking emotional when the other wins a final when they should really be the biggest rivals in the world and then one day two years after harry crowded louis up against the wall at the french open theyre facing each other in the wimbledon final and its a really fucking big deal WIMBLEDON the biggest tournament of them all theyre neck and neck the entire match but louis is a little distracted and harry pulls it out in the end and louis is so fucking proud of his boy and he goes up to give his runner up speech, tears in his eyes for some many reasons “harry, you played an amazing match today and you’re the winner today, but baby, im the real winner if you answer me this one question, will you marry me?” and everyones suspicions are confirmed right then and there at the wimbledon final…the worlds best tennis plays are in love and now engaged because of course harry says yes and hes never been happier and from then on they become THE power couple dominating tennis and the world together making history