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1D Hiatus: Day 526

* Louis posts a picture on Instagram, Niall comments on it

* Harry is in Los Cabos, Mexico, pictures of him chilling at his hotel there yesterday are released

* Liam posts a video and a picture on Instagram

* Liam does a livestream on Facebook, while answering fans’ questions he says he’s never been to the Philippines when actually the boys have played a show there, he later apologises to fans for the mistake via Twitter

* Exclusive interviews with the cast of ‘Dunkirk’ including Harry for the Little White Lies film magazine will be published in its upcoming issue 

* A fan’s mum meets Louis at an airport

* Niall visits the 1075 The River studios in Nashville to perform and give an interview

It’s May 22nd, 2017.

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Beauty and the Beast

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This is it. This is the best headline yet. 

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😳 😳  a concept… You’re both angry, still steaming, panting from raising your voices for so long. and somehow you’ve ended up against a wall, up against him with his hand around your jaw and his other hand wrapped around your waist. he’s still angry with you and you’re still angry with him. and you’re shoving him off because while this seems to be one way to work things out, with him inside of you asking you to forgive him, you’re still not over it. and now you’re just glaring hard at one another. 

‘Got a strong left jab there love,’ he smirks nearing you again. ‘Wonder who taught you that.’ 

He’s touching you again, tracing over your jaw and over your lips that have parted slightly now. You’re letting him, you don’t want to fight anymore. You’re angry with him still but this is one way to work things out partially before the apologizes and proper talk start.   

‘You’re awfully quiet now Princess.’ He kisses just below your jaw. ‘Had a lot to say a minute ago,’ he baits. ‘Gonna call me more names?’

‘You’re so fucking-’

‘Love,’ he warns. ‘Good girls don’t talk like that.’ 

‘M’not,’ you shrug. ‘M’not your good girl then.’ You sigh as he traces his tongue up your neck. 

‘No?’ He questions. 

‘No.’ You you barely manage. 

‘Have I got to fuck you like that now, like you aren’t my good girl?’ 

You’re nodding before you realize that you are. He’s got you wrapped around him, your legs around his hips before you realize that as well. He’s slips two of his fingers past your lips as he frees himself from his jeans and tugs your panties down in a rough haste. 

He’s driving into you relentlessly, you’re digging your nails into his skin just as hard as he is biting into yours. He grabs your hands to pin them above you, as he keeps biting into the skin of your jaw. His hips slam into yours each time, and you’re bucking yours to meet his every thrust. And before you know it, you’re flipped onto your stomach roughly, breathing heavily as he lifts you up onto your knees with a tight grip from his hands on your waist. And between pants and desperate whines you’re actually asking for it, for him to spank you. 

‘Wouldn’t have to if you were being good.’ He says cupping your bum with his big ring clad hand. 

And before you can adjust to the sting of one another follows and when he’s done you don’t have much time after that either before he’s taking you hard from behind. He doesn’t let you come when you need to, and in return you’re squeezing down on him so tightly he sees blurry. He pulls your hair, arching your back so he can whisper to you, ‘Do that again, I dare you.’ And you do…..xxx