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A/N: This is gonna be cliché ;)

“Y/F/N is currently doing AMAZING in Hollywood right now”, the woman on TV introduced you as you stood next to her with a smile, “With her newest movies, new ground breaking line of clothing, and her new biography that critics claim to be ‘art’ and 'Different. Very different. Good. A very good different”, you chuckled, “Here she is”, she pointed at you.

“Hello everybody”, you waved into the camera that was conducting a LIVE interview with a wide smile.

Harry smiled at your smile, he loved it with all of his heart. Kind of like he does you…

“Now, you’re constantly being asked about work”, the interviewer began, “But what about your personal life? How’s everything, have you found love?”

Your smile faded a tad at this, “Um…I’m currently single”, you simply answered while briefly looking into your lap.

“Your ex Harry Styles, just released his new alum. What do you think of it”, the interviewer jeered.

Your face practically lit up, “I’m so proud of him! It’s so cool to have seen what he’s done in the studio from when we were together, and see it all be finalized. It’s amazing”, you nodded.

“He was recently spotted with a fan, getting pretty cozy during their first meeting”, the interviewer raised an eyebrow, “What do you think of that?”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “Uh….it’s his life. W-we’re no l-longer together”, you tried to process your thoughts before smoothing out your skirt, “That was our decision.”

“You don’t feel in the slighted threated by her”, the interviewer was taking jabs at your heart.

“No”, you said sternly as your blood boiled.

“He’s here tonight, backstage actually. Are you planning on saying hello”, she asked.

You could feel the steam blowing form your ears, “Maybe.”

“She obviously doesn’t like your dumbass questions”, Harry yelled at the TV from his place backstage.

“That’s great, but now we’re going to commercial. We’ll be back”, she smiled at the camera as you forced a smile and waved.

Both you and Harry let out sighs of relief as his TV went black and the camera was shut off.

You stood up from your chair, practically running to the dressing room to hide your tears when you felt yourself come in contact with a body, “Shit”, you voiced.

“You okay love”, the person grabbed your shoulders as there body had almost caused you to be sent down, “Hello love”, Harry smiled at you with his captivating smile and THOSE EYES !

“H-hi”, you held your tears that were still waiting to fall.

“Are you okay”, he looked at your face.

“Uh yeah”, you tried to make that seem like a 'duh’ tone.

“You don’t seem 100% of that”, he smirked.

You nodded, “I’m fine Harry”, you began proceeding to your dressing room.

“That interviewer was a real jerk”, he called to you.

You turned around to find his wide smile, you nodded, “Very much so.”

He began walking back toward you, “I’m here if you need anything. Ever.”

“I-I know”, you tried to seem sure of everything you said.

“Like if you need a shoulder to cry on, arms to hug”, he smirked before saying, “Lips to kiss.”

You shook your head as a tear of either joy from Harry or anger from the interview fell from your face, “Of course.”

“Harry you’re on in 5, 4, 3”, a producer yelled while yanking Harry.

“See ya love”, he winked with a wave.

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Hi ! Just want to say how much I really enjoyed to read your imagines. You have such a very good talent. Could you please write an imagine where you and H are best friends with some benefits and he just writes "If I could Fly" and you listen it for the first time. Emotional things and then they kissed. Thank you so much ! Hope you'll read it❤️ Love from Morocco. Xox

I appreciate the time you took to write this to me, thank you! I’m sending you big hugs from Europe. Xx

He got of the plane and the moment his feet touched the ground, he had a feeling he would fall asleep while walking. The flight was long and tiring, but he knew he didn’t have time to rest. The memory of the last time he was with you, was keeping him awake. It was so long since he tasted your lips and felt your hand against his skin that he was wondering how he hadn’t got crazy yet.

He rememberd the last time you two were together, tangled in his bed and talking about everything he could possibly think of. It was after one of your quickies, the one that almost conviced him not to get on the plane for New York when he looked in your eyes and found the little spark in them, showing your emotions at the exact same moment. He wanted to stay and tell you about how he feels and what he desires, what he really wants from you. But he had to go so he picked up his clothes from the floor, dressed up and kissed you goodbye.

He had two weeks to discover what was really that little spark in your eyes for. He stayed in his hotel room at nights and thought about it, staring at the ceiling. In the last one he came to the realization that you two can’t be friends with benefits anymore. Your sweet pecks on his chin showed him that you didn’t use him just for pleasure. He could tell you enjoyed your time with him by the way you begged him to watch just one more episode of your favourite TV show with you before he goes back to his apartment. In the last two months he kept telling himself he was wrong when he felt the tangling in his stomach and thought it was a sign.

But the thing was that you both wanted something more from each other. It didn’t matter if you two showed it just with “You can stay at my place tonight, you don’t have to go home” or with constant staring at each other. The one hour sexual activities turned into one hour making out, then it turned to one hour cuddling. You didn’t care what you will do, all that mattered was that you’ll be together.

And this wasn’t going to help when one of you started the what-are-we conversation somewhen in the future.

The paper piece with the song in his pocket wasn’t going to help too. But he didn’t care, he wasn’t  scared anymore. He wanted to be with you and this is all that mattered.

When he saw you waiting for him in the airport, he almost pushed the child in front of him. Somehow he managed to run to you, without sending anyone to the hospital. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you the closest to his chest he could. You both didn’t say a word until you two came to your apartment. After the long and slow kiss you shared he slightly stepped back so he could look in your eyes that never failed to take away the breath from his lungs.

“I-I wanted to show you something” he started, pulling the piece of paper out of his pocket and handing you two you with shaking hands. “I wrote this when i was in New York. It’s for you.”

It took you a minute to read it and to realize the meaning of it. A love song. He just gave you a love song.

“You wrote this for me?” you asked in a complete shock.

“Yes” he bit the inside of his cheek before he continued, “And i’m falling in love with you, Y/N. I can’t hide it anymore and i don’t want to keep pretending that your body is all i want from you. I want you, all of you. I want to see your messy hair after you slept on my pillow not just once but every day. I want to dance with you, drinking alchocol in the middle of night. I want to say that i love you. So yes, here it is - i love you. I’m not taking that one back.”

By the time he finished, his bottom lip was shaking and the corners of his eyes were filled with tears. Maybe before a hour he was sure and convinced you feel the same about him, but now there wasn no doubt in his mind that you would tell him to leave and to never call you again.

“I love you too” you whispered, shaking with the need to hug him. All you wanted was him, nothing else. And that was why you said it louder so he could hear you and stop looking you with those sad green eyes of his. “I love you too, you fool. Don’t cry.”

But you started crying too. And you both cried that night, holding each other in your arms and sharing long and deep kisses. It was because you were relieved, relieved that you both love each other. And that was enough.

A letter for you - Harry styles

As the naive 17 year old you were you would write letters to the most cutest, dorky, funniest , popular boy in your grade level Harry Styles. No you would never dare to approach him and hand him over the personal Letters , but you would store them in a box hidden deep in the back of your closet whom your friend was the only one to know about them in case of an embarrassing emergency or something. Who were you to know that it wouldn’t be an embarrassing emergency but a tragedy …. your death. It was a late night walk you would take occasionally to clear your mind since you suffered with anxiety and couldn’t sleep so easily; it wasn’t an attempted suicide as everyone said it to be …. it was just simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time when you got hit with the car. You wish you would have had more time to do and say the things you wanted to do , but it was all out of reach now and in the hands of your friend. “ Y/N …. I don’t know if you can hear me or anything but I really miss you. I miss you being around me and making stupid jokes all the time. I wish you would have just stayed home …. I want you to just pop out of no where and say it was all a joke. I keep having dreams that you’re safely in class listening to music with your head down and I’m scaring you awake haha ”. Your friend looks around your room sadly going to sit on your messy bed as she smiled knowing how you didn’t understand why you had to fix it if you were just going to mess it up to sleep in again. It was then that she remembered the box of letters for harry you kept in a secret place as she ran over digging for the old vans shoe box which kept them safely hidden . She looked at them cautiously and carefully deciding if what she was going to do next was good or bad. The next day Y/F/N would go up to harry and hand him the letters you had written to him … some being quite personal and others innocent scenarios you made up telling him how you would picture a day out with him; how you would write him telling him how you admired from afar but would never dare to go up to him, how you admired how confident he was and that was the only thing you were most envious of, because you knew you would never be able to be like that. You told him about your anxiety, your hopes, dreams , fears , undecided future plans , funny moments , sad moments and the better part of your life you could possibly make a book out of them. Now it might sound a bit outrageous , but there was an undeniable connection between you and harry and that’s a fact to both you and harry personally. From the way you two would stare at each other from afar to the way harry would leave anonymous positive notes on your desk to the way he would wave at you which almost always shocked you into looking away blushing while he laughed to himself. It was an innocent quiet romance that never got to bloom into what it was supposed to be. That’s why you would write those letters to him , you wanted to communicate somehow with him without your anxiety blowing up or embarrassing yourself in front of him by not being able to speak. Something so personal of yours was just about to be published in the mind mind of the boy you liked so dearly. Your friend Y/F/N was clutching onto the old shoe box so close to her as she was searching the crowd for the infamous harry styles. Her nerves were starting to get to her as she fought with herself if this was even a good idea to begin with . So many thoughts ran through her mind like , “what if I hand them to him and he reads them out loud with his friends? What if he just throws them away? What if he’s just been messing around with her mind this whole time and he’s a fuck boy? What if my best friend is freaking insane and this was a made up story in her mind …. Jesus shut up it was real ..” , she gripped onto the box and quickly took it to her locker and put them there till the end of the day for safe keeping . Every time she saw Harry in the hallway she froze thinking if she should just tell him already about the letters . “Why am I freaking out so much … this isn’t a confession! It’s a …. confrontation … it’s a … it’s for her”. And with that after school she set out to find Harry in the student parking lot near his car. She took those long dangerous steps towards harry , box in hand clutching them more tightly and protectively than she had earlier that day . “Harry!” She shouted before he could get into his car as he turned around curiously and confused then realizing who it was Y/N’s friend commit towards him. He had bags under his eyes obviously from lack of sleep as Y/F/N observed him cautiously . “Harry … um” , before she could say anything harry cut her off , “ I heard what happened … I mean a lot of people know , I was… uhm also at the funeral . I’m sorry for your loss” he looked dazed looking past her blankly . “Harry I have something very important with me ok? And I don’t know if I should even be giving you this but … here” , she handed him the box carefully looking at him . Harry studied the box carefully looking up at Y/F/N scrunching his face in a very confused face before opening the box seeing lots of letters tied in a red ribbon some old and some new. “Take care of them Harry. Don’t make me kick your ass if you do anything to put these out there or make fun of them with your friends” , with that Y/F/N walked away swearing to herself and telling you she was sorry if anything went bad. Harry sat in his car for a good while examining the box carefully then the letters inside , lots of them being from a couple years back. He didn’t know what to do or how to feel because the girl who he really wanted since they were kids was gone now . What would those letters say, how would they affect him? Was he ready to read what she was thinking at some point .. to finally know what was going on in that mind of hers. Harry began to break down remembering that he was setting up a little surprise for Y/N so that he can talk to her without triggering her anxiety … if only he had planned it earlier … if only he had just talked to her despite anything. He Began to read and read and read the letters one after the other carefully occasionally stopping to collect himself again or let out a small giggle and the jokes or things crazy things she would do with her friends and family. The more he read the more he felt like he was falling for her and that was quite dangerous harry knew it . He fell in love with her personality in the letters she wrote , in the life she had , in her quirks she hated about herself. Before Harry knew it he was deeply in love with a girl who was no longer here … no longer existing and it killed him.

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Harry Styles - Romantic Night in Hotel Imagine

[Happy Harry Styles Day! ]

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“I will tie you to the damn bed if I have to.”

Request: Can you do a fake text conversation with Harry where y/n had just come off holiday and is planning to meet him in the morning.

Hope you’re still loving these! Send in some more requests, i love them! 💛

I’m thinking of branching out- maybe some imagines, or maybe even some 5SOS texts (because I have jumped on the bandwagon a couple of years too late - don’t kill me). Let me know what you think!! And if you hate that idea lol.

Romantic fluff

Harry couldn’t help it and neither could you. Whenever you met someone you felt such deep infatuation for that person and you romanticized the life out of them. Thus, leading to endless heartbreak and confusion. You both knew this was an issue.

You tended to choose partners who were only willing to give you half of what you wanted. Only willing to be there when you’re happy, when you have money, when you can give something to them. You never saw the truth in each person until they left you broken. You only saw how they smiled and only remembered the feeling their hug gave you.

This was a problem for you, until you met Harry. He was just as deep-hearted and romantic as you. It was almost a little awkward because both of you felt breath taken, but in the end your relationship stuck. Every romantic gesture was acceoted with open arms. Every obligation felt like an adventure– every grocery trip, every friends birthday party, every work thing, every family dinner was better with Harry. When life was good and Harry and yours relationship was doing well, all harry could do was make you smile, giggle, and melt.

Harry was your lil romantic bug and you would never let him go.

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Today was lovely

“You alright baby?” Harry spoke into the phone. You could hear a flash of worry in his voice and you could tell he did his best to hide it.
“Yes I’m fine, very tired though” you sighed. Three days until he would arrive to London after the US tour. The urge you had to see him was strong. So strong.
“Y/n if anything’s wrong tell me, I can’t relax. What if he arrives before I come home?” He said and you knew he paced over the floor, probably tugging the roots of his dark curls. You run your hand over your swollen belly.
“He won’t, I’ve told him to wait for his daddy” you giggled and you heard Harry’s heavy breaths on the other line.
“Oh he better not” he said and his tone was slightly more relaxed.
“You sure you’re fine?” He said once again.
“Yes, I promise I will call you if something’s wrong. Besides Anne will be with me if you don’t arrive in time” you stated and his panting returned.
“I’m coming home today. I am not going to miss the birth of out baby, never” he stated with a shaky voice.
“Harry, listen, the doctor said it was fine and the due is not until next week, it’s okay” you said with your most convincing voice.
“But promise to call me soon?” You smiled and you got all warm inside when you heard his words. He cared so much about you.
“And tell him I love him” he said and your smile grew bigger.
“Yes, I promise and yes I will” The happiness you felt were indescribable.
” and don’t forget I love you too” he said and you tuck a piece of hair behind your ear.
“I love you too”
“Alright babe, call me later”
“I will”
“Okay, bye babe”
“Bye Harry” you said and you were still smiling. You run the palm of your hand over you tummy once again.
“Me and daddy loves you” you whispered.
“With all our hearts”