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Harry Styles - Romantic Night in Hotel Imagine

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“I will tie you to the damn bed if I have to.”

Request: Can you do a fake text conversation with Harry where y/n had just come off holiday and is planning to meet him in the morning.

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I’m thinking of branching out- maybe some imagines, or maybe even some 5SOS texts (because I have jumped on the bandwagon a couple of years too late - don’t kill me). Let me know what you think!! And if you hate that idea lol.

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Stay //Harry Styles// REQUESTED

(Your POV)

Your hands tightened on the tabloid, knuckles whitening but your grip not loosening. You eyes skimmed over the article, one, twice, over and over again until you couldn’t take it. Each image of Harry holding the beautiful, Model like girls hand sent a shaking pain through your heart.

He was so close to the mystery lady, whispering into her ear with his lips pressed to her cheek, hand intertwined, smiles spread over both of their faces as they those gazed towards each other the way you thought only you and Harry would share. You looked down the the written article, throat tightening as you read over each painful word.

‘Harry Styles caught with a beautiful yet unknown woman outside of last plaid venue. Both were getting a bit TOO cuddly, is you get what we’re hinting.Maybe one lady isn’t enough for this young pop star. Is Harry- womanizer- Styles up to his old tricks again? We can only hope!’

There was more written, explaining the circumstances and all of the dirt they could gather on the girl. You didn’t care much though, all you cared about was how strikingly pretty she was, brown hair waving perfectly down her back and blue eye’s blazing in a way that made it seem as though she held energy in every glance. 

She was perfect, which was why you could kind of understand why Harry would cheat on you with her. 

As a tear slipped down your cheek you somehow manages to tighten your grip even more on the article, ripping and crinkling it around the edges. You couldn’t do that, you had to be reasonable. Harry was a super star, well known ladies man, and it was your fault for thinking he would actually stick with you.

Your breaths were quick and forced as you set down the tabloid, clearing your throat and your mind along with it. 'rational, have to be rational.' You thought to your self, standing up and taking a few slower, easier breaths. Your tears slowly stopped, but still that feeling of emptiness and betrayal nipped at your stomach. 

Looking over to the clock you saw Harry would get home anytime now. You had to get out, fast. Maybe you could just disappear, not even have to talk to him about it. Not have to talk to him ever again, You grabbed a suit case, stuffing as much clothes into it as you could and a few of your necessity’s. Taking one last glance down at the article folded on the bed, you ran out.

Your threw your keys down on the living room table, deciding you were never going to need in this house again and knowing that Harry would get the message you weren’t coming back. Just as you placed your hand on the knob, it swung open.

There was Harry, his long locks disheveled from the winter wind, his nose and cheeks pink from the chill. Suddenly the need to wrap him in a blanket filled your mind, but you held onto the hurt, thinking back to the pictures. He was wearing a cheeky smile as he always did when he came home, though as he saw the tear marks on your cheeks the smile quickly was replaced by a frown. 

“(Y/N), Are you okay?” He asked, stepping out of the door frame and into the house, wrapping his arms around you. As much as you wanted to melt into the embrace you flinched away, staring down at the floor, trying to think of a quick escape. The last thing you wanted was your last words to Harry being rude and hateful, even if he had cheated on you.

“I just- I-” You couldn’t quite form a sentence without your voice cracking, so in the end you just stood there, looking at each other. As Harry glanced over you his eyes slowly widened, his brain wrapping around just what was happening. “Why do you have a suit case?” He whispered, half expecting an answer and half thinking aloud. “I need to go.” You stated, trying to sound tough but sounding once again on the verge of tears.

“No, why? Whats wrong?” He asked, taking a few steps towards you. Once again you stepped back, biting your lip hard enough to draw blood. You wanted so badly to be rational and strong through this brake up, but you just snapped.

“Whats wrong? You cheated Harry!” You shouted, tears once again flowing as you clenched one hand tightly on the handle of a suit case and the other on the hem of your jacket. “You lied about loving me, because clearly I was never enough.” You added harshly. Harry’s mouth was open slightly, his eyebrows knitted together in utter confusion, which got you even more irritated. He shouldn’t be aloud to be cute when you were fighting, there should be a written law against it.

“I- When- what?” He asked, fumbling over words. You knew if you opened your mouth again it would be incomprehensible words of anger, so instead your stormed off. Not bothering to pick up your suit case you just dragged it, making a surprisingly satisfying scratching sound against the wood floor. You wen’t into the room, grabbing up the tabloid you’d read and then walking back out, shoving it towards Harry.

You were both silent as he read it, though silence was far from what you heard. You heart as pounding in your chest, blood rushing through your cheeks in a furious blush, and it was as if you could hear every breath you both breathed and every beat of not only your heart but of his.

“This is bull shit.” He stated, surprising you. He rarely cursed, especially not over something said in magazines. He hated cursing. “Really, cause it looks real.” Your retorted, narrowing your eyes.

“Because it was- that was one of the workers daughters, she was with us today at the venue. I was trying to be friendly.” He assured, You looked over him, trying to see if he was lying, His voice was steady, he wasn’t fidgeting or shaking. He was telling the truth. “Friendly is a very big understatement.” You said, not able to let go of how close the two were. “I didn’t mean to, believe me. Please.” He begged, suddenly dropping to his knees, grabbing your hand in his and kissing you knuckles which here still slightly discolored from your tight grip on the suitcase.

Instead of pulling away this time a laugh left your lips. You couldn’t help it. He was being so dramatic. He was being so Harry. A cheeky, dimple popping smile spread over his face. Realizing what made you laugh he quickly kissed both of your hands, over and over, continuing to stay on his knees.

“DO you forgive me? Or do I need to serenade you too?” He questioned, You bit your lip, suddenly forgetting you were ver mad at Harry. “Hmm… A serenade does sound good.” You joked. Harry raised an eyebrow, then bowed his head. 

“Fair maiden, this is asong I wrote just for you.” He grinned as you rolled your eyes, laughing under your breath. “AND IIIIIIIIIII, WILL ALWAYSSSSS LOVE YO-” You burst out in laughter, slapping the side of his head lightly before he could continue. “I really do love you though, okay?” He asked, standing up from his crouching position and wrapping his arms around your waist.

You stared up at him, thoughts filing through your mind. “Even more then that pretty model girl?” You asked slowly. Harry looked offended. “Of course! You more beautiful then her, by far.” He mumbled, kissing your nose. You smiled. Even if you didn’t think you were all that, the sincerity if his voice showed he truthfully thought that way.

“I love you Hazza.” You said, grinning a little a half smirk at the cute nickname. “Ha ha,” He said, rolling his eyes. “Love you too, love.” He added, pecking your lip lightly before going in for a rough yet romantic kiss.

You watched his chest rise and sink slowly. His heavy breaths filled up the entire room, relaxing your body. You had missed that sound so badly during the past two months you had spent away from each other.
It was past noon, still you didn’t want to wake him up. You ignored his demands from last night saying that you had to wake him up because he wanted to spend the day with you and not be sleeping it away. Despite that you didn’t had the heart to do it.
You walked over to the bed kneeling next to it. You gently stroke Harry’s dark curls, making the touch soft enough not to wake him up.
After a little while you saw a small smile playing on his lips. You weren’t sure if he was awake or asleep.
You got ripped from your thoughts when Harry grabbed your body, rolling himself to have his tall body resting just above yours.
“I love it when you do that” he almost whispered having his lips only inches from yours
“I love to do that” you responded and his lips gently brushed against yours.
You exchanged “i love you’s” and both of you faded of to sleep even though it was in the middle of the day.
You did because you could. The only thing that really mattered was the two of you being together.

Harry Styles Imagine

You couldn’t remember the last time you left your room since the boys left for do their tour.You were mad when Harry told you they were called up suddenly.You fast regretted yelling at him because you understood how much pressure he have.Suddenly, you hear a faint (bad) strumming of the guitar and off pitch singing. You look out of your window ans see Paul surrounded with dozens of kitties.You ask him what he was doing here.He says, “Harry was afraid that might still be mad at him. So he flew me out here to soften you up cause he says I have the voice of an angel”. You laugh as Paul continues to serenade you with some oldies songs. Your phone buzzed and you got a text from harry. “Paul might not be good for the ears, but he’s the only one I know you can’t hit.Love u. Take care of our babies.xx”

Hope you guys like it! follow me and ask me something :)xx.

“You alright baby?” Harry spoke into the phone. You could hear a flash of worry in his voice and you could tell he did his best to hide it.
“Yes I’m fine, very tired though” you sighed. Three days until he would arrive to London after the US tour. The urge you had to see him was strong. So strong.
“Y/n if anything’s wrong tell me, I can’t relax. What if he arrives before I come home?” He said and you knew he paced over the floor, probably tugging the roots of his dark curls. You run your hand over your swollen belly.
“He won’t, I’ve told him to wait for his daddy” you giggled and you heard Harry’s heavy breaths on the other line.
“Oh he better not” he said and his tone was slightly more relaxed.
“You sure you’re fine?” He said once again.
“Yes, I promise I will call you if something’s wrong. Besides Anne will be with me if you don’t arrive in time” you stated and his panting returned.
“I’m coming home today. I am not going to miss the birth of out baby, never” he stated with a shaky voice.
“Harry, listen, the doctor said it was fine and the due is not until next week, it’s okay” you said with your most convincing voice.
“But promise to call me soon?” You smiled and you got all warm inside when you heard his words. He cared so much about you.
“And tell him I love him” he said and your smile grew bigger.
“Yes, I promise and yes I will” The happiness you felt were indescribable.
” and don’t forget I love you too” he said and you tuck a piece of hair behind your ear.
“I love you too”
“Alright babe, call me later”
“I will”
“Okay, bye babe”
“Bye Harry” you said and you were still smiling. You run the palm of your hand over you tummy once again.
“Me and daddy loves you” you whispered.
“With all our hearts”

  • Louis: Harry would you ever leave me?
  • Harry: What do you mean?
  • Louis: One day, will I ever wake up without you by my side?
  • Harry: You'll never wake up without you by my side. I'll never leave you Louis... Remember, together til death?
  • Louis: I'll never leave you Harry. And yes, together till death.