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Master List


  1. Truth or Dare Part 1Part 2
  2. He’s protective
  3. Thing’s Get Heated
  4. Your Period
  5. You Hate/Love Each Other Part 1Part 2
  6. Brother’s Best Friend Part 1Part 2
  7. He Finds Out You’re Ticklish
  8. You Comfort Him
  9. He Gets Jealous at the Beach
  10. BSM: You and One of the Boys Like Each Other
  11. He Finds Out About Your Daughter’s Birth Control
  12. Stuck in a Elevator Together
  13. You’re on Your Period and He Wants to Have Sex
  14. Honeymoon
  15. He Finds Out You’re Pregnant
  16. He Walks in on You Changing
  17. Your Daughter Gets Her Period and You’re Not Home
  18. You Meet For The First Time
  19. You Work For Them
  20. Saying Goodbye (He’s Going on Tour)
  21. He Defends You
  22. He’s the Only Single Member and You Catch His Eye
  23. Close Best Friends
  24. Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran
  25. He Leaves You at the Alter (He wants you back)
  26. Victoria’s Secret Angel
  27. BSM- He Walks in on You & Your BF…
  28. You Surprise him on Tour
  29. He Dedicates a Song to You
  30. He Surprises You on Tour
  31. Pictures of Him With Another Girl Surface Pt.1Pt.2
  32. Blind Double Date
  33. Model
  34. He Makes You Feel Insecure Pt.1Pt.2
  35. He Likes To Make You Blush
  36. He Finds Out You Can Sing/Dance Good
  37. Boyfriend Tag
  38. Jealousy Niall & Zayn  Louis, Harry, Liam  *SMUT*
  39. He Gets Embarrassed
  40. Reaction to To Your Daughter’s Halloween Costume
  41. Wicked Games by The Weeknd
  42. Another Boy Puts You Down Part 2
  43. Another Girl Likes Him
  44. You Feel Alone
  45. A Fan Hurts You
  46. You and Your Child Surprise Him on Tour
  47. He Finds Your Tumblr
  48. Cute Kisses
  49. ‘Do you still love me?’  Part 2  Part 3
  50. The Other Boys Talk About You
  51. Your Child Runs on Stage
  52. Fight Before Tour Part 2
  53. He Gives You The Silent Treatment
  54. Mistreating You in Front of Another Boy  Part 2
  55. He Spends the Day with Your Child
  56. You Fight and Another Boy Help You Make-Up Part2
  57. He Cheats on You Part 2  Part 3
  58. Caught in/after “The Act” Niall & Zayn     Louis, Harry, Liam
  59. He Thinks You’re Pregnant  Part 2
  60. You Compare him to Your Ex Part 2
  61. Sharing a Bunk With Him on Tour
  62. He’s Taller Than You
  63. You’re in the Military and You Surprise Him
  64. You Have a Panic Attack
  65. He Proposes
  66. …Injured Pt.2 Part 3
  67. BFF- You Don’t Like His GF PT.2
  68. He Saves You From a Bad Relationship
  69. You Accidentally Flash Him
  70. April Fool’s Day
  71. Spring Time Date
  72. Silent Treatment
  73. You Get Drunk
  74. You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed
  75. Out Drinking Him
  76. BSM- He’s There When You Give Birth
  77. BFF-Turning Him On
  78. Divorce
  79. Going Back to His Ex part 2 Part 3
  80. Summertime
  81. Camping
  82. “Stay with me..”
  83. Pregnancy Sex
  84. “Do you wanna know why I love you?”
  85. Tease
  86. Ending the Engagement  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  87. Stomachache
  88. He’s Your Sister’s BF and You Like Each Other  Part 2
  89. He’s Jealous of Neymar
  90. He’s Stress/Angry with Work
  91. Gift Shopping
  92. He Comes Home From Tour
  93. Best Friends
  94. Bonding with His Family
  95. Pranking him
  96. Working Together AU
  97. Denying Him
  98. Late Nights
  99. First Time
  100. Splashed on the Front Page
  101. Thunderstorms
  102. Phone Calls
  103. Lingerie Shopping
  104. Someone Tries to Break You Up Part 2
  105. Pets
  106. Carsick
  107. What He Buys You While on Tour
  108. Another Rainy Day
  109. Drunk and Broken-Up  Part 2  Part 3
  110. Growing Feelings Part 2
  111. Previously Married
  112. Sleeping on the couch
  113. Autumn
  114. Another Guy Flirts/Kisses You
  115. Cold
  116. You Play Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades
  117. He Gets Someone Else Pregnant part 2
  118. Daddy/Daughter Time
  119. Sick
  120. Your Child Asks an Awkward Question
  121. Your Son’s Friends Think You’re Hot
  122. Taking Your Kid on Tour
  123. He Compares You to His Ex   Part 2
  124. Single Father
  125. Fan Hate: Ships in the Band
  126. Cuddling
  127. Sex Mishaps (?) (Mood Killer)
  128. Going to Disney
  129. Catching Him During His “Me Time”
  130. He Gets Jealous of Your Old Crush Part 2
  131. He Leaves & You’re Pregnant  Part 2 Part 3
  132. Interacting with Fans
  133. Finding out He went to a Strip Club Part 2
  134. He Goes to Your Photo Shoot
  135. He Spoils You
  136. Comforting After Zayn Decides to Leave
  137. Fighting before Something Bad Happens Part 2
  138. Stories about One of the Boys before Meeting Him
  139. Dizzy Spells
  140. Spending Time with Your Child before Baby #2
  141. You Thank Him When You Win an Award
  142. He Get News While on Stage
  143. Getting Attention at a VS Fashion Show
  144. You’re Friends and You Want Him To Father Your Child
  145. Note Passing
  146. Alone with the Kids
  147. Saved from Couch Duty

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Wedding Series #2 - He Proposes (Harry)

A/N: This is long but I’m so not even sorry because I think Harry is hella cute when he is all awkward and shy and yeah…hope you guys like it !

Harry had been acting remarkably out of character for the whole day. He was jittery and nervous and nothing like the carefree man you were dating. Every time you looked at him he was running his fingers through his curls or muttering something incoherent under his breath; whatever it was that was causing it however had you worried.

The only time you’d ever seen Harry so stressed was when management was breathing down the bands necks for the next single, album or tour date; it wasn’t often that anything else bothered him to this capacity. Moving to sit next to him on the couch you touched his shoulder lightly.
“Haz, you okay?”
“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m fine Kitten,” He replied, forcing a smile onto his face.
“You can tell me if anything is wrong Harry, you know that right?”
“Y/n,” Harry said, taking your hand in his and giving it a loose squeeze. “Don’t worry about me alright? I’m fine.”

You raised your eyebrows but left the subject alone. You trusted Harry and you weren’t about to go prying into anything he didn’t want you to know; sooner or later he’d talk to you. Getting back up off the couch you pressed a quick kiss to his forehead before moving into the kitchen, intent on making you both a cup of tea.

You were going about doing just that when you heard Harry’s voice, muffled from the living room. Curiosity got the better of you and you stepped closer to the arch way.
“I can’t do it!” You heard Harry say and you gathered he was on the phone; he sounded so defeated.  “I don’t think I can ask her.”

You were thoroughly confused, was he talking about you? You kept listening as Harry sighed heavily.
“No, no your right,” He said. “Rip it off like a bandaid.”

You stepped back as you thought about his words, your mind immediately jumping to the worst case scenario, Harry breaking up with you. Sure he was away a lot and you didn’t always see eye to eye on that, but surely he wasn’t going to end things because of it. You had always stuck by him through the band’s career, ever since you started dating him; you put up with the rumors and the magazine articles and the paparazzi and almost everything else that came along with dating a celebrity and you’d never complained once, because you loved Harry more than you’d loved anybody. Now that there was a possibility that it was all going to come to an end you found you couldn’t quite breathe.

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This Week’s Selection

I’m SO SORRY this is late! I didn’t even realize it was Wednesday!

Here is another selection of preferences from the blog that you may or may not have known about…find something you love:

Soundtrack Series


Steal My Girl

Ready To Run

Where Do Broken Hearts Go


Girl Almighty

Fool’s Gold

Night Changes

No Control



Stockholm Syndrome


Change Your Ticket


Once In A Lifetime

Act My Age

Midnight Memories

Best Song Ever

Story Of My Life


Midnight Memories

You & I

Don’t Forget Where You Belong



Right Now

Little Black Dress

Through The Dark

Something Great

Little White Lies

Better Than Words

Why Don’t We Go There

Does He Know


Half A Heart

One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) - The Interlude

Take Me Home

Live While We’re Young

Kiss You

Little Things

C'mon C'mon

Last First Kiss

Heart Attack

Rock Me

Change My Mind

I Would


You Get Possessive

The Little Things

The Song That Describes Your Relationship

You Accidentally Hurt Him

You Have A Stalker

He Gets Annoyed With The Fans

Home Invasion

Friend With Benefits

You Break Up

Cute Moments

Olympic Closing Ceremony

He Breaks Up A Fight Between You And Your Friend/Sibling

You Get Injured And It’s His Fault

The TV Show He Hates Watching With You

His Family Comes Over For Dinner

He Sees You Naked For The First Time

Lyrics That Remind You Of Your Relationship

How He Shows You He Loves You

He Has A Nightmare

Embarrassing Moments

He Finds Out Because Of The Media

His Choices That You Don’t Agree With

You’re Best Friends

You Use Your “Celebrity Status” For The Wrong Reason

He Says Something He Shouldn’t When He’s Drunk Part 2

He Makes Fun Of You Over Something You Did In The Past

You’re Pregnant And He Doesn’t Want The Baby Part 2

You’re Pregnant And He Doesn’t Want The Baby

First Date

You’re Both Secretly Cheating On Each Other Part 2

You’re Both Secretly Cheating On Each Other

You’re Cheating With Another Band Member Part 2

You’re Cheating With Another Band Member

You Do Damage Control

He Drives You To Work

You’re Dating Someone Else Famous When You Meet Him For The First Time

Fans Ship You With Someone Else

You’re Pregnant and It Isn’t His

You Meet Him While On Vacation

You See A Maniped Picture Of A Fan And Him That Was Originally You And Him

You’re On Kiss Cam

You Have An Affair With Him Part 3

You Have An Affair With Him Part 2

You Have An Affair With Him

He Calls You His Wife

He Loses Something of Yours

Sex Rumors

You Catch Him In A Lie

One of the Boys Finds Dirty Pictures He Had Of You

He Takes Dirty Pictures Of You

You Intimidate The Girls At The Video Shoot

One Bad Habit You Know He Hates But He Doesn’t Say Anything About

He Takes You To Meet Your Favorite Celebrity

You Lose Something Of His

He Visits Your Hometown For The First Time

He Gets In A Fight For You

He Proposes But You Don’t Think He’s Being Serious

You Learn A Language Together

Why You Won’t Get Married

You Take Him To Watch Your College Football Team Play In The BCS National Championship

Another Guy Kisses You

You Lose Something of His

He’s Someone Else’s Celebrity Crush and You Get Jealous

What He Loves Most About You

How He Finds Out Your Biggest Secret

The Things You Two Do To Drive The Fans Crazy

One Of The Other Boys Has To Stay With You For The Week

You Go House Hunting With Him But You Aren’t Moving In With Him

The Moment You Realize You’re Famous Because of Him

He Tells You To Quit Your Job

The Media Finds Out You’re Pregnant Before You Get A Chance To Tell Him

He Asks Your Dad’s Permission To Marry You

He Goes With You On Your Family Vacation  

Management Says You’re Around Too Much

He Doesn’t Show Up For Rehearsal

His Ringtone For When You Call

You Reach Out To The Fans

You Get A Tattoo That Reminds You Of Him And He Doesn’t Know About It

He Does The Shopping While You’re At Work

He Has To Be Away Longer Than He Expected

He’s Being Reckless

You Pack His Suitcase

You Go Out With The Other Girlfriends

You Cook A Meal He Doesn’t Like

Your Best Friend Spreads Rumors

You’re Offered A Job That He Doesn’t Want You To Take

He’s Asked About You Before You Two Make It Official

You’re With Him When He Sees His Family For The First Time Since Leaving For Tour

How You Prove You Aren’t With Him For The Money or Fame

Fans Spot You Outside His House The Morning After He Returns From Tour

The Fans See You Without Makeup On

Nightly Routine

Sex On The Tour Bus

Punk Series

You Meet For The First Time

He Tries To Get You To Go Out With Him

He’s Persistent

You Agree To Go Out With Him

First Date

First Kiss

You See Him Get Upset

You Go With Him As He Gets Another Tattoo

The First “I love you”

He’s With You For Your First Tattoo

Out Of His Element

You’re Out Of Your Element

First Fight

You Make Up

Your Family Doesn’t Approve

You Break Up

You Sleep With Someone Else

You See One Another After The Break Up

You Get Back Together

You Meet His Family

He Takes Care of You While You’re Drunk

A Major Commitment



#14 - He sees you and your child in the audience

Niall – Niall had always brought up the idea of you and your daughter watching the show from the audience, but she was still so young, you weren’t so sure she was ready for it. He had finally stopped asking and you knew that he had given up hope, but suddenly you felt bad, so you got some massive headphones for her and headed into the audience. You sat by a few fans who played with her to keep her entertained while waiting for them to come on stage. As the lights went out, you grabbed your daughter and held your headphones tight against her head. She squealed out of delight when she saw her dad walk onto the stage. “Wave to daddy!” you said as he started to walk closer. She waved frantically as Niall looked down and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his little girl. “Hey, petal!” He got down on his knees and you passed her to a security guard, who then passed her to Niall. Niall propped her on his hip and kissed her forehead, “Can you tell everyone hi?” He held the microphone to her lips and she shyly said a tiny ‘hi’ into the microphone. Everyone in the audience ‘awed’ and Niall smiled the biggest smile ever. “Okay, time to go back to mummy. Say bye!” She said a tiny bye into the microphone before he passed her back to you then continued to introduce the next song.

Liam – “Oh, come on, Liam! He’s old enough now that he can go sit in the audience with me. We’ll sit in the sound booth so that he’s away from the fans. Would that convince you?” You had been arguing over bring your son into the audience for the show for nearly an hour now. Liam was adamant on him just watching on a screen backstage. He finally rolled his eyes at you and said, “Fine. But you have to sit in the sound booth, and make sure he has headphones, I don’t want his little ears to hurt.” You became very excited as you kissed his cheek then ran off to get your son ready. You put him in the One Direction shirt you had made a long time ago for him and placed headphones on his ears that were easily bigger than his head. You held onto your son’s hand as he ran excitedly to the sound booth where you two sat impatiently for the show to start. When the lights went out and everyone started screaming, he held his headphones to his head and looked at you with a big smile. You grabbed him and placed him on your hip so he could see onto the stage. When Liam came down the catwalk towards you, your son started waving frantically so Liam would see him. When Liam saw him, he ran towards him and reached his arms out to grab him. He walked around the stage with him for a while until he had to sing, before handing him back to you, Liam had your son wave to everyone, and of course everyone waved back. Right after Liam handed him down to you, your son squealed and sang his heart out to the songs he had heard so many times.

Louis – The idea of taking your son into the crowd had never crossed your mind until you saw Lou do it with Lux the day before. Without telling Louis, you walked out into the audience with your son and sat next to some fans who were ecstatic to meet him. Being too young to understand why they were so excited, he started to cry and hid in your chest. “It’s not you, I promise, he’s just shy.” He continued to hide in your chest until the lights went down, and you had to quickly place headphones on his little ears. When Louis came out, your son automatically started reaching and crying for him, making it almost impossible to hold onto him. The fans around you started waving and doing anything to get Louis’ attention. When he finally saw you, he put his microphone in his back pocket and knelt down to reach out and grab him from you. When he stood up, Louis placed him on his hip and calmed him down before trying to return him to you, but when he tried, your son cried. So, Louis put him back on his hip and grabbed his microphone, “Looks like I’ll be doing the rest of the show with this little guy. Are you going to say hi to everyone?” When Louis put the microphone to his mouth, he continued to suck his thumb and say nothing. “He’s a little shy, let’s give him a quiet round of applause to make him feel welcome.” The audience cheered quietly and Louis introduced the next song and put your son on his feet to walk him around the stage as he sang.

Harry – You had declined to go on tour since your daughter was still very young, but Anne finally convinced you to go and introduce her to the touring life, you decided to surprise him by being in the audience. You put her in her tiny One Direction shirt and made sure you had headphones because you knew Harry would want to make sure her ears didn’t get hurt. Once you sat down, your daughter automatically befriended the group of girls sitting next to you. The played with her in the isle as she squealed with excitement of new friends. When the lights went down, the girls handed you your daughter and you told her keep a look out for her dad. The second she saw Harry, she squealed at the top of her lungs, which was covered by the loud screaming of the fans crowding the stadium. After the first song ended, she squealed again, causing Harry to spin around at the recognition of her voice. He caught her eye and nearly dropped his microphone to run over to her. He didn’t hesitate to jump off the stage and give her a big kiss before pulling her over the barrier into his arms. She latched onto him as he said hi to you and then grabbed his microphone, “Hey, princess, will you tell everyone hi?” Harry held the microphone to her lips and she excitedly yelled ‘hi’ into the microphone. A trait she got from her father. He laughed, “I’m going to give you back to mummy now, I love you.” He put the microphone back to her mouth, “I love you too, daddy.” She said while smiling a tiny dimpled smile. “Give daddy a kiss.” She gave him a kiss making the loudest ‘MWAH’ sound she could, something they had done since she was able to speak, and he handed her back to you before jumping back on the stage and continued the show.

Bookshops — A Harry Styles One Shot
Word Count: 1354. Link to my previous one shots. Message me if you want a second part; feedback is appreciated.

I was welcomed with complete silence when I stepped foot into the bookstore, no one was in sight yet. I moved my hand slowly, reaching towards the light switch that was positioned right beside the door, missing it for a couple of times before I finally reached it and turned it on, lighting up the bookstore making me get a better look at it. Everything was placed just as I left it. William, the middle-aged man who owned this bookstore, usually arrived really late and being ‘grown-up’ is his excuse thus leaving me all alone to manage things around and arrange books to kill time. There was a guy named Patrick who used to work here with me, who was great company by the way, but he had to return home to tend to his mother who recently got sick last summer so it was only me.

Not many people came by here to purchase books, most of them came to take a glimpse and left shortly after, it was a wonder how William managed to keep it up while still purchasing new books. There was a guy, however, named Harry who came by everyday at 3PM sharp. He sat in a corner in the far back to read and usually left after three hours or so, it took him roughly a week to finish a single book which was an amazement to me. It usually took me a month or more to finish a book, I was that lazy.

It was a waste of time waking up at 10AM to come by here to just sit around and do nothing, but I needed the money and there wasn’t really any other job that worked well with me. I placed my bag by the desk far off the right of the door and noticed two packages by the bookcase, I went to investigate them. Just as I dropped on my knees with a cutter to open the sealed box, the bell rang, signifying that someone walked in and I hastily stood up to see who was the customer. I was surprised to find Harry standing at the door, it wasn’t even near his regular timing. He wore a black rolling stones shirt paired with his usual skin tight ripped skinny jeans which were a faded black now and his famous brown battered boots. He gave a slight nod my way which I returned with a soft smile, It was then when I noticed his swollen jaw. I frowned and quickly looked away. He walked towards his chair, picked up the copy of Pride And Prejudice he was currently reading on the way there and sat down.

He usually memorized the last page and line where he last stood, so he picked up from where he left off. He usually didn’t acknowledge my presence when he came by, so his nod today was out of the ordinary. I didn’t think much about it though, and returned to opening the boxes but me being the clumsy person I am, the blade grazed my finger and blood pooled out of it not even a mere second later. I let out a loud curse, before remembering that Harry was already here. He was beside me in an instant when I looked up and found him hovering over me, his eyebrows were set in a deep scowl when he noticed my finger and I let out a soft ‘I’m fine’ before scampering to my feet and over to the bathroom in the far back.

My attempts of getting the first aid kit that was in the cabinet over the sink were a complete failure and it just resulted in me getting blood everywhere as my brain seemingly stopped to work for a few minutes before Harry stepped in next to me. He got the first aid kit out successfully and nodded towards the toilet, I closed the lid and sat down on it, observing him as he got an antiseptic spray and a strip bandage. He held my finger under the faucet for a minute and I flinched as the stinginess got worse, then cleaned it with a fresh towel. He bent down on his knees and held my hand softly, spraying the antiseptic all over the wound, looking up at me when I hissed and wrapping the bandage over the wound. I thanked him when he got up, following shortly behind him and but received no response.

William walked in as soon as Harry sat down with the book and I returned to my spot again. He welcomed me with an enthusiastic good morning which I returned with a wide smile, his good vibes just rubbed off on me. He frowned upon noticing my bandaged finger, noticing the boxes beside me and shook his head.

“Still clumsy I see,” he said, I just gave him an apologetic smile.

“Ah, Harry, my dear. How are you, son?” He smiled and left me to go stand by Harry as soon as he saw him. I couldn’t make out a word they were saying, their voiced too muffled, almost as if they were talking in hushed whispers.

I stuck with rearranging the books that were scattered on the floor beside the bookcase in a heap of mess instead. I stacked them one by one alphabetically, getting frustrated an hour later when I found out that I wasn’t halfway done. I dropped the books that were in my hands where I got them and snatched a copy of To Kill A Mockingbird. I sat down on the chair opposite of Harry, getting lost into the book. I wasn’t three chapters in yet when I heard him speak for the first time.

“That’s a great book,” his raspy voice hit my ears and my jaw almost opened wide before I restrained myself, not wanting to make a fool out of myself in front of him but just as I was about to reply, he returned his focus to the letters filled paper, losing himself in a world of his imagination. I stared at him for a while, watching his different facial expressions. He didn’t smile once. I looked back to the pages in my lap, not wanting to get caught staring at him but as I read the same line almost 5 times, I frowned when my mind couldn’t focus on anything except the boy sitting in front of me.

It was 7PM when William dismissed me. I had finished stacking and arranging the books, and was already halfway into To Kill A Mockingbird. Harry was right, it was indeed a great book.

He had stayed an hour longer than he usually did, bid William goodbye and was off. I got my bag and left after wishing William a goodnight. The walk home was almost decent, the sky wasn’t too dark yet but I was still weary as I crossed my arms over my chest, trying to avoid bumping into people. I could sense someone watching me, and I started to get paranoid, picking up my pace slightly. It had always been an issue walking in a crowd of people ever since I was little, it got better as I grew older but it always intensified at times. I felt as if I couldn’t focus on the crowd of people walking all around me and I almost started loosing my balance, I started bumping into everyone, letting out a string of I’m sorry, to no one in particular until I decided to stand beside the wall of a barber shop. My side leaned against the hard textured wall as I took deep breath, my eyes closed tightly as I tried to calm my senses and regain my control. I opened my eyes after what felt like forever and started taking slow, steady steps while trying not to focus on the mass of people passing by me. I eventually got home, but one thing I noticed was Harry following me, then taking a right turn and continuing his walk until he was out of sight as soon as I reached my building.

Wedding Series #4 - Telling Someone (Harry)

Harry could barely contain the smile on his face as he walked into the pub he was meeting the boys in, wanting to tell them that you’d said yes to being his wife, something he still couldn’t quite believe no matter how many days had passed since he’d asked. It was almost unbelievable to him that soon you’d be his forever, that he’d never have to worry about losing you again.

You’d both agreed on keeping the engagement quiet so you could just enjoy the bliss that came along with being engaged. Harry didn’t want to deal with the whiplash of hate that was sure to find the both of you as soon as it was announced and he didn’t want you to deal with it either. That being said though, Harry wanted to at least tell his best mates, knowing they wouldn’t blab about it to anyone else until you and Harry were comfortable with it.

Looking around the modestly crowded bar Harry spotted Niall first, sitting at a booth further towards the back. He weaved himself around people and across the dance floor until he was sliding into the seat next to Liam, giving each of his friends a beaming smile.
“Hey lads.”
“Harry,” Louis nodded, taking a sip of his beer.
Niall slid a schooner over the table and Harry took a mouthful gratefully.
“So, I have something to tell you all.”
“What’s that mate?” Liam enquired, raising one of his eyebrows.
“She said yes.”

Harry stated it simply, watching to see the reactions as soon as the boys understood what he was saying. He looked around at all their faces, noting the same confused expression.
“Wait,” Louis said a minute later, his eyes widening slightly. “Did you ask y/n what I think you did?!”
“Asked what?” Niall cut in, scrunching up his nose.
“Did you ask her to marry you?” Liam continued, clapping Harry on the back.

Harry just nodded. “Yep, and she said yes!”

Written By Bree xx 

Divorced and Dating


Three months pregnant, divorced and in between jobs. What more could possibly go wrong?

       You and Harry had been separated for 2 years but old habits die hard and you found yourself in his bed or him in yours at least 4 nights out of the week over the separation period. It wasn’t until the divorce became final, 5 weeks ago, that he stopped showing up with your favorite takeout and movie. You couldn’t help but be angry with yourself because you were the one who asked for the divorce but you weren’t strong enough to leave and too stupid enough to stop having sex with him.

There had been several things wrong with the relationship but mostly, you just weren’t strong enough to be the wife of a man who put his fans before you. (no matter how much you loved and cared for his fans, a wife should never come second).

       You knew you should be excited about the beautiful baby growing inside you but you couldn’t help but think of how unlucky it was to have to be born in such an awful situation. Could you abort your baby and move past your chapter with Harry. Could you raise the baby on your own? Could you find the nerve to tell Harry that you were pregnant? Would he even want the baby? You hadn’t spoken to him in over a month and you didn’t know if he would be willing to talk.

       After 3 days of stress and vomiting you realized it wasn’t healthy for the baby. You also realized that you were keeping him and you were telling Harry and you were willing to do it all alone. You didn’t bother calling him, you went straight to his flat and rapped lightly on the front door. A leggy blonde answered with a smile on her face. You stared at her in amazement, it all made sense now, Harry hadn’t called, visited, or sent a text to check on you because of her. “hi, can I help you?” she asked. “yes, is Harry home?” you asked annoyance leaking from your voice. “y/n?” you heard him say as he was walking up from behind the blond. “Harry” you sighed. “Babe, can you give us a minute?” he asked She nodded and disappeared into the flat. “So, you’re dating again” you said bitterly, forgetting why you were even there in the first place. “It’s not like that” he argued reaching for your hand. “It’s exactly like that, you couldn’t have the decency to tell me, to prepare me Harry” you said snatching your hand away and backing up. “Why are you even here y/n, did you come to check up on me?” he asked running both his hands through his hair. “I don’t know why I’m here Harry, I don’t know what I was thinking” you said tears started to fall and before you knew it Harry had you wrapped in his arms. “y/n, love please don’t cry, what’s wrong, what’s going on. Talk to me. Something’s wrong I can see it, something is different about you” he said. “it’s nothing Harry, I don’t know why I came here” you said softly. He didn’t say anything just continued to hold you. “I don’t know how you could moved on so quickly Harry, Did you even love me these past two years?” You sobbed untangling yourself from his embrace and walking away “y/n” he yelled after you but you didn’t turn around, you were willing to raise him alone.

Thanks for reading,

K, 2015

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Preference #5: He Doesn't Want To Take Advantage Of You While You're Drunk (5/5)

Hey this one was requested! 

Request: Can you do a his p.o.v. preference where you’re drunk and want sex but he denies you of it due to not wanting to take advantage of you or disrespect you but you take it the wrong way think he doesn’t love you or doesn’t find you beautiful enough?

Make sure to send me your feedback, thoughts and requests! I am a new 1D imagines + preferences blog as of this month!

Boys’ POVs

Liam: “The alcohol never helps.”

Y/N was making this so hard for me. I could smell the tequila on her breath as she stumbled into our vacant hotel room. I was exhausted from the show we had just performed, but my girlfriend was causing my hormones to rage out of control. Every little touch sending me closer to the edge.

“Let’s get this off.” Her speech was slurred as she slowly took off the jacket I was wearing, the material falling to the floor as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I knew exactly what her intentions were tonight and a part of me didn’t want to stop it.

She slowly snaked out of her loose tank top, revealing the black bra that was underneath.

I hadn’t seen Y/N in weeks and here she was, wearing skin tight pants that caused my mouth to water and that bra I loved so much.

My hands were firm at her waist as she began to undo the button of my jeans, one of my hands instinctively stopping her from carrying on the action.

“Y/N, you’ve had a little too much to drink tonight, don’t you think?” I may be horny as hell, but I was also a gentleman and I knew better. Y/N was letting loose with the other girlfriends tonight and I couldn’t blame her, but I wasn’t about to take advantage of the state she was in.

“Oh come on, I didn’t even have that much.” Her shoulders bobbed up and down as she let out a drunken hiccup causing her to burst into laughter and fall to the floor in front of me. Yeah, she was gone.

I watched as she stumbled to her knees and tried to continue with the button on my jeans, but my hands gently wrapped around her wrists and I helped her stand.

“Come on, Y/N- let’s just go to bed, yeah?” I was trying to be as gentle as I could with her, but I could see the drunken fire in her eyes as she pushed me away.

“What is it now, Liam? What did I do?” Her eyebrows were scrunched in anger as she pushed me away again and walked over to the bed, sitting down on the edge of it with her arms crossed.

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The Boyfriend Challenge - Halloween Edition

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Supporting Him While He’s Away

He Isn’t Where He’s Supposed To Be

He Stays With You

Management Asks A Favor

Can’t Stay Away

He Surprises The Fans With How He Treats You

You Bring Him Back To Reality

He Ignores You

You’re Asked To Leave

It Isn’t What It Looks Like

Destructive Relationship

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He Calls You Fat

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You Elope

You Cheat After A Fight

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He Mentions You In An Interview

You Marry Someone Else

He Sees You At Your Worst

He Cheats With You

You’re The Reason They Break Up

You See Him With His New Girl

Once Upon A Time

He Confronts You About The Cheating Allegations

He Realizes He’s In Love With You

Fans See You With Lux

You’re Only Together For The Summer

Mile High Club

He Catches You Doing Something Childish

He Gets You Upset When Your Famous Ex Mentions You In An Interview

He Sees You With Your New Man

He Flies Out To See You

He Embarrasses You

He Breaks Up A Fight You Are In

You Comfort Him

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Punk Series

You Meet For The First Time

He Tries To Get You To Go Out With Him

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You See One Another After The Break Up

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He Takes Care of You While You’re Drunk

A Major Commitment


Breaking Up is Hard to Do pt 2: Harry

Okay, so I had very little motivation writing this part two for Harry, so I will probably do another one sometime next week. Here is part one if you haven’t read it. 

You never thought that life without Harry would be hard but you never thought it could be this easy. Five years five months and 27 days and you had shaped yourself into the person you wanted to be. Into the person that you wished you could have been all those years ago. You had moved to Paris and opened up your own (dream career/business) and everything had finally fallen into place. Opening day would start in less than 15 minutes and you were on the edge of your seat, everything so far was running smoothly. What you never expected though was to see him standing behind the glass door. The first person who would cross your threshold as a customer/client. The air in your lungs was coming in painful sharp intakes, as you stared into his eyes. A slow smile spread across his lips, he looked just like the 21 year old boy you left crying in your shared home so many years ago. “Hello” you spoke formally as you opened the door, forgetting about all the others behind him. “Hi” he smiled. You raised your hand to shake his and as he rose his, a shiny band on his ring finger caught your eye. You quickly looked back up to him but it was obvious to him you noticed the ring. “How are you Harry?” you asked. “I’m fine, I would ask how you were but I see you’re doing great” he said sincerely. “Yeah, I was finally able to do something right” you replied looking around the room. “You were great at everything, you were seriously super woman” he complimented you. You raised your brow and looked at him “So what can I do for you?” you asked changing the subject. “Ah, yes I need a (insert whatever you provide) for my uhh… wife” He said looking away from your eyes quickly. “That’s lovely, come right this way” you replied formally. “So I had no idea this was your place” he said making casual conversation. “yeah, there is no way you would have walked in if you did” you chuckled. “not true” he said. “Yes it is Harry, you wouldn’t be here asking about a gift for your wife, if you knew I would be the one picking it out.” You said. “Is this awkward for you?” he asked. “Only a little, never thought I would run into you, after five years you kinda stop looking” you shrugged. “So you looked for me?” he asked. “no” you answered quickly. “that’s too bad, because I looked for you everywhere, I went to all the stupid places I knew you would be but you never were, and when I couldn’t find you, I secretly prayed you were at home hurting and feeling the way you made me feel, but I see that wasn’t the case.” “You have some nerve Harry, you are the one that didn’t fight for us, you didn’t come after me and now you’re married” you whisper shouted poking his chest. He backed up a little alarmed. “Please just take it and go…” “Are you going to check me out” “…Have a nice day” you smiled walking up towards the front. You always thought seeing him again would be easy, you never thought it would hurt this bad.

Thanks for reading, 

K, 2015

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  1. You get scared
  2. First day of school for your kid
  3. He buys you a puppy for your birthday
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  7. You have a nightmare and he comforts you
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  9. How you two meet
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  15. He annoys you
  16. You get drunk
  17. Your child gives him the silent treatement
  18. He gets jealous
  19. You get into a small arguement
  20. You have an argument and your child walks in
  21. He is protective of his little girl
  22. Your child hurts themselves
  23. Your child misses him
  24. You meet his child from a previous relationship
  25. You meet his child from a previous relationship, part 2
  26. The movie you both watch together
  27. Your song
  28. The photo you both love 
  29. The Onesie you put on your child
  30. he thinks you’re pregnant when you’re not
  31. little things he does in the morning
  32. Your childs first words
  33. Your child asks how you meet
  34. Insecurities 
  35. Cold Nights
  36. Before bed
  37. You’re over worked
  38. He is on vocal rest
  39. Miss read sonogram
  40. He is so protective he thinks you’re losing weight the wrong way, making yourself sick 2/5
  41. It’s snowing
  42. Picture pref - teacher
  43. Picture pref -Niall takes you to a game
  44. Your parents argue
  45. You introduce him to your large family
  46. You get home sick
  47. Picture preference -They are in jail
  48. Security hassle you
  49. seeing at the airport after 6 months
  50. you want a pet
  51. When you’re scared
  52. I love when you kiss me
  53. First public appearance 
  54. You’re sick
  55. you’re a disney princess -Harry
  56. You kick him out of the bed

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Preference 121: Your Son's Friends Think You're Hot And...

Master List

Please send in requests! This was m y last request… I believe :)

Niall: All of your son’s friends were over, like always, and Niall was in there trying to be the cool dad. They were all joking and laughing together before your son’s voiced boomed through the whole house. “She’s my mum, you pervs,” he yelled, only earning a huge chuckle from Niall. Of course, you could hear your husband’s loud laugh. You were wondering what was going on, but you opted out of going into the living room where they all were. But Niall had ended up coming into the kitchen, red as a tomato as he laughed. “What’s going on?” you asked, holding a smirk and a risen eyebrow in curiosity. “T-they think you’re hot and Y/S/N got pissed off. But I gotta agree with them, you’re hot,” he said, walking over to you. “They think that? That’s kind of creepy,” you said, leaning into his touch. “It should be an honor,” he joked, kissing your cheek. “That’s weird,” you whined.

Zayn: You and Zayn had rushed into the front doors of the school, making your way into the principal’s office. The call saying your son had been a fight got the two of you rushing to the school. Zayn had looked over at your son, who was seated in the chair in the office, and almost gave him a high five until you stopped him. “Why’d you do it?” you asked, ready to give him a scolding. “None of your concern,” he said, talking back. “Don’t talk to your mum like that,” Zayn said, giving him a look that made him sigh. “He called mum hot and I was defending her because he was being crude. I wasn’t going to let someone talk about my mum like that!” You were taken back by his reasoning, so was Zayn, and you didn’t know what to say. “That’s an acceptable reason,” Zayn said. “No, Zayn, it’s not. You shouldn’t be getting into fights. But since you feel strongly about this, you’re only going to get grounded for a week. On top of your suspension, of course. Let’s go home.” You turned your back and you could hear two hands slapping, knowing Zayn was praising your son.

Louis: Boy talk something you always found yourself interrupting. Though this time, Louis had been with you as you entered your house with shopping bags. You knew your son was home with his friends, so you tried to be quiet to see what they were doing. The two of you had made your way into the theater room where they were playing games. “No, but dude your mum is hot,” one of his friends said, looking over at your son. You took in a gagged breath of air, looking at Louis who was smirking and trying not to laugh. “Ew, don’t say that. That’s gross,” your son said. “She’s got a nice body on her, man. She’s a MILF.” You gagged slightly. “Your dad’s a lucky dude. I wish I had that luck.” “Alright. Stop, I don’t want to hear these things. I’ll kick your ass next time you say that,” he scolded, turning his attention back on the game. “Just stating facts, man.” “That’s nice of you all to say about my wife,” Louis piped in, causing all of their eyes to turn to your two. You shied back and watched as their eyes widen in embarrassment, making Louis laugh out loud.

Harry: Your son had wanted to invite his friends over for the annual barbeque that you and Harry liked to throw, so you both agreed and let them come. Everyone was in their bathing suits, including you. They had been eyeing you since they had walked in and you could feel their eyes on you. It had made you a little uncomfortable. Harry had noticed as well, so he had walked over to have a little chat with them. You had seen him hanging back for a minute before approaching them. They had immediately shut their mouths and eyed him before looking at your right quick and then going back to him. Your son had a smirk on his face, only laughing out loud as his dad walked away. “What happened?” you asked as soon as Harry was near you. He smiled and pulled you into his arms. “They think you’re hot. I heard them talking about you and Y/S/N was getting mad, so I walked over and told them to cut it out,” he smiled, looking down at you. “They called you a MILF, I think that’s what set Y/S/N off.” You made a disgusted face and looked over at them before turning your attention abck to Harry. “That’s creepy. They’re only 12, they shouldn’t be thinking like that,” you said. He laughed out loud, “It’s normal. Trust me.”

Liam: “Thank you, Mrs. Payne,” one of your sons friends said as you placed down plates of food down for them. Your son rolled his eyes, knowing that his friends were being kiss asses. You smiled at them and walked away, but you stopped short of walking out of the room, remembering that you had to tell your son something. But you stopped outside of the door when you heard them talking. “Your mum is a dime,” one of his friends said, earning ‘yeah’s’ from the other boys at the table. “How’d your dad land that?” You heard your son grown, but you had a smirk on your face. You felt a little prideful, knowing that you still had some looks to you. “We go through this all the time. Don’t talk about my mum like that. I might throw up,” your son fake gagged. You chuckled, feeling arms wrap around your torso. “Eavesdropping isn’t nice, love,” your husband said, kissing your cheek. “Just saying, your mum is fuckin’ hot.” Liam laughed, pulling away from you and walking into the dining room. “Talking about my wife I see,” he said, sitting down. “N-no sir,” one of the boys stuttered, earning laughter from your son and from you as well. “Lucky guy aren’t I?” Liam asked, smirking at all of them, making you roll your eyes and walk away from your secretive spot.

Nothing was supposed to come between you and I.

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Telling Him You’re Pregnant

Telling His Family

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(Pref 18 was posted on another account but was written by me) :)


The One with The Boyfriend Who’s Lonely on Tour

aka you’re friend posts a video of you on her snapchat story and he sees it

listen y’all i’m extremely sorry about the lack of prince parts but i’ve just not been very motivated. if y’all would like to send in ideas it would help loads.

He Gets Jealous Part Two

Please make sure you read part one before you read this! 

Part One 

The other boys will not have a part two


Before you knew it hands were on your waist joining you on the song. He eased his leg in between your thighs, and just like that you knew who it was. You stepped back from him and fixed your clothes. “Niall, what do you want” you snapped. “I just want to dance with you” you smiled genuinely. “One dance Horan” you pointed your finger in his face. One dance turned into three, and before you knew it Niall had danced you off of the floor. You looked around confused but he quickly pulled you close to him and started to kiss on your neck. “I have missed you so much” he sighed into your neck. “Don’t start that, not tonight we’re drunk” you argued pushing him off.

Somewhere in the mix of you trying to deny your feelings and him making you slow dance to no music in the parking lot you found yourself waking up in his arms the next morning. You cursed yourself for being so stupid and eased out of bed. Before you could find all your clothes a naked Niall was pulling you into his body. “So you were going to leave without saying goodbye?” he asked his accent so thick you barely understood him. “Niall…we both know that was a mistake. We were drunk” you reasoned with him. “That was not a mistake” he said pointing to the bed referencing what happened the night before. You were silent not looking at the bed where he was still pointing “tell me you don’t love me y/n and I will let you leave” he said sadly. “I don…” you refused to lie to him and you but you were just trying to protect yourself. “I still love you Niall” you smiled.


“Harry what are you saying?” you asked him stumbling back from the kitchen counter. “Nothing” “no, say it Harry” you urged him. “I’m just…y/n I really think you spend your time with boys who don’t deserve you, they have done nothing to prove they are worthy and yet you are always so willing and eager to let them break your heart” he said giving you a reassuring smile. “And what? You think you’re going to be any different? I see the way you use girls Harry” you snapped at him. “I’m not saying that I would never do anything to hurt you y/n but I would never intentionally hurt, I could never make you cry. I am too in love with that smile to see it fade away” he said walking closer to you. You started to step back but he stopped you, your breath hitched in your throat. “I just…” you started. “y/n, I’m just asking you to give me a chance. Let me proof it” he smiled 

Silent Treatment

a/n: it’s been a minute. I’m sorry, so here’s a new one. 


You didn’t think he would take you seriously. One harmless joke about his accent a few hours ago and since then Niall had refused to acknowledge you. You had no idea he would take offense to your comment; it’s not like there was malicious intent behind your words. Besides, it all began with him poking fun at your handwriting from a post it note you’d left him earlier.

Some people just can’t take what they dish out…

Either way you were tired of him ignoring you. The weather was gloomy; rain had been falling daily for the past week and the temperature was perfect for cuddling under the covers and movie marathons. However, your cuddle buddy was nestled in his favourite arm chair playing video games and doing his best to pretend like you weren’t there.

“Ni,” you called from your spot on the couch.

Your feet were curled under you to keep your toes warm, but all you really wanted were hugs from your favourite person.

His focus remained on his character moving about the screen. You rolled your eyes in exasperation. You didn’t how long he was planning to keep this up, but your patience was wearing thin.

“Niiiiiaaaaaalllll,” you drew out his name in the way you knew got on his nerves.

When he didn’t budge you tried again and yielded the same results. You were running out of tactics. You’d apologized repeatedly, but he wasn’t having any of it. You’d pulled all sorts of cute faces and ‘irresistible pouts’, none of which seemed to be working.

Niall was determined to ignore you.

Just when you thought you’d exhausted all options an idea popped into your head. It was worth a shot. You unfolded yourself from your spot on the couch and shuffled over to stand in front of him.

“Oi!” he exclaimed, veering his body to the side to see around you.

Instead of moving away you went towards him, slowly anchoring your knees on either side of his legs. Your arms crept around his neck and you lowered your body onto his lap.

He reacted by craning his head to the side. He refused to be distracted from his game, but you noticed his jaw clench at the contact, which spurred you on. Cheers for small triumphs!

You brought your lips to his ear, “Still ignoring me?”

He didn’t respond, but you were not put off. You had a couple tricks up your sleeve.

“That’s too bad,” you licked the shell of his ear and had to hold back a laugh when you felt his body jerk under you.

You leaned back and held his eyes for a brief moment before he pulled his gaze away from yours and returned it to the tv.

You brought your hands to the bottom of your sweater, which was actually his, and pulled it over your head. You revelled in his sharp intake of breath. His eyes roamed the tops of your breasts, snugly cupped by the lace of your bra.

His gaze lingered much longer this time around before they were trained on his game once more.

Still you were not deterred. You leaned forward for the second time and kissed his cheek, then the other, repeating the action till your kisses were dangerously close to the corners of his mouth.

For a moment you thought that maybe your attempt at seduction was in vain, but your doubts were silenced when he inched his face closer to yours expecting a kiss. You denied him. Instead, your hands slid over his chest teasingly, unbuttoning his buttons one by one. With his shirt now open, you leaned into him, making sure to press your chest to his while you attached your lips to his neck. You took your time, trailing your lips across his skin. Nipping with your teeth and then soothing the spots with your tongue.

You felt his throat hum beneath your lips as he released a guttural moan from your ministrations. He quickly tried to disguise it as him clearing his throat, but you knew better.

Wanting to up the ante, you ground your hips into his, and rubbed against the tell-tale sign of his arousal.

His game was forgotten then, you heard the controller as it clattered to the floor and felt his hands firmly command your hips.

You waited a moment, enjoying his lips on your skin and his hands on your hips before you jumped off of him and backed away.

The look on his face was priceless.

“Why’d you stop? Where ya goin’?”  he demanded,  finally speaking to you for the first time in hours.

“Oh, now you want to talk to me?” you didn’t bother to hide your amusement.

“Ok fine, I’m sorry princess. I didn’t mean to ignore you all day. Just come back,” he pleaded.

“I didn’t like being ignored,” you said playing with the strap of your bra.

“I shouldn’t o’ done it. Come back so I can make it up to you,” his eyes darted from your face to your fingers and back.

“Hmm, I don’t know… I think I’ll just go to bed, lock the door and curl up under the covers…naked,” you nudged the strap over your shoulder to affirm your point.

“You wouldn’t…” he called your bluff.

“Let you feel what it’s like to be ignored,” you began backing away.

Your eyes widened and you screamed when you saw him bolt out of the armchair towards you.  You spun around and tried to get away during peals of laughter, but barely made it two feet before his arms secured your waist, keeping you hostage.

“You’re not going anywhere without me,” he murmured in your ear, kissing first your bare shoulder then your cheek.

“And I’m sorry for ignoring you all day, love. If it makes ya feel any better it was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do.”

“It doesn’t, but I’m sure you can make it up to me,” you teased.

His lips found your shoulder again, “Oh I plan to,” he murmured against your skin.