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Dating Niall would include:

● “Give me the remote”
● “No, Derby is on”
● Lots of fangirling over small things
● You cooking for him and him cooking the next day to pay back
● "Are ya going to finish eating this or?“
●  Day dreaming about your future together
●  Him coming back home drunk after midnight
●  Taking care of his hungovers
●  "Thank ya for taking care of me sweetheart”
●  Him slapping your ass playfully
●  Giggling together
●  Stealing kisses when you’re really focused on something
●  Poking his nose and him scrunching it after
●  “How am I so lucky to have you?”
●  Holding hands when you’re out with paps following you
●  Make out scenes turning into hot sex
●  “Tell me I’m the hottest golf player”
●  “Just shut up”
●  Lots of sloppy kisses before the sleep

Preference #5 - He’s Sick (Harry)

I toed off my boots as I came back into the flat, balancing the grocery bags and handheld whiteboard I’d picked up from down the road, my focus solely on not dropping anything. When my shoes were tucked back against the wall I padded up the hallway, smiling when I heard the mid morning game show playing on the tv, the audience’s laughter spilling out of the living room. 

Harry had only just gotten back from tour three days ago and not having to come home to a silent house every day was something I wasn’t about to take for granted again.

Dumping the bags onto the counter I called out to let Harry know I was home, going about putting away the groceries. I was reaching up to put something in the pantry when I felt his arms wrap around my waist, tugging me back against his chest.
“Hey Kitten,” Harry croaked, his voice sounding scratchy and over used.
I pulled away from him, frowning at his innocent expression before pointing to the whiteboard.
“No talking remember?” I chastised, shaking my head with a small smile. “You’re on vocal rest, doctors orders.”
Harry pouted, clearly annoyed with the fact he wasn’t allowed to talk, it had been driving him mad not being able to communicate what he wanted so he’d just gone back to talking; screwing up his throat even more than it already was. To save us both I’d gotten the board, hoping that it would appease him for the rest of the week.

I went back to putting away groceries while Harry peeled away the plastic, uncapping the small marker that had come with it. When I turned back around he was holding it towards me, a pout on his lips.
‘I don’t like this.’
“Aw babe,” I chuckled. “It’s only for a week and then you can talk again.”
He rubbed out the words before writing out another message.
‘This is so frustrating.’
“How about I make you some tea and we can watch a movie then? You don’t have to talk through movies and that way we can also have a cuddle.”

Harry’s face lit up as I finished speaking, his hand quickly rubbing out the board to write on it again; this time he had a smile on his face, his dimples on show.
‘You’re the best Kitten, I love you.’
“I love you too,” I replied, pecking his lips gently before pushing him out of the kitchen and towards the living room, wondering what movie he was going to pick for us to watch.

Written By Bree xx

I don’t love Harry just for his looks. I love his compassion towards other people and even animals. I love his raspy voice and the faces he makes when he sings. I love the way he doesn’t ever discriminate anyone and he treats everyone the same regardless of their weight, gender, skin color, sexuality, etc. I love how giving he is and how he supports multiple charities and supports equal rights for women and love. I love how passionate he is for the things he believes In. I love how wild he is onstage and how carefree he acts and then how reserved and private his about his personal life which is how it should be. I love the way he wears whatever the fuck he wants and he OWNS it because he thinks he looks good, which he does. I love how he doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone says about him and he just loves himself for who he is. I love how he gives his leftovers to paparazzi and he gives homeless people money while they sleep and drives around after spending thousands of dollars on pizza to give to homeless people, handing them out. I love how he helped me love myself and helps so many other girls give themselves a chance to see how beautiful and worthy they are. I love his heart and his soul even though I don’t even think I can scratch the surface with how little I know him. There is so much more to Harry that his looks, (while they are fucking amazing and he is one of the most beautiful people on the planet in my opinion). Harry is just a beautiful and amazing person inside and out.

Sugar Daddy

“Darling, are you ready to go?” He asked through the dressing room door.
“No, could you come in for a moment?” She asked, huffing as she tried to zip the dress into place but was struggling. He let himself in, the sight in front of him making his breath hitch and his pants tighten. She was clad in a Pastel pink lace dress and black heels, which went along perfectly with the diamond chocker he had bought her adorning her neck.

“Could you please zip the dress ? I can’t seem to get it.” She said holding the front of the dress up. He hummed before walking behind her and brushing the hair off her neck, kissing her shoulder softly before slowly zipping up the back of the dress.

“You look stunning baby… Make the dress look so beautiful.” He murmured. A smile lit up her face as she admired their reflection in the mirror before turning her head to kiss his cheek.

“Thank you, daddy. It’s all for you.” She smiled as his arms wrapped around her waist. A low growl left his throat as he latched his lips to her neck, sucking a mark on her smooth skin. She whimpered as he soothed the dark mark with his tongue.

“That’s right baby, all for your daddy and no one else. Love buying my princess pretty things and showing you off. Everyone is so jealous you’re all mine. I’ve even gotten offers to share but I always refuse. I love having such a precious gem all to myself.” He smirked before unzipping the dress, helping her out of it and adding it to the pile of other clothes she had brought in the dressing room.

“We’re getting this and the rest of the pile, and I don’t want any complaints.” He said sternly. She smiled at him before pressing a kiss to his cheek, hugging him to her.

“You spoil me too much.” She squealed as his hands traveled to her ass, swatting it hard before rubbing it to soothe the sting.

“And you know I love spoiling you. Besides, it’s not all for you. I enjoy seeing you in these things, not to mention seeing you out of them.” His whispered into her ear making her giggle. She could feel his cock hardening in his pants, her hands moving to his belt to unbuckle it and slid his pants down to his ankles.

“Then let me say thank you…” She teased as she sank to her knees. He groaned as she yanked down his boxers and took his erection in her hands, pumping a few times before taking it as far as she could into her mouth. He hissed as he felt the warmth and wetness of her mouth surrounding him. She definitely gave the best head he’d ever gotten. With her hair gathered in his bands.
She bobbed up and down, hands pumping what she couldn’t reach.

“That’s it princess. Love seeing those pretty lips stretched over my cock.” He moans at the sight. Face flushed, beautiful breasts pushed up by her bra, eyes peering up at him from beneath her eyelashes. Her hand moved to his balls, massaging them before pulling off his dick, spitting on hit and pumping it fast.

“Love it too daddy, tastes so good.” She whispered before biting her lip and moving down to suck one of this balls into her mouth. He cursed loudly before remembering they were in a dressing room, and lowered his voice.

“Fuck angel, you know exactly how daddy likes it. I bet you’re getting so wet, your little pussy must be dripping. Do you want daddy to help you baby?” He cooed at her, pulling her up by her hair and throwing the clothes on the floor and sitting down on the chair provided in the room. He grabs her waist and pulls her on his lap, stroking his cock through her folds and teasing her little clit before lining it up with her hole and letting her sink down. Her arms wrap around her neck and he meets her lips with a hard and wet kiss. Tongues playing with each other as she grinds in his lap, his cock making her feel so full. He holds her hips and helps her bounce up and down.

“That’s my girl, feels so fucking good. Such a tight little pussy.” He hisses before standing up and bending her over the chair and pushing back in. Holding her hair he pounds into her, cursing at the feeling of the tight wetness wrapped around his cock.

“Daddy” she whimpers, “feels so good, fills me up… Harder, faster, please.” She whines. A wicked grin appears on his face as he slaps her ass and responding to her request.
“Of course baby, I’ll give it to you. Such a little slut for daddy’s cock. So desperate to be fucked. Such a perfect little girl for daddy.” He says lowly as he fucks her harder and deeper.

Her moans and whimpers kept him going, wanting more. She pushed her ass at him, and he immediately knew what she wanted. Raising his hand, he slapped her ass harshly, smirking. Her broken moan made his cock twitch inside of her. He didn’t care about how loud they were, he wanted everyone to know she belonged to him.

“Such a good girl for me. Going out with me and letting me buy you all sorts of pretty things, letting me see you in them. Love spoiling you, my gorgeous girl.” He said through gritted teeth. He felt her clench around him, his own orgasm rising in his stomach.

He reached around and rubbed at her swollen clit, thrusting as hard as he could. She let out a broken whine, tears coming out of her eyes with pleasure.
“Daddy please let me come, pleasepleaseplease!” She begged, hiccuping with light sobs.

“Come for me baby, all over my cock. Come on.” Harry growled, slapping her ass harshly. And that was it. She shuddered and clenched around him, triggering his own orgasm. He pulled out quickly, tugging his cock until he came on her red ass.

Panting filled the dressing room, both stood on shaky legs. She turned around to face him, and kissed him hard with the passion she felt. “Mm, thank you daddy.”

“No problem baby girl. Now let’s buy you some pretty things.”

Harry and Liam silhouette 8.8.15

Strike a pose


Harry Styles sat in the set, adjusting the light fixtures and getting it perfect. For this shoot, he was going to make it his best one.

Being one of the most famous photographers in the world right now, he always took pride in his work, but he wanted something to top that. And to top the crazy things he had done, he’s doing something simple.

His model was someone he had hand picked out of 3,000 girls who were begging for him to take photos of them. The girl had an a light to her that resonated on her face, but also the look in her eyes and smile that was slightly seductive. Harry knew the moment he saw her that he wanted to shoot her, despite her being a new model.

Today’s shoot would be in a studio apartment, with big windows showing off the cityscape, and hug bed with messy white sheets.

Harry liked to work alone. Another reason why he was so unique. No lighting people, no stress. Just him, the model and his camera. So that being said, he fixed his sets to perfect like he was doing now. After fixing the sheets to be perfectly messy, he sat on the bed waiting for her to arrive.

Jeanine was overwhelmed with excitement to be working with Harry Styles. Being a model who wanted to make it big, although she was just coming up in the industry, she knew how big it was to be able to say she’s even met him, let alone worked from him.

The fact that she was handpicked out of thousands of girls made her a bit dizzy. She wasn’t insecure, but she didn’t expect to be chosen, despite how insanely beautiful she was. She could act for the camera, she had the talent, but getting to shoot with him was like getting into Princeton, but only in the modeling industry.

She rushed up the stairs, heading to the room they agreed to meet in. She is out of breath from running once she gets up the stairs.

“I’m sorry if I’m late,” she sighs, putting her stuff down, walking up to Harry to shake his hand, “Jeanine,” she smiles. Damn, Harry is /extremely/ attractive.

“Harry.” He smiled, but Instead of shaking her hand, he brought it up to kiss gently. He knew /exactly/ how to drive women crazy.

He looked Jeanine loved carefully, loving what he saw. A perfect body, gorgeous face and beautiful smile. She didn’t have much makeup on besides the standard eyeliner mascara foundation.

“I’ve got to say, your pictures don’t do you justice… In then you’re stunning but in person… You’re quite honestly one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen.” He says softly, observing her.

He wasn’t lying. She was. Her natural beauty was astounding, and he wanted to take hundreds of photos of her. He could imagine her in every setting. On the bed, on a runway, in the city and in a field. She had versatile beauty that Harry had never seen before.

Jeanine’s cheeks grow even more red as Harry compliments her. This is what photographers are supposed to do so that they’re models perform in front of the camera for them well. Make them feel confident and sexy to encourage them to just be themselves.

But Jeanine could tell that this wasn’t just Harry being polite for business. She could tell he said it with more intention behind his words, and it made her tummy flutter a bit.

“Thank you, thank you so much. I seriously can’t thank you enough for even choosing me. It’s truly an honor, every model in the industry knows how incredible of an experience it is to work with someone like you,” she says, voice soft like her gorgeous skin.

“Thank you for modeling for me.” Harry smiled at her softly, before taking her hand and leading her to the window.

“Now the concept of this is sexy natural mornings. So I have a large tee shirt of mine ready for you to wear, you can change into that. Basically like a boyfriends clothes type of thing.” He said handing her the tee shirt.

When she came back to him wearing it, and nothing else, he felt his pants tighten a bit. This was rare for him. He was surrounded by models daily, seeing then naked but fuck, she looked sexy and a bit nervous, her eyes big and she looked at him with doe eyes and thick lashes and he wanted to do filthy things to her.

He cleared his throat, eyes roaming her body. “Perfect, very sexy. Now stand here and just look out for me alright?” He said before rushing to his camera.

Jeanine was used to photographers calling her sexy, beautiful, but she could see the hungry way Harry was looking at her, and she could definitely tell that there was a bit of desire in his tone.

Her cheeks flushed again and she nodded as he requested she stand there. Jeanine was a natural, that’s why she was booking these types of jobs so early in her career. She can turn on the sexiness at any given time that she is instructed to.

Jeanine looks towards the camera and gives it bedroom eyes, acting as if she’s staring at a man she lusts for. But as Harry focuses the camera, she decides to do it for him instead of the camera. She tries to convince herself that she’s doing it for better photo results, but she knows that the sexiness she’s turning on is for him.

Her eyes were making it hard for him to keep his dick from popping out of his pants. The sexual tension was filling the room, as he shot photo after photo.

He cleared his throat and instructed her of her next place.
“So I need you on the bed now. I want the shots to look like you’re trying to lure a man or woman into bed with you, give them they eyes and the body language. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

She nods, understanding exactly what to do, and exactly how to do it.

She climbs onto the bed and sits up at first, making sure her back is facing the camera. She pulls his shirt up over her bare ass so that her ass cheeks are shown, before she turns her head around to face the camera, and only her head, bites her lip, and gives /him/ seductive eyes.

It’s known that there’s always got to be chemistry between said model and the photographer, however, this is more than just chemistry. This is literal attraction to one another.

Her ass was round and smooth and fuck, he just wanted to touch it. Maybe mark it up a bit. And he wanted to bite that damn lip… She was killing him.

“Mm, that’s good darling. Maybe turn around and face the front, lower your shirt a little bit.” He suggests. “Tease the camera.”

“Mhmm,” she hums, turning her body around. She grips onto his shirt that’s on her naked body, pulling the shirt down a bit so that most of her breasts are shown. A lot of cleavage, and almost a nip slip. She closes her eyes and tilts her head back, arching her head to the side a bit to give the camera a sexy, sleepy look.

She pulls the shirt down a bit too much, and her nipple becomes exposed, the cool air hitting the sensitive erection of her nipples.

“Shit…” Harry whispers under his breath.
“That’s good sweetheart keep it like that.” He whispers to her, snapping photos and moving around for different angles.

“I need to fix something..” He says before walking over to her and messing up her hair a bit, making it messy like sex hair. “That’s better doll.” He says softly, hand slipping down to stroke her cheek.

“Mmm, good, want to be as sexy as possible for this shoot. This is huge for me,” she whispers, leaning into his hand as it hits her cheek.

She’s extremely aware that her breasts are hanging out, but she doesn’t mind. In an odd and extremely sexual way, she kind of likes it. She does wish she was wearing panties, however, because there is a dull ache between her thighs, and Harry is in an extremely flattering outfit. God, he’s so sexy, and she knows he thinks she is as well. He’s achingly fucking hot.

Harry took the shirt and tugged on it a bit, making the other nipple pop out. He cursed internally, looking at the gorgeous breasts. He was sure he was fully hard now.

“Take your hands and hold them over your nipples, please.” He I trusted before backing up a bit and shooting several shots of her bare breasts and hands.

“That’s perfect. Sexy.. You could lure any man into bed with that.”

“Mmmm,” she hums, but it sounds more like a moan as she covers her nipples with her hands and looks directly at Harry.

Her cheeks flush, and any need of blush that she had before vanishes as she looks towards Harry’s jeans. She can see the bulge and she can surely feel the bit of stickiness between her thighs.

“Good. ’S what I’m going for,” she licks her lips, staring at Harry long after he’s taken the photo.

Harry smirked at her as he took the photos quietly, his hard on becoming more and more frequent. He had never had a model make him so crazy before, and she was doing it without even trying.

“And what else are you trying to do, kitten?” He asks as he lowers the camera, looking at her with lust blown eyes. He walks towards her slowly, the shirt falling even lower so par of her stomach is exposed.

She bites her lip hard at his question, her eyes widening a bit as he begins to slowly walk towards her. Her skin heats up and she squeezes her thighs together at the pet name.

“Mmm, dunno. It’s kind of hard to think, having such a sexy photographer and all,” she hums, trying to sound more confident, trying to play it cool. Which is quite hard, considering she’s not quite sure how this will go or where it will lead, and her heart is beating out of her chest

Harry looks at her with a smirk, putting down the camera and sitting next to her on the edge of the bed.

“Well, we must talk about this then. Am I making you uncomfortable or…distracting you?”

He looked at her with pure lust in his eyes, wanting to pounce on her at any second, but he wanted to wait for her to make the first move.

Her breath noticeably hitched at his question and she moves her hand to his chest where she rests her palm, looking into his eyes.

“Distracting me? Maybe a bit. Making me uncomfortable? Not at all. You’re just extremely sexy, I can’t help but want to put on a show for you, rather than just the cameras,” she admits in a whisper.

“Why don’t you do that for me then, love. I’ll sit back, show me what you’ve got.” He smirked challengingly, climbing up the bed and leaning leaning against the headboard.

He watched her with curiosity as she got up. She was so fucking gorgeous, he felt his self control completely slipping my away.

She smirks and moves her hands to the hem of his shirt, peeling it slowly off her body, stripping herself completely for him.

She raises an eyebrow before punching her nipples and playing with her tits, laying on her back before she reveals the money spot.

She shows him her pretty pink pussy, spreading herself open for him to take a look, “don’t think you’ve seen this part of me yet, though…”

Her tits were gorgeous, the perfect size and shape. He practically drooled over time as she ran her hands over then and pinched her erect nipples, leaving him aching to bite and suck on them.

Finally, she opened her legs and let him take a look at her gorgeous cunt. He moaned out loud and dropped a hand on his pants to palm himself.

“Holy shit… Baby, you’re so gorgeous. Your pussy is so wet, I can see it from here.”

“Aren’t I nice and wet and pink? Just for you,” she hums, beginning to rub on her swollen clit. She can’t help herself, he’s so irresistible and hot, and she was wearing his shirt and doing sexy poses for him. This was inevitable.

“I need some relief, but I don’t know where I’ll get it…” She pouts playfully

He watched her almost in a trance as she rubbed her clit, his eyes locked on her fingers as they circles the swollen nerve.

“Come sit on my lap darling, I might be able to help you out.” He whispered, watching her still play with herself.

She wanted to give him the best view of her swollen, soaked folds and clit that she was playing with gently with her fingers. She wanted to make sure he could see /everything/.

“Mmm,” she moans at his request, sitting up once again and licking her fingers to get any cum off of them.

She crawls over to him, before she climbs onto his lap as requested and spreads her legs over it. She moves her hands to rest on his shoulders and she looks into the green of his eyes. He is an absolute dream.

Harry’s hands moved to touch her breasts, squeezing them gently. Then his lips when to kiss her collar bones gently, sucking a small mark and trailing his lips down to her nipple, licking it teasingly, then suddenly sucking it into his mouth.

His other hand traveled to her swollen clít, rubbing it in slow lazy circles knowing she would buck into his hand for more.

He looked at her, her head thrown back in pleasure and her back arched as she suckled on her nipples.

This was the most erotic situation Jeanine had been in, in all of her years. It was not only dirty and completely unorthodox, it was with the most attractive man she had ever seen.

“Oh god, that feels so good, I love that so much….” She breathes out, her words coming out in breathless rhythm.

Her back arched and her legs shook a bit from the immense pleasure of him simply lazily rubbing her swollen, slippery clit in circles.

“You’re so fucking sexy.” Harry moaned before switching nipples. He played with them with his mouth, suckling, gently biting, licking. He could see it was driving her crazy.

His hand that was on her clít sped up, rubbing fast and hard against her as she gasped.

“How does that feel baby? You’re dripping wet.”

She nods quickly, whimpers slipping from her swollen lips. She wants to kiss /him/, and his gorgeous lips. She wants to do more than just touching each other’s genitals.

She moves her head forward and presses her lips against his hungrily, swiping her tongue against his bottom lip almost immediately. “So good baby,” she whimpers, her toes curling and her back arching even more.

Harry kissed her back deeply, their tongues swirling and exploring each other’s mouths.
He slipped a finger into her tightness, moaning against her lips at the feeling of her wet, warm pussy on his finger.

“You’re so tight, baby girl.” He cooed, sliding it in and out. “Bet you’d feel fùcking incredible around my cock, all warm and wet.”

His use of dirty words made her moan even more, her pussy clenching around his long, slender fingers that are used to snap the sexy shots of her on the bed. She begins rocking her hips and creating rhythm to intensify the pleasure.

“Oh god, I bet your cock is so big, shit…want it in my face,” she gasps, her eyes squeezing shut as she pulls away from his mouth to roll her head back.

“Do you want to touch me baby? I’m so hard for you. Absolutely aching. ” he moaned, thrusting his fingers faster into her.

“I’ve been hard since I saw you, you’re the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen… I want to destroy you.” He growled into her ear.

The word destroy, mixed with the growl in her ear makes her legs shake even more, she is so weak, weak for him.

“I wanna touch your cock, please, let me,” she begs, moving her hands down. She begins fumbling with the zipper of his pants and tugs them down before unbuttoning them, moving to his boxers where she palms him over the thin layer of cloth, “so hard baby…”

“Mmm fuck. That’s it baby, take it out.” He hisses as her small hand takes hold of his cöck through his boxers.

She takes it out, stroking it softly as he throws his head back and moans. “Such pretty hands on my big cock… Spit on it baby, get it all wet.”

Her eyes are a bit wide because of how big he is. She’s never seen a dick as big as Harry Styles’s, and she’s damn happy that she’s getting the opportunity to.

“Any of your other models ever do this to you?” She hums softly as she begins to jerk his massive erection, biting her lip as she looks into the green of his lustful eyes.

“No, just you… They don’t turn me on like you. Never got this hard over any of them.” He pants, catching her lips in a dirty kiss.

“Your lips taste delicious. I wonder…..” He trails off before taking his hand away and sucking her wetness off his fingers, moaning. “Mm, you taste amazing everywhere.”

Her confidence is instantly boosted by him once again, and she feels her stomach do flip flops at his answer. She moans softly as her brain scans through the possibilities.

“You want to find out how I taste, baby? There’s only one way…” She smirks, licking her lips as she brushes her thumb against his sensitive tip.

Harry looked at her with his eyes dark with lust. She looked so innocent but fuck, she knew exactly what to do to make a man go to his knees.

“You look like such a pretty, innocent angel at first baby… But those eyes.. You can see you’re a naughty girl, aren’t you?”

“I open up when I feel extra specially comfortable with the man I’m fucking,” she smirks, sticking her ass up in the air as she leans down to take him into her mouth.

She begins by kitten licking the head and looking up at him with innocent eyes, pumping his base and fondling his balls in the other hand.

His Hand reaches down to squeeze her ass as she licks at his tip gently. She looked gorgeous, big doe eyes with fluttering lashes while her pink tongue licked at his dick.

“Suck it angel, cmon.” He groaned and sure enough she took him into her mouth, the warmth and wetness making him moan.

She never thought she’d find herself in a situation like this. Sucking her photographer’s dick after a very sexy shoot. It’s frowned upon in the agency and seen as very wrong, but she could give less of a shit because it feels so damn /right/.

She also loves the adrenaline rush that it’s giving her. She takes more of him into her mouth and begins bobbing her head, getting his penis ass sticky and wet with her warm spit. She moves her head faster and moans against him to send glorious vibrations.

Her mouth was warm and wet, just right for him. She got him wet with her spit and dove right in, taking him into her mouth and sucking. It felt fùcking amazing.

“Shit, that’s it angel. Such pretty lips wrapped around me, such a gorgeous sight.” He cooed, taking her hair and fisting it in a pony tail to keep it out of her face.

She felt her hair being pulled up into a ponytail and she was grateful. She didn’t want her hair to get in the way of the incredible blow job she was giving Harry.

She massages his balls in her left hand as her lips pucker around his cock, her tongue moving up and down his shaft as she bobs her head.

She pulls her mouth off with a pop and kitten licks the head again before looking up to him.

“You like that? I love that I’m the only model who’s done this to you…” She growls, moving her head down to suckle his balls.

Her hands on his balls and licks on the tip made him quiver in pleasure. He had never gotten head this good in his life.

“Only one angel, and it’s so good. Fuck…” He groaned, before gasping as she sucked on his balls.

“Shit baby, shit… That’s so good, more.”

Some guys don’t like it when their balls are played with, so Jeanine is extremely pleased when Harry seems to like it. Her ex wasn’t into it and she had to pretend like she didn’t want to play with his balls during head.

She leaves kisses all over them, licking up the seam between them with a throaty moan. Her legs squeeze together to relieve some tension, her body feeling as if it’s about to explode with need.

“Baby, Fück me please.” He whined, pulling her up to his lap. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Need to fuck tou, come on.” He hissed, flipping them over and sliding into her. Loud moans left both of their mouths AT the stretch of his big cock inside of her tiny pùssy.

She had never been with anyone so big before in her life. The way her pussy was stretching around his massive erection made her cry out his name.

“Oh shit, yeah! Oh my god, feels so good,” she nearly screams as Harry pounds into her tight, warm cunt. “so fucking good, feels so fucking good,” she repeats, digging her nails into his shoulders.

No one could ever know about this. Ever. This was a very unorthodox and dirty situation, boning her photographer after a sexy photoshoot.

“How’s this baby? Hmm?” He purred as he thrusted in and out of her warmth, losing all self control.

“How do I feel inside you? You’re so fucking tight and I’m starching you open aren’t I?” He grunted, biting down hard on the skin near her collarbone. He wanted to leave marks.

“Such a gorgeous girl, fuck.”

“Oh yeah, fuck baby. Stretching me out so good. Fucking hell you’re so damn sexy,” she pants, her toes curling before she wraps her legs around his waist.

“Fuck me harder baby. Wanna hear your balls smacking against my taint,” she breathes, proud of the dirty words slipping from her lips.

Harry growled loudly, starting to pound into her. The bed was squeaking, his hands resting above her head. Her hands on his back, scratching down his back.

“Like this baby?” He grunted. The noises of their fucking filled the room, skin slapping skin, mouths smacking together.

“Such dirty words falling out of such a gorgeous mouth, I fucking love it.”

“Yeah baby, oh shit, that’s perfect!” She screams, her hands gripping the sheets and her back threatening to arch off of the bed.

Her legs shake as she gets even closer to reaching her climax, her head rolling back as Harry’s mouth moves to her neck to lick and suck.

“Yes baby, want you to cum okay? Gonna fuck you really hard, want you to scream for me when you cum.” He hissed between gritted teeth, returning her favor and sucking multiple marks on to her neck.

He was fucking her as hard as he could, headboard clashing against the wall and her legs shaking, the heavy breathing and skin slapping and their loans mixing together.

He felt her clench around him, signaling she was close. “Cmon baby, cum.”

Jeanine can’t hold out for much longer. She’s never felt this close, so quickly, in her entire life. It’s always taken a while for her to get there, or the guy just didn’t care to get her there at all.

“Fuck yeah baby, ’m so close….” She trails off, breathing heavily as she clenches around Harry’s massive dick.

One last hard thrust really gets her going, and she cums around his fat cock with a loud scream.

Harry groaned, feeling her clench around him triggering not his orgasm. Finally, he felt his stomach clench and the pressure was released.

He came, spilling inside of her while panting against her mouth.

“Well, fuck.”


You’d met your group of friends on your frequent trips to the London area while deciding to move there. It just so happened that your group of friends entwined with the one and only Harry Styles. Having moved in a little over six months ago, you were just getting settled into the London life and were fairly new to the group. That being said, this would be your first one on one encounter with Harry. You took a deep breath before knocking on the doer a few times.

A minute or so went by with no response, so you knocked again and pulled out your phone, checking your messages. He said that he was home and it was okay for you to come over. You heard movement on the other side of the door, finally, and a couple seconds later it was opened to reveal Harry clad in nothing but a pair of joggers. You gave him a once over, eyes lingering on his well developed torso a little longer than necessary, before looking at him directly and giving him small smile. He gave you a short lived side hug as you shuffled into his flat. “Hey,” you said awkwardly standing in the middle of the room not quite sure where to sit down.

“Hello,” he greeted back, drawing out the he last syllable. You were still not so discreetly checking him out which caused him to look down seeing that he was bare from the waist up and blush. He looked absolutely adorable with his cheeks tinged with pink. “I’ll just grab a shirt. You can sit wherever you like and yeah I’ll be right back.” You nodded, sitting on the black leather couch, then started looking around.

His home was so nice. It was contemporary but cozy. The newer feel it had to it was balanced out by all his pictures and knick knacks. You unconsciously raised from your seat in favour of perusing the pictures of him along with his family, friends, and idols, his extensive award collection, and my god you really had no idea that a grown man could own so many candles. When Harry returned, he caught you staring at a photograph of him, his mum, and his sister with a small smile. He cleared his throat to get your attention, nearly causing you to drop the frame. You felt heat flooding to your cheeks as you set it back down and turned toward Harry who now had on a plain black t-shirt.  He gestured toward his couch for you to take a seat, alongside him. “It’s a lovely place you have here, Harry. I must say, I’m quite impressed.”

“Thank you. Now, not that I don’t mind you stopping by because I don’t, you’re a very nice person. You’re just- we’ve never hung out one on one before.”

“Yeah,” you said drawing out the word, “I’m not going to lie. I was nervous as Huckleberry  Finn coming over.”

“Huckleberry Finn?”

“I’m trying to lay off cursing. Used to have a sailor’s mouth. I offended the fish sticks out of this one lady when I was with my mum this one  time. I got in so much trouble.” He laughed. That meant phase one was working out so far. You had to establish a line of trust with him. Open up a bit so he could do the same with you. Phase two was to find a common ground or something to talk about in order to have the conversation. The final phase, phase three, was to actually do it. Not actually do it. Well, if he wanted to do it, you wouldn’t be completely opposed to it. But, seducing Harry was not on the itinerary for this mission.

“So, how are you?” he asked. Your eyebrows raised up, not fully comprehending what he had said because you got lost in his dimples and smile whilst he was laughing.

“Oh! Me? I’m fine. How are you, though? That’s kind of the reason I came to talk to you,” you answered smiling sheepishly. You noticed his smile falter slightly.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you haven’t been, like, around.” He cocked his head to the side slightly. “I didn’t really notice. Not saying that your presence isn’t notable because it totally is. Like you light up a room, but I just assumed that with your occupation that you’d be gone more often but apparently you’ve been MIA even for you, so, like, what’s up? Of course you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to but I’m here and willing to listen,” you ended your rambling.

“They sent you to do this?” he asked trying to figure you out.

“Well, not necessarily, but kind of, like, they thought it’d be a good opportunity to bond and what not, and they were concerned which made me concerned. So, yeah. Kind of, but not really.” You really need to stop rambling. You make yourself sound like a fool.

“You referred to me being in One Direction as an occupation…”

You furrowed your eyebrows, not sure what he was getting at. “That’s what it is, innit?” You’re involved with it like 25/8 and you get paid to do it, so yeah a job?“

His lips quirked up into a small smile before he looked up at you and his face settled into a more somber expression. "Honest, I’ve just not been in the mood to be around a lot of people. Or anyone at all, really.”

You furrowed your eyebrows together once more. “Why’s that?”

“I- I was seeing this girl, yeah? And, now I’m not.”

You nodded in understanding. “Agh… I’m sorry, love.” There was silence for a few moments before you spoke up again. “Is that all?”

You knew that break ups could be tough but he was Harry Styles. He (from what you’d been told and seen) didn’t let people get to him this much. Something else-something deeper-had to be going on that he wasn’t saying. He looked like he was having a battle within himself, so you pressed just that little bit more.  “Harry…?” You mentally fist pumped as he sighed heavily, seemingly ready to reveal his true emotions.

“She just- it wasn’t mutual, ya know?”

“Most breakups aren’t,” you noted.

He nodded thoughtfully but continued on. “And, like, she ended it with me. Honestly, I should’ve never let it get that far. Like, when we first started seeing each other we were both aware that we were just looking to have fun. I made that clear. She agreed to it and I agreed to it, and we were both happy with that for a bit. But then, I went and caught feelings for her like a proper idiot.” He let out a bitter laugh. “Then, she ended it with me. Said she didn’t just wanna have fun anymore. And, I was so ready to give that to her, but you know what she did?” At some point during his rant, he had gotten up and was now pacing back and forth. As he posed the question, though, he turned to face you. You honestly didn’t expect him to let it all out, but you’re glad he is, you suppose. With that in mind, you shook your head signalling that no, you didn’t know what she did. “She laughed. Right in my face. Told me to get serious because the whole thing was fun, yeah? But, she couldn’t actually see herself with me.” Harry turned around to look at you once more, however, this time with tears in his eyes. You stood from your place on the sofa and moved toward him, placing a hand on his shoulder before deciding to just run it up and down his back.

“You don’t have to keep going, really, love. It’s okay.” Still he continued on.

“She really was just having fun. Using me like an old chew toy. There I was-here I am-half in love and it turns out she never gave a damn about me at all.” That’s when the flood gates really opened.  He was full on sobbing, clutching onto you for dear life.

You were glad that he was so caught up in his broken heart, though. That way he wasn’t able to see you looking like a deer caught in headlights. No more than thirty minute ago were you just a mutual friend of the guy. Now here you are holding him while he poured his heart out to you.

About fifteen minutes later, when Harry pulled himself together a bit (all that was left of him we’re frequent sniffles and a few stray hiccups) you found yourself back on the couch with his head laid in your lap, while you played with his hair.

A few more minutes went by before Harry popped up in a panic, seemingly snapping out of whatever daze he was caught up in. You looked at him curiously waiting for him to say something. Again, something snapped him back to reality and he slumped back against the couch. “’M sorry,” he murmured, “I got your shirt all wet. I can get you another if you’d like.”

“Oh, pish posh, Harry. It’s just water. It’ll dry. Forget about my shirt. Are you feeling a bit better now?”

“A bit, yeah. I didn’t realize how much I needed to let that out, until it was out.” You nodded thoughtfully and he leaned into you as he was before.

“You know… you could get any girl you want right?” He huffed.

“’S not what I want, though. Like, well, I want her, but she won’t have me, ya know? And, this isn’t even the first time. It always ends up like this. I just don’t understand why I can’t be enough. I try so hard-so hard-but I’m just not enough for any of them and that is what kills me everyday.”

You pursed your lips. You couldn’t quite comprehend how a person so perfect could turn to mush and be so insecure about such, in your opinion, a horrible girl. “But… you seem so confident?”

“Well, I’m not. Not always,” he stated, poking out his bottom lip.

With that, you turned towards him and boldly grabbed his face. “Harry, darling, you have to be enough for yourself.”

“But-” he began. You weren’t having any of that, though.

“No buts. You have to be enough for yourself because that’s all you’ll ever have: yourself. You are only ever guaranteed yourself. People come and people go. Some say they’ll stay but they leave. A lot of people leave in your life, so at the end of the day all you have is yourself and that has to be good enough. And, if someone doesn’t accept you for who you are and everything that you represent, that is their fault. I may not have known you for as long as the rest of the lot, Harry, but I know that you are a wonderful person that has absolutely no reason at all to doubt yourself.” He nodded solemnly, accepting your words and pulled you back into him.

Both of you held on to each other for dear life (him more so than you but you felt it rude not to reciprocate his actions). You were certain he could hear the hard thump, thump, thump, of your heart in your chest. The moment was oddly intimate in a way that shouldn’t be normal for people who were only just friends. “Sometimes, I just wonder if there’s really someone out there for me.”

“Honey, you have the world at your feet and your entire life to live.” Your words did little to soothe him and you even noticed a stray tear slipping down his cheek and wiped it away. “Hey, hey, now. None of that. You know someday someone is going to be so soft and so gentle with your heart. You’re gonna be so glad you kept it open, and your gonna wonder why you ever thought about quieting it down. So, don’t stress about it right now. Besides, they say that by this time in life you’ve probably already met the person you’re going to marry. Stop searching so hard.”

Something seemed to click in his mind after you finished. He pulled back to stare at you with a weird look in his eye that you couldn’t quite place. “I’ve already met the person I’m gonna marry, yeah?” he asked cheekily, a stark contrast to the teary eyed man you were faced with moments prior.

You cocked your head to the side slightly. “I mean, it’s a theory, yeah.” You hadn’t a clue as to what he was hinting at until he lightly pecked your cheek.

“I like the sound of that.”

When We Were Young

When we were young-

He still looked like a movie…

There he was. Across the room form me, sitting in his button up shirt that only had the need for the bottom 3 buttons, something I guess he hasn’t changed. I used to tease him, asking why he would even bother with a shirt when he barely was covered.

The boots remained the same as well. Dark brown with scuff marks but he still managed to make them look like the $5,000 he probably spent on them. He always got offended when I made fun of his boots, but he got the last laugh when I got myself my own pair.

It had been years. But it felt like just yesterday, we were making out in the back seat of his car, hot and bothered. I can still remember waking up on the uncomfortable leather seats, sticking to him and completely naked, the sun starting to rise. He looked just as beautiful that day, with his gleaming green eyes and 3 little beauty marks.

I watched him smile at his friend, and my chest hurt. It ached, felt like someone was tearing it out of my chest because I used to make him smile. I used to be one of the main causes and I hadn’t seen that smile in person for so long.

He still sounds like a song

His laughed rumbled out of his chest and resonated across the room, his head thrown back as the gleeful sound circled the air. I missed it. I missed it so fucking much. Sometimes I could still hear it if I was lost in thought.

My god this reminds me, of when we were young.

We used to stay up all night, just to see the sun rise. And during that time, we would laugh so hard our stomachs hurt, until we had tears in our eyes and red faces. Every single thing he did on those nights made me so happy.

And those days he would randomly show up with a sea shell, or a candy heart, a pen, a pair of socks, giving them to me excitedly because it reminded him of me.

The times we made love in every corner of his home, until his legs were weak and we collapsed on the carpet in giggles, falling asleep right in that position.

I missed the times we fought. When he got angry at me for not wearing a coat and getting sick, when he was 4 minutes late picking me up so we missed the movie, when he didn’t wake me up in time for my job… I missed them because the make up was so much sweeter.

But then things changed. He had to leave me, he had to go overseas and leave me. My heart was leaving and I didn’t know what to do. No matter how much he apologized for not telling me, no matter the phone calls or messages or even the flowers to my house, I couldn’t let it go. Though I wish I did, because this man in front of me… I still want him.

I wasn’t expecting his eyes to meet mine. I wasn’t expecting him to walk over, and I sure as well wasn’t expecting him to sit down next to me.

“You’re still just as beautiful as the day I left.” He said, looking intensely at me with a passion I realized so well.

The sting of his words, the ‘the day I left’ still hurt my heart. My smile was weak, with a quiet thank you being given.

“I came back for you.” He said, getting closer. “You blocked my number. No one would tell me anything, except that you would be here tonight. I miss you.” His voice was quiet, his face moving closer.

The anger bubbled in me, looking at him with fire in my eyes.
“You missed me? You came back for me? What about those years? When I’ve been sitting here missing you, and you’ve been off across the sea, without me. I loved you so much, you tore my heart out when you left me. Why now? When I was finally trying… Trying to forget you.” The loud statement was ended quiet, voice cracked at the end.

His face was full of pain, stepping closer and grasping my cheek. His hands felt the same, god, they felt warm and comforting and I wanted to cry.

“I wanted you to have better. I wanted your life to be fun and stress free and I wanted you to find someone who could love you better than me. Someone who could be around all the time but…” He stepped closer, pressing my body against the bar, his own breath shaky.

“I can’t. I can’t let you go. I’ve tried for these years to let you go, thinking it would make you better. I thought maybe, that you’d be happy and move on but I was wrong. They said you aren’t yourself. You’re sad and quiet and you’re not the same, and I’ve been in the same situation. No one else feels right, nothing feels right without /you./” he whispered fiercely.

“You still look like a movie. And you sound like a song. And how we’re standing right now, god, this reminds me of when we were young.” He studied my face, before leaning in and giving me the smallest, lightest kiss. My heart was pounding but I couldn’t bring myself to pull away.

“I’ve been sad, trying to grow old. Without you, my love, I just feel… Cold. I don’t know what else I can do but ask you… Would you let me make you feel, like when we were young?”

Preference #134 Kinks

Liam- He loved to tie you up and you loved to leave him in control so is worked out well for the two of you. Squirming and itching to touch him was his favorite image of you on his bed because he felt in control and by learning your body language he knew when it was time to stop teasing and getting down to business. Slightly pink wrists and marks meant that you’d both done a good job.

Zayn- His favorite thing was being told what to do. He wanted to be the dom but at the same time he expected you to say exactly what you wanted each night. Your fragile and vulnerable voice turned him on like nothing else and you knew it. Sometimes you would tease him by not being detailed which made the whole process last longer and frustrating leaving great results at the end.

Harry- Long wild locks between your knuckles, slightly pulling at his scalp drove him over the edge. He loved having you close to him and feel your body respond to him that when you found out his moans and breathing got deeper when you pulled his hair you picked up on his kink and made sure to utilize it whenever possible. Harry didn’t realize it was something he enjoyed until you started doing it. It was your thing. 

Louis- Your boyfriend was up for anything when it came to sex but what he loved was being blindfolded. He trusted you completely and having his other senses heightened by not being able to see was just what he needed. He relied on your touch, short breathes and repetition of his name leaving your lips to know that he was performing well. Taking his blindfold off and seeing you exhausted next to him is what willed him to try it again and again.

Niall- What he wanted was simple, he wanted you to ride him. It wasn’t your favorite position but if he head a bad day you’d cheer him up. The reason he enjoyed it so much is because of all the movement your body made without much effort on his part and since you set the pace and angles, he knew you always ended up satisfied which was enough to make him reach his high.

New- warnings for OTRA

Ok but like frat boy Harry who has a crush on you and waits for you after class and invites you to the party that night and gets your number to make sure you go and waits for you at the door and hangs out with you all night and makes you play beer pong with him and he wins and makes you dance with him. When you dance he makes really stupid jokes in your ear that make you both crack up even though they’re not even funny at all and his arms are wrapped around your waist and his chest is against you back and you’re not even really dancing, just swaying to the music. And then you go outside to take a break and you’re both a bit sweaty but he still has is arm around you when you sit in the grass and look at the stars and listen to the thumping music. He’s a lot different than what people say and he’s respectful and nice and funny in his own way and he talks about things that’s he’s passionate about like why you shouldn’t go to seaworld and why you should eat organic and locally if you can with a sparkle in his eye. And you’d never imagine popular frat boy h to be like this but he’s nothing like the rumors say and after you leave he texts you Motivational posters and cats hanging off a tree saying ‘hang in there’ so when you wake up tomorrow it’ll be a bit better hahhhahahahah gtg

Louis : BSM - He finds you - Part 1

Long name : You were put up for adoption and he finds you.

I find this one pretty dramatic. A bit too dramatic😂


You look out the window, watching the kids play down below. It’s always been like this.

You never joined them. You don’t know why, you weren’t good at making friends.

Looking around at your room you try and remember how you ended up here. You don’t remember much.

Only a few vague images of a woman, she placed you on a step and told you to wait. She didn’t come back.

Now you’re in an orphanage. It couldn’t get worse.

Were you that bad that your parents didn’t want you?

What if you had siblings?

What if, what if , what if.

Shaking your head you try and forget, it’s not like you’ll ever find out anyway.

You hear the front door open downstairs and the laughter carries up to your room. The kids were all coming in.

“Y/N! Time for lunch!” You hear.

You groan under your breath, slightly annoyed that you have to move from your position.

You make your way downstairs, the chatter in the dining room getting louder as you make it to the bottom.

As you enter you once again take the seat that’s separated from everyone else. Okay maybe you don’t try with the other kids, but they don’t either.

You pick up the bowl and start to select the things that you want.

“Okay everyone. After lunch, a gentlemen is coming to visit. You all must be on your best behaviour, I’m warning you” Ms Thatcher says.

She gives you the evil eyes. You smile slightly knowing you annoyed her. You caused the most trouble at these times.

Sooner than you’d hoped, there was a knock on the door. Everyone got up and ran to the front hallway.

They all stood in a line and you had to roll your eyes at the way they all looked so desperate.

You on the other hand went and sat on the stairs.

“Please come in” you hear Ms Thatchers voice call.

“Eh thank you”

The voice sounds like it belongs to a young man.

You look out and see two men walking behind her.

I thought she said ‘a’ gentlemen, as in one person.

She must be more death than you thought.

“Boys, girls. This is Louis and Harry”

You watch some of the girls squeal and they shake quite a bit.

You don’t know why, I mean I guess they are alright looking. The curly one more so.

“You can just look around”

The one who was supposedly called ‘Louis’ was to busy looking around that the ‘Harry’ one had to answer for him

“Thank you ma’m”

He pushed Louis softly and motioned for him to walk. And shaking his head he followed behind, as if for support.

They got to the end of the line and Louis looked so defeated you felt your heart pull. He just looked so pitiful.

Harry came up behind him and put his hand on his shoulder.

“It’s okay man, we’ll find her”

Louis just nodded sadly.

At this point Ms Thatcher had noticed that you weren’t standing with everyone else.

“Where is Y/N? Has anyone seen her”

Louis’s head snaps up at the mention of your name, hope slithering into his eyes. And you keep quiet, trying not to be heard by anyone.

“She’s probably hiding at the stairs again” One of the older girls laughs.

In a split-second the two men were looking down at you. You squirmed under their looks, not recognising the feelings behind them.

“Y/N?” Louis whispers.

You raise your eyebrows at him.

“Excuse me, could you give me some space?”

Next thing you knew you were squished into a hug. I guess that’s a no to the space. You struggle slightly until he lets you go.

“What the hell was that?” You shout.

He looks shocked.

“Y-you don’t remember me?”

“Obviously not. Why? Who are you?”

“Y/N. It’s me Louis. Your brother?”

Harry has left you both alone and is talking to Ms Thatcher. And you stand frozen where you are.

Your brother?

“W-what? No. You can’t be”

You step back when he takes a step forward.

“I am. Please Y/N, believe me”

“No! If you really were my brother I wouldn’t be here. You could’ve done something!” You were crying now, more tears welling up in your eyes.

He looked in pain as you shouted at him, but you paid no mind to it. Harry had started to approach now, but you didn’t bother looking at him. You were too busy looking at your so called ‘brother’.

“I-i tried. But-I just” he looks down.

“Well obviously you didn’t try hard even” you said.

You didn’t know what you were doing, but one second you were standing in front of him and then next your legs were taking you out the door.

With tears running down your face you left Louis, it his own about to fall.


I haven’t done one of these in ages. And I didn’t know what to write! So I took a swing at this. I hope it’s up to standard. But other than that enjoy!😋

One direction A/B/O preference #6 He gets you pregnant

A/N: So this is an A/B/O but generally, it’s just like a normal pregnancy, except for the fact that the baby is called a pup, so. Please ask me if there’s anything you don’t understand!

Request: He gets you pregnant

NIALL: Your heart was pounding loudly in your chest, breathing ragged as the timer on your phone counted down ominously. You couldn’t decide whether it was going too fast or too slow. When your phone started buzzing, you turned it off as quickly as possible, and hoped you hadn’t woken Niall from his nap. “It’s positive,” you breathed to yourself as you looked at the stick, and suddenly, tears of joy were springing to your eyes. “Babe? What’s going on?” You jumped a foot in the air, stick flying out of your hand and landing in front of Niall’s feet. He squatted down and looked at the happy smiley on the stick before looking back up at you, question in his eyes. You nodded, grin splitting your face. “We’re having a pup?” he asked quietly. “Yeah. Our very own pup.” Niall jumped up from the floor, picking you up and spinning you around, laughing happily, as he peppered kisses all over your face. “You should probably put me down, can’t imagine the pup likes this too much,” you reprimanded. Niall let you down, but he was immediately grabbing your cheeks and crashing your lips together. “We’re gonna be parents, we’re gonna be parents,” he chanted in between bruising kisses before falling to his knees, rucking up your shirt and laying gentle hands atop it. “Hey lil pup. Can’t believe you’re in there. Can’t believe I’m gonna be a father.” You ran a hand through Niall’s hair, pressing him forward gently until he planted a kiss on your still-flat stomach. “Can’t believe it.”

HARRY: “Can I talk to you for a minute babe?” Harry looked up from his laptop before patting the spot next to him on the bed. “C’mon up here.” You climbed in next to him, curling around his side and resting your head on his chest, sighing contentedly as Harry’s arm wrapped around your shoulder, pulling you closer. “I love you,” he murmured sweetly with a peck to the top of your head. “Now what did you want to tell me?” You took a deep breath, sniffing your mate in an effort to calm yourself. “I’m pregnant,” you rushed out in one breath. Harry stiffened beneath you, exhaling audibly. “Are you taking the piss?” You squeezed your eyes shut against the sudden tears. “No,” you squeaked nervously. Harry started shaking and when you looked up, he was crying. “You’re pregnant?” You nodded slightly as you tried to gauge his reaction. He slipped the laptop off the bed before rolling you over, so he was lying on top of you, arms bracketed on either side of your head. He dipped down to kiss you sweetly, again and again, as tears dripped down each of your cheeks. They mixed together on your lips, turning the kiss salty, but you didn’t care. You could smell the happiness radiating off of your mate in waves and it made your heart grow at least three sizes. “I love you so so much,” you sobbed into his mouth as you clung to his shoulders. “I love you too. And our pup.”

LOUIS: “Why are you so happy, Lou? It’s a shit time! You’re at the prime of your career, I can’t ask you to be a stay-at-home dad. But I can’t do this alone, either.” The positive pregnancy test was lying abandoned on the sink. Louis was holding your quivering form to his chest in an attempt to help you from shaking apart. “Hey hey, easy now, love.” He pulled back slightly to kiss away the tears while stroking your arms comfortingly. You melted into your mate’s touch, but the tears didn’t stop. “The boys and I have been talking about a break for a long time, you know that. We’ll plan it so I’ll have loads of time here with you and the pup. I won’t be here for the entire pregnancy, I need to finish the tour, but I’ll make sure to be home at the end of it, and the first year, at least. We’re going to have a pup, our pup. A tiny one, a perfect mix of us. How can I not be happy?” You looked at your boyfriend, your mate, and yeah, he was right, you should be happy. “Our pup,” you breathed. Louis sensed your change in demeanor and he smiled, falling to his knees so he could kiss all over your clothed stomach. “I’m so happy, Y/N. Won’t you please be too?” You swiped a single tear away from Louis’ cheek with a nod. “I am.”

LIAM: You’d considered coming up with an elaborate plan to tell Liam he was finally going to be a father after months of trying, but in the end you knew he’d appreciate it more if it was just the two of you, so he could bawl to his heart content. Many things could be said about your alpha, but he had always been an emotional one. Currently, he was staring at you blankly, hands lax in yours where you sat cross-legged opposite each other on the bed. You hadn’t been nervous about telling him about the pregnancy, but the lack of response had nervous butterflies swelling up in your stomach. “Li?” Your timid voice seemed to break a dam in Liam, because suddenly he was tearing up and shooting himself across the bed, sending you backwards. Before you could say a word, he was kissing you hard. His hands ran down your sides until they reached your stomach, where they spread across the width of it. “Really? He or she is in here?” You wiped away a few of Liam’s tears with your thumb, happiness shooting through your veins and lighting your insides up like a Christmas tree. “Yeah. Your pup is in here. You knocked me up.” Liam growled before attacking your mouth with his. “You’re getting off on this,” you laughed when he pulled back with blown pupils. “’Course. Do you mind?” You wrapped your leg around one of Liam’s and rolled him over so you were on top. “Never.”