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The Art of Letting Go.

PROMPT: After you know Harry is cheating on you, all you leave behind is a tear stained letter. 


There’s no way that I deem appropriate to start this letter. 

How about: “Hi, how are you doing love?“ 

But that sounds so funny to me, we do live together after all. Or at least used to. But I still wouldn’t know how you’re doing anymore, anyway. 

I’ve always thought you and I were happy with what we had, I’m sorry I didn’t realise you weren’t happy earlier, I would’ve left before it got down to this. And I want you to know that it tears me to shreds, that I have to write everything that’s related to us– in past tense. 

And I don’t want you to feel bad or guilty– that is if you still care enough about me to feel like that. 

Now I feel really stupid and I don’t know why I’m still writing this, I should’ve just left, I just know I can’t talk to you face to face anymore. 

I’m glad you’re happy even if the cause is someone who’s not me, I know you’ve been stressed lately, you had a lot on your mind and I wasn’t there for you as much as I’d wanted to. I just wish you hadn’t lied to me though, and I wish I didn’t find comfort in your words the way I did. 

You can say I’m mad at my self, more than I’ll ever be at you, because, I knew what’s going on– not in its entirety, but that gut feeling was there, I was a coward for not confronting my self and ending this misery for the both of us. 

But can I really blame my self? I loved you too much for it to be easy– letting you go, that is. 

But anyway, this is getting long and I have to go. I’m sorry for everything. 

Y/N xx 


A heart wrenching sob can be heard amidst the quietness in Harry’s flat. And he knows, he has no right to be heartbroken. 

But he is. 

He remembers why he fell in love with her. The way she smiled at him– like there was no one else important in the world but him, how she always knew how to make things better, how to keep him sane and insane for her. And the way she was always so considerate of his feelings– even now for fucks sake! When he ripped her heart and stomped on it till it turned paper thin. 

But what he doesn’t remember is when he forgot all of this. Was it the seductive looks he got amidst the chaos of his hectic life? Was it the thrill of knowing that this is something he’s not supposed to be doing? Was it worth it? He doesn’t think so, and he had been beating himself over being so aware of what he did, and that he fucking did it, because you didn’t deserve this. You really didn’t. So he clutches the paper that has such fragile feelings written on it, and vows to never hurt you anymore, that’d he’d let you go because who was he to ask you to stay? 

 It’s true, what they say. 

“You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” 


 A/N: Ello! 

 Hope you enjoyed this! Have a nice day xx


Harry x Reader


A/N: This is gonna be cliché ;)

“Y/F/N is currently doing AMAZING in Hollywood right now”, the woman on TV introduced you as you stood next to her with a smile, “With her newest movies, new ground breaking line of clothing, and her new biography that critics claim to be ‘art’ and 'Different. Very different. Good. A very good different”, you chuckled, “Here she is”, she pointed at you.

“Hello everybody”, you waved into the camera that was conducting a LIVE interview with a wide smile.

Harry smiled at your smile, he loved it with all of his heart. Kind of like he does you…

“Now, you’re constantly being asked about work”, the interviewer began, “But what about your personal life? How’s everything, have you found love?”

Your smile faded a tad at this, “Um…I’m currently single”, you simply answered while briefly looking into your lap.

“Your ex Harry Styles, just released his new alum. What do you think of it”, the interviewer jeered.

Your face practically lit up, “I’m so proud of him! It’s so cool to have seen what he’s done in the studio from when we were together, and see it all be finalized. It’s amazing”, you nodded.

“He was recently spotted with a fan, getting pretty cozy during their first meeting”, the interviewer raised an eyebrow, “What do you think of that?”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “Uh….it’s his life. W-we’re no l-longer together”, you tried to process your thoughts before smoothing out your skirt, “That was our decision.”

“You don’t feel in the slighted threated by her”, the interviewer was taking jabs at your heart.

“No”, you said sternly as your blood boiled.

“He’s here tonight, backstage actually. Are you planning on saying hello”, she asked.

You could feel the steam blowing form your ears, “Maybe.”

“She obviously doesn’t like your dumbass questions”, Harry yelled at the TV from his place backstage.

“That’s great, but now we’re going to commercial. We’ll be back”, she smiled at the camera as you forced a smile and waved.

Both you and Harry let out sighs of relief as his TV went black and the camera was shut off.

You stood up from your chair, practically running to the dressing room to hide your tears when you felt yourself come in contact with a body, “Shit”, you voiced.

“You okay love”, the person grabbed your shoulders as there body had almost caused you to be sent down, “Hello love”, Harry smiled at you with his captivating smile and THOSE EYES !

“H-hi”, you held your tears that were still waiting to fall.

“Are you okay”, he looked at your face.

“Uh yeah”, you tried to make that seem like a 'duh’ tone.

“You don’t seem 100% of that”, he smirked.

You nodded, “I’m fine Harry”, you began proceeding to your dressing room.

“That interviewer was a real jerk”, he called to you.

You turned around to find his wide smile, you nodded, “Very much so.”

He began walking back toward you, “I’m here if you need anything. Ever.”

“I-I know”, you tried to seem sure of everything you said.

“Like if you need a shoulder to cry on, arms to hug”, he smirked before saying, “Lips to kiss.”

You shook your head as a tear of either joy from Harry or anger from the interview fell from your face, “Of course.”

“Harry you’re on in 5, 4, 3”, a producer yelled while yanking Harry.

“See ya love”, he winked with a wave.

Preference #67 You're Both Famous: Fashion Week


You were going to be featured in the Givenchy showcase so Niall was more than willing to go and support you! He sat front row and flashed you a thumbs up as you passed, it was hard for you not to smile but as soon as you were done you got to join him for the rest of the show.


Working on Gossip Girl with all the designer clothes and outfits had its perks; you got to attend many different fashion shows and even fashion week. Although Liam wasn’t always interested in the “latest trends” and what not you still brought him along. It was a nice way to be able to spend some time together.


You loved fashion to say the least. Being an up-in-coming designer gave you the chance to attend fashion shows worldwide including New York’s fashion week. You always brought Louis along because he was somewhat interested in clothing as well, maybe it was just from being around you but either way you enjoyed the company. 


Neither of you really had a “reason” to attend fashion week but I guess being a celebrity has it’s perks. You and Harry both enjoyed getting dressed up so it was actually fun to see all the new and upcoming styles that the two of you would soon be wearing.


Often times you were invited to fashion week just because of your celebrity status but you actually enjoyed going. You loved clothes and so did Zayn, so it was perfect for the two of you and a great chance for you both to spend time together. You never missed a chance to bond over clothing. 

You’ve fallen asleep #786
  • a/n: I rewrote this! I hope you like it!
  • Harry: It’s a known fact that while being spooned you can fall asleep anywhere, preferably easier while being little spoon, and Harry knows this so when you go quiet somewhere between the 5th or 6th consecutive episode of Bones, he knows just what has happened. “Are you asleep?” He questions quietly doing his best to peer over your shoulder. “Guess so,” the bright-eyed boy mumbles with a grin before pulling you back to his chest. “Well I am a super good spooner now aren’t I?” He smirks nosing momentarily against your back before planning a small kiss to your shoulder.
  • Liam: “Rub my back?” You mumble and without waiting for a yes or no, you decided to go ahead and lay yourself over his lap. “You can’t say no, I’m already here.” You inform him giving a tired smile. It had been a long day, the obnoxious people at your work could drive anyone crazy, and Liam knew. “Of course.” His eyes go back to the television as he lifts your shirt enough to slide in a hand, cool fingers ghost up and down your back and your eyes grew increasingly heavy. Liam can tell when you’ve fallen asleep, after sleeping beside each other for over a year, he knows that you’ve been out for a while now. “I’ll put you in bed soon babe.” He mumbles with a small smile. “Sleep well, you deserve it.”
  • Louis: “Holy fuck! Holy shit! Babe are you... you’re sleeping.” His voice instantly goes quiet as he realizes you’ve fallen asleep on your prefered end of the couch, and by the nice size puddle of drool, yeah, he can tell you've been out for some time. Laughing to himself he cleans off your face, and it wouldn’t be right if he didn’t take a picture before hand to taunt you with when you woke in the morning. “You’re missing a sick fucking show, but, don’t worry. I’ll tell you all about it when you wake up. I’ll also post this picture, point one for the tommo.” He chuckles brushing his fingers through your hair.
  • Niall: Monday movie night has been a tradition since the two of you started dating a little over 2 years ago. Tonights movie was Jurrasic World which Niall expertly (so he says) downloaded from god knows what website. “It’ll be fine, they can’t arrest me, I just want to watch some dinosaurs.” He explains waving you down as you scold him. “I’m a pirate, I’ve got this.” But it all went for nothing because the two of you fell asleep not even halfway through the movie. Niall wakes up suddenly causing you to stir, “Fuck,” he mumbles rubbing his eyes “come on, let’s head to bed.” He yawns patting your back. “No shut up, come cuddle” You whine, Niall can’t help but laugh and curl back beside you. “I really wanted to watch the dinosaurs.” He whines before pulling you closer.
  • Zayn: It’s a 12 hour plane ride, so the best way to spend it is sleeping. However, Zayn decided to spend a bit of his time doodling in his small moleskin notebook he continually carried around. Not long after taking off, His eyes fall over to you. You’ve made a very... comfortable sleeping arrangement with one of your sweaters balled up on the fold out table with your head pressed against it. He can’t help but chuckle because really he didn’t even notice. “I love you, crazy girl.” He mumbles before dropping his eyes back to his sketch.
#4 He pulls a few strings for you


“I JUST HATE THIS SELFISH , EVIL WORLD!!!!!” you bang the door as you make your way towards the couch and plopped down on the comfortable cushions. “Looks like someone had a bad day ” Harry comes from behind and starts massaging your shoulders. This usually calms you down in an instant. But today it just wouldn’t work. Everything was fine till today afternoon. In fact you were more happy and excited than you had been in a few weeks. Yesterday evening you recieved a mail from Miss Catherine , senior manager of the company you have always dreamed to work in. She had called you for an interview today evening sharp at 5. You reached at quarter to 5 all dressed and ready to impress them. But once you reached the office , instead of being shown the way to go and meet miss Catherine  , the receptionist told you that the job has already been given to someone else. You went mad. After a huge argument with her did she finally reveal to whom was the job allotted. Michelle Johnson. Sister of the famous actor Michael Johnson.  (A/N : Just imagine some actor , I didn’t want to name any. Soo…) You were enraged. She used her brother’s name to get the job while you slogged for hours to get that one call. When you reached the end of telling Harry what happened exactly , you were on the verge of tears. “How could they , Harry? How can people just use somebody’s name to get what they want. And how can people even agree with just for their benefits. Why do they forget their promises to others?” you whined. Harry could bear anything in this whole damn world , but tears in your eyes. He just couldn’t stand them. He somehow hushed you and tried to make you fall asleep. Once you did fall asleep he carried you to your bedroom and laid you down on the bed. He gently kissed your forehead. He knew what to do. He took his phone and went downstairs. He knew that you hated this but he still had to do it. After all he just couldn’t see his baby unhappy. “Just make sure you don’t take my name” he whispered to the person he was talking to on the phone. The next day you get an other e mail telling about the grave mistake done by their receptionist and that there still is a job left for you. And everything was back to normal and Harry was smart enough to not mention about his phone call. 


You just loved shopping with Liam. When you were little and you used to go shoppin with your mum and dad , it was more like just you and mum. Your dad was least interested whether you get the floral top or the plain green t-shirt. So you had this mindset that all the boys loathed shopping. But that wasn’t the case with Liam. This suprised you when you two started dating. His fashion sense was simply superb. He gave you the best opinion about which shoes would go with this shirt and what jewelery with that dress. You were really happy that Liam had two elder sisters who trained him really well. “Babe , how about this ?” he asks holding a beautiful turquoise gown for your friends wedding after two weeks. “Omigosh Li! Its gorgeous!” you exclaim. “Really?” he looks at the dress doubting his own choice. “Well , I don’t think its that gorgeous. Well I think it lacks something” “What?” “A gorgeous lady wearing it” he smirks at you. “Cheesy” you say but there is still a smile and light pink blush on your face. “Go on babe try it out” he hands you the dress and gives you light push in the direction of the changing room. You tried the dress on. It was perfect. You walked out to show it to Liam. When he saw you his mouth opened slightly and remained open for a while. You looked stunning. “You are probably going to look much prettier than the bride” he said making you blush even more. “Stop it” you cover your face get in the trial room again to get back into your clothes. “This dress is amazing. I’ve got to buy it. Even if it is a bit out of budget. This dress is totally worth it.” you think while searching for the price tag. Your eyes opened wide when you saw its price. Yes , it was out of your budget. But not little out of your buget like you thought. Way , way , way out! You couldn’t spend so much. And that too on a dress. Sure it wasn’t just another dress but… You walked out with a frown on your face hanging the dress back on its rack. “What , wait I thought we were buying this?” Liam asked puzzled. “Its out of my budget.” “Well then let me pay for it.” “Liam” say in the matter-of-a-fact of tone you use whenever Liam tries to buy you something. You hated to use his money. “Please” he pouted “You may repay me later.” Yeah. You could repay it later. If Liam doesn’t take the money , you’d buy gifts for him. Yes! You were about to agree but..you remembered Liam never carries money. You don’t allow him to. When you had just begun to date and went shopping like this he used to trick you into letting him pay your bills. So you had forbid him from carrying any money. “You don’t have any mone Li” you said sadly. “And just let it be. There will be another beautiful dress.” you begin to walk when “Wait” Liam says and walks to the cashier. You see him talking to the lady there and sign something. He comes bag to you with a big grin on his face. “We can take the dress now and pay later.”  He says simply. “Wha-” “She has a daughter who is a fan” Liam winks at you


“And they didn’t even warn me or give me some time to adjust or make other arrangements.” you whine , tears refusing to stop. You were fired from your job. Well it wasn’t a job exactly. Just picking up the phones , fixing appointments , bringing tea or other small stuff. But they were important. They paid off your bills and your uni fees. You still had two years left for graduation and you had no idea how are you gonna bring money for the fees and your books. Niall held you close and rubbed your back. He was trying his best not to cry too , seeing his princess cry. He knew how emotional you were and had to stay strong for you. “Babe , we can search for a new job. A better one that too. You are sooo capable. You would ace anything. And till you get a perfect job I can always pay your fees.” He offered with a smile. “But Ni-” you tried to protest but he place his finger on your lips. “I think thats enough for a day , princess. My mum used to always say that no matter how big the problems are , you will always find a solution. We will find a solution. But no more thinking and worrying tonight. We wil leave it for tomorrow , okay?” you nod. You slept soon , tired from the day’s events. But Niall couldn’t. He somehow had managed to console you and promise that everything would be fine. But how? It was difficult to get a reasonable job in a populated city like London. And you would never want to use his money for a long time. He did not get it why? But he did not want to hurt you either. He had to do something. After a lot of brainstorming he finally got an idea. Modest! Management. There surely can be a job for you. And here you were sitting in their office applying for a part time receptionist’s job. “So , Y/N , shall we discuss your salary.” “Salary?” you were puzzled “Don’t y'all want to ask any questions?” “No actually” they smiled at you. “Niall has told us enough about you.” In that one sentence you understood what he did for you. Your heart filled with admiration for him.

“They didn’t even ask me any questions , you know. Just gave me the job” you said putting your arms around his neck. “Congrats , baby!” he kissed you. You looked into his eyes pulling back from the kiss. “Thank you” you whispered.


“We are really sorry ma’m , but you need to book the hall for any function at least 2 months prior.” “But there is no function on 12 th right? Then what is the harm in giving us the hall.” “ We are sorry madam” “But-” “Forget it Y/N” your friend pulled you back trying her best not to cry. She was searching for a nice wedding hall and she simply loved the amibience of the place you were currently standing in. But just like the 3 other places y'all are coming from , this to needs early booking. “Y/F/N if we don’t talk to them then they never are gonna agree.” “I know ” she exhaled rubbing her 7 month pregnant belly. It was just 2 weeks earlier that she and her boyfriend well now fiance thought that it would be great to get married before the birth of their baby. But now there was no place available and she had no idea what she is going to do. You dropped her home and told her not to worry and everything was going to be just fine. Just fine? You yourself didn’t know how are you going to make things fine. “Hey babe! How was your day?” Louis greeted you , opening the door. On seeing Louis’ face you got an idea. Louis! Of course Louis would help. You have never asked Louis for anything. Sure he wouldn’t turn you down this one time. “It was okay” you frowned “But seeing you makes it better.” you smiled at him , the sweetest smile ever. You put your arms around his neck. “Lou , I need a favour from you.” you pouted. You knew it very well how he just couldn’t resist it. “ There is nobody in this entire , big city ready to give a hall for Y/F/N’s wedding” Louis chuckled. “And what do you want me to do about it?” he asked , already guessing the plan. “Well they said no to me and Y/F/N” you frowned “but!” you grinned wide , “they would never tell no to the Louis Tomlinson from the biggest band on the planet!!!”  You looked up to him with hope in your eyes. He removed your arms from his shoulders and walked away. You thought Louis was mad at you and started feeling guilty about asking him to use his name. “Now why are you standing there like a statue. Go and tell Y/F/N that the venue is almost booked.” Louis said already dialing the number.


“I am sorry m'am , but all the rooms are booked” “What booked?!?! I had called and booked my suite weeks ago. You cannot just turn back now.” Your vaction with your friends in Paris is on the verge of getting ruined thanks to the man calling himself a manager. You and your friends were looking forward to this holiday and this guy just spoiled everything. “Yes , Zayn ” you said picking up his phone. “Did you guys reach Paris?” “Yes we did.” “Y/N , you promised you would call. I was so worried if y'all reached properly or not” You weren’t even listening to him. You were so tensed about where to stay. It was 12 at night and you didn’t know where to go. “Y/N?” “Huh- yeah?” “I asked if y'all checked in your hotel?” “No. Not yet I mean” “Why?” And you told him the entire story of how your months and months of planning went wasted thanks to this hotel. “Baby , don’t worry. Just give him the phone.” “What are you gonna do Zayn?” “Trust me babe. Give him the phone.” After about 5 minutes of hearing okays and sures from the manager did he finally hand you your phone back. “I am extremely sorry madams. Let me take you to your rooms” he said gesturing the bellboy to take your luggage. You made a mental note to Thank Zayn as soon as you reach your room.

A/n: Tell me how it was please!?

The Model Series #48 Two Year Anniversary Part One

Harry: “Damn this traffic!” You swear, the SUV barely moving along the packed street nearing the airport. Not only were there mobs of fans present to catch any glimpse of you and Harry walking into Heathrow, some stupid taxi had swerved and caused a crash that made traffic stand still for hours. “I would say get out and walk but it’s too dangerous!” Harry sighed next to you, reaching over to grab your hand. He squeezed it gently, rubbing circles over it with his thumb–a calming gesture. Because it wasn’t a band function, yours and Harry’s trip to the Caribbean, you weren’t permitted to use the band’s private jet so by the time you finally arrived at the airport, you had missed your flight. You anxiously wait in the lounge for the next flight, seven hours later. You sleep from pure exhaustion for the entire flight and wake up excitedly at 2 am when the plane lands. It takes a few more hours to drive to the exclusive resort on the beach and by the time you check into your suite the sun begins rising. “Babe….babe c'mon!” Harry pulls you onto the private strip of beach and somewhere along the way loses his shirt. “We’re here!” Harry yells, running towards the water. You smile at him before racing after him. He turns around just in time to wrap you in his arms and pick you up, both of you laughing. “No fans….no family….no paparazzi….just us.” He whispers happily.

Louis: When you and Louis first discussed taking a trip together, you never thought you’d end up in the middle of a desert on the back of a camel trekking with retired couples and a guide that spoke two words of English. But, here you were. “Babe…check me out! I’m a total camel-whisperer.” Louis tries to balances without holding onto the reign of his animal and ends up falling over, swinging so he is gripping the belly of the spitting animal. You laugh hysterically, fighting to keep your own balance, as the guide hurries over to help Louis right-side-up on his camel. “Oh shut up,” he sulks as you continue to laugh. You propel your animal next to Louis and kiss him on the cheek sweetly, apologizing without words. He smiles and you grin back at him, urging your camel faster. Soon you and Louis are galloping across the hot sand, the wind blowing your hair back as the rest of the tour group sits and rests in the shadow of a massive dune. The guide chases after you, yelling something in a language you’d never heard before, but you could care less, laughing as Louis’ camel refuses to run any faster, leaving him far behind you. You stop at the top of the biggest sand dune to let your camel rest, further away from the group than you thought. You wait for Louis to catch up to you and when he does, neither of you say anything, both of you looking over the endless sand stretching out below you. “Babe?” He says softly. You turn to him. “It’s fucking hot as hell out here.”

Zayn: “I don’t ever want to leave here….” You mumble into Zayn’s neck, cuddled around him in a hammock suspended above the Grecian beach. “Mm,” he moans back, his hand absently tracing the curve of your waist. You arrived in Greece two days before at the beautiful private resort where each suite had its own private beach and service staff. Zayn had pulled you out to the hammock after dinner to watch the sun set over the ocean, mere feet from your perch. You shift your body so you’re lying nose-to-nose with him, the orange and pink-tinted sky painting his face. “I love you….” he says simply. “Do you know that?” You smile and nudge your nose gently against his. “I do,” you say. “Do you know that I love you more than I’ve ever loved anybody? Do you know that I’ve loved you for two years to the day? Do you know that I never ever want to be further away from you than I am right now?” His voice is soft and slow, his sweet words like a lullaby, coaxing you to a drowsy state in his arms. You try to say something, but sleep overcomes you and your eyelids close as you yawn. “That’s okay baby, don’t say anything. Just sleep. I’m here and I always will be.” You force your eyes open, a small smile of contentment creeping across your face when you notice Zayn falling asleep, his arms protectively around you. You press a soft kiss to his stubble-ridden jawline and close your eyes again, falling asleep to the sound of his breathing and the ocean waves lulling on the shore.

Niall: You felt exactly like Rose, to Niall’s Jack, as you stepped on board the Oriana, a luxury cruise liner that had more than enough lifeboats. Niall surprised you with the two week-long cruise as your 2-year anniversary present and you were beyond excited. Your private security detail aboard the ship walked you to your suite door. Actually, it was an elevator instead of a door, but only accessible through thumbprint scans–only you, Niall, and select staff had access to your room. “Niall!” You breathed in excitement. “Happy anniversary Princess, only the best for you.” You were speechless. The suite was a humongous, 3-level, 2 balcony heaven. You walked in a trance around the giant floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking your balcony, which overlooked the front of the boat, before walking absently into the huge master suite that took up two floors and included its own swimming pool. “Niall…..” you ask softly, standing in the doorframe of the two-level closet. “What’s all this? These aren’t my clothes…” “They are now,” he whispers in your ear. You swear your heart stopped beating for a moment as you took in the nearly-full closet of designer clothes. “This is too much Ni…” you began shaking your head but Niall stopped you with a finger to your lips. “I love to spoil you…now go, enjoy!” He set you loose on the closet as he began unpacking your actual bags that just arrived.

Liam: “As cliche as this is, I love you for doing it for me.” Liam teases you, wrapping his arms around you from behind in the small basket hanging underneath the giant balloon. “I wanted our anniversary to be special!” You insist, smiling to yourself. The balloon operator shares your secret smile, but Liam is oblivious. At least, until the end of the long ride when the balloon begins to descend. “Babe…where are we? This isn’t where we left from…” Liam looks confusedly at the landscape below you. “Surprise!” You throw your arms out, causing the small basket to shake. “What’s-what’s this?” He asks, still confused. You point to the castle that gets bigger and bigger as you approach it. “That, is our new home for the next two weeks. Happy Anniversary baby!” You love his excited/surprised look. “When I asked if you wanted to go away you said you had to work!” He mock-reprimands you. “Well, what kind of surprise would it be if I had told you? Now, there’s so much to do in the castle and on the giant grounds and all of our friends are coming up for a 3-day long party next week!” Liam smiles and embraces you tightly.“I love you [Y/N],” he whispers in your ear. “I know,” you smile back, kissing him on the cheek. 

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3 am #756
  • Harry: You’re hardly ever asleep at this time, Harry however shares the same bedtime as an 80 year old man so at this point in the night he’s fast asleep. On rare occasions though, as you’re finishing the last few pages of your book, or you just brought the dogs in from outside you find him lingering around the house. His eyelashes fluttering as he tries to keep himself awake, dark green eyes slowly trace around until he finds you and a small smile breaks from behind his dark pink lips. “Woke up for some water,” He admits shrugging his shoulders causing his dark curls to shuffle “also need someone to spoon with, will you come to bed with me?” Each time your answer is always the same, “Of course.”
  • Liam: When the clock passes 3, Liam always becomes giggly. Each thing you say throws him into fits of laughter, which makes you feel like you could probably support yourself by becoming a comedian. There’s nothing more sweet than a 3 am Liam. His eyes become puffy from laughing far too much, his voice becoming scratchy and bed-ridden. “Let’s get you to bed, Li.” “But you’re so funny – just want to stay awake with you a little longer.” He says as he allows you to guide him into the bedroom. “How about we cuddle for a while, yeah? You can stay awake, let’s just lay down.” You say this knowing this will be the only way to get him to sleep at this point and like always, it works.
  • Louis: Louis is basically the energizer bunny. He never stops, but at 3 am he falls quiet. If you didn’t know Louis you would think he was upset, his blue eyes have turned grey at this point, his nimble fingers picking at whatever fabric is around him. However you know that he’s not upset. 3 am is Louis’ thinking hour. It’s the hour you catch him up at on random nights with a pencil in his hands leaned over a piece of paper in the study. 3 am is the hour so many fantastic songs have been written. 3 am is his creative hour where he can lounge around in his pajamas and write whatever he wants.
  • Niall: Unless Niall is drunk or playing FIFA, he’s never awake at 3 am. No matter where he is, at the bar, in a taxi on the way home, waiting to catch a flight – he’s asleep leaving you, and a very unlucky Liam to help guide the sleep drunk boy to wherever he needs to go. “Niall, come on, you gotta wake up.” You whisper as you gently shake his shoulder. Considering Zayn just moved into a new apartment, everyone was invited for a house warming which lead until the wee hours in the morning. “No. Zayn loves me. He’ll let me stay.” He mumbles before tossing over on the spacious couch.



READ PART 1 HERE : http://curlymotherfuker.tumblr.com/post/137435668652/one-shot-harry-styles-au-white-trash-part-1

WARNING: Explicit language, violence, abuse, triggering situations, etc

Song: Trouble by Halsey.


Seeing him smile like that, his dimples on display, imprinted on both of his cheeks showed how big he was smiling. It would normally make her heart flutter but seeing to whom he was smiling as he had his arms wrapped around her made Rhea feel sick.

She hasn’t been spending much time with him, let alone any time at all for the past few weeks. He was head over heels for the purple haired girl.

She should be happy though, she hasn’t seen her sister with fat, old, bald men in the past weeks. She promised Harry that she’ll stop and apparently so she did until Rhea caught her a few days later, causing the two best friends to fight.

“Why can’t you let me be happy for once? Are you jealous that nobody wants you or what? Maybe if you weren’t such a prude you’d get some.” He says harshly with no sign of remorse but as he sees her teary eyes and her head lowering down to look at the floor, he regretted it.

“Rhea… I-”

“Don’t bother. You’re right maybe if I take my lovely sister’s example, I’ll attract more guys and make money at the same time. Thank you for reality check and the brilliant advice Harry.” She says her lip trembling from anger as tears slipped from her eyes.

“Don’t speak about her like that.”

Of course. He was taking her defence, a girl he knew for a few weeks rather than the girl he knew for years.

Months past that became a year, Harry and Jana were going stronger than ever while she was miserable as ever.

The progress that she has made while the curly haired boy was around, went away. She wasn’t speaking a lot, the bruises that once recovered from her skin, made their appearance more prominent now.

Harry wasn’t there to protect her anymore, she was succumbing into that dark tunnel again but with no light at the end of it.

She was laying on the dirty, yellow-ish coloured mattress when the green eyed boy came trough the door.

“I finally got it. I got the ring Rhea. It’s just like she wanted it to be. Big with a very expensive diamond in the middle. Think she’ll like it?” He asks excitedly as he could barely hold in place.

She was in shock, too shocked to say anything really, too shocked even move. He wanted to marry her. He wanted to marry her gold digging sister.

She didn’t bother warn him any further, it would end up in an argument between them. She’d end up as the bad guy like always.

She was right though. Her sister left with the diamond ring leaving Harry with a broken heart and Rhea was left to pick up the pieces.

“Why would she do that? I gave her everything. I loved her and she chose my money.” He sobbed, his face buried in the crook of her neck as her arms were wrapped around his torso, holding him against her.

“You gave her too much Harry and she didn’t deserve it.” She said quietly, so quietly that he didn’t hear her as his sobs were louder and much powerful.

Harry changed. He stopped smiling, bags under his red eyes and his mouth often stunk of alcohol. He finds his way on her mattress at night and takes care of him as he sometimes fights the guys that her sisters ventures around with. Old, bald guys.

“You’re too good to everybody.” He slurred as he faced her laying down on her mattress.

She looked at him and stayed in silence, she didn’t speak very often. She was used to not speak as her father would beat her up if she did.

“C'mere.” He mumbled as he opened his arms for her to go in them and winced once something made contact with her freshly made bruise. Placed on her side. He frowned as he felt her jolt lightly out soon relaxed in his arms.

He got up on his side, his elbow holding his body as he looked at her. He ran the tip of his fingers on top of her clothe where the bruise is. Her breath hitched at the sensation and her heart rate picked up. He slowly sled the bottom of her shirt up, uncovering her dark, purple bruise. It was almost as big as the palm of his hand. A small gasp left her lips as she felt his make contact with her skin. He ran his fingers against it before placing her shirt back and laying back down.

Ever since that moment, something sparked inside of him. He couldn’t stop thinking about how soft her skin was. He wanted her. Harry was confused and frustrated. He wanted Rhea. He wanted her best friend. He shouldn’t but he couldn’t help it.

So one night, when he, of course, was intoxicated as usual. He rarely was sober. He finally got know how her body felt against him as he rocked into her. He finally felt the pleasure that he was earning for. His movements were harsh and new bruises found themselves on her skin.

She let him use her and kept quiet, biting on his shoulder from preventing any sound of discomfort to come out.

Her father was beating his anger out on her and Harry was using her for sex as a way to forget about his foolish actions in waiting to marry her sister.

Everyone was abusing her, one way or another.