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The Art of Letting Go.

PROMPT: After you know Harry is cheating on you, all you leave behind is a tear stained letter. 


There’s no way that I deem appropriate to start this letter. 

How about: “Hi, how are you doing love?“ 

But that sounds so funny to me, we do live together after all. Or at least used to. But I still wouldn’t know how you’re doing anymore, anyway. 

I’ve always thought you and I were happy with what we had, I’m sorry I didn’t realise you weren’t happy earlier, I would’ve left before it got down to this. And I want you to know that it tears me to shreds, that I have to write everything that’s related to us– in past tense. 

And I don’t want you to feel bad or guilty– that is if you still care enough about me to feel like that. 

Now I feel really stupid and I don’t know why I’m still writing this, I should’ve just left, I just know I can’t talk to you face to face anymore. 

I’m glad you’re happy even if the cause is someone who’s not me, I know you’ve been stressed lately, you had a lot on your mind and I wasn’t there for you as much as I’d wanted to. I just wish you hadn’t lied to me though, and I wish I didn’t find comfort in your words the way I did. 

You can say I’m mad at my self, more than I’ll ever be at you, because, I knew what’s going on– not in its entirety, but that gut feeling was there, I was a coward for not confronting my self and ending this misery for the both of us. 

But can I really blame my self? I loved you too much for it to be easy– letting you go, that is. 

But anyway, this is getting long and I have to go. I’m sorry for everything. 

Y/N xx 


A heart wrenching sob can be heard amidst the quietness in Harry’s flat. And he knows, he has no right to be heartbroken. 

But he is. 

He remembers why he fell in love with her. The way she smiled at him– like there was no one else important in the world but him, how she always knew how to make things better, how to keep him sane and insane for her. And the way she was always so considerate of his feelings– even now for fucks sake! When he ripped her heart and stomped on it till it turned paper thin. 

But what he doesn’t remember is when he forgot all of this. Was it the seductive looks he got amidst the chaos of his hectic life? Was it the thrill of knowing that this is something he’s not supposed to be doing? Was it worth it? He doesn’t think so, and he had been beating himself over being so aware of what he did, and that he fucking did it, because you didn’t deserve this. You really didn’t. So he clutches the paper that has such fragile feelings written on it, and vows to never hurt you anymore, that’d he’d let you go because who was he to ask you to stay? 

 It’s true, what they say. 

“You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” 


 A/N: Ello! 

 Hope you enjoyed this! Have a nice day xx

The Model Series #48 Two Year Anniversary Part One

Harry: “Damn this traffic!” You swear, the SUV barely moving along the packed street nearing the airport. Not only were there mobs of fans present to catch any glimpse of you and Harry walking into Heathrow, some stupid taxi had swerved and caused a crash that made traffic stand still for hours. “I would say get out and walk but it’s too dangerous!” Harry sighed next to you, reaching over to grab your hand. He squeezed it gently, rubbing circles over it with his thumb–a calming gesture. Because it wasn’t a band function, yours and Harry’s trip to the Caribbean, you weren’t permitted to use the band’s private jet so by the time you finally arrived at the airport, you had missed your flight. You anxiously wait in the lounge for the next flight, seven hours later. You sleep from pure exhaustion for the entire flight and wake up excitedly at 2 am when the plane lands. It takes a few more hours to drive to the exclusive resort on the beach and by the time you check into your suite the sun begins rising. “Babe….babe c'mon!” Harry pulls you onto the private strip of beach and somewhere along the way loses his shirt. “We’re here!” Harry yells, running towards the water. You smile at him before racing after him. He turns around just in time to wrap you in his arms and pick you up, both of you laughing. “No fans….no family….no paparazzi….just us.” He whispers happily.

Louis: When you and Louis first discussed taking a trip together, you never thought you’d end up in the middle of a desert on the back of a camel trekking with retired couples and a guide that spoke two words of English. But, here you were. “Babe…check me out! I’m a total camel-whisperer.” Louis tries to balances without holding onto the reign of his animal and ends up falling over, swinging so he is gripping the belly of the spitting animal. You laugh hysterically, fighting to keep your own balance, as the guide hurries over to help Louis right-side-up on his camel. “Oh shut up,” he sulks as you continue to laugh. You propel your animal next to Louis and kiss him on the cheek sweetly, apologizing without words. He smiles and you grin back at him, urging your camel faster. Soon you and Louis are galloping across the hot sand, the wind blowing your hair back as the rest of the tour group sits and rests in the shadow of a massive dune. The guide chases after you, yelling something in a language you’d never heard before, but you could care less, laughing as Louis’ camel refuses to run any faster, leaving him far behind you. You stop at the top of the biggest sand dune to let your camel rest, further away from the group than you thought. You wait for Louis to catch up to you and when he does, neither of you say anything, both of you looking over the endless sand stretching out below you. “Babe?” He says softly. You turn to him. “It’s fucking hot as hell out here.”

Zayn: “I don’t ever want to leave here….” You mumble into Zayn’s neck, cuddled around him in a hammock suspended above the Grecian beach. “Mm,” he moans back, his hand absently tracing the curve of your waist. You arrived in Greece two days before at the beautiful private resort where each suite had its own private beach and service staff. Zayn had pulled you out to the hammock after dinner to watch the sun set over the ocean, mere feet from your perch. You shift your body so you’re lying nose-to-nose with him, the orange and pink-tinted sky painting his face. “I love you….” he says simply. “Do you know that?” You smile and nudge your nose gently against his. “I do,” you say. “Do you know that I love you more than I’ve ever loved anybody? Do you know that I’ve loved you for two years to the day? Do you know that I never ever want to be further away from you than I am right now?” His voice is soft and slow, his sweet words like a lullaby, coaxing you to a drowsy state in his arms. You try to say something, but sleep overcomes you and your eyelids close as you yawn. “That’s okay baby, don’t say anything. Just sleep. I’m here and I always will be.” You force your eyes open, a small smile of contentment creeping across your face when you notice Zayn falling asleep, his arms protectively around you. You press a soft kiss to his stubble-ridden jawline and close your eyes again, falling asleep to the sound of his breathing and the ocean waves lulling on the shore.

Niall: You felt exactly like Rose, to Niall’s Jack, as you stepped on board the Oriana, a luxury cruise liner that had more than enough lifeboats. Niall surprised you with the two week-long cruise as your 2-year anniversary present and you were beyond excited. Your private security detail aboard the ship walked you to your suite door. Actually, it was an elevator instead of a door, but only accessible through thumbprint scans–only you, Niall, and select staff had access to your room. “Niall!” You breathed in excitement. “Happy anniversary Princess, only the best for you.” You were speechless. The suite was a humongous, 3-level, 2 balcony heaven. You walked in a trance around the giant floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking your balcony, which overlooked the front of the boat, before walking absently into the huge master suite that took up two floors and included its own swimming pool. “Niall…..” you ask softly, standing in the doorframe of the two-level closet. “What’s all this? These aren’t my clothes…” “They are now,” he whispers in your ear. You swear your heart stopped beating for a moment as you took in the nearly-full closet of designer clothes. “This is too much Ni…” you began shaking your head but Niall stopped you with a finger to your lips. “I love to spoil you…now go, enjoy!” He set you loose on the closet as he began unpacking your actual bags that just arrived.

Liam: “As cliche as this is, I love you for doing it for me.” Liam teases you, wrapping his arms around you from behind in the small basket hanging underneath the giant balloon. “I wanted our anniversary to be special!” You insist, smiling to yourself. The balloon operator shares your secret smile, but Liam is oblivious. At least, until the end of the long ride when the balloon begins to descend. “Babe…where are we? This isn’t where we left from…” Liam looks confusedly at the landscape below you. “Surprise!” You throw your arms out, causing the small basket to shake. “What’s-what’s this?” He asks, still confused. You point to the castle that gets bigger and bigger as you approach it. “That, is our new home for the next two weeks. Happy Anniversary baby!” You love his excited/surprised look. “When I asked if you wanted to go away you said you had to work!” He mock-reprimands you. “Well, what kind of surprise would it be if I had told you? Now, there’s so much to do in the castle and on the giant grounds and all of our friends are coming up for a 3-day long party next week!” Liam smiles and embraces you tightly.“I love you [Y/N],” he whispers in your ear. “I know,” you smile back, kissing him on the cheek. 

The next preference in the series will be: Two Year Anniversary Part Two
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Stockholm Syndrome

 *This What I Came Up With If ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ was a single turning into a Music Video*

A Girl *Doesn’t show her face through out the video* the camera shoots to Harry who is tied up to a chair, they are in a dark-ish shed. (The Camera comes closer as the music starts to begin) *He’s passed out as soon as he wakes up he’s see unknown girl a few feet away from him, he squint to try to see here) as he sings ‘Who’s that shadow holding me hostage I’ve been here for days’. The girl is next behind him holding his shoulders and whispers something into his ear, ‘Who’s this whisper telling me that I’m never gonna get away’.

Zayn is in the seat where Harry was in,Zayn starts singing as he struggles to get out ‘I know they’ll be coming to find me soon’ he sings The Girl walks back and fourth as he sings ‘But I feel I’m getting use to you, Being held by you’.

Cuts next to all 5 guys singing the courses *who are all tied up to a chair, same location but different time* ‘Baby look what you’ve done to me, Baby look what you’ve done now’ they sing and they’re struggling to get out as they all sing ‘Baby I’ll never leave if you keep holding me this way’, ‘Baby look what you’ve done to me, Baby you’ve got me tied down , Baby I’ll never leave if you keep holding me this way’.

Louis is in the chair *tied up* who looking at the Girl and a Guy arguing outside through the window ‘Who’s this man that’s holding your hand and talking ‘bout your eyes?, used to sing ‘bout being free but now he’s changed his mind‘ they then come in and shut the curtains and stuff Louis’ mouth is a cloth.

‘I know they’ll be coming to find me soon’ *Shows F.B.I. trying to look for the guys then cuts to Niall again* ‘but my Stockholm Syndrome is in the room’ Niall sings as he’s tied up on a wall *Arms tied by chains same for his feet* The Girl kisses him on the cheek leaving Red Lipstick smudge as he struggles to get out, The Girl leaves the shed before blowing a kiss away just before she leaves ‘Yeah I fell for you!’ Niall yells struggling even more.

Cuts next to all 5 guys singing the courses *who are all tied up to a chair, same location but different time* ‘Baby look what you’ve done to me, Baby look what you’ve done now’ they sing and they’re struggling to get out as they all sing ‘Baby I’ll never leave if you keep holding me this way’, ‘Baby look what you’ve done to me, Baby you’ve got me tied down , Baby I’ll never leave if you keep holding me this way’.

Liam is soon getting taken away, his wrists are tied together ‘All my life I’ve been on my own’ Liam sings as The Girl dragging Liam to her car ‘I used a light to guide me home, and out together we’re alone’ Liam Sings  *The Girl is wearing Dark Sunglasses*, *Location is a dock* Liam is now in the trunk ‘And there’s no other place i’d ever wanna go’ then shuts the trunk. Goes off to another location *Large Parking Area, abandon building beside it* She’s sees the other 4 standing with blindfolds with the same guy holding them, then she soons get out of the Car once she does, The F.B.I. comes out and arrest The Girl and The guy ‘Baby look what you’ve done’ Harry sings, all the guys smirk at the girl going into the Police Car.

Cuts next to all 4 guys singing the courses *who all sing to the girl as they walk away * ‘Baby look what you’ve done to me, Baby look what you’ve done now’ they all sing ‘Baby I’ll never leave if you keep holding me this way’, ‘Baby look what you’ve done to me, Baby you’ve got me tied down , Baby I’ll never leave if you keep holding me this way’. The Music soon ending and the guys leave.

After The guys leave Liam is still in the trunk ‘hello?’ he says in the trunk.

The guys are at one of their houses and talking, laughing, and eating. ‘Hey!’ Harry says they put all attention on Harry ‘Where’s Liam?’ he asked they laugh and soon running out out the house to find Liam once they open the door to see a sweaty Liam at the door ‘hey mates’ he says looking angry.

The End

What Do You Guys Think? I’ll love some feeback, yeah that’s just my thoughts if ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ was a video 

Later, Tiger! (Harry Imagine ft. Kendall Jenner)

Master List | Inbox

Thanks rebeccamalik1997 for the request!
I’m sorry for how long it has taken me to write this! I really hope that you like it. I’ll hopefully write a part 2 (and maybe 3) to this in the future, if people want me too :)

Part two is here!
Part three is here!

“Y/N, Harry has been checking you out all night.” Kendall says, leaning in close to your ear so that you can hear her over the sound of the loud music. You roll your eyes in response, as you are almost one hundred percent sure that can’t be the case.

You let your eyes glance over to where he is sat at the bar and notice that his eyes are focused on Kendall.

“I think you’ll find he’s more interested in you.” You respond, taking a sip from your drink.

“I swear to God he has hardly taken his eyes off you for a second. Why would I lie?” She shoots back at you almost instantly.

“Because it would do you a favour if Harry was dating someone else. Guys don’t come near you since they think you two are still dating.” You retort, glancing over at Harry again only to discover that this time he is actually looking at you. You feel your cheeks tint a gentle shade of pink.

“Still? We never were! I’ve told you, we’re just friends.” She insists and you accidentally snort.

“Friends?” You scoff. “Kendall, you and I are friends. We don’t get photographed holding hands or practically kissing.” You smirk and although it’s difficult to hear you can tell that she sighs.

“Wanna know what the last eight of my Instagram pics Harry has liked are of?” Kendall suddenly asks you, slightly changing the subject. You shrug your shoulders nonchalantly. “You!” She snaps, when you fail to humour her with a response. You shrug your shoulders again, acting as if this is no big deal but secretly it makes your heart skip a beat.

Being the BFF of Kendall Jenner your whole life, involved an awful lot of sitting back and watching her have countless relationships and flings with some of the most gorgeous men that Log Angeles, or the world, had to offer. It was pretty hard to expect that you’d get any male attention with Kendall sat beside you all the time, so the thought of Harry fancying you made your stomach fill with butterflies.

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Preference #67 You're Both Famous: Fashion Week


You were going to be featured in the Givenchy showcase so Niall was more than willing to go and support you! He sat front row and flashed you a thumbs up as you passed, it was hard for you not to smile but as soon as you were done you got to join him for the rest of the show.


Working on Gossip Girl with all the designer clothes and outfits had its perks; you got to attend many different fashion shows and even fashion week. Although Liam wasn’t always interested in the “latest trends” and what not you still brought him along. It was a nice way to be able to spend some time together.


You loved fashion to say the least. Being an up-in-coming designer gave you the chance to attend fashion shows worldwide including New York’s fashion week. You always brought Louis along because he was somewhat interested in clothing as well, maybe it was just from being around you but either way you enjoyed the company. 


Neither of you really had a “reason” to attend fashion week but I guess being a celebrity has it’s perks. You and Harry both enjoyed getting dressed up so it was actually fun to see all the new and upcoming styles that the two of you would soon be wearing.


Often times you were invited to fashion week just because of your celebrity status but you actually enjoyed going. You loved clothes and so did Zayn, so it was perfect for the two of you and a great chance for you both to spend time together. You never missed a chance to bond over clothing. 

You’ve fallen asleep #786
  • a/n: I rewrote this! I hope you like it!
  • Harry: It’s a known fact that while being spooned you can fall asleep anywhere, preferably easier while being little spoon, and Harry knows this so when you go quiet somewhere between the 5th or 6th consecutive episode of Bones, he knows just what has happened. “Are you asleep?” He questions quietly doing his best to peer over your shoulder. “Guess so,” the bright-eyed boy mumbles with a grin before pulling you back to his chest. “Well I am a super good spooner now aren’t I?” He smirks nosing momentarily against your back before planning a small kiss to your shoulder.
  • Liam: “Rub my back?” You mumble and without waiting for a yes or no, you decided to go ahead and lay yourself over his lap. “You can’t say no, I’m already here.” You inform him giving a tired smile. It had been a long day, the obnoxious people at your work could drive anyone crazy, and Liam knew. “Of course.” His eyes go back to the television as he lifts your shirt enough to slide in a hand, cool fingers ghost up and down your back and your eyes grew increasingly heavy. Liam can tell when you’ve fallen asleep, after sleeping beside each other for over a year, he knows that you’ve been out for a while now. “I’ll put you in bed soon babe.” He mumbles with a small smile. “Sleep well, you deserve it.”
  • Louis: “Holy fuck! Holy shit! Babe are you... you’re sleeping.” His voice instantly goes quiet as he realizes you’ve fallen asleep on your prefered end of the couch, and by the nice size puddle of drool, yeah, he can tell you've been out for some time. Laughing to himself he cleans off your face, and it wouldn’t be right if he didn’t take a picture before hand to taunt you with when you woke in the morning. “You’re missing a sick fucking show, but, don’t worry. I’ll tell you all about it when you wake up. I’ll also post this picture, point one for the tommo.” He chuckles brushing his fingers through your hair.
  • Niall: Monday movie night has been a tradition since the two of you started dating a little over 2 years ago. Tonights movie was Jurrasic World which Niall expertly (so he says) downloaded from god knows what website. “It’ll be fine, they can’t arrest me, I just want to watch some dinosaurs.” He explains waving you down as you scold him. “I’m a pirate, I’ve got this.” But it all went for nothing because the two of you fell asleep not even halfway through the movie. Niall wakes up suddenly causing you to stir, “Fuck,” he mumbles rubbing his eyes “come on, let’s head to bed.” He yawns patting your back. “No shut up, come cuddle” You whine, Niall can’t help but laugh and curl back beside you. “I really wanted to watch the dinosaurs.” He whines before pulling you closer.
  • Zayn: It’s a 12 hour plane ride, so the best way to spend it is sleeping. However, Zayn decided to spend a bit of his time doodling in his small moleskin notebook he continually carried around. Not long after taking off, His eyes fall over to you. You’ve made a very... comfortable sleeping arrangement with one of your sweaters balled up on the fold out table with your head pressed against it. He can’t help but chuckle because really he didn’t even notice. “I love you, crazy girl.” He mumbles before dropping his eyes back to his sketch.
Libraries and such - Harry Styles Imagine

a/n: so i’m conducting a few character experiments using harry as my subject and manipulating his personality in many different circumstances. (for example; dominant, shy, nerdy, sporty etc.). i’m open to requests, so ask away. xx

Information:Bookworm Harry + Dominant Y/N (Harry’s POV)

word count: 1 810

It was a Thursday afternoon and this was the first time I barely had any assignments from my professors, I suppose they were softening up since the holidays were right around the corner. I decided to head over to the library as I liked to spend most of my free time surrounded by the warmth the books provided me.

My range of reading varied according to the day and my mood but today, I was quite up for a good romance novel. It was a cold day filled with frosty gales which was a perfect day to do nothing but read. As soon as I entered the large building with thousands of books stacked upon the seemingly infinite shelves and I inhaled deeply, catching a whiff of that musty book smell that I couldn’t quite get enough of.

I walked over to the romance section but as I got there, I stopped in my tracks, surprised to see someone else scanning the books. It was that pretty girl from my advanced English class; Amber was her name. She was beautiful and looked even more attractive under the warm lights of the library, but there was something about her that always made me stay away. Besides the fact that I was a non-doubtable introvert who spends most time cooped up in a library, there was something else, like talking to her was putting me at a risk of something unknown. Her name literally means warning, so I took some distance and started browsing for books toward the end of the shelf.

I picked up The Great Gatsby, considering rereading it as I was always entertained at the extreme nature of Jay Gatsby. I shook my head, deciding I wanted something new and unpredictable and as I was about to put it back, I was interrupted by her voice.

“What you got there?” She asked bluntly but her voice was still sweet nonetheless.

“Uh,” I said startled by her interest. “The Great Gatsby.”

“Good read, a tragic love story if you will.” She walked towards me and took the book out my hand, our fingers touching for only a second but I wanted them to touch for a few seconds more.

“But that’s the point is it not?” I questioned.

“What is?” She looked up at me and her eyes were looking at me with interest, as if she wanted to know what I had to say.

“Sometimes you get so consumed by the idea of love. But that’s all it is. An idea. And it drives you crazy, it takes over and you let it drive you to the point of absolute insanity but it leaves you with nothing. And you end up more of an empty person than you were before.” I said, not daring to look in her all-consuming eyes.

“I suppose but one could argue another point.” She challenged and I raised an eyebrow at her. “Not only is it about the monster idealistic love becomes or rather is but it can be about the monster desperate loneliness becomes. Or rather, is.”

She dragged her forefinger against the cover of the book, as if examining it, and let her words hang there for a few moments. We made eye contact for a few seconds before I looked away, afraid of the nervous feeling her eyes gave me.

“So what brings you here, Styles?” She proceeded to ask after the silence, I was surprised she knew my name. “I assume you didn’t come here to discuss the overall views and messages F. Scott Fitzgerald provides.”

“Um, I just wanted to look for a good novel to read since there aren’t so many assignments this week.”

“And you’re looking in the romance section?” She cocked her eyebrow and pulled her pink lips into a smirk.

“Yeah. A good romance never hurt anyone, right?” I said and cracked a dry laugh.

“I guess but don’t get me wrong here; wouldn’t you rather have real romance instead of reading it out of a book for once?” She questioned, putting the book down.

Her question startled me and I couldn’t rack my brain quick enough to come up with a response. I looked down at her and she was wearing what I guessed to be yoga pants and a sweater, on account of the weather, which hung slightly off her shoulder exposing the black strap of her bra.

“Wouldn’t you rather feel the warmth of someone’s touch right now? Especially in this cold weather.” She whispered into my ear, running her hand down my arm and even though she didn’t touch my skin, I still felt the electricity of her delicate touch.

“But you know, that’s just me.” She said suddenly moving away and going back to the books she was looking at earlier.

I had no clue how to respond besides just staring at her in utter confusion. Yes, of course. I answered her question in my thoughts. Of course, I would rather experience real romance and have someone to hold and touch but that never really was an option for me.

I decided to ignore the events that just unfolded, like she seemed to be doing and I went back to looking at novels but I couldn’t seem to concentrate on what I doing. I kept thinking about how her lips nearly touched my skin when she whispered into my ear, the mere thought gave me shivers.

“What do you think about Jane Eyre?” She asked unexpectedly.

I looked back at her for a moment and saw the slight glint in her eyes.

“Uh, it’s good. Nice if you’re looking for something where the protagonist has significant and progressive development.” I commented.

“Is that not every book?” She asked sceptically.

“You have to read it to understand. It was a bit ahead of its time.” I told her and tried to look like I was concentrated on the books in front of me.

“I’ll take your word for it, Styles.” She said. “You look like you know a thing or two about your literature.”

“We are in the same Advanced English class, you know.” I said, emphasizing the class.

“Oh, I know.” She spoke with a smug grin on her face and I wasn’t too sure what to discern from that.

There was small period of silence between us as she continued to scan books, but she broke it again.

“Don’t you love it?” She asked.


“The smell of books.” She said while smelling the copy of Jane Eyre she held in her hands.

“Yeah, it’s quite unlike anything.” I thought back to all the times that smell has comforted me on even the most unsettling days.

Even after I turned back to face the bookshelf, she was still looking at me as if expecting me to do something, like she was waiting for a reaction she caused. But in all honesty, the reaction she caused wasn’t visible but rather found in the stirring heat she made me feel.

“Bibliosmia.” I finally said.

“Huh?” She asked in slight confusion at the foreign word I had muttered.

“The act of smelling books, it’s called bibliosmia.” I explained.

“So that would make us bibliosmiacs, right?” She said, the word sounded perfect when it was spoken from her voice and came from her lips. I couldn’t help but notice her tongue under her teeth as she pronounced the l’s of any word.

“Yeah.” I spoke.

“Styles, come here.” She stated normally and called me closer.

I was baffled at why she had wanted such but my legs moved, despite no actual reasoning to do so.

“I think you’re cute.” She said with a small smile and I felt my cheeks heat slightly. “And underrated.”

“Underrated?” I asked, curious at her choice of diction.

“Yes, underrated. All those other girls marvel at those stupid sporty jocks who’s ability to be utter assholes are overlooked because of what? Their appearence? Ugh, it’s so stupid. Why have someone like that, when you can have someone like you.”

Again, she had me at a loss for words.

“I mean, you’re smart and cute.” She continued. “In fact, not just cute; you’re kinda hot, Styles.”

Our proximity was close enough that I could feel her hot breaths against my cool skin, reminding me of the winds outside. She made me feel warmer than any jacket I could wear to protect me from the cold outside.

“I want to show you real romance, Styles. I can give so much more than a book. I can give you the heat of my touch.” She said her voice back down to whisper because there was no need for her to speak louder.

She dragged her finger across my cheek, gently grazing my bottom lip. I took my lip between my teeth, in attempt to take everything she was telling me. I had never experienced someone like this and never in the library of all places. This was normally where I came to be alone.

“Amber,” I muttered, unsure of what I was getting myself into.

She shushed me with a gentle kiss but I cupped her cheek and kissed her furthermore. Her lips were cold against mine but I enjoyed the feeling. We stopped for a moment, as if to comprehend the intensity of the kiss.

“You’re a good kisser, fuck.”  She cursed under her breath. “I want you, Styles.” She looked directly in my eyes and her eyes were filled with a lust that matched exactly what I was feeling.

“I-I want you too, Amber.” I stuttered.

She kissed me again, her hand went under the jersey I was wearing and just the feeling of her cold hand on my skin provided the explosion of heat she must’ve been talking about earlier. My throat let out and involuntary moan and I felt her smirk against my lips.

“Be quiet, Styles.” She mumbled playfully. “We’re in a library, remember?”

“Mhm,” I hummed before kissing her again.

I slipped my hand under the loose sweater she was wearing, feeling her skin that brought warmth to my cold hands.

“Do you feel it, Styles?” She muttered between kisses.

I wasn’t sure what she meant because I was feeling a lot of things at that moment.

“Feel what?”

She momentarily ended our deepening kiss by tugging lightly on my bottom lip so she could look in my eyes and say;

“The heat.”


“It’s so much better than anything a book could give you, right?” She asked but didn’t give me time to answer as she placed her lips on mine again.

I relished in the feeling she gave me, each second she became more addictive than in the last.

Yes, was my answer if she had let me speak. I can finally feel the heat they talk endlessly about in those romance novels.

Request: Harry and the Girl at the Cafe

It was an average, the sun was shining, the birds were singing. Yet something felt off, like I wasn’t centered properly, as if I had woken up on the wrong side of the bed. So you decided to treat yourself ,this fine morning, to a nice quiet sit down at your favorite cafe.

Getting into your car and turning it on, you just had this gut feeling that you shouldn’t have left your apartment. The sun may have been shining but it felt like one of those stay in bed all day, pigging out of junk food type of days. But you ignored your gut and started your drive. Traffic seemed to be really bad, considering that it was midday, but that was easily blamed on the nice weather. It’s not often that the weather is this nice in Chicago in September.

Traffic was so bad that you considered several times to just turn around and head back home. Being impatient and having a severe case of road rage, didn’t help my already bad mood.

When you pull up to the cafe, there is a herd of young girls waiting outside. Lucky there was a clear pathway to door. Not paying much mind to the girls, I make my way into the small cafe, and it wasn’t into I i ordered that I looked around and realized that there was no where to sit. There was one empty at table that a curly haired boy was sitting at. I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with people today, but he had another idea.

He noticed that I was looking around, rather hopelessly for a place to sit, so he waved me over. I tried my best to suppress my awkwardness and walked over, my leopard print ankle boots hitting the floor loudly.

It wasn’t until I got there and was sitting in front him that I realized who he was, and the crowd of girls outside then made all the sense in the world. And I can see why they are out there, Harry is gorgeous. Normally, i’m not someone who stares, but for some reason I couldn’t move my eyes away. Seeing him somehow made me forget about my bad mood, and not wanting to be around people. Never thought a stranger could have this affect on me.

“nice boots”, the compliment quickly knocked me out of my daze.

“thanks, but these boots aren’t nearly as great as the crowd outside waiting for you” that was my lame attempt at sounding funny.  *fingers crossed it worked*

he laughs (YAY!! it worked) it was a soft laugh, but it was a laugh. “ I can’t seem to shake them, i don’t know why me drinking a cup of tea is that interesting”

“of course it’s interesting, you’re beautiful”, I tend to do this thing where I blurt out my inner thoughts, whoopsie-daisy. He is blushing, “ did I just make Harry Styles blush”- I say ( see i told you I tend to say things out loud).

“not many girls can make me blush, then again it’s not everyday I meet someone as beautiful as you”

“are you trying to sweet talk me?”

“I don’t know is it working”

“well H, that’s a matter of perspective”

“ohh, so are we on a nickname basis now…” he paused as if he were waiting for me to give him my name.

“I am, you aren’t.. you’re a stranger I can’t give you my name. ever heard of stranger danger”

“i like you”, wow! never knew he was so blunt.

I look down at my abandoned croissant and now cold tea. I chuckle to myself.

“what’s so funny?”


“then why are you laughing?”

I fear that I may have hurt his feeling, but when I look and see that he too has a smile on his face, I know I did nothing wrong. I take a second, to admire his dimples and the small overbite he has, it’s cute.. makes him look somewhat childish.

“you stare a lot, should probably get that checked out, might offend someone”

I only stare at beautiful things, luckily that thought stayed inside.

“it’s just that this morning I would have never guessed that I would be sitting across from you of all people. And I couldn’t figure out why I felt so unbalanced today. But sitting here with you makes everything go into focus”

He gave me a smile,a kind one, one that made me feel like I was special. As if, that smile was only given to people that mattered, which in some ways confused me.

“Well, I’m happy I could ‘focus’ your day”

Somehow I gave him the impression that he could be himself around me, he reached over and took a bite out of my croissant and was about to take a sip of my tea,but (hahaaha) I got in before he could. Being the dramatic person I am, I pretended that this cup of tea was the best I ever had causing him to pout. Setting the mug down, I reached over and softly pulled on his poked out bottom lip.

Once we finished my food, I got up to leave, but Harry had another idea. He grabbed my hand,         “stay with me for a little while longer or at least until the girls leave”

I glanced outside, the crowd wasn’t any smaller, “ sure, why not”

I knew I would be there for while, but I had good company.

We sit there for a couple of hours, ordered plenty of food. Until the owner of cafe came around and said the Harry could leave through the back exit.

Harry got up to leave, soon realizing that I wasn’t following him. He turned around holding his hand out,” you coming?”

“ didn’t know I was welcomed”

“of course, I have to repay you for staying with me allowing me to eat all your food”

I grabbed his hand,” oh i see, what did you have in mind?”

“i don’t know yet, are you in?”

“sure, why not?”

3 am #756
  • Harry: You’re hardly ever asleep at this time, Harry however shares the same bedtime as an 80 year old man so at this point in the night he’s fast asleep. On rare occasions though, as you’re finishing the last few pages of your book, or you just brought the dogs in from outside you find him lingering around the house. His eyelashes fluttering as he tries to keep himself awake, dark green eyes slowly trace around until he finds you and a small smile breaks from behind his dark pink lips. “Woke up for some water,” He admits shrugging his shoulders causing his dark curls to shuffle “also need someone to spoon with, will you come to bed with me?” Each time your answer is always the same, “Of course.”
  • Liam: When the clock passes 3, Liam always becomes giggly. Each thing you say throws him into fits of laughter, which makes you feel like you could probably support yourself by becoming a comedian. There’s nothing more sweet than a 3 am Liam. His eyes become puffy from laughing far too much, his voice becoming scratchy and bed-ridden. “Let’s get you to bed, Li.” “But you’re so funny – just want to stay awake with you a little longer.” He says as he allows you to guide him into the bedroom. “How about we cuddle for a while, yeah? You can stay awake, let’s just lay down.” You say this knowing this will be the only way to get him to sleep at this point and like always, it works.
  • Louis: Louis is basically the energizer bunny. He never stops, but at 3 am he falls quiet. If you didn’t know Louis you would think he was upset, his blue eyes have turned grey at this point, his nimble fingers picking at whatever fabric is around him. However you know that he’s not upset. 3 am is Louis’ thinking hour. It’s the hour you catch him up at on random nights with a pencil in his hands leaned over a piece of paper in the study. 3 am is the hour so many fantastic songs have been written. 3 am is his creative hour where he can lounge around in his pajamas and write whatever he wants.
  • Niall: Unless Niall is drunk or playing FIFA, he’s never awake at 3 am. No matter where he is, at the bar, in a taxi on the way home, waiting to catch a flight – he’s asleep leaving you, and a very unlucky Liam to help guide the sleep drunk boy to wherever he needs to go. “Niall, come on, you gotta wake up.” You whisper as you gently shake his shoulder. Considering Zayn just moved into a new apartment, everyone was invited for a house warming which lead until the wee hours in the morning. “No. Zayn loves me. He’ll let me stay.” He mumbles before tossing over on the spacious couch.
Harry Styles Imagine: Mild-Depression

When you woke up that morning you just knew that the day wasn’t going to be a good day. You had to wake up super early for a meeting you had at work, after tossing and turning all night. Harry tried his best to make up feel at peace but nothing he did worked. When you left that morning he was still asleep and you didn’t want to wake him so you just left a note saying where you were going to be. He had a well deserved day off, and was probably going to lay around the house all day.

You felt like no matter what you did you can’t catch your breath, like an elephant was sitting on your chest. You were ridden with grief, even though, it had seemed like years since your grandma had passed, it was still fresh in your mind. And some days are worst than others and this is one of those days where you should’ve just stayed in bed.

Once you got to work, you could feel the looks of pity lingering around me. My face showed every emotion that was running though my mind. There was no way of me hiding my sadness.

The meeting seemed to go on for hours and at some point you can’t take it anymore. You excused yourself, grabbing your things and running to your car. As you ran you couldn’t stop the tears from falling down your face.

You sat in your car in hysterics, nothing you could do could stop the tears from falling, so you stopped trying to stop. I’m not really sure when I stopped crying or how I got back to my house. I sit in driveway for a while, not sure how to move or how to approach going into the house. Harry doesn’t need this right now, he doesn’t need me and my baggage.

I finally walk into the house and I could hear Harry in the kitchen, and he must’ve heard the door close because the noise stops. You hear his footsteps and you wish you had the courage to run in the other direction, but you need him He sees your tear stained face and sad eyes and the smile that once graced his face quickly disappears.

Your feet are permanently planted at the spot in which you stand. He walks over to me and put his hands on the sides of face and kisses my forehead, my eyes close in the moment, tears spilling down my cheeks. He pulls me in and wrapped me up in his embraces. He doesn’t ask any questions, because he knows I don’t have the answers. He is jus there and I needed this, I needed to feel loved.

With intertwined hands we walk into our bedroom, and he sit me down on the bed, taking off my jacket and shoes. Pulling back the covers and we crawl under them. Facing him he wraps his arms around me and I grab onto his shirt, the food in the kitchen forgotten.

Your Best Friends Brother: Harry and Gemma

*sorry that it took so long for me to update, I had some computer troubles*

You didn’t mean for this to happen. Actually maybe you did and just would never admit it to yourself. I mean you always had a small crush on Harry, ever since you guys were little kids. You just decided not to act on it because you were Gemma’s best friend and Harry was her little brother. Also, I didn’t want to be rejected by someone younger than me and then it became the thing of not wanting to be rejected by a rock star.

So, I was very surprised when he made the first move and asked me out. So shocked and confused that all I wanted to do was ask Gemma what I should do, but thought better of it because she might not approve. Her and Harry have this weird relationship, they always have banter but they love each other so much, I don’t want her to think that I have bad intentions.

I accepted his date despite my worries. We hit it off, which only made it harder for me to tell Gem.

So was planning to tell her before she found from the media, but sadly I was too late.

Harry and I planned a movie night at my house. We would watch tons of movies, but not scary ones, mostly romance and we would pig out on junk food. Since we weren’t ready to go public with our relationship it was a perfect way to spend some time together.

As the night went on we grew tired and both fall asleep on the couch, which wouldn’t have been a problem if I didn’t have plans with Gem the next day, which I totally forgot about. So imagine my surprise when my doorbell rings at 8 am, and Harry’s sister, my best friend and the one person that I didn’t want to find out about Harry and I, is behind the door.

I open the door not knowing she was behind it and as soon as I see the door slams shut. I rush to try and get Harry up and hidden, and make myself presentable.

Harry is confused and shocked at his rude awaking. I push him along, trying to explain the situation, he doesn’t really understand and have the time to give him a play by play. He stops walking and turns around to look at me. “ And we can’t tell Gemma because..?” he looks a bit hurt and that we never my intention.

“What if she doesn’t approve. I know how much her opinion matters to you and she is my best friend. I don’t want to mess anything up”

He grabs my face, “I really like you, (y/n). And no matter what I want to see where this relationship goes, but we can’t do that if we are hiding from the one person that means the most to but of us”

“Ok ok, I’m just scared, I’ve only ever been the best friend not the best friend who is dating the brother”

he laughs at my silliness, “ ok now go open the door before Gem freezes to death, I’ll go start breakfast”

I make my way back over to the door, slowly I begin to open it. Gemma’s face is red from standing outside for so long.

“Why the bloody hell did you slam the door in my face”

Quickly make up some stupid lie, “ I had to get something”, nice one (y/n). *mentally face palming*

“you had to go get something??”

“ yes don’t worry about, let’s get you inside and warm, yeah?”, she just nods, looking slightly concerned for me.

And of course as soon as she walks in she hears the noise of Harry destroying my kitchen.

“Babe, what’s that noise?”

“Umm.. funny that, umm, I need to tell you some..”, Harry decides to walk into the living room at that moment.

“Hi Gem, eggs fried or scrambled?”

Gemma looks back at me, “ Why is he here?”

At this point I’m at a lost for words, my bottom lip as found a permanent spot in between my teeth and my hands are a bit shaky.

Once I gather up the courage to speak, “ See this what I wanted to tell you, Harry and I are… how do I say this? We are trying to see where this relationship will go”

“ So how long has this been going on?” she asks and I don’t want to attempt how long this really has been going on, because we tell each other everything and I hid this secret for way too long.

“In theory it hasn’t gone on that long. But in reality, about 2 months”

“ why didn’t you tell me?”

“ I was afraid, that you wouldn’t approve”

“Why wouldn’t I approve, I couldn’t imagine someone better this idiot I call a brother. If this works out we could be sisters”

“You don’t know how much you saying that means to me.”

So we all had breakfast together, laughing and joking around. Harry had to leave to go to the studio and Gem and I had plans, so we with our separate ways Harry and I. But I feel so relieved now that she knows, no more hiding..