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                                         "THE CLIQUE"

                          HARRY STYLES MATURE AU FIC (BREAKDOWN)

Okay so after re reading the story I’m not doing a full breakdown for this one because the lead girl kinda narrates the storyline in the beginning anyway. So here’s a brief one!

The first unpublished pilot ( the first chapter of the fic) will be from an AU I wrote last summer called “The Clique”. I knew I wanted to do one were he moved to America and was in school but I couldn’t decide if I wanted him to be a senior in HS, or in college! But obviously if you’ve red “Friday night lights” then you know I settled on the college idea!

The story is centered around 5 wealthy socialites ( Harry, Sam, Tristin, Chelsea, and Ryan) going into there senior year of high school. The group have all been friends for years and have been deemed “The clique” by the various gossip sites/ magazines that love to follow and document there every move.

Harry, who moved to the US with his parents at the age of 13…..And stayed with his mother and step dad in LA until the end of sophomore year. After running into some trouble his mother had him moved to NY for a little over a year to stay with his biological father. Now he’s back, and ready to reclaim his city with his friends, for there last year together before college!

He decides to surprise them by secretly showing up on the first day of school. But not everyone’s as… Excited to see him.

Sam and Harry were secretly… A little more than just befriends…and when he left they didint leave on good terms! So just when she thinks she’s moved on ( has a new boyfriend)….there he is! Still as charming….and even more attractive than she remembered! 

I think this may be one of the stories that actually has 2/3 chapters because I really got into this one!

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Look for it sometime this week! And like I mentioned before I’m uploading old stories to keep my blog active for the next month while I’m traveling for work! So no this is not a full length fanfic! 
(Also it’s kinda ironic because the way I describe Harry…like, I mention he let his hair grow out all over…and almost a year later that’s exactly how he has it!) 
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