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Requested: #30. “Darling, we’re going to be- wow.” & #39. “It’s taking everything that I’ve got to not fuck you right here, right now.” From the prompt list. Thanks for requesting! x

Today was the day of the official Dunkirk Premiere. Harry had been buzzing all week, talking about how excited he was for Y/N to finally be able to watch him in action.

“Yeh almost ready, sweetheart?” He calls from downstairs, pacing around the room as the nerves start to build up.

“Give me a second, just touching up my make-up!” Harry sighed at your response, shaking his head slightly before taking a seat on your shared sofa.

Ten minutes had past and you still hadn’t come down, “Darling, we’re going to be- wow.” He sucked in a breath once you came into view. You wore a long, silky red dress that had a slit on the left side, exposing from the top of your thigh to the bottom on your feet. Your hair was perfectly curled as you made you way down the stairs.

“You best close that mouth of yours, don’t want to be eating any flies now do we?” You chuckle, placing a kiss to his cheek before grabbing your bag. 

“Yeh look incredible.” He finally says once you both reach the elevator, his hand finding it’s way around your waist, pulling you closer to his side before dipping his head down, “It’s takin’ everything that I’ve got to not fuck yeh right here, right now.” His voice raspy as his warm breath tickles your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

“Keep it together, H.” You smile up through your eyelashes. The elevator doors finally open, allowing the both of you to enter. It was silent at first, both of you didn’t know what to say, secret glances were shared as the both of you remained still.

“Fuck it.” He grunts, pushing you forcefully back onto the elevator walls, you let out a huff before his lips attacked yours, his tongue immediately roams your mouth, your arms wrapping themselves around his neck. His hands trailing down your body, taking in every curve before landing on your exposed thigh, his cold rings against your skin was enough to leave you dripping. The familiar sound of the bell, indicating that you were on the ground floor, chimed through your ears. You both split, you quickly fix up your hair before the two doors open once again.

“We’ll finish that tonight, yeah?” He winks, wrapping his arm around your waist.

This is what I’ve always wanted.

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Harry/Alex: Somebody’s gotta get off,so the rest of us could live 

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Requested: 48. “She’s still alive, she has to be.” From the prompt list, thank you for requesting! x


Gun shots were becoming louder by the time Harry’s body hit the water. The cold temperature immediately making it harder to breathe.

“Y/N!” He shouts, his head turning in every direction in attempt to find his wife, “Fuckin’ ‘ell, baby, where are you?” He tried to call as loud as he could but the temperature of the water was slowly taking away his voice.

“Grab my hand.” a stranger shouts from a boat that had come to rescue.

“Have you seen my wife, Y/N? she’s a nurse, she has too be on here, right?” Harry says once a blanket is wrapped around his shaking body.

“I haven’t seen any nurses aboard yet, I’m sorry.” He gives a sympathetic nod before walking away to help another soldier. 

“Have you seen this woman?” He would ask strangers the same question, holding up a photograph of her, only to receive the same answer.

letting out a sigh, he takes a seat upon the front of the ship, the wind blowing through his short hair as he looks out into the distance, he was going home but not with the person he left with. He felt guilty for allowing Y/N to pursue her career as a nurse, if he had of known this was going to happen he wouldn’t have allowed for her to step foot on the previous ship.

She’s still alive, she has to be.” He whispered to himself, a single tear falling from his cheeks, “Stay strong, my love, I’ll find you.”


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This Is Us Premiere (2013)//Dunkirk Premiere (2017)