harry styles nick grimshaw

I was meant to hear it (the music) on Sunday. (…) And he said, “I’ll come over on Sunday, do you you want to hear it?” And I said yeah I’d love to hear it. I said I’ll get my Mum to make a roast. Did he come? No. Did my Mum make him potatoes with goose fat? Yes she did. She’s like what time’s Harry coming? I said I don’t know.
—  Nick Grimshaw about Harry’s no-show at his mum’s Sunday roast
nick grimshaw arguing with harry styles over whether or not it's harry singing
my favorite radio interview ever

some of my favorite things from my favorite thing ever:

nick: *singing badly* / harry: clip 3 please?

nick: THAT’S YOU!!!! / harry: IT’S NOT ME!!

nick: that song where you do the high note that i don’t think you actually do and it’s computer generated / harry: heeeyy