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Introducing Ash!

Hi everyone!

I am here to introduce myself as the new admin of this Fic Exchange! The previous owners graciously passed the “keys” onto me, and I cannot be more excited than to get this started again!

Before the sign ups for Summer Fic Exchange 2017 kick off, though, I wanted to make a post so y’all know you’ll be working with (me!). 

So, my name is Ash, I’m nearly 19 years old. I am a writer, photographer enthusiast, graphic designer, and full time uni student. 

Some of y’all may have seen me around the community before, but all of those who may be new, or may not recognise the name, here’s some things I do here!

@stylesmyth - main blog, username on 1DFF
@stylesmanips - manip, edit blog
@1drooftopawards - sole owner/operator fic awards blog
I also make a ton of banners for people on the site!

If any of you are aware of the awards blog, you’ll know that since 1DFF is down at the moment, I cannot host awards for Spring. I’ve been feeling like I’ve not done anything for the last two months (despite being in uni and doing other various activities away from the community). Then I remembered this wonderful blog, and how fun it was to participate in last year! I messaged one of the previous owners, Ally ( @harryfeatlouis ), and asked if her and the other were planning to do this again. When they said they didn’t really plan to, I came into opportunity to take it on! Ally will still be working on coding/behind the scene things, but as of right now, I am the only main admin working on everything. 

Now, you’re probably asking me: “Ash, just tell us when we can sign up!!”

Sign ups will officially open May 1st! They will close May 14th. 

Any dates after that aren’t set in stone. Since this is my first time doing something like this, I have to see how everyone reacts, if there are enough participants, etc. But I’m hopeful everything will go swimmingly!

If you have any questions for me/about me/about anything, feel free to drop by the inbox! I’m happy to answer anything as best I can!

What makes me sad nowadays in this fandom isn’t the fact that everyone ships Larry, you can ship whatever you want, I don’t really care, but it’s the fact that most of people only care about Larry and forget about the others. I only see people talking about Larry, and theories, and be like: “oh, but there was a Louis today and there was also a Harry today, they are so trying to pretend it isn’t real” does this make any sense at all? 

Something that makes me sad too is when people on twitter make thread about Zouis, Zarry, Lilo, Narry and Lirry moments and say how jealous Harry or Louis was about the whole the situation. Can’t they just act like normal friends without people making it be about a romantic relationship?

And we also can’t say we don’t support Larry because there are some people that think that not being a shipper means not supporting any of them and also means being homophobic! There are even some people that judge those who read fanfictions of Louis being straight. 

I’m not saying all of the shippers are like this, but most of what I see what on twitter make me stressed and upset… Nowadays everything is about Larry, it’s like One Direction means Larry Stylinson because there are some fans that act like there was no Liam Payne, no Niall Horan, no Zayn Malik, only Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson trying to ‘pretend’ they aren’t a couple (we don’t know if it’s real, all of them have already denied a lot of times before).

That’s all I had to say, no hate please. I’m not attacking larries I’m just saying what makes me sad in the fandom since the break. 

Love only.