harry styles kid

Harry is going to be the best dad. Proof:

i c o n i c


this is so funny hahahah



never let this moment die (“MAKE SOME NOISE FOR ERIC”)

Look how happy he gets at the POSSIBLITY of there being a baby near

I love how prominent he is in lux’s life (uncle knobhead) ((LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS))

Even theo is shook #same

And finally, this. I love how playful he is with them ugh

I could go on and on but tumblr has a 10 picture limit HAHA

today in class my friend and i were having a conversation in song lyrics and at some point i used the infamous “this isn’t the stain of a red wine im bleeding love” line from olivia and this one girl turns around and asks “is this shakespeare” and i will never forget her face when i told her that i was quoting one direction