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I am afraid of a lot of things, but the thing I am most afraid of is the unknown. I don’t know his thoughts about me, so I spend hours contemplating his every word spoken to me. I wonder when he will fall out of love with me. I wonder if he will ever think about me when he leaves. I wonder if I will find a job after falling into debt to get this degree. I wonder if I will do well in the job. I wonder if people think I am pretty, I wonder if I look okay. I wonder about a lot of things. I wonder how I will die, when I will die, what day of the week it will be, and who I will be with. I am unable to think in the present because I am so scared of the future.
—  I am scared of things that I don’t know about yet. 

okay what is happening lilo interacting on twitter, harry bringing back headbands/bandanas, louis and zayn’s sisters being together, PRINCE LOUIS I CAN’T THIS IS TOO MUCH. TOO MUCH I TELL YA.

and meanwhile niall:

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The Importance of Harry Styles Showing Solidarity with his POC fans

As we are all well aware, Harry Styles fan-base has been talking about the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement among the fandom, especially those who fall under the Black Umbrella within the movement.

I am an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, my people are the traditional owners of Australia and for years my ancestors fought long and hard to allow me to live the life I live. I am fortunate and lucky, and I acknowledge that and what my Elders and ancestors had to fight for to allow me to live this life, as I said. I am also a massive Harry Styles fan and have been since Year 8 in high-school, I am currently 20. 

Harry has been my favourite member of One Direction, he has been someone I have loved and supported for a long, long time and just because I love that man, doesn’t mean I won’t hesitate to call him out and educate him about what’s happening and why his actions affect his POC fan-base.I had been so far up his arse, disregarding his actions but as I got older and started to realise the injustices and the issues surrounding, not only my people but other minority groups I came to realise how problematic he could be. He’s human though, we all are and we’re all bound to make mistakes and as human beings - we don’t know everything.

Harry doesn’t know everything and that’s okay. He doesn’t have to know everything. 

Harry doesn’t have to make his platform “political” but let me tell you the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t political, neither is the LGBTQ+ community and everything they are. Society makes these communities and movements political because they’re not predominantly White, that they empower and encourage oppressed, discriminated and racial profiled minorities to say “Well hey, no, I have a right to feel safe, to live life and be happy as much as a White person”.

Harry doesn’t need to voice his opinions and be as active as he is, but he needs to acknowledge it and at least communicate with his POC fan-base, that he knows their injustices they’re dealing with. He needs to let them know he acknowledges them and their struggles and it’s the smallest things from an Instagram post, to a bracelet or even a T-Shirt that make the difference.

As a woman of colour, and as a Indigenous Australian it is so empowering to see non-Indigenous people acknowledging my people exist when they visit Australia. That is makes me feel like I’m worth something, that I fucking matter when my country and government ignore the struggles we face and continue to live their lives whilst my people suffer. It makes me feel stronger as a person.

Ed Sheeran wore an Aboriginal flag t-shirt to one of his concerts in Australia and that left me in tears. It made me feel a sense of pride, a sense of empowerment and happiness that this man, who may have never heard or known about the First Nations people of Australia had chosen to wear a shirt. 

Same with Kehlani, who I personally saw live in August this year. She walked out on stage and the joy, the emotions that swirled through my body, engulfed me before I broke down in tears of joy. I remember posting on my personal account, how happy I felt. That this woman, from another country who may not have heard about my people until recently, wore a fucking flag shirt as well. I was shaking and crying, saying “She’s wearing my flag”.

It’s the littlest things.

Harry posted a photo of his concert, with fans holding Black Lives Matter signs up - that matters. That’s important and that empowers young fans. It makes them feel like, they matter to Harry. It makes them feel as if they are worth it, they are important and their life matters as much as anyone else.

^ This photo - it matters a lot more to Black people, Black people of colour and people of colour. It matters to us, because we feel as if someone we idolise and love, knows we exist and acknowledges that we’re struggling and we’re fighting each day to the same common goal. 

I love Harry so much and cannot express how happy this made me feel. It might not be him waving a flag around, wearing a flag t-shirt, but the littlest things count. They affect people and make the biggest difference to an individual. 

Yeah, some of us might not need the validation and love from Harry - but there’s a vulnerable person of colour, who feels the weight of society, their own issues on their shoulders and feeling low in their self-esteem and low in who they are as a person, but when they see someone they care about and support do something as little as what I listed earlier, as I have stated it makes the fucking difference. 

People don’t get it. They don’t get how important it all is. 

We’re not bashing Harry, we’re not calling him a racist because we know he’s far from it. We’re not hating him, we’re bringing awareness to his actions and creating safe spaces at his concert for BPOC, Black People and People of colour because his fan-base is diverse. We’re not trying to ruin him or paint him a villain, because he’s not.

It’s okay to educate people you support and pull them up on things they haven’t said or have said. Open heart and open mind you guys - we’re human and we learn from each other. That’s part of our journey is to learn from one another. 

If you have read this whole post - thank you so much. I’m sorry if I didn’t make sense, it’s really late. It’s 2:38am, I’m tired but I really wanted to talk about this. 

Thank you,

Rubii Red

Harry Styles BLM Sydney

hey! so some friends & i are starting a project for Harry’s show in Sydney, we’re printing out BLM posters and are planning to give it out to heaps of people to hold up during JALBOYH. Harry shines a lot of light on the lgbt community and we’d love for him to acknowledge BLM too. it’s such a gift to have such a massive platform to be able to speak about important things like this. Harry’s concerts are a safe place where people can be who they are and we want black fans to feel like they’re just as safe in the environment as people of the lgbt community do. BLM is such an important thing, so we just think it would be so amazing if this project worked. please spread this around, tell your friends that are coming to the shows with you and please contact me if you’d like to get involved or if you have any questions!!!!



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