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one of the most beautiful things about harry is that he always leads by example. Saying “be a lover, give love, choose love, always” is already extremely important in itself, but it becomes a million times more meaningful when the person who pronounces these words also practices them everyday and makes you believe that it’s possible to be better people and believe in a brighter future. Even in all the pain and heartbreak and darkness, harry always manages to be a soothing and bright presence. I love him with everything I have.

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25 please! 🤗💕

25. “You’re mine. I don’t share.”


The hot, electronic pulse of the club all sway d together as one strong heartbeat, the combination of the neon lights and Harry’s touch making Y/N dizzy. The alcohol in her system wasn’t helping either, as it just heightened every single spark from Harry’s skin onto hers. Her heart, encouraged by the bass of whatever song playing, slammed against her ribcage with excitement and adrenaline.

Harry had stated from the very beginning of the night, “’M not in any right mood to drink tonight. Just wanna watch you, sweetheart.”

“You never drink with me.” Y/N had whined, one Beer already tipsy.

“Someone’s gotta take care of you.” Harry laughed, adjusting the the buttons on his loose, white blouse. His tanned skin peaked out from underneath his shirt, Y/N’s eyes diverted towards it like a bee to flowers. All she wanted to do was touch it, be consumed by it and —.

“‘Did'yeh hear me? Said Fionn and them others should be in the upstairs bar. Should go say hello.”

“Think I’m gonna stay down here.” Y/N nodded, linking her hands around his broad shoulders. She took a look down at his pink trousers, the beautiful dusty rose color matching up perfectly against his lips. She wishes she was against his lips right now.

“You sure? It’s only go'en t’ take a minute, promise. We’ll be right back down.”

“I’ll come find you in ten, okay? I just want one more drink and then I’ll come up and meet you.”

Harry nodded hesitantly, taking a side eye glance at all the sulking single men that sat alone, nursing themselves on a weak Gin and Tonic; waiting for a girl all by her lonesome to over power.

“I’ll come get you instead, yeah? Do you have your phone on you?”

“Always.” She nodded with a smile. “See you in a few.”

They parted, Harry watching her the whole trip up the stairs and finally to the point where we couldn’t see her anymore in the sea of bodies.

Y/N on the other hand, swayed to the guitar strum line of the song, her beer doing her justice in the form of company. Much to her dismay, it wasn’t long until a bloke came up to her, steadying her wavering stance with a laugh.

“Careful there, bird.” He smiled. “Do yeh’ need to sit down?”

“Please. I’m such a lightweight, oh my God.” She muttered with a laugh of her own. She knew it wasn’t Harry and she knew he’d be annoyed if he saw some other man touching her up, slipping his hand around her waist to steady her against his chest. She just needed to sit down for a second, then she’d find Harry.

“Thank you…?”

“’M John. And you’re utmost welcome.”

John continued to sit with her, leaning his thigh a little too close to hers and smiling a little to sweetly when she sat back up.

“So are you here with your friends, or?”

“I’m here with my fiancé.” Y/N responded, twisting the small ring on her finger as if to prove to him.

He nodded once, a small drawn out “Ah.” of realization before he sighed and looked down.

“Look bird. I don’t mean to come off strong but you’re beautiful.”

“Thanks.” Y/N smiled, casually adding, “My fiancé should be back any second. He was just going to talk to our friends.”

“And an idiot he is for letting such a sweet girl as yourself by herself in a bar. S'not safe.”

“Which is why I’m going to go find him now. See you, John.”

A grip anchored itself on her wrist, keeping her ironed down beside him. “Stay a litt'le longer, would ‘yeh? ’M enjoying the view.”

“I’m sure there are other views to see here. Please let go.”

“I want you t'stay.”

“What the fuck? Let go.” Y/N scoffed, trying her strength to pull from his grasp but his fingers stayed locked, bruising her skin like a peach.

“The fuck’s this?” A voice interrupted, a voice Y/N knew too well. Harry stood before them, an edge to his stance that Y/N didn’t have the chance of seeing much.

“Hey,” John held his hands up in defense. “Your girl was comin’ on to me. I was just telling her to get the hell away because I don’t do married birds.”

“Right.” Harry drawled out, folding his arm around Y/N’s waist and bringing her to his side defensively.

Wth one slug to John’s jaw, Harry was pulling Y/N out of the club behind him, tuning out the shouts and insults of John who tried going after him but failed as he ran into a waitress holding a tray of shots.

The parking lot was cold and dark, the misty rain sinking into their clothes with discomfort. Y/N blinked away approaching tears from her eyes, all the anger from John melting as Harry’s warm hand came and cupped her jaw, the both of them leaning on the side door of his car.

“Are you okay?” Harry whispered, stroking his thumb on the apples of her cheeks in comfort. She met his hand with hers, nodding her head with a wavy sigh.

“Did the fucker touch you?”

She nodded, wrapping her arms around his shoulders in a hug. Y/N was shook up, nothing a bit shy of worried about Harry’s knuckles; he wasn’t a fighter so who knew how his hand was looking.

“I’m sorry, he came onto me and I told him I was with you but then he started touching me and —.”

“Sh.” He whispered, pressing feathery light kisses onto the crown of her head. “You have nothing to apologize for, it wasn’t your fault. I’ve got you.”

Harry pulled from their embrace and tugged on the car door handle, encouraging her into the passenger seat. Jogging around to the driver’s side, he met her weepy face and frowned as she picked at her nails nervously.

“Look at me, sweetheart. Everything’s fine, you have nothing to worry about, yeah?” He nodded, encouraging a nod out of Y/N herself. “You already know that you’re mine and I don’t share. Can you tell me you’re okay?”

“I’m okay.” Y/N breathed, taking his words and feeling them soothe down her body. “Everything’s okay.”

“Perfect, love. Nothin’ to worry about and we won’t come back here. Sounds good?”

“Yes.” She gave a small smile, leaning over the dashboard and giving Harry a kiss.

He kissed back, leaning into her and tipping her slightly backwards into the passenger seat. Harry again cupped her jaw, working their mouths together and feeling the smushing of her matte lipstick on his mouth, loving every second of what she gave to him.

They pulled apart with a sticky pop of their lips, Y/N giggling and using her thumb to smudge the color off of his lips. He only watched her with a fond look, deciding he would do anything to protect what was his and his alone.

  • Fiona: I'd never thought I'd like a Harry Styles song.
  • Nick: FIONA!!! It's disrespectful. Good morning, Harry, if you're listening.
  • Fiona: It's not disrespectful.
  • Nick: It is a little bit disrespectful.
  • Fiona: Well, when he was releasing his album I didn't think I would like his music, but I love it, so it's good!
  • Nick: Wow. So you're surprised that Harry Styles has taste.
  • Fiona: It's not about taste!
  • Nick: It's about your music snobbery, that's what it's all about.
It was an amazing experience, and I’m a massive Christopher Nolan fan. So it would have been something I would have been really excited to watch had I not been involved in it anyway. It was really cool to be the new guy and kind of learn. It was a completely different challenge which I really liked. It was a lot of fun. It was tough, but it was good fun.
—  Harry talking about Dunkirk