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can’t get any peaceful sleep coz I’ve got Harry Styles Standing Up For His Majority Female Fan Base Whilst Simultaneously Treating Them Like Royalty™ on the brain


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people will argue you down about how Beyonce and Nicki Minaj aren’t feminist icons, but Harry Styles says ‘He for she’ and suddenly he’s the biggest feminist icon in the world.

really? get out.

i’m LAUGHING there are people on my twitter timeline retweeting posts slamming taylor swift for tweeting about the march but not actually attending and for not getting involved in the election etc etc etc and then retweeting harry styles’ tweet about the marches and praising him to the heavens like i’m sorry but what has ur white ass boy toy done for feminism???? absolutely nothing that’s what. taylor swift has a long ways to go and i do not always support the way she talks about feminism but i can say without a doubt that she is TEN times the feminist harry styles is because she’s shown the way she feels through her actions and words and is CONSTANTLY telling young women that they are worth it and they are enough and she’s donated money to various charities and she lives what it is to be a successful woman and has to overcome & deal with a ridiculous amount of sexism every day
but okay i guess harry styles is the Feminist Icon™ lol

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If you actually think 1d are more real than Taylor though they lie about everything. Also happily posting anons that say they hate Taylor essentially you lose your shit if someone doesn't worship the ground saint feminist icon ender of homophobia Harry styles walks on. How can you even like someone who you think is fake, calculated and not genuine? Just become a Harry blog then. Taylor doesn't care.

When did I say 1D are more real than Taylor though? Lmao I’m laughing. This is what I’m talking about though. You’re taking things out of context all the damn time. How is harry homophobic tho?

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He legit does that every time there is a rainbow flag in the audience. How is he not a feminist?

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You don’t even know what you’re talking about stfu. And who the hell are you to tell what to do with my blog? Just because I’m not far up her ass doesn’t mean I don’t love her. I just don’t agree with everything she does like you and that’s more than okay.