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these are few most popular well written fanfictions that you will never regret of spending your precious time on, the below picture is what I think they would look like in the certain alternate universe 

Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.

Harry has never been much of a fighter, but—as always—where Louis Tomlinson is concerned, a lot of things stop being true.

1940’s AU. Even after six years apart, they can’t forget their shared wartime childhood.

AU in which the boys still make music. Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best. Zayn and Liam are around too.

Don’t hum Bolero.

                                         "THE CLIQUE"

                          HARRY STYLES MATURE AU FIC (BREAKDOWN)

Okay so after re reading the story I’m not doing a full breakdown for this one because the lead girl kinda narrates the storyline in the beginning anyway. So here’s a brief one!

The first unpublished pilot ( the first chapter of the fic) will be from an AU I wrote last summer called “The Clique”. I knew I wanted to do one were he moved to America and was in school but I couldn’t decide if I wanted him to be a senior in HS, or in college! But obviously if you’ve red “Friday night lights” then you know I settled on the college idea!

The story is centered around 5 wealthy socialites ( Harry, Sam, Tristin, Chelsea, and Ryan) going into there senior year of high school. The group have all been friends for years and have been deemed “The clique” by the various gossip sites/ magazines that love to follow and document there every move.

Harry, who moved to the US with his parents at the age of 13…..And stayed with his mother and step dad in LA until the end of sophomore year. After running into some trouble his mother had him moved to NY for a little over a year to stay with his biological father. Now he’s back, and ready to reclaim his city with his friends, for there last year together before college!

He decides to surprise them by secretly showing up on the first day of school. But not everyone’s as… Excited to see him.

Sam and Harry were secretly… A little more than just befriends…and when he left they didint leave on good terms! So just when she thinks she’s moved on ( has a new boyfriend)….there he is! Still as charming….and even more attractive than she remembered! 

I think this may be one of the stories that actually has 2/3 chapters because I really got into this one!

Face claims :


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Look for it sometime this week! And like I mentioned before I’m uploading old stories to keep my blog active for the next month while I’m traveling for work! So no this is not a full length fanfic! 
(Also it’s kinda ironic because the way I describe Harry…like, I mention he let his hair grow out all over…and almost a year later that’s exactly how he has it!) 
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                FNL CHAPTER 1B “CODE BLUE PART 1 




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(The beginning of this chapter is actually the ending of chapter 15 part two…with a couple things added here and there…just to refresh your memory on how the night ended since I posted that chapter almost 3 months ago!)



(WARNING : THIS IS PART ONE BECAUSE I DIDN’T HAVE TIME THIS WEEK TO WRITE IT ALL IN ONE PART…THERE’S ALSO NO SMUT IN PART 1…THIS IS WERE THINGS GET A LITTLE EMOTIONAL AND YOU GUYS GET TO SEE THE AFTER MATH OF THE ACCIDENT. IF YOU LIKE IT…THEN LIKE AND ILL WORK ON PART 2 (which will have smut and pick up months later. I choose to do it this way because a lot of people didint like the fact that I skipped ahead right away and they wanted to see what happened right after so I re-did part 1))



The rain was coming down harder, which was making his truck swerve, the weather alone made this drive difficult. But add the fact that Mitch was a little more than buzzed made things even worse.

Christian was originally passed out in the car until the sudden swerving woke up him, making him realize that maybe he should’ve drove in the first place.

 “I really don’t think you should be driving right now bro maybe you should pull over, and let me drive us back to the house.” Christian looked over at Mitch, trying to get him to stop the car but he wouldn’t. He didn’t realize how much Mitch actually had to drink until now. Looking over into the backseat, only to find Victoria who was so drunk she was almost unconscious.

“Nah bro I’m good were-”

“No you’re not…your swerving into the next lane just pull over man it’s fine I haven’t had as much as you!”

Trying to take the wheel from Mitch only making him swerve more, Mitch jerked away from him, knocking Christians hand away from the wheel. Which also knocked the headlights off by accident, the fog on the roads where so thick that you actually needed your high beams on to fully see what was ahead of you.

The fact that there headlights were off only made it possible for Harry to notice them, right as the truck was approaching there lane.

 “Can they not see that there coming into the wrong lane? Harry move… MOVE!!!”

Before he could move out of the way completely the truck slides into them side ways…causing his truck, to turn on its side falling upside down into the river.

Making Mitch press down hard on the breaks, trying to stop his car from spinning around, and knocking them back into the water as well. The roads were so slippery that he couldn’t make a clean stop, causing him to back into the car that was originally following behind Harry.

Once his truck finally stopped he sped off into the opposite direction, the car behind him left in shock and confusion from the sudden impact.

Out of fear Mitch kept going, not even stopping for a second to make sure they were okay he just…kept going….

“Holyshit Mitch you just fucking hit someone!! You just hit someone we gotta stop man!! TURN BACK!”

“What the hell was that?” Victoria woke up after feeling the impact from the crash.

“It was nothing babe go back to sleep!” He kept his voice low and calm so she wouldn’t suspect anything. But he also knew she wouldn’t fight him because she was still wasn’t completely coherent.

“Mitch, that wasn’t ”Nothing” man!”

"I said it was nothing now just….. relax man!! Okay will talk about this when we pull over, we don’t need to get her inlved….” Mitch bit back in a low whisper trying to keep the conversation between jjust the two of them.

Victoria on the other hand…went right back to sleep. She was too drunk at the time to fully comprehend what happened.

Mitch keeps driving until they pull up to the gas station, stepping out to see if there’s any damage to the car. When he notices there a huge dent on the left side along with black paint that rubbed off from the other car.

   FNL                                             FNL                                                FNL                                       


“We are soo fucked!!!!”

Christian was starting to lose it, the shock from the accident knocking some soberness back into Mitch; he was the only one holding it together.

“ First off!! Keep your fucking voice down man! And No…no…no were not…okay no one knows what happened…besides us okay? So will just…will just keep it that way!”

“We shouldve stopped!! Did you not see what happened? There car flipped the fuck over man!”

“Stop for what? There’s no way they saw us, and if we go back…they’ll be fine I’m almost positive there was a car behind them. I’m sure they stopped to help…” Mitch was borderline shaking at this point

“So! Do you here yourself right now? And did you black out or something!? Yes the car behind them stopped because you hit them too!!” Christian started rainsing his voice again and Mitch narrowed his eyes over at him.

“Don’t look at me like that! Like im the one doing something wrong! They could be hurt!!” Christian jumped in his face, pushing him in the chest hard knocking him back into the gas pump.

“Bro you need to relax-“

“No I don’t what we need to do is call 911 or something. We don’t even know who that was man, there could’ve been kids in the car!!”

“Do you see me right now? Do you see how fucked up I am? If we call my ass is done!! I’m not…no this …no I’m not calling this never fucking happened!! It never happened…if she asks…we ran into a tree or something  I dont know…lie. She’ll be too dunk to remember anyway”

“This is sooo fucked up….” Christian looks back at him almost like he dosent really know who he’s talking to. Never thinking that someone he’s known for years could actually be this heartless.

“Just give me a minute to figure this out……okay? I mean this isint just me okay it’s both of us, it’s our families its our football scholarship its all of it…..remember that!”

   FNL                                             FNL                                                FNL                                            

After the accident the two girls in the car paused for a second, too confused and scared to react right away. The girl that was actually driving being the first one to pull it together quick enough to react to the situation.

“Oh my God Haley are you okay???”

“Yeah I’m fine I just hit my head, but there diffidently not and I can’t find my phone…it must have fallen somewhere when they hit us…”

“Okay well mine is dead sooo….we need to find yours…now!!!” Both girls hoping out of the car in the pouring rain looking under the seats trying to find her phone, when suddenly the other girl stops….walking over to the edge of the bridge. Only to find the sinking and….the levies that were keeping a lot of the water out…. starting to lift.

“FOUND IT!!! I found the phone…”

“Holy shit!! Haley….. the levies lifting… tell them to Hurry the Levies are lifting!!! 

Getting up from off the ground she ran over with the phone in her hard, watching the water start to overflow into the river as she waited for 911 to pick up.

“Hello…911 what’s your emergency?”

“I need…I need to report an accident, down in the Hanley River. There’s a truck…I think it’s black? That’s in the lake!” The truck is in the lake right now…It’s still pouring out here. I saw the entire thing someone…there was another car but It kept going. The driver lost control and now…I don’t know okay! You guys need to get down here now!”


   FNL                                             FNL                                                FNL                                             

The room was beyond hectic, people running from one end of the ER to the next. The storm unfortunately causing more accidents than expected. Even though he was standing in complete chaos his entire body felt numb, he couldn’t hear anything or anyone. His jaw bruised right at the hinge, a couple cuts and scrapes on his back, his shoulder was on fire but he couldn’t feel a thing. Nothing felt real to him in that moment, all he could think about was …her.

 Josh was fine, Meghan had a couple scrapes and bruises but she was okay, Liz dislocated her shoulder but they said she’d heal in a couple weeks. The two who got hit the hardest….Misty and Chris, the impact of the other car hit them on the driver’s side but once it slid and flipped over the bridge all the impact happened on the passenger’s side.

Both Misty and Chris were sitting up against the door making all of the impact come down on them then hardest. They took Chris into a separate room the minute they got there….Josh lied, saying he was his brother so they let him go with him.

They didn’t know what was going on with Misty yet; they had her behind a curtain in the emergency room and wouldn’t let anyone in with her which was driving him insane.  The nurses tried multiple times to get him to go take a couple x-rays on his shoulder but he refused. Not wanting to go anywhere until he saw her, until he knew she was okay.

A loud beeping sound ripped through the ER, Harry’s body jerked from the wall at the sound. He knew exactly what it was….they all did.  Her heart rate was dropping, and it was dropping fast, pushing past all of the doctors and nurses who didn’t really bother to stop him.

The doctor’s eyes shot over to him, but after seeing the look in his eyes he didn’t bother to stop him. “Her heart rate keeps jumping all over the place….she’s fighting…she’s not ready to leave us just yet….what’s her name?” He started pressing down on her chest, while the nurse injected her IV with some type of fluid….my mind was racing and I couldn’t think straight.

“Umm…Misty…her name is Misty…” My entire body felt numb as I looked over at her, nothing felt real…

I moved to the side of the bed trying to get out of there way but still wanting to be near her “Hey….baby you got this! God I know how strong you are…..” I felt my voice breaking as I spoke….Trying my danmdiest to refrain from crying, trying to be strong her weather she could see me or not. I didn’t care that they could all hear me I needed her to hear me.

“Keep talking to her!!! Sometimes familiar voices help!! She’s not gone she’s just having a hard time staying with us right now…let her hear you…let her know there’s someone here fighting for her” the nurse encouraged so I continued.

“I NEED you to keep fighting Missy, I’m not excepting that….that may have been the last time I got to see those piercing blue eyes….or that cheeky smile of yours that I love. God I ….I love you soo….much…I’m just asking for you to give me the chance to say this to you….and you actually be able to her hear me!! I hate the fact that it took us…getting here for me to finally man up and say it….”

I wanted to keep talking to her but I couldn’t, I couldn’t get my head together enough to formulate sentences…I could hardly stand….nevertheless think straight.

A couple seconds went by….her heart rate continued bouncing around for a minute before she finally had a steady one…..every time the numbers went up and down my body tensed.

“There she is…she’s getting there….I knew she wasn’t about to give up that easily!!” The doctor looked over at me with a slight smile as one of the other nurses came in hooking up another machine.


I reached over squeezing her hand tight once I noticed her heart rate starting to get back to normal. I felt like my chest was caving in on me my heart felt so heavy. Once they got her at a steady pace they asked me to step back out….I wasn’t family and we weren’t married……

When I walked back into the ER Meg…..and Brandon practically ran over to me “Is she okay man?” Brandon looked back at me…I was so scared for Missy that I hadn’t even realized we were in the same hospital ……

After the night we had the night before…Brandon was the last person I expected to see standing in front of me right now. We came to physical blows barley 10 hours ago….now he’s looking back at me like he’s a second away from tears.


Running my fingers through my hair I nodded slowly back at him, not really having the energy to say anything else…. Without saying one word to me I felt him grab my shoulder and pull me into him…hugging me tight.


 “I’m….sorry about….earlier man…I should’ve known there was more to the story. I should’ve known that you’re still my boy and …I didn’t give you a fair chance and I fucked up….I was just soo….angry…at everyone and I took it out on  the one person who always had my back…”


He pulled back from the hug, placing his hand on my shoulder “I’m….really sorry…” His eyes were slightly glazed over; trying to hide any emotion he was feeling in that moment.


I stared back at him for a minute before I responded “It’s all good man, Life’s…obviously way too short and too uncertain to hold grudges over stupid shit!  You’re not the only one who fucked this up! I owed you enough to tell you what was going on the minute I found out and I didn’t…..and I’m sorry.”


Our little “bro bonding” moment was cut short once Josh came running back into the ER.


“Does anyone have Chris’s dads contact information!!?” ….his eyes and voice letting us know that whatever was happening to Chris back there….it wasn’t good.

“No why?”

“Because it’s not on file and he’s not doing good man….they need to take him into emergency surgery…like …now! But all of the questions that they need to know…the only person who would answer them besides his dad…is Misty!”

   FNL                                             FNL                                                FNL                                             



4hours later  

“No mum it’s fine, I’m fine…I swear to you it’s not nessicary you do not have to get on a plane it’s okay! Yes….I know…I love you too….yes I’ll tell her….okay…yes I’ll fill you in later I promise…..okay talk to you soo…go back to sleep!!!…love you too…”

I looked over at her as I hung up the phone, I watched her body readjust in the bed before she turned her head to the side.


It was close to 7 in the morning when she finally woke up! They moved us into a room and everything and she still hadn’t made a sound. I refused to get any test, or exams done until she was awake. They brought two more beds in. One for Josh and Meg and the other was for Brandon.

Her parents still hadn’t answered their phones and I refused to let her wake up without a familiar face by her side.

My shoulder was bruised and a little sore but luckily it was my left one so it wouldn’t affect anything. But to be honest I didn’t care at the moment, all I cared about was he, I just needed to know she was okay.

Her eyes fluttered over to me and I smiled back at her. My chest was so full at that Point. It almost felt like I could cry looking at her. Just the fact that last night could have been the last time id get to see those ice blue eyes looking back at me……The thought of that alone sent chills down my spine.

She looked over at me before scanning the room. I could tell she was completely confused and I grabbed her hand. Preparing myself in case she made any quick movements so she wouldn’t knock any of her IVs out by accident.

She didin’t have to say anything…her eyes said it all she was terrified and confused. She didint remember anything which…. Kind of made things better…and worse all at the same time . The fact that she didint remember right away meant she had less on her heart, less to worry about. But that also meant I had more to explain….

“hey…hey..you’re okay baby! I’m here you’re okay.” I rubbed her hand against my lips kissing her gently trying to keep her as calm as possible. I kept my voice low and relaxed trying not to wake anyone else.

She was unconscious for a while so most likely all she can remember right now….is being in the car with us. Her brain Isn’t letting her process the accident yet. Which would explain why she was so confused, and why she didint know where she was right away.

She blinked hard before letting out a deep slow breath. Her chest was rising and falling hard, and I just squeezed her hand tighter.

I know Misty well enough to know that if she wanted me to hold her…id know it. So right now I was just going to let her deal with it her way. She sat up a little letting her eyes scan the room and I watched them tear up almost instantly.


“Where’s Chris!??” Hers eyes shot over to mine as the first tear hit her cheek. She jerked her hand and her body away from me before I would wipe it away. She kept her voice low at first, almost feeling like it was straining her to even speak.

“Missy wait -"my tone tried to keep her calm but she wasn’t having it.

"wait my ass where the hell is Chris!?” Narrowing her eyes over at me, she raised her voice which made everyone else in the room wake up…

I had to stop myself from yelling because my chest got tight. Forgetting just that quickly, that I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was.

I still felt like there was something heavy compressing my lungs. I closed my eyes slowly trying to calm myself. Running my fingers through my hair that was pin straight halfway down my back when we left. Now all over my head in big loose curls, I extended my hand out to him, feeling bad already that I snapped at him for no reason. I felt him intertwine his fingers with mine while I tried to get my thoughts together.

It felt like everything was hitting me out of nowhere…my entire body ached and my head was on fire…I didn’t remember everything….but I remembered bits and pieces of the night…I remembered enough to know that I should be concerned that I didn’t see Chris.

“Heyyyy….It’s about time!” Meg smiled over at me….her eyes were puffy and her cheek was bruised but she still had a smile on her face.

“How you feelin momma?” Seeing Brandon standing at the edge of the bed kinda threw me off a little….after how heated things got last night…I just didn’t expect it. But damn if I wasn’t happy to see him, I could also just sense that things with him and Harry got a little better. Which put my heart at ease a little, because I hated the fact that there friendship could’ve possibly been over.

“There she is….Im glad because I really don’t have time in my schedule for a funeral sooo….” Josh stared back at me just as serious and we all laughed at his comment…which we diffidently needed. He was always the one to say something stupid at just the right time.

“Ghee thanks, Im glad I didn’t have to inconvenience you Josh!!! And I feel like a semi fell on my chest…” I laughed a little even though I meant what I said…my chest hurt and my voice was weak…..

We heard a knock on the door…it was the nurse…

“Your dad finally called back! We told him what happened…let him know all of your phones were completely shot to hell. So I gave him your room number…and he said he’d call. When he called the first time you were still asleep and we didint want to wake you. He told me to tell you that he’s on the first flight here than he can get…and that he loves you.”

I couldn’t help but get a little teary eyed and smile back at her when she mentioned my dad. Even though part of me wondered if he even bothered telling my mom, who was probably passed out drunk at home…

“We also got in contact with Chris’ dad…whose 3 hours away and because of the weather it may take him a while….” She paused for a second looking behind her before she closed the door.

“I shouldn’t tell you this because your techionally not family. But he gave you guys permission to wait in his room so I’m guessing that means your close enough….there bringing Chris out from surgery as we speak.”

She paused again and I think we all knew what that meant…there wasn’t a smile or a gleam of hope in her eyes…what’s so ever…

“He umm…he didn’t do so well guys-.”

“So what dose that mean !?” Meg cut in before the woman could even finish.

“It -”

“How long does he have….” Brandon’s tone was dry…asking the question we were all thinking…

“They’re going to keep him hooked up to a machine…but… They think…a few hours…”

All of our eyes shot over to her, Harry squeezed my hand even tighter.

“When can we see him?” My voice was so low I’m surprised age even heard me.

“In about 10 minutes…OH! These are for you… Guys…” She walked over to the bed setting the bag she had in her hand down.

“A…Victoria came….she’s with your other friend and she told me to give you guys this….”

They were our new team sweats…she must have known that all of our clothes would be soaked. I was just shocked she was that considerate…they came in the mail a couple days ago but hadn’t been passed out yet.

“Well I’ll give you guys a minute…Misty I’ll be back to unhook you from 2 of the machines. The others you’ll have to keep with you because they still want you getting fluids through the IVs okay?” She smiled back at me and I nodded back at her. While Harry reached across the bed grabbing at the bag.

“I’m really sorry about your friend guys!”

The room went silent when she walked out. I don’t think any of us knew what to say…or how to handle any of this.

Harry flipped the bag over letting all 6 of the individually wrapped packages fall out. Our names written on white tape on the outside of the blue paper.

He threw Brandon, Josh, and Meg there’s….pausing for a second to stare at the one he had in his hand. I already knew whose it was…he cleared his throat for a minute before setting it back down on the bed.

The nurse knocked on the door again….ready to unhook me…and Josh, Brandon and Meg took that as the cue to go get changed.

“Did you want me to stay and help you get dressed or …are you good?” Meg looked back at me and I shook my head.

“Nah, I’m good thanks…” I have her a half smile because that was all I could I muster up.

“Okay…I….love you Missy! I hope you never forget that.” She smiled back at me with teary red puffy eyes and a forced myself to give her a real smile.

“I know and I love you too!!!”

“Did you want me to stay? ” Harry looked over at me still not letting go of my hand.

“Noo I’m fine! Go get changed before you get sick.”

He brought his forehead down to mine…I could feel his eye lashes against my face “I love you…” He breathed out in a calm low voice and my heart fluttered….

“I love you too…” I took in a deep slow breath…almost feeling like I was physical breathing him in when I inhaled.

I felt him bring his lips down to mine, opening his mouth slowly to deepening the kiss. Letting his tongue gently caress mine before he pulled back from me.

“Are you sure?” Keeping his forehead against mine he ran his fingers through the back of my hair.

“Yes….I’ll be fine…” I smiled back at him and as he reluctantly pulled back from me. Grabbing his package off the bed before he walked out.

“Don’t worry I’ll take care of her!” The nurse smiled back at him as he turned to walk out of the room.


   FNL                                             FNL                                                FNL                                             


I walked out into the hall, joining Josh, Meg, and Brandon…the burn in my shoulder becoming more intense now. Probaly because I knew Misty was okay….so my body was actually allowing me to feel all the pain I was actually in.

“When are you going to get that checked out man ?” Brandon looked over at me noticing the way I was caressing my shoulder.

“Uhh…maybe after we….” I couldn’t even fathom how to complete that sentence. Before we what!!? Go watch Chris die? I mean really…how fucked up is that?

“After what? We go watch our friend die because some idiot was most likely drunk and swerved into our lane? After that?” Meg Bit back at me and even though she wasent attack me…I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something I could’ve done to fix this.

“I didn’t see them…until it was too late…” my tone was low…and dry as I relayed the accident over again in my head.

“Oh NO! Harry no I was not in any way saying that this was your fault!”

“It’s cool Im… ummm…going to go over to the bathroom and get changed…” I just needed to be by myself for a minute….


   FNL                                             FNL                                                FNL                                             


I stepped in and closed the door behind me, turning on the water and I just watched it run for a while…spacing out completely. Placing my hands under the water and splashing it back in my face, the minute the water hit my skin my entire body just shattered. I broke down….everything I was holding back since we got her coming out and there was nothing I could do about it.

The tears stared streaming down my face, my chest felt tight and my head felt like it was spinning. I felt physically ill, how the fuck was I supposed to look at his dad and say “Yes I was the one driving, I’m the reason your son isint here anymore” Before I knew it I was leaning over with my face meeting the bottom of the toilet. When I pulled back my mouth felt sour and bitter but I had to pull myself together and get back out there. I pulled my shirt over my head splashing water in my face one more time. Cupping my hands together letting them feel with water so I could attempt to rinse the taste out of my mouth.

Sliding on the tee, and matching joggers before I stepped out…I looked like hell but there was nothing I could do about it.

When I walked out Misty, Josh, Brandon, and Meg….Victoria, and Liz were all waiting for me…all in our matching joggers…if this didn’t scream school spirit then I don’t know what did.

I looked over at Misty…concerned that she was standing on her own, I still wasejt sure how strong she was “Did they say it was okay for you to be out like that?”

“Mmmhmmm they tapped my IV to me soo…Im all good….” She smiled back at me but her eyes reflected mine. She was scared…nervous…and just physically and emotionally drained.

“You lot ready?” I almost didn’t recognize my own voice, it was so…dead…there was no emotion or anything behind it.

“Ready for what? To go watch Chris die!?”

“Victoria!” Brandon bit back not having the patience to deal with her tonight.

“WHAT? That’s what were doing aren’t we? God how fucked up is this???”

“Can we please not do this now?” Mistys eyes cut over to her and she didn’t respond back. “At least….it’s a peaceful transition..” Meg tried to ease the tension and even though she was right,none of ya were trying to hear that right now…


   FNL                                             FNL                                                FNL                                             


When we walked into the room…he didn’t look the same, his face was all brusied up and he had a ton of tubes in his nose and mouth. I had to mentally prepare myself to look at him, the minute we walked in Harry griped my hand even tighter.

“This is not real….” Meg breathed out in a low whisper but we all heard her, and we all felt the exact same way….

We all just sat in the room in silence…..I felt Harry press his head into the back of my shoulder as I watched the numbers on his heart machine bounce back in fourth. We sat in there for literally well of a hour…in dead silence…yet for some reason I felt closer to everyone in this room than I ever had. I felt Harry exhale deep into the center of my back ….

When suddenly a loud beep ripped through the room, we all jumped at the sudden sound and looked up at his heart monitor .

“Fuck…I heard him breathe out into the back of my neck as he gripped my waist tighter. My eyes felt like they were burning and I couldn’t watch the monitor anymore, I laid my head on chest….feeling his heart rate get slower….and slower….

“This is soo fucked up I cant….. be in here right now….I cant watch this…” I felt Harry move from behind me getting up to leave the room…the minute he hit the door the final beep from the heart monitor went off…the code blue light went on all the nurses rushed back into the room….





FNL chapter 15 part 1 SNEAK PEEK


11 hours later

“Hello…911 what’s your emergency?”

“Umm yes, I need…I need to report an accident, down in the Hanley River. There’s a truck…I think it’s black? That’s in the lake! The truck is in the lake right now…It’s still pouring out here. I saw the entire thing someone…there was another car but It kept going. The driver lost control and now…I don’t know okay! You guys need to get down here now!”


The hospital was hectic…with the storm that just passed the hospital was unfortuenly full of patients.

“There was an accident…another car hit them and left…the car flipped over and fell into the river. There was six in the car, all of them have injuries but these two…there worse off the than rest. This one…in the blue…heart rate….it’s not steady…and hasn’t been the entire car ride…”

 About 10 hours earlier

“Everybody shut the fuck up!!!!” The room was complete chaos.

“No fuck that…..and fuck you man! Fuck you I thought you were my boy!!!”

“Everybody just-”

“Okay that’s enough! This is a hospital okay!? NOT some MTV reality show, so either you guys settle this quietly…or I’m going to have to ask you guys to leave.”

“No…no miss I assure you…were fine” I smiled at the nurse trying to get her to leave us alone long enough to sort this out.

“Harry just calm down…” I grabbed his shoulder pushing him to the other side of the room.

He spit on the floor…leaving a little blood behind as his snarled over to the opposite side of the room.

“Me calm? I am calm…I came in here trying to apologize…trying to explain and he fucking attacked me! What the hell was I supposed to do? Just stand there and let him hit me why? Because he’s mad? Because he’s hurt? He didn’t even give me a chance to explain!” He stopped looking at me at this point, keeping his eyes plastered on Brandon who was being held back by josh.

One of his ankles was wrapped yet he managed to pin Harry against the wall the minute he walked in. Not giving him a chance to explain…I don’t I’ve ever seen Brandon this mad…this unethical.

“Give you a chance to explain for what man? It’s all soo clear to me; I took you under my wing bro and for what!!? For you to take everything from me…everything I’ve worked hard for!? I thought you were my boy!  I thought you had my back!!” He went from speaking through the grit of his teeth to yelling. We were all trying to calm him down before the nurse came back in and made us leave.

Even though he was injured…Brandon was strong….and he was pissed. “Listen man it’s not how it looks…trust me…just let him explain…” Josh tried to get Brandon to calm down…tried to get him to listen but he wouldn’t. He was just overwhelmed with rage…and probably fear…worried about his future.

“I don’t want to hear it…I’m gone for one day and we already have a new team captain? Really? Man you don’t know shit about running a team!!!” He bit back…his eyes almost tearing up!

“I keep trying to tell you it wasn’t my idea alright!!!! I was just as surprised as everyone else when I found out and –“

“No you weren’t…you had a meeting with the Dean a couple days before….the press conference…” Victoria looked over at us and I couldn’t believe she was doing this right now…This entire time it seemed like she was on our team and then…here this comes…the same old Victoria. If she doesn’t get her way she makes sure the person involved gets hurt….