harry styles fafiction

The doubtful truth ~ Chapter 55

I wake in the middle of the night from a bad dream. I felt groggy and off, not to mention scared. In my dream Harry left and I was a mess, and somehow Matt came into the story and forced me to be with him. I don’t know where it came from, I don’t think Matt is going to hurt me but there will always be the fear and remembrance in the back of my mind reminding me just of what he has done. My muscles were hurting and I was cold, really cold. I try to sleep but I couldn’t, between the dream, and my cold shaking body it just wasn’t happening. “Mia?” Harry groggily lets out waking up, “mm what’s wrong?” he asks sitting up a little, “nothing” I simply answer, “are you cold?” he asks, “it’s okay I’m fine” “no you’re not” he yawns getting up. He walks into our wardrobe and pulls out another big blanket and places it on my side of the bed to keep me warm. “You didn’t need to, it was okay” I softly say, “Mia you were shaking, it wasn’t okay” he says getting back in the bed. “Thank you” I cough, “are you sick Mia?” “no goodnight” I answer, closing my eyes, and slowly falling back asleep. I wake up again, “owww” I whimper, my eyes darting to look at the time. 4;45am. “Mia why are you awake?” I hear Harry mumble, I don’t respond, and he sits up, “I know you’re awake” “I can’t sleep” “don’t lie” “I don’t know” I whisper, “why are you awake?” I ask, “I just woke up” “I’m sorry Harry” I whisper, and Harry finds my hand in the bed, “I know, I know you are, we will get through it. I love you” “I love you to, but I know you don’t believe my love for you, just like I questioned your love for me. I will make it up to you and prove to you I’m sorry and I do love you” “I know you love me it’s fine Mia” “no it isn’t fine.” I softly say, “you’re tired, get some sleep” Harry whispers, at that note. I close my eyes again and drift asleep. I wake up at around 8, Harry was fast asleep and Darc wasn’t running up and down the hallway so I’m guessing she was also asleep. I get out of bed slowly and go to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and I looked horrible, black circles under my eyes, and lines, a clear indication of my tears. I sigh before washing my face with warm water. I walk out and quietly make my way downstairs, not even creaking a step on my way. I walk to the kitchen, and make myself a hot cup of tea. My body still aching, cold. A few shivers chill through me and I grab a blanket. I cup my tea and go to the study, the study downstairs had a large window with a ledge, that I could sit on. I sit on it and look out the window. The storm clouds getting darker, as rain trickles down the window slowly getting heavier and heavier. I sit my tea listening to the sound of the rain hitting the roof of our so quiet house. Thoughts of last night come floating into my mind and tears fall, remembering what I had done. I’m not proud of what happened and I don’t understand how Harry can be so sweet about it, and not kick me out on my sorry ass, I honestly deserve it though. So many things wonder around in my mind. I was distracted by arms wrapping around me, I gasp, “it’s me” Harry whispers, “oh morning” I softly say, “morning, I thought you left” he sighs, “no I’m still here” “I know, I nearly panicked. Promise me you won’t get up and leave when I’m not working?” Harry asks and I unwrap his arms, and walk out of the room quietly. “Mia?” Harry softly calls, and I turn to look at him. “Harry you deserve a lot better than this.” “Mia, promise me you won’t leave when I’m not looking. Remember when I promised you I wouldn’t leave? I want you to do the same” “But you nearly left us twice, I can’t promise something I’m not 100% to go through with” “Mia what about Darcy and the babies?” “you deserve better, I can’t keep hurting you, you’ll be able to see them whenever” “but Mia I won’t see you, I won’t be with you. How will Darcy feel not having both her parents with her, she went without me for 3 and a bit years, I don’t want her going through what we went through when we were younger with out parents.” “She won’t even remember if we split, the twins won’t remember either” “I’ll remember Mia, you will remember. You can’t look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t love me” Harry says, and more tears fall, “you’re right I can’t tell you but you deserve so much better, Harry how can you be forgiving over what I did?” “I don’t like what happened I am not thrilled but I love you, and I want to be with you, you’re my wife, we all make mistakes… It was a mistake wasn’t it?” Harry asks, “of course it was, it was a stupid kiss” “a meaningless one at that” Harry adds, “but it still doesn’t change the fact it happened” “it still doesn’t change the fact I love you, and have fought so hard to have you and be with you.” Harry says, and I sigh. He takes a step closer to me, “promise me Mia. Promise me you won’t leave, let’s sort this out” “okay” I give in, wanting to sort it out and not walk away. “Promise me you won’t leave, and we will try to work this out?” Harry softly encourages, “p-promise” I sniffle, and I see Harry’s eyes light up, “thank you, do you want to talk or is it pushing it too far?” “I don’t mind” I let out, “well it is early lets go back upstairs” Harry suggests, I nod and we go up, I crawl into the warm bed. Harry goes on his phone and I slowly fall asleep. I wake up, the bed was empty, I slowly stumble out, and wall downstairs. Harry was up on the bench eating cereal, “hi love” he smiles slowly putting his bowel down, he places his bowel on something. “Your bowel is on something” I say, “oh it’s nothing it doesn’t matter.” he says jumping off and coming closer to me, he goes to kiss my lips but I tilt my head and he gets my cheek. “Mia” “no Harry I don’t-” “okay” Harry cuts me off, “breakfast?” Harry offers, “I should be offering you breakfast and waiting on you hand and foot” “You don’t need to wait on me hand and foot” “I do, I think it is the least I can do since you’re not kicking me out on my sorry ass” “love I would never do that to you” Harry says and I sigh, moving to the bench, “are you done?” “yeah I was about to put the bowel in the dishwasher” Harry says, “I can do it” I smile taking the bowel before he could object. I lift the bowel and what was under the bowel was revealed. I pick up the paper, “Mia its nothing” Harry stutters, “It takes two to love, but only one will live.” I read out loud. “You said it was nothing Harry” I gulp, “it is nothing some stupid teen” “Harry don’t lie” I softly say, “don’t get me started on lying Mia” “what?” I question, “oh come on I know you get letters to and don’t tell me” he sighs, “you knew?” my eyes widen, “yes Mia I did, why didn’t you tell me?” “because I thought you would leave me” “Mia I found a few of the notes, I think it’s time” “time for what?” I question.

Harry’s p.o.v

I was about to come clean and tell Mia about why I left and who made me leave. As if right on queue the doorbell rings. Darcy’s cries ring through the house as does the doorbell. “I’ll get Darcy love” I smile, walking up the stairs and she makes her way to the front door. “Look who’s awake” I smile walking into Darcy’s room, “Daddy” she sniffles holding her arms up for me to pick her up. I pick her up with my one arm, “what’s wrong princess do you still feel sick?” I sweetly ask and she nods, “okay let’s get some more medicine in you” I whisper walking out. I hear talking downstairs and the voice sound familiar. I peek over the stairs and it was Mias mum. “Shit” I mutter, thankfully Darcy didn’t hear, I was about to walk away from the stairs but her mum saw me and I was busted. I quietly come down the stairs, “Hi Harry” she greets smiling, “hello” I reply, walking into the kitchen, “no mum I don’t want you here” I hear Mia saying, “you’re such a slut I can’t believe you’re pregnant again, with his kid” I hear her mum say, and my mouth drops, I knew Darcy heard that, so I quickly gave her, her medicine, and took her upstairs. I put her down and she falls asleep before I go back downstairs. Mia was now in tears, “What’s going on?” I question going by Mias side and putting my arm around her. “nothing” “then why is your daughter crying?” I question, “because she is a slut” “don’t say that about her, she isn’t a slut. What do you want?” “Wow why are you being so rude to me? I thought you were on tour and you and Mia weren’t together?” she questions, “did you come for a specific reason?” I question, “I want to see Darcy” “over my dead body” Mia hisses, “that is no way to talk Mia” “I don’t care” Mia responds, “she’s my granddaughter” “she’s my daughter now please leave” Mia states, and I could feel her shaking for some reason. “Harry what happened to your arm?” her mum asks me, like she didn’t know. “I was shot” “oh that’s too bad, I’m so sorry” she says, I’m sure she was. I just nod, “well maybe you should go, Darcy is sick anyway, and we have to do things” I nicely say showing her to the door. Mia stays in the living room, while I lead her mother out. “I thought I told you to stay away from her” “I thought I told you her and Darcy were my family. I was stupid for leaving, and listening now let us be happy” I state quietly not wanting Mia to hear. “Management don’t want you guys together nobody does” “no don’t bring my management into this, they don’t mind, it is you. You’re the one with the problem. Leave Mia alone, she doesn’t need you putting her down” “why because she is a slut?” “she isn’t a slut, don’t talk about her like that, she’s your daughter, just go” I angrily state, slamming the door in her face.

My p.o.v

I hear the front door slam and I jump a little. Harry comes in, “so how about breakfast?” “How about you tell me something?” I softly say, “what am I telling you?” “tell me who is writing these letters” “Mia I really don’t know who it is” “whoever it is, a going to end up killing one of us you know that right?” “I won’t let them touch you.” “Harry-” “no Mia I promised to always protect you, against Matt and everyone. They aren’t going to hurt you” “but they are hurting you. They shot you Harry” “I would take the bullet again, if it meant keeping you safe” “but that isn’t fair Harry” “yes it is I said I would protect you” “but you shouldn’t have to take a bullet for me an get shot because of me” I let out in tears my emotions being a mess. Harry comes closer and cups my face with his right hand, “I love you and will protect you. I don’t care if I die doing it.” he whispers before crashing his lips against mine, not giving me time to move or protest. I break away, and go to say something, “shh” Harry whispers before kissing me again, silencing me. “No more ifs or buts, or Mia breaking down from emotions.” Harry says, I go to say something and he crashes his lips yet again on mine. “You’re disobedient” he chuckles pulling away. I sigh, “I love you Harry” I whisper, “I love you too. So how about we go watch a movie, Darcy is out from the medicine.” “Okay, is it my mum?” I ask turning it into a whisper, “what love?” Harry asks grabbing a movie, “is my mum doing this? Sending the letters? Hurting you? The reason you were in fights?” I ask a little scared of the answer I was going to receive. He puts the movie in, and looks at me. “I don’t know love, all I know is she really doesn’t want me with you, and I don’t even know why.” he sighs, “I have to call Louis for a second… Do you mind?” “no go ahead, I’m going to make another tea” I say getting up and going to the kitchen. Harry stays in the living room and calls Louis. I turn the kettle on, and hear Harry talking. I creep to hear what Harry was saying, something urging me to listen in. “Louis I’m worried, should I tell her? I don’t want her freaking out and getting upset….. Louis I don’t know, I want to tell her but it’s her mum, how many daughters want to know their mother is behind things? It will make her even more upset Louis, I don’t know what she will do” I hear Harry trying to whisper, “no I don’t know who is doing everything else.. Wait I have to go bye Louis” Harry quickly says. So was my mum the reasoning behind Harry leaving and Harry being shot, the letters, my poisoning. Or is she just the one who made him leave, and the rest has nothing to do with her?