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Here it is! This is my first oneshot and longest piece yet – please be kind. As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Happy reading! xxh

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getting in a fight with harry and you almost break up and you have emotional sex where you’re both crying and stealing kisses and it’s raw and you’re both just so in love and i don’t know meaningful sex is so much better than just getting in each other’s pants when you feel like it – anon

Word count: 4.5k 

Genre: Angst/smut

Pairing: y/n & Harry

It was quite odd how you could feel so alone in a room so full of people.

Music jumping off of the walls, a steady bass thumping in your chest; laughter cutting through the air, cheers every so often as another round was poured out. The energy was addictive, yet you felt as if you were secluded in your own little bubble, away from everyone else and invisible to the party guests.

Harry stood beside you, happily buzzing with a glass of whiskey in hand. His laughs bellowed out from his chest and were much louder than normal – amplified by the alcohol pulsing through his body. He wasn’t drunk, but the extra confidence given to him by the glass he held was very obvious.

He’d turn to you, mouth parted and about to ask a question, but was swiftly pulled away by an eager acquaintance to congratulate him on ‘his big debut in Hollywood!’ or ‘his incredible new music!’. Harry was too kind to just brush off the compliment with a simple “thank you,” and was quickly taken up in another conversation, leaving you alone.

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anonymous asked:

dunno if you take requests anymore but can you pplease write something where harry texts you all the naughty things he'd do to you from his point of view? like if he was on tour or travelling to do promo of SOTT or Dunkirk, wtv x

Harry. Missus.

Disclaimer: I’m not gonna write the cliche where Harry tells the missus what to do and how, I’m going to write what Harry would make happen if he were with the missus, but there won’t any clue at all. If you don’t like this kind of stuff please simply don’t read it and don’t send hate. I’m sorry if there are many typos, I’m on my phone and can’t fix them at the moment. Thanks for reading if you do.

Hey babe! I’m just done with interviews and promo. 

I’ve had my dinner but… Somehow, I’m still hungry ;)

You want dessert? :P

Mmm I won’t say no to something warm and sweet babe

What I have melts on the plate..

It’s not even going to make it to the plate. Straight into my mouth babygirl… I’m famished ;)

So come hop your cute petite ass onto my desk. I want to take my time and enjoy that amazing body for as long as I can 

I’ll run my hands up over your feet and along your calves, squeezing and massaging them until I grip your thighs, right behind your knees and smile up at you, turning me head up for a kiss.

You bend down and open your mouth, your warm sweet breath filling my head and I’ll dig my fingers into your soft thigh and lean up, biting your lips and growling into you as I suck on your tongue lightly.

Lay back and enjoy this babygirl. I’ve got you.

I’ll groan and suck on your tongue harder. digging my fingers into your flesh and massaging my way up and down your thighs as your hair falls around us and I feel your arms snake around my neck

I sit forward and pull you closer, pressing my body between your legs, grinding against you slowly while my hands keep fondling your soft legs, my thumbs digging in and probably leaving slight marks and bruises on your delicate skin

Your hands and fingers slide into my short black hair, gripping my as I push my tongue against yours, tasting you and hungering for more! I growl again, breathing heavily as I rush my lips against yours and feel your tongue gliding over mine,warm and wet and slippery in my mouth

You feel me begin to grow in my jeans. You’re just wearing one of my tshirts and a pair of lace panties. My bulge growing and throbbing, hard against you through the soft material. I grip you by your legs and pull you closer, rubbing myself against you and feeling your warmth through our clothes, your hands pulling and scratching at my head and neck as we kiss passionately.

I move my hands behind you, grabbing you by your gorgeous ass and squeezing one cheek in each hand. I pull you against me and lean forward, pushing my boy into yours.

You move and wiggle against me, rubbing your tits against my chest and your legs wrap around my lower ribs, your ass barely touching the desk as I grope and feel you and out tongues explore each-others’ mouths

I groan loudly and feel you begin to grind against my bulge. You let out little purring sounds into my mouth as I feel you grinding your lit and pussy against my bulge. Your ass moving in my hands as you buck your hips, dry humping me while I squeeze your sexy butt cheeks hard and firm

I chuckle and pull away slightly, smiling up at you ‘Oh no you don’t, little one… I’m only getting started with you’ I say as I put one hand on your throat and push you back, choking you ever o slightly ‘You still oh me a dessert, don’t forget…’ pushing you further and further back until you have to unwrap your legs from around me

I take hold of both your legs and put them over my shoulders as you lean back on the desk, bracing yourself with your hands behind you. My hands move back up your thighs and push my tshirt up your soft pale body, exposing your flesh as I turn my head and kiss your inner thighs, first one then the other, letting you feel my stubble brushing and scratching your skin 

I lick and kiss and bite my way up your thighs as you whimper and pout above me

Harry, please.

‘Mmmm no not yet babygirl… You are on my time now. Be patient’ I smile, winking up at you and I push the shirt up over your tits and expose them both, letting my thumbs brush against your hard nipples as I bite and lick my way up your thighs

I feel your breathing slow and your body relax. I smell your warm soft skin, your scent filling my head.

I’ll brush one cheek against your pussy through your lace panties, feeling your body tense as my stubble scratches your most delicate little girl parts

I groan softly, but deep, letting you feel the vibration through my teeth and jaw on your thigh.I reach up with one hand, taking you by your throat and pushing you right back up against the wall, so you nearly fall backwards against it and the other hand grabs hold of your soft warm boob, and I squeeze it hard ‘Grrrmmmfff yes… This is what I’ve been thinking about all day my little pet' 

I turn my face, eyes close and breathing heavily, and I smell your panties, drawing in your scent and feeling your wetness on my nose and lips, groaning again letting the cool air blow over your wet panties, sending shivers up your body and making your legs tense so I can feel your heels digging into my back

I look up one last time, into your eyes, and growl possessively but calmly ‘This is mine, little one…’ and with that, I turn my head and push my face into your pussy, licking and groaning loudly into you, feeling your body shake and your legs tremble as I bite and lick and chew on your delicious, dripping cunt through your lace panties! 

Your  passion flowing over my face already. Your juices soaking through the lace and dripping down my chin as I growl and grunt and breath into you like an animal on its prey. Devouring your delicious sweet flower as gnawing at you like you’re the last meal I’ll ever have!

My hand gripping your throat, going tighter and firmer as I fall deeper into the abyss of my lust. Squeezing your tit and rolling your nipples between my fingers, you know I’m going to leave marks on your neck but you don’t care. You beg and plead as I bite and lick your pussy through your panties and I push my gface into you more, harder, firmer! My nose rubbing against the hood of your clit and my tongue slipping your panties aside and finally sliding between your smooth wet pussy lips, tasting your nectar and feel your body shake in ecstasy! 

I hear you whisper ‘please’ desperately ad I come back from the fog, looking up at you, still rubbing my nose and lips and chin against your pussy 'Please what, kitten? What does my little pet need?’ I ask, my breath on your thigh nd my face still brushing roughly against your tender partially-exposed flesh

I smile and see the pleasure on your face and the lust in your eyes 'Well?’ I ask again, still rubbing my cheek and chin and nose against your pussy 'Please what, littler girl?’ I ask again, smirking at you and then taking your panties between my teeth and sitting back slightly, pulling them aside and down out of my way, breathing heavily so I can draw your scent deep into my lungs!

I smile and watch your eyes open and loo down at me, glazed over and lost in the clouds. I push my chair back and stand up slowly, bring my hand down from your throat. I take your panties in my fist roughly, my knuckles pushing and grinding against your pussy and clit, and I start pulling it own off you slowly, enjoying the feeling of your hand on my chest and neck and your legs shaking as you straighten and hold them together for me to pull your panties off.

I pull them off your soft, delicate feet and bring them up to my face and smell them 'Mmmm oh babygirl… This is what I’ve wanted all day’ I say as I look into your eyes and take them between my teeth and with my free hand I start undoing my jeans and pushing them down, along with my boxer. My rock hard cock springing into view at full attention!

I take your panties from my mouth and bring them over to your face 'Open wide princess’

You obey and I put them in your mouth, letting you taste your pussy juices, showing you how wet I made you and I take my cock in my hand and stroke it a few times against your soaking cunt, letting the foreskin draw fully forward and brushing it against your lips and clit 'Is thi what you want my little slut? Is this what my little whore is begging for?’ I ask tauntingly, stroking the length against you slowly and then taking it in my hand and slapping your bare pussy with it a few times, letting you feel the weight and hardness against your flesh

I smile and watch you change… My sweet, innocent little princess evaporates and is replaced by her twin… The sultry, slutty, hungry whore who can never get enough 'good girl…’

I growl and hold my cock at your entrance feeling you open your legs and put your heels against my ass, trying to pull me in but I hold back easily, controlling every move as I smile and look into your eyes 'Oh you eager, greedy little bitch’ I say, smiling and hearing you moan and pout and purr.

I rub my cock in small circles around your pussy and clit, stroking it a few more times, letting my foreskin move all the way up the head until it catches your lit and covers it, trapping it between my foreskin and the head of my cock. I lean in and bite your earlobe and growl softly 'This belongs to me, my little kitten…’ slapping my heavy hard cock against your pussy

Grunting as I hear you mewl desperately, hungrily, and then I suck your earlobe hard and whisper again 'And this, my little baby… .This belongs to you…’

And with that I hold my cock head at your entrance and without warning, I groan loudly straight into your ear, deafening you a I buck my hips and slide my swollen, thick mushroom cockhead between your smooth soaking pussy lips

In one long, slow, smooth thrust, I push myself into your warm, soft, trembling body. Filling you as I push inch after inch deep into you. Slowly, letting you feel every ridge and bump and vein, making every throbbing thick inch of me fill you up as you gasp and cry out and grab hold of me, your legs shaking and locking around my waist drawing me further

I groan and lay forward on you, my body weighing you down and pinning you to the desk and the wall, as I slide the last inch into you and you feel my heavy shaved balls against your ass and I stay there for  a moment, feeling your warm pussy engulf my cock and your body melting in my arms

I grunt and plant my legs apart from each other, putting one hand on the wall and the other on the desk

You hold onto me, clinging to me as I lift myself again and look down at you 'Enough of being soft and sweet. You’re not my princess anymore… You’re my whore!’

I growl and start bucking my hips, fucking you in slow deep thrusts at first, filling you with every hard thick inch and pulling out until just the head is left in you, then sliding back in

Deep and hard, making your body shake, banging the desk against the wall with my thighs, my heavy dangling balls slapping your ass with every thrust

I look into your big beautiful eyes, my breath i your face and my cock filling you again and again your moans filling the room and your smell driving me insane with lust 'Yes this is what you need. You fucking hungry, wanton little bitch! This is what you crave: To be mounted and dominated and rutted in by a beast

I groan and fuck you harder, driving my cock into your depths more violently with every thrust

My sweat from my forehead dripping onto you, my hands gripping the desk and my thighs hammering it against the wall! My body slapping against you as one after another the brutal, deep, violent thrusts wrack your body!

Your legs trembling, my body slapping against you, your pussy juices splashing along my haft and against my balls a they whack against your ass and pussy with every drive into you!

I take my hand form the wall and grab your throat, choking you violently, pushing you against the wall and glowering and grunting into your face with every animalistic thrust into your depths 'I’ll fuck you like I want to break you, you fucking greedy little whore!' 

Your hands clawing at me, grabbing and scratching, your breath wheezing through your nose and mouth as your beautiful eyes well up with tears and I grunt louder and louder! MY body slamming into you, driving my cock deep into your pussy and filling you with my raging hard flesh again and again and again!

Choking you against the wall, your toes curling over as your legs tremble and your juices squirt all over my legs and balls and desk, and I don’t give a fuck! I see your tears and hear you whimper and I growl, driven further into the red haze of my animal lust 'Cry and scream all you ant you slut! Nothing can save you now… You are mine and I’ll use you until you are broken into a thousand pieces!’

My fingers on your neck and throat, digging into you hard! I buck my hips and thrust with my legs, pounding my cock into you like I fucking hate you!! Leaning in I bite your neck an mark you, leaving my signs on you for the world to see, so everyone knows this bitch is owned and that you’ve bee used like the depraved whore you are!

I groan and bite you, sucking on your skin and I feel the tingle in my belly, that sweet familiar sensation that tells me I’m approaching the edge!

Your hands and nails digging into my back, marking me as I slam into you faster and faster. The desk shaking and  banging against the wall in a fast frantic rhythm now! My body pouring with sweat, my groans and grunts deepening and quickening, filing your ears so you can’t hear anything else in the world except my ravenous hunger for you!

I close my eyes and throw my head back! I grip your throat and pull you back suddenly, pulling your ass off the desk and I slam you down on it on your back, pushing your head up against the wall! Twisting and contorting your body as I want it

I pin you down and hold you i place, thrusting hard into you! Slamming you with all my strength, destroying your beautiful soft body as I pound my throbbing thick cock into your cunt without mercy!

'Grrraaagghh fuck bitch yes I’m close!!’ I scream loudly, choking you and grabbing hold of your thigh with my other hand! Digging my fingers into you again, marking you as I hammer your pussy hard and deep, making you ache inside and out!!

I close my eyes and my legs begin to shake. You pull me deeper, your on senses incoherent and scattered, your only sensations being the pain of my hardness ravaging your tight sopping cunt and my hands roughly holding you and overpowering you! Using you like a fuck doll I’m about to dump  a huge fucking load into!

I cry out and my body shakes suddenly! I plough forward, ramming my raging hard cock eep int you and holding it there, letting it throb and pulse deep in your gorgeous body!

I cry out and pin you down, holding you exactly where I want you!

Then I fall of the cliff. I release all the anger and frustration and lust and passion.. I cream loudly and choke you and grip you with all my power, marking and hurting you intensely, as my cock erupts deep in your cunt and I pump rope after rope of my thick, warm, creamy seed deep into your cunt and flood your omb with my spunk! 

My hands not releasing you, and shake an shiver and groan with each incredible jet of cum that pumps into you! One after another they flood your body, filling you as I groan and gasp in ecstasy, feeling myself melt into your warmth as your legs wrap around me possessively, not letting me go, holing me inside you, and I feel you clenching and releasing your cunt, milking my tender cock, drawing the last drops of me deep into you

I lay forward on top of you, my chest heaving, my heart racing, blood thundering in my ears and still I feel you. Your hands all over my back, your gorgeous legs still wrapped around my, not even considering letting go, and your brutalised, broken pussy still squeezing and milking my cock, wanting every single last drop of my seed deep inside your womb, and I gasp breathlessly 'even now kitten… gggrraaaggh… still as greedy as ever, my pet’

I’ll stay there, not pulling out. Growing soft inside you, feeling your bod melt under me. My seed filling you, warming you inside and I know that between my marks on your body, and my cum in your belly, my little slut has been well and truly owned. My kitten. My whore. My babygirl…

Fuck babe… I loved that.

So did I, too much

Mmm oh yes babygirl, mine to own and enjoy and spoil and use and show off and dominate

Hehe too much? I don’t think that’s a thing xx

   Touchè, it’s never too much because it’s never enough

It’s never meant to be enough. Lust is insatiable… And thank fuck for that!

Did you cum for me during that, babygirl?

Three times, I enjoyed that a lot I told ya

Oh fuck… I love that! 

I’m very glad you did. I cam so hard at the end. Harder than I had in a while

You’d have been filled up so much babygirl. Filled to the brim with my thick, warm cum

I don’;t think there is any better sign of ownership by a man, and submission by a woman, than him cumming deep n her pussy and filling her with his seed. I fucking love that so much.

I love how filthy and hungry you can be, while looking so sweet and innocent, babe

My kind of girl!

That’s why you chose me, :P

Strike a pose


Harry Styles sat in the set, adjusting the light fixtures and getting it perfect. For this shoot, he was going to make it his best one.

Being one of the most famous photographers in the world right now, he always took pride in his work, but he wanted something to top that. And to top the crazy things he had done, he’s doing something simple.

His model was someone he had hand picked out of 3,000 girls who were begging for him to take photos of them. The girl had an a light to her that resonated on her face, but also the look in her eyes and smile that was slightly seductive. Harry knew the moment he saw her that he wanted to shoot her, despite her being a new model.

Today’s shoot would be in a studio apartment, with big windows showing off the cityscape, and hug bed with messy white sheets.

Harry liked to work alone. Another reason why he was so unique. No lighting people, no stress. Just him, the model and his camera. So that being said, he fixed his sets to perfect like he was doing now. After fixing the sheets to be perfectly messy, he sat on the bed waiting for her to arrive.

Jeanine was overwhelmed with excitement to be working with Harry Styles. Being a model who wanted to make it big, although she was just coming up in the industry, she knew how big it was to be able to say she’s even met him, let alone worked from him.

The fact that she was handpicked out of thousands of girls made her a bit dizzy. She wasn’t insecure, but she didn’t expect to be chosen, despite how insanely beautiful she was. She could act for the camera, she had the talent, but getting to shoot with him was like getting into Princeton, but only in the modeling industry.

She rushed up the stairs, heading to the room they agreed to meet in. She is out of breath from running once she gets up the stairs.

“I’m sorry if I’m late,” she sighs, putting her stuff down, walking up to Harry to shake his hand, “Jeanine,” she smiles. Damn, Harry is /extremely/ attractive.

“Harry.” He smiled, but Instead of shaking her hand, he brought it up to kiss gently. He knew /exactly/ how to drive women crazy.

He looked Jeanine loved carefully, loving what he saw. A perfect body, gorgeous face and beautiful smile. She didn’t have much makeup on besides the standard eyeliner mascara foundation.

“I’ve got to say, your pictures don’t do you justice… In then you’re stunning but in person… You’re quite honestly one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen.” He says softly, observing her.

He wasn’t lying. She was. Her natural beauty was astounding, and he wanted to take hundreds of photos of her. He could imagine her in every setting. On the bed, on a runway, in the city and in a field. She had versatile beauty that Harry had never seen before.

Jeanine’s cheeks grow even more red as Harry compliments her. This is what photographers are supposed to do so that they’re models perform in front of the camera for them well. Make them feel confident and sexy to encourage them to just be themselves.

But Jeanine could tell that this wasn’t just Harry being polite for business. She could tell he said it with more intention behind his words, and it made her tummy flutter a bit.

“Thank you, thank you so much. I seriously can’t thank you enough for even choosing me. It’s truly an honor, every model in the industry knows how incredible of an experience it is to work with someone like you,” she says, voice soft like her gorgeous skin.

“Thank you for modeling for me.” Harry smiled at her softly, before taking her hand and leading her to the window.

“Now the concept of this is sexy natural mornings. So I have a large tee shirt of mine ready for you to wear, you can change into that. Basically like a boyfriends clothes type of thing.” He said handing her the tee shirt.

When she came back to him wearing it, and nothing else, he felt his pants tighten a bit. This was rare for him. He was surrounded by models daily, seeing then naked but fuck, she looked sexy and a bit nervous, her eyes big and she looked at him with doe eyes and thick lashes and he wanted to do filthy things to her.

He cleared his throat, eyes roaming her body. “Perfect, very sexy. Now stand here and just look out for me alright?” He said before rushing to his camera.

Jeanine was used to photographers calling her sexy, beautiful, but she could see the hungry way Harry was looking at her, and she could definitely tell that there was a bit of desire in his tone.

Her cheeks flushed again and she nodded as he requested she stand there. Jeanine was a natural, that’s why she was booking these types of jobs so early in her career. She can turn on the sexiness at any given time that she is instructed to.

Jeanine looks towards the camera and gives it bedroom eyes, acting as if she’s staring at a man she lusts for. But as Harry focuses the camera, she decides to do it for him instead of the camera. She tries to convince herself that she’s doing it for better photo results, but she knows that the sexiness she’s turning on is for him.

Her eyes were making it hard for him to keep his dick from popping out of his pants. The sexual tension was filling the room, as he shot photo after photo.

He cleared his throat and instructed her of her next place.
“So I need you on the bed now. I want the shots to look like you’re trying to lure a man or woman into bed with you, give them they eyes and the body language. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

She nods, understanding exactly what to do, and exactly how to do it.

She climbs onto the bed and sits up at first, making sure her back is facing the camera. She pulls his shirt up over her bare ass so that her ass cheeks are shown, before she turns her head around to face the camera, and only her head, bites her lip, and gives /him/ seductive eyes.

It’s known that there’s always got to be chemistry between said model and the photographer, however, this is more than just chemistry. This is literal attraction to one another.

Her ass was round and smooth and fuck, he just wanted to touch it. Maybe mark it up a bit. And he wanted to bite that damn lip… She was killing him.

“Mm, that’s good darling. Maybe turn around and face the front, lower your shirt a little bit.” He suggests. “Tease the camera.”

“Mhmm,” she hums, turning her body around. She grips onto his shirt that’s on her naked body, pulling the shirt down a bit so that most of her breasts are shown. A lot of cleavage, and almost a nip slip. She closes her eyes and tilts her head back, arching her head to the side a bit to give the camera a sexy, sleepy look.

She pulls the shirt down a bit too much, and her nipple becomes exposed, the cool air hitting the sensitive erection of her nipples.

“Shit…” Harry whispers under his breath.
“That’s good sweetheart keep it like that.” He whispers to her, snapping photos and moving around for different angles.

“I need to fix something..” He says before walking over to her and messing up her hair a bit, making it messy like sex hair. “That’s better doll.” He says softly, hand slipping down to stroke her cheek.

“Mmm, good, want to be as sexy as possible for this shoot. This is huge for me,” she whispers, leaning into his hand as it hits her cheek.

She’s extremely aware that her breasts are hanging out, but she doesn’t mind. In an odd and extremely sexual way, she kind of likes it. She does wish she was wearing panties, however, because there is a dull ache between her thighs, and Harry is in an extremely flattering outfit. God, he’s so sexy, and she knows he thinks she is as well. He’s achingly fucking hot.

Harry took the shirt and tugged on it a bit, making the other nipple pop out. He cursed internally, looking at the gorgeous breasts. He was sure he was fully hard now.

“Take your hands and hold them over your nipples, please.” He I trusted before backing up a bit and shooting several shots of her bare breasts and hands.

“That’s perfect. Sexy.. You could lure any man into bed with that.”

“Mmmm,” she hums, but it sounds more like a moan as she covers her nipples with her hands and looks directly at Harry.

Her cheeks flush, and any need of blush that she had before vanishes as she looks towards Harry’s jeans. She can see the bulge and she can surely feel the bit of stickiness between her thighs.

“Good. ’S what I’m going for,” she licks her lips, staring at Harry long after he’s taken the photo.

Harry smirked at her as he took the photos quietly, his hard on becoming more and more frequent. He had never had a model make him so crazy before, and she was doing it without even trying.

“And what else are you trying to do, kitten?” He asks as he lowers the camera, looking at her with lust blown eyes. He walks towards her slowly, the shirt falling even lower so par of her stomach is exposed.

She bites her lip hard at his question, her eyes widening a bit as he begins to slowly walk towards her. Her skin heats up and she squeezes her thighs together at the pet name.

“Mmm, dunno. It’s kind of hard to think, having such a sexy photographer and all,” she hums, trying to sound more confident, trying to play it cool. Which is quite hard, considering she’s not quite sure how this will go or where it will lead, and her heart is beating out of her chest

Harry looks at her with a smirk, putting down the camera and sitting next to her on the edge of the bed.

“Well, we must talk about this then. Am I making you uncomfortable or…distracting you?”

He looked at her with pure lust in his eyes, wanting to pounce on her at any second, but he wanted to wait for her to make the first move.

Her breath noticeably hitched at his question and she moves her hand to his chest where she rests her palm, looking into his eyes.

“Distracting me? Maybe a bit. Making me uncomfortable? Not at all. You’re just extremely sexy, I can’t help but want to put on a show for you, rather than just the cameras,” she admits in a whisper.

“Why don’t you do that for me then, love. I’ll sit back, show me what you’ve got.” He smirked challengingly, climbing up the bed and leaning leaning against the headboard.

He watched her with curiosity as she got up. She was so fucking gorgeous, he felt his self control completely slipping my away.

She smirks and moves her hands to the hem of his shirt, peeling it slowly off her body, stripping herself completely for him.

She raises an eyebrow before punching her nipples and playing with her tits, laying on her back before she reveals the money spot.

She shows him her pretty pink pussy, spreading herself open for him to take a look, “don’t think you’ve seen this part of me yet, though…”

Her tits were gorgeous, the perfect size and shape. He practically drooled over time as she ran her hands over then and pinched her erect nipples, leaving him aching to bite and suck on them.

Finally, she opened her legs and let him take a look at her gorgeous cunt. He moaned out loud and dropped a hand on his pants to palm himself.

“Holy shit… Baby, you’re so gorgeous. Your pussy is so wet, I can see it from here.”

“Aren’t I nice and wet and pink? Just for you,” she hums, beginning to rub on her swollen clit. She can’t help herself, he’s so irresistible and hot, and she was wearing his shirt and doing sexy poses for him. This was inevitable.

“I need some relief, but I don’t know where I’ll get it…” She pouts playfully

He watched her almost in a trance as she rubbed her clit, his eyes locked on her fingers as they circles the swollen nerve.

“Come sit on my lap darling, I might be able to help you out.” He whispered, watching her still play with herself.

She wanted to give him the best view of her swollen, soaked folds and clit that she was playing with gently with her fingers. She wanted to make sure he could see /everything/.

“Mmm,” she moans at his request, sitting up once again and licking her fingers to get any cum off of them.

She crawls over to him, before she climbs onto his lap as requested and spreads her legs over it. She moves her hands to rest on his shoulders and she looks into the green of his eyes. He is an absolute dream.

Harry’s hands moved to touch her breasts, squeezing them gently. Then his lips when to kiss her collar bones gently, sucking a small mark and trailing his lips down to her nipple, licking it teasingly, then suddenly sucking it into his mouth.

His other hand traveled to her swollen clít, rubbing it in slow lazy circles knowing she would buck into his hand for more.

He looked at her, her head thrown back in pleasure and her back arched as she suckled on her nipples.

This was the most erotic situation Jeanine had been in, in all of her years. It was not only dirty and completely unorthodox, it was with the most attractive man she had ever seen.

“Oh god, that feels so good, I love that so much….” She breathes out, her words coming out in breathless rhythm.

Her back arched and her legs shook a bit from the immense pleasure of him simply lazily rubbing her swollen, slippery clit in circles.

“You’re so fucking sexy.” Harry moaned before switching nipples. He played with them with his mouth, suckling, gently biting, licking. He could see it was driving her crazy.

His hand that was on her clít sped up, rubbing fast and hard against her as she gasped.

“How does that feel baby? You’re dripping wet.”

She nods quickly, whimpers slipping from her swollen lips. She wants to kiss /him/, and his gorgeous lips. She wants to do more than just touching each other’s genitals.

She moves her head forward and presses her lips against his hungrily, swiping her tongue against his bottom lip almost immediately. “So good baby,” she whimpers, her toes curling and her back arching even more.

Harry kissed her back deeply, their tongues swirling and exploring each other’s mouths.
He slipped a finger into her tightness, moaning against her lips at the feeling of her wet, warm pussy on his finger.

“You’re so tight, baby girl.” He cooed, sliding it in and out. “Bet you’d feel fùcking incredible around my cock, all warm and wet.”

His use of dirty words made her moan even more, her pussy clenching around his long, slender fingers that are used to snap the sexy shots of her on the bed. She begins rocking her hips and creating rhythm to intensify the pleasure.

“Oh god, I bet your cock is so big, shit…want it in my face,” she gasps, her eyes squeezing shut as she pulls away from his mouth to roll her head back.

“Do you want to touch me baby? I’m so hard for you. Absolutely aching. ” he moaned, thrusting his fingers faster into her.

“I’ve been hard since I saw you, you’re the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen… I want to destroy you.” He growled into her ear.

The word destroy, mixed with the growl in her ear makes her legs shake even more, she is so weak, weak for him.

“I wanna touch your cock, please, let me,” she begs, moving her hands down. She begins fumbling with the zipper of his pants and tugs them down before unbuttoning them, moving to his boxers where she palms him over the thin layer of cloth, “so hard baby…”

“Mmm fuck. That’s it baby, take it out.” He hisses as her small hand takes hold of his cöck through his boxers.

She takes it out, stroking it softly as he throws his head back and moans. “Such pretty hands on my big cock… Spit on it baby, get it all wet.”

Her eyes are a bit wide because of how big he is. She’s never seen a dick as big as Harry Styles’s, and she’s damn happy that she’s getting the opportunity to.

“Any of your other models ever do this to you?” She hums softly as she begins to jerk his massive erection, biting her lip as she looks into the green of his lustful eyes.

“No, just you… They don’t turn me on like you. Never got this hard over any of them.” He pants, catching her lips in a dirty kiss.

“Your lips taste delicious. I wonder…..” He trails off before taking his hand away and sucking her wetness off his fingers, moaning. “Mm, you taste amazing everywhere.”

Her confidence is instantly boosted by him once again, and she feels her stomach do flip flops at his answer. She moans softly as her brain scans through the possibilities.

“You want to find out how I taste, baby? There’s only one way…” She smirks, licking her lips as she brushes her thumb against his sensitive tip.

Harry looked at her with his eyes dark with lust. She looked so innocent but fuck, she knew exactly what to do to make a man go to his knees.

“You look like such a pretty, innocent angel at first baby… But those eyes.. You can see you’re a naughty girl, aren’t you?”

“I open up when I feel extra specially comfortable with the man I’m fucking,” she smirks, sticking her ass up in the air as she leans down to take him into her mouth.

She begins by kitten licking the head and looking up at him with innocent eyes, pumping his base and fondling his balls in the other hand.

His Hand reaches down to squeeze her ass as she licks at his tip gently. She looked gorgeous, big doe eyes with fluttering lashes while her pink tongue licked at his dick.

“Suck it angel, cmon.” He groaned and sure enough she took him into her mouth, the warmth and wetness making him moan.

She never thought she’d find herself in a situation like this. Sucking her photographer’s dick after a very sexy shoot. It’s frowned upon in the agency and seen as very wrong, but she could give less of a shit because it feels so damn /right/.

She also loves the adrenaline rush that it’s giving her. She takes more of him into her mouth and begins bobbing her head, getting his penis ass sticky and wet with her warm spit. She moves her head faster and moans against him to send glorious vibrations.

Her mouth was warm and wet, just right for him. She got him wet with her spit and dove right in, taking him into her mouth and sucking. It felt fùcking amazing.

“Shit, that’s it angel. Such pretty lips wrapped around me, such a gorgeous sight.” He cooed, taking her hair and fisting it in a pony tail to keep it out of her face.

She felt her hair being pulled up into a ponytail and she was grateful. She didn’t want her hair to get in the way of the incredible blow job she was giving Harry.

She massages his balls in her left hand as her lips pucker around his cock, her tongue moving up and down his shaft as she bobs her head.

She pulls her mouth off with a pop and kitten licks the head again before looking up to him.

“You like that? I love that I’m the only model who’s done this to you…” She growls, moving her head down to suckle his balls.

Her hands on his balls and licks on the tip made him quiver in pleasure. He had never gotten head this good in his life.

“Only one angel, and it’s so good. Fuck…” He groaned, before gasping as she sucked on his balls.

“Shit baby, shit… That’s so good, more.”

Some guys don’t like it when their balls are played with, so Jeanine is extremely pleased when Harry seems to like it. Her ex wasn’t into it and she had to pretend like she didn’t want to play with his balls during head.

She leaves kisses all over them, licking up the seam between them with a throaty moan. Her legs squeeze together to relieve some tension, her body feeling as if it’s about to explode with need.

“Baby, Fück me please.” He whined, pulling her up to his lap. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Need to fuck tou, come on.” He hissed, flipping them over and sliding into her. Loud moans left both of their mouths AT the stretch of his big cock inside of her tiny pùssy.

She had never been with anyone so big before in her life. The way her pussy was stretching around his massive erection made her cry out his name.

“Oh shit, yeah! Oh my god, feels so good,” she nearly screams as Harry pounds into her tight, warm cunt. “so fucking good, feels so fucking good,” she repeats, digging her nails into his shoulders.

No one could ever know about this. Ever. This was a very unorthodox and dirty situation, boning her photographer after a sexy photoshoot.

“How’s this baby? Hmm?” He purred as he thrusted in and out of her warmth, losing all self control.

“How do I feel inside you? You’re so fucking tight and I’m starching you open aren’t I?” He grunted, biting down hard on the skin near her collarbone. He wanted to leave marks.

“Such a gorgeous girl, fuck.”

“Oh yeah, fuck baby. Stretching me out so good. Fucking hell you’re so damn sexy,” she pants, her toes curling before she wraps her legs around his waist.

“Fuck me harder baby. Wanna hear your balls smacking against my taint,” she breathes, proud of the dirty words slipping from her lips.

Harry growled loudly, starting to pound into her. The bed was squeaking, his hands resting above her head. Her hands on his back, scratching down his back.

“Like this baby?” He grunted. The noises of their fucking filled the room, skin slapping skin, mouths smacking together.

“Such dirty words falling out of such a gorgeous mouth, I fucking love it.”

“Yeah baby, oh shit, that’s perfect!” She screams, her hands gripping the sheets and her back threatening to arch off of the bed.

Her legs shake as she gets even closer to reaching her climax, her head rolling back as Harry’s mouth moves to her neck to lick and suck.

“Yes baby, want you to cum okay? Gonna fuck you really hard, want you to scream for me when you cum.” He hissed between gritted teeth, returning her favor and sucking multiple marks on to her neck.

He was fucking her as hard as he could, headboard clashing against the wall and her legs shaking, the heavy breathing and skin slapping and their loans mixing together.

He felt her clench around him, signaling she was close. “Cmon baby, cum.”

Jeanine can’t hold out for much longer. She’s never felt this close, so quickly, in her entire life. It’s always taken a while for her to get there, or the guy just didn’t care to get her there at all.

“Fuck yeah baby, ’m so close….” She trails off, breathing heavily as she clenches around Harry’s massive dick.

One last hard thrust really gets her going, and she cums around his fat cock with a loud scream.

Harry groaned, feeling her clench around him triggering not his orgasm. Finally, he felt his stomach clench and the pressure was released.

He came, spilling inside of her while panting against her mouth.

“Well, fuck.”

Chica from The Doggerz

Sorry for the crappy parody of the Gorillaz name.

As encouraged by @dogiplier here is Chica in the style of The Gorillaz. So here’s  the context basically during Mark’s Crash Bandicoot Stream some music started playing in the background, it turned out that Chica had accidentally turned on some music that Mark had on pause and it just so happened to be Gorillaz. 

So I thought it would be funny if I drew her in that style. It was a challenge but I think it turned out okay. 

btw the lyrics behind her are from Dirty Harry my favourite Gorillaz song :D

All I want for Christmas is you



(y/n) is pregnant and all she wants for Christmas is Harry


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Can you imagine waking up to this! I would literally die 😍


I was just minding my own business tonight, and then E *had* to bring up Harry’s fingers.

@permanentcross made me do it.

You tried your best to behave, but it was getting late and you just wanted Harry. The two of you had been out at a party for a few hours now, but you’d grown tired of the conversations going on around you and began to pout. 

Under the table, your hands can’t help but wander over to his thighs, knowingly brushing over his (growing) bulge in his trousers, earning glares from him every so often.

“Don’t,” is all he whispers in your ear, tone strict enough it admittedly makes you a little nervous.

Your hands snake higher and higher up, egging him on with each pass. He eventually excuses the two of you, saying something about an early morning. 

The grip he has around your wrist feels like it’ll leave a mark, but he’s not too concerned. Harry’s face is set in a dead stare, taking no time to make sure you’re carefully in tow with him. 

He makes an abrupt turn into the hallway, dimly lit by the party going on just feet away. His body pins you close to the wall, eyes staring you down; cold. You feel your breathing pick up as he constricts you closer to the wall, the chair rail poking into the small of your back. 

“Think tha’s okay? Tease m'like tha’?” he seethes, face close to yours, “Have no idea how embarrassing tha’ could’ve gotten.”

You swallow harshly, throat feeling tight, “I didn’t…" 

His hand gripping your jaw cut you off. 

"Don’t play tha’ game with me, y/n,” Harry’s eyes only seemed to grow darker, “Know full well what you’re after.”

He held your chin with a strong grip, making it known that you had no power in this situation. Your heart was beating steadily in your ears and your stomach was knotted with anticipation. 

He was right where you’d wanted him all along. 

Harry studied your face carefully, your eyes looking innocent as he traced over your lips with his free hands. 


You parted your lips slightly, following his orders and obeying him, knowing his tone was nothing to mess around with. 

His fingers pressed into your mouth, finding their resting place on the flat surface of your tongue. 

“Suck,” he whispered, and you instinctively closed your lips around them, swirling your tongue and making his voice stutter just a bit:

“Show me exactly how you’re goin’t take care of me when we’re back home.”

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i dont know if you take requests but can you make somethin like sexual tension between harreh and her coworker? yeah well, thanks

This is from the missus POV.

I moaned quietly into his mouth, and it seemed to drive him crazy. He backed me up against the desk and thrust his hips against me, but then he groaned and broke away, taking a step back, and staring up at the ceiling. I followed his gaze, half expecting to see God, but all I saw was florescent lighting.

“We have to stop,” he said, breathing hard.

“I know. I’m sorry,” I said, making an effort to compose myself.

“I haven’t been this desperate since I was a teenager. I can’t concentrate. You know those Viagra commercials where they say go to the hospital if you have an erection that lasts longer than four hours?” I nodded. “Well, how long is our work day?”

“I can’t concentrate either; I think about you all the time. And you’re not the only one with a thing for office furniture. I’ve thought about your desk, too and during that meeting, I fantasized about having sex with you on the conference table.”

“Oh my God.” He groaned again. “Don’t tell me that!”

“Harry, I can’t go on like this. I’m going through so many batteries.”

“I wanted to try to take it slowly, because I didn’t want to screw up, but babe, I want you so much. There’s no blood left in my brain.”

“I was so jealous of that girl from earlier.”

“Of… what?! Babe! She thinks my name is Heraldson. I didn’t even remember her name. I’m not sure I ever knew it. The only thing I remember about her is how annoying she was.”

“Still, she’s had sex with you and I haven’t.”

“We can remedy that.”

“Can we?” I asked breathlessly.

“We have to. I’m running out of office furniture to fantasize about banging you on, and I’m Googling ‘injury’ and ‘excessive masturbation’.”

“Okay, well we have a date tomorrow,” I said, in a throaty voice and I saw his eyes darken and start to look hazy as he came closer again.

“And what are the female rules when it comes to physical contact on the second date?” he asked.

“There aren’t really any hard and fast rules.” I paused. “Is it just me, or did that sound kind of dirty?”

“Everything you say sounds dirty to me. In a good way.”

“Will you come out to the pub tonight with everybody? I mean, you’re not going to go out… somewhere else tonight?”

“No! What do you think; I’m going to make a farewell appearance at the clubs?” He was leaning down, about to kiss me again, when the sound of a quick knock and the door opening surprised us.

Not sure if that’s what you were looking for… Xx.


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“Is it possible to die from being too horny? I feel like my cock is about to explode.”

“Harry, stop being so dramatic. It’s only been four days,” (y/n) rolled her eyes at Harry’s dramatic attitude to just about everything- he could be such a drama queen sometimes, “Besides, you’ve went three and a half months without sex when you were on tour, three more days won’t make a difference.”

“I was allowed to wank when I was on tour.” Harry said matter of factly, as if it was such a normal statement and this argument wasn’t completely ridiculous.

“Harry! Shut up, my brother is right in front of us!” (y/n) hissed, slapping his arm.

“And? I’m being denied my right to orgasms, I should be allowed to tell everyone about how awful you are to me.” Harry grumbled rubbing his arm, a scowl on his face.

“Orgasming isn’t a right, you donut.” (y/n) said, rolling her eyes as she tried to simultaneously deal with a very pouty, very child-like Harry whilst trying to read the map correctly, “And if you don’t shut up and stop being dramatic, I won’t suck you off until atleast Christmas.” Harry’s eyes widened at this, soon shutting up and just ignoring the throb of his cock in his boxers- if he felt like he was about to explode now, he couldn’t imagine having to wait until christmas for any action.


“Night kids, love you.” (y/n)’s mum said, standing up from the campfire with a blanket draped over her shoulders, leaning over to give both (y/n) and her brother a kiss on the cheek and Harry a hug. “Don’t stay out too late now, early start tomorrow.” she said.

“We won’t,” (y/n) assured with a smile, “Night, love you.” As (y/n)’s parents made their way into their tent- she shivered, a cold chill suddenly breezing over her. At this, Harry pulled her onto his lap, taking his jacket off and putting it round her before she had a chance to protest.

“Better?” He asked as she lay his head on his shoulder, yawning.

“Mm, much better.” She mumbled, Harry’s response being a simple kiss to her forehead and tightening his grip around her waist.

“You two are like something from a story book.” (y/n)’s brother, Jonathan said, laughing “Always kissing and cuddling and what not.”

“If you wanted a cuddle you should have just said.” Harry said jokingly pushing (y/n) away.

“Hey! I’m starting to think you like my brother more than me!” (y/n) pouted.

“I’m kidding.” Harry laughed as he pulled (y/n) closer again. The conversation soon turned to Jonathan asking Harry about tour life and Harry asking questions about his university course. (y/n) was just starting to doze off when she felt Harry’s hand on her thigh, startling her slightly but when she looked at Harry and he didn’t seem fazed, she just shrugged it off and closed her eyes again. However, when his hand started to creep higher and under her pyjama shorts, she grabbed his hand, stopping him from going any further.

“Harry, what are you doing?” She hissed in his ear. “My brother is sitting right there!” The only reaction she got from him was a smirk as his hand creeped dangerously close to her clothed sex. She gasped when she felt him starting to rub her clit through her panties, almost letting out a small moan. “Harry, seriously.” she gasped into his ear. 

His circling only got faster, soon alternating between circles, figure eights, anything to drive her crazy. She was controlling her breathing reasonably well until Harry suddenly pushed her panties to the side and entered a finger into her, curling up immedietly. She had to bite on his shoulder to keep herself from moaning out right in front of her brother. 

“Harry- fuck- stop.” She managed to get out through her harsh breathing, softly moaning when he entered another finger, his thumb still working on her clit. He kept pumping, circling, curling his fingers up until (y/n) was right at the edge, she could feel it. She was about to cum in front of her big brother- until Harry stopped. He pulled his fingers out, wiping them on his thigh while maintaining the conversation with Jonathan the whole time. “Harry! What was that for?” (y/n) asked, completely frustrated.

“Well it wouldn’t be very fair if I let you cum after you denying me all week now, would it?” Harry whispered in her ear, tucking a strand of hair behind it “If you want to cum, go to the tent, get undressed and be ready for me.” He ordered. (y/n) sat confused for a minute, she wasn’t about to have sex with him when her parents were 10 metres away but she was so horny at this point she couldn’t find i tin her to care. So she got up, surprising both herself and Harry, said goodnight to Jonathan and followed Harry’s orders. 

When Harry got into the tent a few minutes later, she lay on her back in just her underwear staring at him, “What was that all about?” she asked as he started to get undressed.

“Why aren’t you naked? I told you to get undressed, (y/n). That means no clothes or underwear at all.” He tutted, hovering over her once he had undressed himself.

“I-” She started.

“I’ll take it you don’t want to cum tonight then?” He asked, nibbling on the sweet spot just below her left ear, “I’ll just have to take care of this myself, shall I?” He asked, rutting his very hard cock against her thigh.

“N-no, please.” She whimpered when he started to suck on her sweet spot.

“Please what, baby?” He asked, that cocky smirk on his face that she would usually be tempted to slap off but right now it was turning her on more than ever.

“Please, fuck me Harry. Please” She whimpered, lifting her hips up to grind their crotches together.

“Fuck,” he groaned under his breath, reaching for the waistband of her panties, pulling them down her legs, “You have to be quiet or I’ll punish you.” He said, sending a shiver down her spine. She simply nodded, growing more impatient by the second. After Harry rolled a condom onto himself and (y/n) had removed her bra, Harry leaned over her again. One arm was resting beside her head to keep himself up while the other took his cock and guided it to (y/n)’s entrance.

“Harry, c’mon stop teasing.” (y/n) whined when he dragged the head up and down her slit and, without any warning, pushed in. Harry could honestly say he’d never felt more relieved in all his life; her warm, wet walls around his cock fell like absolute heaven and it took everything in him not to moan out her name. “Fuck.” (y/n) moaned, the feeling of Harry filling her up bringing her the most indescribable pleasure possible. His thrusts were slow but hard, dragging himself out until on the head of his cock was still in her before roughly slamming his whole length back in. Aside from their heavy breathing, they were both doing a good job at keeping quiet to prevent (y/n)’s parents hearing them- that was until Harry shifted positions and slammed hard, hitting her g-spot with enough force to knock the breath out of her. Before she could scream out, Harry quickly attached his lips to hers- allowing her to moan into his mouth, swallowing every moan she had for him.

“Shh, good girl. Keep nice and quiet for me,” He cooed, reaching up to push a strand of hair off her sweaty forehead, “Are you gonna cum for me, baby?” He let out an almost inaudible groan into her ear when she started to clench around him, “Fuck.”

“H-Harry I’m cumming- Fuck Harry!” She moaned, trying to keep her voice as low as possible but Harry knew her better than she even knew herself by now which meant that he knew there was no way (y/n) could possibly hold in her moans when she was cumming. When he felt her start to clench around him tighter, he quickly crashed his lips onto hers before she woke up everyone in the country. Her legs trembled as her eyes rolled back in her head and the sight alone was enough to tip Harry over the edge as he came with a grunt and spilled into the condom.

“Fuck, I’ve never felt as relieved in all my life.” Harry said as he collapsed onto her chest.

“That was pretty amazing.” (y/n) agreed with a smile, twirling the little curls at the back of his head around her finger.

“I can’t wait to get you home and fuck you all day everyday, we have so much making up to do.” Harry said after a few moments of them lying in silence as they caught their breaths.

“Always so romantic.”


One Direction.
5 years of amazing music.

Daisy Tattoo

One shot

Harry walked in to the room, his knuckles sore and bleeding from just punching the kid who tried to trip him. His body covered with tattoos, piercings and all black attire, along with his tall and broad build didn’t help when he walked into the room. Everyone coward back.

Then he saw her, and his facial expression softened. The girl he had a crush on for years, but never had the courage to go up to, scared of getting rejected. She dropped her bag, and he saw it as his chance.
“Hey, you uh, dropped this…”

She shook her head nervously, taking in his appearance. He looked mean, looked like he could hurt her, and she took a step back. Her soft brown curls fell in front of her face as she hesitantly reached for the bag. “Thank you.” She mumbled, gently taking it. Her fingers brushed against his hand.

Harry’s face turned sad, realizing her reaction already. He knew he shouldn’t have gone up to her.
“I’m not going to hurt you. I just wanted to hand you your bag.” He said quietly before turning around to walk out of the door. He felt a bit hurt, because he had thought maybe she would be different and not judge based off of his appearance.

Her face fell. “Wait.” She stiffened, following behind him. She gently touched his back, insisting he turn to face her. “Thank you. For my, uh, bag.”

Harry stiffened as she touched him, turning around.
“It’s not a problem.” He said quietly, smiling slightly before walking out the door. He knew he would see her again later in the day.

She let her hand stay in the air for a moment before letting it drop to her side. She had messed things up.
She made her way to her next class, taking her seat near the back of the class, and she pulled out her notebook.


Harry felt weird. He knew that he shouldn’t be upset with her reaction, that he was kind of scary but he wanted her to like him. He didn’t think he was ugly, and maybe he was a bit mean to some people but he was nice to her. Even tried to pick up her bag for her. He wanted to get to know her. So he walked to his next class, coming in a bit late after smoking a cigarette and sat in the only free seat, which happened to be next to her.

She didn’t look up when he came in. She continued to draw a small, terrible sketch of an octopus on a small sheet of notebook paper, pushing her glasses up on her face. The faint smell of cigarettes lingered next to her, and she glanced up, seeing Harry. She cocked her head slightly.

“I didn’t know you were in this class.” She said softly, biting her lip gently.

Harry looked up at her slowly. Why was she talking to him?

“I don’t, usually. But I got in trouble so.” He shrugged, twirling the pencil in his hand. His other hand took his phone out of his pocket, and played on it quietly.

She nodded, looking down at his phone, then up at his face. Why has she never noticed him before? He was attractive. His eyelashes fanned across his cheeks while he stared down his phone. She had hurt his feelings, which meant he wasn’t as bad as she thought he originally was. He had feelings. That’s a start.

“Can I help you?” He smirked, looking at her. She was blatantly staring at him, and he loves it. He loved being the center of her attention, wanted it more. She was quiet, innocent and that’s what he liked about her.

She blushed immediately, looking at him still. “Your phone number would be nice.” She blurted out, not meaning to have said it out loud. Her cheeks went darker and she shook her head.

“I mean your phone is nice.” She rushed in an attempt to cover up what she had said. She looked back at her paper, continuing to nervously scribble.

Harry’s eyes widened and he chuckled. So she thought he was attractive? That was definitely a good thing.

“Are you sure? You have the same phone as me…” He trailed off motioning to the phone on her desk. But to shave her embarrassment, he continued “you can have my number if you’d like. I wouldn’t mind having yours either.”

She hesitantly nodded, taking her phone into her hand. “You want my phone number?”

“If you’d give it to me.” He said quietly, smiling at her. He wanted it VERY badly but he didn’t want to seem desperate.

She smiled at him, holding out her hand, and she set her phone on his desk. “I’ll just put mine in, if that’s alright?” She put hers in, her contact name popping up as “Y/N💖”

“Sure.” He responded, taking her phone and putting in ‘Harry’ as his contact name. Handing back her phone, their hands touched again and a spark went though them. “Shit sorry!”

She gasped slightly, nearly dropping his phone. “It’s okay.” She mumbled, suddenly feeling nervous. She slid her phone into the back pocket of her skinny jeans and she looked back down at her notepad.

Harry smiled at her, looking at her doodles.
“So you’re an artist, are ha?” He teased gently.

She laughed quietly, pushing her glasses up her nose. “Not really.” She didn’t talk much, but she didn’t want to be rude and ignore him completely. “I just doodle when I’m bored.” The drawings on the page were beautiful; small flowers covered almost every spot, except for a dark scribble where she had previously been drawing.

“Well I wish I could doodle as well as that.” He said in awe. It truly was gorgeous. “I can barely draw a stick figure.”

“For not being able to draw, you have a lot of tattoos.” She said softly, taking her lip between her teeth.

Harry got a bit self conscious at that, pulling down his sleeves. Did she think they were ugly?

“I um… I like art. And they all have meanings so.” He said quietly

She noticed him cover his arms and she uncomfortable did the same, tugging at her sleeves. “I love tattoos.” She said honestly, smiling gently. “I only have one though.”

“Really? Where is it?” He asked curiously. She didn’t seem like the type to like tattoos.

“It’s, uh..” She played with her sleeve a bit. “It’s under my breast.” She mumbled, blushing slightly.

Harry’s imagination went wild at that, wanting to see it right this minute. But he didn’t say that, of course.
“Oh, nice. What is it of?”

“Flowers.” She said, looking down at her hands. “It’s a red rose and a black rose.”

“You must really like flowers.” He grinned, gesturing to her paper. “I have a rose as well, but it’s black and white.” He said, pulling up his sleeve to show his rose.

She grinned. “I got them for my aunt. She liked flowers. What’s the meaning behind your rose?”

“Beauty. That there is still beauty in life, even when things are really ugly.” He said, tracing the tattoo gently, remembering how he explained to most other people how he just thought it looked cool. But he had told her the truth.

Her breath hitched in her throat as his finger traced the small flower. She ached for that feeling on her own flowers. She looked into his eyes, smiling gently. “I like that. A lot.”

“Thanks.” I smile. “If you ever felt like it, you could design me a flower tattoo. I’ve wanted to get some more.” He said. He aches for her to touch his skin, to draw and color in designs on him.

“Would you really let me?” She asked quietly, looking down at her paper. Her hands skimmed the pages, flipping to a specific page she had dog eared.

“Okay, promise me you won’t think I’m insane for thinking this, but this would look wonderful on your skin.” It was a small daisy, but all of the petals had fallen off and they had began to wilt. She blushed. “It’s not very good, but.. it would look nice.”

“Of course. I think it would look great. ” he smiled. He wanted a part of her on his skin. Even if their friendship or relationship, went no where. Because she was a part of his thoughts for a long time. “You’re welcome to draw on me any time.”

“How about today?” She blurted out, but not regretting it this time. “If that’s okay, I mean. Like. Yeah. Is that alright?” She fidgeted with her sleeves, blushing. “You could just take the bus home with me.” She said with a small laugh, embarrassed that she didn’t drive.

“I’d love that. But we can just take my car.” He smiled, inside his stomach was going nuts with butterflies. He was going to feel her draw and touch her skin, for probably a while. And he wanted nothing more.

She laughed. “I forgot most teens drive.” She said with a nod. She looked over at the clock, Gathering her things. “I have to go to my locker. I’m not sure where your car is.”

“I’ll just come with you.” He smiled. He already knew were her locker was but she didn’t have to know that. He was too excited right now.
“I can carry your bag if you want?”

She suddenly became slightly nervous. What would people think of her if they saw her walking with him? She was a straight A student, never having even kissed a boy, and now she was going to have Harry at her house. Most likely alone in her room.

“I got it, it’s fine.” She stood up as the bell rang, carrying her bag, and she struggled slightly to carry her textbooks.

Harry felt her mood shift and became self conscious as well.
“Um, if you don’t want to be seen with me, it’s fine. I’ll just go to my car. It’s at the back of the lot. The black Range Rover.” He said uncomfortable, walking out the door.

She paused, immediately feeling bad. “Harry.” She said quietly, hoping he heard her.

“Yes?” He stopped and looked at her expectantly.

“Please walk with me.” She said softly, fidgeting. “And carry my book?” She held it out to him, smiling.

Harry smirked and grabbed her book bag, walking out next to her. People were staring but he just glared at them, moving closer to her.

She moved closer to him, their sides touching slightly, and she walked with him to her locker. The boy next to her locker shoved her slightly, mumbling something about her being in the way 'as always, stupid Girl.’ and she ignored it, opening her locker.

“Excuse me? What the fuck did you just say? And did you just touch her?” Harry grunted, pushing Her behind him gently.

She gasped quietly, grabbing the back of his jacket. “Let it be, love.” She said calmly. The guy chuckled. “Fuck off, yeah?” He walked away, and she grabbed Harry’s arm so he didn’t move. “It’s alright. He does it every day.”

“Does he? He won’t anymore.” Harry said, angry that anyone would touch a girl, let alone her like that. “I’m walking you to your classes from now own.” He said. “Now are you ready?”

She blushed heavily, loving the attention he was giving her. She put her things away, grabbing her small cardigan, and she put it on, though it was nearly snowing outside. “Yeah, I’m ready.” She said with a nod.

“C'mon.” He said, putting his arm around her shoulders. She walked with him, leaning into his body as they stepped outside, feeling the cold air hit her skin.

He walked over to his car, people avoiding being in their path and opened the passenger door for her, helping her in. “There we go, love.” He smiled at her lightly before running over to the drivers side and getting in.

She buckled her belt, smiling to herself. She checked her phone, sending a quick text to her mom. 'Don’t be alarmed, a boy is coming over for school work.’

Harry drove out of the parking lot quickly. “Where am I going, darling?”

“75 east street.” She said softly, blushing at the name. “Do you know where that is at?”

“Yeah, I don’t like too far from there.” He smiled gently. The drive was quiet, but comfortably quiet. The soft music from the radio in the background. He pulled up the her house and shut off the car. “Here we are.”

She smiled, climbing out of his car, and she walked to him. “Alright, so my mom is home. She’s nice, but she might talk to you a lot.” She walked them to the door, opening it quietly. “Mom, I’m home, I brought a friend.”

I walk in and smile at your mom. “It’s nice to meet you, miss. I’m Harry.”

She was at first taken back by your appearance, drying the dish in her hand, but she grinned at your politeness. “Hi, I’m Clara.” She held out her hand, holding the dish and throwing the towel over her shoulder. “I can trust you two with the door shut, correct? Dinner will be ready at 6 if you’d like to stay.” She smiled at how her mom reacted, and she nodded. “Yeah, mom. We’re just gonna work on school work.”

He was relieved that she didn’t freak out and judge him solely based on his appearance. He waved goodbye as She lead him to her room. He walked in slowly and looked around, impressed. “You have a nice room.”

She smiled, shutting the door behind him. “Thank you.” Small lights were around her room, leaving the small bedroom with a reddish light. Drawings and posters covered the walls, and she motioned to the bed. “You can sit if you’d like. Do you have an idea where you’d get it?” She blushed, hoping it was somewhere covered by clothing.

“Maybe some flowers on my shoulder or arm. What do you think?” He asked. He just knew he wanted a tattoo designed by her.

“Uh, I was actually thinking your hip.” She said, sitting on the edge of her mattress.

“Yeah? I like that. Doodle away.” He smiled, tugging his shirt up a bit. The thought of her hands on his hip and lower stomach making his stomach clench, but he controlled himself.

She grabbed a sharpie pen from her bedside table and took the cap off. “I was thinking a bit lower, like near the bone more.” She said softly, her fingers touching his skin carefully. She gently pushed the waist of his jeans down an inch and smiled. “Yeah, here.” Slowly, she started to draw a small flower.

Harry shivered a bit, her hands we’re warm and the sharpie was cold. But it felt good, comforting to him. He closed his eyes at first, enjoying the feeling before opening them and watching her draw. She was cute, her tongue sticking out and eyebrows furrowed as she concentrated.
“It’s looking good.”

“You’re looking good.” She said calmly, feeling relaxed. She paused, realizing what she said. “Sorry.” She said, chuckling. “Thank you, though. Daisies are my favorite flower.”

“Well thank you.” He smirked, but he knew what she meant. “You’re very talented you know? Most people can’t draw for shit.”

She blushed. “Thank you. My aunt taught me to draw when I was really young, and I continued after she passed away.” She shrugged, continuing to carefully taint his skin with her jet black marker.

“She did an amazing job.” He murmured. “I think it will be my favorite tattoo.” He said truthfully.

She smiled brightly, glancing up at him. “I’m all finished.”

He looked down and smiled. “Holy shit… It’s amazing.” He was in awe of it. It looked lifelike, like a real daisy was pressed to his hip. “I’m going to get it tattooed on when I leave.” He said still staring at it. “Do you have any more you think would look good?”

She blushed heavily. “Uh, I could think of something. Do you have a different spot?”

“Everywhere is a free spot if it’s not inked.” He said. “Hey, could I see yours?” Harry asked, remembering she had one.

She immediately paused, frowning a bit. “Do, uh, do you want to see a picture of it?” She asked, blushing. “Or the actual thing?”

“Actual thing, if that’s alright.” He said, hoping she would show him. God, he wanted to see more of her so badly.

She nodded, standing up. “Yeah.. that’s fine.” Carefully, she lifted up her shirt, the pink of her bra peeking out. She lifted the bra, part of her breast showing. “I got it last May.”

Harry cursed internally, seeing her body which made him excited. “It’s gorgeous, he murmured, leaning forward so he could get a better look.

She watched him carefully. "Thank you.” She whispered, her body buzzing as he got closer.

“Can I touch it?” He asked quietly, not wanting to scare her but desperately wanting to touch it.

“Please do.” She whispered. She let her eyes close, her long curls falling in front of her face.

He gently touched her tattoo, his other hand resting on her hip so he could pull her closer. His fingers gently touched and traced the flowers. “Gorgeous…” He murmured. Not only talking about the tattoo.

She felt her skin tingle. “Harry..” She whispered, her eyes barely open as she looked down at him.

“Yeah?” He smirked, fingers tracing her skin gently. He knew she was enjoying it, and he sure as hell was.

“I’ve never kissed anyone.” She said quietly.

He stood up, turning her to face him. His hands caressed her cheeks, thumb smoothing over her cheekbone lightly.
“Do you want to?”

She nodded, feeling his touch on her ribs though it was already gone. “Yes.”

He leaned in slowly, ghosting his lips over hers, before connecting their lips gently. Pulling away, he pecked them a few times before molding his lips to hers a bit deeper.
She carefully kissed back, one of her hands moving to his hip, the other holding his bicep as their lips moved together.
He kissed her carefully, but deeply, putting his feelings into the kiss. Slowly dragging his tongue over her bottom lip to ask permission to taste her.

She pulled away gently, blushing. Her heart raced as she looked down. “I don’t know what to do.” She said.

“It’s easy, baby. Just copy what I do.” He said, nudging his nose against hers, coaxing her to kiss him again.

She pressed their lips back together, taking his bottom lip between her lip. He slipped his tongue into her mouth gently, swirling around her tongue, waiting for her to copy his movements. She let out a soft moan involuntarily, mimicking what Harry did, moving the hand from his arm to his shoulder.

One of his hands moved from her face to wrap around her waist, pulling her closer when he heard her little moan, their tongues playing gently. She pulled away slightly, her eyes staring into his. Her hand ran through his curls, biting her lip.

“You taste good, petal.” He said quietly, resting out the new nickname. She tasted like spun sugar, his favorite thing. She blushed heavily. “Thank you.” She hesitantly pulled him closer to her. “Is it bad that I want more than kissing?” She nervously asked.

“No, not at all.” He smiled, sitting down and tugging her on top of his lap so she was straddling him. “What do you want, baby?” Harry asked, kissing her neck.

She carefully moved her hair, gasping slightly. “Th-that.” She mumbled. “That feels really nice.”

“Like this?” He smirked against her neck, trailing light kissed up and down the smooth skin of her neck. She made a soft noise, her hips moving against his accidentally. “Y-yes.”

“Shit..” He groaned as her hips rolled into his. He kept kissing until he found the spot that made her shiver, licking it gently before sucking on it, marking her up gently.
She let out a quiet moan, feeling her skin heat up. “Harry, I don’t like being on top.”

“That’s not a problem.” He said smugly, flipping them over so that he hovered on top of her.
“Is that better baby?” He teased, grinding his hips into hers.

She gasped, her eyes falling closed as she nodded. “Kiss me.” She mumbled, pulling his shirt so his body was pressed to hers. He leaned down and kissed her hard, tongue exploring her mouth. He moaned as her hands rugged on his hair, and he pulled away from her.

“You’re so fùcking beautiful, you know that?” He panted before diving right back in to kiss her again.
She let out a soft groan, moving her mouth to his neck, carefully sucking on the skin. Her hand tangled in his loose curls as she left small marks on his skin.

“That’s it angel. Just like that.” He groaned softly, grinding his hips into hers gently. It felt so good, he’d been wanting this for a while.

She continued before she let out another soft moan, her head falling back against the pillow. “Harry.” She moaned out, her eyes opening to look at him.
“What baby?” He smirked against her skin. “Tell me what you want.”
“You.” She mumbled, attempting to raise his shirt from his body.

“You sure?” He asked as he let her pull his shirt off. “We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“Not.. not all the way.” She said quietly. “I don’t really know what there is to do.”

“I’ve got something in mind. Trust me, okay?” He asked, his hands playing with the button of her pants.
She nodded, watching him. She propped herself up on her elbows.

He slid her pants down her legs, kissing her stomach softly. His hands reached into her panties, fingers rubbing small circles on her clit gently.
“How’s this feel?”

She let her eyes close, her breath falling from her lips in small pants. “Mm.” She mumbled, moaning.

His other hand trailed up to her breasts, squeezing lightly. He kissed up her body, planting wet kisses all over her chest. Harry moved the cup of her bra down and took one of her nipples into his mouth, teasing it lightly.
She moaned at the pleasure flowing through her body, something she had never felt before. Her hand stayed tangled in his hair, the other hand gripping hard at the sheet.

He released her breast, moving his mouth to the other one. “How does it feel baby girl?”
She was unable to speak, pleasure coursing through her. Small moans escaped her mouth as she felt her body heat up, realizing she was close.

“Don’t cum yet baby, we haven’t even gotten to the best part.” He teased, sliding down her body and taking off her panties slowly. He looked up at her as he slowly licked a stripe up her heat, before his tongue went to play with her clit.

Her thighs shook as he continued, causing her to cry out in pleasure. “Harry.” She moaned, her hand tugging hard at his hair. “Oh my god.” Her body arching slightly.

He hummed against her, loving the taste as he kicked up her again before attaching his lips to her clit, sucking lightly while his tongue swirled around it, making her whimper.
She let out a soft moan of his name as she came, her body lifting from the bed as she attempted to close her legs.

Harry let her ride out her orgasm, her hips bucking into his face and legs closing around his head, but he loved it. Pulling his mouth away when she got too sensitive, he crawled back up to her face, caressing her cheeks gently. “How did that feel, baby?”

She hummed in response, turning onto her side and she hid her face. “Good.” She said, embarrassed. No one had ever seen her naked before, and everything had happened so suddenly.

“Hey, hey it’s alright. You don’t need to be embarrassed. You’re gorgeous.” He soothed her gently, kissing her cheeks.

Callie smiled, her nose scrunching. “Tell me the meaning of this tattoo.” She said, pointing to a random one on his arm.

She pointed to the small A on his arm. “It’s for my mum. He first name starts for an A.” He smiled at her. She looked gorgeous, flushed cheeks and swollen lips. He could get used to this view.

She smiled. “That’s really sweet. What about that one?"She pointed to the bird cage.
"It’s about not letting life cage you in.”

She leaned into his body, her bra slightly risen so her tattoo was visible. “What does yours mean, petal?” He ask, tracing it again slowly.

She slightly froze, her head resting against his chest. “Uh.. well, my aunt really liked flowers.” She said quietly, my voice quivering a bit. “And, uh, well roses are used to show beauty. She was beautiful until the end.” She mumbled, tears welling in her eyes.

“Oh, baby.” He frowned, his fingers brushing under her eyes to catch the tears. “I’m sure she was. I bet she was gorgeous, and if she had anything to do with how you are, she was incredible.”

“She was my best friend.” Callie said quietly, her hair falling around her. “She designed the tattoo when I was a kid, but she wasn’t allowed to get it.”
“So you got it for her.” He finished. He laid down next to her, pulling on her pants in case someone walked in. “That’s a beautiful message.”

She smiled sadly, nodding. “She wanted it more than anything.” She pulled her shirt down and handed him his shirt, and lied back down.

“You’re a real sweetheart, you know that?” He turned his head to look at her, admiring her beautiful face, and soul.

(Co written with @yourfavoriteshirt )

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I can't get out of my head just hot passionate sex with Harry. Like you're so proud of him and everything feels so much better with him that night 😰

His mouth is so close to mine, I feel his warm breath on my lips. ’Right now, all I’m thinking about is how I’m going to get you in my bed so I can show you all the ways I can make you cum.‘ 

Orientation - Harry Styles Imagine

You sat at the kitchen table waiting for Harry, today was an important day. Your daughter has her kindergarten orientation, where she would meet her teacher and just see the school. Considering it was a new setting for her.

You had told Harry that you would love for him to go with you, you didn’t want to be the only one involved with her schooling. You told him that in the long run she would appreciate it and appreciate school more knowing how dedicated you both made an effort to become involved.

He had told you he would make be home by 3, that you three would go together. He had planned to come home to get out of his suit and into his normal clothes, he also planned that he would get your daughter ready.


It was already 5 in the evening and you had to be at the school by 6. Your daughter was dressed and ready to go, you figured to get her ready considering Harry didn’t show up yet. She was sitting on the sofa watching cartoons waiting for you. Her hair out, her curls loose as a red headband kept the curls out her face. Her little black dress falling to her knees as red shoes covered her small feet.

You both loved your daughter to pieces, you still couldn’t believe that she was here after the trouble you and Harry had while trying. Harry was scared but as soon as the day came when you had to deliver the fear went away. It was like he knew how to parent, like if he did plenty of times.

You were amazed.

Your phone vibrated against the counter, you looked down and saw the photo of Harry and your daughter appear. You swiped your finger across the screen and brought the device to your ear.

“Where the bloody hell are you!” you hissed as you looked over at your daughter, she was watching her cartoons and giggling to herself.

“Babe, I had a meeting. I’m sorry, I’m heading out now.” Harry said as you heard multiple voices in the background.

“You are across town, you won’t make it in time! How many times did I tell you how important this was to me!” you hissed as you stood up and walked over to the door that guided to the large backyard.

“I kn-”

“No, you clearly don’t know! You little shit, you have me and your daughter waiting over here, hopes up that YOU would get her ready and no. You don’t come through, I don’t know what’s going on with you Harry but you have been pushing me and her to the side a lot!” you hissed into the phone, you were furious because this wasn’t the first time. This was familiar, it was common.

“[Your Name], I’m over here at work busting my ass for you two! I can’t help it that work just keeps piling up for me!” Harry spat as you stood there getting more furious, as if you asked so much from him when you truly didn’t.

“Fuck you Harry, because I ask for so much shit right? Because I want material things, and the most expensive. I don’t ask NOTHING from you, all I ask is for you to be involved with your daughter. All I want is your affection for me and HER.” you spat as you could feel your body tensing up and your heart beginning to race. “Don’t even bother showing up anymore, don’t even bother coming home. Sleep in your bloody office, I don’t want to see you!” you hissed as you hung up, leaving him to talk to himself.

You walked over to the living room, your daughter wasn’t on the couch anymore. She was standing by the tv facing you, she looked at you with a pout and her eyes glazing over.

“Daddy’s not comwing, wight?” she asked as she looked down at her feet.

Seeing her this sad about not seeing him broke your heart, this wasn’t what you saw when you were holding her for 9 months. You never envisioned Harry being so busy to the point where he missed out on her.

“You know what babygirl, he really wanted to come with us. He’s just busy, he had to do something important at work.” you said immediately feeling guilty, for lying to your daughter.

She looked away and let her arms fall to her sides. “He’s always dowing somethwing importwant at work.” she said as she stomped her way to the front door.

You followed her and grabbed your bag with your car keys. You two walked outside and she made her way to the car and inside it, you locked the door behind you and you walked over to her. You helped her with her seatbelt and closed the door behind her, you slipped inside. You were off, heading to the school without Harry and with your upset daughter.

You parked your car and hurried out to assist your daughter out, her small frame jumping out the car excitedly to go to school. You two walked to the school hand in hand, her small hand in your hand as you noticed no one else walking in. Signaling you were slightly late. You found your way to the small auditorium where the parents had to be while the kids were sent off to the cafe to sit with their teachers.

You walked into the auditorium to only have all eyes on you, the principle stopping what she had to say to let you find a vacant seat. You set down and she proceeded, she talked about how excited she was to get new kindergarteners. She went on about dress code, bus rules as well as pick up rules.

You couldn’t really focus because your mind drifted off about Harry, what if this was it for you two? Your relationship has became distant in the past 4 months, so distant that you two haven’t had the time to be intimate. No affection towards another, no kissing or cuddling. You tried, you really are but how could you try if he was rarely home and always in that office?

You were too wrapped in your thoughts and concerns about your relationship that you didn’t notice it was time to go meet with the teachers. The principle had to come up to you to tell you personally.

You stood up and walked over to the classroom, you stepped in the classroom and looked for your daughters folder on the table. You sat at the designated seat and listened as the teacher was going over what she plans to do with the kids this school year.

You followed along as she read through the papers, she explained what papers needed to be filled out before leaving and what had to be brought in on the first day of school. You began to fill out the forms, nearly writing your contact information as well as Harry’s.

“I’m surprised you put my name down considering you are pissed at me.” you hotly heard that voice in your ear causing you to jerk in the seat and your heart race.

You looked over your shoulder to see Harry standing behind you, his hand on your shoulder. Hair neatly combed back as he was still in his work suit, his tie hanging loosely as his suit fit him nicely.

“I told you not to come.” you hissed quietly not wanting to cause a scene.

“I know, I came for my princess. I know she would be worried, I didn’t come for you.” Harry said as he removed his hand from your shoulder, placing it in his pockets.

You sat there looking down at the form in front of you, his words echoing inside your head. You sat there frozen, letting time pass you by as you repeated his words to yourself. ‘I came for my princess, I didn’t come for you.’ You couldn’t help but let the words build anger inside of you.

Those words having so much meaning, you were starting to believe that he was giving up on the relationship. You had no other choice but to think that by his words, he was just going to stick around for your daughter. That was good for her and him but that meant the picture of a “happy” family would vanish.

You pushed those thoughts away, you continued to fill out the forms and finished filling out all of the necessary. The teacher had finished what she had to say, parents slowly leaving the room and meeting up with their kids that were in the corridor.

You abruptly stood up and walked out, handing the forms to the teacher. You walked down the corridor to reach your daughter, you quickly hurried off with her. You let Harry behind, letting him to catch up to you two.

You had reached your car and began to fasten your daughter, you heard footsteps padding your way. You looked over to see Harry running towards you two. You could feel your eyes brimming, you couldn’t help but feel an ache in your heart by your thoughts of earlier. Your assumptions.

“Daddy!” Your daughter screamed as she quickly unfastened her seatbelt and ran out the car to him.

“Babygirl, how was it for you?” Harry asked as he scooped her up, her face lighting up as she talked to him.

“I wuved it daddy, I saw so mwany kids.” She beamed as she talked as she opened and closed her arms. “I thought you weren’t going to cwome with us.” Natalie said as her expression dropped and watched Harry intently with her brows furrowing.

Harry looked over at you and you just pursed your lips together as you watched him with your daughter. You saw as he took his bottom lip between his teeth, his forehead slightly crinkling as he thought about what to tell Natalie.

“Who told you that babygirl?” Harry questioned as he looked over at you quickly and looking back at your daughter who was still in his arms.
Your daughter giggled and brought her hands to her mouth, she turned her body towards you. “Momma.” she squealed as she smiled at you.

You couldn’t stay mad at her, you weren’t mad in fact. You smiled at her and adored how adorable she looked in Harry’s arms. You could see the similar features that she inherited from him but you could also see the few features that she had inherited from you as well.

“What did momma tell you?” Harry questioned her as he looked at you coldly.

“That you had to do swomething importwant at work.” She said as she played with his hair.

“More like someone.” You muttered as you cocked a brow at him and glared at him up and down.

Harry had no words for you, he simply placed a kiss to your daughter’s lips and sat her in your car. He buckled her in and closed the door leaving for you two to talk, you tried to slip inside your car but he caught hold of you. He pulled out and slammed the car door shut.

You looked at him wide eyed and quickly looked around the school parking lot. You noticed a good amount of people turning back to look at you two. You swallowed the small lump in your throat, he released his grip and took a step back.

“You can try to act like they didn’t see you grip me up, their opinion doesn’t matter but mind you that SHE saw you.” you said emphasizing on ‘she’ and directing it to your babygirl.

You quickly slipped into the car and locked the door, Harry hitting the window for you to open the door but you simply ignored him. Your daughter yelling at you to let him in, you blocked her out and reversed from the parking space as soon as the banging on the window stopped.


You drove from the school to the house, your daughter was in the backseat crying and screaming for Harry. You simply ignored her and you ignoring her caused her to slowly drift off into a sleep. You felt bad for ignoring her but you didn’t want to answer her questions. She asked why you were mad at Harry and what he did.

You didn’t want to answer her because a part of you was mad at Harry. You were mad at the entire situation for today. The fact he didn’t come through with his plans to get her ready, to go to the orientation with you two as a family. Simply because he had a “meeting”.

You did trust Harry, a part of you still does. You were on the fence about trusting him, you couldn’t help it. Every time you showed up at his workplace with Natalie on your free time you saw everything, well how some employees behaved.

The females flirting with your husband, the females wearing provocative clothing and being too touchy feely with him. The girls would simply be around him too much, more than they should be. Sure they are his assistants but that didn’t require them to act the way they would.

You knew Harry was fit, the lad every girl wanted and clearly still wants, girls would throw themselves at him but you thought and hoped it would stop. You told yourself it would stop after your wedding but it didn’t, you even told yourself after you gave birth to your beautiful babygirl it would finally stop but it didn’t. It hasn’t.

You love Harry a lot, and he loved you but there was a small part of you that believed it was too good to be true. A part of you believed that he would stop, causing him to eventually leave you and your daughter for someone else.

You were now sitting alone in the kitchen, at the kitchen table with your phone and keys in front of you. You looked at your phone, watching the screen continue to light up as you watched another missed call from Harry. He had called you 6 times and this was his seventh time, he had texted you as well but you didn’t bother to read the texts.

You were going to read the texts but you were hesitant. A part of you assumed that he would be nasty in the texts, tell you that what you two have is over. Yet you where the one to blame for pushing him away. You sighed heavily and swiped your finger across the screen, the text messages popped up one after another.

7:26 pm “What did you tell Natalie?”
7:31 pm “Are you going to fucking ignore me?”
7:35 pm “Fucking hell! Talk to me! I’m heading over!”

You looked over at the clock and noticed it was 7:51, he should be here any minute. You stood up quickly and walked over towards the door. You were feet away from the door when it opened, there you saw Harry walk in. He slammed the door behind him, his brows furrowed as he stared at you. His jaw clenching, his fingers curling up into fists as his stare became more intense.

You stood there still, wide eyed. A part of you was scared, you weren’t exactly ready to see him. You knew that he was going to confront you for your antics but you weren’t ready to go down that road with him. You deserved to have this talk, more so of this argument because that’s what you two did lately.

“What the fuck is your problem? What the bloody hell did you tell Natalie? Where is she!” Harry spat as he walked closer to you, staring down at you backing you up to the wall.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and pushed him away from you. You stared up at him as he looked down on you, you didn’t say a word. You looked away and walked away from him.

“Don’t you fucking walk away from me! I’m not finished with you!” Harry spat as he grabbed you by the arm, pulling you back towards him. His grip slowly tightening as you body crashed with his.

“Get off of me! Get the fuck off of me!” You spat as you tried to pry his large fingers off of you. He released his grip causing you to stumble and lose your footing, you fell on the hardwood flooring and looked up at him with your brows furrowed.

“You fucking bastard, she’s upstairs sleeping!” You spat as you sat there on the floor. “Why does it matter what I told her, you are NEVER here! You don’t even bother calling, I have to call you in order to find out where you are or if you are even going to come home the same night!” You spat as you stood up on your feet again.

“So that’s what this is all about, me not being home enough for you? I’m sorry I’m not home, I’m busy making money to keep this bloody house! I’m busy making money to better our lives! It’s always the same crap with you, you always BITCH and NAG about me not being home enough! You knew I would be in the office a lot more ever since we had her!” Harry spat as he got into your face, his chest pressing against yours.

You could feel the tears well up in your eyes, you were trapped between him and the wall. You couldn’t escape, all you wanted to do was to walk away but he refused. You tried to push him away but he stood his ground, not budging to move each time you tried to push him away.

“Don’t you fucking dare act like we are in need of money! I help you out the best I can, we have PLENTY of money but apparently it’s not enough for YOU! You are the one that has become OBSESSED with your bloody job! Why? Why do you choose to be at your job more than to be here with US?” You spat as you gave him one hard shove causing him to finally back away from you.

“Answer me Harry! Why do you choose your JOB over me and your ONLY daughter?” You spat at him, pausing yourself to catch your breath. “Don’t answer the question, I already know your answer.” You panted out as you tried to catch your breath.

Your heart beating rapidly, your chest heaving up and down. Your palms becoming clammy and you were beginning to feel the room spin around you. You were getting sick, just by the thoughts of him actually preferring the females at his job over being home with Natalie and you.

You looked at Harry through the corner of your eye, he was nervous. He had his bottom lip between his teeth as he looked at you. Something he always did when he was nervous.

“Ba-” Harry said as he walked towards you.

You shook your head at him and distanced yourself from him. “No, no, no, no! Don’t you dare touch me.” You pleaded as a tear escaped and rolled down your cheek.

“Let me explain.” Harry pleaded.

“Explain what, explain why you aren’t attracted to me? Explain why you are drawn to those whores at your job! I don’t want to hear it, and frankly I don’t want you around. Please leave Harry.” You spat as the tears spilled.

“No, why won’t you FUCKING listen to me! I don’t want anyone, but YOU. If I truly wanted someone else we would’ve have been LONG gone! I wouldn’t have stayed around for all these years that I did! If I really wanted some other whore I wouldn’t have married you, I wouldn’t have spent all that time trying to conceive OUR babygirl!” Harry spat at you, seeing the fear run through your body as he began to back away. He let himself calm down.

“I love you, I wouldn’t want to mess it up. I’m sorry that I managed too, I really thought you trusted me enough to not let yourself wander to those thoughts.” Harry stood there eyeing your body. “I don’t know where we stand if you can’t trust me. I don’t want to lose you, but I’m starting to think I did a while ago.” Harry said exasperated.

You couldn’t help but feel guilty, you assumed what you promised yourself you wouldn’t. You didn’t want to admit that you were in the wrong but you were starting to become worried that you lost it all. Your best friend, your other half, the love of your life. The one that you finally opened up to, even though it took months.

You looked at him, he was scared that you weren’t his anymore. You were his everything, you kept him going and everything he did he had to have your input or it wouldn’t feel right.

“I don’t know where we stand either, I don’t know how you can go on about your day without thinking about us. Are you really that interested in work, to the point where it is almost a burden to talk to me or her?” You hissed as you couldn’t stop yourself from going on.

“I can’t help it that I get lost into what I’m doing, you know what. Think what you want to think, believe what you want to believe! But don’t you EVER question my love for the both of you, you two are the best fucking thing that has happened to me.” Harry spat as he walked over to you again, pressing his body against yours as you were pressed against the wall.

“You clearly don’t have any trouble doubting me, I can be faithful and you will just continue to doubt me! I know my past wasn’t all that great but YOU made me a better man. I haven’t been nothing but faithful to you!” Harry spat as he grabbed your face, cupping your jaw and chin in his large hand as he kept your head still.

You couldn’t help but get scared, this was starting to become a nightmare. You knew what would come next, you witnessed it too many times. You knew he was going to shove you and push you down to the ground. He would then start to kick you then lean down and slap you or pull you up by your hair.

You closed your eyes tightly as you waited for the events to happen, you were waiting for that burning sensation. You felt a tear slip as you thought about it more, he would hurt you in the worst way and truly break you. You were starting to regret about letting those thoughts come to mind, believing that second voice in your head.

Now you knew he wouldn’t have cheated, you brought the best of him out.

You felt his lips linger on your forehead, you felt his lips on the tip of your nose. You then felt his lips against yours, you slowly opened your eyes to see him looking down at you. His eyes that once filled with anger and fear were now looking at you with admiration and lust.

He grabbed you by the waist, pulling your body close to his as he cupped your head by the nape of your neck. Pressing his lips to yours roughly, his tongue slipping into your mouth as he held you tightly to him. Your tongue moving along with his as you gave in, your hands resting by his waist as you two stood there lost in the deep kiss.

You could feel yourself loosen up in his hold, your body slowly developing that tingly sensation. You were slowly becoming aroused as he held you to him despite what happened today. You felt comforting, this was all that you needed.

Harry slowly pulled away from the kiss, leaving you there with your eyes closed and lips puckered wanting more. You slowly opened your eyes and slowly pushed him away. He stood there eyeing you, for the hundredth time today.

"You think that’s it, you’re wrong. I’m not finished, not even close.” Harry said hotly into your ear, causing goosebumps to arise on your skin. “You’ve been a bad, naughty girl. I think it’s time for me to teach you a lesson, one you will NEVER forget.” Harry said as he nipped at your earlobe causing you to let out a whimper.

You were a mess, a confused yet aroused mess. You two haven’t really spoken about where your relationship stood, you were starting to think that everything was okay but was it? You didn’t want to ask questions because he was now in charge, overpowering you.

He grabbed you by your upper arm, pushing you to walk up the stairs. You walked up the stairs trying to catch up to him, you would stumble ever so often almost falling completely down. You two got to the door of your shared bedroom, the double doors closed, you were about to open the door until he stopped you.

You looked up at him with brows furrowed, he knelt down and threw you over his shoulder in a swift movement. He opened the doors and didn’t bother to close them shut behind him, he walked you over to the large king size bed. He dropped you onto the mattress causing your body to bounce back up, you looked at him with slight fear running through your body.

He smirked down at you and walked over to his closet, you sat there on the bed unsure of what was going to happen next. One minute he was a monster, the next he showed you the man who you fell in love with and then he was back to his “monster” ways. You were seeing both sides.

“I want you to know something, and I want you to not forget.” Harry said as he walked out of the closet and towards you with his hands behind his back. You were puzzled and a bit uneasy of what he was going to let you know. You knew how faithful he was before but some voice in the back of your head was telling you that he was going to confess about cheating on you.

“I love you, you might not believe it right now but I’m going to make you change your mind. You are MINE and I am YOURS, no one will EVER get in between what WE have.” Harry said as he sat at the edge of the bed, looking directly at you.

You swallowed the lump in your throat, you gave him a weak smile. He kept his gaze on you and before you knew it he pushed you down on the bed, your hands above your head as he held them together. “Harry, what’re you doing?” you questioned as you tried to squirm underneath his body.

“I already told you, I’m going to teach you a lesson.” Harry said as he nipped at your neck causing you to scream and then release a whimper. “It’s been a while since I fucked you good.” Harry said as he nipped along the column of your neck, down to your collarbones.

You closed your eyes as you felt his teeth nip at your soft skin, his mouth lightly sucking onto the skin and having his tongue quickly run over the spot. Leaving a trail of love bites down to your collar bones, once you felt him move away your eyes quickly opened. He smiled down at you and he tied his tie to his suit around your wrists above your head.

You looked at him with confusion and anger, you wanted nothing more than to have your fingers touch him. You wanted to lock your fingers into his soft hair, you wanted to rake your nails down his toned and muscular back. You wanted to mark him up, claim him as yours just like he marked you claiming you as his. YOU were HIS and HE was YOURS.

“Harry, pl-please.” You pleaded through gritted teeth as you watched him stare down at you.

“Please what, you think that I’m going to let you talk down to me. You think I’m going to let you run your mouth on how much I don’t love you or Natalie?” Harry spat as he looked at you with his brows furrowed and his jaw tensing.

“When I’m finished with you I’m going to make you regret thinking I would want another woman, thinking that I would want to ruin what I have for some dumb whore at my office.” Harry hissed as he held your face still, so you were looking towards him. You could feel his grip tighten and usually this would piss you off but you were underneath him, arms tied above your head.

You wanted nothing more for him to fuck you, after all it has been months since he last touched and properly tasted you. You moaned at the thought, his head between your thighs as his tongue ran up your wet slit, you closed your eyes and went back to the times when you two made sweet love. The sex was heated, loving but also filled with so much passion and burning desire.

You broke away from your thoughts once you heard his chuckles, you opened your eyes and saw him smiling down at you. For the first time tonight. He pushed himself away from you, he sat at the edge of the bed and opened the side table by the bed. He pulled out a handkerchief of his, one that is usually in his suit jacket pockets. He climbed back onto the bed and began to blindfold you.

The material covering your eyes, making you blind and seeing nothing but darkness. You were scared, you lost your important sense and all you had now was feeling. You were scared what Harry would do, was this his way of leaving you tied up in the bedroom? Sure enough you deserved that, you said things to him that you didn’t mean but yet you did.

Yet it was your own way of protecting yourself, and protecting your babygirl.

“I’m hoping you will learn after tonight, to not question my love for you and Natalie.” Harry whispered hotly in your ear causing the small hairs on your nape to lightly stand up. “You two are the best fucking thing that has happened to me, I wouldn’t mess it up.” Harry said as you felt his long fingers brush against your jaw.

You were panting and breathing harshly, you were scared but aroused and it was a good feeling. You enjoyed how you felt because you didn’t know what to expect next. You wanted nothing more than to have his lips against yours and trail down the column of your neck. You wanted what you craving and that was his simple touch.

“I love you.” Harry whispered into your ear as he nipped at your earlobe causing a quiet whimper to escape past your lips. “I love you so fucking much.” Harry said slightly above a whisper as he placed a quick kiss to your jaw. You closed your eyes behind the blindfold and breathed in heavily, your body was becoming so aroused and you could feel yourself become wet.

“I love you [your name].” Harry said hotly letting his breath fan over your lips, placing a quick kiss to your lips and pulling away before you could react and kiss him back. “I just wish you would believe me, trust me like I trust you.” Harry said as you felt his head in the crook of your neck, his hair tickling your skin as you felt his lips linger on your collar bone.

You gulped and that’s when you knew, you were in the wrong. You were wrong for accusing him of him sleeping around. You didn’t want to admit it but you felt like you had too.

“Harr-” you were starting to say before he placed his large hand over your mouth.

“Don’t.” Harry said as you felt his touch leave your body. You felt the bed dip and that’s when you realized he had left you tied and blindfolded in the bedroom. You laid there in silence twisting your mouth back and forth thinking why you jumped to conclusions, why you had to open your loud mouth in the first place. You hurt him in a way he wouldn’t have hurted you.

You felt the bed dip again, you knew he was in your presence again. You had to say something to him, anything. You needed to make things right considering you made things this way between the two of you.


“Don’t! I fucking told you already don’t!” Harry hissed as he grabbed you by your ankles and sliding you down the bed. “If you plan to apologize save it, too fucking late.” Harry hissed in your ear as he pulled on your button down shirt in a swift movement. The buttons ripping off and landing sporadically on you and on the bed.

You felt him reach behind you and unclasp your bra, pulling it off letting the cool air touch your nipples causing them to slowly harden. You say there bare chested not feeling his warmth, that moment that was all you wanted. To feel his touch along your skin.

You breathed out deeply, tugging at your restraints eager to be free. He grabbed hold of your arms and began to kiss your neck softly. His open mouth kisses become eager, his mouth trailing down towards your chest. His plump lips making their way down between the valley of your breasts.

You felt his mouth stop but linger, you couldn’t help but continue your fast and harsh breathing. He pulled his mouth away completely, his tongue quickly latching onto your right nipple. His tongue swirling around the hardened nub as he pulled away to blow cool air causing a moan to escape past your lips. You want nothing more to be free, to push his mouth closer and hold him close to you.

He attached his mouth to your breast again, adding pressure as he sucks on your nipple and light grazes it with his teeth. You push your body off the bed, slightly arching your back and asking for more contact. You moan underneath him as he continues to suck on your right nipple while playing with your other nipple. He pulled away from your breast and continued to trail down your stomach until he reached the waistband of your leggings.

You were panting as he reached closer down to your core. You were under his control now, he was going to make you beg for it. Beg for his cock, you wanted nothing more than to have him fuck you good.

“Harry pl-please.” you panted as you felt the back of your neck become moist as you were trying to control your breathing.

You heard Harry chuckle, he placed a quick kiss to your abdomen area and hooked his fingers at your waistband. “Please what darling? What is it that you want?” Harry asked with clear amusement in his tone.

“You know damn well what I fucking want!” you hissed as your tone was harsh and demanding. All you wanted was his cock, his beautiful long cock. You wanted nothing more than to ride it, bounce on it while your ass slapped against the tops of his thighs. “Please baby.” You pleaded calmly.

“Why should I give you what you want right away?” Harry asked as he slides the thin material down your toned legs.

You were trying to process an answer until you felt his erection against your leg. How you craved to touch it, run your hand down and up as his head would fall back in blissful pleasure. Wrap your lips around the head and slowly pushing it deep into your warm mouth.

“It will benefit you and I.” you simply answer as you want him to give in.

He doesn’t say a word, he runs his fingers up your legs to your thighs. He lets his fingers lightly touch your lace knickers, causing you to become even more aroused than what you already were. He runs his thumb over your lace clad slit, feeling the wetness at his fingertips.

“God, you are fucking soaking for me.” Harry said as he pulled his finger away causing you to let out a throaty whimper. “If all you wanted was a good fuck than you could’ve said so.” Harry whispered hotly with amusement in his tone.


“What do you want? Tell me what you want.” Harry said demanding as he placed both hands on either side of your hips.

“Fuck! You know what I bloody want, what I need!” You spat as you were beyond teased.

“Say it, tell me.” Harry ordered as he leaned down towards your core and blew warm breath against your wet lace clad center.

You moaned out loud, as if you were on the verge of cuming even though he barely did anything to you. You wanted him to slip your knickers off and eat as if he hadn’t eaten in days. You wanted him to pleasure you, you wanted to pleasure him too. You needed him and he knew damn well of it and damn well of what you needed and wanted.

“Harry, fuck me! Fuck me good, fuck my wet pussy so good. I want you to leave my fucking pussy sore. I want you to suck my clit, run your tongue up and down my slit and in between. I want to ride your dick, I want to bounce my ass against the tops of your thighs. I want to clench my pussy around your cock so you can fill me up.” you blurted out as you couldn’t handle the teasing anymore.

You laid there quietly, panting as you tried to regain your breathing. You waited for a smart comment to come out Harry’s mouth but instead he pressed his lips against yours. The kiss eager as he slipped his tongue into your mouth,his skillful tongue stroking yours as he kept his hands in your waist. He pulled away from the kiss and began to place needy kisses down your neck and chest.

He trailed his way down and hooked his fingers into your knickers. He slid them down your legs and began to place kisses the soft flesh of the inside of your thighs, ever so often nipping at your skin causing you to release moans. You felt his tongue run up your slit and over clit, he pulled away and stood up on his feet.

He didn’t want it this way, he reached behind your head and untied the blindfold but kept your wrists tied. He placed a quick kiss to your lips and kneeled himself down again. He wrapped one arm around your thigh letting it rest on his shoulder. He let the other hand pin your hips down to keep you still.

He slipped his tongue between your folds and up to your clit. You threw your head back in pure bliss, moans escaping past your mouth as he circled your sensitive clit. You wanted nothing more to shove his face against you but you couldn’t, you were restrained from doing so.

You forced yourself to look down, your eyes meeting with his as he watched you. His tongue circling your clit quickly as it also slipped between your folds. You couldn’t help but arching your back slightly, your body becoming tense as you felt your climax beginning to stir inside you.

Harry pulled his mouth away, he placed his digit to your nub and lightly rubbed applying slight pressure. You moaned and breathed uncontrollably as you felt that familiar feeling in the pit of stomach beginning to become unbearable. That feeling rushing throughout your body, your body jerking as it prepared for your orgasm.

“Say my name, say it.” Harry hissed as he watched over you with dark yet lustful eyes.

You shook your head but he just smiled and add pressure to your over sensitive nub. You eyes shut tightly as you threw your head back, your mouth clenched together as you felt your muscles tight and contract on their own.

“Say my FUCKING name you SLUT.” Harry hissed as he watched over you.

You shook your head, the dirty talk was driving you to the edge. You didn’t know how long you could hold it back. You wanted to let go but you were trying to hold off just so he didn’t think he had so much power over you.

Harry smiled down to you, he positioned himself between your legs again. He placed his mouth onto your clit, he flicked his tongue quickly over it as he slipped two long fingers inside you. He looked up at you hoping to catch your gaze and face when your body finally released.

His fingers slipping in and out of you quickly as he flicked his tongue over your clit. You moaned and whimpered as the tension was becoming too much, you were close. Any second you would release, release everything you tried to hold back. A few more pumps and flicks was it for you.

“Ahh, shit! Y-ye-ess!” you moaned out as you looked down at Harry. Your face scrunched up as bucked your hips and released into his mouth.

He slipped his fingers into his mouth, tasting every drop of your orgasm. He dipped his head back and began to clean you with his tongue, his tongue seeping between your folds. You could help but jerk your body as you were just too sensitive from the orgasm still.

“You taste, so damn good.” Harry said huskily as he brought himself to hover your bare body. He smirked at your state and pressed his mouth to yours.

You kissed him back roughly and nipped at his lip. You could taste yourself off of him but you didn’t care, you just wanted him. You wanted to taste him now, you wanted him inside your mouth as his hand tangled within your silky hair.

He pulled away from you, he slipped his hand down at your center. Letting his middle finger fall between your folds to select your wetness.

“Again darling?” Harry asked as he continued to run his finger between your folds.

You bucked your hips to feel him and he just smiled down at you, slipping his hand away.

You whimpered at the loss of contact, he smiled down at you and whispered into your ear. “Are you going to be a good girl and obey me?” he asked huskily as his hot breath fanned your skin.

You bit your bottom lip to stop you from making a noise. You looked at him and nodded vigorously.

“Answer me.” Harry ordered as he brought his hand over to your hardened nipple. His rough digit making brief contact knowing it would drive your hormones, at this point, crazy.

“Yes yes yes, I will be a good girl and obey you!” you whined out as you watched him smirl up at you.

“Good. I would hate to leave you like this, without satisfying your wants.” Harry said amusingly as he pushed strands of hair out of your face.

You rolled your eyes at him, he chuckled to himself as he ran his tongue over you hardened nipple and pulling away quickly. You looked at him wide eyed with your breathing hitched in the back of your throat. He smiled at your reaction, he placed a soft kiss between the valley of your breasts.

“Remember darling, be a good girl for me.” Harry whispered as he stood on his knees between your legs. He reached above your head and began to tag onto your restraints.

You felt the silky material become loose on your wrists, he pulled away the material and freed your wrists. You slowly brought your hands down to your side. You looked at him and looked at you with warmth and lust. He placed a kiss to your forehead, letting his lips linger on your skin.

“I love you.” Harry whispered quietly as he laid on his side and pulled your bare body towards his.

“I love you.” Harry whispered quietly as he laid on his side and pulled your bare body towards his.

You couldn’t help but feel your stomach tighten at his words, despite how you acted he was still here. By your side, that just showed how much he cares and loves you. You couldn’t help but feel bad even though that small voice keeps telling you that he somewhat deserved it.
“Come on.” Harry said as he shifted so he was standing on his knees.

You laid there looking up at him. He reached his hand out and you took it. He pulled you up and placed a quick kiss to your lips, he turned you around. He pushed your upper body down, your breasts pressed onto the duvet as he kept your ass up.

You knew what was happening, he was going to fuck you with your ass up in the air. You closed your eyes tightly because he knew this was a good position, his cock hitting your g spot perfectly. With every thrust he hits it perfectly and the right speed.

You let out a small whimper as you felt his hand run down your spine all the way to your bum.

“Fuck, this is such a good view.” Harry groans as he runs his fingers up and down your lower back.

You were getting impatient, all you wanted was to feel his long cock. You wanted to be connected with him, you wanted the connection. He was aching for you just as much as you were aching for him. You both craved to give each other pleasure.

“Be a good girl, take it in.” Harry said as you heard him stroke himself, you wanted nothing more than for his hand to be yours.

You wanted to touch his cock, you wanted to run your tongue up from the base to the tip. You wanted to circle your tongue on the head, you wanted to give him the pleasure that he gave you merely 20 minutes ago.

You nodded and slipped your hand down to your center. you ran your finger between your slit and felt how soaking you were. You looked over your shoulder to find him stroking himself and looking at your swollen slick pussy.

“I’m ready for you baby.” you moaned as you watched him. “My wet pussy is ready for your thick, long cock.” you whispered as you continued to run your finger between your soaked folds.

You knew Harry loved dirty talk, he also loved when you would touch yourself. The site of you would be enough to have him cum already. He groaned as he watched you, his fingers curled around his length as he watched you with hooded eyes.

You smiled at how you had him, you were in control but somewhat not. Harry pushed the head of his cock inside your entrance, you let out a moan and whimper. The feeling was foreign but felt so right. You have been longing for this and about fucking time was he going to fuck you. And he was going to do it right.

He slowly pushed himself inside, he stayed in place as he let you adjust. He began to pull himself out until the head was only left inside, he pushed himself back into you without hesitation. You grabbed onto the sheets beneath you as you let out a cry of pleasure.

“Tonight is the last time that little scenario will be thought of, I love you and will NEVER cheat on you.” Harry hissed as he gripped your waist.

He pulled himself back out and drove himself back inside you. He continued his actions and his pace quickly grew, your ass smacking against him as he drove himself in and out of you. You were a panting mess, your cheeks flushed as your face slightly moistening with a thin layer of sweat.

“F-fu-uck Ha-Harry!” You moaned as your grip tightened, your knuckles turning white and your nails digging into the palm of your hand.

You closed your eyes tightly as you threw your head back, your lip between your teeth as the familiar feeling was growing in the pit of your tummy. Your thigh muscles tightening as your knees were growing weak, you wanted nothing more than to run away but you also wanted to let go. You wanted to release and you wanted him to release, inside you.

“You like how my dick feels, right. You like my dick hitting your g spot while your tight little pussy clenches around it, right?” Harry hisses as you feel your body jerk.

“Ye-Yesss.” You moaned out loud as you felt yourself pull away from him slowly, feeling him slip away.

He slipped his arm around your waist and brought your body close to his, pushing himself back into you as he thrusted himself in and out of you. You tossed your head back as you felt your muscles tighten, your pussy starting to slowly clench around his dick as he slipped in and out of you quickly.

“Cum for me, cum for daddy.” Harry whispered hotly into your ear pushing you over the edge.

You whimpered as he slipped his hand to your front, his finger circling your swollen clit. Your body jerked uncontrollably as you gripped the sheets tightly, your jaw clenched as you let out a loud moan releasing all over him. He placed kisses along the column of your neck down to your shoulder as you rode out your high.

You rode out your orgasm and you were calming from the high. You looked over your shoulder to see him smiling down at you. Your eyebrows slowly furrowing as you realized he didn’t release. He slipped himself out of you, he released his grip from you.
“Harry, yo-you didn’t cum.” You whispered as you laid on the bed.

“I know.” Harry simply stated as he stood up and slipped his boxers on.

You laid there with confusion, he always released with or right after your release. You slowly crawled over to his side where he stood, he looked down at you while you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Why didn’t you?” You quietly asked as you looked up at him.

“I wanted to feel you release, I like pushing you over to the edge. I wanted to relea-” Harry was saying before you slipped your hand into his boxers.

“Well, now I want you to release.” You said as you slipped his length out and began to stroke it.

He let out a throaty groan as he stood there watching you, your small hand wrapped around him. Your hand moving slowly up and down his length, you place a kiss to his lips as you continue to stroke him.

“Fuck. Just suck it darling.” Harry pleaded as he watched your hand.

You smiled up at him and began to leave a burning trail of kisses down his torso to the base of his aching cock. You slipped his head into your mouth, your tongue quickly circling the head while your eyes look up at him. He looks down at you as you are laid across the bed as he stands there, your mouth taking him in.

You pushed him as far as you could, the head hitting the back your throat as you moaned. Sending vibrations through his body, his cock beginning to twitch inside your mouth. You wrapped your hand around what couldn’t fit your mouth, your hand matching the rhythm and speed of your mouth.

“Fucking hell, you look so fucking sexy.” Harry groans as he wraps your hair around his hand, pushing you to take him in more.

You pull him out, you continue to stroke him as you stand on your knees a press your lips to his quickly. You pull away and bring yourself down to him, you slip his head back into your mouth and slowly begin to suck on it while stroking him.

“Cum for me, daddy.” You whisper seductively as you wink up at him.

His grip on your hair tightens, you take him in again and look up at him. His cock twitching inside your mouth as you bob your head quickly. You don’t take your eyes off of him and continue to take him in as far your can, his head hitting the back of your throat with each bob.

“AH, sh-shit baby.” Harry grunts as he releases into your mouth.

You feel his release, salty on your tongue and thick. You let him ride out his orgasm, you pull him out of your mouth and continue to stroke him. He leans down to you and kisses you, he deepens the kiss not caring that he can taste himself.

“I fucking love you, to the moon and back.” He whispers against your lips. He pulls away and looks down at your bare body.

“I’m sorry Harry, for earlier.” You whisper as you pull his body on top of yours. “I love you babe.” You whisper wrapping your legs around his waist.

He smiled and began to leave kisses and love bites along your shoulder and collarbones.


You two laid there within each other for a good hour, under the duvet and talking about everything. He told you how busy he was with work, you told him how busy you were with work too. He told you that he would be home more, for you and Natalie.

You were happy to hear that, you were finally going to be a family. Things were going to change and for the better. He placed a kiss on top of your forehead as he pulled your bare body with his.

“Let’s have another go, this time slow. Just like how you like it.” He whispered as he played with your hair.

You looked up over at him, you smiled at him and nodded, placing a kiss on his lips.

“Mummy, daddy!” you heard a frantic voice yell as well as pitter patters of small feet coming from the hallway.

Running in came your daughter, she hurried over to you two. “I can’t find Teddy.” She squealed with worry washed over her face.
You looked over at Harry who smiled at you and stood up, slipping joggers on. He walked out the bedroom with your daughter, you were left alone in your bedroom. You stood up and slipped a t shirt of Harry’s over your head, you slipped on some knickers and made way to the washroom.

Everything was back in place, your relationship with Harry was back to how it should be. You pulled your hair up in a ponytail and looked at your reflection, smiling at the love bites he created throughout tonight.

“She’s tucked away.” Harry said approaching you, placing his large hands on your hips. You smiled at him in the mirror. “You know what I was thinking babe.” Harry questioned as he nudge your jaw with his nose.

“What, what were you thinking?” You questioned him.

“Let’s try, try to have another baby. I know it won’t be easy but let’s try.” Harry said as he pulled away from you and brought you to face him.

You looked up at him, you could tell he was serious. He truly wanted to try, to make your family grow.

“Okay.” you said quietly as he cupped your face in his large hands.


Harry didn’t know what had woken him up for a short moment, that was until heard his phone go off again. With his eyes still closed he reached over and grabbed it fumbling slightly with answering the call in the dark. “‘Ello?” He said in a very groggy morning voice, it was after all 3 am. “Harry?” Upon hearing his best friend’s voice, sounding very small and close to tears, he was suddenly more awake. “y/n, love, what’s wrong? Are yeh alrigh’” He says, worry laced with every word.

He hears her take in a breath of air, and he knows her well enough to know she’s on the verge of sobbing.

“No, I don’t think I am. I’m drunk out of my ass, and y/f/n left me to hook up with some guy so now I’m stranded. God I can’t believe th-this is happening” By now Harry can hear her cry softly trying not to alert him. “Could you come and pick me up? I know I can’t expect you to, I shouldn’t, but you were kinda the only person I felt like I could call” It doesn’t even take him a second to ask where she was. Rolling out of bed and pulling the jeans from the day before on, Harry quickly grabs his car keys and hops in his car.

He was gripping the steering wheel harder than he realised when he noticed his knuckles had gone white when he was waiting for the light to shift, making it safe for him to continue. With worry still devouring him he turned down the last street and began to hear the beats from some electro song that was playing from the club.

And then he sees her. Sitting on some of the steps leading up to the club, with her purse resting on her lap and a tired expression covering her entire face. As soon as Harry pulled up to the club he saw her eyes light up a little and she made her way towards his car hopping into the leather seat next to him. As soon as she had sat down Harry could smell the alcohol radiating of her and see the smudged mascara around her eyes. For a while none of them said anything, until Harry felt the weight of the question lingering in the air. “Y/N, please look at me, tell me wha’ happened” Slowly he felt her body turning toward him as she slowly looked into his eyes. “Do ever feel like everything’s fine one moment and then suddenly.. it’s just not? Like everything was good this morning but then I got into a fight with my mum, and I failed my exam, and then y/f/n just leaves me here, and now I’m just drunk and sad. Honestly, this whole evening has been so shitty, and right now I just want to be with my best friend.” There’s a short moment where Harry doesn’t know what to do, but then he just nods and starts the engine of the car heading for his home, silence hanging heavily in the air.

When he pulls into his garage y/n is asleep, so for a moment Harry just sits there looking at her. How her forehead is slightly creased in worry, and her hair still tangled from dancing. How she’s pulled her legs slightly up to her body to keep herself warm, her hair pooling over knees. And then his gaze lands on her lips that are so full and pink and kissable, and he has to fight himself not leaning over and pressing a soft kiss to them. But that’s not his job, and it never would be. He was her friend; nothing more and nothing less. But over the course of the past years where they had friends, Harry’s feelings for her had grown into something much more complicated than “just friends”. When they were together he had no worries, because she was the light in his life, blinding out all the darkness from the industry he was in. He could always count on her to be there, always cheering him up, supporting him, making him laugh and  being his shoulder to cry on. They could call each other at 3 am, as well as 3 pm. Nothing was ever too far out for the two of them, when they were together they were just Harry and Y/N. No expectations, just a bond that run deeper with her than with anyone else. But a platonic bond, nonetheless. He has to tell her, or he might just explode, he realised as he looked at her. Maybe just maybe this could turn into something better if he just took a chance. He pulls himself together and steps out of the car, being met with the chilly autumn air as he walks over to the other side. Harry opens the door and carefully lifts y/n up, carrying her bridal style all the way up to his front door pushing it open with his shoulder.
When he gets inside there’s a nice heat that meets them.
Walking up the stairs to his bedroom he lays y/n lightly on his bed. Still seemingly asleep he lies down next to her lying on his side facing her. Harry takes a deep breath before turning around so he’s now looking up at the ceiling. “I guess this is the worst time to tell someone tha’ yeh like them. But for now this’ll have to do. I know yeh’re asleep love, but I need to tell yeh; I need to know tha’ at least I’ve said it. I love yeh, y/n. God I love yeh so incredibly much, I didn’t even know it was possible to be so in love with someone, until I met you. You changed everything for me. You practically saved my life, and for tha’ I’ll never be able to repay you. But one day, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a month or a year, I’ll tell this to your face and then we’ll se wha’ happens. But for now there’s nothing more than this; I love yeh, always have, and no matter what happens I think I always will.” When he finishes Harry’s slightly out of breath and lying there thinking to himself what a relief it was. Like you’re holding this big, dirty secret, even though it’s not really, and now it’s out there.

He gets up to head for the couch to give y/n some more space, but not before quickly studying her. Her face. Her body. Just her; and he has to bite his lip, not to let out a breathy moan right the and there. Slowly he walks out of the door closing it lightly and making his way down to his living room, his mind buzzing with the thought of her.

He’s awake before her, but there’s no surprise there. He gets up and walks into the kitchen getting the ingredients ready for the pancakes he knows y/n loves so dearly. Before he’s completely finishes he hears the staircase creak slightly above him, a thing y/n is still puzzled about and a question she’d often ask him. (“You’re a billionaire, it’s not like you can’t afford getting them fixed” she would say through giggles, in which he’d reply “Maybe I like hearing them, reminds me it’s a home, not a museum” Which would make y/n laugh and roll her eyes)

And then she’s standing in the opening of the kitchen in one of his shirts and her hair still wet from being in the shower his scents on her, already spreading slightly through the room, mixing with the smell of pancakes and bacon. She walks towards him and hops onto the counter stealing a piece of bacon of a plate. Smirking while eating it, Harry says “If yeh thought yeh were being cheeky and stealing mine, tha’ was your plate” She finishes the bacon and replies, “Well that had been my intention, so I guess I’m just gonna have to actually steal a piece now, won’t I?” She sends him her signature smirk and he grins at her, the night before vanishing between them. Y/N sets the table while Harry’s finishing the bacon and then he turns around to tell her some funny remark when he sees her standing on her toes trying to reach for some glasses, her shirt riding dangerously far up, and her yellow knickers peaking out from underneath. As he walks over to help her he wants nothing more to grab her hips and pull her towards him, but instead he just gets the glasses and hands them to “What would I do without you, my hero” She says, sarcasm lacing every word.

They sit down and  start to dig into their food, a comfortable silence hanging in the air. Between bites they would both take turns to simile at each other, and yes y/n did in fact steal bacon of his plate, but he really couldn’t get himself to say anything to her, other than send her a grin. Suddenly he notices that she’s been staring at him for a long time, and hasn’t eaten anything which is unusual “Everything alrigh’ there, love?” Harry asks her. As if she’s about to say something she opens her mouth but closes it quickly again, putting a smile on her face while chewing on a piece of pancake managing to get some words out “Yeah, of course. Just had one of those moments where you can’t look away, you know?”

When they’ve finished breakfast they start cleaning the dishes, poking at each other and singing along to the music that’s now playing. At one point a rather slow song comes on; one that Harry knows is y/n’s favourite which is why he has it on his playlist. When y/n’s put away the pan she was holding she turns to look at him. He feels her stare on him and shifts his eyes to meet her’s, raising his an eyebrow slightly as if to ask what?

“I lied. Earlier when you asked if everything was okay. I just… I just didn’t know if I should bring it up. But I can’t pretend like I didn’t hear it.” When Harry hears those words his heart starts beating faster, She couldn’t have heard what he said, could she?

Y/N continues when Harry doesn’t say anything. “I heard you Harry. Yesterday when you thought I was asleep. I didn’t want to listen but suddenly I was awake, and couldn’t turn my ears off. Everything you said… Did you mean it? I mean was there any truth in it?”
They both know the answer to the question before the words are even out of Harry’s mouth. “Yeah… Yeah, of course they were true. I never meant fro yeh to find out like this, love. I thought I could date other people, but yeh were always there. Always looking so cute and beautiful, and your laugh, just the sound of it makes my entire day. Because, as I’ve come to realise… Yeh are the best par’ of my life, and I can’t handle the thought of you with someone else. Because I love yeh, y/n.”

And for the first time since Harry has known y/n, she is completely stunned. For a moment Harry’s afraid she might run out the backdoor and head for the hills, but then she slowly closes the distance between the two of them and smashes her mouth towards his.

And then everything’s on fire. Her lips are softer than he could’ve ever imagined. And suddenly when his hands are in her hair, it’s so much softer and glowing much more than all the other times he’s touched it. His hands are resting on the low of her back and he’s slowly moving them to her hips and pressing her against the edge of the counter, and dragging his hands up her sides. Going to her hips, up to her waist where it bends slightly in, up to her round breast, to her neck, and up to her cheeks, where he lets them rest. And then they have to pull away otherwise they might not ever be able to breathe again.

For a moment there’s nothing but the sound of their ragged breathing filling the kitchen, but then y/n breaks the silence by saying. “God, Harry. That took you long enough. I have been waiting for that ever since we first met. I have been going out of my freaking mind over you. I am foolishly in love with you, and I thought you knew. Everyone said it radiated off of me.” She grins at him and kisses him again, this time slower, and y/n’s hands slowly go to Harry’s shirt, put he pull away and says “As much as I would like to do this, I have to take yeh out first. I’m serious about this, and I wan’ to do this the righ’ way. So, would you like to go out with me tomorrow. And then who knows, maybe we can continue this later, huh?”
And then he pulls her closer, smiling against her lips. Kissing her with the promise of something beautiful that has yet to come.  


Harry with makeup 

Happy Birthday Harry! 

Colors- Part 2- Indigo

Colors 2

She feels like she’s just seen heaven as Harry presses his forehead against hers. She’s never really had a kiss on the first date, even though this wasn’t really a date.

“It was absolutely incredible,” she breathes slowly, a small smile forming on her lips.

He was a damn good kisser. She assumed he had more experience than her, but she was still impressed.

She shyly speaks her thoughts, “you’re…you’re a really good kisser…”

Harry had had his fair share of kisses, but never one like that. That kiss shook him to the bone and he felt it in every muscle and every inch of skin.
“So are you.” He said a bit shyly.

He definitely could see himself kissing her. He could kiss her a lot, actually. For a whole day, and probably never be tired of it. She had warm and plump lips that fit perfectly between his own and the little noises she made were the sweetest things he’d ever heard.

Harry took her hand and lead her over the small couch, sitting closer than he normally would. “You’re truly amazing, you know that? Beautiful in your looks and in your personality as well.”

She leans into him, it’s nothing compared to their mouths being pressed together so she figures it’s okay.

“Mmm, thanks. I don’t really try that hard, I just…I don’t know. I do my own thing. And I guess that it works, well with you at least,” she grins.

She plays with her hair before she speaks again, “if any of the girls in our class found out about our kissing, they’d surely have me be killed,” she chuckles softly.

“The girls in our class are a bit… Intense.” A small chuckle broke through his lips. “they throw themselves at me in such an inappropriate way that I’m not even turned on by it. Leaving panties in my backpack or trying to crawl in my lap, but I’ve never ebb spoke to them before.” He spoke as he recalled thee weird incidents.

“That’s why I’ve always been so interested in you. You smiled at me and waved, said the occasional hi… But you never tried to get with me for money or popularity. And that made me attracted to you the most.”

Jolie scrunches up her face in distaste, shaking her head.

“Wow. I mean, that’s definitely way too far. I’d never in a million years even ever think of doing that. That’s just…it’s not me,” she shrugs, “then again, the only thing I have in common with those girls is that we’re both girls,” she laughs softly.

Jolie kicks her shoes off but makes sure to put them near the couch neatly, before tucking her feet under her bum and resting her chin on her hand.

Jolie had a cute little way of sitting, Harry liked it. The more time he hung out with her, the more positions and ways he imagined drawing her. She was versatile in that way.

“I want to know more about you.” He blurted out. “I mean, I want to know what your favorite books are and your favorite colors and foods, and what things you absolutely can not stand.” Trying to clarify, but Harry’s words always got a bit mixed up when talking to her.

She smiles a little and raises a brow before softening it, grinning from ear to ear.

“Mmm. Yeah. You do? Really? Well, I mean…my favorite books are all of the classics. I read a lot because it enhances my writing skills. Foods…I love Italian. All things Italian. Favorite color would be green maybe, and I can’t stand girls who talk behind each other’s back. It’s happened to me before and it’s not fun.”

She was perfect. They seriously had so many things in common. From food to literature, to pet peeves.

“I feel the same on all counts… My favorite would have to be chicken parm though. And My favorite book is the Great Gatsby. I don’t like talking badly about other people because I don’t really love when people do it to me. And I hate when people do it to make themselves look better.”

They seemed to be a match made in in heaven so far. Could she get any more perfect? He wasn’t even sure.

“Favorite way to have a night in?” He questioned raising his eyebrows

She was so relieved that they had /so/ much in common. Never in her life has she had anyone who she was this similar to, a male especially. She has a few close friends who are like her, but that’s about it. Harry is the only one besides them.

“Hmm…probably eating good food, maybe Chinese, talking, making a fort out of blankets maybe, watching a shared favorite movie…” She trails off, picturing how incredible that would be to have with Harry.

That all sounded incredible. Especially with her. Laying around under fluffy blankets, lazily kissing all night and having her pressed up against him… Shit. He would love that.

“I love that. But what movies?” He questioned with a raised eyebrow. “This is a critical question, Jolie..”

Jolie giggles and nods, “but of course. Movies are a very important topic. But let’s see…I appreciate all genres of movies, but my favorites are romance and comedy. I can watch romantic comedies, which is like the perfect mix, for the rest of my life and never get tired of the genre. I like a lot of Disney movies too, surprisingly enough. When I was younger I became so interested in them that I’d google what era each princess movie was set in and I’d research which country it was in. Apparently Sleeping Beauty was based in France because a few observers noticed french architecture in the movie, d'you know this?”

Jolie could definitely be a nerd. She researched a lot, and was always curious. She wrote a lot about her curiosities as well, and she had a whole separate journal for her daily thoughts about things she couldn’t explain or didn’t know the answer to.

“I didn’t know, but I would love to hang out with you and for you to educate me on the subject…” Harry brought up the topic of hanging out more smoothly. Since it was Friday he was hoping to plan something for the weekend.

He would love to be cuddled with her, listening to her talk about different Disney princesses and their time frames and settings. While he had never really thought about it: it would be interest to know. He definitely was going to put one of the Disney princesses in the background of her collage.

One of the other incredible things about Harry was that she knew he was genuinely interested in everything she was saying, which made her so happy. It wasn’t just him nodding along and not really caring what she was saying, only focusing on the way she looked. He looked her in the eyes as she spoke and he showed a keen interest in what she was saying.

“I would love that as well,” she smiles, cuddling into the couch even more, “I mean…we totally could. I don’t really make plans very often, so I’m usually pretty free…” She trails off, hoping to not sound /too/ available.

“We could tomorrow? If you’d like? I have a new tv I bought and a bunch of nice fluffy blankets and we could get take out?” He spit out before cringing. “I don’t want to come on too strong but.. I’ve always wanted to get to know you and now I’m kind of jumping at the chance.”

The chance of hanging out with her and knowing her secrets and the thoughts of more kisses and maybe a cuddle were making him giddy and happy. He had daydreamed about hanging out with her and knowing even the smallest details about her would make him smile.

Tomorrow sounds incredible to her, because it’s so soon, and the sooner she can be with him again, the better.

“No, tomorrow is absolutely perfect, the sooner the better,” she speaks her exact thoughts, blushing a little at how eager she sounds as well. They’re both eager though, so there’s really no shame in it. No shame at all.

“I really want to spend time with you, Harry. I want to get to know you better. I hope you know that…” She trails off, reaching out to touch his hand.

The warm hand touched his and he immediately took it between his own. It felt amazing to even just be next to her, but to have her touch him made him feel warm and tingly. Just like the movies said it would.

“I’d love to spend time with you too, love. I’m really, really happy we got partnered for this together. ”


The next day Harry was pacing about in his apartment. He had ordered the Chinese food to be delivered about 20 minutes after she was set to arrive. The freeze was stoked with ice cream and the living room was properly cushioned and surrounded with blankets and fluffy pillows. His hair smelled of coconuts and he used lotion to make sure his hands were soft if she wanted to hold his hand and the entire day he had used Chapstick to make sure his lips would be enjoyable if he kissed her again.

He had never, ever been this nervous about hanging out with someone before but this was Jolie. This was his muse and the girl who made his heart pound just by walking past him.

Jolie has never been this nervous whilst getting ready. She debates whether to curl or straighten her hair, arguing with herself. If she left it curly it may look like she tried too hard, but if she straightens it it might look dull and boring. Jolie naturally had straighter hair with waves. She decided to let her hair air dry, she had to worry about makeup.

She had another battle with herself on how much or how little she should put on. She looked in the mirror for at least 20 minutes before deciding on some mascara and a little bit of lip gloss. She had an outfit already picked out so she didn’t have to argue with herself about that. A cute romper that was easy to slip in and out of and was relatively comfy. Her hair and skin smelled of vanilla from her shampoo and perfume.

Jolie sends Harry a text before heading to his place. Once she arrives, she heads into his complex and up to his floor, taking a deep breath before knocking.

The knock on the door started Harry from his pacing, snapping him out of his worried trance. She was here, and he would have to deal with it.

Walking to the door, he took a deep breath and straightened his shirt, before opening the door.

She looked absolutely gorgeous. Her hair was shining and her eyes looked wide, a bright sparkle in them he had only seen after he had kissed her. She was wearing a cute dress or shorts thing? He wasn’t sure what it was but it hugged her in the right places and he wouldn’t be surprised if he had started drooling.

“Come in, come in.” He said as his eyes snapped back to her pretty face, taking her bag from her and bringing her into a hug. Yesterday he had sent her off with a gently kiss on the cheek and a smile, but now he wanted to try the hug. It was a good call.

Her body felt warm and soft against his own and she smelt of vanilla, a smell he always adored. She was taller than an average girl but the perfect height for him to rest his head on hers.

Letting go reluctantly, he lead her inside. “You can take off your shoes and get comfortable, the food should be here soon.”

Hugging him felt like everything negative in this world vanished and it was only the two of them standing under a ray of sunshine. She closed her eyes and inhaled his scent, which she loved, sighing happily as he hugged her tightly.

Once she’s led inside, she carefully takes her shoes off, leaving her in some fuzzy socks. She places her shoes neatly by the door before walking over to his couch and taking a seat.

“I’m so happy to be here,” she grins widely, settling into the sofa as Harry follows, “thank you for ordering food. Next time it’s on me, yeah?”

She was happy to be there? Well Harry had to have been ecstatic. He could barely sleep last night from excitement, half the night spent in his studio where he drew her even more.

“No, of course not. I like to be a gentleman, so food will always be on me.” That was something Harry always prided himself on. Regardless if he liked the girl or not, he was always a gentleman.

“Those are some cute socks. I e got my own pair of fuzzy socks but I have no idea where they disappeared to so I just wait the plain black ones.”

“Yeah? Well they’re sexy,” she blurts out, her whole face reddening now as she admits it. Any part of him is sexy to her, if she’s honest. But now he knows that and she didn’t exactly want him to.

“I mean…well, yeah, can’t really get myself out of that one, can I?” She laughs softly, covering her face with her hands and giggling into them.

Harry’s eyebrows raised at the words she blurted out but he loved it. She thought any part of him was sexy, and he loved that.

“No, but it’s okay. I think every part of you is absolutely gorgeous.” His eyes wandered around her body, her cleavage slightly slowing and her long legs stretched out and resting on the ottoman.

Jolie could feel Harry’s eyes on her and she absolutely loved it. She definitely dressed in a bit more of a sexy way than usual. But even this wasn’t as bad as some of the other girls at school, who wore short skirts and showed basically all of their breasts, had them on full display.

“You’re too sweet. Seriously. It’s so sweet that I can’t even,” she giggles, using some slang she’s picked up with the ‘I can’t even’.

“I’m just stating the truth, love.”
Jolie deserved to be showered with compliments all the time, until they believe them. And even after that. He wasn’t just saying that she was beautiful because he wanted to be with her, he was saying it because it was 100% the truth.

“Every time I tell you something, it’s the truth. Not to get too deep, but I genuinely do think you are the most beautiful girl I’ve seen.”

Jolie wasn’t aware as to how she should handle this. Her smile grew with every single one of Harry’s words, as well as the blush on her perfect cheeks.

“Wow I…I’ve never been complimented like this before. It must be really nice,” she giggles a little, smiling before tucking more hair behind her ear, beginning to play with it.

Jolie leans closer to H, but the doorbell rings with the Chinese.

Damn it. It was so close, he could almost taste it. Harry had been waiting to kiss her again, and though it had only been hours he felt as if he needed it.

Huffing, he got up and grabbed his wallet before opening the door. After paying the man, he closed the door and threw his wallet on the table near the door and brought the food to the small coffee table near the couch.

“Im pretty sure I ordered what you texted me, but I got some extras just in case.”

Jolie was disappointed that the take out came, as she was sure she and Harry were about to have a moment together. She craved the taste of his lips since they kissed the previous day, and she’s been dying to taste them again. Even more this time.

She grins at Harry as he comes in with the food, heading to the small coffee table.

“Thank you so much. I love Chinese. It’s my favorite kind of take out, honestly,” she grins.

Jolie took a seat, putting her hair back so she could eat as she took out her chopsticks. She made a grasping motion with them, making them move as she giggles.

She was the cutest god damn thing he had ever seen in his life. The little motion and giggles melted his heart, making him freeze and just watch her as she picked up her container of food.

She gave him a curious look and he snapped out of it, smiling shyly at her before grabbing his own food. “I can’t eat with chopsticks, I’m boring with my plastic fork.”

She laughs softly, as she caught him in a bit of a trance. He made her feel so confident and beautiful; how most men should make her feel, but don’t.

“I can’t either, really. I just pretend to. Watch,” she laughs, trying to pick up rice with her chopsticks and watching it all fall back into the box.

She shakes her head, “I guess rice is a bad example, but honestly…it’s really awful. I can’t eat with them for shit, but they make eating fun because it’s like a new challenge and adventure,” she giggles

“Well, I admire you very much for that. I try chopsticks every time I get Chinese but give up after 3 tries. It’s jut not meant to me.” He laughed, showing her how he tried to pick up things with chopsticks.

“See? It’s useless for me.” He hugged after the 5th time trying to pick up his sweet and sour chicken. His heart swelled when he saw that he was able to make her laugh. Her head thrown back and her cheeks pink, little crinkles by her eyes.

He must have stopped breathing for a second, as he watched her laugh. She truly was amazing. He didn’t realize he was staring (again), until she gave him a questioning glance. “M'sorry, but you’re just really beautiful.”

It seems to Jolie that anything she does, Harry will smile about it, which makes her unbelievably happy. She’s never felt so alive, felt so loved, felt so happy before in her life.

“Did you know that you’re very charming and that you make me smile? I literally haven’t stopped smiling since I was over yesterday. I’m a perpetual smiler,” she giggles, slapping her knee as she lays her chopsticks down on top of her chicken.

“My mum said that I was too charming, charm the socks of anyone I choose to talk to.” He teased lightly. Being chosen for Harry to talk to you actually is a big deal. He didn’t really like talking to many people, so if he made the effort you had to be pretty special.

They finished eating their food and Harry for up to turn off the lights, only the glow of the fairy lights and few scented candles as well as the TV lit up the room.

“What movie would you like? It’s your pick.”

Jolie has always been somewhat innocent and never had dirty thoughts, or hoped that something would go down. But tonight, Jolie was definitely into the idea of she and Harry getting a bit more than just cozy in the blankets.

“Anything with romance and comedy. We could watch an oldie? Do you want to watch 50 First Dates? Or something neither of us have seen?” She asks, as she makes her way to the living room and sits down on the blankets.

“Why don’t we choose a random one of Netflix in the romcom category?” He was slightly aware that they probably weren’t even going to watch the movie, more likely to talk and hopefully kiss a little bit.

When she nodded, they randomly chose one that he honestly forgot the name of, and didn’t care much about it. Getting cozy under the blankets, he lifted his side up slowly and gave her a inviting look.
“You can get closer, I don’t bite… Unless you ask.”

Jolie didn’t intend on paying much attention to the movie. All she wanted was to be able to get cozy with Harry under the blankets and hopefully kiss him a bit, but she didn’t know if this was /that/ kind of date.

“Mmm…okay,” she says, humming softly before crawling under the blanket he’s holding up for her, coming into him.

Their bodies are now pressed together as the movie begins, and all of her excitement is going towards Harry rather than the movie:

Once she was settled under the blanket, he slowly wrapped his arm around her shoulders and brought her a bit closer. He liked having her pressed against him.

“Nice and warm, yeah?” A large grin was on his face as the movie started, though he wasn’t looking at the screen. She was warm and soft next to him and he had the urge to pull her into his lap and squeeze her tight, but he wasn’t sure they were at that level yet.

A little bit into the movie, she shifted a bit to get comfortable and once she settled Harry saw it as an opportunity to place a small kiss to her temple.

She smiles and blushes a little once Harry presses a soft kiss to her temple, moving her hands to rub against his arm gently as they cuddle.

The movie seems completely boring and irrelevant to her, now that she has Harry here with her, cuddling her, and she’s anticipating another soft kiss, maybe one that can develop into a deeper one.

“I liked that…your lips are warm,” she whispers, looking up to him.

Another soft kiss was pressed to her forehead before he nudged their noses together. Jolie had him under a spell.

“Yeah, they are.” He whispered before connecting their lips again. The kiss started off slow and sweet, Harry smiling lightly against her lips while trying to keep them connected. Her Chapstick tasted like strawberries and it fit her perfectly.

Pulling away slightly he hummed and licked his lips. “So are yours… But yours taste better.” And with that, he connected them once again.

Jolie was in a trance, she couldn’t help herself. Harry’s lips were irresistible and her’s couldn’t get enough of them.

Her hand moves up to cup his cheek as they kiss, holding his face as she feels his tongue slowly enter her mouth. She parts her lips for him, and sighs into the kiss.

Her leg slowly moves to wrap around his, her foot running down his leg as she becomes more comfortable.

Kissing her again felt even better than the first time. They were much more comfortable with each other, the touches lingering and their bodies closer than ever.

He leaned into her more, swirling his tongue around hers, moaning softly against her mouth. She just tasted so good and smelled so good and felt so good, he was going to explode.

Jolie has only kissed a select couple of guys like this, and it was never even this good. Kissing Harry was like making art. A mixture of her writing and his drawing skills, an absolutely perfect mixture.

“Such a good kisser,” she moans softly, moving her leg fully to wrap around him, her body moving slowly on top of his as the kiss deepens.

Holy fuck. Holy, fuck. His muse, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen was now on his lap with her hands in his hair, kissing him deeply.

He struggled to control the contents of his pants as she pressed her warm body against his. His tongue flicked against hers before he pulled back a bit to nibble on her bottom lip.

Jolie felt a bit of moisture between her thighs beginning to form as she and Harry kissed deeply. Her hand cupping his cheek moves up to his hair, gripping onto it, making aroused noises softly. It really does feel amazing to be kissing him like this. And she doesn’t know when it will stop.

Her lips work against his in a sloppier manner as seconds tick by, she hears a throaty moan, a soft one, fall from Harry’s lips and she hums in approval.

Hands travel down to hold her hips, the kissing only stopping for a moment to catch their breath. Harry had made out with a couple of girls before but this, this was a whole new level.

Jolie was a bit hesitant in some of her actions but Harry loved it, he loved how she let him lead the kiss a bit before taking over control once she got confident. It was fucking sexy.

His lips detach from hers only to start kissing down her soft jawline, soft pecks turning to little nibbles.

She lets out a sigh of pleasure as Harry begins nibbling on her neck, her eyes fluttering shut. She thinks he’s absolutely incredible with kissing, knows exactly where to touch a woman to truly make her tick.

“You’re so incredible…” She breathes, her eyes still closed. She loves the feeling more than anything else in the world and hopefully she’ll be feeling a lot more than his lips tonight.

She gets a bit brave by running her hands up Harry’s shirt, humming.

Her small hands were a bit cool, making Harry shiver as they touched his warm skin. Jolie was blowing his mind already, and they were barely even touching yet.

His lips trail down to her neck, leaving open mouthed kisses down the skin. His mouth explored until he kissed a spot that had her shivering, and a small smirk formed on his face. Lips attached to the stop and bit gently, before starting to suck on the patch of skin in hopes of leaving a mark.

The heat between Jolie’s thighs were making her want to squirm, she was certainly wet between her thighs at his point. She was hoping Harry would possibly touch her skin on skin, in her more preserved and private areas. She wanted his hands on her breasts and bum, she had never craved something, or someone like this before in her life.

Jolie finally lets out a soft moan as Harry begins to suck on her neck, tugging at his hair and subtly moving her hips against his.

Jolie didn’t know much about Harry’s sex life, but she assumed that he was relatively experienced since he knew which places to kiss on the neck, but all will be revealed if they get their clothes off.

The small moan leaving her mouth and the Rock of her hips were enough to make Harry’s dick twitch. The moan was soft but lustful and he wanted to hear more of it, he wanted to hear her moaning his name over and over while he pleasures her.

He was sure that she could feel his erection from that rock of her hips and tug of his hair, and he took it as a signal to touch her more. Hands slowly slide to cup her ass, squeezing gently to test what she liked.
“You’re driving me mental, baby.” Harry whispered into her ear, nipping her softly.

She knew she was extremely aroused by this point, and she wanted him so bad. She moves her hands on his bare lower abdomen after running her hands up his shirt.

She arches her back so her ass curves into his hands more, giving him more of a firm grip. Jolie dressed quite modestly, so not many knew that she had an incredible and nicely shaped ass over her normal clothes. Harry was quickly finding out, however.

“You’re so sexy…” She breathes

Her ass was round and a perfect fit for his hands as he squeezed it. Even with his hard study of her, he never expected her ass to be this nice.

“Fuck, baby… So are you.” He murmured against her skin. Jolie’s hands moving up his chest made his breathing deepen, his whole body felt on fire.

“You can take it off, angel. Go ahead.” Harry said referencing his shirt. Jolie’s hands were warm and had almost an erotic feel while they trailed his stomach.

Jolie is extremely excited as Harry says that she can take off his shirt. She pulls it off of his body with his help, and her lips bravely move to her neck.

She wants to make him feel as incredible as he does her.

Her lips move down his collarbones and to his chest, her breathing indicating how hungry she is for his beautiful skin, to trail kisses and bites all over it.

Hot lips move up his skin, causing a shiver to run down his spine. A slight dig of her teeth encourages the moan moan that had been building up in his throat to release, gripping her ass tighter.

“Fuck, Jolie… That feels so good.” Harry whispered breathlessly, watching her as she kissed and sucked and nibbled on his skin, leaving red marks in her path.

It felt like it was a dream, the way her hands and lips worked him making him feel absolutely wrecked already. “You’re so good at this, making me feel good.”

She’s never been like this with any man before, never this bold, so it’s definitely a lot for her to do this. She continues working her mouth against him, kissing down his stomach and back up again, as if she’s afraid of the private region.

She would love to get in his pants, but has no idea how that may work out. Maybe it will only go as far as this? She really hopes not.

He can sense the hesitation, but he didn’t want her to be scared. He was already so comfortable with her, he didn’t want to stop.

Taking her hand, he took it and slowly trailed it down, pressing it against his erection. “You can touch, baby. I promise I love it.” The whisper came out breathlessly, the pleasure of even her hand through the fabric of his pants a bit overwhelming.

Jolie’s small gasp was practically inaudible. The fact that she was able to do this to such an incredible man who has girls lusting after him was insane to her.

But at the end of the day, she knew him better than all of them. This was /her/ Harry, not the Harry that these girls have built up in their minds.

Her hand pressed against his erection through his jeans, she makes sure to feel around everywhere to get a good estimate of what she can expect, and after a few nice pat downs, she can tell she’s working with a big one.

Harry moaned as she felt around his hard cock, small hands grabbing and squeezing. He was in heaven.

“Oh god, that feels so good… Unbutton them baby, touch me, please.” The request almost came out as a beg. He was desperate for more touch, more feeling, more Jolie.

She nods quickly, her fingers shaking a little as she goes to unbutton his jeans. She’s never been this excited before, in every interpretation of the word, and she doesn’t know how else to act but let her body take charge and show her emotions.

Once she’s got the zipper down, she begins pushing them down his legs, and leaves him in just his briefs, observing the tent in them.

“Oh god…this is so hot…” She whispers

The way her eyes widened and the biting of her plump and swollen lip made Harry want to flip her over and just slide into her. But, he knew he needed to take this somewhat slow as not to freak her out.

“See what you do to me? You did this…” He whispered grabbing her hand again and letting it grasp his hard cock on top of his boxers.

His words reinforce her feelings and she breathes slowly, in and out before looking at her hand on top of his boxers.

Not worrying about anything else, she slowly begins to work them down his sexy thigh thighs, gasping a little as he comes into view.


He’s huge.

Harry smirked slightly as her eyes widened even more as she took the boxers off of him. He was aware he was bigger than average but to see her react like that had his chest full of pride

His own hand wrapped around himself, giving himself a couple of strokes. “You did this to me Jolie… Such a sexy girl.”

She never expected this to have happened with Harry, the handsome artist in class who she was simply assigned as a partner to.

“Wow…” She breathes slowly, looking back and forth into his eyes and down at his hard length.

Carefully, she reaches out and pokes the head, seeing as it moves slightly but bounces back into place, making her giggle a little.

“I can’t believe I did that,” she admits, moving her hand to grip the base

“You did, love.” He smirked and watched her touch him experimentally. It was adorable, and fucking sexy all at the same time.

“You have free range, baby. Touch, feel, whatever you want. Trust me, I will not object.” He assures and rests his head back as her hand begins to stroke him.

Harry leans back to relax and watch the show; of Jolie playing with his dick. She’s not as nervous anymore after Harry’s words, she’s loosened up a bit and she’s smiling, happy as can be about it.

Her smile fades as she tries to become more sexy for him, she leans down and presses a single kiss to the head before beginning to slowly stroke his shaft.

“Oh fuck…” He hissed, the light kiss making his legs shake a bit. He wasn’t sure where she learned that but he was definitely sure he wanted more.

“there we go, that’s so nice…” He cooed and reached over to brush the hair out of her face. He wanted to see that beautiful face while she played with him.

Jolie was taught to never give a man a favor before he gives her one, but she couldn’t help herself with Harry. Pleasing him would please her.

She moves her mouth all of the way down and wraps her lips around his dick, closing her eyes briefly before she starts to move her mouth up and down, getting his shaft covered in spit, humming to send pleasurable vibrations.

He was shocked on how quickly she took him into her mouth, even more so that she tried to take all of him. “Oh my fucking god, yes… Just like that baby girl.” He growled as he tugged the hair out of her face.

The warmth of her mouth and the suction and vibrations had him moaning loudly as she pleasured him, his hands rubbing her head softly. “That’s so good, Jolie. You’re making me feel a-amazing…”

She supposes this is one way of completing an art project, since head is its own form of art…

She jerks his base as she moves her tongue up and down his shaft, concentrating. She pulls her mouth off with a pop and pumps his dick repeatedly, before moving her mouth back down, making loud slurping noises.

She was an angel, he was convinced. Her mouth was heavenly, moving up and down his dick with the perfect a mouth of suction and warmth.

He was close already. It had been a while, and to have the girl of your dreams sucking you off didn’t really help that fact either.

He quickly pulled her off and flipped her to lay on the couch, his lips meeting hers once again as his hand slides down to apply a bit of pressure on her clothed clit.

Jolie was surprised as he pulled her off, but was obviously very pleased once his lips hit her now swollen ones again.

She whimpers into his mouth at the application of pressure to her swollen clit, gripping onto his arm and digging her fingers into it.

“Harry…” She breathes, squirming a bit

Lips kissed her lips and moved to her chest while his fingers still played with her, loving how responsive she was.

Her hips were bucking up into his hand, searching for more friction and pressure, and he would be happy to give her just that.. But he wanted to hear it from her.

“ask me nicely baby, and I’ll give you whatever you want.”

Jolie was beginning to realize that Harry is a bit of a teaser, a sweet talker if you will in the bedroom. Her heart was beating out of her chest as she pulled away to look into his eyes, hers wide and full of lust.

“P-Please touch me. Not through my pants…skin to skin,” she begs quietly, running her hand gently up and down his arm.

Her chest was rising and falling, clit throbbing as she studied his gorgeous features. Man, was he gorgeous.

Harry nodded and slowly started to remove her clothing. The thing she was wearing was a bit difficult to remove but he figured it out and in almost no time it was on the floor.

He never could have imagined how beautiful her body actually was. She was absolutely perfect, and all for him in this very moment.

Kisses were left down to her breasts, and he slowly moved down the cups to kiss at her nipples. “Mm, gorgeous.” He commented before sucking of her nipples into his mouth.

Surely no man has ever done /this/ to her before. She moans softly, rolling her head back in pleasure before bringing it back up as she decides she would like to watch Harry suckle on her nipples.

She hisses softly at the feeling, her breasts are sensitive and her nipples are very hard as Harry suckles them into his mouth. She moves a hand down and fists it through his hair.

“God, you’re so hot…and that feels so good…” She praises him.

Harry smirked and moved to the other nipple, giving it attention. The tugging on his hair only made him harder.

Fingers finally slid down and to the place he knew she wanted to be touched the most. He groaned against her skin as he felt the damp fabric of her panties. She was already soaked for him, it was a dream come true.

“You’re soaking for me, angel.” He cooed and applied a bit of pressure before rubbing slow circles over the fabric.

The warmth of Harry’s fingers felt incredible, even through the fabric of her now ruined panties. She knows now that this is going exactly where she wants it to, nothing more and nothing less.

“I am…God, you made me so wet…” She hisses, bucking her hips up slightly, wanting more relief. She would appreciate foreplay, but she doesn’t know if she’ll need it.

She takes another look at Harry’s massive erection. Yeah, she’ll need to be stretched out a bit…

Taking the buck of her hips as a hint, her slid her panties down her legs and let them join her outfit on the floor. Immediately her let his fingers touch her bare, wet core.

“Fuck.” He hissed and released her nipple, feeling around her wetness. “So warm and wet, just for me.” He moaned, positioning himself between her legs so he could get a good look at her.

Jolie was pink and wet and gorgeous, one of the most beautiful he’s seen. It took him no time at all to slip one finger inside of her.

Jolie felt as if she was about to die, of course that’s dramatic, as Harry spread her open and studied her beautiful pussy. She always kept it groomed but that wasn’t in case she got laid, it was because it made her feel better about herself. Although, she’d never admit to spending a little extra time shaving for tonight.

Her head falls back as a finger slips inside of her and she arches her back a bit. Jolie is tight, extremely tight, and her pussy fits around Harry’s finger, hopefully it will be able to stretch around his dick.

“You’re so tight…” He says in awe, slowly thrusting his finger inside of her. Harry had to hold in a loud groan as he imagined how she would feel on his cock as he thrusted inside of her.

He kissed up her stomach and up to her mouth, slipping his tongue in her mouth as he inserted a second finger inside of her.

Jolie welcomes his mouth, moaning into the kiss. Her toes curl and she grips onto his hair as he kisses her while curling his fingers inside of her. It feels so good to her. So damn good.

“Feels…so…amazing…oh god,” she breathes, spreading her legs farther apart so he has more access.

Fingers thrusted slow and steady, making her feel his thick and long fingers to get her ready for what very well could be the best sex of their lives.

“Do you think you’re ready, angel? Do you want me to fuck you? Mm, push myself inside of you and fuck you nice and slow and deep?”

She nods quickly, her brows furrowed as she was just concentrating on watching his fingers.

“Y-Yeah, baby…please…” She whimpers, gasping softly. She wants H to destroy her, maybe…she doesn’t know just how destructive his penis can be.

Harry slowly took out his fingers, looking her in the eye as he raised his fingers to his mouth, sucking off her wetness.

A soft hum left his mouth at the taste, her tasting a delicious salty but mostly sweet. He couldn’t wait to bury his tongue in her one day…

But now it was time to finally do what he had been dreaming of for months. Carefully he took his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, collecting the right amount of wetness.

“Do you want it baby?” He whispered teasingly into her ear, but mostly to make sure she really was ready.

Jolie had never seen anything more erotic in her whole life as Harry slides his fingers into his mouth and gently sucks, his eyes burning into hers. It’s killing her that he’s not inside of her yet.

Jolie inhales slowly as Harry rubs his tip up and down her slit, very slowly. She nods, looking up into his eyes.

“I-I want it. I want /you/…” She trails off, “please,” begging, she gives him pleading eyes.

That’s all it took for Harry to sink into her.

A long, loud moan left his mouth as her tight walls surrounded him. She was tight, and wet, and Harry had never felt something so amazing.

“Oh my god baby, you’re so tight.” He whispered into her ear. He was hovering over her, face scrunched in pleasure before he opened his eyes to look down at her.

She didn’t even fully comprehend what was happening. It was too good to be true. She, Jolie, one of the most underrated girls on campus, was having sex. With someone she really liked; someone who multiple girls swooned over. She knew they made up fantasies about him in their head, however.

“I-It feels so good,” she breathes, moving her hands to grip onto his arms as she wraps her legs around his waist.

The long legs around his waist motioned for him to move, which he happily did.

Slow, languid thrusts started as he buried his face into her neck as he fucked her, the legs around him tightening as she wanted him deeper.

“That’s my girl, you’re taking me so well. Fuck, your pussy feels so good.” The groans were a bit muffled against her skin but Harry was a sucker for dirty talks, and once he got in the mood it was almost like he couldn’t stop.

At first it was definitely uncomfortable just because of how damn big Harry is, but it’s starting to turn into just pleasure and all pleasure as her legs stay wrapped around his waist.

“Oh god…feels so good. And your mouth…it’s so dirty,” she whimpers, moving her head up to get a glance down and to watch his dick entering in and out of her.

“Mm, you like that baby?” He smirked as he began to thrust a bit faster into her. She felt fucking amazing and Harry wasn’t sure how he had gotten this lucky.

“You like my dirty mouth when I tell you how much I like to fuck you? Well I do baby, you’re already making me feel so….fuck, so good.”

“Uh huh baby, I fucking love it,” Jolie curses, her pussy beginning to tighten around Harry’s cock. It feels so good, she doesn’t know how she’s never experienced anything like this before. She never knew sex could be /this/ good.

Harry gets a particularly good angle inside of Jolie, making her grip onto his shoulders and cry out, “FUCK! Yeah, right there baby…r-Right there…”

A hiss spilled out of his gritted teeth, jaw clenched as he fucked her at the new angle. Nails digging into his shoulders and her head tipped back in pleasure, this was something Harry could definitely get used to.

“Is that your spot baby?” He smirked, moving his hips faster. “I love fucking you, best I’ve ever had.” He grunted.

Jolie looked beautiful underneath him. A light sheen of sweat, swollen lips and dark lustful eyes looked back at him. Absolutely stunning.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, you drive me crazy… I’ve been dreaming about this for months. To hold you, to kiss you, to touch you… To make you cum.” He whispered into her ear, nipping her earlobe

Jolie felt a wave of confidence spill over her as Harry confessed that she was his best. She surely wasn’t expecting that, but she was definitely extremely flattered by it.

So many thoughts were racing through her mind, but all she wanted to focus on was Harry’s dirty words and the way his muscles were flexed, the way he was hitting her G spot perfectly.

“Pound that shit, right there baby. You’ve got it…” She pants, her pussy clenching around him even harder

Those words released Harry’s restraint, finally beginning to truly slam into her.

“Yes baby girl, such a tight little cunt.” He growled as his cock pounded into her. Jolie’s hba moved to his hair and began to tug harshly on his hair, one of his biggest turn ons.

“Oh my- shit, just fucking like that! Pull my hair while I fuck you nice and hard, Jolie… Come on.”

Jolie continues tugging at his hair and attaches her mouth to his, moaning into it as she sloppily kisses him. Their tongues collide, her toes curl as her pussy clenches around him still.

Harry repeatedly hitting the sponginess of her G spot made her body feel like it was about to explode. No man had ever found it before Harry, she’s never had an orgasm during intercourse.

“Fucking hell…I-I’m gonna cum,” she pants, pulling her mouth away and rolling her head back, crying out as she spills over the edge.

The beauty that was Jolie when she came was far beyond what Harry could have ever imagined. The noises, soft whimpers and then broken moan, the shape of her lips as the sounds came out, her messed up Hair, flushed cheeks and scrunched eyes all made it a bit too muchZ

Harry had been holding on, knowing he wasn’t going to last long. So when Jolie came around him, he wasn’t far behind. “I’m gonna, I’m-” he whimpered before the long broken moan of her name came out. “Jolie! Oh- FUCK!”

Cumming hard, deep inside of her, his hips stuttered as he fucked them through their orgasms. As soon as they calmed, Harry collapsed on top of her.

“Holy… Shit…”

That was easily the most intense orgasm Jolie had ever experienced in her life, and during intercourse too. Her chest rises and falls, matching his as his sweaty naked body rests on top of her petite one.

She closes her eyes briefly, humming as she allows herself to bask in the incredible, sated feeling after her orgasm. Her pussy is still tingling a bit and she’s on cloud nine.

“Yeah, holy shit is right…” She trails off, humming softly. She wishes she could stay like this forever…

Maybe she can spend the night?

Harry was on cloud nine, laying on top of the girl he’s half in love with after finally getting to touch her the way he had been wishing to.

After a few minutes the stickiness got a bit uncomfortable. “Do you want to go shower and maybe like… Stay over?” He asked nervously.

“You don’t have to, but like, I figured it’s late and you can wear one of my shirts, and I… I’d really like to hold you.”

Jolie was so pleased to hear the invitation. She really was hoping that he’d ask her, and now that he has…it’s even more like heaven.

“Yeah, I’d absolutely love that…” She says softly, moving her hand up to play with his hair. She loves him, and his sexy curly hair so, so much.

“You make me so, so happy…” She admits, “and you make me cum like never before,” she adds with a giggle, her nose crinkling up.

“You make me so happy as well, darling girl.” He said softly, looking up at her with a gentle smile.

“It’s weird because I imagined this a million times but I never in a million years thought it would actually happen… Look at that.”

Harry was absolutely elated, and couldn’t wait to get to know her. He knew this was more than just one night, their connection was too intense already to try to drop.

“So about that shower?”


Jolie’s feelings for him only grew with each minute that ticked by. She feared she’d fall too hard for him and get hurt. Artists, and Aquarians for that matter, liked their own space and disliked clingy people, liked to do their own thing. Also, Harry can get any girl he wants, as see in class. What if he eventually gets bored with her?

His husky voice snaps her out of her thoughts and she nods, “yeah, of course. This stickiness is starting to get to me,” she laughs softly, getting up with him and holding his hand.

He could tell the change in her emotions as they got into the shower. She seemed to be thinking a lot as they soaked themselves under the water.

“Babe, are you okay?” His voice laced with concern. “You aren’t… You aren’t regretting it, right?” The nerves built up in his stomach

Jolie was saddened to hear Harry’s assumption. Why would she regret it?

“No, no baby,” she promises, wrapping her arms around his bare torso as she looked up to him. Harry was several inches taller than Jolie, so she had to look up to him.

“It was the best thing I’ve ever done. And definitely the best sex I’ve ever had, with the most incredible guy…” She trails off, smiling gently before kissing his chin

A rush of relief could probably be felt throughout the room. His hands grasped her and smiled down as she kissed at his chin, making him chuckle and lean down so she could get at his lips.

“Sorry I just… I really like you? And I know that’s a bit weird to say but.. I want to make sure you’re comfortable and happy hanging out with me.”

All he wanted truthfully, was her. Even only after getting to know her for 2 days, he felt closer to her than anyone else.

“How is that weird to say?” She questions, looking up into his eyes as they hold each other. The warm water feels incredible on both of their skin, but they can’t just stand here forever, or else the heat will fade away.

“You’re very special to me, Harry. I know it’s not been very long but you make me feel so happy and confident, how a man should make a woman feel. I /really/ like you,” she admits.

A bright smile grew on his face and he leaned down to kiss her yet again. “Mm, I’m glad sweetheart. I really like you.”

The continued to shower, slowly washing each other’s bodies with shy giggles and occasional kisses. Harry’s shower gel smelled spicy and he strangely liked it on her.

His mind was almost spinning with inspiration, and he knew she was going to draw this sight eventually. Her body was gorgeous. She had the ocassionsl stretch mark and scar, but those made her even more beautiful. Even more real.

Jolie was using Harry’s men’s body wash, but it made her happy to see that he had no women’s things in here because that tells her he rarely has anyone else, or girl, stay over and have to take a shower. It was like a definite note that he doesn’t have sex with anyone else very often, or at least stays the night with them.

She cleans off her body, getting into her privates before they take turns under the water for shampooing.

“I can’t wait to spend the night with you. I really like you as well,” she grins.

Harry couldn’t wait to cuddle and wake up with someone, more specifically Jolie, in his arms. He had never had someone stay over at his house and sleep in his bed, and he always felt a bit lonely.

Once they were showered and dried, towels wrapped around them, Harry threw Jolie one of his shirt to put on while he just put on a pair of loose sweats, and hopped into bed.

“C'mere babe.”

Jolie was more than Happy to star one of Harry’s shirts to bed. She grins, climbing into his bed before she lies next to him, cuddling into him.

Their legs and feet tangle together as she rubs her hand gently up and down his arm.

“You’re so handsome…” She hums, studying his features. She feels like the luckiest girl.

Jolie was more than Happy to star one of Harry’s shirts to bed. She grins, climbing into his bed before she lies next to him, cuddling into him.

Their legs and feet tangle together as she rubs her hand gently up and down his arm.

“You’re so handsome…” She hums, studying his features. She feels like the luckiest girl.

“Why thank you, pretty lady.” He cooed and bopped her nose playfully. It still felt surreal to have her right in his arms, tucked into his side.

“You though, are so much more beautiful than you, or I, can even comprehend.”

Jolie silences him with a slow kiss on the lips, humming as she moves her hand up to cup his cheek. She had incredible sex with this gorgeous man, and now she can’t stop kissing him. She loves this.

She runs her foot slowly up and down his leg, to remind herself that his legs are there; that he’s there, even though their lips are touching.

“Your lips are so soft,” she hums, pecking them slowly again and again

A soft smile formed on his lips as they kissed, her compliments reminding him that yes, this is really, truly happening.

“Yours are perfect. It took me a while to perfect the shape, they’re beautiful and plump and the shade of pink isn’t a color that comes in a tube of paint, I have to mix it.” Harry whispered as his thumb gently rubbed against her bottom lip.

Her breath hitched, she was in a trance. Under his spell, but she didn’t mind. It felt amazing. Her eyes closed briefly at the faint feeling of his thumb rubbing against her plump bottom lip.

“I think it’s incredible, what you do. It’s the most romantic thing ever. It’s…it’s something out of my journal, where I write about love. What love should really be like. And if it was in my journal, it would be my greatest piece,” she whispers.

“But…it’s not in my journal. It’s in my reality. How lucky am I?”

“I think I’m the lucky one. I’ve actually got my muse stood right in front of me, letting me touch and taste and feel every inch of you…” He whispered into her ear as they cuddled under the warm blanket.

“And you’re not just my muse anymore. It’s grown from just a crush… I can’t explain it fully, words are more your things.. But I know I will be painting this scene in many ways and people will feel almost everything we are right now… Except we’re the ones living it.”

His words were enough to make her tear up a bit. She reached out for his hand and laced their fingers together, wanting to be completely connected to him before they slept.

She felt herself falling for him. No, not just infatuation anymore. She was getting to know the real him, and she was in love with everything she was hearing, seeing, experiencing.

He could be the great love of her life. The only one. The one who is buried next to after death. She just felt something different in her bones, she wanted all of him, and was willing to pour her soul into him.

She wasn’t going to admit that she was falling in love with him, as it probably sounded like it was going too fast. And that’s the thing about falling in love. Everyone does it at his or her own pace, yet people still seem to judge by how long it takes.

“No one ever clued me in; that this is how great life could really be,” she whispers back.

He held her closer to him, nuzzling his nose against hers. This was out of his dreams, and now it was really happening.

Harry had been through a lot of shit, and to finally have a taste of true affection and happiness made his heart warm.

“Me either. How about we learn together?”

(Hello all :) this is the second part of the 'Colors’ series! This is co written with @isabelleintheam :) there will be plenty more smut and fluff in this series. Make sure to message me what you think!)

At the lake

“Harry, oooh GOD,” I moaned loudly in his ear. His fingers plunged deep into my womanhood exploring the deeper wetness. “Oh god don’t stop,” I screamed out as Iarched my back, sensations pulsating through my body as I coated his fingers in my sweet juices. His breathing was coming in short raspy breaths as he pulled his fingers from me.

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Shattered by My Obsession (A Harry Styles Fan-Fiction)

Okay, so this is my first actual fan-fiction that I am partially proud of! And I really attempted to make some cool cover photo or whatever for this, but I completely failed and I am not proud of it at all. So if someone who is amazing with Photoshop or Gimp (a free software like Photoshop, just in case some of you have no freaking clue, because I didn’t until I looked it up), something like that, could make me a pretty cool or decent or even extraordinarily awesome, I would love you forever. I would even do something for you. (I don’t honestly know what that something would be yet, but I can tell you it won’t be anything fancy).

And I know this first chapter is coming up out of the blue, but I want to get it posted and out there, because let’s face it, the first chapter is hardly significant. So I’ll let you guys have the first chapter, (which is kind of short and not very eventful) and then I’ll try and post a new chapter every Friday at around eight o'clock Central Time, depending on how my schedule is and how much (positive) feedback I actually receive from this.

Alrighty, I love ya’ll and uh, happy reading! ;)

~Jess <3 :D

P.S.~ There is a tiny bit of smut at the beginning of the chapter. Just letting you guys know. Okay. Bye.


“Oh Roslyn,” I pant, digging my fingers as deep as I can into her hips. She whimpers, yelping in pleasure as I rock my hips at a slow pace. “Roslyn, baby…”

“Harry,” she breathes quietly into my ear. Her silky, seductive voice is like velvet snaking out from her soft lips. I glance down at her, my eyes hooded as I watch her body arch in pleasure. She looked so beautiful, glistening in sweat from our late night (or should I say early morning) activities. Her chest rises and falls rapidly, her walls clenching around me as she nears her high. “God, don’t stop!” She cries out, burying her fingernails deeper into my back.

My pace quickens, my mouth forming a full on ‘o’ shape as I climax, releasing right as she does.

My eyes flutter open at a rapid pace, my sweatpants now coated in come. I groan at the thought of yet another wet dream caused by her. This is sick, too sick. Me having fantasies about my student? It’s absurd. Ridiculous. Unfathomable. Disgusting, even.

I let out a heavy sigh and slowly sit up. My fingers fumble around the side table in search of my phone to check the time. As soon as I press the home button I’m blinded, my eyes shutting and squinting to even see the clock. Six twenty-three. I set it back down, quickly rise to my feet, and make my way to the bathroom.

My large hands pat around the wall and flicker on the lights. I catch a glimpse at my messy curls and disgustingly worn out appearance as I make my way over to the shower. The water begins to warm up as I rid of my semen coated Manchester University sweats and toss them into the hamper. Just another pair of pants coated in my excitement, I remind myself.

The water is nice and hot as I enter the shower. I let it cascade over me, soaking in its warmth as I give myself time to think. She crosses my mind instantly. No matter where I turn she’s there, whether we’re in the halls or I’m just thinking, dreaming about what life would be like with her in it. I begin to wash myself up, shampooing and conditioning my hair as well as scrubbing my body clean of my both intentional (and unintentional) actions.

After my nice and comforting shower, I quickly dry my curly locks and make my way to the closet. I pull out a nice pair of black skinny jeans, boots, and an “almost” new baby blue button up shirt and get dressed for the day. My feet pad down the small flight of stairs and into the kitchen to make me a bowl of cereal that I down rather quickly. I finish my rather boring routine with brushing my teeth and grabbing my briefcase before heading out the door and climbing into my Range Rover.

The car ride to the school is short, considering my flat complex only a few blocks away from it. It cuts back on my thinking time, but it also gets me there right when I need to be. As I pull into the parking lot, I notice her run down, used 1999 Chrysler is already sitting there among the very few cars. I smile to myself and grab my things. She could be here in hopes to see me about her last quiz score over Romeo and Juliet.

I quickly scramble into the school and down the halls. I see her standing at her locker, munching on some food that she’s got stashed in her locker. She seems pretty content, eating and scrolling through her social media. Suddenly she looks up at me, her grey eyes piercing into my emerald ones. “Good morning, Mr. Styles,” she says, a wide smile growing on her face.

“Miss Watkins,” I murmur while giving her a small nod. “Did you want to come in and see about your quiz?”

“Oh! Yes, if you have the time.” She quickly shoves things into both her mouth and her locker, then quickly slams the door shut. I let out a soft chuckle and make my way over to my door and unlock it.

“Of course. You know I always have time for one of my brightest students.” I hold the door open for her and she blushes, but swiftly hides it as she makes her way into my room. My wandering eyes scan her body, stopping once they get to her beautiful ass. She’s not a skinny girl by any means, curves out the wazoo and even a bit of a stomach, and her chest. God is it lovely. She displays them perfectly, showing off just a bit of cleavage to drive any man to insanity. I shut the door, still watching her hips sway back and forth as she walks over to my desk. I clear my throat, trying to rid of the dirty thoughts and make my way over to her. I rest my briefcase on the top of my desk and dig around through the stack of papers next to my computer.

“Mr. Styles?” My head quickly turns in her direction, watching her small figure lean against the desk closest to mine.

“Yes?” I go back to rummaging through the papers piled and scattered all over the place, frantically searching for her most recent quiz.

“Would you um…maybe have a few minutes after last hour for me? I need to interview one of my “favorite” teachers for my Journalism class. To be quite honest I think favoritism towards others, whether it be students or teachers, is quite ridiculous, so I decided to go with the teacher that teaches my favorite subject.” I chuckle and grab the sheet with her name on it. I hand it to her, then sit down in my chair.

“So choosing a favorite subject is the way to go, eh?” I stare at her intently, watching her every move as she scans the questions, finding that she did nothing wrong. She hands it back to me and gives me a warm, yet humorous smile. “See? I told you it’s nothing to worry about. You’re figuring everything out perfectly fine.” She blushes, and right now I want nothing more than to pull her close, to have her straddle my lap and kiss her with all the passion in my body. But I refrain from that thought and just go back to messing around with papers, trying to organize myself up as much as I can to distract myself from my naughty thoughts.

“Favoritism towards what you love to do has nothing to do with favoritism towards other people. I have a passion for English.” Yeah, and I have a passion for fucking you, but that’s beside the point. “Therefore, I love it. I can’t choose my favorite teacher. You all are doing me a favor by helping me out with what I need in order to accomplish goals and make it through college so I can have my dream career.” She gives me a warm smile, and I give her one back. Hearing all of that come out of her mouth makes my heart race, and makes me fall for her even more.

“You can’t lie to me, though. We all know Mrs. Coleman is terrible when it comes to lesson plans for Geometry.” My comment made her wide smile turn into a full blown laugh, and all she can do right now is clutch her stomach and roar in laughter. My smile grows larger, chuckles coming from me as I gain amusement from watching her. “But yes. I would love it if you would pay me a visit and pester me with your interrogating questions.”

“Interrogating? Excuse me?” Her tone is sarcastic, even playful and I had to turn towards my computer so she couldn't see how large my toothy grin has now gotten.

“Yes,” I chuckle. “Just stay after class and I’ll make us some tea. We can just have a nice conversation then.”

“Alright,” she states, letting out a breathless giggle. “I’ll talk to you later, Mr. Styles.” And with that she’s headed towards the door and back out to her locker, both of us getting ready to start the day.

Cheeky Bastard (smut)

Includes NSFW content, so if you’re not comfortable with that you probably shouldn’t be reading this;)

You had decided that it would be a good idea to get away from your hectic school life; which just so happened to be when your friend invited you to come along to a “beach house get-away” with her boyfriend, and some other friends. You had been a bit hesitant at first, perhaps even scared, seeing as it would mostly be her boyfriends friends; and y/f’s boyfriend was the Niall Horan. Which would mean that the people who were coming were probably going to be celebrities who wouldn’t even care about you; people who had seen everything and met everyone. But considering you hadn’t been out in a while, you decided it would be a good idea, and if not good, at least you’d have a hell of a story to tell.

When the day finally rolled around, you were completely ready. Ready to finally let yourself go, even if it was just for a weekend. You were ready to get away from the stress and sadness that currently occupied your life. You were already in your car by 11 am and after grabbing a coffee to get extra excited, you were ready to get going. The only sound audible in the car was coming from the radio that was blasting some summer hits, not that you cared that much for them but they were good to help set the mood, and the sound of the wind through the open windows, the smell of saltwater already streaming in.

You pull up to the house that matched the address your friend send to you, and the sight  completely knocks you off of your feet. It is a big building right on the beach, and it’s made almost entirely of glass, sunlight streaming into every room. For a moment you just sit inside the car, staring at the house, until you decide to explore it. You grab your bags out of the trunk and walk up to the front door, ringing the doorbell. You look around at the palm trees, and take a deep breath smelling the water, the plants, the sky; everything is magnified. For a moment you just close your eyes, and forget where you. That is until the peace is ruined by the sound of a shrieking voice and your best friend’s grinning face.

“Y/N, thank God, you arrived. I was starting to think you’d just sit around in that car of yours the entire time” she says, winking. You ket out a breathy laugh, and she pulls you into a short hug, ushering you into the house. When you’re inside you marvel at how spacious the building is, and how light is pouring in from all rooms illuminating the room in the afternoon light.

You walk into the living room, your best friend talking about something her and Niall experienced on their drive here, you weren’t really listening, but would occasionally send her small smiles. Once you reach the room that seems to be the gathering place, you see a couple of people you know, and then a few you don’t know. Niall rushes up when he sees you and y/f/n, and pulls you into a warm hug, his scent very pleasant and endearing.  You had met a few times before, and actually got along pretty well, which seemed to be relieving to all three of you.

“Y/N, so nice to see yeh again” He says when he’s pulled away. “Y/BF/N was scared yeh wouldn’t show” he continues before whispering something in your ear “She has big plans you yeh” And him and y/f/n share a secretive smile when he pulls away, that confuses you but you choose not to say anything, save for a confused laugh.

For a few hours you just sit around in the living room laughing and talking; just having fun and enjoying being young and alive. Niall was just telling a story that had y/f/n in tears of laughter, so when the doorbell rang, you went up to get it since you weren’t as interested as some of the others. You see your friend send you a grateful smile as you walk out of the room, into the foyer. Laughter is still playing on your lips when you pull the door handle down and come face to face with a relatively unknown  face. You look up at the stranger and the first thing you notice are the green eyes, that punches right through you, and you could swear your heart did an extra take; the eyes suddenly making you feel as if he has all the answers to every question in the entire world. You then you notice the rest of him, and you almost have to grab onto something. His smile, his dimples, his curly hair, the coat protecting him from the chilly night air, adorning his body lean, fit body. He is simply stunning

“Excuse me, bu’ is this no’ Niall’s house?” He says, a heavy accent lacing his words, a smirk playing on his lips. For a moment you’re confused until it falls into place. Niall. British. Absolutely stunningly beautiful. Of course he’s one of Niall’s bandmates, and now that your foggy mind has figured out this piece of obvious information, you slowly recognise him from countless magazines. Harry Styles.

“Yeah, yeah, sorry that was rude of me” you laugh feeling awkward that you just gawked at Niall’s impossibly handsome friend “Sorry, they’re inside. I assume you’re one of Niall’s friends?”
He smiles and nods “And I assume yeh’re one of y/f/n’s friends, To be honest I think they migh’ be tryin’ to set us up” he says, and both of you laugh.

“Yep, that would be me. And I’ve also gotten that vibe” You laugh “Well, come on in, let’s get you something to drink” You say ushering him inside. When you’re inside and he’s taken off his coat, you notice them; you notice all of his tattoos. You really try not to make it obvious that you’re staring at them, but the way they just dance on his skin telling a story that you don’t have access to, you cant help it. He must have sensed you gaze as he turns around with a smug expression covering his face. Smug little bastard.

At one point you’re all sitting in the living room, and y/f/n is telling a story, and although you really try and concentrate all you can think about is him. You keep wondering what his lips would feel against yours, his body pressing against yours. Being able to trace all of his tattoos and kissing every single one of them. You must have been drooling by the thought of him, and you know you’re eyes have darkened a little with lust for him, but you didn’t think he’s notice, but boy oh boy you were wrong.

He sends you a smirk that says he knows exactly what’s going though your mind, and just when you think you couldn’t get anymore embarrassed he asks you in front of everyone “y/n, you alrigh’ over there. You look a little… hot” When his words are out everyone looks at you and agree, that yes, you don’t look too well. And while everyone’s asking you questions, you notice that damn smirk again, playing on Harry’s lips, and you know exactly what game he’s playing.

“Uhm, yes, I’m fine. Really. Thanks though” You say and smile at your friend who looks  extremely worried. You send her a reassuring smile and excuse yourself to get a glass of water from the kitchen, you hands shaking a bit, before you curl them into hard fists. Grabbing a glass from one of the cupboards, you turn around and almost drop your glass, when you see Harry’s broad body standing right there, a crooked grin playing on lips. Your heart is thumping so hard you’re afraid he might be able to hear it, or see it thump out of your chest; now that would be a sight.

“Not to be rude, but what are here?” You say turning your back to him, filling your glass with cold water, making sure it runs over your wrists to calm down your heart, and from keeping the blush away from your cheeks.

“I hope yeh mean in the kitchen, otherwise I migh’ mistake yeh for bein’ a little rude, love” He says with the smirk that seems to be sowed onto his lips.

“Well, your words not mine” you say gulping down some of water, the cold substance running down throat, that seems to have gone more dry today than any other time in your life - not that that had anything to do with the beautiful man in front of you, obviously. Harry walks over to you and you almost spit your water out, because suddenly he’s so close that his warm scent hits you like a brick wall. And it’s like all of your senses are on fire; like you can see clearer, breathe deeper, feel stronger. He reaches his arm to get a glass out of as well, when he leans back against counter and sets the empty glass next to him, with the shadow of a smile on his lips; challenging. You stand there just drinking your water in silence as you try not to look into his eyes, knowing very well that you won’t be able to look away if you do so, until you can’t bear it anymore.

You lift your eyes to find his drilling you down; powerful, yet playful. “You’re not gonna fill your glass? Is this some new trend; drinking… air?” You say cocking your eyebrow slightly. He let’s out a breathy grin and and throws his head back, his neck exposed; and a thought creeps into your mind about how it would be perfect to bite on, to leave small lovebites. “If it is I’m no’ aware of it. I might jus’ like teasin’ yeh, love” He says, his eyes still sparkling like some magical champagne, but a more ominous look covering his face.

For a moment it’s was like the air was as thick as the richest chocolate, and it became hard to breathe; it became hard not to drop your glass and hop on him. Swallowing before you set your glass down on the counter again you say “Well we should probably get back to the others. Wouldn’t want them to start asking questions as to why we’ve been missing for a good chunk of time, do we now?” You say and send him a small grin, before you walk out, with the sense that you were finally awoken from a deep slumber.

“Couldn’t sleep either?” you hear from behind you, making you jump.
“Jesus Christ, Harry. You scared the crap out of me” you say your hand still clutching your chest in shock. You let your arms drop again and let out a short nervous laugh, before continuing to watch the ocean crash into the shore from the window.

You had been lying in your bed for what seemed like the better half of an eternity, never getting comfortable even when you had heard the house slowly die down and the whispers from various rooms stop, until the only sound audible was the sound of your breathing. When you had glanced at the time for what felt like the 100th time you finally decided to go downstairs, if not for a chance of scenery. So throwing a jumper over the thin t-shirt you were wearing that barely passed you bum, you had walked down the cold stairs into the equally cold kitchen.

You hear Harry’s soft steps near you and you feel him stop next to you, a pair of boxer briefs being his only set of clothing adorning his body. You both stand in silence for a little while, letting the sound of the wind and water crashing together, fill the room.
After a while you decide to break the silence by saying “Not so cocky now, are we?” before turning your and looking up at his profile; his hair a bit messier than earlier and his long eyelashes casting shadows on his face, illuminated by the moonlight.
“Oh, I can plenty cocky if tha’s wha’ yeh want” He says a crooked smile on his lips as he still looks out over the sea. Asshole.

Suddenly the kitchen that seemed so cold when you walked in, now feels as if it’s about to be set on fire. For a moment you debate whether you should just go up into your bedroom, that was cold and secluded and didn’t have him in it. You wouldn’t be standing in your thin shirt, braless, infront of this guy that was practically a stranger to you, if you just moved your legs. But if he wanted to play this game…

You slowly pull the thick, grey fabric over your head, and throw it on the table behind you, the cold air hitting you immediately and making your nipples stand out. For the first time since Harry entered the kitchen he has turned his attention towards you, and you could’ve just been naked when his eyes scan you. All you want to do is put your arms over your chest, and try to pull the shirt down just a little more. But you stand tall, and this time it’s you who’s standing looking out of the window, with his eyes on you.  
Every sound is audible in the room and you’re afraid that just the sound of you breathing will wake everyone up; so when you hear Harry swallow it’s like it’s being blasted through speakers. And then you’re staring into his eyes for the first time since your encounter this afternoon, it almost makes you legs buckle down under you. Your eyes dart down to his abs, that you had tried, really tried, not to look at, but now all of your common sense was gone.

The silence is so heavy, and it’s waiting, waiting to be broken, and that is exactly what it will be. You send Harry a shadow of a smile, and then his lips are on yours, and they’re the warmest, most inviting lips to kiss. His hands are everywhere, but mostly they’re tangling your hair, and when you at one point let out a moan into his mouth, you feel him tug on your hair, and a small grunt following it. You can feel his tongue entering your mouth, and dominating it; making it his. You bite softly on his bottom lip as your hands hands tug on a few strands of his hair.

“We” you say pulling away quickly, before being captured in another kiss “really shouldn’t” you mange to squeeze out, between gasps; not sounding convincing at all. “I don’t believe yeh, love” Harry says pulling away, his voice so deep you almost have to strain to hear him, and you’re suddenly even more aware of how raspy his voice is. And in that moment you try, you really do try, to make your feet move and walk back into your room, but they are planted to the ground, and your throat is dry; and it’s like the air has gone missing, and the only way to get it back is to keep kissing him. So you fall back into him him, this time smiling faintly against his lips as they reconnect. And then the light material flowing across your body suddenly feels as hot as the sweater had done before.

“Please, Harry. Do something. Please, please just take me” You say, not caring one bit that you had never sounded so whiney in your life as you did right now in a kitchen with a stranger; and you were literally shaking with a need so strong for him. He sends you a grin as he presses you up against the counter and slowly let’s his hands wander down to the hem of your shirt, hoisting it over you head, until you’re clad in nothing but your panties. His hands sneak around your waist, and his mere touch is so warm in contrast to the chilly kitchen, it makes you want to stay in his arms forever.

His hands move from your waist, up your back, to your hair as he pushes it aside exposing your neck, as his lips attach with strong force, that’ll for sure leave a mark tomorrow. You r hands are tangled in his hair, and a look of pleasure is covering your face when you say.
“Harry, please be careful with that; the others-” But when your feel his hand start to rub small circles over your underwear, all thought of the other people who were still above you - fast asleep, oblivious to what was happening underneath them - was gone, and you were left with pleasure running through your veins. “Holy fuck, Harry” You let out a strangled moan, as you bury your head in Harrys web of curls, as his mouth continues working on your neck.

“Yeh like tha’, don’t yeh? I be’ yeh like, love, the thought of fucking in my mate’s kitchen, with ten people sleepin’ above us, don’t yeh? Yeh like the thrill” He lets out a tsk sound as his lips continues down towards your chest. “Dirty, dirty girl; tha’s wha’ yeh are” He says his mouth now closed around your left nipple, and he knows exactly what his has to do to bring maximum pleasure. It’s a hot mess of lips and teeth, the sound of Harry letting out low grunts against your skin, combined with your moans, were filling the kitchen. Slowly he let his mouth slide down your stomach, kissing every little spot possible, making a hurricane erupt in your stomach. He slowly went further down south, when he slid his hand across your panties only to find them drenched. Your face heats up as you see his cocky grin, lighting up his face from in between your legs; a sight you’re not sure if you’ll ever forget.

“I was righ’ wasn’t I? Yeh do ge’ off on this; I be’ when ‘m done with yeh, yeh’ll go up an’ touch yourself after I’ve fucked your brains out, won’t yeh? Bu’ ‘m not sure yeh’ll even be able to reach the door, before your knees’ll buckle down, from being taken so hard. Bu’ tha’s wha’ yeh wan’, an’ that’s wha’ yeh’ll get.”

His dirty words coming out like a shout for everyone to hear, even though his voice is nothing more than a whisper. Before you can even say anything you feel two of his fingers being inserted into you, that makes your whole body curve up from the counter that you’re now lying on. It feels as if you’re entire body is throbbing with a need for him; a need so strong that if anyone would barge into the room you would tell Harry to continue. All of your senses were gone, except for this hunger. So foreign to you that you weren’t sure you recognised the girl you became when Harry touched you.

Cursewords were the only thing that was leaving your mouth, that even made the slightest bit of sense, you brain having stepped away from reality, as this gorgeous man continued pumping his fingers in and out of you, bringing you closer and closer to your release by the second. So when he pulled his fingers out, it was like a smack in the face.

“Harry please, please I’m so close” You were pretty sure there were tears that were close to falling down your cheeks if he did not touch you; continue to send you over the edge. You were about to continue begging when you felt his slick, warm tongue against you playing with the small bundle of nerves. It wasn’t long before he stuck it inside of you and a completely new sensation took over your body. While his fingers had drilled so far up into you, his tongue was so silky against your walls that it made you clench and you knew you were close to finishing. When his tongue hit a particular sensitive spot the knot in your stomach exploded, and you came in that instant. You back was arched so far up, had you been in your right mind you would probably been afraid it would have broken bones, but you were not thinking. Your hands were gripping the sides of the marble table so hard your knuckles had gone as white as the marble you were lying on. And had you not been holding on so passionately you were afraid your body would have floated into the other universe your mind was now in.

When you finally came down from your high, you entire body was shaking, and you tried not to let your face heat up when you see Harry lick his lips, savouring the taste of you. You got up to pull Harry’s underwear off, to repay the favour, but when you started to get up he just he just pulled himself up to join you, placing a heated kiss against your lips; his mouth a little sweeter than it had been before, from you, you realised, which made you moan into his mouth. You pulled away quickly bringing your hands between the two of you to palm him through his underwear. You felt him; all of him. So completely hard, and big in your hand it sent a shiver down your spine. His head was resting in the crook of your neck, where you could feel the heat radiating off him when he grunted against you.

“No.. time” he managed to get out. “I need you. Now” he continued which left you a little disappointed, seeing as you had already started dripping again at the thought of him in your mouth. Harry seeing that disappointment shining on your face, he said “If yeh really wan’ to we can have a round two, but righ’ now I jus’ need to feel you around me, love” His voice so deep it felt like it was sending ripples through the air. You nodded frantically before asking “Do you have a-“ He was already up and opening a drawer where he pulled out a condom. Seeing your confused face, he grins and says “Niall always keeps some in’is kitchen drawers, an’ I’m sure” the condom now being wrapped around his length, he crawls back to your before continuing against your lips “he wouldn’t mind us borrowing one - or a couple” he says, sending you a wink that makes your knees week again, and your body feel as if it’s been ignited with something from another world.
He glides against your body, until you feel the tip at your entrance, teasing; always teasing.
“Quit teasing, Styles, or I swear to God I’m gonna go up the stairs and go to some of the other guys, I’m sure they’ll be happy to see me” You say, your voice not belonging to you, but belonging to a foreign animal in all it’s mighty; so aware of what they want, and how far they’ll go to get it.

“Careful, love, yeh’re close to sounding desperate” A kiss is pressed beneath your ear as those words hit you, his teeth sinking in a little “and I love it” And just as those words have left his mouth he slams into you with all of his force; a force that feels like it could send you to the end of the world in one thrust. And then you’re a complete, shaking mess beneath him, and you’re hands are cawing at his back, leaving marks that everyone would be able to see at the beach tomorrow. Scratches that would match the dark purple spots that were covering your neck, chest, inner thighs, but right now neither one of you cared about anything other than each other.

“Bloody hell, love, yeh’re so tight for meh. So” he presses a hard kiss to your right breast “good” another kiss to your left breast, licking around the nipple “for me” He finally manages to squeeze out, before kissing your lips. And even though you had noticed he was a great kisser, this would’ve knocked you off of your feet, had you not been lying down. The pleasure spreading through your body like wildfire, combined with his softness of his tongue, and the hardness of his lips, that were so hungry for yours. You let out a series of moans before you felt him pull out, the feeling of loss rippling through your body; like a limb had been torn right off.

He goes to the side of the counter, where you were still lying; where you were still shaking, and dripping down on the cold marble, leaving a small puddle. He picks you, so your legs are tied behind him, he pushes you up against the wall, your nipples reacting to the cold new sensation, which sends you body into a frenzy.
You feel Harry behind you as he twists your hair to the side before whispering into your ear “Hold tigh’” And then he’s back inside of you, and it’s such a foreign feeling to have someone breathe against you neck as they slam into you, being so close, but not being able to see what’s happening behind you. The fact that Harry now has complete control crashes into you, literally, making you moan louder than ever, and you feel Harry’s hand slide up from your waist, along your breasts, collarbone, until it’s clammed around your mouth

“As much as I love hearing you moan y/n, I know tha’ there are some ligh’-sleepers, and we wouldn’t want them walkin’ in to finding you bein’ drilled until your legs don’t work anymore, would we? They would see yeh whimpering, moaning, being fucked so hard yeh probably can’t speak righ’ now, can yeh, love?” And you couldn’t; the words were in your mind, but the pleasure was rushing through you so fast, and rough that you could simply not get them out. So instead of telling him the sarcastic reply about how he seemed to be enjoying it as much, the only word that came out was “Harder” You heard him grunt behind; felt him grunt, like his whole body vibrated “Please, fuck me harder, Harry”

“Fuck y/n, I knew yeh were dirty, but yeh wan’ it even harder?” Harry says into the crook of your neck, your hands flying up to his hair that was now possible for you to touch. “then yeh’ll ge’ it fucking harder. He slams into you harder and rougher than anyone has ever done in your entire life, and at the same time his hand is rubbing small circles on your clit. You know you won’t last long now, and so does Harry.

“I kno’ yeh’re close, love; can feel yeh clenchin’, strangelin’ my cock. Fuck, I’m so close” He says, his face contracting in pleasure. And then he does a particular hard thrust that finally sends you over the edge for the second time that night, though it might as well has been the 15th, for your legs were weak as jelly as you come around him. When he feels you clenching and moaning his name out, for only him and the stars that were shining through the windows to hear, he lets out a moan and you know he has come undone as well. When he was done and had pulled out, you completely crumpled against him, your legs finally buckling down, and it’s his strong sweaty arms that hold you up. You eyes meet his, and they’re so different from all the pictures you’ve seen of him on those magazine covers. His normally calm, earthy, moss-green eyes had gone wild, and they were shining; shining so much that even the moon and all of it’s many stars seemed dull in comparison. He pulled you close in an embrace, and where his strong cologne still remained it was now mixed with the scent of sex, and sweat, and with a flutter of you heart did you realise he smelled like you. You smiled against his chest, as he carried you up the stairs, into his bedroom where he lay you down on his bed. He crawled into bed next to you, and you both stared at each other, until you finally broke the silence and started grinning. When he saw you grin, he started to laugh, and then there was no stopping the two of you. You don’t know how long you lay there, laughing into the night, but when you awoke Harry was still lying next to you, and you could’ve sworn you could still hear his glorious laughter.