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Drunk (h.s.)

You heard him before you could see him. You heard His feet stomping against the floor trying to not make too much noise, but at the same time trying to keep balance. You heard him fumbling with the keys, trying to put the right one in the hole, and cursing everytime he didn’t get it right. You heard him finally opening the door, his deep breathes interrupted by hiccups ever few seconds.

You shook your head hoping it wasn’t one of those nights. Hoping maybe he came home at 3am because he went to get a late snack, or his car broke down, or maybe just maybe he did have a lot of work to do at the office. He couldn’t see you yet, and you could only make out his shadow as he fumbled to take off his shoes in the dark.

You wondered why you did this? Why you stay up to wait for him, when you know You’ll just be disappointed. You shake your head at your foolishness. If it hasn’t changed for weeks Why did you think it would change now? You were about to get up from the couch and run back upstairs before he could see you, but then the room lit up. You cursed under your breath when you could feel his eyes on you.

“Y/N?” He asked confused. You turned to face him and your eyes could see his bloodshot ones from a mile away.

“What are you doing awake?” Harry said slurring his words.

“I could ask you the same question.” You snap back.

“I was just-” He tried to answer you before you cut him off.

“Drinking again?” You said.

“Don’t be upset Y/N” he frowns while trying to walk straight towards you, tripping over his own feet.

“No” You said as you put your hand between you and him. “I don’t want to be near you when your wasted like this Harry.” He takes your hand that’s up to his chest and brings it to his lips

“I’m sorry Babeee” he slurs his words yet again “It won’t happen again.” You scoff.

“Yeah sure, just like how you promised yesterday, or the day before that, even weeks.” You said disappointed.

“I didn’t even have that much to drink” he lies as he hiccups.

You shake your head needing space from him to think about how to deal with all this as you turn to head upstairs.

“ Okay! Wait I’m sorry Baby.” He never calls you baby only babe making you wonder how much he really had to drink. He takes your hand again and turns you to face him. You really wanted to get away from him, you never liked him this drunk.

He leaned his lips next to your ear and whispers “let me make it up to you.” As he slowly kisses your cheek, and pushes you against the wall. You usually would enjoy this but the fact that you can smell the alcohol on his breath made you turn your cheek.

“You can’t just kiss me and except everything to be ok, Harry” You tell him. He lets out a frustrated sigh and brings one hand to his hair as he bangs his other one on the wall behind you, shaking it, causing you to jump.

“Shit” he says to himself. You knew he was having thoughts running through his mind, but you needed to know what they were.

“Why are you doing this Harry?” You say with a shaky voice. Not wanting to know the answer if it was about you, but you needed to know the truth.

“Is it me? Do you not want to be with me anymore?” Harrys head flew up and his eyes connected with yours immediately. “Is our relationship making you unhappy?” You say trying to hold back the tears, as Harry shakes his head repeatly.

“Y/N…” Harry tries to interrupt you but you just continue

“Is there another person you’re seeing?” Your voice cracked. “Is that why you’re coming home late and getting drunk?” You close your eyes trying to hold yourself together, But it just let the tears fall down your cheek. As you asked the last question, out of all of them that would be the worse.

“Y/N Stop!” Harry tells you as you tried to hold back your tears but couldn’t anymore. “Please don’t ever say that.” He says looking at your tear streamed face, making his heart break.

“Why would you ever think that?” He frowns as he wipes the tears falling down your face.

“You’ve be-been so distant lately and coming home late, and drinking your life away. Like you don’t want to be here. Like you don’t want to be with m-me” you say sniffling.

“Y/N, I love you why would I ever want to not be with you?” He steps even closer to you looking you straight in the eye.

“How do I even know your saying the truth, when you’re pissed drunk,” Harry placed both his hands on your shoulders forcing you to look at him as he stares into your watery eyes

“ Don’t you ever for one second, second guess my love for you, I love you Y/N, no matter what. If I’m drunk or sober, it’s the truth. I love you with all my fucking heart, my whole entire being. And I’m sorry that if you ever felt for just a millisecond that I don’t care about you. Because that’s farthest from the truth. And I’m sorry I’ve been acting this way, I’m a complete idiot for making you feel unloved and not special because you are a princess in my eyes, and I know I should treat you like one.”

You had more tears running down your face but not from sadness but out of joy,relief, happiness. But before you could say anything. Harry wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a hug that made you feel like the safest place on earth.

“I’m so so sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to make you feel any less loved, it’s just at work, people this month have been getting laid off left and right and everyones saying my sections next, and there’s only a few people in our department, me included. So I’ve been stressed with that, scared I’m gonna loose my job, so I applied to other places just as back ups. I want to provide for you and us and I was stressed and scared I didn’t want to tell you. So I resulted to drinking and staying out late, which I know isn’t the answer. I’m just so sorry.” Harry finishes.

You try to calm your breathing while you were still wrapped in Harrys arms, getting his shirt all wet with your tears. “Why didn’t you just tell me?” You ask.

“I didn’t want to worry you unless it was for sure.” You sigh and nod your head in understanding.

“Okay, but you have to stop getting drunk every night Harry, it isn’t healthy for you & definitely won’t solve your problems.”

“I know, I know I’ve just been a complete jerk putting you through this.” You look down to the floor remembering all the nights and mornings caring for Harry after he had a hangover and got sick.

“I should of handled the situation better, I screwed up and I’m so sorry.” Harry tells you never breaking eye contact. “Could you forgive me?” He searches your face to find an answer.

You thought for awhile and then nodded. Harry sighs in relief as he brings his hand up to your cheek.

“And your the only one that has my heart Y/N.” He leans closer to your face, you could feel his breath tingling my lips. “Forever & always.”

Before you could even tell him how much you loved him too, he closes the gap between your lips. Slowly kissing you as he rubbed his thumb against your cheek. Before anything could go further you pulled away, and confusion was etched on Harry’s face.

“I just wanted to tell you that I love you too. And we can get through this no matter what happens ok?” You said taking his hand in yours showing him your not going anywhere. He smiles and nods at the beautiful woman he can call his.

And then your lips were on each others once more, but this time because you kissed him.

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Harry is the twenty-six year old librarian at Niall’s university, and Niall is the eighteen-year-old kid who likes fun-colored socks and outdated bands and getting into trouble at the worst of times and calling Harry daddy, and Harry just wants Niall to be okay, really, but Niall just wants Harry.

13.6k of growing affection, borderline love, and mentions of attempted sexual assault, mentions of murder, suicide, abortion, death, and [kind of] verbal abuse, but there’s also daddy/baby boy and daddy-dom/little-boy, too, as well as orgasm denial and body worship and a blowjob against the wall that leaves Harry’s soul shaking because he adores Niall so much.

Men Like Me is part two of five [part one]. 

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Do You Like It?

Short blurb – perhaps my shortest ever. It was going to turn into something else, but I think I’ll have to save that for tomorrow when I’ve actually taken proper care of myself and am not crashing from hours spent screaming about his hair. x. 

“What did you do?”

The words are silted as you stop in your tracks on the way to the kitchen.

“Nothin’ much.” Harry ruffles his hair.

His short, freshly shorn hair.

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                                        *TRIGGER WARNING!*

 This story contains sexual content and a possibly difficult topic to read about. 

This story is meant to raise awareness to a issue in the public, NOT make fun of or criticize anyone!

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Money can’t buy happiness (Harry Styles Imagine)

Can you do one where Harry is a business man and Y/N is a spoiled bitch?(and his wife) but they love each other ?

You better have bought me that bag I was asking for Mr Styles. Otherwise, don’t expect to see me when you get home.

Love from your darling wife,


An email like that was normal for Harry. Normal for his kind of marriage; So he thought. Whenever Y/N demanded something he caved in and ran to her beck and call. If she asked for all the stars in the sky he would somehow manage to give them to her, because in Harry’s eyes Y/N deserved every single piece of the world. In Harry’s eyes Y/N was a Greek goddess that he couldn’t get enough of, no matter how many years went by.  

The drive home was a long one. Cars continuously obstructed Harry’s path causing his baby to have to wait even longer. Harry hated being late home. Leaving Y/N alone all day was bad enough and many days Harry had to fight the urge to turn back in morning rush hour traffic and go back home to his wife.

Sometimes Y/N would visit Harry in his office. Dressed in a beige Burberry mac covering lingerie which left little to the imagination, she would drape her petite frame across his desk murmuring sweet nothings against the business man’s neck. When she was satisfied by Harry’s manhood and tantalizing kisses she would leave, the echo of her louboutins playing over and over in Harry’s head.

She’s a tease, and she knows how to put Harry right where she wants him. But Harry enjoys it. He loves tiptoeing around her and running to his wife’s beck and call. It’s all part of the thrill.

Pulling onto the drive he looked up at the mansion. Walking to the door, Vivienne Westwood bag in hand, he fumbled in his back pocket for his keys. Entering into the hallway, Harry’s nostrils were greeted by the sweet smell of beef stew, his favorite dish made by her. Following the smell he was met by his beautiful wife, draped in an apron, wooden spoon in hand. Harry entrapped her from behind into a tight embrace causing a small giggle to leave her lips.  

“Home at last” she smiled, turning around to face her husband. “Hmmm” Harry mumbled, nuzzling himself into her neck. “Awww has my baby had a long day?” she cooed earning a nod from Harry. She then moved her husband towards the dining table and sat him down on a chair. “Now, Mr. Have you got what i asked for?” “Yes darling” the tall man spoke pointing towards the Vivienne Westwood paper bag that was slumped next to him. Pulling the handbag out she gasped in awe. “The exact one i wanted. Good boy” she smirked kissing Harry on the cheek before sauntering back over to the stove.

Harry watched his wife in awe. The dual personality she adorned ignited his soul. The bitchy side he knew all too well enthralled him and left him wanting more. Yet the cute, affectionate side she was showing now as she stirs the stew makes him feel warm and loved.  

Y/N loved playing into Harry’s hands. She wasnt a bitch, nor was she a gold digger. She just knew what made Harry tick and Harry’s enjoyment of this relationship was in her best interests. The gifts didn’t really mean anything to her, but the way Harry jumped at her beck and call made her feel powerful, loved and cherished.  

At the start of their relationship she was weak. Harry’s ego and wealth empowered her and she was unable to compete. At first, the showering of gifts seemed unnecessary to her. She isn’t with him for the money. But the fact he insisted made it easier to take. Not before long Y/N realised that if she wanted to get an upper hand on Harry the power of gifts was the way forward. So she began getting angry when he failed to deliver. 


“Baby, I’m home!” Harry bellowed through the house. Walking through the hall and into the living room he found her. “Here you are” he smiled. “Where’s my earrings?” she rudely scowled. “What earrings?” he asked, pure confusion etched upon his face. “The ones you promised me. You told me I would get them today.” Her glare was dangerous. “Oh, yes. I remember, I’m so sorry darling” the tall man hushed. Y/N turned away and smirked to herself, knowing that her plan had worked. “I’m disappointed and hurt Harry” she pretended to be upset. “What, why love? I’ll get them don’t worry!” he rushed towards her but she refused to meet his gaze. Growing panicked Harry pulled her towards him by the waist. “Y/N, darling. I promise tomorrow they will be with you. Okay?” “Fine” she spoke coldly pulling away from him and walking into the kitchen.


Since that day Harry has never slipped up or failed to produce once. And that’s when Y/N realised that she had finally gained power. Harry insisted that she stayed at home whilst he worked therefore she had no income of her own. Playing on this idea she would tell Harry that’s why she relies on the gifts. But it’s a lie. All she relies on is the power it gives her.  

She even held power when entering Harry’s office. That’s mostly why she visits. All the workers suddenly look interested in their computer screens whenever she walks by. No doubt scared in case the boss’ wife is on a lookout. The girls would scowl and look at her in disgust,  jealous of her perfectly styled hair and designer attire. Everybody wanted to be Harry’s girl; the difference was she actually is.  

“So, how was work today?” she asks, shoveling a spoonful of stew into her mouth. “Boring, Janice is slacking again” dipping his bread into the stew. “Maybe I might have to pop in again then, give her the glare” she winks causing Harry to chuckle. “You could always visit me too.. if you wanted to of course?” he asks, almost scared of her reaction. “Sorry, I’ve got better things to be doing” she spoke whilst filling her spoon. “Oh” the older man simply spoke. Y/N looked up only to see the look of sadness on Harry’s face.  

Bursting out laughing she covered her mouth with her perfectly manicured nails. “Harry I’m joking. Of course I will come and see you” she giggles. “Oh” he laughed, suddenly becoming aware of the joke that had been played on him. “Im not a total bitch you know. I mean, im not a bitch at all right?” she asks, becoming panicked. “No love your not” Harry replied. “When I demand for gifts it’s just for fun you know. I know you enjoy our little game as much as I do right?” she asks, feeling guilty for her behavior. “I know love. I know it’s all an act. I do remember the little innocent Y/N I fell in love with you know” he laughs whilst chewing on his stew. “But what about the Y/N sat right here now?” “The Y/N sat right here now is mature, dominating and fucking sexy” he replies reaching under the table and squeezing her thigh. Her angelic face is overcome by a smile as she looks lovingly at her husband.

The reassurance that Harry was happy with the game they were both playing was all that she needed and it wouldn’t be long before a new plan would make way into her head.


The next day Harry practically drowns in piles of paperwork whilst his PA sits outside probably swiping right on Tinder. He wishes he could be at home with Y/N more than ever.  

The clicking of Jimmy Choos could soon be heard as Janice the PA slams her phone down out of fear and horror. “Ah, Janice, that wasn’t a phone I saw was it?” Y/N asks. “No, miss” “Good, I wouldn’t want to have to inform my husband that his secretary is a full blown slacker now would I?” she smiles sarcastically. “Definitely not Mrs Styles” Janice practically shakes. “Good Darling. Because I’ll have you know that people are desperate to be sat in that chair right now and working for Styles Enterprise. Harry could have any PA that he wants. So I’d start doing some work if I was you” she growls whilst leaning down towards Janice. “Yes Mrs Styles” the younger girl frantically nods. “Good” Y/N nods back before sauntering into Harry’s office.

“Well, let me just say darling. You won’t be having problems with her again” she smiles, proud of herself. “Oh you didn’t” he smirks impressed by her work. “Oh honey, I did” she laughs whilst sitting on his desk next to his computer screen. She made sure to drape her legs over his crotch and lean over him to reveal her very ample cleavage. “So, what are you doing?” she asks, fluttering her eyelashes as Harry points to the large pile of paperwork. “Well that looks… fun” she laughs. “I can’t contain my excitement” he jokes back.  

Standing up she runs her finger over his crotch. “Well, I’ll do you a deal baby” she whispers down his ear causing him to bolt upright in his seat. “If you finish all this work I will reward you when you get home later, but I want proof that you have.” Harry’s Adam apple bobs as he gulps in anticipation. “Okay, deal” he finally speaks. She then sways her hips seductively and walks towards the door not before turning back towards the figure in the chair. “Oh Harry, I forgot to tell you baby” she cooes causing him to look up. “Mmmm” he hums back. With one swift movement her coat is undone and flat on the floor leaving her standing in a black lace corset set with matching suspenders.  

Harry’s instinct was to leap out of his seat eyes bulging wide. “Remember our deal daddy” she purs whilst picking up her coat and putting it back on. “Right, yes” he speaks, remembering what he has gotten himself into. “Tonight” he repeats. “Enjoy baby” she smirks and with one swift movement she was gone.

Walking towards the lift she giggled to herself. She had Harry right where she wanted him and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it.

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Legacy - Prologue

Chapter One                                                                                         Masterlist

May 27

The tension in the room was thick enough to be cut with a knife. Grey eyes locked on hazel ones furiously, but neither said a word. For the first time in history, these two men were going to put an end to the feud their fathers, and their grandfathers had been fighting for far too long. The two men sat at either head of the mahogany conference table that was shining in the light from the fresh polish it received mere moments before the men had arrived with a small entourage of guards behind them looking just as serious.

This meeting would bring a whole new life to everyone in the world. Peace, something the world had been deprived of, would be brought back into the Earth. Everyone was nervous because no one had seen anything like this happen before. They had all grown up in a world of constant battle, and knew nothing of peace or how to come about it. Or how to live with it.

A camera had been set up in the middle of the room, and placed strategically to catch every moment, as no cameraman had been willing to sit in a room with the two most dangerous and capable men at just an arm’s length away. There was no eye, that wasn’t set to a TV screen watching patiently for the meeting to be of session. Those who were too young to understand the importance of this day sat in their mother’s laps who had been waiting a lifetime for it. It was as if the whole world could hear a pin drop as they waited for something – anything.

Winter was babbling incoherent noises in her grandmother’s arms, both seated on the floor of her playroom. Her grandmother had been given specific instructions to not let Winter watch, and carry on with the day as normal as possible but that was a nearly impossible request. Winter watched the screen curiously.

Xavyon’s infamous cold grey eyes flickered down to his pen, to click it, watching as the head emerged. He was ready – boy, he was more than ready to get started with this meeting. He had a lot of hope in this meeting, and knew just how important it was going to be. Christopher’s hazel eyes watched Xavier intently, but followed suit, readying his pen as well.

The treaty sat directly in the middle of the two – a simple piece of paper that held the promise of peace and prosperity. They were both familiar with the document as they both aided in the writing of it, agreeing then disagreeing, fixing and tweaking it’s agreements until there was compromise.

Christopher reached out for it first, and dragged it across the table so it was sat directly in front of him. Xavyon watched. Everyone was seated at the edge of their seats now, and many reached for their glasses to make sure they were seeing right. The moment was surreal, there was no way it was happening. But, it was.

“Oh my.” Winter’s grandmother whispered, sitting the toddler down on the carpeted floor beside her so she could bite her fingernails – something she tended to do when she was nervous. Believe it or not, this moment was all too familiar to her, all to familiar to be comfortable.

Three seconds as all it took for him to sign his name and move the world half a step to a better future. He slid it back to the center, and Xavyon reached for it, sliding it so it was now sat before him.

He placed his pen on the paper and proceeded to move it to form a cursive ‘X’, but he was only met with a blank spot and a little indent of his letter on the paper. His pen was dried out.

“Well, you’d think we’d come prepared for this.” Xavyon chuckled, though it lacked any warmth. Christopher’s face remained unchanging, and viewers frowned at their TV screens. Out of all the things that could have happened during this meeting, a dry pen was certainly not something anyone was expecting.

Christopher refrained from rolling his eyes as Xavyon motioned for a member of his Organization to bring him a pen. Jordan looked over at the camera that was standing on a tri-pod to his right, almost apologizing to the audience around the world. He was a ruthless man, and very dangerous, but he – as most people believed – was fighting pro-positivity. He himself had been waiting for an end to this feud, and he knew it wouldn’t be easy to get to this point. Since the moment he became leader of his Organization, he worked to get things in order, and he worked himself grey to do it. The fact that Xavyon would come so ill prepared irked him slightly. He figured this was why it took so long for the two of them to agree to disagree, because of Xavier’s carelessness.

No one quite moved fast enough for what happened next. The viewers were stunned into statues. They had a feeling that things weren’t going to go exactly as planned, but definitely not to this extent.

Sneakily, while Christopher was not looking, Xavyon swapped his pen out for the handgun his Organization members had snuck in. One shot, center mass, with a 9 millimeter, and Christopher was forced back in his seat, head cocked to the side and blood spilling from his suit. Killed in an instant.

Chaos broke out in the room, but the broadcast was interrupted by a multi-colored screen. Shock – the emotion of the entire population.

Winter’s grandmother screamed and without much thought reached to grab the squirming child in her arms again, and covered her eyes. She wasn’t sure whether to cry or scream, her chest feeling a hollow, and an indescribable feeling shaking her to the core. Winter’s attention was snatched from the small toy she had been playing with as soon as she heard the gunshot through the TV. She was too young, much too young to understand what had happened, what was happening, or what was going to happen, so it surprised her grandmother when she too began to cry. Like she knew.

But, that was not even the most shocking part. It was almost shocking as the single gunshot to Christopher’s chest. Her eyes, Winter’s eyes that had always been a light brown – just like her grandmother’s – were now, no longer light brown. Or brown at all for that matter.

Instead they were a striking and very familiar, hazel.


So I have been working on this for at least six months now, and I am SO excited about it.