harry styles crazy



Harry: (stop singing/yelling a song) Now… there are three things… theres…there’s more than three things that we love most about Canada. One…poutine! Two…poutine!! Three…wot

Liam: Protein!

Harry:  Three…no, poutine was one and two, this is number three. Number three is…P O U T I N E!!!!!! (crowd screams) Number four… (laughs) poutine! Number five, syrup. (yelling) NUMBER SIX SYRUP ON POUTINE!!! (screaming) Number seven and the one we love most of all, is every single one of you! Shhhh!!! Number eight, you and syrup on POUTINE! (screaming) That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!! 

Liam: You should… (something intelligible)

Harry: I really wanna mic drop, but I won’t, ‘cause they’re expensive.

Liam: Are you gonna run for president?

Harry: No! There’s not a chance, ‘cuz I don’t know what I’m talkin about! 

Liam: I still think you should, I’m convinced!

Harry: (screaming) Nine (looks at the flag) THIS FLAG, ON YOU, ON SYRUP, ON POUTINE!!!! MAKE SOME NOISE FOR CANADA!!!

Liam: You’ve gotta have a ten, you’ve gone through nine now you’ve gotta have a ten!

Harry : (scream)TEN! 

Liam: Ten! Us on syrup on poutine on… (gets lost) something else

Harry: Ten is (pick the moose on the floor) THIS MOOSE, ON THIS FLAG, ON YOU, ON SYRUP, ON POUTINE!!! Make some noise for the moose! (screaming to a fan) Which one d’you want, the moose or the flag or the syrup?  

Liam: Or the poutine?

Harry: Or the poutine? You can have the moose and the flag. (throws the moose and the flag to a fan) Ohhhh I’m hyped. Oooh I’m hyped. (start to do some weird moves)

Liam: (says someting intelligible to Harry)

*Harry and Liam start to dance and hum Rocky theme song*

Niall: tell em you’re gonna be president

Harry: (screaming, out of his mind) ROCKY!!! On the moose, riding on the moose, into this place on the moose, this is Rocky, he’s on the moose, he’s on his back, wrapped in a flag, covered in poutine, on the syrup, there’s syrup everywhere!!!

Niall : (laughing)Harry!

Harry: There’s lots of syrup everywhere! Rocky waits, the moose is gone… (get lost) 

Niall: Michael Buble!

Louis: That is passion!

Harry :  MICHAEL BUBLE! (is confused) Michael Buble on the shoulders of Rocky, wrapped in a flag, on a moose, riding in here, covered in syrup, on poutine, and you’re all everywhere watching the whole bit go down. 

Liam : I’m confused

Harry:  It’s gone too far, I’ve confused myself… this is story of my life, please sing along.  xx


For the people who refuse to believe my airport manip is ACTUALLY a manip (yes, I’ve have people argue with me over it), here’s the base photo I used side by side LOL Harry did wear the “Women are smarter” t-shirt, we just only got two very blurry fan photos, so I took it upon myself to make an HQ. Sorry for the uproar and confusion it has caused in the fandom and media lol!!

stop i can’t stop thinking about being harry’s date to that wedding and you guys have been together for like years and you’re both excited bc he’s been so busy with the album so it’s doubling as a wedding and a mini vacation and you’re so excited to finally get some alone time with him!!!!! BUT THE RECEPTION WHEN HES HOLDING THE BOUQUET IM DYING OK BC MAYBE he decided he HAS to be part of the bouquet toss because you won’t GO even though he’s like begging you to so he’s like “fine then i’ll go” and you’re yelling for him to come back because he’s not supposed to participate traditionally so you’re scared it’ll bring bad luck like lowkey but you end up laughing while you’re watching him and you’re taking pics of him LMAO and then guess what!! HE FUCKIN CATCHES IT!!! and he’s so happy and it’s so cute and everyone is celebrating because “it’s about time” so he’s rushing over to you immediately after and he kisses you and it’s really .. it is not a kiss that is appropriate in front of so many people but he’s so happy and you’re so in love with him that you don’t even CARE. “guess ’s about time i make ya’ m'wife,” is what he finally says and you giggle bc you’re both drunk but not anywhere near the point where you don’t know what you’re saying and won’t remember it come morning and so. you agree and kiss him again and it’s not long before you’ve dragged him back to the hotel suite and he makes you come thrice and you’re crying after the third and he’s trying to calm you down and is kissing your face and your shoulders and being sososososo gentle until your breathing is somewhat even again and you’re not shaking in his arms and the bride’s bouquet is sitting on the bedside table and he’s sobered up by now and so have you and he’s playing with your fingers and then he stops for a second and you look at him curiously and then you realize he’s taking off his rose ring and he’s sliding it on your finger where an engagement ring would go and you’ve got a lump in your throat and wide eyes because what the fuck harry you were joking and he just shrugs “it’ll ‘ave t'do ‘til i can g'ya’ a proper ring” and he’s smirking and you don’t even say anything and just kiss him again because he’s!!! going!!! to!!! be!!! your!!! husband!!! and you tell him you love him and how MUCH you love him and it ends with you sucking him off and him telling you how pretty your hand looks around his cock with his ring on your finger. yeehaw


Harry in disney classics

harry styles starring in: Tarzan

harry styles starring in: Bambi

harry styles starring in: The Lion King

harry styles starring in: The Little Mermaid

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I keep staring at this gif…

When Harry gestures with his hand, Louis moves his hand as well and they nearly collide. Did Louis…go to hold Harry’s hand and then abort at the last second and rub his arm instead? 

Something about the movement just looks stilted and weird, but it’s very fast so it’s hard to tell. Thoughts?