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The Little Cousin - Part Two

A few days had passed since you and Harry had exchanged numbers, you had been waiting for the Hey text or it was nice seeing you the other night yet you received nothing nothing but silence. 

“Bee can you please do me a huge favour?” Lou yelled to you from the top of the stairs as you sat in the kitchen stirring your coffee.

“It depends what as if it’s something to do with Lux’s hamster forget it. I’d rather tell Lux it died then go near that bloody thing again.” 

Lou had asked you to kindly assist her in the cleaning out of said demon hamster, you agreed to hold it for Lou why she cleaned it out. However, Lou had rather kindly forgotten to mention the hamster taste for human flesh which left you with a hamster dangling of your little finger and tears rolling down your cheeks. You were now convinced the hamster was possessed by the devil himself.

“No you don’t have to go near it again but could you please pick Lux up from school. I have a last minute meeting which I had to move because of me going to France and Tom is out so I really need you to do it.” Lou kindly begged fluttering her eyelashes at you trying to give you the puppy eyes even though you cousin was the coolest person you knew she was different with you and Lux more vulnerable,

“Of course, just send me the address.”

Lou quickly thanked you calling you a God sent before dashing out the door. Being unemployed and in a new place with new friends meant you had little to do. After binge watching all the trashy TV you decided to go and find a decent coffee place on the way to getting Lux. Quickly grabbing a black coffee and a cookie for Lux you drove to her school after a few weird looks from mums and a long hug from Lux for getting her a cookie you Hopped into Roger you didn’t notice the the weird sound he was making  over the innocent chatter of Lux about her school day. It wasn’t until smoke began to come out your engine,you noticed, of course this would happen the one time you promised to help Lou and look after Lux now both you and Lux would be stranded on the side of the road you began to worry, Lux read this in a instant.

“Bee, what’s going on?” she looked puzzled much as you looked worried, with Lou in a meeting you knew she wouldn’t have her phone on her and Tom was out with mates outside London, Sam was currently away. There was only one person you knew in London left.


“Umm Hey Harry, it’s Y/N I know this seems random but I have no-one to help me and Lou will kill me..”

“Wait Bee what’s going on?” he said stopping your rambling.

“I was picking up Lux from schooling I have broken down but I don’t have break down cover as I couldn’t afford it. Cause you know how expensive uni gets and with that and no job…..”

“You’re rambling again, where are you?”

you quickly gave him the street name waiting he was probably going to send his assistant I mean he’s too busy to waste time saving your day. Lux ate her cookie while humming away to a song that you couldn’t quite put your finger on her sweet hums and short burst of random babble helped calm you.

“One superhero here to save the day.” You looked up before you could even say hello, Lux had ran up and was hugging him tightly.

“Harry.” Lux squealed excitedly.

“Thank you so much, i’m so irresponsible it’s my fault poor Rodger.” You sighed 

“Who is Rodger?”

“Harry meet Rodger.” Lux said while gesturing towards the car making you giggle.

“I called the AA they should be able to help but I will give you a ride home once they arrive.”

You all sat in Harry car while you waited with Lux explaining to Harry the rules of eye spy making you all giggle.

“Harry did you know Bee tells the best stories, she tells me all about Fairies and Peter pan. I’m going to fly even better than Wendy when I got to neverland.” 

“Well you can try but I will fly better than you.” You argued back at Lux giggling.

“So you’re a peter pan fan?”

“Yep main reason I ended up convinced I was a fairy sadly I am not.”

“You are one of the most interesting people he had met.” Harry liked Y/N she was mysterious but not because she was hiding anything or trying to be. But because she had a different outlook a refreshing one. She was grounded and no-one would change that he was convinced.

“The AA guy is here.” Harry dealt with the car while you helped Lux with her homework in the car.

“So your car just over heated, they are going to tow it home for you later. I will give you a ride to Lou’s,.” You had forgotten about Lou it was already nearly 7pm she was probably worried sick your phone had died shortly after Harry arrived.

“Lou isn’t home yet.” You ears instantly pricked up at Harrys revelation you would live another day.

“You can come in for a bit, I will warn you though Lux likes to watch one direction music videos on loop. Theres one with long brown hair he’s the worst.” You joked hoping he would laugh he instantly started to laugh you felt a sense of relief. Lux put on a small show serenading you and Harry.

“Hello.” Lou called from the hallway Lux sprinted to meet her.

“Oh H is here.”

“And i’m pleased to see you to.” 

“Sorry i’m surprised to see you.”

“Well I broke down so Harry kindly rescued us and Lux has been entertaining us. With a few One Direction songs Harry has got very jealous as he realised a 5 year old is going to replace him.”

Harry left soon after Lou arrived, you thanked him he claimed it was his pleasure.

“So Bee what was that?”

“What was what?”

“Do not play dumb, I saw you flirting.”

“I wasn’t flirting I barely know him.”

“Lies, when did you even get his number?” Lou began her full interrogation mode.

“The launch party he asked for it but he didn’t even text me hey, so I thought maybe he was just being polite. Anyway when you going to France?”

“When are we going to France I got you a plane ticket you’re coming to.”

What going to happen in france with Harry? I hope you enjoyed I am going to start taking requests for ideas and things so message me. 

Part 1


“You honestly look fire baby girl”

there are 165 of us here and i’m so happy to see the numbers grow and grow each day! thank you for being awesome ♡ this imagine was a request from elogrigriworlds so thank you babe, i hope everyone will enjoy it! ☺ remember, that you can request anything you’d like to see next :) xBx


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The Little Cousin

Hello Sweeties this is my first piece of Harry writing please enjoy.

You are Lou little cousin and meet Harry at the bleach launch and hit it off.


You hadn’t seen Lou in ages and to say you were quite excited would been a understatement, you had been the youngest cousin with a massive age gap between you and Lou. Making you the baby of the family which had its perks there was always someone looking out for you however you hadn’t seen Lou much since she had started working for One Direction.

You were going to her to support her at the Bleach Make up launch and you were going to stay with Lou and Sam for a few weeks, as you weren’t too sure on what to do now you had finished University so had decided to help Lou with any work she had and assist her. Even though make up was a far reach from your degree you had always enjoyed helping Lou, even when she was training and you would sit for hours as she practised different techniques on you, trying not to sneeze or blink as she perfected her cat eye. 

You had chosen a simple dress you had picked up from Zara which was nothing particularly eye catching but the whole purpose you were there was to support your cousin, also your student budget didn’t really stretch further than around £20.  You quickly grabbed your heels a rare occurrence for you, you always favoured a comfy pair of Converse or Vans only ever touching heels when absolutely necessary and threw them in the back of Rodger your little battered car who had definitely seen better days. You began your long and dull drive with a mixture of the Neighbourhood and Fleetwood Mac to accompany you.

You finally arrived after a lot of traffic and silent curses as people cut you up.

“BEE, Come here you.” Lou yelled sadly you childhood nickname remained when you were three you would run around in a pair of wings convinced you were fairy however you had unforently taken to buzzing confusing a bee noise with a fairy resulting in your family sticking you with the nickname bee.

“Don’t you look great you’re going to be the centre of attention tonight.”

your cousin had a habit of making everything look cool even flared trousers.

“So will you be if you going rainbow shorts.” Lou giggled you had forgotten you had decided to travel in your rather cosy PJ bottoms however they were not suitable for the launch.

“I was actually hoping you might do my make up for me save me the embarrassment of me going my own and looking like a clown.”

You and Lou laughed to stories of your childhood and Lux’s latest fazes, getting all the information of touring with the biggest boyband.

Soon you had arrived at the launch with a second glass of champagne in your hand you looked around you felt slightly uneasy seeing all the A Listers around you. You had stuck to Lou and Sam however Lou had gone somewhere with Nick Grimshaw and Sam was talking to someone so you sat alone nursing your champagne.

“The best part is the free champagne.”

A voice spoke from behind you, you turned to be faced with no other than Harry Styles the guy who had been sat in the background as you had FaceTime Lou when she was on tour and who had every girl including you on their knees with one of his smirks. To say you felt intimidated would be a massive understatement you starred for a moment trying to remember once again how to form words.

“Well it certainly isn’t the personal space.” You chuckled as yet again someone had stumbled into you, Harry also began to chuckle at you either he found you funny or was just too polite.

“I’m Harry and you are?” He held out his hand you quickly shock it like if you did’t grab his hand quickly you were convinced he would disappear.

“I am Y/N..” He quickly butted in.

“Oh of course I knew i recognised you, you are Lou baby cousin I think i’ve FaceTimed you a few times.” 

You hid your face in your hands in shame remembering the time you had called Lou after your first boyfriend had dumped you for one of your friends. You had been in complete ugly sobs the ones where your nose runs as your cousin consoled you. It wasn’t till Harry had spoken up saying something about how you shouldn’t cry and it was his loss, you had released he was there. You had been so embraced that one of your celebrity crushes had seen you ugly cry you immediately hung up them phone and began crying harder in pure embarrassment forgetting completely about your embarrassment.

“And for that I am truly sorry.”

“So where is Lou I came to congratulate her and she isn’t even here.”

“Her and Nick ran of earlier so she’s probably up to no good knowing Lou.”

“Well If she is with Nick that is a definite they one time decided to sign me up to be a ambassador of she wee, that was a hard one to explain to my mum when boxes of she wee arrived at the house.” 

You and Harry continued to chat while you both waited for Lou together he told you funny stories about Lou and you exchanged stories of Lou sneaking Boyfriends into the house when she was meant to be babysitting. You continued to knock back champagne after champagne.

“I see Bee that you met Harry.”

“Bee hey? whats that a nickname for?” You instantly went red starring at your cousin as you silently begged her to keep her mouth shut.

“Well Y/N use to believe in fairies..”

“I still do.” You muttered quietly Harry smirked at your answer. You took your love and protection of fairies very seriously.

“And she use to wear fairy wings everywhere but she though fairies went but like bees hense the name. You must have looked like a beetroot by this point. After Harry congratulated Lou and spoke briefly about some work arrangements  Harry was heading off.

“Bye Bee.”

“Not you too, Harry don’t make me call you Harold.” you giggled.

“Can I grab you number i’d love to hang out sometime.” 

With that you exchanged number as he walked out completely unsure if he wanted your number as a friend or more you left to over examine everything as Lou was his close friend you felt weird to question it with her you sat there wondering.

Part 2 

The Little Cousin - Part Three

“I need a croissant Asap.”

“we’ve barely left the airport Bee and you’re already screaming for wine and croissants.”

“At least I have my priorities sorted out.”

“Well first we have to stop get Harry ready for his interview, then I was thinking after me, you and Harry can go shopping.”

“Wait Harry’s coming?”

“Oh no Harry Lambert although we are all grabbing dinner together later.”

I began a mini panic in my head all the dresses I had were either slutty or full on nun and my hair already wasn’t cooperating today so I had already made Lou pop it into Dino braids for me.

“Oi, Harold get over here your mop isn’t going to tame itself, Y/N will you please do his makeup just a little bit of concealers and powder to stop the flash back from the camera.” 

Lou handed you the pots and a few brushes, you were slightly shaking from being in Harry presence for you your hopeless crush over the years had got more real with you now knowing him in person. He had also taken to being your own personal prince charming and knowing that he probably doesn’t see you as more than ‘Lou little cousin.’ 

“Bee doing my make up, Lou I was trying to act like a macho man.” he pouted jokingly.

“Real men break gender norms Harold this is what makes you a macho man.”

“She’s a clever one, Lou.” Harry Lambert yelled while grabbing two Gucci suits.
After half-hour of Harry complaining as Lou and Harry tugging and pulling him in every direction We were finished.

“We are going shopping girls and leave Harold with the wolves.” 

“Not fair.” Harry pouted trying his hardest to look like a injured puppy

Shopping was eventful it ended with Harry choosing me out lots of different outfits that I wouldn’t have even thought of and Lou insisting on buying them for me even though I begged her not to waste her money on me. 

“That dress is perfect for Dinner.” I starred down at the simple red slip dress which emphasised my boobs and bum, I left my hair in the Dino Braids due to the lack of effort on my part to even attempt to try and tame my mane.

“You ready to go we are meeting the boys downstairs.”

“When am I not ready?” I counter argued.

Harry was very excited for dinner he appreciated any quality time he had with his friends normally, as with touring he had little time with people and felt as if he was never giving enough into his friendships. But he was mainly excited about Y/N being there, she was sweet and charming yet feisty and determined. He had grown bored with artificial relationships the only part in his relationships which appeared to work was the physical. They all started the same a attraction yet they all lacked substance. Y/N was perfect she was smart, intelligent and he knew that she would stand up to him. He had become enchanted by her every fact every detail.

“I feel like you are to young to have wine”

“Lou, I’m 21 although I still feel like I should be downing vodka shots.”

“University treated you well then?” Harry probed you hoping for a insight into your life although he was aware that he probably shouldn’t with you being Lou baby cousin he knew that if he screwed it up he may wakeup with green hair the next morning curtsy of Lou.

“I got a first in my degree so I guess so but I struggled with uni life I’m not really much of a party animal when work is involved I became so focused on getting a first. I found my escape through reading peter pan on loop they found theres through drinking.”

Harry continued to ask questions about her, he found out that she was a only child but she considers Sam and Lou her sisters. She moved to Australia for a year when she was nine, but was badly bullied due to her english accent. While out there she learnt how to surf a passion which she has given up due to moving to London. Lou and Harry had left them to go for a night walk Harry was more excited now hoping that maybe if he asked her in the right way he may be able to get her to agree to a date.

“So so so, Harold what about you tell me about the real you not the media you.”

“Umm, Ok well I am from Holmes Chapel its a lovely town I would really like to move back there when I have kids you know so they can run in the fields and be normal.”

“Run in the fields you having kids or horses?” She burst into giggles Harry rejoiced at the sound he had never heard such a kind and innocent giggle.

“I mean I love my friends and family, I think with the media and stuff I have to be careful who is around me you know? I had a few people who try and use you but you figure it out quickly.”

Harry looked hurt and devastated like he had remembered some harsh memory which lead Y/N to blurt out “Have you ever had your heart broken?”

“I think you have to give them your heart in the first place to break it, but I came close I fell for this girl hard and well she just stopped responding out of the blue we went on holiday then after it was radio silence. How about you?” Harry smiled trying to break this seriousness, although he found a strange comfort in sharing with Bee she seemed so relaxed so caring he didn’t mind telling her secrets.

“My first and only boyfriend ruined me, to the point after I got sick due to the stress.” Harry cupped her hand gently stroking it to reassure her.

Harry and Y/N lent forward briefly brushing lips.

“I am so sorry.” Y/N exclaims

“I’m not I wanted to do that for the past two weeks.”

Me: *looks at a picture of Harry Styles* *screams* “MY MOM”

Little cousin: “why you call him mom?”

Me: “cause he is my mom”

Little cousin: “why because he has girl hair?… does that makes Louis your dad?… because he has short hair?”

I volunteered at an infant school art club today and a little girl started talking to me about 1D. It escalated into all the children shouting out band member names and then one little kid said Harry was her cousin. After talking to her, we discovered Harry Styles isn’t actually her cousin, she just has a cousin called Harry and I got excited for nothing.