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Summary: [Y/N] and boyfriend, Harry, are leaving a club when a stranger inappropriately touches [Y/N]. In a mix of furiousness and self-defense, [Y/N] takes a hard swing and ends up accidentally hitting Harry instead.

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You and Harry were dancing together inside an exclusive club in Los Angeles. It was the weekend and the two of you were unwinding from an eventful week. You had purchased a brand new dress just for the occasion. It was covered in sparkly sequins and rose above your mid-thigh. It hung around your neck like a halter with the back plunging with just enough to cover your bottom. It was Harry’s new favorite dress on you, especially when he was five shots of tequila in and felt frisky.

Harry was swaying to the music with you from behind. His lips were pressed softly by your ear and his hand was down at the end of your short dress, running it higher and higher.

You placed a hand over his to stop him. You were wearing minimal fabric underneath. “Not here,” you whispered knowingly. You felt him press harder behind you, feeling a prominent bulge against your back.

“Let’s get out’a here, then,” he said roughly.

A smirk tugged on your lips. You grabbed Harry’s hand, led the way towards the exit, and snaked your way through the crowded dance floor. You felt a hand slip under your dress, giving your bum a quick tap. “Not here!” you shouted over your shoulder.

Harry stopped in his track and pulled you to a halt. “It was me,” he responded. You saw Harry glaring at a stranger.

“Soft ass, sweetheart,” the stranger said. He closed the gap between you and him. “Skimpy little dress, I like it.”

The guy stumbled backwards after a shove from Harry. “You don’t touch her!” Harry shouted angrily. The guy just chuckled and dusted off his clothes. “Actor boy here thinks he’s so big and bad, huh?” the guy mocked, “What are you gon’ do about it, princess?”

The blood inside you boiled. You were disgusted with pigs like him. You despised people who objectified anyone. You didn’t dress to catch the attention of strange, dirty men. You dressed for yourself and for your boyfriend who adored you endlessly.

Without another thought, you took a swing in the dark— literally. You let your anger guide your aim. When the man saw your fist headed his way, he ducked instantly.

“Fuck!” Harry groaned once your knuckles made contact with his nose instead. Your eyes widened in shock and your hands covered your mouth.

You rushed to your now-injured boyfriend who had curled up and held his hands to his bloody nose. “Baby, I’m so sorry,” you said.

“Got quite a swing there, baby doll,” the guy said arrogantly.

Harry had enough of him. He stood up and took a swing at him. Harry hit the guy hard on his cheekbone and knocked him to the ground. “Asshole,” Harry spat.

A crowd had begun to form around the three of you. “Let’s get out of here,” you said. You grabbed Harry by the hand and made a run for the exit before the crowd broke out into a frenzy. The media was going to have a field day with this drama.

You and Harry rushed straight home. Harry laid on your sofa with a throbbing pain on his nose. You grabbed an ice pack from the freezer for him. “I’m so sorry,” you handed him the ice pack.

“It’s okay,” Harry chuckled, “I didn’t punch him nearly as hard as you were going to.”

Pool Day (Harry Styles x Reader)

Request: Pool day with Harry please

A/N: This is my first Harry imagine! I hope you guys like this and enjoy it as well! Feedbacks are appreciated, I also open for criticism! It’s the only way I can improve my writing! So have fun! xoxo

Word count: 1,306

“Finally.” I sighed I took place on my deck chair. The moment I sat down and leaned back, I instantly began to relax. The sun was shining very bright today, which was typical for L.A. and I enjoyed its warmth on my half naked body. It left a comfortable feeling on my skin. After a long time, I could finally relax and calm down for a while. The last months had been very tough though.

I had to struggle with college and work, at the same time I tried to keep balance between my private life and the spotlight. Dating a celebrity was definitely not easy. I knew that before I started to date Harry Styles. He told that we didn’t have to make our relationship official to the public, however I wanted him to. I wanted everybody to know that Harry Styles was taken, so nobody could hit on him anymore. He was mine, only mine and he always would be. I wouldn’t share him with another females.

Also our relationship suffered under the pressure of Harry’s comeback. He almost spent his whole day by giving interviews or promoting his new album. The lack of his presence made me very lonely. We were only able to communicate by sending text messages or having a phone call for five to ten minutes. Not that I wasn’t happy for him, no, I was very proud of him. “Sign of the times” was a great success in many countries and made its way up to 1st place in the charts. How could not I be proud of my boyfriend? I just missed him during that time. Some nights, I really needed his comfort because college was getting on my nerves and sleeping in his arms was the only thing that would lull me to sleep.

Luckily, the times of loneliness were over. Harry had time for me now and we decided to have a pool day outside his huge villa.

“You look damn hot in that bikini.” Someone whispered in my ear, making my whole body flinch. I opened my eyes and was greeted by the green orbs of my handsome boyfriend. He had a cheeky smile on his lips, which made me smile as well.

“You don’t look bad yourself.” I commented.  My eyes wandered down his whole body and I bit on my lip. I know the entire world is aware of how sexy Harry is, but I want to repeat that Harry fucking Styles looked extremely appetizing and handsome, especially the way he was standing in front of me.

He wore some tight swimming trunks that outlined the shape of his thighs and bum. And not to mention his very muscular and well-built chest.  Simply heavenly!  I could really consider myself as lucky. Out of millions of girls in this entire world, I was the only one who could gain Harry Styles’ attention. I still had no idea how, but nevertheless I was happy to be the only girl by his side.

“Easy there, darling. You’re practically devouring me with your eyes.” Harry remarked. I immediately tore my gaze away from him, feeling my cheeks getting slightly red.

“Sorry.” I murmured. Harry only laughed about it, giving me a gentle kiss on my forehead.

“Turn around, love.” He told me, grabbing the sun cream bottle and putting some lotion in his hands. Then, he began to rub the lotion on my exposed back, massaging it up to my shoulders and arms. I closed my eyes and enjoyed how his hands did their wonders.  

“I really missed this. “ I said. There was no chasing by paparazzi, no problems, no stress. Only me and Harry.  We could finally hang out without being disturbed by fans, and stupid photographers or Harry’s manager.  

“Me too. I missed being with you. You have no idea how much I missed us.” Harry said, after he finished sun creaming my back. He leaned forward, so I could feel his lips slightly touching my neck. The feeling of his soft lips on my tender skin left tingles behind in my belly. Only he would make me feel this way. I couldn’t describe my feelings for this young man. I just love him so much.

“I promise,” He whispered into my ear. “From now on, we’ll be spending much time together, like we used to do. We need to catch up after all.”

“Sounds fine to me.” I sighed. As Harry pulled back, a disappointed sound left escaped my lips.

“I’m going to swim a few rounds.” He said. “Care to join me?” I shook my head.

“I want to relax for a while.”

Harry pouted but nodded, took a start-up and run to the pool where he jumped into. I leaned back on my comfy deck chair. My eye s followed every move that Harry made. How he would swim six tracks and how he would dive into the water. I was mesmerized by his beauty. Not only that, Harry was such an amazing person with a wonderful heart. It bothered me how the media tried to destroy his reputation by spreading awful rumors about him. People once described him as a womanizer which was completely bullshit. Harry’s not the person who would treat women like trash, no he respected them with his whole heart. The media showed him the way they wanted him to be. Nobody would know the real Harry except for me, his family and closest friends.

I still do not understand how people would think badly about him. I mean just look at him and tell me that he’s the most innocent, gentle and kind person you have ever seen.

“Come on, love!” Harry shouted after a few minutes. “I’m getting bored without you. Swimming makes no fun when you’re not here!”

“I don’t want to now! Just let me relax!”

“Babe!” You could see that he was slightly frustrated about me not joining him yet.

“Give me a few more moments!”

I heard how he climbed out of the pool and how his footsteps came closer to me. Suddenly, his strong tattooed arms were wrapped around my body and I was lifted up, being pressed against his hard chest. A surprised scream left my mouth even though I should have seen this coming. “You’ve relaxed a lot!” Harry growled.

I tried to wiggle out of his grip however I couldn’t escape. Harry carried me closer to the pool and stopped at the edge of the basin. “Harry!” My voice trembled. “Let me down!” He only shook his head, looking mischievously into my eyes. His lips curled up to a cheeky grin.

“Harry, I swear if you-“

“One!” Harry started to count. I punched him slightly on his chest, hoping he would let me down. But he didn’t. “Harry no!”

He offered me a laugh. “Two!”

“Harry, you wouldn’t dare!”

“And three!”  I took a deep breath before Harry jumped into the pool with me in his arms. Cool water surrounded our bodies and I shuddered as my skin made contact with it. Soft lips were pressed against mine and Harry stole a kiss from my lips under the water. He also grabbed me on my hips and pushed me towards him, holding me tightly. He smiled into our kiss. As the lack of air threatened to leave our lungs, we swam back to the surface.  Even though I was lightly mad I couldn’t help but smile to his sweet intention.

“You’re an idiot, Harry Styles.” I laughed, boxing him slightly on his right arm.

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot, darling.” He said, and kissed me again.

We spent the whole sunny day with swimming and splashing water towards each other, laughing and having fun. Days like this, where we were care-free and happy, were definitely my favorites.


Favorite Harry Gifs #13 

Special Edition - T O N G U E 

The eating ones get me like the way he sticks his tongue out before taking a bite of food no please put that back in your mouth fuck you thank you

Give me a Wimbledon au with Harry as the long legged, charming wild card, with a dangerous backhand and unstoppable serve. The audience prays for hot weather, sweat saturated t-shirt and a glimpse of the butterfly tummy tattoo. He’s impossibly sweet to all the ball boys and girls and he’s known for the hair in bun, backwards cap combination. I want to read about him frolicking around on centre court at Wimbledon.

Fists & Knives - Chapter 25

It was a perfect day.  The weather seemed perfect, the wind was blowing perfectly, and the city didn’t seem too busy for once.  I sat at a round table just outside of a tiny café in the middle of the city.  Already, I spotted paparazzi across the street, snapping pictures of me as they could.  A taxi screeched to a halt on the street beside my table and Clark bailed out of the back seat after paying the driver.  He was wearing a gray suit that actually fit him and a tie that didn’t look 10 years old.  He plopped down at the table across from me and grinned.  “I’m really glad to see you again,” Clark said, reaching across the table and grabbing my hand.  

I pursed my lips into something like a small smile and nodded once.  “Thanks for agreeing to meet.”

“How have you been?”

“Fine.  Yourself?”

“Fine.  Still cooking for Styles?”

“Of course.”

“And you’re being treated well?”

“Definitely,” I confirmed.

Clark nodded slowly. “Good.”


I glanced across the street at the group of paparazzi snapping pictures.  I could see the headlines for tomorrow. Something about me being a cheater and a liar and a bad girlfriend.  Clark followed my gaze and shifted in his seat when he saw the paps.  “What did you need to see me for?”

“I need to piss Harry off.”

What?  Why was I saying that out loud?  Why would I tell Clark that?

“So he can win his fight?”  Clark asked.  How did he know?

“Yes…” I admitted.

“Well, I know what will really piss him off,” Clark said smugly, leaning forward across the table and grabbing my face.  He planted his lips firmly on mine and held the back of my head so I couldn’t pull away.  I could almost hear the cameras snapping photos faster.  When Clark finally let go of me, I fell back into my seat at a complete loss for words.  Over Clark’s shoulder, I spotted a tall, dark figure approaching us from down the street and immediately began to explain.

“Harry… Harry, please, it’s not what it looked like,” I stuttered, trying to stand up from my seat, but I couldn’t.  It was as if my body was holding me down.

Harry ignored me, stormed straight up to Clark, and ripped him from his chair by the collar of his shirt.  Harry held Clark close to him with his one hand and repeatedly punched over and over and over, into Clark’s face and gut.  Blood started to run down Clark’s face and splattered on Harry’s plain, white shirt too.  No one around us reacted.  No one at the tables inside or beside us on the street even seemed to notice the fight.  I screamed louder.  “Harry!! Stop it!!”

Harry dropped Clark onto the concrete and turned to me, his nostrils flaring and his teeth grinding.  “I trusted you.  How could you do this to me???”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry-“ I pleaded, still attempting to get out of my chair.  I couldn’t. 

Harry stomped toward me and bent down to wrap his arms around my chest, squeezing me tightly. “How could you do this to me?” He repeated.  “How could you do this to me, Kennedy?”

I snapped open my eyes.

It was a dream.

Harry’s arms were around me.  He was holding me tightly.  We were laying in his bed. “How could you do this to me?” He asked playfully, kissing my cheek.  I sat up and looked at what he was talking about.  In the middle of the night, I had taken all of the sheets for myself. “Sheet hog,” Harry laughed, snaking his arms around my waist and pulling me to him again so he could kiss my cheek.

“Sorry,” I said quietly, kicking some of the sheets over to him with my feet.

Harry stopped kissing my cheek and looked at me. “You okay?”

“Fine,” I said, sitting up. 

“You’re sweating.”

I wiped the back of my hand across my forehead.  Harry was right.  “Just a bad dream.”

Harry frowned. “About what?”

“It was just…”

I was really supposed to meet with Clark today.  Last night, Louis told me that he would  take care of getting in contact with Clark.  Arnold said he would call the paparazzi and tell them where we would be so that they could take some awful pictures of the two of us together.  When Harry returned to the house, I helped him clean up his cuts and bruised eye but then pretended to be tired so that I wouldn’t have to talk to him anymore.  I was worried he would ask me what was wrong or what my plans were for tomorrow and I was scared I was going to give our plans away.  What kind of person was I?

I glanced back at Harry.  He had his eyebrows ruffled together and was waiting for me to answer.  I could see in his eyes that he was genuinely worried about me and my little bad dream. 

“A bad dream about you.”

“About me?” Harry sat up quickly and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me into his chest again. “What happened?”

“You just got in a fight-“

“Against who?”


Harry laughed. “Hopefully I won.”

“I think it’s safe to say that.”

“Why were we fighting?”

I swallowed hard. “I went out to meet him for lunch.”

“Why on earth would you do that?” Harry chuckled again.

Before I could stop it, I felt a tear trickle down my cheek.  Harry sensed my tense body and pushed me away from him so he could see my face. “Kennedy?  Are you crying?”

“I’m sorry, I-“

“Did you meet with Clark?  In real life?” Harry asked, his voice becoming less concerned for me and more angry.

I shook my head frantically. “No, no, I didn’t.”

Harry ran a thumb over my cheek but kept his distance still on the bed. “Why are you crying then?  What’s wrong, baby?”

I couldn’t do this.  I didn’t know why the hell I agreed to it the night before.  I was not going to be used as a weapon against Harry to simply help him win a fight.  Fuck that.  “Arnold and Louis-“ I sobbed.  I know that I was upset with myself, but I wished I could just stop fucking crying.  I never cried.  Trying to calm myself, I took a huge breath.  “Arnold and Louis thought you looked weak last night and said it was because I was distracting you.  They said you fight best when you’re angry and I was supposed to meet with Clark to make you mad but I can’t and I won’t and I refuse to be any part of their greedy little plots-“

Harry stood from the bed quickly and crossed his arms, putting a knuckle in between his teeth and pacing back and forth across the room.  He breathed slowly, all of the muscles in his body twitching as he stepped back and forth.

“Harry?  Harry you have to know-“ I slid to the edge of the bed on my knees and tried to wipe the tears from my face, but I couldn’t seem to stop them. “You have to know that I love you.  I agreed to meet with Clark-“

“WHAT?” Harry bellowed.

“I AGREED BECAUSE I wanted to help!  Arnold convinced me that it would be helping you win the tournament and I just didn’t think it through.  Please believe me, I’m so sorr-“

“Just shut the fuck up, Kennedy,” Harry snapped, swatting the air in front of my face.  I obeyed.

Harry paced across the room again and again and again.  I didn’t know what to say or do to calm him down.  I didn’t think it would be possible for ME to calm him down.  I was 33.333% of the reason that he was completely pissed.  Arnold and Louis had gotten their way without me even having to meet Clark.  Harry surprised me when he ripped open his bedroom door and stomped down the stairs to the main floor. “LOUIS!” He growled.  He flew through the kitchen, throwing a glass to the floor and shattering it as he did.  I rushed to the balcony and listened as Harry pounded on Louis’ door and shouted his name over and over.

“LOUIS! Open this fucking door right now!  I’m going to break it down if you don’t fucking open it!” Harry beat on the door for a minute more and then actually broke it down.  I cringed as I heard the wood break into little splinters and come off of it’s hinges.  My ears stayed perked for some kind of confrontation… some kind of screaming match… some kind of scream from a tortured Louis… but none came.  Louis wasn’t home.  Harry stomped back across the living room and soon enough, I heard his heavy footsteps on the stairs to the balcony again.  I spun around and waited for him to emerge in the doorway.  When he did, he started to walk past me to his room, but stopped and faced me.

“You were trying to help me.”

I couldn’t tell if it was a question or a statement, so I nodded once.

“That’s one hell of a fucked up way to go about it, Kennedy,” Harry said harshly, running his fingers through his messy hair. 

“I know,” I croaked, a lump forming in my throat again. “I’m sorry-“

“Stop saying that!” Harry interrupted bitterly, taking a few heavy steps toward me. “I forgive you but I’m still pissed as hell at you.  I’m more furious with Arnold and Louis, but I just can’t wrap my head around you agreeing to help them-“ Harry growled and started to pace back and forth again.  “You know I’ve been trying to control my anger.  Why would you WANT TO PISS ME OFF? After everything you’ve done to try and help me?? What the fuck, Kennedy?”

Tears ran down my cheeks again.  If he didn’t want me to apologize again, what was I supposed to say?  “I-“ I breath hitched in my throat as I tried to control my tears again.  “I love you,” I managed. 

Harry stopped pacing and stared across the balcony at me, his eyes dull and gray. “Do you?  Really?”

I nodded and heaved as I tried to steady my breath.  “I really love you, Bear.”

Harry walked to me and grabbed the back of my neck like he used to when we were angry at each other.  “If you truly love me, you try and stay away from Arnold and Louis.  Louis is my friend but he’s a shitty person sometimes.  Arnold is a greedy bastard and will ruin anyone’s life just to get a little money.  Don’t do anything he tells you to outside of being a chef here, understand me?”

I looked at my feet and nodded.

“Kennedy, do you understand?” Harry asked, gripping my neck a little more tightly. 

I looked into his eyes and nodded again.  “I understand.  I promise.  I’ll stay away,“ I sniffled.

Harry’s eyes were still dark and his body was still tensed for a fight, but he reached up and wiped another tear from my cheek.  He let go of my neck and walked to his room, glancing at me once more and saying, “I’ll come down and get you when it’s time to leave for the fight.”

Then he closed the door.

In the time I had to myself all day, I decided it was better for Harry to be mad this way that it was for him to be mad about me going on a secret date with Clark.  Was I happy that backed out and told him our plans to piss him off?  No.  But he had forgiven me already for this – probably a little too easily, I’ll admit – and I’m sure it would have taken months for him to forgive me for going out with Clark.  He had every right to be furious with me for the rest of the day, though I wished he wasn’t.  Never in my life had someone been so mad at me and I didn’t know how to react.  How to make the anger go away.

As we walked down the hall to his room on the outside of the arena, he held my hand tightly, but not in a loving way.  He was tugging me along.  He didn’t have time to wait on me.  When we got to the room, he slung me onto the couch, changed, and started to warm up on his punching bag.  I was a little furious that neither Arnold nor Louis had tried to contact me or Harry today.  They must have figured I went through with the plan and decided to steer clear of the menacing Harry Styles until after he destroyed his opponent in the ring.

“Time,” Harry commanded of me.

“You’ve got two minutes,” I answered quietly, looking at my phone.

Harry sighed and took a swig of water from his bottle.  He reached into his bag and pulled out my bandana.  He handed it to me as I stood on the couch and tied it around his hair.  When I was done, he held out a hand to help me down from the couch and pulled me to the door.  We walked down the hall silently until we reached Harry’s entrance to the ring. “Meet me at my room afterwards.  I’ll take you home since Louis and Arnold have both run for the hills,” Harry said, dropping my hand.

“Good luck,” I said softly, standing on my toes to kiss his cheek.  He surprised me by leaning down and kissing my cheek too.

“I love you,” I said, sounding a little too desperate for him to say it back. 

Harry didn’t grin, but his gaze seemed to soften. “I love you.”

As I was about to leave, my phone buzzed in my pocket.  I pulled it out and looked at the text from Arnold.

Hope you had a good date today and that tonight won’t be a disappointment for me.

Harry read the text over my shoulder.  His breathing got heavier and heavier until he started to bounce on his toes and beat his gloves together in front of the doors.  Without looking at me, he growled, “Get to your seat.”

During the introductions, I scanned the crowds for Arnold and Louis.  I had the same seats as last time, but the seat beside me was empty.  I couldn’t spot either of them anywhere but knew they wouldn’t miss this fight.  I was hardly paying attention when the bell rang for the match to begin – Harry against a tall, slender individual named Robb Gordon.  He was a lot like Harry in the way he fought and the way he was physically built, but he didn’t stand a chance.  Harry was pissed.  Fuming.  Seething with anger.  I could see fire in his eyes from 30 seats up in the stands.  I just prayed that he wouldn’t kill this poor guy.  Harry didn’t look my way a single time during the fight which broke my heart, but I had to keep reminding myself that I completely deserved it. 

Despite his reckless anger, Harry was still good about letting Robb get an occasional hit on him to make the match look even throughout the three rounds.  However, when Harry was hitting Robb, his swings were stronger than ever and his gloves almost appeared like they were made of cement.  Blood splattered across the crowd with every hit Harry got on Robb but they loved it.  It was difficult to watch, mainly because I was the only one who knew that Harry wasn’t just fighting, but he was releasing his anger.  He was taking out the anger that I caused on someone who had no idea why Harry was furious. The anger was like steroids for Harry.  Never again.  Never ever again would I agree to do anything to make him anything but happy.

As the third round came to a close and it was apparent that Harry was going to win, I started my walk back to his locker room.  I took my time, hoping maybe he would meet me along the way and I wouldn’t have anymore time to myself.  I had been left alone all day to think about what I did and I didn’t think I could stand anymore of it.  Thankfully, just as I walked past Harry’s door to the ring, he walked back through it.

I smiled softly at him. “Nice fight, Bear.”

Harry nodded and walked beside me as I helped him untie his gloves.  He seemed calmer than he had been all day.  While I hated to admit it, Harry’s angry fighting was stronger.  Maybe I could help him learn to fight just as strongly when he wasn’t losing his mind.

Harry pushed through his locker room door and stopped immediately.  I ran into his back, not expecting the abrupt halt. “You okay, Bear?”  I peered around his body and stared into the eyes of the three people that needed to be on the opposite side of the earth at the moment – Arnold, Louis, and Clark.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I snapped, stepping in front of Harry.  Who I was addressing, I wasn’t sure.  I guess I was talking to all of them. 

Clark stood up off of the couch.  “I waited for you in the city today for our date, but you never showed.  I figured you would be here, so I came and ran into Arnold.”

“You didn’t go on your date?” Arnold asked.

“No,” I said through gritted teeth. 

Arnold frowned but shrugged. “And you still managed to piss him off.  You’ll have to tell me what you did later. And Harry?  Good fight.  That’s more like it.  Tonight was much better than your fight last round,” Arnold said, clapping.  Louis was too busy on his phone to be paying attention to anything going on.

“You three fuckers-“ Harry started, stepping around me and throwing his gloves across the room. Everyone winced except for Arnold, who simply raised his eyebrows.

“What’s the problem, Harry?” He asked.

“You’re my problem, you self-indulging bastard.  You know I’ve been working on my anger for YEARS and now that I’m finally just a little bit happy, you want me to be angry again?  Just to make you rich?  Are you trying to mentally fuck me over for the rest of my life?”  I hadn’t realized that I grabbed Harry’s hand and was holding him back.  I was worried that I was going to see more blood tonight than I had planned to see.

“Harry, we were trying to help you win,” Arnold said, his gaze lowered and his voice laced with annoyance.  Arnold’s expression was one of hatred, probably because of Harry’s lack of gratitude.

“Fuck your help.  I don’t need your help.”

“Well SHE sure as hell isn’t helping you!  What are you going to do?  Help yourself?  That’s never worked in the past,” Arnold said, raising his hands in an awkward shrug.

Clark shifted on his feet and stuck his hands deep into the pockets of his jeans. “I think I wandered into something I shouldn’t be a part of…” He said, inching past me toward the door.

Harry whipped around and snarled.  He lunged around me for Clark’s collar, like I saw in my dream.  I shut my eyes and waited for a punch.

“You certainly did,” Harry growled. “Get the hell out of here and never come back.”  He threw Clark into the door.  Clark groaned in pain and was trying his best to stand up and get out.  “If I ever see you around again – if I ever see you near Kennedy, I will end you.  Do you understand?” Harry spat.  Clark didn’t respond, but merely scampered out the door like the coward he was. 

“Harry…” Arnold started, but before he could say anything else, Harry walked to Arnold and struck him hard across the face.  Arnold collapsed onto the floor and whimpered.

“Never been hit before, I take it?” Harry asked as he stood over him. “Get the fuck out, you’re fired.”

Arnold struggled to get to his feet. “But- but- but Harry, I’ve got a contract to manage you for another five years-“

“Yeah, a contract with me,” Harry snapped. “I’m releasing you from that contract.  Get the fuck out.”

“Harry, you can’t do this to me.  I’m like a father to you,” Arnold said.

Harry’s eyes widened.  “You’re just as shitty of a father as my real one was.  Get the fuck out.”


“GET THE FUCK OUT!”  Harry grabbed Arnold by his suit jacket and threw him across the room to the door.  Arnold looked just as Clark did, cowering by the floor and trying not to cry as his knees shook beneath his body and his sweaty hand struggled to grip and open the door.  No sooner had Arnold left did Harry grab Louis by the collar of his shirt too, but Louis put his hands up in surrender immediately.

“Were you ‘just trying tot help’ too???” Harry seethed though his teeth. 

Louis shook his head. “I’ve been around Arnold for so long that I just got used to going along with all of his plans.  He used to be a good guy, you know that.”

I was surprised at how calm Louis sounded even though he was about to get his face beat in.

Harry threw Louis back onto the couch and paced across the room.  “That’s a shit excuse.”

“That’s the most honest one I have.  I was caught up in the moment.  I want you to win, so I was trying to think of a way to, well, help you,”  Louis explained.

Harry glared at Louis. “Unfortunately, I’ve already fired my manager tonight so firing my assistant manager wouldn’t do me any good.”  Harry shook his head. “If everyone in this situation was trying to ‘help’ me, why did everything turn to shit?”

“I mean, you did have a strong fight…” I said softly, though I immediately regretted saying it.     

Harry looked defeated.  He knew that his strongest fights were the ones where he was angry.  “I’ve got round three tomorrow.  I’m going to fight and I’m not going to be mad.  If I win, I win.  If I lose, I lose.”

He glanced over to me and smiled gently.  Having been the first time he actually smiled at me all day, I took it as an “okay” to approach him and wrap my arms around his waist.  His arms slid around my back, a feeling I had been missing like crazy since this morning, and his lips pressed to the top of my head.

“Sure you’ll be okay with losing?” Louis asked, raising an eyebrow. 

Harry shrugged and kissed my hair once more. “I guess we’ll find out.”