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Summary: [Y/N] and boyfriend, Harry, are leaving a club when a stranger inappropriately touches [Y/N]. In a mix of furiousness and self-defense, [Y/N] takes a hard swing and ends up accidentally hitting Harry instead.

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You and Harry were dancing together inside an exclusive club in Los Angeles. It was the weekend and the two of you were unwinding from an eventful week. You had purchased a brand new dress just for the occasion. It was covered in sparkly sequins and rose above your mid-thigh. It hung around your neck like a halter with the back plunging with just enough to cover your bottom. It was Harry’s new favorite dress on you, especially when he was five shots of tequila in and felt frisky.

Harry was swaying to the music with you from behind. His lips were pressed softly by your ear and his hand was down at the end of your short dress, running it higher and higher.

You placed a hand over his to stop him. You were wearing minimal fabric underneath. “Not here,” you whispered knowingly. You felt him press harder behind you, feeling a prominent bulge against your back.

“Let’s get out’a here, then,” he said roughly.

A smirk tugged on your lips. You grabbed Harry’s hand, led the way towards the exit, and snaked your way through the crowded dance floor. You felt a hand slip under your dress, giving your bum a quick tap. “Not here!” you shouted over your shoulder.

Harry stopped in his track and pulled you to a halt. “It was me,” he responded. You saw Harry glaring at a stranger.

“Soft ass, sweetheart,” the stranger said. He closed the gap between you and him. “Skimpy little dress, I like it.”

The guy stumbled backwards after a shove from Harry. “You don’t touch her!” Harry shouted angrily. The guy just chuckled and dusted off his clothes. “Actor boy here thinks he’s so big and bad, huh?” the guy mocked, “What are you gon’ do about it, princess?”

The blood inside you boiled. You were disgusted with pigs like him. You despised people who objectified anyone. You didn’t dress to catch the attention of strange, dirty men. You dressed for yourself and for your boyfriend who adored you endlessly.

Without another thought, you took a swing in the dark— literally. You let your anger guide your aim. When the man saw your fist headed his way, he ducked instantly.

“Fuck!” Harry groaned once your knuckles made contact with his nose instead. Your eyes widened in shock and your hands covered your mouth.

You rushed to your now-injured boyfriend who had curled up and held his hands to his bloody nose. “Baby, I’m so sorry,” you said.

“Got quite a swing there, baby doll,” the guy said arrogantly.

Harry had enough of him. He stood up and took a swing at him. Harry hit the guy hard on his cheekbone and knocked him to the ground. “Asshole,” Harry spat.

A crowd had begun to form around the three of you. “Let’s get out of here,” you said. You grabbed Harry by the hand and made a run for the exit before the crowd broke out into a frenzy. The media was going to have a field day with this drama.

You and Harry rushed straight home. Harry laid on your sofa with a throbbing pain on his nose. You grabbed an ice pack from the freezer for him. “I’m so sorry,” you handed him the ice pack.

“It’s okay,” Harry chuckled, “I didn’t punch him nearly as hard as you were going to.”


Dunkirk has just passed $300M worldwide and $130M domestically at the box office this weekend, and it’s only in its 3rd week. I am so proud of this film and the entire cast and crew involved. This war epic is well on its way to becoming a top 100 grossing movie of all time.

Wolf Rage - Harry Styles imagine

Request: Definitely an imagine with Harry styles, please. One where he gets jealous about my love for teen wolf and the hot dudes lmao. And it kinda blows up into a fight but we make up. Cheesy I know!


Y/N - Your Name
Y/F/N - Your Friends Name
Y/H/T - Your Home Town


“Oh my god I know right?!” I exclaim into the phone talking to my best friend, Y/F/N and I are watching the weekly episode of our favorite show Teen Wolf. We would normally be together tonight but she’s back home in Y/H/T and I’m traveling with my boyfriend Harry while he does press for his new movie. I love Harry so much but I miss home immensely, that’s why I look forward to spending my Sunday nights on the phone with my best girl friend watching my favorite show. “She needs to stay away from Stiles, I’m gonna get my big ass in the tv rip those cheap hair extensions out of her annoying ass head!” Y/F/N yelled into the phone. “I think her hair is real Y/F/N.” I say laughing, I hear a door shut behind me and turn my head to see Harry closing the front door.

“Hey gorgeous.” I say, I can hear him taking off his shoes and walking towards the back of the couch in our living room.

“Hello love, how was your day?” Harry says placing a kiss on the top of my head. “Hold on a sec Y/F/N Harry just got home, I’ll call you back after the commercial break. Okay bye.” I hang up the phone and face towards the couch wrapping my arms around Harry’s torso, placing my chin on his chest. “It was fine, I called my mom she’s says hi and that she loves the movie, how was yours handsome?” Harry smile and rubs his thumbs over my cheeks. “It was good, lots of interviews as usual but Fionn invited us to go out for dinner tonight. I just came up to get you and to change.” Harry said with a smile on his face, I felt so guilty. “Honey you know I’d love to but Teen Wolf is on tonight and Y/F/N and I on the phone watching it together.” I say smiling nervously hoping he understands.

“So you’re telling me you would rather stay home and watch some dumb teen tv show than go out for dinner with adults?” Harry answered back clearly agitated. I unwrapped my arms from his torso and leaned back into the couch, and gave him a confused look.

“Harry you know this is important to me, I haven’t seen Y/F/N in months and the only time we can talk together is when-”

“You’re gushing over shirtless ware wolves, I see how it is.” He said backing away. “Harry what is this really about? The fact like I like to spend my Sunday nights with my best friend who is thousands of miles away or about the guys in the show?” I say raising my voice, I can’t help but let out a humorous huff as this is such a ridiculous thing to be arguing about but here we are anyway.

“It just seems that you get a little too into the show sometimes, when we went to comic con you ran into one of those wolf blokes and completely ignored me.” Harry said obviously hurt by my love for the show and cast, I felt horrible. I didn’t know Harry felt this way about a silly show, clearly it’s taken a toll on him over time.

“Harry I’m sorry. Honey if you felt this way why didn’t you tell me? It’s just a fun show that I like to watch, it doesn’t mean I want to be with any of the guys in the show!” I say trying to make a point but sound sincere, Harry bows his head down running his fingers through his hair. He always did that when he gets nervous. I walk up to him and cup his head in my hands forcing him to look up at me.

“Listen Harry, I love you. Only you, and no one else. Well maybe Y/F/N a little to.” I say and we both laugh, “the only reason I make such an effort ever Sunday to watch the show is because I miss my friends. It’s just a fun thing to do and something I look forward to especially when I’m home sick.” I say quietly, I don’t mean to make him feel worse but I want him to know my reasoning.

“I’m so sorry love, I know you don’t get to see your family and friends that much.”, as Harry said that the phone rang it was obviously Y/F/N calling back. “Go answer it,” Harry said smiling,“she’s probably biting her nails in anticipation of who will be shirtless next.” He says laughing, I smile and lean into his chest and place my lips on his. I can feel him hum into the kiss and wrap his arms around my waist, I run my fingers through his hair as he rubs tiny circles on my lower back. “Before this goes to far,” Harry whispers low against my lips, “go enjoy your Sunday night.” I pull away from him slowly and smile up at him,“thank you darling.” I say and give him a quick peck on the lips.

I run towards the couch and pick up the phone on my way, “Hey I’m back! Oh my god, he did not!” I click the tv on and turn to Harry leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed smiling at me. “I love you” I mouth as Y/F/N catches me up on what I missed, Harry brings his hands up to his face, covering the sides of his grinning face and mouths “I love you too.” Oh this is the man I love.

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World of Our Own | Harry Styles Uni AU | Chapter 11



Hold me close but at a distance
Thinking I don’t ever listen, but I do
I know sometimes I get confusing
You might be lost but I won’t be losing you


Word Count 9.5k

Rae had never felt impelled to wear heels on a night out. She got the appeal, she supposed, but the pain didn’t make the appeal worth it in her head. Even in the first week, when all her girlfriends had been pulling wedges and stilettos on, she still opted for her beaten up pair black Vans that she’d owned since her feet had stopped growing. When she was standing in line at the club, sure she felt a little out of place for a while, but once a couple of hours had passed and the rest of her friends were moaning about how their feet hurt, she couldn’t help but smile smugly.

It was for that reason that she couldn’t work out why she’d decided to put on a pair of black wedges, that she didn’t know how she’d come to be the owner of, with her jeans and metallic green halterneck top. It had been Niall’s raised eyebrows, and brotherly warning about her feet hurting, that had made her even more determined to get through the night in them. However, as she stood in line for Coalition with her housemates, she wished she’d listened to his words of caution and changed her shoes.

Her feet were beginning to hurt, and it was getting hard to hide. She was barely spending a second with her weight on one foot before switching to the other. In her head, she was playing a constant loop of ‘you can do this, you’ll be inside soon, and you can get a drink and it won’t hurt then.’ She had no idea if that was true, she’d never spent a night in heels to know, and the fact Niall’s potion like pre drink cocktail had done nothing for the pain, she felt like she might have been fooling herself.

As the line moved closer to the door, the sound of the bass heavy music reminded Rae why they usually avoided Coalition on a night out. The scene at Coalition wasn’t what any of them normally went in for, it was dark and dingy and a little bit too cool for the sort of night out Rae and her housemates normally liked. However, the promise of cheap alcohol and the Summer Party tagline had made it a little more tempting than it would otherwise have been.

The university had quietened down for the summer term’s private study period, but in true student fashion not much studying had been happening inside Lansdowne Road. Even Harry had joined in with movie days that ended in popcorn comas on the sofa. Rae had been to too many house parties to count, and she hadn’t paid anywhere near enough thought to her last project of the year. Harry was the only one who scurried away to work on something every now and again, which only made her feel guilty for not doing the same.

Since their argument, Rae had done nothing but feel guilty. It was typical of her to lose her head in a row and speak before she thought. She spent too many nights after the day at the beach wishing Harry had just cut her off and stopped her, but he hadn’t and instead they were working on a barely friends, just about tolerate one another basis. They were civil, but that was about it. They didn’t interact unless they had to, but they did seem to be going out of their way not to make it awkward for the others though, and Rae tried to be happy with that. It didn’t seem like they could ever go back to what they had before, so Rae tried to settle, content, in whatever she could get.

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“Dunkirk” is making quite the splash in the domestic box office this weekend, already tracking for a debut of over $50 million. 

The World War II drama from Christopher Nolan is on course for a $51 million opening after taking in just shy of $20 million on Friday. After $5.5 million from Thursday night previews, Warner Bros.’s “Dunkirk” has now amassed $19.8 million from 3,720 locations so far. The success can be attributed in part to “Dunkirk’s” positive reviews and A- CinemaScore (It has an even more impressive A grade amongst people under age 25).

—  Variety.

things change above the earth

“things change. and friends leave. life doesn’t stop for anybody.” - stephen chbosky, the perks of being a wallflower

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i. time above the earth the kooks/ ii. we can pretend boxing at the zoo/ iii. paco ill spector/ iv. feels like we only go backwards tame impala/ v. who’d you kill kishi bashi/ vi. keep me in mind little joy/ vii. partners in crime the strokes/ viii. run rainbow kitten surprise/ ix. carolina harry styles/ x. like gold vance joy/ xi. live well palace/ xii. no wrong bahamas/ xiii. off trash panda/ xiv. nothing’s going to keep me down yellow days//