harry styles bow ties

Bow ties and Blowjobs

Harry Styles - 1217 words


“I’m really glad you want to tag along, y/n.” Harry’s arms encircle my waist as he squeezes me once more for good measure, letting go so I can pull the front of the dress right. “Zip me up.” I press the dress closer towards my frame, wiggling my ass as I throw him a wink over my shoulder.

“It’s not wanting, it’s more being forced to.” I chuckle, a small shiver running along my spine as Harry’s fingers brush along the skin of my back. “If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.”
Harry slowly turns me around, eyes casting from my ankles all the way up to my face, granting me with a small smile when our gazes meet.

“Didn’t you tell that flirty secretary of you you were dating the girl that ‘visited’ you multiple times a week?” I hope he can see the mischief in my eyes, and I grin even wider when I see the  sparkle in his bright green eyes. “I could always say my girl is occupied.” Harry’s fingers brush along my exposed arm, enclosing around my wrist as he lifts it, pressing a kiss along the inside.

“She would jump your scrawny ass and you know it. I am saving your dick from an std.” I roll my eyes but bite my lip at the same time, pulling away from my best friend to search through my bag for the black heels that accompany this tight dress. “My dick and I are forever grateful, Y/n.” Harry chuckles and lets himself fall onto his bed, arms and legs sprawled out along his duvet.

“You should be.” I hike up my knee length dress  up to my hips and crawl on top of Harry, our centers pressing together. Harry and I had been best friends since we were eight and a half years old. He was there when I scraped my knee along the asphalt, when I was bawling my eyes out during my first break up and when he and I complained about our first times with random people. It’s then that we realize we had been searching relief with the complete wrong people.

“Y/n, don’t tempt me. We have to be there at eight sharp.” Harry groans out as his flattened out hands run alongside my thighs, squeezing the fleshy skin as he lets his eyes drift closed.
We were friends with benefits since then.

“I can’t help myself. You in a costume, hm.” I wink as he peeks his eye open at me, biting my lip as I let my long, manicured nails rasp along his white button up shirt. Harry was an important guy in his company, but don’t ask me what his profession is. He tried to explain me multiple times throughout the years and I seem to not grasp it. He was down an entire different lane than I was, anyway.

“I should wear this more often then.” Harry breaths as I wiggle my hips in an experimental attempt, Harry throwing his head back as he lets the tiniest of groans slip past his lips.

“I don’t think you’d get any work done, Mr. Styles.” I bat my eyelashes at him as I lean down, both my hands resting near his head as I let my eyes focus on his lips. I feel his cold hands trail from my thighs towards my bum, a loud smack resonating through his bedroom, followed by a loud moan of his name tumbling from my lips.

“If we stay here, I might not leave this bed until morning.” Harry sighs as he opens his eyes again, leaning up to catch my lips in a slow kiss, a tiny moan leaving my lips at the contact. Harry always had the smoothest, warm and inviting lips. I pull away reluctantly, taking another second to kiss his bottom lip again, skin sticking to one another as I retreat.

“I think we should stay here then.” I breathe with my eyes still closed, just a few centimeters dangling above his waiting lips, his hands stroking along every bit of exposed skin. “I’m sorry Y/n, my boss will have my ass. But afterwards you’re welcome to stay the night.” Harry squeezes my bum again as his lips press against my jaw, pushing both of us up in a sitting position.

“I’ll have your ass too then.” I sigh as I let Harry set me back onto my feet, his hand cupping my jaw briefly before he walks over to his dresser. “Are you ready to leave?” He asks as he slings the bow around his neck, fingers fumbling to close the buttons. “Almost.” I breathe, walking over to where my best friend was standing, his erection straining against his dress pants.

Harry eyes me as I step just a few centimeters away from him, throwing a wink his way before I drop onto my knees. “Y/n, I - we have to leave and -”

“By the time you have your bow tie tied, you’ll be moaning my name.” I seductively whisper as my fingers unzip his pants swiftly, dropping them and his boxers just enough to encircle his throbbing cock with my small hand.
“Y/n, oh my god.” Harry breathes and his fingers grasp the seat behind him.

I don’t waste any time with pushing his tip past my lips, knowing he’d like to be on time so his boss would appreciate his presence. Harry is a moaning mess above me and I feel his cock jump in my hands, my eyes closing briefly as I push him further, tongue swirling around the hot flesh as I retract.

I let my gaze wander upwards as I give him a long, slow stroke with my whole tongue, Harry’s eyes glued to my movements, lip harshly pulled between his teeth. I hum along his throbbing erection which elicits a loud moan from his lips. I stop momentarily to let my nails scratch along his pelvis, bum resting on my heels.

“Are you going to tie that thing or not? Don’t want to be late.” I stare at him through my lashes as I see him feverishly start to try and tie his bow, my lips encircling his cock once more. I hollow out my cheeks as I suck him into my mouth, my hand assisting the last bit of skin I can’t reach.

Harry starts thrusting his hips in sync with my mouth, his moans echoing through the room. He is careful not to grab a fistful of hair seeing as how he paid for the hair dresser to do my hair in a fashionable high bun. It doesn’t take long for Harry to splutter as he fills my mouth, my name leaving his lips in short, panting whispers.

I stand to my feet and see Harry haphazardly leaning against his dresser, his eyes almost closed in bliss. My hands assist in fixing up his bow tie, pulling it in place and smoothing his shirt into his pants as I press my lipstick covered lips to his in a small kiss. He is eager to slide his tongue past my lips but I retreat, a smirk covering my lips as Harry’s hands squeeze my hips.
“Told you I’d get you moaning before you could finish.”

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