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Harry makes sure he has (y/n) for secret Santa

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In honor of B graduating. I decided to write a short blurb. Hope everyone likes it. Not proofread, so there are probably a thousand mistakes.
I did. I finally did it. I graduated! I never thought it would happen. It was a long, hard road. Thankfully you had a great support system. Your friends, family, and boyfriend always get your spirits up.
All the late nights you had to pull just to finish a project finally seemed worth it. This thin, flimsy piece of paper was your reward. Well of course being able to job in your field as well.
You decided to take a few days off for your accomplishment and visit your boyfriend Harry. London was such a beautiful place and you wished you could live here. Even though it was cold compared to where you lived, you’d do anything to be closer to Harry.
After relaxing on the couch all afternoon, Harry’s huge shower was calling your name. Harry is humble in many ways, his house was not one of them. The warm water against your skin instantly relaxed you. You should be this stressed. You just finished the hardest four years of your life, your stress should be melted away.
The feeling of hands on your shoulder caused you to let out the loudest shriek. “Hey, hey it’s just me. M’sorry didn’t mean to scare you, love. Can I join yeh?”
“Of course. You just started me. Didn’t expect you home for another few hours.”
“Told them I need off early because my beautiful girlfriend was visiting. N’ wanted to spend as much time with yeh as I could.”
“Well I’m glad you did. Think we could go out to eat tonight?”
“Anything for yeh. Where were yeh thinking?” This entire time he’d not quit rubbing your shoulders causing you to relax even more.
“Hmm I don’t really care, maybe Italian?” It honestly didn’t matter to you, but you wanted a decent meal. You’d been eating kinda shitty these past couple of months due to stress and it would be nice to have a decent meal.
“Alright I’ll call and make us a reservation. But for now why don’t we go relax in the couch,” he smiled.
Harry of course chose one of the finest Italian restaurants in London. He never bared any expense when it came to you. If you’d let him, he’d give you the world. The food was delicious. You wanted one of everything on the menu.
Harry had been mysteriously quiet during dinner. He was always the listener but he was tonight he was extra quiet. The only time he acted like this was when he was too busy thinking about something else. It always worried you when he was this preoccupied. The last time he’d acted like this was after he’d gotten his role in Dunkirk but couldn’t tell you yet.
The drive home was almost unbearable. Silence was in the air, unfortunately it was anything but comfortable. Harry all but flew out of the car after arriving home. You wracked your brain to think of what happened to upset him.
You decided to not push him to talk about it. He’d eventually tell you in his own time. When you opened the door to the house it was eerily quiet. Maybe he’d chosen to go to bed, you thought. You left your shoes by the door instead of taking them to your bedroom. Tonight you were tired and all you wanted to do was change into some pajamas and watch TV. However first you were going to put your leftovers away.
The closer you got to the kitchen you could tell Harry was in there. When you walked in there had to be at least 50 balloons, a cake, a gift box, and card. “God I thought you’d never get here,” Harry laughed.
“What is all this?”
“A celebration of course. My girl finally graduated. It took hard work and dedication. Never had a doubt in my mind that yeh wouldn’t accomplish it.” Tears were forming, Harry was such an amazing boyfriend, no person. The world didn’t deserve him. He went out of his way to be kind.
“H, I don’t know what to say. I never expected anything like this.”
“Aww love, don’t cry,” he said bringing you into a hug. “Now why don’t yeh open your card and gift.”
Grabbing the card off the counter you opened it slowly. The handwritten words bringing even more tears to your eyes.
I’m incredibly proud of you. The determination you have shows in anything you do. Journalism was your passion, your dream and now you can pursue it. This is just one milestone in your life and I thank god everyday that I was here with you. Life may not always be easy but with you by my side I know I can do anything.
I never thought a simple fan encounter would turn into this. But I couldn’t resist you since the day I met you. There was an instant connection. I’ve never felt this way about someone before. I’m scared that this is all a dream and eventually I’ll wake up.
I hope you don’t get upset but I lined up an interview for you at one of the companies here in London. It’s an amazing opportunity and I couldn’t not send in your resume. The interview is Monday. Which leads me to a question. Will you move in with me?
Love always,

Harry had been silent the entire time it took for you to read it. “So?” Harry asked picking up the box opening it revealing a key inside. “Whaddya say?”
“Yes. Of course yes!” You screamed. You couldn’t contain yourself and jumped into his arms.
He didn’t say anything but he’d yet to stop smiling. The two of you stood in the kitchen holding each other for what seems like hours. “Love I’d love to stay like this all night, but why don’t we eat a piece of cake?” You let out a sigh, not wanting to let go.
“Don’t wanna let go. Wanna be close to you forever,” you said sounding like a child not getting their way.
“We can eat cake and then we can get get as close as two people could possibly get,” he was smirking. You didn’t even have to look up to figure that out. But who were you to object. This week had been one of the best in your life. Now if only everything stayed this way.


Off the field, it's no game.

This was requested, hope you guys like it. AU where he’s a jock.


Sneaking past gates and walking to the boys’ locker-room periodically isn’t your specialty, but when your boyfriend calls you an hour before a game anguished because he left his game undershirt at home, you had to be the decent girlfriend and go get his undershirt.
The locker room doors open and your 6 foot tall, green eyed, football player walks out, appearing to be half a mess. You stifle a laugh, observing how he has one cleat taped with athletic tape, the other foot wearing just a sock, meanwhile both wrists are taped as well. His game pants are on and all that is covering his relatively tanned body is a workout shirt that reveals his terrible tan lines from his jersey -due to practicing all summer and fall. “Game shirt, please tell me you have your jersey.” You hand him the undergarment with his number printed on the sleeve. “Ha-ha, hilarious.” He rolls his eyes, evidently not in the best of spirit. Pregame football players can be a bit restless and standoffish, it comes with getting their heads in the game and marking their territory. “Are we meeting after the game?” You mildly request, other players walking out of the locker-room, and walking straight into the training room. “I don’t know, you gotta go before everyone sees.” He clears his throat, you breathe a sigh and roll your eyes. “Good-luck.” You reply, walking away as a few of his mates shove him back into the locker room. Dating the prized football player has its perks, but also has its disadvantages, especially when he’s a starter and isn’t meant to have time to have a girlfriend. Football jocks are intended to spend their time focusing on studies and the next rival game, remembering game plays, making sure to bench press and hit their maxes; athletes are not suggested to have time for girlfriends and participating in romance. Ask any coach who’s trying to get their players signed to division one teams, they’ll tell you there’s no time for sweethearts.

The sweet smell of fresh grass on a colder September night fills your senses as does the sound of everyone cheering in the stands as yet another touch down is put on the scoreboard. “Is this over yet, this is the longest game?” Your friend laments as she sits back down on the bleachers, “it’s fourth quarter, there’s three minutes left.” You answer back, your eyes drawing back to the playing field,
“I’m so damn bored.” She discloses, dragging your attention away from the game, “watch the game.” You moan, beckoning towards the field,
“My boyfriend was taken our third quarter.” She says with a sigh and you ignore her, flicking your eyes back to the game, abruptly applauding a little extra as your boyfriend gets the interception. “Has he managed to keep you under the radar still?” Your friend questions, distinctly having no interest in permitting you to watch the rest of the game. “Yes, he’s a popular football player, he doesn’t need the school knowing we’re dating.” You respond, listening to the buzzer and the crowd of students and parents cheering, the band playing vociferously as the players begin to form their line on the field to ceremoniously shake their competitors hand and gracefully claim the victory.

You make your way down the bleachers and walk along the fence of the field, trying to weave in and out of the disorderly crowd of parents and zestful girlfriends. “Are you not waiting outside the locker room for him?” Your friend gently tugs your arm gesturing for you to go with the parents and other girlfriends to the Locker room. You shake your head and walk the opposite direction to the concession stand where you purchase a hydrating drink. You avert your eyes at your phone and see a text,

“Meet behind the gates in five.” -Harry.

You do as you’re instructed and await tolerantly behind the gates, observing as the last person leaves the field. After a few moments the stadium lights turn off and you see a shadow walking towards you, “hi.” Harry greets as he gets closer to you, “hey, how are you?” You interrogate, taking note of his slight hobble,
“Sore, very sore.” He dryly responds and you offer him the drink you previously brought, “you look like you need it.” You crack a smile, watching as he lets out a stiff chuckle, “you look like you need a jacket.” He announces, dropping his bag to the ground, granting you his jacket. You graciously take it, sliding it up your arms while he chugs your drink. “So, why we here? we might get seen.” You quaintly examine, a little smile forming on his lips, “why do you think I had the lights turned off?” He retorts with a sneaky grin,
“You have the power to do that?” You cross your arms, wondering as to whether he is shit stirring you or not.
“Yup, my friend works the tech stuff in the press box,” he merely responds, his hands resting on your hips, delicately pulling you closer to his body. He’s still hot and sweat-soaked despite changing clothes, good thing is he smells divine. “You played well tonight.” You nervously grin, feeling a little anxious as you look into his radiant green eyes; there’s something about the way he appears after a football game that has you utterly drooling and begging for mercy. “Eh, I did okay.” He shrugs in all modesty, leaning down and lavishing your lips with his kiss, not allowing you to drown him in praises. Your wrap your arms around his neck warily, not knowing what parts of his body hurts and which parts are still numb from the game. He deepens the kiss and captivates you, intriguing you further and further into his relentless kiss. His hands move down and he graciously lifts you up, your legs wrapping around his waists, your body’s closer together. For someone that played a hell of a game and is aching, he’s one hell of a good kisser.
Who said after-game celebrations had to be at a party getting drunk?
You hear the sound of the other gates closing and you gently unhook your legs and he pulls away leisurely, “damnit.” He mumbles and you can’t help but place another small kiss on his lips. “I have to go,” he sighs already picking up his bag,
“You know, we wouldn’t have to hide if you’d just give in.” You breathe a sigh, observing as he lowers his eyes before looking back at you, he places a hand to your cheek, kissing you lightly. “I can’t, not until the season is over.” He says in a low voice, your eyes leaving his as you step away from him, unsettled that you’re a secret because of his reputation he has to uphold, not to mention his somewhat popular/arrogant demeanour. “C'mon y/n, don’t give me that look.” He groans and you begin to take his jacket off,
“You have to go, your team is waiting for you to celebrate with them and get blind drunk.” You answer, dangling his jacket in front of him, beckoning for him to take it back. With a heavy sigh he grabs it, displeased with your antics. “Meet me before workouts on Monday?” He questions and you roll your eyes,
“No,” you respond, beginning to walk away but his hand grasps your wrist,
“C'mon, you know I’m busy this weekend scouting to play college football,” he enlightens you, his bright green eyes becoming dark, his voice becoming deeper as he begins to get irritated. “Get back to me when I’m not your hidden secret.” You sternly show reaction, “you played well on the field Harry, but off the field you’re playing me like a game, and it’s not okay.” You announce, watching as he bites his lip,
“Fine,” he let’s go of your wrist allowing you to walk away. “The gate’s locked.” Harry chuckles as you get closer to the general admissions gate. You turn to face him, taking note as he has a bright grin on his face. “C'mon, come with me.” He offers his hand, but you don’t take it, you’re doubtful. “Oh, wow, can’t hold a man’s hand after he plays a tough game?” He engages in playful teasing, breaking a smile from your face; you take harrys hand. He leads the way to the second gate the players use to get to the locker room after games, “but everyone will see.” You whisper only for him to shrug,
“They’ll get over it. You’re my girlfriend, I shouldn’t hide you.” He responds, taking you by astonishment while he walks you past the locker rooms, out the gates, and towards the parking lot full of other football players.

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harry randomly proposing you on christmas eve! like you are just laying in the bed, eating gingerbreads, watching some cliche christmas film and then he looks at you and realizes he wants to spend his life with you. so he just asks you to marry him. absolutely out of blue. no ring. no big ceremony. just you two. (you can probably try something from his P.O.V)



Hello guys!! :) 

1st: I am closing requests so I can catch up on the ones that have been sent in. I can’t tell you how long it will take, but I promise that as soon as I’m done I’ll open requests again. 

2nd: Part3 to the Cheating One Shot series will most likely be up sometime this weekend. I hope for saturday but it’ll probably be sunday. 

3rd: Harry is too cuddly around this time of the year for me to handle.

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I know request are closed but I had an idea!!! What if all your friends are getting pregnant and it's got you paranoid to the point you won't have sex with him at all. Until he seduces you and your hormones win.

“Angela is pregnant.”  Harry informed you as he walked into the kitchen to throw his coffee cup in the trash.  

You looked up from your soup, your eyebrows raised.  That was the fourth friend of yours to announce a pregnancy in the last month.  It was getting a little ridiculous and scary if you were being honest.  Harry leaned his elbow on the counter next to you,

“Must be in the water.”

You let out a deep sigh, turning the burner off under your soup,

“Than I’m not drinking water anymore.”

Harry laughed as he watched you pull a bowl down from the cupboards,

“Would it be so terrible?  Having my baby?”

“Terrible?  You want the honest answer?”  You asked as you spooned your soup into the bowl.

“Yes I want the honest answer.”

Another deep sigh exited your lungs as you looked up at him, lifting your fingers to lick some of the soup off that had dribbled on them,

“We talked about this.  We agreed.  There are things I wanna do before we start all that.  Things I wanna see.  There are things you wanna do too so don’t make it seem like it’s all just me.”

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Harry + Flipping The Bird


“It only takes a second to call a girl fat, and she’ll take a lifetime trying to starve herself. Think before you act.”- Harry Edward Styles (1st February 1994)

Massive Happy Birthday to my Hazz, Love you xoxo


h.s. lockscreens

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harry is adorable when he's ill and it makes me angry, a masterpost

seriously no one should look this cute when they’re sick get oUT

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Inspired by conversations about rainy days, kisses on noses, and an ask received in the midst of writing it about H making you finish so hard you cry. It’s a bit sloppy at parts, but hopefully it goes unnoticed. Enjoy. x

“We should drive,” you’d told him as you looked up at the sky. Half of it was a clear blue but the other half was covered in a dark, billowing mess that promised rain.

“We’ll be fine,” Harry had promised you with the jingle of his keys as he’d locked up his door. “A little rain never hurt anybody, right?”

You, of course, hate to say you were right.

What had started out as a casual stroll and joint running of some errands is ending up as an unexpected shower for the pair of you. That cloud in the sky has been threatening to burst all day, and it finally has – with big, fat drops that are the size of coins and that leave the pavement dotted with wet and dry at first until wet overwhelms before you can blink.

“Harry!” He’s left you with his bag as well as yours and he’s sprinting ahead of you on his long legs, giving you no choice but to wobble unevenly after him as fast as you can.

“M’openin’ the door!” he bellows back at you as he abandons you, feet slamming against the soaking wet ground. You shriek when a splash hits your leg and you grimace at the knowledge that it’s dirty street water soaking into your jeans. When you finally catch up, Harry’s paused outside the door of his house, fumbling with his keys, before finally he slides one in and his front door swings open. There’s a piercing chime and he hurries to shut the security system down while you step in behind him and shut the door, dropping both your bag and his by the door and slamming your hands over your ears.

You’ll never be used to the sound.

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