I started this on Monday and in light of all that we found out today… I decided to fill in some details and finish it. It’s quick, and it’s had even less proofreading than normal, but considering I wasn’t going to do anything before the pain kink one… I wanted to roll this out. Harry, please don’t throw anything else at me to inspire me? x

Gentle Reminder: requests are closed! For real. 

“Post came,” Harry calls to you as he hangs his keys on the hook by the door.

“Is there anything for me?” you call back to him, the gentle thudding of his feet as he winds his way through the hallway getting louder with his approach. “I’m waiting on a new card after mine got all scratched up.”

“Think it’s here, yeah,” he says as he comes into view. His hair is still under the beanie he’d worn outside, covering his thick curls on the unusually crisp September day. His gray jumper has one sleeve rolled up to his elbow, prominently showing off his arm of tattoos and he stretches it out to you to give you the thin envelope you’ve been waiting for.

“Thanks, love,” you tell him absentmindedly while opening it.

“Got some magazines, too, love,” he says. “Want to take a look?

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Unofficial “Harry-has-killed-us-all-and-we’re-screaming-about-it” Blurb Night Masterlist

Here is a list of all the random blurbs I wrote last night!

1. Harry finds you in tears over his magazines.

2. Harry helps you pack before you move in with him.

3. Fluffy, clingy, morning Harry.

4. Painting Harry’s nails.

5. Harry grocery shopping with your little girl.

6. Harry comforts you.

7. Harry wants to include you in his magazine photoshoot.

8. Harry comforts you after the loss of your grandmother.

9. Harry clings to you all day.

10. Harry asks you to move in with him.

11. Your daughter says something mean to you and Harry talks to her.

12. Harry lets your little girl give him a makeover.

13. Harry thanks you for supporting him.

14. How Harry would act if you were short.

15. The morning after your wedding night.

16. Harry is sick and sleepy.

17. You and Harry have broken up but he still wants to tell you about his magazine.

18. Your daughter misses Harry while he’s on tour.

19. How Harry reacts when you’re nine months pregnant.

Fluff, at your service

Okay. So. It’s been a super long day, like nothing could go right. Work was nothing short of chaotic - all of the kids seemed to be running on some kind of high and no one would settle down or sit still and you were at your wits end. Traffic on the drive home was more congested than usual. You called Harry from the freeway almost in tears but there wasn’t much he could do at the moment, he’d been locked up in the studio all day and wouldn’t be home until late. So you get home and make yourself a quick supper and then once you’ve finished, you settle in for the night with a warm, take-away-the-stress-of-the-day-bath, and you put on something soothing - probably Harry’s playlist because it makes you think warm thoughts. Once the water has gone cold, you throw on one of Harry’s sweatshirts  - maybe the one from the donut shop because it reminded you of the perfect day you had with him - and a pair of boy shorts. You climb into bed and do a couple things on your laptop before you close your eyes for the night. Harry told you not to wait up for him, and you weren’t sure you’d have been able to keep your eyes open if you tried. You wake up around 3am and Harry’s arm is securely around you and you and you can feel his steady breaths on your neck and it’s the first time in a while you’ve let a smile grace your face because he’s here, he’s with you, and he doesn’t have to leave for a while. The next day you wake up and go to work as usual, praying for an easier day. What you didn’t know was that Harry stayed home. When you called him on your lunch break, he sounded like he was preoccupied and it made you a little uneasy because he didn’t say what he was doing when you asked what he was up to. Luckily, your day had been easier. You hadn’t expected to see his Rover in the garage when you got home and you thought since maybe he sounded weird on the phone earlier, he hadn’t been feeling well and didn’t tell you; thus, he came home early from the studio. In no way were you expecting what you saw when you walked in. He made your favorite meal from scratch, he had piña coladas ready and waiting because he knew how much you loved pineapple - even if the taste of the rum made him make a puckered face. He put your favorite sweatshirt of his and a pair of track pants in the dryer to warm them up. He had your favorite film on the coffee table in the living room waiting and he had your favorite baked goods in a little basket, waiting to be ate when you watched the film. Once you ate, he cleaned up everything. You settled on the couch when he came in, hands grasping extra blankets and another piña colada. He sits next to you and you snuggle into his side, asking him why he did all of this for you. He tells you it’s because he felt bad that you had a crummy day the day before and he couldn’t do a whole lot. He wants your world to be as light and easy and gentle as you’ve made his and he doesn’t ever want you to forget how much he loves you, especially when you feel as if everyone and everything is against you.

—- Oh my God I’m dyingggggg this was so lovely and warm and sweet and PERSONALIZED FOR ME?!?!!!?? Why you gotta be so sweet????? Why can’t I have Harry!! Ugh. I WANNNTT itttt 😫*sobs* THANK YOU SO MUCH (by the way, my kids are always little shits 😤 it’s a good thing they’re cute)

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You’ve got a little - here let me." With Harry

it sucks lmao sorry but i mean stream this town and buy harry’s issue of another man!!

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Final Cut: Harry’s Home Town

Originally posted by thebieberbanana

Word Count: 3,342. 

Hello! I haven’t updated in three weeks but everything’s piled on, one after the other with school and other things. BUT OH MY GOD THE MAGAZINE. Or should I say OH BOY! I cannot even comprehend how blessed we are to be able to live in the same era as or even love him. The fact that he’s released such breathtaking artwork in such a form not only shows us another side of him but brought us all back together again. Harry Styles is nothing short of a legend. Love to you all x

Harry: Baby, where’re we going today?

You: Tesco’s! We’re off to Tesco’s.

Harry: *nods, chuckling at you.* We’re off to Tesco’s to buy some food for the train ride tomorrow. And for the flat, but you know. 

You: *in a posh voice* We’ll be going to Holmes Chapel tomorrow!

Harry: Up to my hometown for a bit of a vlog ‘round, and if anyone’s ever taken a train up from London to Manchester, you’ll know that the three hour trip is…

Harry: I-I mean it’s not that terrible compared to like a flight from London to Sydney but still, we tend to-

You: We tend to get hungry easily, so. I mean at least I do, I throughly enjoy eating. I don’t know about curly though.

Harry: *whining* Love, not curly! Don’t call me curly.

You: Okay, dimps.

Harry: *rolling his eyes* Ever since our trip to Iceland, she’s been coming up with nicknames for me.

You: I’ve always had nicknames for you! It’s just now more prominent because of that holiday.

Harry: And I would tell you all why that’s so, but that would spoil the fun of watching the actual vlog itself!

You: *laughing in the background* Way to self-promo, Haz.

Harry: If you haven’t already seen our vlog from Iceland, the link will be in the description below. 

Harry: We posted the video a couple days ago and had the absolute best time exploring the country. If you ever have the opportunity to go, take it. 

Harry: There’s nothing like seeing The Northern Lights in person, really. It just incredible and we had loads of fun doing the waterslide, seeing all the sights and stuff and…

Harry: Alright, I’m sort of spoiling the whole video but just watch it when you can! Perhaps after seeing this video, if you’re still watching…

Harry: Hope we haven’t aurora bored you yet!

Harry: Get it! Because the Northern Lights are also called Aurora Borealis.. and… 

Harry: *turns to you* You get it, right sweet’eart? *shifts camera to you* 

You: *trying not to laugh but failing* ‘m driving, H, don’t distract me.

Harry: She loves my puns. 


Harry: *zooming camera in on you* Can you see the li-uhl screws going ‘round her brain right now? She’s deciding on if it’s acceptable to bring Weetabix for the train ride. 

You: *giggling* I just had a craving for them recently, ‘s all. You know how you randomly crave something that you haven’t had in forever and you thought you were over that food but every once in awhile the feeling comes back?

You: That’s sort of me with Weetabix right now. Dunno if I’m going to want them later on though.

Harry: Shh, you won’t love. 

You: *rolling your eyes* He’s just biased because he doesn’t like eating them. He’s becoming quite picky nowadays.

Harry: Am not! ‘ve just had too many bad experiences with them. 

You: Name one.

Harry: Alright. The fall of 2000-

You: Oh my god, no, I mean-

Harry: Story time inside Tesco! In Primary school there was this girl that had a crush on me, Phoebe Marks, dunno if she watches these or even remembers me… probably not.

Harry: Anyways, everyday she’d always have Weetabix for a snack and one day she told me she liked me by offering one to me, and I didn’t really like her back so she took the Weetabix and glued it onto the back of my jumper…

Harry: They called me Weety Styles.

You: *half frowning, half suppressing a laugh* Aw! Poor Haz, or rather, Weety Styles. *hugs him* 

Harry: *rolling his eyes* Not cool, babe. 

You: You’ve never told me that story before! Is that really why you don’t like them?

Harry: Well, I always have Weetabix contributing to the low points of my life so ‘ve just decided to stop eating them.

You: But was Weetabix really the reason behind your food poisoning or did you just eat too much pizza that one time before going to Thorpe Park?

Harry: Probably a bit of both. 

Harry: I’d still eat pizza though. 

You: Now that’s just injustice to Weetabix, you don’t know whose fault it was!

Harry: *shifting camera to himself and whispering* It was the Weetabix.

You: Well I know who you’re not getting sponsorship from.


Harry: Red or white wine baby?

*the two of you stare at each other before responding*

You and Harry: Red.

You: Anything else we should get? We’ve got some fruit, crisps, a few biscuits, another couple boxes of Yorkshire tea, your kale…

You: *speaking into the camera* Harry likes to eat kale PLAIN. Plain kale! Who does that!

Harry: Hey, ‘m sure loaads of people eat kale alone just like me, and those people are amazingly special.

You: …You should really start a food blog.

Harry: I should, shouldn’t I?

Harry: Fresh Foods With Harry. 

You: No, no, you should call it Weety Styles! Get it! ‘Cause wheat, and the whole primary school thing, and-

Harry: I get it. No need to elaborate. *scowls*

You: And then we’ve got bread and some cereal… and veggies… do we need anything else?

Harry: Erm… I think that’s everythin’. We really should make a checklist of these things.


You: Goodmorning everyone! It’s currently 6:15ish in the morning and we are getting ready to leave for Holmes Chapel. 

You: Haz is currently singing in the bathroom.

*switches camera to the bathroom door with audio*

You: He’s singing The Rolling Stones. Listen to those high notes!

You: Anyways, we’ll be spending the whole of today and tomorrow in Harry’s hometown then heading up to Manchester as well to meet some friends.

*Shower head shuts off, Harry enters the room*

Harry: Darling, ya filmin’?

You: Yes I am and oh! What have we got here?  *turns camera around to show a half naked Harry with odd underpants on*

You: Guys look, he’s wearing pants with the union jack on them!

Harry: Ahem. ‘m proudly representing my country.

Harry: Also, my nan got them for me ‘nd I want to be honest and saying that I wear them often, which I do. They’re actually quite comfy!

You: I think they’re like, special edition Calvin Klein, yeah? Only sold in Britain…

Harry: Yeah, along with the robe.

You: Oh! Guys, I bought Harry and I, his and hers silk bathrobes, which I now realise makes us sound completely pretentious, I swear I’m not, I dunno about Harry though

Harry: Hey!

You: and I think Harry wears his more than I do with mine. His is like a maroon colour, mine’s a black one. 

Harry: Comfort is absolutely key.


You: Alright, are you sure we’ve got everything? I know it’s not that much of a journey but still.

Harry: *clearing his throat* As far as I’m concerned, we’ve got everything and we should be on the road again.


Harry: This train ride is making me nostalgic. 

Harry: I used to make this train ride a lot when I was in Uni, going back and forth almost every weekend if I could because I missed my family a lot.

You: Aww, H.

Harry: It was quite difficult, moving from a small village area where everyone knew your entire life story to an international city like London, where you hardly ever get to know anyone.

You: *grabbing his hand*  ‘s alright though now, yeah? 

Harry: *nodding and looking away into the fields* Yeah, ‘s lovely.

*puts camera on timelapse for the rest of the journey*


Anne: Hello there sweet’eart!

Harry: ‘llo, mum. *kisses her cheek* How’re you?

Anne: Well I’m fantastic now that you two are here, hello Y/N! I’d love a hug, you know.

You: *giggling* Sorry, I didn’t want to cut into the mother-son exchange. 

Anne: Oh, nonsense. You’re family as well, darling. Come in!

Harry: Dusty! 

Harry: This is Dusty, my cat growing up. She’s aged quite a bit but I still love ‘er all the same.

Anne: Harry’s first word growing up was “cat”. He wouldn’t stop mumbling it! “Mumma, ‘umma, cat! Cat!” 

Harry: I was your favourite child growing up, wasn’t I, mum?

Anne: Don’t know about that, my love. Gemma was awfully kind and didn’t bring as much trouble.

Anne: *speaking into the camera* Harry was a bit of a troublemaker as a child.

Harry: Was not!

Anne: *laughing* No, no. Only joking. He was amazing growing up, the neighbours always loved him. He said “hi” to everyone ‘round the corner, and I mean everyone. Even the flowers! As a six year old, he’d be upset if he didn’t get to say goodmorning to the flowers before heading off to school.

Harry: *now a darker shade of red* Mum…

Anne: Really was incredible. Though now you’re all grown up… *tears up*

Harry: Mum… oh, no, no, mum-

Anne: Makes me so proud of him.

You: He still says “good morning” to the potted plants we have ‘round the flat.

Anne: *running a hand through his hair* The sun is the same, in a relative way, but you’re older. *Harry smiles*


Harry: Hello! So we’re just about to have brunch together at my mum’s house then after we’ll be taking a walk ‘round Holmes Chapel, which I warn you is quite picturesque and not much to see after a while but I still think it’s worth filming.

You: Of course it’s worth filming, it’s your hometown!

Harry: That it is. 

Harry: What’s for breakfast slash lunch, mum? *turns camera to her in the kitchen* 

Anne: Hmm, you’ll see.

*Shows plates full of eggs, toast, fruit, sausage, etc*

Anne: Mostly from the garden, we’ve been planting again.

Harry: *shifts camera to face himself* Planting. If you can, I highly encourage that you grow your own garden because it’s a healthier and you know exactly what’s going on to your fruits and veggies, and-

Anne: *in the background* It’s quite fun actually!

Harry: Yeah, test out if you’ve got a green thumb. 

You: You certainly don’t have one, H.

Harry: Yes I do! 

You: No, love, you don’t. Remember that time I went to Canada and was gone for a week and a half? I left you in charge of watering the small tomato plant, the ONE small tomato plant we had! 

You: And guess what friends, he forgot.

Harry: I didn’t mean to! I swear!

You: I came back super excited ‘cause they were so close to ripening and Harry left them to die!

Harry: *rolling his eyes* That happened six months ago, love.

You: I’m still bitter about it. My poor tomatoes.

Anne: Well now we’ve got some Y/N if you’d like! *holds up bowl*


Harry: Alright, breakfast over, where to, love?

You: Dunno H, it’s your hometown!

Harry: Right, right.

Harry: Erm… *scratching the back of his head* 

Harry: I hadn’t really planned where to go, erm… give me a moment. 

*Scene cuts*

Harry: Alright, we are on the way to the bakery I used to work at, W. Mandeville which is down the road from my primary school-

You: Where Weety Styles learned how to live!

Harry: *scowling at you* I don’t ask to get hurt, but I still do.

You: Sorry my love, you walked into it.

Harry: I shouldn’t have told you. Erm, anyways…

Harry: *inhales deeply, shifting camera around* Gah, this is so odd coming back and walking ‘round here like this. It’s been so long.

Harry: These are the fields where I grew up… ‘s crazy, seeing it all again. 


Harry: Barbara!

Barbara: Harry! 

Harry: This is Barbara, the amazing lady who let me work here on Saturday’s even if I burnt bread and dropped things. She kept me anyways. *looks at her* Thank you.

Barbara: Oh, ‘s no trouble dear. You were lovely overall, it’s so nice to have you back ‘ere again! I haven’t seen you in ages, you grow taller each time!

Harry: *laughs* I tend to do that, ‘m sorry.

Harry: *speaking into the camera with Barbara by his side, you are holding the camera* If you’re ever in Holmes Chapel, visit W. Mandeville Bakery, they aren’t sponsoring me or anythin’, I just know it’s the absolute best bakery in the world.

Barbara: *blushes* Oh, thank you. You don’t need to do that.

Harry: I do! 

Laura (behind the counter): What can I get you today, love?

Harry: Hm.. erm, a slice of apple and raspberry please. *turns around and whispers to camera* 

Harry: Best cake in the world.

You: Which flavour is your favourite?

Harry: All of them. Doesn’t matter.

You: It doesn’t matter?

Harry: *shaking his head* Doesn’t matter. It’s all fantastic.

*Harry receives your guys’ orders, everyone hugs before you leave*

Harry: They’re amazin’ in there, I swear.

You: *chuckling* You really love it in there, don’t you?

Harry: Absolutely. I remember when I got that job, I was thinkin “Weekend job, I’m gonna be rich!”, like I won the lottery or somethin’. 

Harry: *now staring out at the roads* This is where it all happened for me, I mean the large portion of my life all happened in these streets. 

Harry: Feels like a lifetime ago since I was ‘avin to wear my uniform and walk down to secondary school with my mates. 

Harry: I mean, we knew we could, but we were all wonderin’ if we’d make it out of this tiny village and be able to go see… I dunno… The Maldives, or somewhere.

Harry: *pointing to a house* That’s my mate’s house, where we used to have band practice.

You: White Eskimo!

Harry: Yeah, I remember choosing the band name ‘cause we were entering for Battle Of The Bands, which we won by the way, and we hadn’t decided on a name so I just scribbled down White Eskimo and my mates just looked at me like, “What were you thinking?”

You: What were you thinking, Haz?

Harry: I don’t remember! It was better than like, Sock Monkey or whatever someone else suggested.

You: I definitely think you guys should make a comeback. I’ll see if I can book you boys The O2 or something. 

Harry: Why not Wembley?

You: Yeah, that’s the right spirit, H. I’ll call the people at Wembley and ask to book you guys, you think maybe next Saturday?

Harry: Hmm… I think I can manage to fit that in.

You: You hear that everyone? White Eskimo will be making a comeback at Wembley Arena next Saturday. Be there!


Harry: *leading you out into the fields* Pretty much every other part of my life has changed, apart from like, coming down here, it’s just exactly the same.

*The two of you continue walking out into the grass, coming upon the river*

Harry: You know, we’ve travelled all around the world but nothin’s ever gonna compare to where you came from. Almost every other bit of our lives, Y/N, is absolutely mad, we leave for a few weeks and come back for one, we work long hours, do, you know, crazy things. 

Harry: But comin’ here reminds me of who I was before that, and I always love to take parts of that, take those memories each time I leave this place again and I like to think back to this very field when we’re in South Africa or what have you, you know?

You: *nodding, tearing up*

Harry: Oh no, no, love, don’t cry. Why’re you crying baby?

You: I’m just getting a bit emotional, that’s all. This is where you came from, Haz. This place made you, you. And I think you’re just lovely, ‘s all.

*the two of you kiss off camera* 

Harry: I used to come here a lot to think. On my own. If I was ever angry or upset or just needed to be by myself, I’d walk out ‘ere.

Harry: *chuckles* If I came back a bit past sunset, my mum would get angry with me and everythin’, but I’d still do it anyways.

You: You rebel.

Harry: *shrugs, the two of you begin to walk out* I do as I please.

Harry: Now, off to where I spent most of my “teen” years. 

You: Holmes Chapel Comprehensive! 


Harry: Can you guys see the sweater I’ve got on?

You: *focuses on his school logo* 

Harry: Wore this more times than I can remember. It’s got a few holes in it, actually.

You: It suits you. I like it. 

Harry: Thank you, angel.

Harry: Hmm. *Harry inhales as you two enter school grounds* Smells like teen spirit and encouragement.

You: Haz, it smells like old books and sweat. 

You: And I think… *sniffs* a bit of weed. Oops.

Harry: Gah, these halls. I stopped a kid from being bullied right there. *points to edge of the library* I wonder how he is now.

You: Aw, that’s so nice of you.

Harry: And did a lot of study ‘ere. *points to spot under the tree*

Harry: And got food poisoning once over there.

You: School food not good?

Harry: Hm? Oh, erm, actually it wasn’t that bad. Depending on the day. 

Harry: I just got food poisoning ‘cause I was dared to eat somethin’ that everyone knew was not good to eat.

You: Harry!

Harry: What?

You: Why’d you do it?

Harry: Well I got ten quid after, and it was well worth it.

You: Ugh, you probably spent it on a fancy pen.

You: *speaking into the camera* By the way, Harry loves fancy pens. He’s got like twelve at home for “doodling” which he never does.

Harry: I never have the time to!

You: It’s not about having time, it’s about making time. *winks*

Harry: You’re so wise. Why are you so wise? That’s my job in this relationship.

You: What?!

Harry: ‘m usually the wise, stoic one and you’re the sensible and keeping us in line. We work together, babe.

You: Who told you that?

Harry: Looaaads of our viewers think so, especially in the comments. 

You: *speaking into camera* If you think Haz is the “stoic” one and I’m the “sensible” one, please let me know. I’d like proof of these claims.

Harry: I can show you right now, love! Let me pull up my phone-

You: Shh, shh, darling. No need. And put all your technology away, we’re out in nature! Enjoy it.

Harry: *chuckling* Says the one filmin’.

You: Oh my god, I am leaving you. I’m going back to your mum’s house.

Harry: Noo! *pulls you back* Only jokin’, sweet’eart. I love you.


Harry: ‘ello! We’re now back at the house after a day of explorin’. We came back quite a while ago but needed a nap but now we’re ‘ere and ready to watch the sunset from my mum’s backyard!

Harry: *setting camera up, the two of you then lie down in the field together*

You: It’s gorgeous.

Harry: *staring at you* I know.

You: *looking over at him* You’re so cheesy. But I love you that way.

*The camera is put on time-lapse until the sun goes down*

You: *sighing* I wish we could stay like this forever.

Harry: Why don’t we?


You: Hi there! Hope you enjoyed that little tour of Holmes Chapel.

Harry: ‘round my hometown. Like I said, it’s quite picturesque and the epitome of the English Countryside.

Harry: I’d recommend taking like, maybe a half day trip there. If you’re in the area, it is lovely despite me calling it boring sometimes. But I dunno, that could also just be me. *shrugs*

You: It really is beautiful there, and I’m not just saying that because of him, I truly think it’s worth a journey if you’re into that sort of green scenery and stuff, plus the bakery is worth a go. 

Harry: Also, let us know what you’d like to see for another vlog, maybe another challenge or whatever, we always appreciate your feedback.

You: Thank you so much for watching!

Harry: We love you loads and we’ll see you soon! 

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I have a blurb idea. Blindfolding Harry and then making him guess what body part is in front of his face by feeling it with his lips. 😝

Harry was exhausted.  The only thing he wanted to do was crawl into bed next to you, eat food that would make him regret it in the morning and watch bad reality TV.  It had been one of those days.  Where he had woken up excited for what the day had to offer.  He was getting started on his solo offering.  His head had been brewing with idea after idea and chord after chord.  He’d been writing down lyrics for the last six months.  They poured out of him like a flood.

But when it came time to sit down and record anything or even get a decent note out on Memorex, he was silent.  He had nothing.  He had sat in a room with his friends and colleagues and listened to them drone on about being different and doing things differently and all he could think about was how this wasn’t it.  This wasn’t what he wanted.  He didn’t know what he wanted, but this wasn’t it.  Nothing about it felt right.

So after eight hours of staring at each other in a tiny studio, Harry decided to call it a day.  Sitting in his car on the way home made him anxious and depressed.  This was hardly how he expected his first foray into solo life to begin.

When he walked into the house, instead of hearing the usual bustle of the house when you were home all he heard was silence.  He raised his eyebrows,

“Baby?”  He called out, hearing nothing in return.  

He peeked around the corner and down the hallway into the kitchen, the lights were all off except for the hallway light leading up the stairs to your bedroom.  That was odd.  He couldn’t remember the last time either of you had turned that light on.

He walked up the stairs into the bedroom, his eyebrows raising even higher when he saw the room completely bathed in an orange glow due to the amount of candles currently lit.  If he was the type to get easily alarmed, he might’ve thought the room was on fire before he saw all the candles.

There was one of the chairs from the dining room sitting in the middle of the floor.  He peeked around to the bathroom door, wondering if you were in there,

“Baby?”  He called out again.  

His eyes widened when he saw you emerge from the bathroom wearing nothing but some lacy black panties and a matching bra.  

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I’m emotional right now

Jimi’s Guitar - a Harry one-shot.

(inspired in part by the Another Man photo shoots!)

Jimi’s Guitar, obviously named for the late, great guitarist who’d met too early a demise, was easily the most popular (and only) bar in that small town outside of Memphis. The beer was usually pretty cold, always cheap, and there was never a cover charge. But what people loved most about it was the music. Though the place had been around forever, the owners had done well to keep it intact and the stage dominating most of the east wall was legendary in its own right. It retained a rustic, well-worn look, but the sound system was state of the art.

Some of the greatest names in music had played there, a majority of them before their big break came about. Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, The Doors. B.B. King had even given an hour long encore back in 1983. Though Jimi’s Guitar’s most exciting days were far behind it, there was no lack of respect from its patrons, who packed the place out faithfully every single weekend. Anyone who visited Memphis knew it was well worth the half hour drive to dance and drink the night away at Jimi’s. That included you and your friends. You’d been in Memphis for the past four days and had taken in every tourist attraction there was to see in town.

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“It only takes a second to call a girl fat, and she’ll take a lifetime trying to starve herself. Think before you act.”- Harry Edward Styles (1st February 1994)

Massive Happy Birthday to my Hazz, Love you xoxo

harry is adorable when he's ill and it makes me angry, a masterpost

seriously no one should look this cute when they’re sick get oUT

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#Chaptered Stories - 
Out of Bounds
At This Moment (collaboration with @wdmsusie)
Pink (collaboration with @wdmsusie)

#Blurbs/One Shots/Drabbles -

Backstage // Your Turn
First Touch // First Time
Slave 4 U // Slave 4 U 2
Fratboy Harry
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8
part 9
part 10
part 1
part 2
part 3

A Little Help
The Doctor and Mr. Styles
Wedding Night
This One Time At Camp
Toy Story
Tied Up
Birthday Girl
Tension Release
Get Mad
The Cabin
Fashions Fade, Style Is Eternal
All For You
Little Black Dress
In Your Dreams
Plenty Of Time
Truth Or Dare
Up In Hotel Rooms
Just For The Record
I Miss You
Rooms on Fire (The Morning After)
The Opera
Back For You
What’s It Like
The Lucky One
Too Long

Chicken Soup
I Have Something To Tell You
I’ll Take Care Of You
The One Where Harry Tries To Win You Back
Drunk Me Is Like Regular Me
Bad Dream
What If It Stinks?
I Swear I’m Not Scared
Happy Place
You’re Never This Quiet
You’ve Gone To The Bathroom Fifty Times Today
You Said You’d Never Leave
Show Me Your Texts Or It’s Over
My Home
A Night Out With Harry
Pumpkins & Princesses
The Lilac Jumper

We’re Not Fine

Harry’s POV:
Lyrics and Melodies
The House Sitter
Victoria’s Secret
Best Friends
Anniversary Pancakes

I Could Totally Fight You With My Bare Hands
Magic Kingdom

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