harry styles best picture ever

Drum roll please:

Picture of Harry Styles which I took myself when I saw him from afar during the Dunkirk Premiere. (I just walked by the place in London where it was I didn’t get to see the movie) 

Cillian Murphy :D

Jack Lowden and Fionn Whitehead (Still can’t believe I saw these two honestly)

I saw the whole cast that day but I didn’t want to film or take pictures the entire time and rather just enjoy it without my phone out so there are only few pictures and these are the only ones that are kinda good. 

To this anon: 

Of course! I didn’t know if you wanted all of the boys or each individually, so I did a little of both!

one day i will ask harry how he gets so much volume in his hair because lord knows i could use some

they all look cute in this one even harry who looks less than thrilled to be there

louis i swear to dog pls stop the west side shit but harry’s outfit tho >>>

(and just incase you didn’t want the west side shit) 


if you dont think that this is one of the best pictures harry styles has ever taken you are wrong about everything vvvvvvv

apparently 89% of zayn malik pictures come in black and white only

i know this is photoshopped but goooooddddamnnn

i rly wish niall would go brunette for like a day

Preference 13: Midnight Memories Album (Y&I: one of the boys tweet a photo of you two with a phrase of the song that he tells you).


“@Real_Liam_Payne: we can make it if we try… #whatacouple”

Harry was reffering to all the hate you was receiving from the fans.


“@zaynmalik: not even the gods above, can separate the two of us…#SomeoneStoleMyLeeyum ): ”


“@NiallOfficial: nothing can come between, you and i… #DanceLessonsWithTheTommo”


“@Harry_Styles: we can make it til the end… what a sick shoot (your ship name).”


“@Louis_Tomlinson: did they ever hold each other tight like us? 
did they ever fight like us? Of course not Malik, now can we go?”

Midnight Memories Album: BSE - SOML - Diana - MM