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The morning after your first date with Harry, you’d gotten a frantic call from him. He’d actually woken you, and later when you checked your call log you saw he’d rang at 5 a.m.

“Hullo?” you muttered, barely able to function through the sleepiness.

“[Y/N], sorry, I know it’s early and I’m sorry to wake you.” He sounded nervous, worried really. But there was also a twist of anger in his words that helped you pull yourself awake.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, sitting up in your bed and holding the phone closer to your ear.

“It’s just—I’m just—fuck,” he stuttered. “I’m just so sorry.”

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hey, can you do an angst fic rec? angst is my absolute fav and im running out of fics to read xxx

Hey love.

Here you go, this is the last angsty fics I bookmarked !

- Tangled Up In Blue : “What about you?” He asks, turning his head to look over at Louis, squinting.“What about me?”Harry smiles, reaches out to link their pinky fingers together. “Have you ever been in love?”Louis hums and lets his eyes slip shut, sun warming his eyelids. “Yeah, I think so. Maybe.”“What’s it like?” Harry asks quietly.au; Louis finds it difficult to jump. Harry helps him.

Larry friends to lovers AU (19k) : starts when they are kids and best friends… they grow up ans it becomes complicated. Well written, angsty, some smut (bottom!Harry) but not too much. Very nice fic !

- My Bones Are Made Of You  (and the 2nd part Written In My Skin ) : When Harry decides to take matters into his own hands and leaves to a Summer Camp for two months, he’s sparkling with excitement, for it is the only choice he’s ever been able to make by himself. The last thing he expects to happen is for the world to become a golden boy with sapphire eyes, infinite eyelashes and glinting laughter, which, somehow, reveals completely different, absorbingly exquisite, shade of life. However, he did not expect a slightest possibility of the world ever ending either.

Larry summer camp AU (64k, then 60k) with a great love story ! This is so well written, and beautiful, and painful too. Barely smutty, but very angsty… 

- Nobody shines the way you do :  Louis pretends to be Harry’s boyfriend to help him win back his douchebag ex-boyfriend, but things don’t go according to plan.

Loooong (115k) Larry AU where Louis and Harry are best friends … and Louis is pinning all day long about Harry who’s in a bad relationship. The fake relationship comes later on the fic. Smut is good, it’s very angsty. Fair warning about cheating (a lot).

- missing you is a slow burn “Maybe we should talk,” he offers quietly, even though he already knows what the answer will be. So when Louis frantically shakes his head and tries to kiss him again, he takes his face in his hands and strokes his cheek with his thumb, asks, “What do you want, love?”Louis doesn’t look him in the eye when he whispers, “You.”So Nick gives him just that.

Canon Tomlinshaw fic (16k) where Louis is outed and Nick doesn’t want to have his heart break for the 2nd time but well. Oh god, it’s so good. Go read it. Smutty and fluffy and ansgty.

- - I’ll be someone who won’t be forgotten: Six years since they’ve last seen one another, Louis bumps (literally) into Harry on the street on his way to work. In the hours following, they relearn one another and their past as they wander the streets and relive a few of their most significant memories together. Topics covered: what it means to grow up, how to be a real functioning adult in the world, how to stop lying, gravity in the context of black holes, and the reimagining of inevitability.

Larry AU, OS (27k). Oh it’s painful, really. Like something hurting so much and angsty like hell. But it’s so well written, and awwwwww I want to cuddle Louis right now. Add some smut and so many sentences I would like to quote but I couldn’t choose only one so I give up.

Tell if you want some more !

UPDATE  : I add some more :) (last update on May 4th 2016)

- Photograph by @tvshows-addict and @stylinscripts(…) An epic love story in which Harry is too in love for his own good, Louis is in denial of his sexuality, and they write songs instead of actually talking to each other.

Loooong Larry kind-of-Canon-but-not-really fic (185k). Now it’s completed (except for the epilogue), i can finally rec it. I don’t know what to tell tbh, this fic is so much things. Angsty, that’s for sure. Full of pinning too. Smutty. With a lot of nice other characters (special kudos for Sam, I love her), a lot of songs references. And fuuuuuuucckkkk this last chapter was rude!!! And now I’m gonna listen to Ed Sheeran for the rest of the day, thank you.

 - take my hand (and my heart and soul) , by bananasandboots  : Harry feels nauseous when he opens his mouth. “Hey. Um, hi. It’s me,” he mumbles before realizing with a jolt that Louis might not have his number anymore. “It’s Harry… Styles,” he tacks on, screwing his eyes shut and pinching the bridge of his nose. This was a terrible idea.  There’s silence on the other end for a long time. Harry understands. He shouldn’t have called. He tries not to let the static swallow him whole.  "I – yeah. Hi,“ Louis finally answers, slowly, awkwardly. “I um. Sorry. I heard about your accident. You’re alright?” Or, the one where Harry hasn’t spoken to his best friend in sixteen months and can’t remember why.

Larry ex-friends to lovers/ Amnesia AU (45k). Well, it’s angsty. Like, really. But so well written! Baker!Harry is very lost, his friends are great, and Louis… is Louis. Not so much smutty (but bottom Harry I guess?)

- Interruptions & Complications , by Tomlinsontoes : Kings Highway frontman Harry Styles could get whomever he wanted; Louis may be a groupie but he’s not that easy.Harry has a thing for sleeping around, he is in a popular band after all and it would be dumb to say no to the girls and guys throwing themselves at him. Somewhere along the line he stopped caring about their names and started earning himself quite the reputation. But there was always one person who didn’t want him and well that made him try even harder.

Long Larry famous/non-famous AU (100k). Ok so fair warning about cheating, singer sleeping with every people breathing around, and boys being so bad at relationship and so good to make bad decisions. But I promise you it worse it, it’s well written, the smut is good (kind of share that), and it’s fluffy too.

- like a timebomb ticking, by @infinitelymint : Louis loses everything. Harry’s still there.

LArry Canon fic (31k). Ok, this fic is very painful. Like … well. I cried a lot. But only at the start? I don’t know what to say about this tbh. It’s very well written, it’s sad, but not always, it’s get better, I promise. I think I can tell the plot a bit (because well, you’ll know in the first words so…) : Louis loses all his family in a car accident. And Harry & him are no more together since a year. But seriously go read it if you can. Also great smut (rough and angry, bottom louis).

- We The Fireworks , by @happilylarreh : It’s the morning after the night before and Louis doesn’t know how on earth he made it home in one piece but he reckons it maybe has something to do with the curly-haired stranger, standing half-naked in his kitchen. The problem is that this mysterious stranger, who has a huge secret and an even huger heart, doesn’t seem to plan on leaving Louis’ life anytime soon and doesn’t seem to be able to get it into his stupidly adorable, curly head that Louis is absolutely, utterly, completely, one hundred percent beyond help. Out of reach. Lost in the night. Or The AU where Louis needs saving and Harry wants to save him but doesn’t want to admit that maybe he needs saving a little bit too.

Long Larry AU (103k) with a lot of trigger warning (rape, prostitution, homelessness), but if you can read this, so you gonna love it ! Well written, this relationship is strong and give you feels. Smut at the end (bottom!Louis) and cute epilogue. this one made me emotional.

- Bigger Than Life , by @hrrylouis : “Boybander Harry Styles spotted leaving West Hollywood joined hand in hand with new beau, Xander Ritz”His heart drops in his chest as he scrolls down, ignoring the short irrelevant article and looking desperately for a picture. Sure enough, there’s pap shots of Harry and Xander, walking hand in hand, looking drunk and cheerful and together.And that’s—that’s really not what Louis was expecting at all.

Larry canon fic (48k). Oh god, it’s angsty. Like really painful. but well written. And great smut. But painful. But so good. GOD (Zouis ! Lilo ! Tomlinshaw !! theirs friendships fucked me up) .

- Indestructible  , by @crazyupsetter “Hi,” Harry murmurs, and Louis hiccups out a sob.“Hi,” he manages, still clutching onto Harry’s shoulders. Harry’s fingers drift across Louis’ cheeks, and there’s something off about Harry’s expression, but Louis can’t figure out what it is.“I’m okay,” Harry says, and Louis is going to say something to that, even if he doesn’t know what, except Harry’s kissing him.Louis freezes.

Larry canon fic (23k) where Harry woke up being amnesic after a car crash. Awesome fic ! amazing smut (bottom!Louis and some angry sex), and angsty :)

- Hiding Place, by @alivingfire : Louis never wanted a soulmate, didn’t really care for the whole Bonding thing at all, really. Enter Harry Styles, who’s wanted to be Bonded for as long as he could remember. With one fateful meeting in an X Factor bathroom, Louis gets a dagger on his arm and the realization that just because Harry is his soulmate doesn’t mean it’s mutual. From the X Factor house to Madison Square Garden, from the Fountain Studios stage to stadiums across the world, Louis has to learn to love without losing himself completely, because someday his best friend will Bond to someone and replace Louis as the center of his universe. Meanwhile, Harry begins to think that maybe fate doesn’t actually know what it’s doing after all, because his other half has clearly been right in front of him the whole time. All he has to do now is convince Louis to give them a chance. Or, the canon compliant Harry and Louis love story from the very beginning, where the only difference is that the love between them is literally written on their skin, and there’s only so much they can hide.

Larry Canon-Soulmate AU fic (365k) : yes, that’s right : 365k. So this is totally canon (and thanks a lot for all the links to videos/tweets/press article in the fic, I finally was able to watch all I missed before 2014)(and god, it was painful, idk how you could stay in all this bullshit guys, I’m proud of you). Anyway, like I said, totally canon but with a Soulmate twist for the fun (and, tbh, for the angst). So, angsty a lot, smutty a lot (kind if share that, first times &co) and very painful. Did I already said angsty? Finished it at 4AM, thank you dear author.

- Of Love and Blood and Hate , by @differentkindofson:  “You auditioned without me,” Louis says, his voice disbelieving. “How the fuck can you stand there and hurl all this shit at me when you literally left me behind to go audition for the show we’d been dreaming of being on together?”  “What was I supposed to do, Louis? You refused to audition with me unless we were honest about being a couple. I knew we never would have made it past the first auditions. You left me no other choice; it was either audition alone or not audition at all.“  Louis feels his own eyes start to fill with tears. “You chose a fucking reality show over our relationship. If you still don’t see that you made the wrong choice than I don’t think there’s any reason for me to waste another second here.”A Famous/Non-Famous turned Famous/Famous AU where Harry makes the biggest mistake of his life and Louis’ left to pick up the pieces. 

Larry famous not famous AU (42k). holy shit ! also “BFF to lovers to ex to lovers”. So yeah, it’s angsty (like a lot), smutty (bottom!Harry), there’s a big part about Tomlinshaw (and it’s great), and I love it okay?

- Flour and Chocolate , by @and-they-call-me-prideful: it was nice, for a bakery he supposed. Then he approached the display cabinet. And the foreboding slammed into him. Because every product had letters next to it. Letters. GF, DF, V, O, VGN. What. The. Fuck? Lifting his eyes to the chalkboard menu spread across the back wall Louis felt physically ill. ‘Gluten-free’, ‘organic’, ‘vegan’, ‘paleo’, ‘dair-…’ Wait, what the fuck was a paleo? He had entered some hipster-trash establishment and it was more than time to get out.  
ORLouis is a single dad and Harry works at the newly opened bakery down the street.

Larry baker Hipster Harry and single dad!Louis (145k) : Oh god, this fic is so great ! really. It’s absolutely slow burn and angsty, but worse the while! Good smut too (kind of share that). Fair warning about very sad Louis (and some unhealthy behavior), and Zayn being a dick.

- the dreams you left behind , by @cat33x13 : After Louis returns from a week-long guest spot a US chat show to an empty flat and a ‘Dear John’ letter from Harry, life as he knows it changes completely. Fast-forward two years and Louis has taken to hiding away in a tiny village in the English countryside where he isn’t known as Louis Tomlinson, ex-boybander, and has managed to live a relatively quiet life. That is until Liam, Zayn and Niall come to see him and he remembers everything he has tried to forget.When he reads of Harry’s Christmas engagement in the papers, he does the only thing he knows to mask his sorrow; drinks so much he ends up in hospital. Cue visiting family and a return to London, where he learns not everything is as it seems, the mistakes of the past can be forgiven and that maybe he might get his happy ending after all.

Larry ex to lovers - future fic AU (31k) : awesome and angsty. Like a lot. Both. no smut.

- maps can be poems when you’re on your own , by @fukcinglouis   “Harry, this is Louis, the guy I was telling you about,” Liam says. “Lou, this is Harry, my roommate.”  Harry looks up and locks eyes with Louis, who is very clearly drunk. Louis just giggles in surprise and claps a hand over his own mouth, widening his eyes at Harry comically.  “Nice to meet you,” Harry croaks, watching as Louis tucks himself more firmly into Liam’s side.Or, Harry falls in love with the guy his best friend is fooling around with.

Larry roomates AU (19k) : okay so don’t read it if you’re not comfortable with a side Lilo AND a bit of cheating. But if you can, go read it, it’s great, and angsty and smutty (bottom!Louis).