harry styles bath

Mum taught us to be independent. As teenagers she raised us both in what was generally a happy little house. “Latch key kids”, as she called us, we came home from school before she was done with work. While it sometimes caused her maternal guilt, it was never a bad thing, and we learned to coexist as a pair for that daily window, boiling pasta and arguing over the TV remote. When she’d had a bad day, as we all do sometimes, we tried to step up where we could. Harry’s attempts at cheering her up were all the better for their youthful earnestness. a 12-year-old has seen enough romcoms to know that a thoughtful close is one who runs a bath, so thats what she’d get from time to time, with a mismatch of house-gathered candles place around the bathroom.
—  Gemma Styles on Harry
13th of May: giving no fcks whatsoever
  • Me: Hiya, I have quite the random question and was wondering if you maybe could help me out?
  • LUSH person: Sure! Give it a try!
  • Me: I am looking for a bath bomb that looks like Harry Styles' bath
  • LUSH person: Alrightttttt. I haven't seen his bath so do you have a picture?
  • Me: Sure!
  • (shows picture)
  • LUSH person: Oh wow! This looks really cool!
  • (explains that it's not his actual bath but the album cover)
  • LUSH person: Did they say which bath bomb they used?
  • Me: I don't think so?
  • Another LUSH person: Well, the shop is empty so we could do some experimenting!
  • (all go over to the little tub and try a few different bath bombs; find a great combination)
  • LUSH person: Well I have to be honest with you, this was definitely the most fun moment of my day so far!
  • Me: Yeah?! I am happy that I could bring some fun in to your day of work
  • LUSH person: YEAH! This gave me the opportunity to do some experimenting and try some fun stuff out.
  • All the LUSH persons: Enjoy your HARRY BATH!

My part of the collab with the beautiful and kind @harrydoodles Lauren is my fucking muse and we both decided to draw some Pink!Harry. SO here’s a transparent Harry in a pink bubble bath with a pink silk ribbon tying his gorgeous longs into a ponytail. Can you imagine? Check out Lauren’s blog for her half it’s STUNNING as usual

Check hers out here xx

Honestly I just love this interview so much for a lot of reasons of how honest he was and I think one of my favorite things is we kinda knew how big of a romantic harry is but hearing him talk about love (how he still remembers his first girlfriends perfume) like harry styles, bathed in pink with 15 candles already lit and a dimpled smile, like he truly is a Hopeless Romantic