harry styles bad jokes

to make a mountain of your life (is just a choice) for SaddestLoser

word count: 8,367

side pairings: zayn malik/original female character

warnings: implied emotional infidelity, implied binge drinking, implied substance abuse

rating: not rated

From the moment he waltzed into The House of Craic, it was like a bad joke in the making; Harry Styles walked into a bar and immediately he made a mess of Zayn Malik’s life.

A friends to lovers type of bar AU.


Harry ends up in hell by mistake and Louis is the devil and Harry is like: “I dont belong here” Louis would be like “yeah that’s what they all say” so Harry decides he needs to charm his way out of there

so he starts telling Louis all his bad knock-knock jokes and bad puns and calls him Loucifer and Louis is losing it because let’s be honest, he doesn’t hear a lot of jokes down there

and somewhere along the way they fall in love and Louis wants to let Harry leave because he loves him and doesn’t belong in hell but Harry doesn’t want to leave anymore so in the end they rule over hell together and torment the people with bad jokes

If horses had really kinky sex,

Fifty shades of Neigh

If Lana del Ray was secretly prostitute,

Fifty shades of Ray

If Santa Claus was a pimp,

Fifty shades of Sleigh

If the sun was really naughty,

Fifty shades of Day

If The Fault in our Stars was actually a porno,

Fifty shades of Okay?Okay.