harry styles baby pictures

ok um im so sorry like NOAH FENCE but……….  

niall: ey mate, proud of you

harry: why’s that exactly, niall?

niall: last two in the band to not have gotten a girl pregnant!



harry: true!

*nods and highfives*

There are toys on the floor, little socks and shirts on the sofa and the high chair is dirty from baby food. “What on earth?” You say out loud, confused by the mess. “Harry?” No answer. You drop your bag and keys on the floor and head upstairs to your and Harry’s bedroom, where you find him and your lovely daughter, her small hands wrapped around Harry’s torso. Quiet snores are leaving their lips and she snuggles her face on Harry’s soft cotton shirt. “My babies”.


Harry Styles; the boy who hasn’t aged.

You know what my favourite thing is? If you don’t already, you’re about to find out! Harry Styles with nail polish on his fingers. Especially the red that shows up on his index fingers from time to time. Like he painted his whole hand but they told him he couldn’t go out with it on so he removed most of it but left two fingers as an open act of defiance. That’s my favourite thing in the whole world. So here’s a masterpost of times Harry Styles wore nail polish.

“Hi gorgeous” Harry whispers to his newborn daughter, trying not to wake you up. You fell asleep right after the long and tiring labour. He rocks her gently in his arms, a tear running down his cheek. “You are finally here after 9 months, I can’t believe it”. He tickles her little feet, making her open her eyes and let out the cutest and softest giggle, showing off her dimples. “Wow, your eyes are just like your mother’s.. as well as your nose and smile” Harry says mesmerized. As he tries to tickle her little double chin, she grabs his index finger with both of her hands and squeezes. “Strong one, aren’t you?” Harry asks you, cracking a smile.


From Baby to Babe