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Got any good harry or niall blogs for me to follow?? :)

I will forget people because I’m on mobile so don’t be offended:

@stylishmuser @stylessemantics @cheshirepuddin @aqua-harry @walkingintheamm @two-swallows-above-a-butterfly @team-styles @lateaprilearlymay @permanentcross @chrissy22787

@dibsonthat1d @irish-nlessing @lucyvanpelt78 @niallandharrymakemestrong @melissas173 @caitlin32387

That’s not everyone but that should get you started


Throwback to that one time I drew all of Larry’s tattoos on my friend and I to go see the Where We Are Concert Film premiere.

just for him - a forever hold your peace drabble

helloooo! i had a strong urge to write girlfriend!birdy so i decided to pump out my best attempt at something cute and out came this nearly 4K drabble! it’s pointless, self indulgent, and non-canon but i figured why not? hope you all enjoyyy! 

“Could you two please give me some type of help besides eating those sandwiches paid for with my money?” Birdy asked in an aggravated tone, looking between Niall and Liam who were both mid-chew. Neither one stopped, just slowed their chews down before flashing her apologetic glances. Birdy sighed, rubbing her forehead with her palm and wondering why she had friends who cared more about their eating habits than when she had an actual problem. “Harry’s coming back to London in sixteen hours and all you two can do is stuff your faces.”

“Excuse us if we aren’t breaking our backs over the arrival of the prestigious Harry Styles,” Niall said through a swallow. “He isn’t our boyfriend.”

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