harry styles and cats


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imagine (larry on a daily basis)
  • Harry: Lou, you won't believe what I just saw!
  • Louis: What is it, babe?
  • Harry: There's this cute cat-
  • Louis: No. We already have a dozen Harry. A WHOLE DOZEN. I'm literally swimming in cats.
  • Harry: BUt- But Lou, please? This will be the last. *insert puppy eyes and all that adorable shit*
  • Louis: I'm gonna regret this.
  • Harry: Yay, I love you so much Lou. Thank you! *runs to the cat*
  • Louis: *looks at him fondly*


So this is my first post. I’ve made this to kind of help you, and myself too actually, to keep up with everything that’s happened in the past few days, because since the RBB&SBB bears are gone, everything has become a mess pretty much.
*I want to inform you that I’m from Greece which means there’s a 10-hour time difference from here to LA, so when it is Monday morning here it is still Sunday in LA, so I’m sorry if I mess up any dates.
That’s also the language in some of the screenshots, if you were wondering.*

So this is a timeline of what has happened in the past few days (feel free to tell me if I’ve missed anything or if I’m wrong):
-12/2: The RBB & SBB account is deactivated.
-After that, on the same day, on Snapchat the RBB&SBB post these:

-A Spotify playlist called “Deleted.” is created by an account named “he.styles94″, believed to be Harry Styles. The playlist is deleted after a while.

-14/2: While the AIMH tweet is about to reach 2M rts on Valentine’s Day, a twitter account named “Dusty Styles” which is thought to have been created by Harry Styles in 2010 about his cat but has remained inactive since 2011, is active again, doing a countdown till the time AIMH reaches 2M rts.

-When it reaches 2M rts, the account retweets it as well, and posts “Two milli, two milli, two milli”.

-After a few hours, the account unfollows all the accounts he followed: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson & Ted Tomlinson (an account inactive since 2013 about Louis’ dog which is believed to have been created by Louis himself).
It also unfaves all its faved tweets: the AIMH tweet and one of Ted’s tweets.
Plus, it deletes the countdown to 2M rts and the retweeted AIMH.

-Later on the same day, the account posts “VIII” which is the Roman number for eight.

-4 hours after that, it posts “Party party.” while Harry is at a Pre-Grammy party in LA.

-Harry is at the Clive Davis & The Recording Academy’s 2016 Pre-Grammy Gala in Beverly Hills.

-Louis is at the Primary Wave Grammys Party event.

-2 hours later, it posts “VII” which is the Roman number for seven, so it is possible that the account is doing a countdown for something, though what it is unknown, and also we don’t know if it’s talking about days, weeks, months or whatever.

The “VIII” and “VII” tweets are faved by the account.

-The RBB&SBB post “Love always wins.” and “2 more weeks.” on their Snapchat story.

-15/2: The Spotify account “he.styles94″ apparently reposts the “Deleted.” playlist, with the exact same songs as before, except one called “I’m coming out” by Diana Ross.

The account also listens to various songs from its playlists throughout the day, some of them being “When we were young” by Adele, “Look after you” by The Fray and “Uncover” by Zara Larsson.

-Harry apparently took a soul cycle class this morning.

-Louis attends the GQxTheWeeknd Grammys Party in Beverly Hills tonight! 

-Dusty posts this on twitter and deletes it whithin an hour.

-Four hours after the previous tweet is deleted, Dusty posts “Meow meow meow meow” on Twitter and retweets about 35 tweets writing “VII”. After a while the “meow” tweet is deleted as well.

-A few hours later Dusty posts “VI” which is the Roman number for six, continuing the countdown which appears to be counting days, though it is still not known what will happen when the countdown is over.

Dusty also follows Ted Tomlinson again.

-These are posted on the RBB Snapchat Story as well:

-16/2: he.styles94 is last active on Spotify about 3 hours after the “VI” tweet, last listened to “Don’t wait” by Joey Graceffa.

-Louis posts “Hiccups” on Twitter and the photo from last night’s party on IG.

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