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The Model Series FINALE WEEK-- Harry Part One

“Oh my gosh! Thanks so much!” You ring off the phone and excitedly bounce down onto the couch next to Harry. Your 9-month along bump bounces as you sit. “What’s up baby?” Harry asks, addressing both you and your unborn fetus. He smiles at his joke, the same one he’s been using for the past six months. “That was Ralph,” you say, meaning Ralph Lauren. “He wants me to close one of the walks in his show next week!” Harry beams at you. “That’s great [Y/N]!” There’s a pause. “He knows you’re nine months pregnant right?” You laugh and lean back, placing your feet in his lap. “Of course, he’s designed a new maternity line and apparently there is a shortage of pregnant models so he wants me to walk. Plus, you know, it’ll up the press coverage.” You blush at how immodest you sound. Harry smiles and starts rubbing your feet, he knows you always get embarrassed whenever someone brings up how famous of a model you actually are. “Ugh I can’t wait to be back to work….and then we’ll have our baby!” Harry sighs and you know he’s picturing the two of you welcoming your baby to the world. “I can’t wait either….” he murmurs. “I just hope he or she stays in long enough that you can walk in the show!” 

“Oof,” you grumble, buttoning up the shorts that complete your outfit. You love Ralph’s new maternity line and you especially love your outfit. “Hello darling, are you okay?” Ralph pokes his head in and you greet him with two cheek kisses. “Oh yes Ralph the collection is gorgeous….I’m just sad my pregnancy is almost over so I can’t wear these beautiful clothes much longer!” You both laugh and feel Ralph’s critical eyes scanning every thread making up the outfit. He nods his approval but your smile is cut short with a sharp twinge of pain in your abdomen. “Oooh,” you bend over slightly and Ralph look concerned. “[Y/N] darling are you okay?” The pain goes away as quickly as it started and you stand up straight. “Oh yeah, just a cramp I’m sure. This baby is ready to come out I think!” You laugh before Ralph moves on to start the show. By the time your walk comes around, you know you’re in labor. You breathe through the contractions, which are about ten minutes apart, and you are determined to finish your walk before going to the hospital. Your assistant Clara is not of the same mind. “What the hell you’re in labor?! And you’re still going to do the walk?!?!” You finish touching up your makeup and start walking towards the stage as your portion of the show starts. “Clara calm down, it’ll be hours until our baby is ready to come out and meanwhile Ralph is counting on me. Now listen,” you interrupt her panicky chattering. “I want you to go get Harry when I am at the end of the runway and tell him okay? He’s sitting in his usual front row seat, don’t get him until I’m at the end and have done my twirl and am coming back okay?” You send her off just as it’s time for your finale walk. You relax into the walk, a happy smile beaming across your face as you hit your stride and hear the audience go nuts. On your way back you see Clara pull Harry up and see him sprinting backstage, nearly tripping over photographers and Anna Wintour sitting next to him. You bite back a smile and finish your walk. Once offstage, you are surrounded by people including Harry. You vaguely hear him yelling at people to get out of your way as he ushers you into a taxi and you manage to text Clara to get your bag from home and meet you at the hospital. “I’m surprised you aren’t telling me it was dumb to do the walk.” You say to Harry on the way to the hospital. “Honey, our baby is coming into the world. I couldn’t yell at you if I tried.” You grip his hand as the taxi speeds towards the hospital and you mentally prepare yourself to become a mother. 

Headlines read: EXCLUSIVE PICS: [Y/N] [Y/L/N]’s Deluxe Delivery Suite; Model Goes Into Labor On Catwalk, Baby Daddy Harry Styles Runs Backstage–See the Million-Dollar Suite They Rented For a Month At the Hospital!

By the time you reach the hospital, you’re in the later stages of labor and your contractions are coming closer and closer together. “Just hold on baby we’re here alright I’ll help you I got you let’s go baby,” Harry coaches you out of the cab and into the hospital where paparazzi already swarm around you. Hospital security surrounds you as paps snap thousands of pictures and yell things at the two of you. “HARRY IS THIS YOUR BABY?” “HARRY ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?!” “[Y/N] HOW ‘BOUT A SMILE?!” Harry ignores them and you concentrate on breathing through the contraction that is squeezing your uterus. Once inside the hospital and out of the noise and camera flashes, nurses rush you and Harry into a private elevator and upstairs into your delivery ‘suite’. You were willing to give birth in a normal hospital room, but Harry wouldn’t hear of it. “I want our baby to have the best of everything, and that includes her delivery. Plus, you’ll be pampered and you deserve it.” How could you refuse that?

You change into a hospital gown as your on-call doctor steps in to examine you. Harry excuses himself to call your parents, Anne and Des, and the boys. “Alright [Y/N],” the doctor is saying when Harry walks back in. “You are about eight centimeters dilated so it won’t be long now until your baby is here!” Panic flickers across your face and Harry rushes to grab your hand, carefully avoiding the IV sticking out of the back of it. “Alright baby just breathe, it’ll be over soon and we’ll have our baby and we’ll be parents forever we just have to get through this one day baby okay just breathe.” You calm down, squeezing his hand, before another contraction squeezes through, the biggest one yet but the epidural, already at work, helps to ease the pain. Suddenly pain cripples you and you yell out in pain. The doctor runs back in and peeks under your gown. “Alright [Y/N] your little baby is moving really fast here you’re not fully dilated yet but I can already see its head let’s get ready.” You lean back against the pillows and grip Harry’s hand as you feel the baby move.

The final part to Harry’s story will be posted at this time next week!

Forever Wasn't Meant For Us Part 3 Sneak Peak

Soooo my darling loves, basically I love you guys so much and all of your messages make my heart melt. I don’t want to give you guys some shit writing so I’m going to give you the first part of part three because I feel like it’s decent enough for you to read. The rest tomorrowXx.

Part two here

*One Year Later*

After my falling out with Harry I decide to reinvent myself. I moved across town, exercised more, worked harder, and put dating on a hold. Of course the first few months were hard; constantly seeing his face everywhere, the nonstop phone calls and texts, and the endless amount of memorabilia I had of him. But after all the tears and sleepless nights I became someone new, someone stronger. I didn’t need a man to be happy or okay, I could survive on my own. But under all the countless barriers I had stacked up around my heart, still laid a fragile girl who still had some feelings for him, Harry. Part of me still was saying yes to him him even after a year, which is why i threw myself into work. Could you blame me for still having feelings for him? The man who I thought I was going to marry, have curly headed children with, and grow old with? Of course I was supposed to still have feelings for him, I prepared to spend the rest of forever with him.
“(Y/N)…(Y/N), were you even listening to a word I said?!” Lilly exclaimed snapping her fingers in front of my face. People around us in the small quaint café turned to look at us, interested in what caused her outburst.

“Hmm? Yeah Lil, you were talking about her guest list.” I replied distantly.

“Yeah and that Harry is going to be there so I’m going to need you to get your shit together and not become some crazy emotion bitch at my wedding
“You know Lil bridezilla isn’t a good look on you.” I mumbled sipping my hot coffee.
“(Y/N), you know I don’t mean to be one. It’s just this only happens once and I just want it to be perfect but I also want you to be okay. I know what you went through last year with him and I just want…”

“It’s fine Lily, I’m fine. Everything is going to be fine, don’t worry.” 

 *Who’s ready for the first encounter!!!!! I know it’s short but I promise it will be worth it. Xx.*

Harry Imagine for Sammie

You walked in behind Harry, kicking your heels off and sitting next to him on the couch.
“I had a great time baby.” you say, looking over at him.
He grinned. “I’m glad you liked it. You looked gorgeous, by the way.”
“Harry, you’ve told me that like three times tonight.” You giggled.
“I don’t think that’s enough.” he smirked and leaned, pressing his lips passionately to yours. You scooted into his lap, not breaking the kiss. His strong arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you in closer as you straddled him. Your lips moved to his jawline, biting down gently and earning a moan from him. “S-sammie… Are you sure you wanna do this?” he asked, head held back.
“I’m sure.” you said, going back to kissing him. He pulled away, pressing his forehead to yours.
“I don’t want to force you into this.”
“Harry, you’re not forcing me. I want to this. I want you.” you told him. With that, he attached his lips back to yours, laying on top of you.


Harry imagine for Maria :)

About a moth ago you and your boyfriend harry styles got engaged. Tired of the cramped space in harrys flat, the two of you decide to get your own house. As you and Harry look online you pick out a few and write them down on a piece of paper so you can go look at them. Grabbing the list and car keys you and Harry head out the door to find your first house. The one that was first on the list turned out to be a dump. The neighbor hood was a horrible place to raise a family and the house would need a lot of work. Automaticallyy crossing it off the list you visit the next one. This one was okay. It had some of the things that you both wanted, but there was something missing. You both visit a couple of more houses until you reach the very last one. Slowly getting out of the car, you stare at the two story house. It was something youve always dreamed owning. Grabbing Harrys hand you walk into the house. It was perfect. It had a nice staircase and a good sized living room and kitchen It also had a pool which was a plus. Smiling you look at Harry, who could tell that you wanted this one. You look at the agent then at Harry. “Where can we sign?” the lady smiles and gives you a couple of papers for you to fill out. Filling them out when you get home, you retirn them the next morning and cross your fingers that you get excrpted. When you get the call later that afternoon you couldnt help buy jump up with joy. “We got the house!” you say kissing harry. Hes just as happy as you are. Within a week youre fully packed and moved in. You decide to repaint the rooms and finally make the place your own. Everything in life was perfect now. You were going to be marrying the person you loved ina month and now you finally owned your dream house. Life was perfect.

Here you go babe. Hope you like it!!! :)

~ courtney xx.

Niall/Harry Imagine for Megan (anon)

You and your boyfriend, Harry, had gotten into a fight a couple weeks ago. You hadn’t seen him since, because you had gone to stay at Niall’s house. He had been your best friend since high school. The night you came over to his house, the two of you had “got it on”. You didn’t really think it was a big deal; you did take a pill the next day. But lately, you had been getting sick a lot and had odd cravings. You called Niall and asked him to pick you up a test on his way home from practice. Turns out you were pregnant. You weren’t really too sure what to do. You were going to have your best friend’s child, while you were still going out with Harry. That night, you decided it would be a good idea to go to Harry’s and tell him. You might as well get it over with. You knocked on his door, a bit nervous.
“Hey Megan..” he said opening the door, letting you in.
“Harry, we need to talk..” you say.
“I know, I know. I’m sorry about the fight and-”
“No, not about that.” you say, cutting him off. He looked at you, confused. “Harry… After we fought, I went to Niall’s house.. And we um… we had sex. And I wasn’t careful and…”
“Oh gosh…” he said, getting a bit pale.
“I’m pregnant…” you said, feeling awful.
“How could you-” he quickly cut himself off, not wanting to ruin things even more between the two of you. “Congratulations..” he told you instead.
“Are you mad at me?”
“Sort of.. But I still love you, and I’m going to be there for you.” he said, pulling you into his arms. You smiled a bit, relieved that he didn’t get mad at you. He kissed your forehead, holding you close.


Harry imagine for Skyler

My thumb tapped against my mug as I waited for Harry to return from getting his drink. My leg was bouncing up and down from anxiety. It has been a month since I last saw Harry.

Harry and I had recently been together, but seeing as how he’s on tour all the time, he broke up with me, not returning my calls or texts, and leaving me in the cold.

I had hated him for that. Until I ran into him yesterday outside my flat.

“Skyler,” he said, a smirk on his face.

“Go to hell Harry,” I said, pushing past him.

“Whoa what’s with the language?” He said, following me.

“Oh gee I wonder. Was it the fact that you rejected my calls, or the fact that you never replied to any of my texts for a month?”

I try to walk faster and get away from him, but he cuts in front of me, making me stop.

“Let me explain,” he said, his green orbs locked onto mine. I glare at him, trying to stay mad, but it slowly starts to melt.

“Fine,” I said, breaking down. “Meet me at the coffee shop tomorrow at one.” Harry then lets me walk past him, probably feeling accomplished.

And now here we were, my foot tapping rapidly, and Harry Styles, the man who broke my heart, sitting in front of me.

“Please, do explain Harry,” I say, taking a sip of my drink.

“Yes, I admit to ignoring you,” he says. “But, I did it for a good reason.” My eyebrow raises. I was about to say something, but he cuts me off.

“No, don’t talk, you said you would listen.” I sigh and stare at him, waiting for him to continue.

“I ignored you only because I thought it would be easier for me to get over you. It hurt to always click ignore, or even see your texts. Because each time I see your name, my heart skips a beat, and I remember every single thing about you.

“I remember the way your hand feels against my skin; I remember the taste of your lips; I remember the way your voice sounds when you’re tired and about to fall asleep. But I also remembered the way you said my name, and told me that you loved me. And I couldn’t stand to hear it.” He sighs and takes a deep breath.

“I love you so much Skyler, and I want to be with you. I was stupid and I’m sorry. I didn’t even stop to realize that what I was doing would cause you just as much pain.”

I stare at him in awe.  Tears well up in my eyes as I replay all of the words he said in my mind.

“I missed you so much Harry,” I say, a tear slipping down my cheek. Harry reaches across the table, and wipes away my tear with his thumb.

“Will you give me a second chance?” he asks me his green eyes sad.

“Only if you promise me one thing,” I say.

“And what’s that?”

“Don’t ever leave me again.”

Harry imagine for Anya

The crisp air blows through your hair, leaves falling off the tree nearest to you and landing on the ground. You smile to yourself as you see a face pop up from the side of the tree stump, a pair of green eyes locking onto yours.

“Harry, what are you doing?” you ask him, grinning.

Instead of replying, Harry extends his hand, signaling you to take it. Walking over, you place your hand in his.

“Har—.” Before you could answer, Harry pulls you behind the tree, pushing you up against the base of the tree and kissing you hard.

“Happy Birthday,” he says, his lips inches from yours.

“Thanks. Happy Halloween.”

Harry’s lips press against yours again, this time, harder. You hear giggles in the distance, causing you to pull away.

“The kids are starting to come out,” you state. “We should get going.” Harry nods, sneaking a quick kiss, before taking your hand.

Kids start to swarm around you, pumpkin and cauldron buckets in their hand. In the distance you hear a group say ‘Trick-or-treat!’ causing you to smile. You always liked having your birthday on Halloween. You got free candy AND cake.

“Want kind of birthday dinner do you want?”

“You,” you reply, smirking. Harry smiles, pulling him into you.

“Love, that’s for AFTER. When all of the little kids have gone to bed.” He winks at you, making your cheeks redden.

Maybe it was going to be a great birthday after all.

happy birthday love. 
~courtney rose.

Harry Styles Imagine For Darlene

So the story begins..

It was a One Direction Concert In London , It was there last one in London. The last song comes on .. What Makes You Beautiful You and your best friend sneek up to the front row just before Harry’s Solo  and as the rest of the boys sing the final ‘Na’s’ .. you catch Harry’s Eye he keeps starring at you and winking , as he is singing he walks over to you, he reaches out his hand and touches you. He keeps staring at you and then he lets go and winks For the rest of his solo he points at you and sings. The song finishes and they run off stage. And only at that moment you notice harry had put a note in your hand, your best friend had already gone so you open it and it read..

Meet me here at 9:00

xx Harry xx’

You wait out the front and as soon as it turns 9 you go to the stage , Harry was waiting there he pulls you up on stage and says “Hello” then kisses your cheek and that was the start of a never ending relationship. Or so it seemend..

A Couple Of Years Later-

You and harry are taking a walk through the park when harry goes “I want you” You reply with “Come get me” and you start to run away he chases you for about 3 minutes and finally he catches you. Harry then pushes you against the tree and whispers “I Got Cha” He then begins to kiss you passionately. He then stylishly falls to his knees…

Like In his concert..

And pulls out a diamond engagement ring..

“Will you Marry Me?” he asks in his Soft Husky voice “ YEES!” you scream and kiss him once more. Its about a year of planning your wedding it was the day before your’s and Harry Styles Wedding day. You weren’t aloud to see Him at all today as neither was he at his bacholer party..it was your bachelorette party!! You text harry

“I Miss You :’( <3”

“I miss you to baby<3 just you wait ;)” he replys

You go into your room and begin to put make-up on ..When you hear a knock on your balcony window..

Harry is standing there. You can’t help but smile and quickly pull him in before the girls see him. You just look at him for a while and then say

“ You know Danielle and the girls will KILL you if they find you. And what about the boys?”

Harry just stands there smiling and puts his finger to your lips

“Shh” he says and then kisses you

You kiss him back and soon enough the kisses get heated. You end up on the bed when suddenly the door opens..its the girls and the boys

“HARRY! WE THOUGHT YOU RAN AWAY!”  Lous yells he walks in and grabs him by the ear.

“and what do you think your doing young lady you’re not supposed to see him! ?  Danielle says”

As Louis and the other boys Drag harry away he yells from downstairs


You try to jump up to run to him but the girls keep you pinned down.

“I LOVE YOU TO HARRY!” You scream and look at the girls.

“Your perfect for each other” Danielle says “NOW HURRY UP AND GET READY!”.

A few hours later.

You and the girls finally finish your party at the club, even though all you thought about was harry and tomorrow. They take you home even though you didn’t drink that much you are a bit tipsy. Time goes by and you just lay there but you’re not even tired. When suddenly Harry comes home you hear the boys bring him up the stairs and you pretend your asleep.

“Guys Shh! She is sleeping” you hear liam whisper .

“She looks beautiful when she sleeps hey guys?” harry says sort of tipsy

“Yeah mate” Louis says and drops him down next to you

“Well now we got him home im going back to the club anyone coming?” Zayn said to the other guys

“No Im pretty tired Tanks for the night though!” Niall says

After about a minete all the boys leave and you roll over to harry.

“Are you asleep?” you ask him

“No Babe” He answers and kisses your forehead.

“How was your night? Ours was ok.” You ask him

“Yeah good” he says not really paying any attention

He then kisses you; you kiss him back and then wrap your arms around him. The kiss gets serious and you begin to take off each others clothing. You spend that night expressing your love for each other in a way you had not before.

The Next Morning

By the time you wake up , Harry has gone. He left you a note and it said.

‘Had to leave and get ready with the boys. Last night was amazing ;) and I lvove you! Xoxo’

You smile softly to yourself and then the doorbell rings. You run down as you thought its Danielle and the rest of the bridal party. They bring all the supply’s and set it up in the lounge.

“I’m just going to get a coffee does anyone else want one?” you ask. As you begin to make the coffee you get a woof of the coffee smell and you immediately start to feel sick. You Run to the bathroom and immediately throw up.

“ITS JUST NERVES” Danielle reassures you even though you think its not.

You go back downstairs still a bit sick and forget about the coffee you then begin to get your hair done. After about 25 minuets  you and Danielle have both got your hair done ad you decide to get something to eat. You get one of the bridesmaids to shoot over to starbucks and grab a small snack for you all. You just ask for a breakfast muffin and a ice coffee.

She comea back within 5 minuets and as you take your first slip you begin to feel sick again. You turn to Danielle again

“Are you ok?” Danielle asks.

You shake your head and then begin to feel even more sick. You run up to the bathroom once more and throw up. “That’s it im taking you to the doctors only for a short visit just incase you have a bug” Danielle pronounces.

“No way! I cant have waited all my life for this moment! Stupid bug or not im not going to the doctors!” you shout.

And suddenly you get a really bad cramp. “ HOLLY JESUS!” you scream at the top of your lungs and fall to the ground.

“OMG whats wrong?! She shouts.

“Really big cramp” you begin to cry.  After about 2 minuets the cramp is gone and you agree with Danielle to quickly go to the doctors. But then you make them promise not to tell harry and the others.

i have to go to bed..i have a really early morning tomorrow i will continue it when i get back! xox hope you all enjoy! xox

Harry Styles Imagine For Mina

 “Mina! Babe come on were going to be late!” (Harry is taking you to a video-shoot for there upcoming music video One Direction was having.)

 “I’m coming, Harold!” I say. He laughs as he kisses my lips and we walk to his car. We arrive at their video-shoot destination.

“Hazza!” Niall yells greeting Harry. “Hey Mina!” then greeting me “Hey” Me and Harry both say. I hug Niall. “Where are the other boys?” I ask. “They’re at the dressing room.” “Mm…” I face Harry “I am going to go say Hi to the boys, are you going to come with me Harry?” I say to him “No, you go ahead, I’ll be there in a bit, I’m going to go talk to Paul.”

I  walk into the dressing room quietly , Lou sees me, and I put my finger vertically on my lip signifying her to shh. “HEY BOYS!” I startled them. They ran to me, giving me hugs. “Hey Mina!” “You boys ready?” Paul says. They nod, and head out.

One of the models enters the building, and she sits in her dressing room waiting for her part of the video-shoot. One of the security guards say She’s too early. “I’ll just stay and wait, I’ve got another 1 till my part of the video” She says. Harry’s standing near the snack table, and Layla (the model) approaches him. She taps his shoulder, “hey is this pate?” (what an excuse to talk to him). ”yeah, it’s pate.”She reaches out his hand “I’m Layla by the way, Layla Norcross” “Yes, I know who you are, you are in my music video haha” she went to shake her hand but instead she went to hug him and (WHAT?! She kisses him on the cheek!)  Layla then looks over at me, im already looking at her. She knows I’m looking so she  decided to play around a little. She begins to flirt, a little, with Harry. “So, you’re a in a band?” She winks at him. “Ha-ha, yeah.” He says and She giggles. “ You play any instrument?” she says rubbing his arm “ Err yeah , play drums a little bit as well as the guitar” he says unsure if he does or not. “ohh that must mean your good with your hands” she licks her lips and winks at him.

Liam walks towards her and Harry. Liam whispers in her ear, “Aye, love. Maybe you should stop with the flirting.” “What flirting Liam?” She whisperd back. And all he does is gestures her to look at Me, who clenching my jaw, making my fist into a ball. “Alright Harry, I’ll talk to you later (:” “It was nice meeting you.” We both say our goodbyes, and Him and Liam walk toward the group.

*After the video-shoot*

“Aye guys! Let`s go eat? I’m starving!” Niall yells. “Let’s go”, everyone agrees, but I’m very silent. Suddenly I say “I forgot something back there, I’ll meet you guys there. Harry help me out.”   “Um.. Okay.” He Said I pull his arm, bringing him to the dressing room. Mina, you’re pulling my arm to hard! … MINA!”.

We enter a room, and I  push me to the wall. “What the fuck was that?!” I yell. “What the fuck was what Mina?” he says innocently. “Harry don’t you dare say you didn’t do anything? I saw what was happening between you and Layla.” He looks around the room. Then he  grabs your face, and tilts it right so he can kiss your neck. He reaches to your ear, and says “Someones being a bit to jealous?, and they need to be taught a lesson. If you make any sound.. you’ll regret it.” He removes both of my clothes, and without warning me he sticks 3 fingers into my wet entrance. I  squeal, ‘because of the pain and pleasure. Harry takes his free hand, and slaps my bum HARD. “What did I say about making a sound?”. Harry then turns me so my back is facing him, and he bends me down. He enters his hard cock into my ass, and it hurts ‘because ive never done Anal before, and he knew that. “AAHHH!” I scream. Harry looks at me frustrated, “I TOLD YOU NOT TO MAKE ANY SOUNDS” He slaps me across my face, but not too hard. I put my hand on my cheek, and then i angered “I KNOW YOU’RE TRYING TO FUCKING PUNISH ME, ‘BECAUSE I WAS JEALOUS,  BUT YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO FUCKING SLAP ME HARRY! OK?” Harry pushed me onto the floor and rams his penis into my vagina, fast and hard. With every thrust i moan. He thrusts harder and harder and harder. YI scream in pain. “I’m g-going to c-c-cum.” I scream. “Not yet” “I can’t h-hold it.” “Wait, 3… 2… 1.. GO!”. You both cum and the thrusts become sloppier. Finally, you both reach your climax, and your both done, and change into your clothes. “I can’t walk”. I whisper to him.

Me and Harry walk to the restaurant and I ignore Harry the whole time. You both arrive at the restaurant and sit between Zayn and Harry. “Listen, I’m sorry I hurt you, I was just trying to teach you not to be jealous and to trust me.” He whispered into my ear as he strokes my thigh, knowing im still very sore.

Harry went outside with Zayn , so Zayn  could have a fag. Layla sees Harry and waves, Harry looks at me,  and I am looking at him  with anger. Harry looks at Layla kind of scared, “Hi”. She approaches him, “Layla, maybe we should stop talking to each other, my girlfriend, Mina is a jealous type.” “Oh, yeah, ‘Mina’ forgot about your little girlfriend , sure it isn’t babysitting?” I looked at harry and I could see him getting angry. I walked over to them all “Harry you ok babe?”  “Yeah Zayn could you take Mina back to her seat please?.” “Yeah sure mate, Come on mina , I’ll explain it all in a minuet” we both  leave, and Harry  is still stood outside shouting at Layla , she is shouting back , the music in the restaurant was to loud so I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Zayn explain everything to me. I walked outside slapped the slut across the face “Fuck off dirty little slut.” I screamed at her, she walked away. Harry is 2 inches away from me, and he step back, afraid. “I didn’t do anything, I swear.” he says. You  lower his chin “I know babe, I saw but she didn’t have any right to say that about me.” “You know, I’m a little sore too, I’m sorry baby.” i smiled, and kissed him on the lips. The boys saw you guys, and they cooed. “Daaamn!” Niall says. “Get a room children!” Louis exclaims. We both head home. Harry wraps his arms and legs around my body, letting you know you’re his, and only his. We spent the rest of the night watching our favourite films eating junk food.

sorry it took a while :l