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18 live

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Distaste (Request)

could u do one similar to management, but yn is a model and they both go into the whole thing not liking each other but fall in love

If you’re looking for hot, angry, elevator sex…you’ve come to the right story!


You didn’t want to do this.

You were perfectly happy the way things were; you were an up-and-coming model, you were getting to travel everywhere you had ever wanted to go, people were seeing your face plastered on billboards and magazine covers.

You didn’t need a boyfriend, especially not a fake one.

The argument between you and your management had gone on until you were blue in the face, but they couldn’t be swayed. They were convinced that it would be good for your image to be seen out with someone more famous than you. It would cause a stir, you would receive more attention and therefore, receive more jobs.

“It doesn’t have to last!” they would assure you. “It just has to be for a couple of months and then you can subtly break if off and just say that the two of you couldn’t make it work with your schedules but you remain great friends, blah, blah, blah.”

You still weren’t keen on the idea, but you realized that you didn’t have much of a choice. Your team had been in the industry a lot longer than you had and, if you wanted to make this career work, their advice was probably the best to follow until you had your footing under you a little bit more solidly.

So, with much grumbling and resentment, you agreed to be set up with a ‘fake boyfriend’. The terms were simple: you would make appearances together, seem as though you were in love, spend as much time out in public as you could but had no requirements to see each other at any other time. Then, when both of you had gotten enough publicity out of it, you would quietly break things off and no one would be any the wiser.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like Harry Styles, it was just…you had very little in common with him. For one, you didn’t even really get a chance to know him before the two of you were thrown into this whole thing. You were cautious, he was cautious and that made things very awkward. You could be a bit standoffish when you uncomfortable and so could he. Because the two of you weren’t really able to talk beforehand, the first impression you had of each other wasn’t that positive. He thought you were stuck up and you thought he felt too good for you.

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Skinny Love Preface

You frantically ran around your flat trying to get your stuff together so you could get to work. You were already late and you couldn’t for the life of you find your car keys. You weren’t really feeling up to work, and nearly called in sick but you couldn’t be that girl; the girl that completely fell apart after a breakup.

That’s right, you had just gotten dumped. Austin, your boyfriend of one year had dumped you not one week ago. It was sudden, and to be honest you were still slightly shaken. You couldn’t understand why he was doing it, and Austin didn’t care to elaborate, so now you were kind of lost. But you’d already spent about four days on the couch and decided it was time to rejoin the world.

Finally, after tearing your flat apart you’d found the keys. You fast walked to the door, and took a look in the mirror before leaving. For the first time in days you’d finally put effort into your appearance and you looked good. You’d done your long blond hair in loose curls, and had put just enough make up on to appear alive. You weren’t one for caking on makeup, and normally went go the natural look. You took a deep breath, and finally walked out the door. 

When you got the pub that you tended bar at, you’d expected it to be pretty quiet, it was thursday after all. But when you pulled up, the front entrance was mobbed. There were teenaged girls, and cameramen everywhere. You drove to the back in slight confusion, and circled the lot a couple times before finally finding a parking spot. Once you got inside, you were instantly met with your boss looking severely unpleased. 

“Does half eight mean something different to you than it does to other people” He berated. 

“No, sir. Sorry I’m late. It won’t happen again.” You apologize. It didn’t seem like he was going to fire you. This was the first time you’d ever been late, and you were one of the hardest works there. But you decided to save your excuses, apologize, and get to work just incase he was in the firing mood.  

Your boss looked you up and down before saying. “No, it will not.” And walked away. 

You breathed a sigh of relief, wrapped your apron around your mid-section, and got to work. No sooner did you get behind the bar, than you realized what the ruckus outside was about. At the end of the bar was sitting the unlikeliest of people; all five members of One Direction. After gaping at them for an inappropriate amount of time, you got to work before your boss saw you ogling. 

Wondering what One Direction was doing at such an obscure bar helped keep your mind off of Austin. Without this distraction you would probably just be leaning against the back of the bar with your arms crossed, and in a complete daze. Over the week the you and Austin had been apart you couldn’t figure out why Austin had ended things. You had your differences, and had been fighting a lot, but you thought that you two would be alright. Apparently Austin thought differently. But right now that was surprisingly not on your mind. In between serving customers, you and your coworker, and friend Bex whispered about the boys.

“Of all the bars, they choose ours? It’s clearly meant to be. Liam is in love with me.” Bex jokes. You could say that she was a fan. 

“Right that’s why he hasn’t approached you at all.” You tease. 

“He’s playing it cool, of course!” She tells you.

“Right of course.” You play along. “They probably just wanted a low key night.”

“Oh yeah. That worked out. I almost ran over like 5 preteens on my way in!” Bex quips. 

You both laugh at Bex’s joke. The One Direction boys weren’t known for their subtlety. Out of the corner of your eye you see Niall signaling you from the end of the bar. 

You weren’t sure why, but you felt your heartbeat quicken as you made your way over to them. You were never one to fangirl, but there was something about talking to very famous, very attractive boys that made you nervous.

“What can I get you guys?” You ask as you reach them.

“Another round of beers, please.” Niall says with a smile. “And to tell Harry here so stop moping.” He adds and nudges Harry, who looks down and away. 

Being a bartender, you knew how to talk to people like you were best friends. You considered yourself a people person, and knew how to make fast connects with people.

“What’s going on, Harry?” You ask carefully. He looked up at you quickly, and the problem was written all over his face. “Lady troubles?”

“You could say that.” He mumbles. You could see that he was pretty upset about the whole thing. Clearly the boys had taken him out to cheer him up. 

“You’re better off without her dude.” Louis tells Harry. “What kind of girl just up and leaves after a years, and then refuses to take your calls or even explain? Its been a month. Forget her, mate. Cheer up” You found it interesting that you were having the same life crisis as an international rockstar. He too was going through a breakup that was very similar to yours, and you understood how he was feeling. 

You leaned into the bar, and closer to Harry. “Hey.” You say to get his attention. “You were together for a long time?” Harry nods in confirmation. “Feels like it’s kind of hard to stand alone after so long, right?”

“Yeah, exactly.” He said with a tone of surprise. He seemed to light up a little bit when he realized that you knew exactly how he was feeling.

 "I get it. But trust me, If she broke up with you with no explanation, and doesn’t care about how you’re feeling about it then you are better off without her. I know it feels like the end of the world, but you just gotta focus on the positive things, you know?”

Harry just looked at you pensively. Like he was taking in everything you just told him, and taking it to heart. It seemed like he saw that you knew what you were talking about, and believe that what you were saying was true. For some strange reason, he was trusting you.

“Okay.” He said, and cracked a small smile. You smiled back, and handed him his beer. 

“This rounds on the house.” You smile, then you left the boys and got back to work. 

Through out the night you would glance back to the corner where the boys were sitting to find Harry looking at you, or one of the boys point at you. Where they talking about you? You were just being friendly and doing your job as a bartender. You were suppose to socialize with customers at the bar and make them feel like you were friends, but it seemed as though you’d made a lasting impression on the boys, especially Harry, with one simple conversation. 

And oddly enough, once you’d started talking to Harry and the boys, it was easy. It felt like they were just normal people. People that you’d know for a while, and could really talk to. Even though they were complete strangers to you, the One Direction boys were really the first people you’d talked to about how you were feeling. Well not directly, but you were basically in the same position that Harry was in, and it felt good to talk to someone who got it, instead of people who would just tell you to move on. 

As the night went on, the bar got less and less crowded, but the boys remained at the bar until last call, when you saw them all start to stand up. You began to wipe down the bar now that the place was nearly empty, and once you got to the end when the boys had been sitting, you looked up to see Harry standing alone in front of you. 

“Oh hey!” You greet him. Your face automatically shifted into a smile, and his face did the same.

“Hi.” Harry responds. He seemed kind of nervous, which you found odd considering he was the uber famous one, and you were the nobody, yet you were cool as a cucumber. You understood his nerves once he asked, “Do you wanna get out of here?“

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He checks out another girl in front of you- Harry Part 1

I let out a sigh placing my face in my hands watching my friend dance with her newly wed husband. They looked so happy together I was so happy for both of them. “Harry would you stop doing that” I said a little annoyed at the boy sitting next to me shaking his leg under the table. “I can’t help it [Y/N]. This is so boring! I don’t anyone here” he said crossing his arms. “I know, I’m sorry I dragged you here but I had no one else to come with” I said with a little pout putting my hand on top of his knee to stop him. He let out a sigh looking at me “It’s okay love” he said uncrossing his arms leaning in to kiss my cheek. “Anything to keep you happy, even if that means dying from boredom” he said making me chuckle rolling my eyes. “Why don’t you grab something to drink from the bar that might help” I said making him nod his head as he got up walking towards the bar. I turned my attention back to the dancing couple watching them intently. After a while I looked towards the bar to fin Harry leaning against the counter with a drink in his hand looking towards the number 29 table where a young girl with red head sat with her legs crossed in a dress that seemed to be two size two small for her hugging her figure tightly and made her but and boobs look huge. I looked back at Harry and knew for sure that he was watching her because I noticed a small smirk form on his lips when the girl stood up her back towards Harry and he scanned for from head to toe his gaze falling on her butt. I let out a angry huff getting off my seat and stomping towards him. He didn’t seem to notice me standing behind him until I cleared my throat making him jump in surprise and turn around. “Looks like you found something to cure your boredom” I said motioning towards the red head he was looking at. “Oh no [Y/N] I wasn- I was jus-” he said stuttering to get a answer out. “Hmm sure you weren’t” I said rolling my eyes turning around to get back to the table to grab my clutch and walk out of the building furious with Harry getting in the car and driving away. I didn’t care at the fact that I was taking the car and Harry didn’t have another way to get home. He could walk home for all I care that jerk…

Discreet ;

[AU] Where you are a celebrity and both you and Harry are keeping a low profile.


Click the bold for visuals;

You had arrived in Australia that morning of the ARIA’S. While on your way to the red carpet your phone rang. “Hey there” you said with a smile.

“How’s my pretty lady doing this fine afternoon” his voice said from the other side of the phone.

“I’m great actually I ‘am on my way to the ARIAS. Will I see you there?” you asked him.

** http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=141802552 **

You heard his slight chuckle, “of course I’am” you heard various greetings from the foreground.

“Tell the boys hi for me” you said laughing.

“Ma’am, we are 5 minutes away from the venue” the limo driver told you.

“Harry, I have to leave you. I’m almost at the venue” you told him quickly as you noticed the line of cars.

“Alright love. See you there too bad I can’t kiss you” he said lowering his voice.

“I know, don’t remind me” you said saying goodbye to him.


Once on the red carpet you did some interviews talking about your new album that was about to drop in the states.

Suddenly, you heard a lot of commotion to your right. There he was in all his glory. He stood up straight next to his best mates sporting his famous smile.

After they took some photos, you noticed that they were walking to the interviewer next to you.

The interviewer in front of you started her set of questions, about a minute or so of starting the interview you smelled his cologne, distracting you from the questions.

You probably sounded dumb, but you haven’t seen Harry in over 2 months and it killed both of you.

The media knew that you and One Direction were best friends but they didn’t know about Harry.

Sure they had their rumors with nothing was official, management didn’t think it was the right time to make anything official.

“How many awards are nominated for today?” you heard the lady ask you.

“I’m up for 3 nominations today. To be honest, if I don’t win won’t matter. The feeling of being nominated in 3 categories is an honor” you answered.

You were overhearing the interview next to yours and noticed it was over.

“Okay, two more questions and were done” the interviewer laughed and so did you.

“So many fans on twitter are going crazy over these rumors.” She said looking down at her handy cards.

“First question, is it true that you adopted a puppy?” she asked.

You smiled thinking back at that day, “I actually did not. I went to the shelter to see the animals that were there but unfortunately I couldn’t take one home. I’m so busy at the moment that I can’t keep up with a pet, but maybe in the near future.”

“Okay, second question. The fans want to know if there is a certain someone in your life. We know the holidays are coming up and they want to know. Does the famous (Y/N) have someone in her love life?”

Just as you were about to answer the question, you felt someone behind you.

“I was meaning to answer that question miss” you knew that accent anywhere.

“Niall!” you exclaimed as you bumped into him.

The five of them were behind you joking around.

“She’s actually dating Niall” Liam said adding a point to this statement.

“These boys know how to joke around” you heard the interviewer laugh at her statement.

“At the moment…….um…there is nobody in my life. I’m so busy that I don’t have time for a relationship” you said with a slight stutter.

Of course the boys knew about you and Harry, but were told to keep mum about the situation.

“is it because you are too tough to the opposite sex?” she said bringing this interview to a whole different level.

“Excuse me, but-“you said but couldn’t finish.

“She’s a wonderful woman and anyone who is with her is lucky to have her. She’s pretty, smart and funny. That added statement was unnecessary.” Harry told her slightly raising his voice.

The boys nodded in Harry’s defense and quickly pulled you away from that interview.

The last part of the carpet was more pictures, so the boys decided to take some with you.

You made silly and serious faces, and at one both you were in-between Niall and Harry.

It was hard because you both wanted to cute coupley pictures but it was useless.

Suddenly you felt Harry’s hand along your back. He knew you were agitated about the whole ordeal.

He discreetly rubbed circles on your back as a way to help you relax and it worked.

You felt safe, protected, and secure around him and you couldn’t be happier.

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The Model Series FINALE WEEK-- Harry Part One

“Oh my gosh! Thanks so much!” You ring off the phone and excitedly bounce down onto the couch next to Harry. Your 9-month along bump bounces as you sit. “What’s up baby?” Harry asks, addressing both you and your unborn fetus. He smiles at his joke, the same one he’s been using for the past six months. “That was Ralph,” you say, meaning Ralph Lauren. “He wants me to close one of the walks in his show next week!” Harry beams at you. “That’s great [Y/N]!” There’s a pause. “He knows you’re nine months pregnant right?” You laugh and lean back, placing your feet in his lap. “Of course, he’s designed a new maternity line and apparently there is a shortage of pregnant models so he wants me to walk. Plus, you know, it’ll up the press coverage.” You blush at how immodest you sound. Harry smiles and starts rubbing your feet, he knows you always get embarrassed whenever someone brings up how famous of a model you actually are. “Ugh I can’t wait to be back to work….and then we’ll have our baby!” Harry sighs and you know he’s picturing the two of you welcoming your baby to the world. “I can’t wait either….” he murmurs. “I just hope he or she stays in long enough that you can walk in the show!” 

“Oof,” you grumble, buttoning up the shorts that complete your outfit. You love Ralph’s new maternity line and you especially love your outfit. “Hello darling, are you okay?” Ralph pokes his head in and you greet him with two cheek kisses. “Oh yes Ralph the collection is gorgeous….I’m just sad my pregnancy is almost over so I can’t wear these beautiful clothes much longer!” You both laugh and feel Ralph’s critical eyes scanning every thread making up the outfit. He nods his approval but your smile is cut short with a sharp twinge of pain in your abdomen. “Oooh,” you bend over slightly and Ralph look concerned. “[Y/N] darling are you okay?” The pain goes away as quickly as it started and you stand up straight. “Oh yeah, just a cramp I’m sure. This baby is ready to come out I think!” You laugh before Ralph moves on to start the show. By the time your walk comes around, you know you’re in labor. You breathe through the contractions, which are about ten minutes apart, and you are determined to finish your walk before going to the hospital. Your assistant Clara is not of the same mind. “What the hell you’re in labor?! And you’re still going to do the walk?!?!” You finish touching up your makeup and start walking towards the stage as your portion of the show starts. “Clara calm down, it’ll be hours until our baby is ready to come out and meanwhile Ralph is counting on me. Now listen,” you interrupt her panicky chattering. “I want you to go get Harry when I am at the end of the runway and tell him okay? He’s sitting in his usual front row seat, don’t get him until I’m at the end and have done my twirl and am coming back okay?” You send her off just as it’s time for your finale walk. You relax into the walk, a happy smile beaming across your face as you hit your stride and hear the audience go nuts. On your way back you see Clara pull Harry up and see him sprinting backstage, nearly tripping over photographers and Anna Wintour sitting next to him. You bite back a smile and finish your walk. Once offstage, you are surrounded by people including Harry. You vaguely hear him yelling at people to get out of your way as he ushers you into a taxi and you manage to text Clara to get your bag from home and meet you at the hospital. “I’m surprised you aren’t telling me it was dumb to do the walk.” You say to Harry on the way to the hospital. “Honey, our baby is coming into the world. I couldn’t yell at you if I tried.” You grip his hand as the taxi speeds towards the hospital and you mentally prepare yourself to become a mother. 

Headlines read: EXCLUSIVE PICS: [Y/N] [Y/L/N]’s Deluxe Delivery Suite; Model Goes Into Labor On Catwalk, Baby Daddy Harry Styles Runs Backstage–See the Million-Dollar Suite They Rented For a Month At the Hospital!

By the time you reach the hospital, you’re in the later stages of labor and your contractions are coming closer and closer together. “Just hold on baby we’re here alright I’ll help you I got you let’s go baby,” Harry coaches you out of the cab and into the hospital where paparazzi already swarm around you. Hospital security surrounds you as paps snap thousands of pictures and yell things at the two of you. “HARRY IS THIS YOUR BABY?” “HARRY ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?!” “[Y/N] HOW ‘BOUT A SMILE?!” Harry ignores them and you concentrate on breathing through the contraction that is squeezing your uterus. Once inside the hospital and out of the noise and camera flashes, nurses rush you and Harry into a private elevator and upstairs into your delivery ‘suite’. You were willing to give birth in a normal hospital room, but Harry wouldn’t hear of it. “I want our baby to have the best of everything, and that includes her delivery. Plus, you’ll be pampered and you deserve it.” How could you refuse that?

You change into a hospital gown as your on-call doctor steps in to examine you. Harry excuses himself to call your parents, Anne and Des, and the boys. “Alright [Y/N],” the doctor is saying when Harry walks back in. “You are about eight centimeters dilated so it won’t be long now until your baby is here!” Panic flickers across your face and Harry rushes to grab your hand, carefully avoiding the IV sticking out of the back of it. “Alright baby just breathe, it’ll be over soon and we’ll have our baby and we’ll be parents forever we just have to get through this one day baby okay just breathe.” You calm down, squeezing his hand, before another contraction squeezes through, the biggest one yet but the epidural, already at work, helps to ease the pain. Suddenly pain cripples you and you yell out in pain. The doctor runs back in and peeks under your gown. “Alright [Y/N] your little baby is moving really fast here you’re not fully dilated yet but I can already see its head let’s get ready.” You lean back against the pillows and grip Harry’s hand as you feel the baby move.

The final part to Harry’s story will be posted at this time next week!