jennaushkowitz Happy birthday to one of the best “on screen boyfriends” ever. What a pleasure to work so closely with you and now a great friend. @harryshumjr are an incredible human with passion to live life to the fullest. You are the kindest, with a great outlook on life. You deserve all the good things that are brought your way:) I am so grateful for your friendship. I hope you have a wonderful day!!! ☀️ Congrats on another year around the sun #otherasian
harryshumjr Happy birthday to US! I am so grateful to have been your “on screen BF” for so many years and getting to know your beautiful heart. This post made me so happy to see. You are a gem and talented to boot. Love you!


Revenge of the Green Dragons Official Trailer #1

Harry Shum Jr.: Rehearsal footage from the archives! This one is from #Glee when Ryan asked me to do a dance solo. I chose Jack Johnson’s “Bubble Toes” because I loved the heavy drums that he used and the melody had heaps of levels to play around with. The tie bit (my fav part) was cut out from the episode because apparently it was too long. #ZachWoodleeIsTheCameraMan #SorryForFuzzyVideo #ItWasntMyCamera #ThatMopWasHot #ButWasTooBony