Yeah. Sooooo. I compiled all the Malec kisses (including the almost one) thus far, because why not?


i made a new version

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  • Alec: *is badass af*
  • Alec: *is salty all the time*
  • Alec: *literally kills demons like it's nothing*
  • Alec: *is five times taller and stronger than me*
  • Me:
  • Alec:

My heart will never get over this 2x03 scene mainly because of Magnus Bane. He’s literally crying because Alec meant so much to him and they were finally getting on good terms. In the second gif you can see that Magnus looks pissed at himself in a sense because his magic wasn’t enough to save him. Everything about Harry’s acting in this scene gave off so much emotion and that’s why it’s one of my favorites, by far.

The thing is that Godfrey’s Magnus was the only reason I even bothered with that goddamn movie. The one only reason I watched it. I did like his Magnus…

But when people say that “Harry is trying too hard - Harry’s Magnus isn’t good enough - Godfrey’s Magnus is the best” I can’t help but think that what they are really saying is that Magnus should be reduced to 3 seconds minutes of screen time, and never be heard of or seen, unless the main white characters need his services to move the plot. Because that what Magnus was in that goddamn movie.

And that’s how some parts of the fandom prefer to see characters of color on their screens.

This reminds me of the time, few years ago, when I was in the TWD fandom, and was looking through one of the fandom forums. There was that one racist person who kept hating on Glenn in every post they made in the thread. And then in one of their posts that person said something along the lines that they used to like Glenn in season 1, “until the show ruined him”… With character development, I assume.

What is interesting, a lot of people in the [general] fandom, the ones that used to hate Glenn later in seasons, considered season!one Glenn to be the best version of the character.

It’s easy to love a flawless helpful sidekick, who cracks a joke or two, but never is the center of the plot. Just like the genral TWD fandom loves Jerry now, they claimed to love Glenn back then. Coincidentally, the fandom started to hate Glenn viciously during the s3b arc – when he had the most of the character growth and development…

Don’t get me wrong, I love season one Glenn too, but he was just a character with great potential back then, who only grew more complex and interesting through seasons.

Same with Godfrey’s Magnus – he had a great potential, that sadly was never realized. Harry actually has this opportunity to flesh out this character and he is making it happen.

Shadowhunters Season 3

Guys, if we keep up this negativity and harassing the directors when little things we don’t like happen….we might not get a Season 3. I want one so badly and I bet a lot of us do.

 I love this show and the characters and the cast. Plus, the cast work so hard on this show. Their acting has improved so much and you can tell how hard they are trying. Think how devastated the cast would be if the show got canceled. Plus we may not see them together ever again. They have such chemistry and I hate to see it gone just because of us.

Heres my opinion on the Malec part of this. I love Malec. They’re such a healthy lgbtq  couple that needs to be seen. My opinion on the Malec “sex scene”

Would i have liked to seen more? Yes, totally. But guys we have to remember. These are actors. Maybe Matt and Harry weren’t comfortable going that far. They are both in relationships with females. Hell Harry is married and Matt might be engaged. Actors have limits too. They have done Malec so much justice. Please let this show get a third season.

But if it doesn’t, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

In 2x03 when Alec came back, I will forever love the fact that Clary reached her hand out and Magnus found comfort in holding it because they were both so damn relieved. This gesture has literally stuck with me since I’ve seen the episode and there’s so much emotion in it that simply isn’t acknowledged enough.