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Restricting Magnus Bane in the 2b premiere, how rude!!!!

I am going to be honest, it’s not really new…they done it before and gave Harry (Magnus) literally one scene before. It’s annoying as hell…so I’ll express my frustrations with this gif…I hate this as much as I hate clowns!

I know new characters is coming…so maybe they should balance it a little better. There are characters I actually would like to see less of…just because they not longer hold any “mystery” FOR ME and I need a break from them. Not because I dislike them, more I just need less and more of…Magnus, Izzy, LUKE, Raphael…MAIA…more Downworlders…do not tell me that they need to follow the books, even the author called the show a fanfiction…so the inspirations, cues, and aspects of the books is expected but not technically the directions.

However, Harry’s article about Magnus and Malec in 2b is promising.

Here you go, letting Rowan Atkinson express my feelings…

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Harry Potter/Avengers AU

The Avengers are a team of Witches and Wizards fighting against the Dark Lord Thanos. 

Tony is the mad Wizarding inventor who is a genius with a wand. Bruce is a part-time healer, full-time shape-shifting werewolf. Clint and Natasha are Unspeakables. Thor is a Quidditch beater. And Auror Steve has one hell of a shield charm. 

(Oh, and Loki is a Death Eater, which no one is surprised about)

Representation at it’s best

Magnus Bane: Bisexual Male of Color who is unapologetically himself, also portrayed by the beautiful Harry Shum Jr. an Asian American actor and a MOC.

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Alec Lightwood: An openly gay man  

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Malec: A healthy same sex relationship

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Raphael Santiago: An CANON Asexual character who is expressive of his sexuality

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Izzy Lightwood: A strong woman who is in every way equal to her male peers being portrayed by the lovely Emeraude Toubia who is half Latina and half Lebanese.

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SImon Lewis: A jewish vampire, portrayed perfectly by Alberto Rosende who is Latino

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Luke Garroway: played by Isaiah Mustafa who is a Black actor portraying an originally white character.

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Not only the main cast but the recurring cast is also vastly diverse

Maia Roberts

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Maryse Lightwood

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Victor Aldertree

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2x08 summary- Magnus’ POV

Alec: I need you to throw my brothers rune ceremony


Jace: I know you had sex with my brother, I felt it


Maryse: I heard you liked to drink


Max: *freaked out* How much of you is a demon?


Clary: I hate Simon! I’m leaving this party


Jace: Maryse just tried to kill me! Look at the non-existent axe in the wall!


Iris: *steals Magnus’ spell book*


Raj: I wanted to know if you were up for a threesome


Clary and Jace: Clary can make runes and has pure angel blood that could potential destroy the whole downworld but we wanted to be secretive


Shadowhunters: *exist*


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