harry potter weekend is on!

  • me: let's watch Harry Potter again
  • me: *criticizes everything*
  • me: *cries over the music*
  • me: *points out every difference from the books*
  • me: *giggles over how cute and young they were*
  • me: *yells at the screen every five seconds*
  • me: *mentions every pottermore update and wiki article on Harry Potter ever*
  • me: *sobs over the incorrect characterization*
  • me: *literally does not stop talking*
  • me: let's watch another one

Okay but Seamus fucking Finnigan who gets a whole rep from that one argument he and Harry had in fifth year.
Seamus who:
- flat out refused to leave Hogwarts and made his mother stay in a hotel
- joined the DA as soon as he saw reason
- regularly threw parties in the Gryffindor common room with Dean to celebrate Harry’s many Quidditch victories
- was tortured so badly in his seventh year that Harry DIDNT RECOGNIZE HIM UNTIL HE SPOKE and was still ready to kick ass and take names

I just

Harry Potter weekends
  • <p> <b></b> Christmas<p/><b>Freeform:</b> Harry Potter Weekend<p/><b></b> Halloween<p/><b>Freeform:</b> Harry Potter Weekend<p/><b></b> Monday<p/><b>Freeform:</b> Harry Potter Weekend<p/><b></b> Mom gives birth<p/><b>Freeform:</b> Harry Potter Weekend<p/><b></b> End of the world<p/><b>Freeform:</b> Harry Potter Weekend<p/><b></b> I think we can officially say that freeform is hardcore Harry Potter<p/></p>

((Hello all!  Thank you so much for all the amazing prompts and questions for Newt!  I’ve closed the ask box temporarily, so I can catch up and answer as many messages as possible without flooding the blog with answers only.  I hope to have it open again soon.

In other news, I’m completely blown away by how many amazing people I’ve met, and the response this blog has gotten in such a short amount of time.  Like woah.  I try to keep down my posts as the writer so it can stay focused on Newt, but I did want to thank you all!  I’m happy to answer any questions too, and I’m usually around in chat.  I can’t wait to write more.))

  • Moaning Myrtle: Comes back as a ghost and remains at the site of her murder
  • The entire Hogwarts staff, the Ministry of Magic, and the whole Wizarding World: Well I dunno how we're gonna solve this mystery Scoob if only there was some way to ask this murdered girl how she died and who is responsible oh well let's blame this kid because he looks suspicious and this other kid said it was him

Okay, so a huge thing now is taking the concept of Steven Universe, and fusing characters from other shows together, which is basically a character study in their interactions.


This lanky like, eight foot tall regular weasley looking mother-firebolter comes clomping down the stairs everytime someone shouts for Fred and/or George. Immediately startling the hell out of everyone… and making family portraits difficult.

“Alright, Fred and George, I want a picture with you two in it-… dammnit boys, not again!”

“What?” booms the beaming fusion. “Technically, we’re both in the photo!”

“Don’t think I can’t tan your cheeky hides, boys.” huffs Mrs Weasley, trying not to give away her amusement.

Random ideas:

Golden Trio fusion (Harry/Hermione/Ron).

Tall, multi-limbed for multitasking. Tends to have a very protective, somewhat reckless personality; will unfuse if one or more members disagree with something strongly enough.

Smart, fast (movement/talking), and has the potential to be highly focused when engaged in a task.

Famous for bodily hurling Lord V(elocity = distance over time) about a hundred feet into the air, and making a terrible pun about it.


Silver Trio Fusion (Ginny/Neville/Luna).

Not overtly frequent. Not dissimilar to Golden Trio, in the fact that it is sometimes hard to maintain fusion due to clashing personalities or inattention. Easy-going, gentle, knowledgeable in a non-threatening way… but also determined and bold.

They are surprisingly compatible, and not as volatile as other fusions.


Fusion Pairings & Names, all made up on the spot:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Harry & Ron - Lightning Knight

Harry & Hermione - Brainstorm

Ron & Hermione - Brightspark

Harry, Ron & Hermione - Golden Trio

Harry & Neville - Deadly Nightshade

Harry & Ginny - Storm Chaser

Harry & Luna - Mythos

Hermione & Neville - Poison Ivy

Hermione & Ginny - Trivial Pursuit

Hermione & Luna - Limitless

Ron & Neville - RedVines

Ron & Ginny - Crimson Fury

Ron & Luna - Knight Night ( I will come back to the naming process for this one, they are not the HP fusion equivalent of Moon Moon)
Alternate names: Loyalty, Dreambound, Blazing Truths

Neville & Ginny - Fireflower

Ginny & Luna - Nightmare

Luna & Neville - Herblore

Neville, Luna & Ginny - Silver Trio


Other triplicate fusions can be made from this grouping.

Can explain the thought process behind all the names, trust me.
Except for Moonmoon the fusion up there, I got stuck.

Just realized in order of the phoenix (movie atleast, I forgot about the books) that umbridge says something around the lines that students should be taught in order to get through their examinations and now I’m just thinking about the fact that that’s how school systems are now; they don’t teach so that you learn a subject, they teach so that you can pass a test