harry potter wedding themed

Couple Hosts Amazing Harry Potter Theme Wedding

Cassie and Lewis Byrom decided to have a wedding inspired by their favorite thing in the world…

Many of us are self-professed Potterheads who have a deep admiration for J.K. Rowling and a proud obsession with The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The truth is since we first watched Harry Potter on film, we have all experienced the desire to be a wizard.

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People say “a Harry Potter themed wedding would be great!” but when I show up dressed as Dobby in nothing but a pillowcase, their wedding present is a sock, and I smash the cake over their aunt’s head, they’re suddenly angry

on another note i just found an album on spotify called “geek wedding collection” and they have a full string version of the ice dance from edward scissorhands, weezer’s “island in the sun,” “dearly beloved” from kingdom hearts, as well as string-ified music from portal, harry potter, and game of thrones

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Amanda’s Magical Hiatus!

Like the picture says anyway! And referring to the picture you can also see the GIGANTIC clue behind it as to where I am going: That’s right IM GOING HOME- i mean to hogwarts– I mean to universal studios in Florida… BUT THAT COUNTS RIGHT? ANYWAY

Yes, next week, May 18th marks the one year mark that I have been married. My harry potter themed wedding seemed to have only happened yesterday and how better to celebrate my harry potter themed wedding than by going to hogwarts? I will be there from MONDAY MAY 15TH TO THURSDAY MAY 25TH.

So that is technically my hiatus, but of course when I come back that weekend, May 27th to the 29th I will be at a bachlorette party for my friend who is getting married in june. So on a TECHNICALITY I will be on Semi to Full hiatus basically until the end of may 

I have started a queue as most of you have noticed. On my vacation I will have my laptop and my hotel supposedly has wifi but… I mean… I might be busy XD. Unfortunately that means I will miss most finales until I can find a way to watch them while I’m away. So anyone that interacts with my OOC please please PLEASE make sure to check I watched the show before tagging me in anything or messaging me about it? Thank you!  I will try to catch up as soon as possible. I am not dropping any threads. And I will still be up for OOC interaction and I highly recommend getting my snapchat or discord to guarantee OOC interaction during my time away. I’m gonna schedule this post to go out a few times on all my blogs listed in the picture so for anyone that follows me on all blogs feel free to blacklist ;; magical hiatus since that will be the tag. 

For the rest of this week I will be queuing things, posting things, etc so feel free to throw everything my way between now and friday at least to get it in my queue.

idontlie-dm  asked:

Because everybody else is sharing and I'M SUPER EXCITED, I'm a Slytherin who is basically marrying a Weasley in a week! He's a redheaded Gryffindor, and our wedding is next Friday!

OH MY GOD ! Weird question … Are you having a Harry Potter themed wedding ???????