harry potter was the reason for my existance why is it over so soon


Lily is 11 and she doesn’t like boys. She loves Sev but that’s different. She loves him the way she loves Petunia, the way Petunia doesn’t love her back. She likes the way the the concrete feels in the summer, it burns her feet but she dances on it anyway. She likes pressing her fingers to her veins and trying to feel the magic. She likes the dark blue curtains in her living room that her mum constantly complains about. She likes the funny chocolates they have at school and the way they jump around. She likes running late to classes with Marlene and laughing at Mary’s attempt to cover for why they were not on time. She likes Alice’s soft voice that reminds the rest of them that they have plenty of homework as they lounge in the common room. She doesn’t like James Potter and the way he struts about thinking he’s so grand and funny, she knows grand and funny it’s her and her friends and most definitely not him.

Lily is 12 and she doesn’t like boys. She still loves Sev the same way as she always has but no longer the way she loves Petunia. Petunia makes her heart hurt as she spits out the word freak and makes witch sound like its poison in her mouth. Lily loves Petunia sadly and Sev happily and she thinks she’s okay with that. She likes baking with her mum and licking the spoon and fighting her dad for the bowl. She likes hiding behind the blue curtains after sneaking a frog in Tuney’s shoe. She likes the way her dad can’t stop laughing as he tries to scold her for it. She likes drawing pictures on the window of the train. She likes that her friends all try to guess what it is before she’s done, Alice always gets it right but that isn’t hard when Marlene and Mary are fighting to figure out who can come up with a ruder version of what it is. She likes eating in the great hall and feeling so apart and at home in something. She likes mimicking Marlenes snores with Mary at all times of the day especially in class. She likes quidditch and watching the games but severely less so when Potter is playing. She doesn’t like Potter no matter how good he is at the damn sport.

Lily is 13 and she’s starting to like boys. She likes them differently than Sev. Sev doesn’t make her palms sweat or her stomach do tumbles, he steadies her and lays with her and he loves her- more than Petunia ever has. He’s her real sibling, well the only one that really loves her and Lily thinks she’s okay with that, its better than having no one after all. Lily likes the breeze on her thighs when she wears her skirts. She likes the way the grass feels against her legs as she lays with Marlene in the courtyard skipping yet another divination lesson. She likes making up wild stories of what their futures probably hold including but not limited to, Marlene marrying a giant and becoming a giant queen, Lily sprouting wings and becoming accepted amongst the dragons, Alice turning out to be a unicorn in disguise, which they both agreed would be too plausible for it to be considered actual divination, and Mary one day waking up with a third leg to kick them both with. She likes telling these theories to try and get a laugh out of a begrudging Mary who actually DID go to class and was left by herself. She likes the way Alice dances with Marlene to make Mary smile which eventually leads to the four of them dancing and laughing all night in the common room. She likes the way Potter and his friends are totally bewildered by it asking loudly what the hell had gotten into them, she knows he could never understand the pure joy of dancing with your friends. She likes the way Marlene tells Sirius she’d rather dance with a pig’s privates when he asks if she has any moves left for him. She likes painting Alice’s nails and listening her talk all about how much she loves her little brother and wondering what it must feel like to have an older sibling that not only tolerates you but actually loves you back. She likes chasing Mary’s cat, Sniffers, and complaining loudly when he won’t let her hold him. She thinks she may like Remus Lupin a little more than she previously thought. She’s always liked how kind and smart and quietly hilarious he is but she’s only just realized how cute his nose is and how she thinks she may want to hold his hand. She likes that he’s different from his total gits of friends but remains loyal to them. Loyalty Lily knows is one of the most important things in a friendship, which is why she doesn’t let her friends judge Severus. She likes that she can tell Alice about her crush on Remus without her making fun of her or suggesting that she do something crazy like fling her bra at him to make him love her (something Marlene and Mary promised would do the trick). She likes transfiguration because Remus sits next to her and tells the funniest jokes quietly so only she can hear. She likes that she spends most of the class laughing at him which may be why she isn’t doing her best, Potter on the other hand excels in transfiguration which is something that really grinds her gears, probably because it’s the one class he doesn’t laugh much in, for some reason he spends most of it quiet giving her and Remus rather annoyed looks.

Lily is 14 and she likes boys. Not the way she likes Severus, whom she still loves… despite everything. They’ve been fighting quite a bit lately mostly because he’s been hanging around with scum and Lily can’t understand why he can’t see that they’re scum. They tell him she’s dirty and disgusting and not a real witch and he hangs around with them anyway it infuriates her and he hangs around with them anyway. But even though he has his flaws and can’t see how disgusting his new “friends” are, Lily loves him anyway. She loves him because he brings her her favorite sweets and let’s her hold his hand and listens when she cries about Petunia, even though she’s found she never likes what he ends up saying about Tuney. She loves him because they’re siblings in every sense of the word so she guesses that it’s ok that they argue, after all they don’t argue nearly as much as her and Tuney do. Or did rather, after all petunia hasn’t answered a single letter Lily has sent her this year and she stayed at a friends house during Christmas holiday to avoid her. Lily thinks she’d rather Petunia call her a freak everyday and spit in her tea twice every hour than have her deny her existence, it would hurt way less. Lily likes dancing. She likes stepping on her dads feet as he twirls her around the kitchen. She likes potions. No lily loves potions. She likes to see the magic actually being created right in front of her she likes that she can hold it and see it and it’ll never stop amazing her. She likes Benjy Fenwick and his bright blonde hair. She likes his small smile and big blue eyes. She likes the way her stomach flips when he’s around. She likes the way her friends act more excited than she does when he finally asks her to Hogsmeade. And she pretends not to like the choruses of “Lily and Benjy sittin in a tree”. She still likes Remus Lupin even though she’s over her crush. She likes studying with him in the library and debating and debating about all the injustices going on in their world. Injustices that were really starting to scare her. Against her better judgment she’s found that she also likes Sirius Black and Petter Pettigrew. For completely different and all around confusing reasons. She never really thought much of Peter, he was just one of potters friends. She assumed him to be an intolerable arrogant git and she found herself to be so wrong. It was when she was assigned to sit next to him in charms after causing too much of a ruckus near Marlene. The first day he nearly made her pee from laughing so hard. She liked that he always brought an extra quill because he knew Mary would forget one. She liked how he copied an extra set of notes for Marlene the day she was sick, something Lily herself hadn’t thought to do. She liked how pretty soon he was joining in on hers and Lupins study sessions which would leave them all doubled over laughing. She found that she liked Sirius and that he really wasn’t as much of a prick as she assumed. She liked the way he over dramatized everything and she was actually growing to find him funny. Of course not nearly as funny as he thought he was but funny all the same. She liked that he spent more time in detention than her, (which she’ll admit she was in quite a bit) him James and the rest of their lot always got in trouble for their pranks. But it was their fault they had to boast and let everyone know it was them. Her Mary Marlene and Alice on the other hand pulled off far better pranks with far less the track record, a feat she liked a great deal. She doesn’t like James Potter and the way he arrogantly asked her on a date while she was holding hands with Benjy. (She did however like her response to the question which included several curse words and threats to his well being).

Lily is 15 and she hates boys. She’s rocking back and forth and tearing at her hair and sobbing so hard she can’t catch her breath. Because he said it, he really said it. She couldn’t believe he actually said it. Her throat is raw from her screaming into her hands.He became the thing he promised he never would and he said the word. No matter how hard she shut her eyes she couldn’t get the image of his face out of her head. The word was stuck in her ears repeating itself over and over again. Mudblood. She felt like her stomach was in the floor as she laid her head in her knees and sobbed. Petunia still looks through her instead of at her. She had lost both of her siblings. Lily laughed out of the sheer irony of it all, because Severus and Petunia did have something in common after all, they both hated her. She disgusted the both of them and if it wasn’t for her friends she might have began to disgust herself too. Lily likes Alice. Soft and timid Alice who could never hurt a fly, was lying in the hospital wing getting her bloody knuckles bandaged. She was a different kind of calm than Lily was used to, no perky smile or scrunched nose sat on her face. Instead her eyes had this fierce fury, she sat perfectly still and the combination made her look deadly. “He’ll never say that word again Lily” she whispered. Reaching up to wipe her face with the back of her hand she only managed to smear it with blood. Lily likes Mary, who always butters her toast for her because “honestly Lily watching you do it is so slow and painful and look!! You’ve got chunks that won’t taste right just let me do it Merlin”. Lily likes Marlene especially when she’s yelling and fighting with all the professors, “I certainly do not think my skirt length has any effect on my ability to do magic. And if you don’t stop looking at my skirt I’ll show you just how capable I am at charms and charm your foot up your arse!!!” Lily was forced to charm Potters head to his desk in order to get the same two weeks detention that Marlene had gotten for that rant. Something Marlene was quietly greatful for, the two never spent a detention without the other. Lily likes rock n roll. She likes blasting it from her room and complaining to her mum that that’s the way it needs to be heard when she’s chided to lower it. She likes painting her nails black so they look especially badass when she flips Potter off. She likes going for car rides with her parents. And it’s ok that Petunia never comes because she gets to lay down in the back seat and dangle her feet out the window. She likes sneaking out at night with all her friends just to lay on the grass and look at the stars. She likes daring Alice to skinny dip in the lake and loves when she actually does. She likes that it took only seconds until the rest of the jumped in after her. She likes that Sniffers finally lets her hold him. She likes that Alice held her when Benjy cheated on her, she didn’t even like him that much but it hurt all the same. Mary and Marlene had left the common room quietly together and when she asked where they were going they both only shrugged. She liked that after only an hour later they returned with all of Benjys clothes, “we left his stuff from second year for him to wear tomorrow” Marlene said proudly as they all died in laughter. She liked Mary’s loud comments at breakfast the next morning, “Oi! Cut back on the breakfast Benjy looks like you’ve put on a few pounds. Your jumper buttons are ready to burst!” She yelled it while she buttered Lily’s toast with a smile. Lily secretly liked the way Potter threw death glares in Benjys direction mumbling about how he was an absolute fucking idiot, not that she’d ever admit that to anyone. She still didn’t like Potter not one bit, not even now that he’s grown to be so tall.

Lily is 16 and she can’t help liking boys. Not Severus though who she refuses to so much as glance at. Sure he tried apologizing several times but it was just too little too late. Petunia’s actually been civil lately, she made Lily a cup of tea without being asked. It might not be love but lily was sure it was something. Lily likes tea and pouring as much sugar in it as possible. She likes when her mom tells her that she might as well drink the sugar packets instead. She likes when her dad comments on the situation by doing just that and drinking the sugar. She likes the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and loves playing all the music for her dad to hear. She likes that he’ll sit with her for hours and just listen to the songs and talk about them. She loves when he surprises her with band tshirts that she wears until they’re ripped and faded. She likes chocolate and competing with Marlene to see who can stuff more of it in their mouths. She likes Marlene’s signature victory dance she does every time she wins. She likes Alice’s yells that they’ll both get stomach aches and ruin their appetites. She likes sitting up late at night in bed and talking to the rest of them. They can talk about anything and everything and they do. She likes the way Alice bashfully told them that Frank Longbottom had asked her out. But what she liked even better was helping her get ready to go. She liked the way Mary did Alice’s hair as Lily did her nails. Marlene watched them work and told Alice detailed stories about all the sex her and Frank would soon be having and not to worry cus she’d gladly tell her what goes where and how to do what and what boys like. She only stopped because Alice was blushing so hard Lily couldn’t do her makeup. Lily likes Sirius, loves him actually. They’d become very close over the year. She likes the way he gives her piggy back rides to class and his sharp wit. She likes that they can insult each other all day and know the others joking. She likes the way he’ll dramatically fall into a chair in the common room and claim he’s died of boredom. She likes that he understands. When she talked to him about Petunia and about how much it hurt to have a family member not love you back he actually understood. She nearly cried when he told her about his family but she was guiltily grateful to finally have someone who could relate. She likes James Potter now. They’ve decided to become friends. Just friends. That’s it. She doesn’t like him anymore than that. And if she has to say it again to Marlene or Mary or Alice or Remus or Sirius or Peter or any one else in this goddamn school she’s going to completely lose it. She likes that they’re friends he’s actually a very good friend. She likes the way he laughs. He does it with his whole body so his long legs kick up and his glasses nearly slide down his nose. She likes when he makes her laugh which is almost every minute of every day. He’s constantly whispering something in her ear or yelling across the dining hall or sneaking her notes in class. She likes the way he defends his friends so fiercely and loudly. When Alex Benditen made a nasty comment about Peter’s weight James made his stomach grow three times the size. She likes the way he runs his hand through his hair just to mess it up. She likes the way he’s constantly tapping his foot or his pen. It’s as if he just has so much energy it’s ready to explode right out of him. She likes his eyes and the way he looks at her like no one else does. She likes Potter, likes him a lot actually. But only as a friend of course she reminds herself, only as a friend.

Lily is 17 and loves her boys. Not Severus, who she barely even thinks about anymore, but Peter and Sirius and Remus and James. She loves Petunia and she’s starting to think that Petunia just may love her back a tiny bit. But it’s ok if she doesn’t lily decided. She’s finally content with being the sister who waits the sister who loves more freely. Lily likes going for walks at night. She likes grabbing her ratty pair of sneakers by the door and sneaking out. She likes the way the streets look when no ones on them. She likes the peace of it all. She likes the way the night air gives her a feeling of suspense. The night makes her feel like anything is possible and anything could happen at any moment. She likes do laundry with her mum. She likes sitting on the dryer and folding the clothes that her mum passes her while she tells her stories about when when she was younger. She likes the warmth of the clothes and the smell of the laundry and the sound of her mums laugh. Lily likes socks. She likes wearing the ones that are mismatched and the ones that have holes in the toe. She likes stuffing the dirty ones in Mary’s face for her to smell. She likes falling asleep in places that aren’t her bed. This particular habit happens to be one that she shares with Remus. The result of this led to a chart being made by Sirius and Marlene. Next to Lily’s name was, common room floor, Mary’s bed, staircase, great hall, peter’s bed, floor of boys room, floor of girls room, library, and charms class. Remus was the clear winner next to his name he had, every class he has ever taken, common room floor, every seat in common room, courtyard, astronomy tower, quidditch pitch, great hall, Sirius’s bed, boys floor, library, three broomsticks, supply closet, and a few passages. She liked the chart and the memories and teasing that went along with it. She liked napping next to Remus in the common room and the way he looked so peaceful. She likes firewhiskey. She likes the way it warms her all the way from her stomach to her fingertips. She likes proclaiming loudly and often that she could drink anyone who dares under the table. And she liked even better that she actually could, a fact that Sirius still gripes about. Lily liked dares. She liked both getting them and giving them. Her favorite dare to date was the one she gave Marlene the first week of this year. Marlene and Sirius had been loudly and aggressively flirting for the past year and a half and lily was tired of neither of them actually doing anything about it. So one night after a few bottles of firewhiskey she dared Marlene to give Sirius a Lap dance. Marlene was never one to back down from a challenge drunkenly stood up and Sirius nearly passed out before she even walked over to him. The music played and she swayed her hips and not even thirty seconds went by before he grabbed her and the two were heatedly making out. She liked the way the rest of them yelled and laughed and the choruses of finally. She liked the two of them together they were loud and obnoxious and completely in love. She still likes dancing in the common room. She likes twirling so fast that her skirt goes up and laughs at the hoots and hollers of her boys. Lily likes Mary and she couldn’t give less of a fuck that Mary liked girls. She liked that none of them cared at all and instead we’re always in constant search of finding Mary a girlfriend, something that always led to Mary blushing and hiding her face in her hands. She likes when they all play hide n seek like they’re little kids again. She always hides with Peter because he some how manages to find the best hiding places. She likes the way everyone groans that they win every round and the way Peter holds her hand up in victory. She likes Alice and Frank together. She likes watching them talk quietly to each other and giggle. They’re both soft and kind and absolutely perfect for each other. She likes cauldrons. She likes talking constantly about all the different makes and models and the proper ways to clean them and the slight effects each has on every different potion. The only person that will ever listen to her drone on and on about them is James. She likes James more than she’s ever liked anyone else before. She first kissed him after the first quidditch game of the season. James had been very worried before hand and was constantly griping about how essential it was for them to win. Lily showed up to every practice beforehand to scrutinize and give her advice. It usually led to the two of them arguing but she did it anyway. At the last practice before the game she told him that he needed to do a full roll fake out before shooting to avoid a defender. “ I can’t do that do you even know how hard that is?!” He had yelled back at her. “Liam pofcery does it all the time!” She answered arms crossed. “He’s been a professional for ten years how am I supposed to do that?” James had groaned. But at the game she watched from the stands and he did it and they won. She sprinted on to the pitch afterwards jumped onto him nearly knocking him over and kissed him. She liked the way the world stopped for a moment when she did it. All the people screaming seemed to blur for a moment and all she could see was him. She was kissing James. She liked his stupid face of surprise right before she did it. She liked the way he immediately kissed her back fiercely and intensely. She liked the way he grabbed her tight as if she might let go or change her mind and pull away. She had no intention of doing that because she liked the way he kissed way too much. She likes kissing James. After the first one it all started to rush into place. She could finally admit to herself all the things she liked about him. She liked his eyes and how they were always bright as if he just told a joke. She liked his hands and how they were big and rough from holding a broom. She liked his hair and the funny way it stuck out at all ends. She liked how fucking tall he was and how she had to pull his tie for him to lean down and kiss her. She liked laying with him at night and hearing him breathe. She liked pushing him off the bed when he snored and laughing when he tickled her in retaliation. She liked the way he exasperatedly yelled her name when she made him mad. She liked that he’d twirl her in the common room and on the quidditch pitch and in the astronomy tour and anywhere else he could think of. She pretended not to like when he constantly went around and told everyone she was his girlfriend. She liked that he was bestfriends with her friends and she with his. She liked how everything was perfect. Even when it wasn’t. Peter served detention four times for cursing Slytherins who threatened her. Which was three less than the 7 times Remus served for doing the same thing. Mary and Marlene both were in the hospital wing twice with broken knuckles. But nothing beat Sirius and James’s 10 detentions and 3 hospital wing visits in the matter of four months. Lily yelled at all of them that she didn’t need their help that she could take the insults and threats just fine and handle herself perfectly on her own. But she liked the way they all rolled their eyes when she screamed. She liked that when the letters from the Order came they all said yes without hesitation. None of them needed a second to think or consider it. They were all ready to get out of school and start actually doing something to help. They were all ready to fight. She liked the way they spent their last few days in school. They broke out every night and drank and danced in the courtyard. She dared Alice to skinny dip again and soon they were all freezing and splashing and dying from laughter. The world was fucked up and the war was coming but for those few nights they were kids in love. In love with their friends, in love with the night and the stars, in love with the laughter that gave them aches to their bones, in love with the naive idea that they’d all be ok that this and them would all last forever. She liked remembering those nights and that feeling right before she went to sleep. She liked sleeping with all of the blankets wrapped around her, a fact that always led to James complaining. She didn’t like James Potter at all. She loved him.


Harry felt Malfoy’s breath on his lips as they came together over the bottle, hands firmly planted on the floor as though they each needed their familiar soil, refusing to cross into enemy territory.

Except that Malfoy no longer felt like his enemy.

Malfoy felt inevitable.

It’s Harry and Draco’s eighth year, the Houses have been all but demolished in favor of unity, and they’re being forced to room together. How ever will they cope?

No strings…easy. Right? Unless you’re Draco Malfoy and you’re having sex with Harry Potter.

Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, determined not to let Malfoy get to him. But when the snarky teasing starts up again, Harry finds that returning the jibes with compliments has a far more interesting outcome.


The year is groovy 1973, and eighteen-year-old Louis Tomlinson is perhaps the gayest teen to ever grace the gloomy, hateful town of Fortwright. Would be fine if he wasn’t so viciously bullied at both home and school for such a “harmful” sexual preference.

After discovering the mansion was less abandoned than he’d thought, he’s now left with the most riveting mystery of a lifetime; every new finding leaving him with more questions. Who is this elusive owner, and why won’t they show themselves? Why is there a set of journals in the same handwriting that span over centuries? Why in the world is there a padlock on the refrigerator…and who the hell is Alexander?

au where harry and louis are solo artists and they’re not exactly friends per se but they’re friendly, know each other from industry parties and things like that and there’s always been this weird unspoken sexual tension between them and louis’ always kinda confused bc isn’t harry the biggest ladies’ man in the industry

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Practical Lessons in Love

Request: “Hi! Draco Malfoy smut? Reader has body issues and severe depression, but masks it with sarcasm and humor, and Draco can see right through it, so he decides to show her how much he loves her? I love your blog thank you so much! + Any character of your choice reacting to an s/o who is insecure about their stretch marks and/or their cellulite? Fluff or smut or whatever your want, sweetheart”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: SMUT!! Mentions of self-harm and depression

You lounged comfortably with your boyfriend, spending an easy Sunday afternoon in each other’s arms. Draco was fiddling with a strand of your hair, twirling it into tendrils, then letting it unfurl back into place. His legs housed you as you sat, absentmindedly humming along to the song on the radio as you lay there, in complete bliss.

“Your hair is so soft.” He uttered, breaking the silence. “Everything about you is so… just- soft. It’s as if you were made by angels.”

You turned, a small smile on your face.

“You’re so sweet.” You said softly, then pressed a kiss on his lips.

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Never Be Alone

shawn mendes x reader

prompt: After years of always being by each other’s side, Shawn and reader are finally separated. The only question is, how will they hold up?

Author’s note: I’ve had this in my drafts since December but I had extreme writer’s block.

“take a piece of my heart, and make it all your own, so when we are apart, you’ll never be alone”

I was awake in bed, like I had been for a few nights now. Everything was so perfect for so long. But now, all I feel is conflict deep inside my bones. Why couldn’t life just stay easy? Why does everything have to change? More importantly, how do I tell him. I gripped the envelope in my hand, the envelope that would change everything. I was excited, I couldn’t deny that, but I was also distraught, to say the least. I looked up at the ceiling of  my dimly lit room before turning my attention to the window; the calm, black sky was twinkling with stars. I smiled, trying to keep the image in my mind, as I would have to leave behind soon. I breathed hesitantly and reached for my phone. Just as I was dialing the number, I received a call, from him.  I smiled gently and touched the green button.

“Hey, I was just about to call you.” I laughed into the phone.

“Maybe it’s telepathy.” Shawn joked. I giggled through the phone.

“I need to talk to you about something.” I breathed, my tone became serious and the mood became heavy. Shawn noticed this and his breath hitched in his throat.

“I need to tell you something too, but not tonight. Meet me in the tree house tomorrow at 8PM.” Shawn addressed

“The tree house? You’re kidding? How do you know we’ll even fit in there anymore.” I teased.

“Just trust me, it’s important.” Shawn sighed. My face relaxed and I remained silent for a while.

“Alright, I’ll meet you there Shawn.” I spoke in an all-too neutral tone. We whispered our goodbyes and ended the call.

I gently placed the phone back on my nightstand. Staring out the window, I smiled as I remembered Shawn’s voice, so soft and velvety, speaking to me moments ago. A calm breeze before the storm that was to come.

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Do You Promise Me, Weasley? - George Weasley Imagine


Hi~ Can you write an imagine where George is jealous and overprotective because the reader have to do a work with a boy that is in love with her (she doesn’t know but George does and he hate that guy XD) I’m sorry if my english is bad ;^;. Thanks~
Can you do an imagine where george and his girlfriend get into a big fight right after she finds out she is pregnant but hasn’t told him yet and she believes he doesnt want to be with her anymore and won’t want the baby. But of course it all works out in the end. Please?

A/n: I don’t know why but for some reason I just thought that this might be a really good idea to combine both of these requests… I may be wrong tho…

~(Y/n)’s POV~

How does one react when they get the truth that there is a baby living and growing in your stomach? My reaction like most girls is happy. I was joyful and grateful that I was able to have an amazing boyfriend who can father this child but as my mind drifted off to the thought of George, I was instantly saddened and anxious. How would George react to this news? We’ve been together since our third year but we’ve been best friends since our first year in which I’m thankful everyday that my chocolate frog ran away from my clutches and landed in the hands of a very special ginger.

Life is an unexpected thing. You probably won’t even know what’s going on until it actually happens. I can’t predict or change the future, even if I wanted to but sometimes you just have to accept the things that are happening. I didn’t want to lose George, he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. He cares and loves me for me. He never hesitates to tell me how beautiful I am no matter where we are and he protects me from any kind of danger. Including “danger” that involves boys talking to me, I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation longer than five minutes but I didn’t complain.

All day long, I thought long and hard on how to break the news to him. I looked at myself in my hand mirror talking to myself.

“I’m pregnant, George… I’m pregnant! Surprise!… I’m pregnant haha” then I smacked myself in the face, this was harder than I thought. I don’t even think that I’ll be able to speak when I get the chance to talk to him. I waited in the common room for him to arrive, I knew he would be back soon from his quidditch practice. I kept practicing until the moment he walked in, something about the look on his face showed that he was mad.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, the news can wait as it seems that right now isn’t a good time.

“Nothing” he mumbled brushing me off before heading straight to the staircase. Are you kidding me? I grabbed his hand and yanked it.

“Don’t tell me that it’s nothing George. What’s wrong?”

“You want to know what’s wrong?” He spat “I can’t believe that I was so oblivious to see that you were cheating on me!”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Don’t act all innocent. Brennan already told me everything”

“I’m not cheating on you!” He didn’t speak nor did he look at me “You’re seriously going to take his word over mine!”

I couldn’t believe it. George, out of all people, knew that Tyler Brennan had this huge crush on me and he’s even made a few accusations that I’ve slept with him before but now all of sudden George believes his bogus story.

“George, I’ve never cheated on you! You know that Tyler is lying to you! He always lies!” I tried to give him reasons but it seems that he wouldn’t take any of them.

“George?” I whispered

“Just leave me alone” he said in a quiet tone before actually leaving me alone in the common room. I stood there in disbelief. He just left me.

~A week later~

It was ridiculous the way George was acting. Freaking ignoring me when I passed by, making no acknowledgement that I was in the same room. It was as if I no longer existed, like I was a ghost. I haven’t told anyone about the pregnancy but keeping secrets had its toll on me. I felt like I had this unbearable weight pushing down on me because there’s no one to talk to about it. I was surprised that I haven’t been skipping classes to eat ice cream in front of the common room fire, I always thought that without George I would be miserable that I didn’t have my boyfriend and a father for my baby but I’ve seen plenty of strong and independent single moms.

Unfortunately the dreadfulness of my life continued.

Only for a few minutes because our teacher, Professor Trelawney, paired me up with the person I hated the most because he ruined my relationship, Tyler Brennan. I would happily end his life with two simple words “Avada Kedavra” but then I would get expelled from the best school in the universe and go to azkaban which doesn’t really sound worth it once I think about it. I rested my chin atop of my folded hands and looked into the cloudy crystal ball trying my hardest not to punch the idiot right next to me.

“So, I heard that you and George broke up. Do you wanna go out? I would have asked you earlier but I’ve been so busy with quidditch you know.” His cocky voice making me gag, I looked up at him to see him bending his arms up and showing his supposed ‘guns’. I’m pregnant and I found that I have a lot more mood swings… Then usual. I rolled my eyes and raised my hand.

“Yes miss. (Y/l/n)?” Trelawney said.

“My poor partner’s future says that he’ll die soon and it makes me very very sad” I said “I don’t want to hear the rest or I might cry so I’m just going to switch with…” I looked around. “Maverick, if you don’t mind”

“Oh. Go, go ahead” she said, I just decided to sit with Maverick. He was this Hufflepuff student in my year, same height as George, black glasses, black hair and olive skin. Every time we encountered, he seemed to always wave and smile in which I would always return because he’s always so nice.

“Hi” I said plopping down on the empty seat next to him.

“H-hi” he said meekly.

“So. What are we doing?”

“Well, we’re just supposed to look into the ball and see if a sign pops up.” It was silent until he started a conversation. “H-how are you? I heard that you and George broke up” I just looked at him and smiled.

“I’ve been better, I must admit. Just a little.”

'Oh also, I forgot to add that I’m pregnant but forget about it. How are you?’
I thought in my head.

“Um… You know that w-” he was cut short as he was pushed back making him fall. I looked at the attacker to see, George.

“What hell are you doing?” I got up and helped Maverick. George came closer.

“He was practically undressing you with his eyes” he said furiously, the anger getting the best of him. Everyone was looking now.

“So what if he was?!” I spat, my anger, now, getting the best of me. “We’re not together, George. Remember, you left me because you believed his bogus story!” I pointed at Tyler.

“I was wrong. I don’t know why I believed him.”

“Just save it. I don’t want to hear more lies” I said quietly before grabbing my bag and leaving the classroom then I began my long journey down the staircase.

“(Y/n)!” It was George.

“What George?!” I yelled. I was so done. God, I’m pregnant and I’m having a fight with my child’s father. I looked up to see George barely at the beginning of the staircase.

“I miss you. I should have never took Brennan’s word over yours-”

“Yet you did… Just leave me alone”

“No! I won’t leave you alone”

“Why not?”

“Because I love you. I made the biggest mistake letting you go but I won’t let it happen again. I’m sorry for everything, I should have never yelled at you or accused you of something like that. Just please give me a second chance.”

I was about to walk up the stairs and hug him but I think the baby was disagreeing. I can feel that weird sensation in my stomach and I began to feel a bit dizzy, I ran down the rest of the stairs with both of my hands over my mouth. I heard following footsteps indicating that George was chasing after me. I went to the nearest dirt path and let it go. I felt hands pull back my hair.

As I was done, I looked at George.

“I’m pregnant. Surprise!” I said weakly with a small smile. I think the adding of surprise made the news more cheerful I think. George smiled and hugged me tightly in his arms.

“I’ll be by your side the whole time”

“Do you promise me, Weasley?”

“Who do you think I am? Ron?” He laughed “I promise”


What kind of wood would Uchihas wands be made of?

So…I kind of went too passionate about this and it’s ridiculously (RIDICULUS!) long but I think it was worth it. I really like the way it turned out and just….enjoy it everyone.

Madara Uchiha

Cedar- perceptive, not easily fooled, very strong

  • Now the first thing that striked me was Blackthorn for warriors. I highly associated Madara as a warrior mainly because the Warring states period but this is Hogwarts AU, no ninjas in here. Although I still think Madara is definitely warrior even in HP universe (we all know you can have some really good fights with magic) I do not think it would be the main attribute in his character.
  • I imagine Uchihas as some old, very fancy and very respected family, probably pure blood, and maybe some of them were well-known wizards in magical history. Maybe some of them fought great battles, mainly as some kind of „generals“ and for that they needed to have sharp and strategic mind. So then DNA worked and is no wonder Madara is really perceptive human, even without Sharingan. He can see danger or possible benefits in various types of situations, he knows how to speak to different kinds of people and also when to back off and when step out. He just knows…. naturally he knows.  
  • Also that Madara is no easily fooled is just something that fits him. He thinks a lot and he kind of can be a Ravenclaw but yeah, no one dares to mess with Madara because Madara can see thru all of your shit.
  • Very strong – can we really need to explain this? He is strong, like DAMN strong. He always was and always will be and that god damn wand would recognize that too.

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Izuna Uchiha

Black Walnut- good instincts, powerful insight, sincere, self aware

  • I kind of see Izuna like someone who relies a lot on his inner feelings, way more than to his heart or his mind. And he is doing right because his instincts and intuition are his biggest weapons.
  • As for powerful insight, again I choose this mainly because I am used to him as a Sharingan user and we all know his eyes were almost as powerful as Madara’s so I think he kind of preserve this even in HP universe. But of course it is not just about what he can see with eyes, but also what is hidden inside and Izuna is an expert for it. Don’t even try to lie to him, he always see though your words. No verita serum needed.
  • Sincere – any time, all the time. Madara can be brutally honest but with Izuna I see him as a type of person who will always say a truth but depends on the situation he can give it to you in way you will always love to hear it even it’s something critical. He just knows how to use words and also hate affectation so sincere he will be no matter what.
  • Self aware oh yeah. Izuna is much more down to Earth than Madara so this applies to him very well. He of course knows he is powerful and talented but he is not cocky and he kind of can get along with everyone thanks to this self aware attitude.
  • And bonus for Izuna – Black walnut wood is particularly good at charmwork, which I have a feeling would be the field of study he is interested in the most.

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Kagami Uchiha

Vine- seeks a greater purpose, vision beyond the ordinary, hidden depths

  • Sweet oh sweet Kagami! He was always kind of “before his time” guy and all he ever wanted was to make a world the better place. He won’t be somebody to graduate at Hogwarts and then spend the rest of his life in Ministry office. No, no and no. He would seek a grater purpose not just for himself but for everybody on planet and he won’t stop until he finds it.
  • Vision beyond the ordinary is something that also perfectly matches him because in Warring states period he was the only (or one of the few) Uchiha that was close to Tobirama. So close he trust him with his life and that was probably because he can see further than the rest of the Uchihas – meaning he was well aware of both Uchiha’s best and worst traits and could independently analyze them. I am sure he can do that also in HP universe and not just with his family. He can see beyond lots of things – it’s his biggest talent and something that you would say about him if you need to describe him.
  • As for hidden depths I think everyone sees Kagami as a moral and loyal guy but I also think he has some pretty dark and rebellious sides inside. He is really multiplexed human and just a few people can see this.  
  • Bonus – vine wood wands can emit magical effects upon the entrance of a suitable owner which I think fits really well cause Kagami also emit almost magical feel of trustfulness around him.

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Naori Uchiha

Poplar- clear moral vision, integrity

  • I personally love Naori to pieces even she is just an anime character I strongly believe someone as she existed in Uchiha history and that also Uchiha history need somebody like her. Considering she was the one who redeemed her friend by creating Izanami she was really kind and selfless. She didn’t want bloodshed but still wanted to end foolish battles for power so she found a way and succeeded. Her moral principles are something that is typical for her as is smile for Naruto.
  • Also she is a pure soul. Even she is a warrior (and can be really tough and intimidating one) and understands the need of doing difficult decisions from time to time, she always tries to do the compromise and avoid anything kind of evil. Her integrity and sense of honour is legendary.

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Fugaku Uchiha

Ebony- courage to be their self, holds to beliefs

  • When Fugaku was chosen by this wand he was eleven years old but even then he was very strong personality. Somebody that was not afraid of his goals, beliefs and conviction and that is maybe the main reason why he was chosen to be a leader of the Uchiha clan. He was always…how to say it…..himself. And he was never sorry about it.
  • As a head of Uchiha family he is very traditional and holds to beliefs but again – he was like that even as a child. He always knew what is right and what is wrong and he always did his best to stick on the right path and hold on those traditional virtues even it was the hardest thing to do. Fugaku is not somebody you can convict into doing something he personally consider inaccessible or lame which can makes him boring sometimes but also very loyal.
  • Bonus – ebony wood wands are really good to all manners of combative magic and Transfiguration which is really handy for a Head of Uchiha family and the future auror to be (yes, Fugaku would definitely be an auror)

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Mikoto Uchiha

English Oak- loyal, strength, courage, fidelity, powerful intuition

  • There is no question Mikoto is loyal. She is the most loyal Uchiha you can ever met, with strong sense of fidelity and for that she is perfect material to be sorted into Hufflepuff but I think that in the end the Gryffindor would be better for her. Why?
  • Well we did not see that in Naruto but she was a jounin before she gave birth to Itachi and I think she was pretty badass one. The same applies in HP universe as she would be really strong and skilled witch and lot of other girls would be envious to her abilities. That envy will even deepen when Mikoto became Prefect and also Head girl so all the other Gryffindor girls would need to obey her. How spicy.
  • Oh her lightheartedness… she has it and it’s strongly bonded to her courage. Not always is this courage the best thing for her but it’s one of the main trait in her personality.
  • Also she is really gifted not just because her perfect charm work but also because of her inner sight. Her intuition is kind of familiar to Kagami’s and it’s mostly the only think that divides her from getting into trouble when she is too courageous.
  • Bonus – English oak wood should only be collected from winter solstice to summer solnice which makes it as special as Mikoto.

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Itachi Uchiha

Cypress- noble, heroic, brave, self sacrificing

  • As an older brother and successor of Uchiha family Itachi would from the young age needed to understand his position and everything that is associated with it. Not necessarily means he loves it from beginning but he eventually he quickly learns to be proud of his heritage. That noble side is born out of this. He is a future leader and he acts like it. It became a part of his personality and nobody is nobler than this Uchiha. Such perfection.
  • Heroic of course. Even if Itachi would not be a future head he still has this strong feeling for helping others. Presumably his heroic actions would be first the small things like helping Sasuke to learn the basic charms or helping his classmates with homework to Transfiguration but when he will be adult he for sure would be that hero (auror) who slays every dark wizard he met.
  • Related to this he is naturally really brave person. Of course he is scared of death but he is way more scared that bad guys destroy this world and for that he is willing to put himself into danger, as long as his loved ones and he whole world is safe – in other words he is self sacrificing as hell.

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Sasuke Uchiha

Fir- staying power, strength of purpose, focused, strong-minded, sometimes intimidating

  • Staying power, strength of purpose and strong-minded is a go for Sasuke. His determination is truly legendary and as soon as he wants something he will get it. There is no other way. It doesn‘t matter how hard it is or how long it will take, it will happen. He would be kind of guy to play hardball but of course would not be literally so drastically – he is not a criminal or death eater okay, but let’s say he would not be afraid, from time to time, use some improper ways to achieve his goals. It feels kind of „marauders-ly“.
  • Having Itachi as his ideal and also shadow he would be truly focused being at least the same or even better than Itachi ever was. And Sasuke would excel in it. He will overcome Itachi in classes, having the best scores and also would be really charming in his behaviour. Uchiha brothers will simply take over Hogwarts – one as magnificent as the other and the only thing that decide which one you choose to cherish is your age – if you are in the same age or younger than Sasuke, than you will be at Sasuke’s side, the older ones would stick to Itachi – because otherwise there is no other way how to decide which Uchiha bro is better, smarter, more powerful etc. They are equal. End of story.
  • Funny fact – Itachi and Sasuke are in their house quidditch team (Slytherin) but it would be more like fun for Itachi, failing from time to time and not really doing big deal about it, while for Sasuke it would be main purpose of his life and he would be natural talent for it. He never disappoints and he is aspiring to be one of the best quidditch players in the world.
  • Other thing that Sasuke has and Itachi is lack of is intimidation. Sasuke does not use it on purpose but sometimes when he has a bad day he just irradiates this intimidation kind of aura and in those moments no one is dare to be around him. But as soon as Sasuke realize he is doing it, he would stop it immediately. But of course if somebody deserves it (for example that somebody bullying others) then Sasuke will get this trait into good use.
  • Bonus – fir wood suited to Transfiguration. Remember how I wrote Sasuke won’t always play fair? I can perfectly picture him as an Animagus. And in his changed form he can spy on others or maybe sneak into places he is not allowed to go, for example Flitch’s cabinet? Oh yeah, he would be a rebellious brat.

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Shisui Uchiha

Dogwood- playful, quirky, mischievous, clever, ingenious

  • Such an easy pick for Shisui. He is playful like no other Uchiha. Sometimes you have a strong suspicion he is not really Uchiha but that lasts just until you look at his dark eyes and hair haha. But yeah Shisui is definitely a big playful ball of joy and nobody question it.
  • So if there is some Uchiha that is in one thing way different than the other Uchihas then of course there must be some other ways he is different in. That would be his unconventional personality or if you want – his quirky personality. You can really never tell what he is up to. Yeah, you can say it would probably be something mischievous but he is full of surprises so it can also be something super sweet or super serious. He is a man of various layers.
  • One of the other things that came up to my mind about Shisui is that he is genius. Like really. His mind is sharp and naturally resourceful, he is witty and brainy and for this he has a lot of fans but also a lot of enemies. You can either love him or hate him, that’s how unfairly gifted he is.
  • Bonus – dogwood wood is not good for performing non-verbal spells and it’s rather noisy when is used. That’s really not a big deal for Shisui because a) he prefers to talk rather than to be silent and mysterious and b) with his talent he can make even dogwood wand performs a non verbal spells.

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Obito Uchiha

Alder- helpful, considerate, likeable

  • Obito has a big heart and he makes no secret about it. He is there for everybody day and night and he will help you with really everything. Even when it’s something trivial like carry your bag or something he never did before like translating parseltongue to mandarin Chinese, he will do it. In this kind of meaning he can be consider stubborn or strong-minded just as Sasuke, but unlike Sasuke, he helps others simply because it makes him happy.
  • This Uchiha is also really thoughtful and always think about consequences of his actions. If they may somehow negatively affects others than he will back off. Even if it means he needs to give up on his dreams or desires he would always considerate others well being.
  • For all of above he is genuinely likeable person. It’s true he would be more like brother to girls rather than objection of their love but it’s just the way he is. The friend of everyone. On other hand boys would like him too there would be no bad blood between him and other guys, all good all good. So yeah…. Obito the one who is always there for the others.

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Izumi Uchiha

Rowan- clear-headed, pure-hearted

  • I see Izumi as a character that has all the shit together. Even as a child. She is smarter than anybody in her age (there can be a healthy rivalry between her and Shisui) but it’s just not about studying or good memory but also about social interactions, seeing bigger picture and being down to earth. She just understands everything without long explanations and don’t over thing things that doesn’t have to be over thing. Mind clear as glass, might be a Ravenclaw.
  • As her brain can be a little bit “cold” her heart is just the opposite. She is really similar to Obito in these instances but on the other hand she does not do things she knows are beyond her limits (for example translating parseltongue). And besides – she is more like a person who does little invisible acts of kindness – saving a set for you if she knows you are late, filling up your inkwell if she sees it’s empty or leave you a spot near a fireplace if you are sick. In that moment you not always realize that it was her who did it, because she is totally cool or leave before you get all the prompters together but it’s always her. She is the one who percept needs of the others even before they know they have them.
  • Bonus: Rowan wood is perfect for all manners of defensive charms, and Izumi is for sure a great witch and has the best scores in Defence against Dark Magic but attack is not her first response. She is more defence type of person (but if she chooses attack then you better start praying).

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Two Ghosts (Tom)

song for the mood: Two Ghosts - Harry Styles

Requested- raised in Wool’s together, but the girl is a Gryffindor, so they’re not friends anymore. pleeeeeease add loads of detail and Tom fighting with his feelings. 

- - -

*Tom Riddle’s POV*

I stare at the back of her head for so long that I am surprised I don’t burn a hole. Her name, y/n y/l/n, makes up two words that I can’t speak aloud.

I used to know her well. We came from the same beginning as we were stuck in that same awful Muggle place. We weren’t siblings by blood or anything to my delight because if we were, it’d mean that I’d have the god-damn Gryffindor blood in me. And some other reasons I’d rather not discuss, of course. She looks the same from before as if she hasn’t changed at all.

But I know that’s not true. We’re not who we used to be. Hogwarts classified us into two distinct types of people. In her case, a Gryffindor, in mine, a Slytherin. Perhaps I was hoping for too much since I’ve always known what kind of person she is.

I won’t be able to forget the moment she looked at me after realising we are in different houses. Deject. I turned my back to her. Now we aren’t even friends.


You fiddle your fingers under the dining table. You can always feel it whenever someone is staring at you, but you usually avoid confrontation because everything is simpler when you don’t act at all. But today is different. That stare catches your attention when your friends start to mention it.

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One Day at a Time (chapter 4) Lin-Manuel x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


Summary:  This is inspired by Lin’s adorable tweet about him messing around on a friend’s Tinder account recently. Lin gets chatting to you on tinder and you decide to meet, and quickly begin dating. After spending 2 weeks in London while he films Mary Poppins, you return home and wonder if you can really make the long distance thing work. 

Warnings: Remember when this started out as fluff? Pro tip: don’t try writing fluff after going through a breakup IRL.

A/N: There’s a lot of discourse on rpf at the moment. This is a rpf and is tagged as such so if that’s not for you then don’t read, and I hope we can still be friends.

Word count: 3775

Tags: @coolschmoolzines @iputmyselfintothenarrative @ruth-hamilton-delrio @invisiblerambler @mofoing-democraftic-republican @thedoctorsnerdgirl @21phantasticromances @buckybarneshairpullingkink @nesthemonster @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens @rebel-with-cause


“You’ve never really talked about her,” Lin said suddenly, absentmindedly stroking your shoulder with his thumb.

“Who?” you asked sleepily


You shrugged. “There really isn’t much to say,” you said, dismissing the conversation with your hand.

It was Sunday morning, the day before you were due to fly back to New York and for some reason neither of you could find the willpower to get out of bed. You’d tried unsuccessfully all morning but somehow managed to stay wrapped up in Lin’s arms, trying to make the most of what little time you had left with each other.

Lin turned over, propping his head up on the pillows while studying your face. “Trust me, you don’t come out of a long term relationship, a relationship which ended in total heartbreak and come out of it completely unscathed,” he prompted.

He could sense your unease and held his hands up.

“Sorry, you don’t have to talk about it. I just want you to know that you can if you want to.”

“Oooh look they do a torture tour of the Tower of London, you can see where everyone was beheaded and everything!” you said brightly, suddenly completely engrossed in a London sightseeing leaflet in next to you on the nightstand.

Lin looped his arm around your waist, kissing your neck to bring your attention back.


You sighed, dropping the leaflet and turning round to face him..

“It’s annoying when you do that you know,” you said gently, wrapping your arm around him.


“When you’re understanding and encourage me to talk while simultaneously reminding me it’s ok if I don’t want to talk. It’s almost like you’re encouraging a healthy relationship or something,” you joked.

“Yeah I’m weird like that.” He smiled, kissing your head. “I know it’s none of my business.”

“No it’s not that,” you said. “She… Kay…. I spent a long time thinking I’d spend my life with her, I thought she was my person.. But that person never actually existed. She left, she’s seeing someone else now and I’m actually ok.”

Lin stroked your arm as your voice dropped.  

“And yeah it hurt but… I guess I can’t spend time feeling sad about a person who doesn’t really exist anymore. I can’t keep living in the past, does that make sense?”

Lin looked at you for a second before nodding solemnly.

“And you don’t have to worry about me, I can talk about this stuff. Jesus, I love talking, it’s my favorite thing to do! But right now…” you looked up at him through your lashes. “ I don’t want to talk.”  You smiled mischievously, biting your lip and tangling your legs with his.

Lin grinned at you before pulling you close, wrapping you in his arms. “We really aren’t getting out of bed anytime soon are we?”

Your lips hovered over his and hot breath tickled your lips.“Stop talking” you whispered.

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Every Little Moment

Parring: Sirius Black X Reader

Word: 1683. This is the longest image i’ve written in some time

Warnings: Uhm, half naked people? Is that a warning?

Summary: Reader is friends with the marauders, and her and Sirius has a crush on each other. However, things change when Reader finds Sirius with another girl

A/N: This was such a good request actually, i loved writing it! And it doesn’t hurt it’s Sirius. Anyway, tell me what you thought!

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knight in a black mask.|wang jackson


Word Count: 4k

Genre: Fluff

Summary: I hated birthdays. But all of this changed when a certain Wang Jackson barged his way into my life. 

Author’s Note: I was just in the mood for some Wang Puppy in my life. Just a generally (hopefully) fluffy oneshot. I really hope the first person writing doesn’t bother anyone too much. Thanks for reading!

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All for the Game

Pairing: Blaise Zabini x Ginny Weasley
Words: 4,409
Soul-Mate AU
Part 3 of my Marked Series on AO3

Ginny Weasley remembered the day she found out soul-mates were real. She heard stories growing up from Bill and Charlie’s late-night gossiping, but whenever her Auntie Muriel came over, she would always attempt to disprove their theories.

“True love doesn’t exist, Ginvera,” she would tell her, “And it’s better to get that in your head now rather than end up disappointed later.”

At first, Ginny didn’t believe her, she wanted to believe in true love. You could say she was a romantic, even if her brothers teased her relentlessly for it. But as her Hogwarts days started nearing, she gave up on the theory and thought it to be impossible. If true love existed, it was between her parents, and they were not marked. Not that she knew of.

It was the day before she was supposed to leave for her first day of school. She walked into her parent’s room to find her mother. She wanted to ask her where she placed her favorite jumper, but she caught sight of her mother slipping on her sweater to get ready for the day. Ginny felt awkward, of course, she should have knocked.

But then she noticed it. She noticed a mark; it was a wildflower to be precise and right above her heart. Amazed, Ginny stood at the doorway gaping.

It took a few moments for Molly to realize someone was there, and as soon as she saw it was Ginny, she begged for her to close the door and come in quickly.

Ginny made her way to her parent’s bed and jumped on top of it excitedly.

“Is that really what I think it is?” she asked, “Are you marked? Are you and dad soul-mates?”

“Keep your voice down!” Molly pleaded, “Let me tell you a story.”

Ginny stopped jumping on the bed and sat criss-cross applesauce. She beamed up at her mother who sat down next to her.

“So is it really true?” Ginny pressed.

Molly smiled and rested her hand on top of Ginny’s.

“It is, my love,” she explained, “The moment I met your father and he shook my hand, we were marked.”

“Then why don’t you prove Auntie Muriel wrong? Why keep it a secret?”

Molly patted her hand, “What you don’t understand Ginny is that a lot of people don’t believe that soul-mates exist. If you tell people, especially in my generation, they scoff at you and figure you are lying. It wouldn’t matter what I tell your Auntie Muriel, she wouldn’t believe us. Especially since she has never found her true love. She will never understand.”

“Why is it so uncommon, mum?” Ginny asked curiously, “Why can’t it be proven?”

“Because most people aren’t lucky enough to come across their true love. Sometimes they are on the other side of the world, but know this: It can happen for you just as easily if you believe it will. However, I don’t want to give you false hope. Please don’t feel like you are guaranteed to be marked, do you understand?”

She nodded but then smiled excitedly at her mother, and she felt so overwhelmed that she hugged her. Molly chuckled and rubbed her back.

It was in Ginny’s nature that she felt hope. If her parents found each other, she would find her true love, too.

Molly whispered, “Oh, my sweet girl. I know you’re excited at the possibility, but can you please do me a favor?”

Ginny pulled back from her mother’s hug and replied, “Anything for you, mum!”

Molly smiled and grabbed her hands again, “You must promise me you won’t tell your brothers. Your father and I have kept it a secret for a reason. The fewer people that know, the better. It’s not that we don’t want your brothers to know, we are just protecting them from possible heartbreak. Do you understand?”

Ginny nodded, but she left for Hogwarts the next day with a lot of hope in her heart.

Especially when she saw Harry Potter, but the amount of disappointment she felt when she brushed his arm accidentally and was not marked was indescribable. That’s when she decided to keep her mother’s secret, because she truly realized how rare it was.

And if Harry Potter wasn’t her soul-mate, no one could be.

But Ginny was naïve back then. If only she knew her destiny and the game she was about to play.

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Opinion time: YA for adults

Please forgive the length of this rant, but I’d really like to hear everyone’s thoughts on this topic. I see a lot of articles asking why so many adults are reading YA and what on earth is developmentally wrong with them. So… where are the fun books for adults then? (I’m not going into the whole “why are adults reading YA” mess here or asking what constitutes YA – I’m wondering why there aren’t more YA-type books featuring adults and marketed towards them).

I don’t particularly want to constantly read about teens, angst, and high school. Those are often the aspects of the books that I have to consciously work my way around in order to get to the story I want. But those of us who grew up reading YA and are now adults still want the adventure, escapism, creative worlds, and hope that those books inspire.

I have absolutely zero interest in reading about depressing careers, unhappy marriages, bratty children, cheating partners, failed dreams, and other “realistic” adult scenarios. I mean, not everyone who is single at 30 is upset about it. Possibility, adventure, and a sense of a malleable future do not come grinding to a halt at age 20 as we accept the reality that life sucks from there on out… and even if we are stuck in rather depressing lives, THAT IS WHY SO MANY OF US READ. To escape.

YA books have also become absolutely amazing at creating strong female characters, creative worlds, fast-paced plots, solid diversity, and stories that are just straight up fun to read. But “adult” fantasy books are super long-winded in their descriptions and don’t really write characters I can relate to. Plus, I don’t want to spend a week reading some heavy book I can barely lift. I want the pretty covers and shorter length of a YA book that I can finish in one sitting, but with older characters. Maybe that makes me immature, but I’m not going to stop watching Disney movies anytime soon either.

I really don’t think every adult reads YA because they want to “recapture their youth” or whatever… I think we just want a fast, fun read for a change. YA authors can create an entire strong world in like ¼ of the time it takes most “adult” books to describe a field outside the castle. Books targeted at teens are honestly some of the better stories I’ve found, so I’d love to see some of the YA elements expand into adult fiction.

I know YA books often need to focus on characters at a crossroads who are figuring out who they want to be versus who society wants them to be. Pretty sure this is a universal theme for all ages, though. The majority of adults I know could still use some plot arc where they evolve in both self-knowledge and awareness of the world. So why can’t we take the fast pace, strong characters, and concise plots that are so awesome in YA books and just add more mature characters?

Also: sexy times are not always necessary and are not the automatic recipe for “maturity.” The current “New Adult” books are probably my least favorite category in existence. I’d love to read about characters in their twenties, but I want an actual fun story and not just some excuse for a million sex scenes. And the characters… good grief. Like is it like some rule that when you reach your early 20s you lose all emotional stability and/or self-respect and are permanently scarred by your past? The New Adult books I’ve read have been disasters. Most of the guys are self-loathing abusive sociopaths (and some seriously disturbing behavior is romanticized). And most stories are still about dealing with a depressing, realistic life. So, no, the New Adult attempt to address my age range is not the answer I’m looking for.

I’m also tired of hearing that adults can’t be in these awesome YA-type plots because they’re tied down by responsibilities with kids or careers. I’m sorry, have you not seen Spy Kids?! Take the whole family on your adventure! Don’t tell me this isn’t realistic because guess what — neither are dragons, time travel, aliens, sparkly vampires, teen boys who look like they’re 25, or the idea that every other girl is a missing princess. But it’s still fun.

Adult fantasy novels take themselves way too seriously for me. I just want to see a YA-type plot for all ages. I would totally read about a middle-aged lawyer who gets swept into some epic paranormal adventure with a case and takes their whole family with them. Suspend reality, stop treating the child like a burden, and turn them into a little secret agent. Or give me a story about a bunch of genius hacker mothers in a dystopian world (because it’s possible someone besides a group of attractive teens could save the world). Why can’t the stereotypical lost princess in a fantasy world be in her late twenties? If she’s married, she can take her husband with her on the quest (because plots can continue after people get together and function without the angst of a love triangle). Harry Potter was so much fun because adult characters played a huge part too and didn’t spend the entire plot “out of town” or whatever.

I’m aware I’m coming up with really poor examples here but that is why I’m not an author. I’m just a reader who’s tired of trying to shift my expectations to cram myself into the wrong target audience. I’m not an English major who’s debated this topic a million times, nor someone who honestly knows much about publishing. I’ve just read over 500 YA books and would really like to read something fast-paced, creative, and fun with characters my age for a change. YA books are awesome and I’m thrilled that adult fiction exists for those who love it, but there’s this this big hole here for a new category of books I want to read.

So many aspiring adult authors have contacted me on Goodreads or Tumblr to say they’re confused about what to call their book if it has a 27 year old bisexual Indian princess assassin in a 400-page book that doesn’t spend forever on worldbuilding. It’s not the YA age range or the typical adult material, so they get rejected by publishers… but those are the exact books so many of us want to read!

I mean, there’s a reason A Court of Mist and Fury kind of took over the world. Sarah J Maas gets what teens and 20-somethings want to read. All of her books have incredibly creative and complex worlds with mature characters & strong heroines who face serious, realistic issues in a context that’s still adventurous and fun. I can’t even count how many messages I get each week asking for book recommendations that are similar to her series. And I’ve got nothing.

I might rephrase this rant to be somewhat more coherent as time goes by, but for now I’m just curious to see what others think!

Father V

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“Harry!” Ron knocked impatiently on the rough wooden surface of Harry’s door. A feeling of pride swelled up in his chest as he read the words Harry Potter, Defence Against The Dark Arts Professor on a shiny copper plate. His friend, his best friend in the whole wide world, had beaten Voldemort, his depression and on top of that he now had his dream job. Ron could not be more proud of him, and despite the Malfoy business he was grinning like a loon when the door swung open.

“He killed Sirius.”

“Uhm, what?” Ron’s cheery mood evaporated in a heartbeat. He only knew Harry had spoken because he recognized his voice. The room was nearly pitch black as the curtains were drawn shut. “Harry what are you talking about? Bellatrix killed Sirius over a decade ago.”

“But it was his idea. Draco- Malfoys, idea.” Once Ron’s eyes got used to the lack of light he could make out a trembling silhouette on the bed. Harry pushed a crumbled piece of parchment across the floor towards him with a contempt Ron hadn’t known was possible for such a simple movement.

There was only anger in his voice, the entire demeanour of his friend radiated fury. Ron inched towards him. “Harry mate, what are you talking about?”

“Read it. It’s disgusting. He is disgusting” Harry spat out. He refused to look at either the papers or Ron, who was now walking on eggshells around him. He knew anger like this. He had seen it often enough in the face of those who had just lost someone dear. They turned their grief into rage aimed at the world, the system, the auror in charge, in a desperate attempt to avoid the gaping emptiness their loss would bestow on them once they let it.

“What is this Harry?” He kneeled down to pick up the papers, discovering they’d been dampened by tears. Harry’s fury was a recent thing then. Currently his eyes were dry, with a fire blazing in them that was distinguishable even in the dark.

“It’s despicable, what that… that… traitor did. Let us all believe he learned his lesson while the skeletons were piling up in his closet. Sirius’ skeleton for merlin’s sake! Sirius!”

Ron had never been more grateful for Hermione teaching him fast reading techniques, and just before Harry lost it he scanned over the last line. “Harry-.”

“He murdered my godfather Ron! I trusted him! I bloody well kissed him this morning! And now this!” Harry jumped to his feet and started pacing up and down the dark room.

“Harry.” Ron attempted to butt in again, not phased by his confession about kissing Malfoy. Anyone in their right mind could have seen that one coming.

“It’s his handwriting Ron! And the date! He bloody well nearly failed his exams in fifth year because he was plotting his death! I-”

“Harry!” Ron was getting tired of being interrupted by Harry who was becoming more and more worked up with every word that left his lips. To get the attention of his best friend he pulled the curtains open and let in a massive amount of sunlight.

Harry flinched. His teaching robes were crumpled and his cheeks flushed bright red. He aimed his best furious glare at Ron. “Leave that! An leave me so I can fucking well murder him just like he murdered-”

“HARRY!” Ron’s voice boomed through the chamber and bounced off the ancient walls. Shocked by the authority in Ron’s tone Harry froze. Ron was not one to raise his voice if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. “Calm your fucking tits mate. Malfoy was in the infirmary the entire day on the seventeenth, remember? There’s no way he could have written this.”

“Hospitalized people can still write, Ronald.” Harry bit at him, slightly deflated but still angry. “He was sick, not dead. Not like Sirius.”

There was a crack in his voice as the last word came across his lips. Harry was shaking a little. Ron braced himself as he prepared to interrupt the next tirade of his friend.

“He wasn’t dead Harry.” He had dropped his authoritative attitude. Carefully Ron stepped closer. “But his hands were. For the past month I’ve been going over his case again, checking every alibi he had. He was in the hospital wing recovering from a severe muscle infection in his hands, caused by too many hours of cramped up exam writing. Hermione had it too during her N.E.W.T.’s in eight year.”

“He must have been faking it then as an excuse. He was perfectly alright the next day when he kept you and the others from the DA locked up in Umbridge’s office. He’s a bloody death-eater Ron, he won’t have any problems with a bit of memory modification.” The word death-eater tasted strange and bitter in Harry’s mouth. He hadn’t spoken out loud about the war in ages, and doing so now dragged old memories of grief and hate to the surface that hadn’t seen the light of day in years. He felt like he might drown in them.

Ex-death eater. And he didn’t fake it, I checked both Pomfrey’s archive and her memory of that day. It’s genuine.” Ron tried to put a reassuring arm on Harry’s shoulder but the man shrugged it off, still extremely worked up.

“Then why didn’t he say so! He knew I had this, Lucius clearly stated that under the evidence letter,” Harry nearly tore the ragged papers in half as he yanked them from Ron’s fingers, “but he couldn’t be arsed to get up here and tell me he didn’t write it?”

“He didn’t come up here because I arrested him this afternoon Harry. As a standard procedure for a high profile case, not because we think he did anything we didn’t know about before.” He rushed his words as he glanced at the letter clutched in Harry’s fists. He wanted to put his friend at ease as soon as possible, so he didn’t leave him any space to interrupt him and get even more worked up. “We didn’t receive that letter as evidence either, and if we had it would have been disregarded at once for being false. This is his father’s desperate last attempt to keep you from pledging for him again, with your word against his this case doesn’t stand a chance and he bloody well knows it.”

Gently Ron pried the letter from Harry’s hands. “I don’t believe the subdivision prison correspondence even exists.”

Harry’s eyes finally met his, and suddenly Ron understood the comparison between them and the eyes of a doe. Though they were green instead of brown they seemed to be bigger than usual, and the emotion laid bare in their reflection was enough to last a lifetime.

Shock. How could anyone be so extremely self-centered they were willing to imprison their own child to get what they wanted?

Guilt. It had taken only one letter from Draco’s abusive father to let Harry lose faith in him.

Relieve. Draco wasn’t the traitor Harry had believed him to be for the past horrible hours.

Determination. Even if it would be the last thing he’d ever do, Draco was getting out of prison within the next hour so that Harry could wrap him in a bone-crushing hug and snog him senseless.

But then another emotion took over all the others; fear. If Draco was locked up now, in what state would Harry find him? He had said himself he wouldn’t survive Azkaban again.

“You arrested him?” Ron nodded. He had clearly come a long way since his emotional range of a teaspoon state in fifth year.

“Then we have to get him out. Now.”

Draco cursed himself. He had no memory of ever writing the letter his father was talking about, but that didn’t mean he hadn’t written it. His mind was filled with gaps around that time, and though they were larger in number around his sixth and seventh year he had some during his fifth.

At first he’d been convinced his father was framing him, but now…

Staring at the wall of his cell he started to doubt his own reasoning more and more. At some point he even started to regret the words he’d spoken to Ron. What if Harry figured out what they meant? What would happen if Harry believed in his innocence, only to find out that Draco really had betrayed him? Was he really as bad as people led him to believe?

For the first time Draco wished he could remember every part of the war. He wanted every lock to be broken, every dark corner to be lit. Every mistake to surface.

Lucius was his father, of course he wouldn’t want to lock up his own son without reason. He knew better. His father always knew better. Draco had done these things. Draco had pushed his inner monster away but it was still there. It clawed at him. Soon it would claw at other people. Hurt other people. Kill other people.

His father just wanted to protect them, protect Harry.


“Guard!” He called out. “Guard!” The broad shouldered man who’d arrested him earlier that day came to his cell.

“What do you want, ferret face?” He sneered, his voice filled with hatred. Justified hatred.

“I want to confess.”

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Requested by @lezgogh: Alrighty, can you do one where the reader is Draco’s child hood best friend(outside of hogwarts) and she comes to hogwarts from Ilvermorny(4th year) but she doesn’t get sorted into slytherin like he wanted her to??

Words: 1,718

You remembered it all. Spring days at the Malfoy manor when you were young, running down the halls and screaming until your parents got angry. You remembered the Malfoy’s coming over to your home every Christmas Eve. You remembered laughing till you cried, playing until it was dark outside, and promising you’d stay best friends forever.

You remembered Draco Malfoy, the boy you could never forget. Your best friend.

But you also remembered that summer day, when you were only ten years old, when your world seemed to fall apart. The day your father had told you you wouldn’t get to attend your first year of Hogwarts with Draco. In fact, you wouldn’t be going to Hogwarts at all. He had gotten a better job at the American ministry, a job where he could better attend to his ill sister, and the upcoming fall you would begin your first term at Ilvermorny.

It was like the whole world screeched to a halt around you. Your whole life had changed course. You were so young, but somehow you had taken comfort in knowing you’d be with your best friend, and you no longer had that. It was a rough summer for both you and Draco.

But you fit in quickly in America. You made new friends, were sorted into Thunderbird, and took up some hobbies. You wrote Draco once a week, but you didn’t always get something back. You figured he was just enjoying himself too.

By your third year you felt at home in America. You had spent so much time there your British accent transformed into an American one almost completely. You had everything you wanted, including good grades and a perfect boyfriend. So when your father wrote you in early May giving you groundbreaking news you hadn’t expected, you had no idea what to feel.

The letter wrote:

Dearest Y/N,

I apologize for this letter, as I feel it may trouble you. But you deserve to know the truth as soon as I get it. Your Aunt is now in good medical condition, and the British Ministry has written me, informing me of a new job opening they have. It pays extremely well, and seeing as your mother is once again pregnant, need as much money as we can get. This means, I’m sad to say, you will be attending your fourth year at Hogwarts, and we are moving back to Wiltshire this autumn. I am so sorry for any negative emotions this may cause you, and your mother and I are here to talk. Ok the bright side, you’ll be able to see Draco again. Please keep and open mind, Y/N, this will be good for us.

Best, Father.

The following months had been hard, but you were coping, knowing you’d be able to see Draco again.

And there you were, standing in the candle lit great hall of Hogwarts, staring into the eyes of a boy you hadn’t seen in years. You had to admit, he’d changed. He was much taller and wider, he had a stronger jawline, and was doing something new with his hair. You didn’t mind that much, as you probably looked abbot different to him too.

You felt a stiff hand grab hold of your shoulder. You were looking at a slender woman with strong features and gray hair. “Y/N Y/L/N is it?” You nodded at her. “Ah well, I’m professor McGonagall, and since you are the oldest you’ll be sorted first.” You nodded nervously, glancing back at the long line of equally anxious first years behind you. You reckoned you looked quite dumb, towering over them in this line. You tried your best from letting a blush arose to your cheeks as you followed McGonagall toward the front of the hall.

You realized you hadn’t even considered what house you’d be sorted into. You weren’t even sure which Hogwarts house was most similar to Thunderbird, but you hoped it was Slytherin. I mean, you had to be a Slytherin, right? You and Draco had always been incredibly similar. Your eyes searched the crowd for him again. You spotted him, and he gave you a hopeful glance. You told yourself you had nothing to worry about.

All of the sudden it was time for you to be sorted. Your knees were shaky and you felt sweaty. You tried to push the idea of being sorted into a different house out of your mind as she placed the big gray hat on your head.

The hat paused for what felt like a century. The room seemed silent around you as everyone waited. You clenched your hands together and waited.

“Gryffindor!” Called the hat. Around you many people cheered and applauded for you. Your body was no longer tensed, as the wait was over, but you quickly went rigid again as you registered what the hat had said. You were a gryffindor. Not a Slytherin. As you walked to the table full of smiling Gryffindors, your stomach felt like it held a brick. You sat down gingerly next to a red haired boy, a brown haired girl, and some kid with a scar.

You hastily tried to glance over at Draco, but he wasn’t looking at you. In fact, his eyes seemed to be avoided your direction completely. You sighed, knowing Draco could be dramatic at times. Deciding not to waste time, you made friends with the Gryffindors around you. You learned that their names were Ron, Harry, and Hermione. The four of you were good friends in less than a week.

No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t get Draco’s attention. You saw a new side of him, however. He was always picking on younger students and Gryffindors. He made fun of your friends, but just pretended he couldn’t see you. He just ignored you no matter when, and Ron, Harry, and Hermione were starting to pick up on it.

One day you were walking to the library with Hermione. “I know you two have history, Y/N.” She said, shaking her head. You faked a small laugh. “Oh yeah? And what makes you think that?”

“You’re the only one who doesn’t seem annoyed by him when he’s a jerk. Ron, Harry and I get angry, but you just seem– shocked, and disappointed.” You were looking at your feet, but you felt her gaze on you. You knew she was right. You were going to open your mouth to admit defeat when you heard a loud clambering of noises down the hall.

You looked up to see the one and only Draco Malfoy knocking the books out of a young first year Hufflepuff’s hands. “What’s your problem, Malfoy!” Cried Hermione as the two of you neared the scene. Next to Draco, a pug faced girl stood, shrieking with laughter.

Draco’s face grazed over you both, lingering on you for an extra fraction of a second. “My actions aren’t any of your concern, Granger. Why don’t you run along and keep your mudblood stench away from me.” He spat, avoiding your gaze as he said this to Hermione.

Your fists clenched. Who did he think he was, pretending like you weren’t even there and acting like a total git? This most definitely wasn’t the Draco you had know to be your best friend. Did he think you liked being separated from him? Did he think his actions were okay? Finally you had enough.

“Draco,” you muttered out, your voice wavering. “I need to speak with you.” And before he could protest you gripped his hand and quickly paced to the library, anger clouding your vision.

As soon as you stumbled in you slipped your hand from his and shoved him lightly. “Draco Lucius Malfoy, who the hell are you?!” You spat, wanting to cry for some reason. “Are you throwing this it because I’m not a Slytherin, or have you always been this rude?”

He looked at you, dumbfounded. He hadn’t expected the first thing he heard from you in four years to be this intense. When he was silent for a few more minutes you wiped away an angry tear and demanded “well? Are you just going to keep ignoring me like this? Are you going to keep pretending I don’t exist at all? Are you going to-”

But your voice cut off as Draco enveloped you in a sad hug. At first you wanted to shove him off of you and curse him out, but you found yourself unable. You had really, really missed Draco Malfoy and seeing him so awful had made you sick. You allowed yourself a few seconds to breathe in his scent before you wiggled your way out of his hug.

He heaved a heavy sigh. “Look, Y/N, I’m sorry. It’s just..” he trailed off a moment, but you cleared your throat angrily.

“It’s just that the past three years have been hell. When you moved to America, I turned into a selfish rude kid. I was angry that you left me and I took it out on others. And when I found out you were coming back I had hope. But you, you were sorted into Gryffindor and that messed me up.” You furrowed your brows. “It’s just that my friends and I have always hated the Gryffindors, and instead of making fun of you I just began to ignore you all together. But I was wrong, and I know it, but I can’t exactly help it, Y/N.”

You looked at him. “Why not?” You asked quietly.

“I can’t help it because you to things to me. You make me feel all kinds of amazing things when you’re around, and awful things when you’re not. I think I’ve been lying to myself, Y/N. I think deep down I’ve always known that I loved you.”

At his last words, your head shot up. Draco didn’t meet your gaze, his eyes were downcast. Your whole body felt numb. Your cheeks had turned red. Your hands were shaking. With a low, long breath, you lifted his head to look at yours.

“Now I understand why I was so dissatisfied with not being sorted into Slytherin. It’s because I think the whole time I’d never stopped loving you either, Dray.”

JK’s choices for James Potter

I wrote a piece a while ago on the topic of Snape’s Worst Memory, and how it slotted into the HP timeline, and then I followed it up with a post about Snape presumably creating Sectumsempra in retaliation to the werewolf prank.  (We, of course, appear to see Sectumsempra in action for the first time in Snape’s Worst Memory.)

I also discussed Remus, and why he didn’t react during Snape’s Worst Memory, and I read with interest @rowan-berry‘s comments on that post.

They reminded me of something I’d been meaning to post about:  the curiosity of JK Rowling’s decisions when it comes to James Potter.

For the first four books, James Potter was an absolute hero - and the only dissenting voice was Severus Snape, who frankly, nobody took seriously anyway.  Dumbledore compared Snape and James to Draco and Harry, so most readers assumed Snape/Draco and James/Harry were alike - most of us didn’t dream that Snape/Harry and James/Draco were the parallels.

…and everyone else waxed lyrical about James - he was brave, and wonderful, and brilliant, and talented, and cut down too soon…  

Originally posted by jesimahcah

And I get the ‘twist’ of James being a bully; I think it served an important narrative function.  But what I find somewhat baffling is how JK made it very difficult to fully redeem James after - and I think there were two easy paths that JK could’ve chosen which would’ve made it easier for the reader to forgive James for his actions towards Snape.

1)  Show James maturing by realising the consequences of his actions, and ceasing his bullying.

If we put the werewolf incident after Snape’s Worst Memory (it’s the other way around in canon), it puts James in a much better light.  We would still see his horrible bullying of Snape ‘because he exists’ - but it would’ve been thematically interesting to see him get cold feet when Sirius takes things a step too far.

James saves Snape, acts heroically - and it dawns on him how serious the whole battle between them has become.  I like the idea of him pulling Sirius in, and backing down.  I like the idea of him choosing to be a better man than that, and I like the idea that Lily really warms to him because of it.

Of course, Lily has already cut ties with Snape - but I could see her being relieved that James prevented Sirius’ prank from going ahead - and I could see her approving of the fact that James saved Snape even though he didn’t like him.  It’s emblematic of James doing the right thing, even if he doesn’t particularly care for the person involved.

But the way around that it is, well, it’s devastating.  Here’s a kid who is tricked into going to meet a werewolf by Sirius, and James saves his life.  Then, a few months later, the same two boys are hanging him upside down, filling his mouth full of soap and stripping him naked because:  a) they’re bored and b) he exists. 

Originally posted by bartholinemoans

The level of disconnect between the two events borders on sociopathic.  No wonder Snape rants that James was only saving Sirius, Remus and himself from getting into trouble.  In the first scenario, you could believe that James was thinking of his friends, but he also saved Snape because it was ‘right’.  In the second - in canon, it’s easy to assume that Snape’s life was simply not a factor, and James really was just saving Remus and Sirius.  

2)  Give James a real reason to dislike Snape’s Slytherin stance on the train.

One of the things that I think is particularly cruel about Snape’s alignment with Slytherin is that he clearly had no real understanding of what the house was about.  

The statement that causes James to pay the two any attention on the Hogwart’s Express is Snape saying:

“You’d better be in Slytherin,” said Snape, encouraged that she had brightened a little.

James is disparaging about the house, stating a Draco-esque line of:

“Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I’d leave, wouldn’t you?”

In itself, it marks James out as a Draco style character, firmly placing your sympathies with Snape.  

…but how much more interesting would it have been if JK had utilised James’ background at this point?  

Snape was living in the Muggle world, with one Muggle parent and a seemingly disengaged magical parent.  He clearly knew very little about Slytherin for him to wish that Lily, a Muggleborn, would be in the house - at a time when Voldemort was rising.

Originally posted by not-infires-its-inspires

How devastating would it have been in hindsight if James had responded with something like:

“Slytherin?  You both hate Muggleborns then?” James said, raising his eyebrow at the pair.

Lily looked at Snape, confused.  “I am a Muggleborn.”

“Slytherins don’t hate Muggleborns,” Snape retorted, hotly.  

“They do.  I should know.”  Sirius scoffed.  “My whole family have been in Slytherin.”

“Blimey,” said James, “and I thought you seemed all right!”

“Maybe I’ll break tradition.  Where are you heading, if you’ve got the choice?”

James settled back in his seat.   “I’m going to be in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart!  Like my dad.” 

Lily nudged Snape, her voice low and her face troubled.  “It’s not true is it, Sev?  You said it didn’t matter that I was Muggleborn.”

“Of course it’s not true.  Slytherin is the best house.  You’ll see.”  

James laughed out loud.   “Don’t you read the Prophet?  Didn’t you see the front page yesterday?”

Snape fell completely silent, his cheeks flushing red.  Sirius smirked at his lack of response.  

“Or Monday?  Or last Friday?”  James’ grin grew wider as Snape stayed silent, and then James looked directly at Lily.  “Slytherin is full of dark wizards and most of them end up in Azkaban!” 

Lily’s face paled at his words.  “Sev?”

James leant back triumphantly.  “It sounds like you don’t know anything about magic at all, Sev.”

Snape scowled.  “Come on, Lily.  Let’s go and find somewhere else to sit.”  

That scenario makes James entirely more sympathetic, even if he remains a little obnoxious.  It gives him a reason to interject, and explains to Lily why he has a problem with Snape.  Snape is unwilling to admit that James knows more than him about magic, so he doesn’t back down on his judgement of Slytherin.

It also helps to flesh out Lily’s house choice.  She was already nervous about the concept of Azkaban from Snape’s stories, so it’d be credible that she would shy away from a house connected to it.  It also gives her the idea of being in Gryffindor and it shows her trusting James’ judgement over Snape’s - which is important thematically for later.

It also gives Snape another reason to choose Slytherin; he doesn’t just do so because he wants to follow in his family’s footsteps, but because he’s now stubborn - now that James has told him he’s wrong to want to be in that house, he wants to be proven right.

Originally posted by theharrypottertwin-blog

It makes for a horrible heartbreaking moment when, as an adult, Dumbledore talks about him having been sorted too soon.  It makes you wonder what sort of decision Snape would’ve made in different circumstances.  

But crucially, neither of these things happened.

And I find that fascinating, because it makes James oddly unsympathetic.  It’s not that he wasn’t great to his friends, and it wasn’t that he wasn’t loving to his family.  James had a lot of finequalities, but his unwavering and unrelenting hatred and bullying of Severus Snape - when young Severus Snape had done nothing to deserve his ire - really damages his character.

And although the above scenarios wouldn’t have legitimised his bullying, it would’ve really helped the narrative - because it would’ve either clearly shown us that James was wrong, but then he changed…or that James was entirely wrong to bully Snape, but he had a logic - and a perceived justification - behind his dislike.  

I find it curious that JK didn’t explore either avenue, because I think it would’ve made James’ character more powerful.  

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Can you do prompt four with young!sirius black? Thank you!

Young!Sirius Black One Shot/Drabble

Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauder’s Era)

Prompt: “How do I know I can trust you?” “Should I strip?”

AN: You’ll have to bear with me. I don’t actually remember if there was a description of the trail in the Whomping Willow so I just based it off the Prisoner of Azkaban movie.

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You found James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew extremely annoying but you couldn’t help but also find them extremely intriguing.

Despite their countless detentions and popularity, you knew that they were a lot smarter than they let on but also hiding a lot more too. After all, you’d seen them disappear inside the Whomping Willow on several occasions – the one tree that can hit you back. What interested you more was where they managed to vanish to. It was a tree.

“Ouch!” you hissed after getting hit by the Whomping Willow – again. You used the freezing charm on the tree but it stopped working after a few moments. You’d thought that trying to figure out where the boys went to during the night would be a smart idea but it wasn’t. Thankfully, the usual darkness was dimly lit by the full moon so you could see much better without having to use your wand.

You were thrown back once more by the tree and landed on another tree root, causing you to curse loudly but surprisingly causing the tree to immobilise.

“I did it,” you said to yourself, feeling around for the wand you’d dropped as you were thrown but finding a trapdoor instead.

After finding your wand (which amazingly hadn’t snapped in half), you lit up a pathway back to the trapdoor. It creaked open and you hesitantly crawled inside, discovering a narrow pathway that led to somewhere you weren’t sure of. You were concerned of what you may find because after discovering this trap door, you were certain that these boys were geniuses. Did any of the Professors know this existed? Were you about to find a secret trail to Hogsmeade or just a trail into the girl’s bathroom? There was only one way to find out.

You deducted that you weren’t travelling towards Hogwarts as you seemed to be walking further away from the castle then towards it. That at least meant you weren’t going to find out that the boys were peeping in on the girls. You were humming quietly to yourself, trying to lighten the mood as you could barely see far ahead of you. You were beginning to think you were paranoid because every now and then you thought you could hear people arguing followed by the sounds of animals (large animals) making noise. Just as you thought you’d come back during daylight hours and take one of your friends with you, you could hear footsteps hitting the gravel path and coming the direction you were walking towards. You froze, swiftly turning the light off your wand and hoping that the footsteps would stop and you could make a quick getaway.

“Who’s there?” an all too familiar voice whisper yelled and you could see a light coming towards you, getting brighter and brighter by the second, “if that’s you Snivelly, I swear I will hex you into an oblivion. Can’t you mind your own fucki – (Y/N)?”

“Hi Sirius,” you squeaked, now being able to see his surprised face illuminated by his wand. “I just got lost.”

Sirius was baffled, “you just got lost in the Whomping… y’know what? Never mind. You need to leave. Now.”

He jabbed you with his wand as if it was supposed to make you move but you stayed put.

“Why? Where does this lead to? Are you – are you spying on Madam Rosmerta? Oh my – are you a Death Eater? Are you all Death Eaters?”

“For fucks sake, (Y/N). We are not Death Eaters and we’re not spying on Madam Rosmerta,” he hissed, looking over his shoulder as if he was expecting something to happen. “Please, just trust me.”

“How do I know I can trust you?”

“Should I strip?”

Before you could give a witty retort, a loud howl came from the direction Sirius kept glancing off to. He winced at the noise as if it physically hurt him and all sense of humour seemed to disappear off his face; you’d never seen Sirius Black look like this before.

“I was just leaving anyway,” you said, lighting your wand up again and beginning to walk back in the direction of the castle.

“Thanks. Can you not –?”

You looked over your shoulder, “I just got lost. I have no idea where or what this place is.”

For the next few weeks, you couldn’t get Sirius off your back.

You never used to see Sirius without James Potter but now it was becoming as if you never saw Sirius without you. Although he never mentioned the encounter you had that night, you knew the reason he was constantly following you was because he wanted to make sure you didn’t tell anyone. Even though you tried to say you had no intention of doing so, he just seemed to ignore you.

On top of Sirius’s antics, you also had his other three friends around you as well. If you were sitting alone in the library, all four of them would sit down around you and act as if you’d been friends forever. They also called you over during lunch hours and if you had classes together they’d save you a seat – your friends, particularly your girl ones, couldn’t believe this was happening to you. How did you get so lucky?

Eventually, you got the courage to confront Sirius about this. He seemed to be the leader of the hounding. You waited until he sat down beside you in the courtyard, knowing when and when not to talk to you because sometimes you just like to read and study in silence, and was shocked when you started speaking.  

“Sirius, I don’t care what you and the others were doing that night. Seriously, I don’t give a shit –  I can’t emphasize that enough. I just wanted to know how you got in the tree and was only exploring it because I got my arse kicked trying to figure out how to immobilise it,” you played with a bit of your robes, “and running into you was an accident and I had and still have no plans on telling anyone about it because I don’t care.”

And to your astonishment, he started laughing. You stared at him as he did so, not believing that this was going to be his response to what you’d just said.

“Can you not laugh? It took me ages to work up the courage to say that.”

Sirius attempted to contain himself but his shit-eating grin wasn’t going to leave his face any time soon. He then wrapped one of his arms around you, “maybe I just genuinely like spending time with you? That whole incident was just an excuse to do that.”

“You couldn’t have just said that earlier? This has been eating at me for weeks!”

Sirius leaned his face close to yours, “you’re fucking hilarious,” and then he kissed you.

Double Trouble

Summary: They met each other while they were in school by a happy coincidence. Little do they know, death, pain and destruction is on the way for the two Gryffindor lovers.
Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

This is the first part to my new series! Yewwwww. Fair warning- this will get darker as the chapters progress. You have been warned.

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The Chosen One - Harry Potter | Harry Potter

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Pairing: Harry Potter x Reader

Fandom: Harry Potter

Warning: None

Number of Words: 1020

It was no secret that I liked Harry Potter, but it was to him. Somehow everyone knew about it, even the professors, but it seemed like Harry did not. It all started in our third year when he comforted me after facing my boggart; my biggest fear. It was inenarrable for me. I just froze and did nothing. Without Professor Lupin, the best professor we ever had, stepping in, I may have stopped breathing. My best friend Y/F/N told me that it was like a huge dark cloud with arms reaching out for me. To explain it, I am afraid of things in the dark. I am not able to see where or what hides in the corners. I ran out as soon I realized that I embarrassed myself and started crying. I was sitting outside when Harry came up, surprisingly with a piece of chocolate. I do not know how he knew, but it made me feel better.

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