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So. After watching Fantastic Beasts my biggest come away was this: Albus Dumbledore was everyone’s most problematic of all problematic faves.
It was bad enough when leaving Harry Potter in the care of Vernon ‘No Post on Sundays’ and Petunia ‘What Will the Neighbours Think’ Dursley was just a case of pesky ol’ child neglect and endangerment, BUT NO! Not only was Harry left in the care of people who were boderline abusive (horcrux or no treating a child like that is unacceptable) but he could have ACTUALLY EXPLODED INTO A SUPERMAGICEVILBLOBSCURIAL. I’ve been doing some thinking about this and I’ve come to the conclusion that, given what we know about the situation, Dumbledore may have actively wanted that to happen

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I like to believe that on their birthday, Fred and George decided to sneak out and go to the Burrow’s kitchen at midnight to have a butter beer or anything, all just for the fun of it, and Ginny caught them with a camera x 

To be honest, all I want in life is a DVD stage recording of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with the original cast and that’s all. I don’t really care anymore, I just want to see the play so bad it hurts.

But What’s In A Name?

Harry Potter couldn’t breathe. St. Mungo’s white walls blinded him and he sank into a chair with a gasp, staring at the bundle in his arms. He glanced up hastily and caught Ginny smiling at him, her hair plastered to her forehead and her face pale. The bundle in Harry’s hands squirmed and gave a small whimper and Harry snapped his attention back to the blanket, where his newborn son lay, still pink and wrinkled and absolutely perfect. 

“The healer will be back in a moment with the form for us to fill out,” Ginny said quietly. “And we’ll officially name him then.” 

“Right,” Harry whispered, staring intently at his son. The baby opened its mouth in a sort of tiny yawn and then closed it, snuggling back into Harry’s arms. Something in Harry’s chest opened and he felt like a waterfall of emotion had been released as he watched the small, innocent human that was half his and half Ginny’s sleep peacefully, unaware of the horrors both his parents had lived through. 

“D’you think we’re doing the right thing, naming him after them?” Harry’s vision blurred as a few stray tears lined his eyes. He kept his eyes on the baby but knew without looking that Ginny’s smile had softened and her eyes had crinkled the way they did when she comforted someone. 

“They both meant a lot to you,” she whispered. 

Harry nodded. “They did.” He carefully put a hand to his son’s cheek and felt the soft skin, running his finger gently along his chin, and then up to his ears, and then to his head that was bald save for a few wispy, distinctly red hairs. “But I don’t know–would he be better off if we just named him John? Or Alex? Or Timothy? It’s going to be bad enough his last name’s Potter.” 

Harry looked up and his eyes locked with Ginny’s, letting her see for the first time how real the fear was. 

“My last name’s Potter,” Ginny shrugged. “And that’s by choice, mind you, and I’m fine.” 

“I suppose,” Harry chewed his lip, bringing the baby closer to his chest. “I just–I lived my whole life with a legacy I didn’t want, Gin. And as much as I want to honor my dad and Sirius–what if he,” he nodded towards his son, “hates me for saddling him with it too? What if he hates me for naming him after them?” 

“Oh, Harry,” Ginny said quietly. She held out her arms and waved him over. Carefully, still clinging to his son for fear of dropping him, Harry stood up and walked over to his wife, sitting awkwardly on the edge of her hospital bed. Ginny wrapped her arms around Harry’s middle and rested her head against his arm. “He won’t hate you,” she said, reaching out and stroking a finger down their son’s cheek. “He’ll think the same thing I do, that you’re the bravest, most honorable and most loving man in the world. And you were made that way by many brave, honorable, loving men who deserve to be remembered.” 

“What if I’m not able to make him understand that?” Harry asked, furrowing his brow. “What if I’m a rubbish dad and my son ends up hating me and doesn’t see it like you do?” 

“You won’t be a rubbish dad,” Ginny answered. “You’re going to be brilliant.” 

“I don’t know. It’s not like I have many shining examples–” 

“But you’re you,” Ginny said, tilting her head to look Harry in the eye. “You’re Harry Potter, the best man I know, and you could never be a rubbish dad.” 

Harry nodded and leaned down to kiss Ginny softly on the forehead. She smiled and leaned against him again, both of them turning to stare wondrously at their son. 

A healer bustled into the room, holding out her wand and levitating several pieces of parchment, an inkpot, and a quill. 

“Hello,” she chirped, setting everything down on the side table. “Do we have a name for this precious child?” 

“We do,” Ginny said, looking up at Harry and raising her eyebrows. 

He nodded and tucked his son tighter into his chest. 

“His name is James Sirius Potter,” Ginny told the healer firmly. “Make sure you spell it right.”

In response to Tariq Kyle, ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’: A missed chance at breakthrough LGBTQ representation'

Bad enough the story didn’t end with Albus and Scorpius hand in hand; the emphasis on Scorpius’ crush on Rose (based on what? her never speaking to him in four years?) genuinely felt like a slap in the face. (I liked the way Albus’ attraction to Delphi added complexity to his character, but Scorpius’ crush on Rose just seemed sitcom stupid. Not to say Rose isn’t a talented and intelligent witch, but Scorpius never would have spent time with her and it made no sense. and not to say both of them couldn’t have had crushes on girls and ended up together. bisexuality is a thing.)

shit like “the acorn that will grow into our eventual marriage” and “build a palace of love” was just unnecessary and insulting. as though the writers were saying “THEY LIKE GIRLS! THEY LIKE GIRLS! JUST SO WE’RE CLEAR, THESE BOYS LIKE GIRLS.” (I say “the writers” instead of JKR because I have a huge blind spot in regard to JKR, I am so deeply grateful to her that it frankly just hurts to pin this on her.)

I’ve always shipped and read into things, and I never expected a canon gay orgy between the Order of the Phoenix, ya know? But from the moment Albus and Scorpius met, I so sincerely believed that for once it wasn’t just me seeing queerness where there wasn’t any, as usual. I really and truly believed it was going to happen there on the page.
Just the implications of Dumbledore and Grindelwald are so heartbreaking, and the many, many straight couples in the HP universe are so convincing and moving and real—JKR had the chance to create the kind of complicated, realistic same-sex couples we so rarely get to see in fiction.

Until I stumbled upon Remus/Sirius fanfiction, the only “positive” LGBTQ representation I’d ever seen were sob-story bullying victims to be pitied à la Glee. The first examples of young, happy queer people I EVER encountered was in The Shoebox Project. It would have meant so much to see a same-sex couple legitimized in the Harry Potter canon—even if that canon also includes an immortal devil trolley lady, ridiculous time travel, and, of all things, Voldemort’s fucking love child with Bellatrix Lestrange. It would have meant so much to me, and I’m sure it would have meant even more to the queer twelve year olds who could have had in print what we had to find in fanfiction.

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Ohhh okay..what about something set during Ginny 7th year at Hogwarts?Teddy and Harry visiting their favorite redhead, maybe? Thank you :)

I LOVE Hinny + Teddy, so I hope this fulfills your need. 

Also available on FF or Ao3

Also I’m still taking prompts! from this or this or any ideas you have!

(canon ships, brotps, what have you)

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Green flames subsided and ash settled onto Harry’s shoulders.  Loosening his death grip on the tiny bundle in his arms, Harry stepped out of Aberforth’s private fireplace and slipped into the hallway, keeping his precious cargo tucked close to his chest, peeking down to make sure nothing had been harmed on the journey.  Catching Aberforth’s eye across the pub, Harry nodded his thanks and snuck out the back door of the Hogshead, taking a somewhat circuitous, if not scenic, route to Hogwarts. The quickest path would certainly be one of the many secret passages into the castle, but a strong desire to avoid McGonagall’s wrath and the prying eyes of Hogwarts students lead Harry to favor stealth over speed.  

Once he had cleared the village, Harry pulled his cloak hood down, and glanced down, “Alright there Ted?”

The young child looked up at his godfather with wide eyes, intent on taking in all the new sights and sounds that the Scottish countryside provided.  In the not to far distance, the students taking advantage of Hogsmeade weekend could be heard shouting and laughing, exclaiming over their purchases and debating where to go next in the tiny magical village.  

Harry halted, glancing behind, then carefully scanning the surrounding trees, Harry was fairly comfortable saying they had made it without attracting any unwanted attention, malicious or otherwise.

After adjusting the strap of Teddy’s nappy bag, Harry trudged on, breathing in the cool fresh air, while Teddy babbled nonsense and tried to grab for tree leaves as they passed.

“Not so fast little man, I don’t remember Herbology well enough to let you get all up close and personal with all that.” Harry paused before continuing, “Y’know Ted, this is an important day.”

Teddy made eye contact with his godfather, attention won, Harry liked to think it was because he understood what people were saying, but it was just as likely he merely recognized his own name.

“This is your first time visiting Hogwarts.”

Teddy shifted around in Harry’s arms before settling, as if he couldn’t contain his enchantment with the school, “That’s right, you’ll love it when you go here Ted, and I’ll be getting letters from your Gran telling me you got in trouble pulling a prank.”

The metamorphmagus grinned before laying his head on Harry’s solid chest, “Just rest up little man, because once Ginny’s around, there’s no stopping her.”

Lifting his now red-topped head, Teddy clapped his chubby hands together happily.

Harry smiled, “See you do know what I’m saying.  Ron can just bugger off.”

With a content sigh, Harry picked up the pace again, peering down at Teddy and readjusting his wooly hat securely on his head.  Andromeda had made him swear that Teddy wouldn’t catch cold, and Harry was not about to find out what happened when you crossed Andromeda Tonks.

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I’m finally a graduate!!!! <33

When Harry Potter came out, it didn’t strike me as good or bad enough to get or to avoid. Only when all seven books were out did I get the first three, because I found them used for under 5 dollars all together. I enjoyed it at that point and I was lucky that I avoided pretty much all spoilers, because people knew I wouldn’t talk Harry Potter since I wasn’t into it, but they didn’t mind since I didn’t hate on it.