harry potter themed party

Lightning Bolt Cupcakes

Yields 14 to 16

The things you’ll need

  • 1 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons lemon zest
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 ¾ cup self-rising flour
  • ¼ cup buttermilk

Let’s get started!

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. In a large bowl, beat together butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
  3. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing well between each addition.
  4. Add lemon zest and juice and beat well.
  5. On low speed, alternate adding the flour mixture and the buttermilk to the butter mixture, beginning and ending with the flour mixutre.
  6. Scoop batter into cupcake liners about 2/3 full and bake for 14 to 16 minutes.

Time to decorate!

  1. Once cupcakes have cooled completely, use a #1A tip to pipe a dome on top of each one.
  2. Place a lightning bolt icing decoration on the center of each cupcake.
  3. TaDa! Hurry up and grab one of these Lightning Bolt Cupcakes ‘cause they’ll be gone in a flash!

Day 28: Halloween Party

I’m catching up slightly! Anyways, longer one shot today cause I had more time to do it! This is based off of a post I found on Tumblr. For @drarry-halloween-fest !!!


Harry walked down the stairs from the dorm room and yelled, “Ready!”

Ron and Hermione grinned up at him. Hermione was wearing a blue dress complete with blue and pink ears. Oh. He recognized the character. It was Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, her favorite movie. He grinned at her and flashed her a thumbs up. Ron was painted white and he was wearing a pirate’s hook and a pirate cap, both painted white. He was a pirate ghost. The two were smirking at him. Well, Hermione was smirking. Ron was slowly turning purple under the white paint.

“What?” He asked, knowing exactly what she was smirking about.

“Oh nothing. Nice hair by the way.”

Harry reached up to touch his slicked back hair. “It took me forever to get my hair to stay like this!”

She smiled and then lifted her wand. “Do you have it? You want it ‘just right’, right?”

He nodded and held out the strand of blond hair. “Found it on his robe last night. We were in the Prefects Bathroom and I was giving him a good sha-”

Ron was definitely purple now. “Hermione, remind me to never step foot in that bathroom ever again.”

They laughed and Hermione murmured a spell. They were done.

He was itching to see the look on his boyfriend’s face when he saw the costume Harry was wearing. The Slytherins were hosting a Halloween party in the dungeons and he knew his boyfriend would be there.

When they got to the dungeons, they heard music blasting and loud talking from behind the entrance. They entered and found the party in full swing, with people dancing in costume. He easily recognized Parkinson, her shiny black bob of hair accenting her bird styled mask nicely, wearing a sequined top and a feathered skirt. Then, he saw him. And promptly started to choke on air. Ron thumped his back.

“Oi mate! What happened there? Is it-” Ron also turned to see him and also started to turn purple.

“The cheeky bugger copied me!”

Draco Malfoy walked up to Harry and smirked. “Malfoy,” he said.

For yes, Harry had dressed up as Draco Malfoy. His hair had been charmed blond and he was wearing those poncy robes he used to wear. But Draco was dressed up as Harry. His hair was black and was in a mess, wearing rounded glasses like his. Only tonight, Harry had gone for contact lenses. Harry decided to play along.

“Potter,” he snarled, trying to make his voice as Malfoy as he could.

Draco grinned at him. The git had even drawn a lightning bolt scar on his forehead and was showing it off shamelessly.

They stared each other down and then started to laugh, Draco’s light and somewhat musical and Harry’s loud and obtrusive.

“Hey babe,” Harry grinned and kissed Draco quickly.

“Hello love,” Draco replied quickly pecking Harry’s cheek.

“Nice costume,” they both said at the same time and then promptly burst into peals of laughter again.

some spooky scary halloween prompts (for OTPs or BROTPs)
  • we’re both at this halloween party and you are SLOSHED and your friends ditched you, i can’t leave you alone??
  • we don’t know each other but i came as (character A) and you came as (character B) and well, look at that, (character A/character B) is both of our otps…strange…we should do something about that….like make out
  • whoops you’re wearing the same costume as my best friend, i did not mean to hug you and kiss your cheek, where is my friend?? but you are so cute
  • we’re at a harry potter themed halloween party and you and i are the ONLY hufflepuffs, what the heck?
  • you come up to my door in the middle of a sea of children, aren’t you a little old to be trick-or-treating??
  • we’re both bobbing for apples and it gets super competitive very fast
  • can you please turn off “this is halloween” it’s fucking JUNE
  • you’re scared of haunted houses and halloween attractions and i don’t even know you but your friends left you behind (what dicks) so i’m gonna hold your hand and get you through this, alright?
  • ever since we were kids its been our tradition to binge watch horrible scary movies on halloween, go get the popcorn ready
  • you absolutely loathe horror films whereas i love them, can we please please please just watch one? i’ll hold you if you get scared!
  • why on earth did i think a good first date was watching the human centipede with them on halloween, they’re never going to call me back
  • there’s a costume contest at our school/campus and you’ve won the last three years…i’m determined to beat you for best costume this year
  • you’re very superstitious, so when you come over to my apartment for the first time and see i have a black cat, you start to cry and wtf i have no idea what to do?? but socks won’t hurt you, i promise?? i’ve had him for five years and he’s never brought bad luck??
  • i thought you were joking about being a witch but holy shit, you actually practice witchcraft, that’s so cool and also kind of intimidating?
  • we decided to go camping with a bunch of our friends on halloween and we’re telling ghost stories around the fire when we hear a sound come from the woods…turns out you just went to go pee, jesus, you scared us
  • you have no idea what until dawn is and you’re terrified of horror games/films and i make you play it with me on halloween, i know i’m a dick, but it’s such a good game!
  • better yet, we’re starting out youtubers and we dedicated all of october to playing scary games like slenderman, fnaf, indie games, until dawn, etc and because of our pansy ass crybabying over the horror genre we get really popular really fast?? how? why???
  • we share an apartment and you decide to go all-out decorating for halloween while i’m at work. a notice would’ve been nice before i walked into a fake spider web and cried because i thought it was real, thanks a lot

ayy I can share some pics from the stuff I helped work on last week! All part of the decorations for a party for someone with too much money lmao 8)

Day 24: Matching Costumes

I feel terrible I didn’t post on time! Oh well, here goes. For @drarry-halloween-fest


Draco groaned. “Why, may I ask, are we wearing these, Potter?”

They were wearing white cloth drapes over them with two holes cut out for their eyes.

“Why not?” The git himself said, probably grinning or something under that.

They were heading to the Eighth Year Halloween Party which would be held in one of the dungeons, and Harry had the brilliant idea to dress up as the Muggle equivalent of a ghost. Which, by the way, did not look like ghosts at all. Stupid Potter.

When they arrived, Draco promptly turned red, and then thanked the gods that no one would see that. One good thing about this horrendous costume. Thy walked inside and it was lively: people danced in the big hall with some people just standing and talking. He recognized Hermione and Pansy smiling at each other in their matching bird costumes, complete with glittery sequined tops and feathered skirts. Ron and Blaise were laughing at a joke in their matching pirate costumes, and Lavender, Crabbe, Goyle, and the Patil twins were hitting it off pretty nicely as well.

Everyone stopped and stared at them. Well, all the pure blood wizards did. Hermione only smiled at them, while Pansy was staring in disbelief.

Then, Harry did the unbelievable. “Woooooooooooooo!”

All the pureblooded wizards jumped in alarm asking what in the actual name of Salazar and Merlin that was.

Harry laughed. “It’s only me and Draco guys.”

Everyone seemed to relax then. And the dancing started up again.

At the end of the party, slightly buzzed, Draco made his way back with Harry next to him. Harry grinned.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Potter, you’re drunk.”

He shook his head. “Not really.” Draco nodded.

Suddenly gentle hands were tugging at his costume, pulling it off and then chapped lips were caressing his, it was not a good idea, but it was bloody perfect.

As they pulled away, gasping for breath, Harry spoke.

“We are not wearing this next year.”

DIY Monster Book of Monsters

Hi there!

Only three more weeks until Halloween! It’s hard to believe I started planning this Harry Potter-themed Halloween party in mid-August. But it’s given me plenty of time to do some fun projects for the party, including my very own DIY Monster Book of Monsters to add to my living room, a.k.a. the Hogwart’s dungeons.

I largely followed this tutorial that was easy and very instructive. I would definitely recommend following that tutorial for this project! Below is the process through my photos.

I got my fur from Joann Fabric. BE WARNED: this fur shed like crazy, so be careful when picking out your materials!

I traced the eye-hole on the box and did not hot glue the fur to that section so I could cut it out later.

I printed some book pages from Shutterstock and cut out some stripes and taped it to the sides of the box.

I bought some polymer clay from Michaels ($2ish) for the mouth.

Sooo I burned the heck out of these teeth (I cooked them for 30 minutes instead of 15–whoops!), but I think they turned out OK regardless–the black and brown made it look even grosser and dirtier.

I just used hot glue to stick them to the sides of the box.

The fur was looking a little long, so I trimmed it up a bit.

And there you have it! Your very own DIY Monster Book of Monsters. I got a suggestion to find some kind of vibrating dog toy and throw it in the box so it’ll move and creep people out! Enjoy!

🎃 Halloween Prompt 🎃

Send me a number and a member and i’ll write you a oneshot before halloween! I hand picked these prompts so i hope there is one you like!

  1.  “We should do a couples costume.”
  2.  “Who ate all my candy?!!”
  3.  “You’re too old to go trick-or-treating.”
  4.  “What God-awful demon possessed you to wear that?”
  5.  “I hate costumes, just get me a shirt.”
  6.  “I will dress up as literally anything else, but don’t make me wear this..”
  7.  “Look, I dressed up as you.”
  8.  “Oh we’re going all the way around. I want this sack to be filled to the brim with sugar.”
  9. “And…what are you supposed to be?”
  10. “Shit we’re out of candy, and those kids are on their way.”
  11. “Trust no one tonight.”
  12. “He’s gonna get you! He’s gonna get you!!”
  13. “Humans are idiots.”
  14. “I’m the tall dark stranger your parents warned you about.”
  15. “Why don’t you just take your broomstick and shove it?”
  16.  “I hate Halloween.”
  17. “If you can’t wake up from the nightmare, maybe you’re not asleep.”
  18. “Do you think keeping your eyes shut will keep you safe?”
  19. “What did you do to me?!”
  20. “Somebody’s watching us.”
  21. “Careful, I might carve your head instead of a pumpkin.”
  22. “Um, how do you get bloodstains off your clothes?”
  23. “Let’s NOT split up, okay?”
  24. “Did you hear that?”
  25. “Try to rake the leaves and not jump in the pile this time, okay?
  26.  Handing out candy to all the trick-or-treaters, oh my God how many are there, oh no we’re out of candy.
  27. We don’t know each other, but showed up to this party wearing matching costumes.
  28. You’re one of the actors at a haunted house and I accidentally punched you when you jumped out at me- can I buy you coffee or something to make up for it?
  29. you absolutely loathe horror films whereas I love them, can we please please please just watch one? I’ll hold you if you get scared!
  30. I sliced my hand open trying to carve a pumpkin for my crush and s/he saw the whole thing and now has to drive me to the hospital. FML.
  31. Boy meets evil, evil takes boys’ candy, and then ransom it for kisses.  That’s how my Halloween went.
  32. I kind of told my family that we were dating and they kind of expect us to show up to our family’s annual Halloween party.  Oh, yeah, I also kind of told them that you knew how to make a special dish, and they kind of want you to bring it.  Bonus: “I said it needs a dash of salt, not sass.”
  33. I wanted to really embrace the fall spirit so I raked my leaves into a big pile and have been jumping around in it for ages and your moving truck just pulled up beside my house, so hi I’m your new not-weird neighbor.
  34. you showed up at my fall cabin to ask for directions but I’m humble and lonely so i let you in for apple cider and candy corn and I don’t want you to leave.
  35. You took my pumpkin pie on accident and I have your apple one
  36. we team up for the couples contest every year as friends but this year you’re with someone else and I’m definitely Not Jealous and definitely Not Realizing Feelings
  37. You own a bakery and before 2 days ago I didn’t know it was possible to fall in love with a pumpkin pie
  38. By the time I make it to the coffee shop every morning there’s only one pumpkin muffin left and you always beat me by just one spot in line and get it first. But not today, muffin stealer.
  39. I have to take my sibling trick-or-treating. The only thing making the night even remotely tolerable is the fact that their best friend’s sibling/guardian/etc, whom I’m hopelessly attracted to, is coming along
  40. I don’t have a problem with supernatural creatures, but come on, I can’t seriously be the only human in this damn house/dorm/etc.
  41. A Halloween Festival.
  42. Every year, on Halloween, I dream of someone I’ve never actually met.
  43. Spending the day doing evey fall thing possible (pumpkin patches, house decorating etc)
  44. On Halloween you’re supposed to line your windows and doors with salt and place mistletoe in front of your house or else they will come. I…kind of forgot too…
  45. we’re at a harry potter themed halloween party and you and i are the ONLY hufflepuffs, what the heck?
  46. Masquerade Ball.
  47. The person dressed like Death, who I’ve been flirting with, is actually death and needs my help tonight.  What do I do?
  48. There’s a Halloween party, and Couple is invited, but they begin to notice everyone’s costumes are better than theirs and woah– did that guy get dental work for those fangs? 
  49. i thought you were joking about being a witch but holy shit, you actually practice witchcraft, that’s so cool and also kind of intimidating?
  50. A romantic hayride, oh no are you allergic to hay?

right. so, i’m hosting a harry potter themed pre-halloween party next weekend.

there will be decorations.  there will be chocolate frogs. there will be butter beer. there will be polyjuice potion that doesn’t work but is full of vodka which is just as good.

costumes are a must. i’m going to be tonks, because i really want an excuse to dye my hair purple and also she’s awesome.

i would have invited you all via owl, but it turns out that real owls get mad when you try to tie letters to them.

rsvp here and tell us who/what you will be dressing up as!

Big Bang reactions to you having Harry Potter marathon

[GIFs not mine]


He just came home and saw you wrapped up in blankets with all 8 CDs of Harry Potter movies on the table. He wasn’t the biggest Harry Potter fan so you left him to do his things, but it was boring watching a movie without him so you fell asleep during the 5th movie. He saw you were asleep and he knew how much you liked watching movies, especially Harry Potter movies with him.When you woke up you begged him to watch it with you and he felt honored that you invited him to watch your favorite film series with you. He was happy you wanted to spend more time with him though.
“I will watch it with you just don’t scream too much while fangirling okay?”

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You were just watching the first Harry Potter film when he texted you if you want to go out on a date today. You told him you were having Harry Potter marathon and continued watching. After just a few minutes you heard the phone again and that happened 3 more times. You had enough of him and called him to get his ass over here and he better come with some popcorn and some snacks.He wanted to make you angry so you’d invite him over. He was satisfied that you were such big Harry Potter fan because he liked Harry Potter a lot too. He liked you were envious because he met Emma Watson before.
“Yeah, I met her and you would never believe how beautiful she looks up close…”

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He was calling you to ask you if you want to go to a party with him, but you refused and he really wanted to know why. When you told him it was because of your Harry Potter marathon he got angry and invited himself over to your place. He made sure he bought your favorite snacks and drinks, so you would never choose Harry Potter before him.He liked the films though, but all of the 8 films were too much for him and he fell asleep after the 4th movie.
“Did I fell asleep? What? At 4th film? You better never ever choose Harry over me okay?”

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You were very disappointed when he told you he never watched any Harry Potter movie. It made you very sad that people really haven’t seen all of the Harry Potter films. He agreed to watch the films with you, but he had no idea there were 8 really long movies that he would have to watch all day. He was really surprised how long the movies were, but he liked watching them with you because you explained everything to you. It was really fun thing to do and after all of the films he said he wants to watch them again and that’s how he slowly began to be Harry Potter fan.
“When will we watch them again? Tomorrow?”

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When you told him you will watch all the Harry Potter movies tonight he joined you right away. He was very big Harry Potter fan and he loved it when you both explained same things to each other and exchanged opinions about how great the movies are.He knew exactly how much food is necessary for all the movies, so he brought your favorite snacks and ice cream.He loved watching Harry Potter movies with you and he promised he will throw you a Harry Potter themed party once.
“I stan Hinny so hard I can’t even.”

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My Harry Potter themed birthday party!
Homemade wands for everyone as table cards.
We also made warm butterbeer, polyjuice potion and firewhiskey ourselves, the butterbeer turned out especially well! We used shots for the felix felicis.
Oh and, when someone took a polyjuice potion drink, they also had to wear something from the chest (a hat, fake mustache, skirt, wig, whatever) because as we all know, the potion transforms you into someone else!

anonymous asked:

Amber! You look great in yellow! Also I cannot wait to see how you decorated for Christmas it is going to look super fab

Omg thank you!!! I’ve already started decorating lol. I’m throwing a Harry Potter themed winter party this year!


Erika’s Harry Potter 30th Birthday: Part 1 - Intro/Bathroom Decorations

This year, in April, Erika turned 30! Erika is always so selfless and doing nice things for everyone, so I wanted to do something special for her. I had her send me a list of her friends she wanted to invite to a dinner party at my house. As a surprise, I decorated and made the party Harry Potter themed, since she LOVES Harry Potter. Prepping for this party took me a couple months, so I figured I would do a couple posts about the elements that went into it. The rest of the photos can be found on my Flickr or on my Pinterest

In the bathroom (Room of Requirement), I had an audio loop of Moaning Myrtle playing as well as the writing on the mirror and the signs for the Ministry of Magic. There was a Quidditch Pitch (dowels and hula hoops spray painted gold) by the Whomping Willow. Stay tuned for the next posts on the party.

OMG YOU GUYS I’m going to my friend’s birthday party tonight and it is a HOGWARTS THEMED MURDER MYSTERY. The premise is that it’s the ten year anniversary since Harry & Co. graduated and they’re all at Hogwarts but the body of a seventh year student is found MURDERED. 

I get to play drunken, recently-divorced, secretly-in-love-with-Draco, washed-up Auror Harry. I can’t wait to stagger around with my flask of fire whiskey and belligerently question people while slurring, “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I DEFEATED THE DARK LORD. THAT’S RIGHT. OR DON’T YOU REMEMBER?”

And then I get to confess my love for Draco in order to save him from being accused of murder.

Guys, this is gonna be an EPIC night.