harry potter staircase

Why you should watch Trial & Error

-it’s Parks & Rec meets courtroom drama
-it’s basically a giant parody of crime docs a la The Staircase
-fairly diverse cast considering it takes place in small town South Carolina
-LGBT representation-especially bisexual
-its funny as hell
-you like the trope of group of co-workers become a family? this is the show for you
-even though it’s sitcom you can treat it how y'all treat dramas and analyze the shit out of it for theories
-josh/carol anne is the love-hate on opposite sides otp I’ve seen in a million fanfics actually on screen
-dwayne/summer is kinda weird and won’t happen but it’s still hilarious to watch and it’s made clear when dwayne is being weird about it too instead of the show treating it as romantic
-the cast is fairly attractive if you’re into that
- not only is the main cast funny as hell-but every supporting and side character is equally hilarious and adds so much to the show
-it’s made clear that the Rich White Man is being offensive when he is
-like father/son dynamics like jake/holt? Oh boy this is your show
-Josh, dwayne, and anne is the golden trio if the golden trio had no idea what they were doing-so it’s just like Harry Potter i guess
-John lithgow is a national treasure

The entire thing is on nbc.com for free and it has great reviews, why aren’t you watching it???

Ravenclaws have to answer logical riddle given by an eagle-shaped knocker to enter their common room. So if the riddles are hard to answer, as I presume, there must be a couple of people who can’t get through, be as clever and whatever they may be (at least if you have partied hard and are a bit out of shape). Thus the Staircase of Shame.


after part 1 I a) am shook b) have fallen more in love with anto and Scorpius than I thought possible c) have cried about thirty times and d) love cursed child !!!n so much !!!

(p.s this is dress circle C seat 20 (premium aka £250 and it’s worth it !!! really worth it the view is immense everything is perfect couldn’t wish for better seats))

746. Teddy Lupin was a stoner. While on Christmas and Summer breaks, he would have a muggle friend sell him weed to do him over the next semester. Harry quickly learned that when Teddy had dark green hair, he was high, but asked him not to give to James, Albus, Lily or Rose. McGonnagall knew perfectly well, and would charm the joints out of his hands when she caught him.

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