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“After all this time?”


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Finding the Words

8k words, G rated

Scorpius is being weird – more weird than normal, that is. He’s spending longer than ever in the library, he hasn’t spoken to Albus in weeks, and he keeps forgetting to do his homework. Albus is determined to find out what’s wrong with him and help. That’s just what you have to do when your best friend is upset. 

Thanks to @abradystrix for being a stellar human being and beta, and thanks to @the-eighth-story for nudging me to add the last scene. <3 

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*Albus walks into great hall and sits down for breakfast*

Albus: Morning.

*some laughter from fellow slytherins*
Have a fun night Albus?

Albus: what?*very confused* 

*slythrein chuckles before pointing at Albus’s neck*

Uhmm its uhmmm *turns bright red *

*Albus hides face. very embarresed *

*mutters* I’m gonna kill him

*pulls collar up to hide hickies*

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anonymous asked:

hey albus, hows your boyfriend?

He’s pretty good

i mean boy friend what boyfriend i don’t have a boyfriend totally single *laughs nervously*

*leans closer* how did you find out di he tell you cause we haven’t actually told anyone yet.

  • Voldemort: The Boy who Lived... come to die
  • Harry: Die?😉🔥 Only quitters let death catch up!😤🏃🏻 Chosen One⚡️👐🏻 Rip Dumbledore💙😭 Keep fighting!😵 Gryffindor quidditch 🔱❤️ Captain😅😅 The Prophet is for Pussies 😤😤 Merlin #1✌🏻👐🏻 Friends💛
  • Harry, to Scorpius: If you ever are mean to Albus then I'll seduce your dad and convince him to marry me and then I'll be your stepmom and I'll disable the Wi-Fi at 7pm every night don't fucking try me
  • Scorpius: If you disable the Wi-Fi then how are you going to use it?
  • Harry: I don't need Wi-Fi when I'm riding your dad's dick.
  • Scorpius: [screams]