harry potter recast


If Harry Potter was recast today… I decided to photomanipulate new actors. I used a lot of suggestions that were already out there on the internet.  

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None of this is copyrighted to me! This is purely conceptual. Done in Adobe Photoshop CC.

More Sirius Black here.

Other characters coming soon. 

More photomanips of Adam Driver as Severus Snape!! WHOO! Sure people have recasted him as Tom Hiddleston, or Benedict Cumberbatch, but I think Adam knocks all of them out of the water. 

Cate Blanchett as Narcissa
Eva Green as Bellatrix

See Sirius Black’s lineup here.
See Remus Lupin’s lineup here.
Other Harry Potter recasts here.

Done in Photoshop CC.

More characters coming soon.

Harry Potter Reboot Casting

It was asked for, so here it is. :)

So, there’s this ongoing, constant, never-really-concluded-just-put-on-temporary-hiatus discussion/debate in my household (spanning three households now) about how to remake the Harry Potter movies.

No, sorry, that’s not quite right. The discussion is never how. How was pretty universally agreed on from the beginning: HBO miniseries spanning seven seasons. The question is always who.

Some choices are obvious, immediate, and non-negotiable (despite my roommate’s best attempts): Patrick Stewart as Mad-Eye Moody, Michael Caine as Dumbledore, and Samuel L. Jackson as Kingsley (Maggie only argues on the first two. No one I’ve ever met argues with the last). But with many, many others, we go round and round and round.

Here’s the list as it stands today. Tomorrow, most of it could change. And don’t hold back. I am more than open to suggestions (except that Patrick Stewart is Moody, Michael Caine is Dumbledore, and Samuel L Jackson is Kingsley).

(Note: I’m bad at movie-ing, and at TV-ing, so you may notice that a lot of these names come from a handful of mainstream shows that I happen to have time sometimes to watch. There’s a lot of Game of Thrones and BBC on here. Also, we don’t limit ourselves to British actors, because where’s the fun in that?)

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