harry potter read a thon


@books-and-cookies started this amazing idea, where we retell a time where we were a badass bookworm. Here are a few from me:

1) I had finished my maths test in class, so I decided to read Half Bad by Sally Green in the classroom. But, a hysterically funny moment appeared and I laughed. Out loud. In the silent classroom. Everyone looked at me and thought I went insane but luckily, my maths teacher just told me to keep on reading.

2) I once read the entire Harry Potter series over the course of five days. I might try and do it again this Summer! (Harry Potter Read-A-Thon anyone?)

3) I am generally known known as the ‘go-to-guy’ when you want to hear about if a book is good to read or not. If I haven’t read it, and I like the synopsis, it’ll probably be placed on my TBR straight away and I can buddy read it with said friend.

4) I once spent £135 online on books alone. Let me just say that my mum was shocked when a giant box arrived at her door a few days later. It was quite like Christmas to me though.